January 17th, 2019
Mr Miyagi is a Spanish tosser! (Ozzie Bootcamp Review)
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Mr. Miyagi is a Spanish tosser! (Ozzie Bootcamp Review)

I’ve just finished my London bootcamp with Ozzie and this is my field report of the full weekend.

Before I start here are some random highlights of the weekend:

1. “Fuck you, you Spanish fucking tosser!”

2. “SEO is the process of getting websites…”

3. “But”

4. “Piccadilly Circus isn’t a real circus either!”

What the fuck does all that lot mean?

1. At one of the most painful parts of the weekend, I felt fucking terrible and told Ozzie what I thought of him. I was only joking and he knew it but at the same time a large part of me wanted to tell him to fuck off and just walk away from the fucking club full of insanely difficult sets.
What was great about it was when I called him a Ozzie beamed with pleasure. I’m sure he saw the funny side of what was going on. But the real reason I guess he smiled was because he knew the pain I was feeling was exactly what I needed. He was teaching me that I need to stop entertaining and to let go of the outcome. He wanted me to learn that rejection and fear are my friends and the building blocks of my success. If you’ve done Ozzie’s bootcamp you will know exactly what I mean. If you are thinking of doing it don’t let this scare, you just do it…You need fear and rejection in your life if you want to get this shit down as fast as possible.

2. Why the fuck was I talking about SEO? Ozzie got us to think of something geeky and uncool that we were passionate about. We then had to talk about it for two minutes. First of all just with Ozzie and the other student (who was a fucking legend all weekend). But then in a variety of ever increasingly embarrassing and scary situations designed to create as much fear as possible. I’ll go into details later but for now let just say that talking very, very loudly about SEO whilst doing a gay pole dance in the middle of one of the busiest roads in London was one of the toughest but also one of the funniest parts of the whole weekend.

3. “But” - the other student had serious challenges with his need for perfectionism. Ozzie kept challenging him again and again from a wide variety of perspectives using evidence that the dude had gathered himself the night before. The student kept coming back with “but” again and again, until me and Ozzie were pissing ourselves laughing at him. What’s so fucking cool is that I know he will go away and examine this perfectionism and how in certain areas of his life (pick up, business, etc) it is stopping him from reaching his full potential. When he learns how to handle this perfectionism he will be a deadly mother fucker and I have no doubt in a few months time his game will be insane in comparison to just three days ago.

4. On the walking approach drills Ozzie gave us the approach line “Is Leicester Square a real square?” Obviously this is a deliberately shit line, created to make the approaches as hard as possible. Surprisingly though once I got over my fears this line worked a treat and I would now happily use it to approach anyone. On one set that looked really hard, when I dropped the line one chick replied that I had a good point “after all” she said “Piccadilly Circus isn’t a real circus”. If that wasn’t a hook I don’t know what is.

For those of you thinking about doing Ozzie’s camp you should know this

1. He will push you so fucking hard it will hurt. You will feel fear in huge amounts.

2. These levels of fear create crazy emotional highs and lows as your brain and its comfort levels are re-programmed, updated and expanded.

3. It’s not as a bad as it sounds, in fact its fucking great. Ozzie is a top guy. Remember in Karate Kid when Mr. Miyagi makes Daniel wash cars and paint fences? Daniel wants to learn how to fight off bullies and instead he feels like the old dudes servant. In the end though its all good, Mr. Miyagi was a clever old fucker who knew exactly what the fuck he needed to do to teach the kid how to fight. The same goes for Ozzie, he is just like Mr. Miyagi and you will know exactly what I mean if you go on a bootcamp with him….Don’t get me wrong though he is still a horrible Spanish tosser (well Cuban actual but who gives a fuck about getting casual slurs a bit wrong ;-) and he will make you feel the pain before the glory!

So at this point I will tell you that I’ve never read anything on this forum. I’ve avoided until now because I didn’t want to get sucked in and also wanted to avoid the keyboard jockeys who haven’t got the balls to go through the pain.

That means some of this may have been written before but my guess is that most of it will bear repeating.

If you are a keyboard jockey stop reading now. Find some money and sign up for Ozzie’s bootcamp. If you finish it, you will have the respect of me and many others.

