May 27th, 2017
Ever had a night out where everyone there hates you?
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Yeah, kinda happened to me tonight. Was my first proper night out in over a month (proper as in sober and going out to game). The last 7 - 8 nights out I went