If you are thinking about doing Ozzie’s bootcamp give this a good read, then get your credit card out and get on it! Fuck the keyboard jockeys, fuck the doubters and ignore the long sales copy on the boot camp page. JUST FUCKING DO IT, when you’ve done it hook me up and we’ll got out some time and hit the clubs.

If you have done Ozzie’s bootcamp or any others and fancy going out some time read on. When I can make the time I am well up for winging with you somewhere in the UK at sometime in the future.

Before the camp

I signed at the up last minute and got the info I needed, where to meet Ozzie what to wear etc. I was nervous a hell cos I had read Ozzie’s book and knew that bootcamp was gonna be brutal.

Also after I booked, I was on the phone talking to one of the guys from RSD and asked him about the weekend. He said something along the lines of “Yeah that pain and fear shit that Ozzie’s uses is hardcore and it will mess with your head”…He then realized that probably wasn’t the best thing to say and explained it would be well worth it. I'm glad he said it and I'm glad it made me scared. Why? Because fear can be used to succeed at the game! The more fear I feel the more confidence and performance ability I get when I attack my fear.

Day one - The theory

We met in the hotel; it was me and one other dude. For the first couple of hours Ozzie talked and we listened. He laid down the rules, the expectations and gave us the opportunity to take our money back and leave the program.

Next he explained to us about his approach and his fear technology teaching methods. He taught us that 90% of game is fear and the other 10% is skills. He also explained that if we deal with fear the skills would come naturally and easily. So he would focus most of his program on teaching us how to deal with fear and how use it to our advantage.

The first step was for us to understand obstacle theory. This states that if we are faced with an obstacle we naturally develop just enough skills to deal with the obstacles.

Next he showed us obstacle course theory. Which is something along the lines of this – By putting deliberate obstacles in you way you can increase your levels of performance by rising to each obstacle and getting the subsequent improvement as a direct result of this.

Now comes My Miyagi’s fear technology. Ozzie explained to us that if we overcome a huge obstacle we will have a massive increase in performance. Not only that but any smaller obstacles will automatically become easy for us as we will have earned the performance skills by conquering a greater challenge.

Next come the zigzag theory. It is based on the assumption that if you aren’t growing you are shrinking. If for example we do one massive challenge but then stay doing easy challenges for too long our performance levels will plummet to BELOW the level of the small obstacles we are now going for. To counteract this problem we need to make sure we zigzag between hard obstacles and then easier ones. The hard ones are purely to raise our performance levels. The easy ones are where we can take of advantage of our raised performance levels to do well.

Whilst explaining all this Ozzie asked me what confidence was…I didn’t know the answer but he explained it perfectly and it was bit big “aha” moment for me.

“Confidence is the absence of fear”

Day one – The street

After he had finished with the theory we had a quick break and left the hotel. He gave us a stopwatch and told us to talk for two minutes about something geeky and uncool but also something we were passionate about. Like I mentioned before I talked about SEO (which is getting websites to perform well in Google, blah, blah, blah).

Even though this was just outside the hotel in a quiet street and we were talking at normal levels I already felt scared because I knew this was going to get a lot worse. What I realized is that TWO MINUTES IS A VERY LONG FUCKING TIME WHEN YOU ARE NERVOUS!

This reminds me of something else Ozzie taught me. He said that in most interactions the first two minutes are the worst. After that the fear subsides and your performance goes up. This is a very important part of the whole bootcamp and Ozzie’s approach to the game.

Next we went to a ridiculously busy part of Piccadilly for some street drills. These included:

1. Standing 5 meters away from Ozzie and shouting about SEO for two minutes. I had to observe the people watching me and see what feelings of fear or weirdness popped along the way.

2. Next we walked slowly backwards for 50m into a huge flow of people. He told us to smile and look around as we did it. Again he wanted us to be engaged in the process and to be conscious of our feelings as we did it.

3. Next we were made to stand across the street and hang off a lamppost looking as gay as possible, again I then had to shout about SEO loud enough so he could hear me across the street.

4. The final part of the drills was to approach walking sets (mixed or groups of females) and ask them if Leicester Square is a real square? This deliberately shit pickup line was designed to make the task harder. All we had to do was try and survive two minutes without be told to fuck off. Ozzie tried to find the hardest sets possible – tourists who didn’t speak English, hookers, girls with big boyfriends, chicks listening to headphones etc.

Before and after every task we did (on this night and throughout the program) Ozzie asked us for our comfort levels from one to ten. One being very uncomfortable ten being totally comfortable. Very quickly a pattern emerged. I would be nervous before a challenge and the bigger the challenge the more nervous I would become. After I had done a challenge my comfort levels would rise and the bigger the challenge the more my comfort levels the benfit. This was me experiencing fear technology and how powerful it was in the field for myself, with no theory and no mental masturbation. Just practical pickup advice from a pick up legend.

At some point Ozzie explained NTP’s, which I think, was short for Negative Thought Patterns. He explained that the fears we had over approach would express themselves in negative thoughts and these thoughts would fall into one of five categories (as I write this I can only remember the three that were most relevant to me):

1. Fortune telling – E.g. Its going to be a cluster fuck.

2. Labeling – E.g. I am weirdo who shouldn’t talk to girls.

3. Mind reading – E.g. They don’t want me to approach them.

Before each task or approach Ozzie would ask “what is you mind giving you?” I would tell him which NTP was in my mind and he would ask “Based on evidence is this 100 guaranteed to happen?”…. (Or something similar). The idea is to re-program my brain to not be scared of imaginary bullshit that isn’t real or is only partially real.

Day one – The club

After a quick break to eat and chill out (no pickup talk aloud) we hit the club. It was small, loud and everyone in there apart from us was either drunk or very drunk.

For the first fifteen minutes we walked around the club. The time was split into five-minute sections:

The first five minutes was walking with loser’s body language.

The second five minutes was with winners body language.

The third five minutes was with neutral body language.

The idea of this was to practice seeing what negative feelings and NTP’s came up. To be honest I dint really feel much benefit or learning from this bit but fuck it, what Ozzie says goes or I’ll be back to washing cars and painting fucking fences!

After that he took us to the middle of the loudest busiest dance floor. He picked really hard sets and told us to go and talk for a minimum of two minutes. This was some scary shit!

But just as he explained, each time we faced our fears our confidence and skills went up. It got to the point where I would approach any set he gave me with almost no fear, so to make it harder for me he made me approach sets with my hands held behind me head (kind of like I was leaning back on an office chair). This made some sets almost impossible to open never mind to get my two minutes in.

If at anytime I didn’t get my two minutes in Ozzie would send me straight back to the same set. This was fucking brutal! I approached one set off hot foreign chicks three times with my hands behind my head!!! On the third time to my complete fucking amazement the set opened! I couldn’t fucking believe it.

After this we went to a quiet part of the club and approached easy sets. Just like Ozzie said, these sets now opened easily. Compared to getting my two minutes in on the dance floor this was a piece of piss. I didn’t go for any make-outs but I did go for some physical game. When Ozzie clocked this he told me to put my hands in my pockets. I'm not sure why but I think he wanted to work on verbal approaching before I started to use physical game.

One cool thing I noticed about these easy sets was that other guys melted away when I opened the sets. I just steamed in and they seemed to give in really easy.

After that it was back to the dance floor for more hard sets. Again he used tactics to make the sets as hard as possible, but by the end of the night I was happy approaching anybody. When I got rejected it was just funny and I wasn’t bothered whether a set opened or not.

When we went down for one last zigzag of easy sets, I noticed feeling super calm and relaxed. It was a new feeling to me and the best way to describe it was the absence of fear. What I realized was that this was true confidence, not me pumping myself up with ego, or drink, or coke or any other fake bullshit. This was me in state and feeling fucking great.

I approached a few more easy sets, most of them opened easily and I ignored what Ozzie said and had fun with my physical game. We ran out of time so we left the club for our debriefing.

Ozzie’s told me he was happy with my commitment to my sets but that I needed to be careful not to slip into entertaining mode…Considering my job (I am a professional juggler) and the fact that this had been a big part of my game before bootcamp this was going to be a big challenge for me.

Day two - The theory

Day two in the hotel was firstly some more debriefing from the night before and then physical game theory. To be honest I can’t remember too much about this but what I do remember is making a list of seven PG escalations

1. High fives

2. Handshakes

3. Hugs

4. Lifts

5. Lift and spins

6. The claw

7. Make-outs

To cut a long story short what he told me was if I was rejected from one of the PG moves I had to do two steps back and one step forwards. The idea being that I would negotiate physically with the girl on what she was happy with whilst showing that I was taking control and not bothered by her rejections.

Day two – The street

Basically pretty much the same drills as last time. When we were doing the walking approaches, Ozzie told me to go for some physical game. He increased the difficulty of this until I got blown out. As usual he was increasing my fear to increase the level of confidence I would get once I had done the task.

Day two – The club

We took a bus and a train to a different part of town to hit a harder club. When we got in the club it didn’t seem anywhere near as scary but that changed later. People were friendlier than the night before but they were also much drunker and the place was rammed so moving around was a complete fucking ball-ache!

We did the three body language walkabouts exactly the same as the night before and then hit the dance floor. It was full of people most of whom were blind drunk. Ozzie sent me into a ton of difficult sets. The scariest was a massive dude (I'm no midget and he made me look small) making out with very hot blond chick, I opened them easily and got my two minutes in no worries at all.

Once again to make my sets harder I had to approach with my hand behind my head. Some of the sets were a nightmare and one fat little female midget made out like she was going to attack me…I have to say that set was pretty funny. All her mates could see that she was being a dick and they were super friendly and apologizing for the angry dwarf. After these tricky sets my confidence rocketed and it was time for easy sets.

This is where I fucking crumbled. For some reason I couldn’t open easy sets, my confidence had just vanished. I cant remember exactly when it happened but Ozzie had been telling me to stop going into entertainer mode and I internalized this a bit to much. It felt like I had spent my whole life trying to make people like me by putting on an act. Ozzie went to work with the other student and instead of approaching easy sets I had a minor melt down and walked around in circles feeling sorry for myself.

When Ozzie came back I told him the score, he reassured me that it was just part of the process and took me back to the hard sets. I got back on track and stormed it, applying PG and getting rid of my fear and self doubts once again. After throwing a tiny polish chick around the place for a few minutes he set me off for some easy sets.

My weirdness came back a bit but I forced though it and ended up doing pretty well with a solo chick. I couldn’t seal the deal but worked hard on the PG and she fucking loved every minute of it. Outside the club I dealt with her over protective male friend by being super positive and loud and tried to get her back to my hotel. She wasn’t up for it so I left but this was the best sober result I’ve had and I was really happy especially considering thirty minute earlier I could have happily walked out the club and off the camp for good.

Day three – The theory

As far as I can remember the theory on day three was reminding us of all we had leant over the last two days. Using the evidence we had gathered with our own eyes to ram home the theory he had taught us.

Day three – The street

We ran through all the same drills again. But it was the daytime so it was even weirder. There were lots of sober people and families staring at us, which was much worse than drunk people.

We also did a speech standing on a bollard. It was pretty easy and I actually started to enjoy it! After that we went to Trafalgar Square for some day game. As usual we started with hard sets. One example was opening a couple stood twenty foot above me and another was a bunch of foreign school kids and their teachers!

After that it was time for easy sets. I opened a few ok and the last set of the day went well, I asked them for a coffee but logistics got in the way.

Day three – The final debrief

Ozzie took u to a café for the final debrief and to plan our future after the boot camp. I was feeling pretty drained, I put a lot into it and it was very hard work. When he told me that I would have to go out a minimum of four nights a month and work all the same fucking drills again for three months to get it bedded in I had another minor meltdown!

I hadn’t realized how much fucking work I was going to have to put in after the camp. I had stupidly believed the sale copy and just thought that after the camp it would be all threesomes and easy lays! Its made more complicated by the fact I live in a small town, miles away from any cites, I work most weekends and am in the process of working my ass off to build a new career for myself. I felt like fucking giving up on the whole thing and resigning myself to being a fucking chode for the rest of my life!

I told Ozzie my concerns and he was super cool about it. He said instead of doing four nights a month I could two nights and two days. He said that was the absolute minimum I could do if I wanted to make progress. This seemed more realistic and I sorted my shit out and felt a lot better about it all.

So here are some final thoughts about Ozzies bootcamp:

1. Overall it was fucking awesome.
2. It was very tough!
3. Ozzie is a really sound bloke and definitely cares about the results his students get.
4. I have smashed though some of my fears and have learned how to deal with fear in the future.
5. My biggest concern is that I didn’t really understand the process of creating attraction. Just because I am confident and apply physical game why does that mean I will pull hot chicks? I kind of understand it in theory but in reality that wasn’t made clear in the bootcamp.
6. I'm also concerned that I can find a way to fit the work into my life without becoming a pickup obsessed fucking weirdo! I'm going travelling for three moths at the end of this year so a lot of it will get done then I guess.

Basically the bootcamp was fucking great and its all down to me now. So if you are looking for a wing and live anywhere in the North of England send me a PM. I am well up for going with like minded guys especially if you have done a bootcamp (even more so if you have done Ozzie’s bootcamp).
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Whew! It's not only me who makes the Mr. Miyagi analogy lol

I loved this part of the success story the best:

" approached one set off hot foreign chicks three times with my hands behind my head!!! On the third time to my complete fucking amazement the set opened! I couldn’t fucking believe it."  I had a lot of those epiphanies in my bootcamp with Ozzie :)

I do have some reservations about the 2 days 2 nights a month.  I remember personally comitted to 4 nights a week and I slacked on that!  Eventually i gradually worked my way up to 4 nights a week.  And eventually I just finished my 30 day challenge!  My point is that you don't necessarily have to make the time you approach an EVENT.  Do you go to the grocery store to pick up groceries?  Do you go to the mall?  Try to implement what you learned in bootcamp as frequently as possible (doesn't have to be a long 15 minutes) at a place that fits in with your lifestyle.  If you don't have time to even to do that because of your career I suggest carving out those 15 minutes or so as stress relief or an outlet from your career.

Awesome report dude!
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 Love the report.

"I think I had to go away for a while, and do what I felt I should be doing, I had to go away and sort of a step I went down to  RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art), and I felt I had to get away to some extent to express myself, and I knew that I could'nT do that in the surroundings that I was Sheffield. As much as I love the city and I'm proud of it. I knew that I had to go somewhere else to be able to become part of this world I wanted to be in"  (Sean Bean, Lord Of the Rings Interview)
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Glad you like it.......You can check out the other students report on this link

If you are thinking of doing Ozzies bootcamp feel free to PM me.

(Or give me a shout if youve done it and want to go and wing sometime!)
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Awesome report man, thanks for a great weekend and learning experience wink

Contrary to popular opinion, being an idiot, making mistakes and getting it all wrong are clear signs of somebody on the way to mastery of a skill" - Ozzie

"The guys who are successful are guys who understand long term vision, pushing through restrictive emotions, and having a goal they want so badly that they'll do anything to get there -- day in and day out. OTOH, if you're like most guys who can't process beyond the next few minutes, your brain will hold you back because the immediacy of embaressment is more REAL to you than the long term goal." - Tyler
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And the free education in SEO......
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I just found some notes from bootcamp in the pocket of my bag.....

1 - Fear is good, when I face my fears I feel amazing

2 - I need to let go of outcome dependancy by focusing on my two minutes

3 - The bigger the fear the bigger the reward

4 - I need to be very close and talk very loudly in clubs

5 - I need to allow pauses for them to talk

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hahahah yea i told ozzie i hated him in my bootcamp and he just smiled and said "you're finally being honest, this is great!"

good write up man, good luck
"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and I missed. I'VE FAILED OVER AND OVER AND OVER IN MY LIFE. AND THAT IS WHY I SUCCEED" - m. jordan
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 Great review , I just had a very similar experience with Ozzie in St Petersburg  - I'm looking for wings in or near to Manchester  - been keeping to my commitments (1 night, 1 day per week) , with the odd approach here
and there (like Mike NY says above) but it's  tough solo - especially night 
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this is cool

1. Fortune telling – E.g. Its going to be a cluster fuck.

2. Labeling – E.g. I am weirdo who shouldn’t talk to girls.

3. Mind reading – E.g. They don’t want me to approach them.
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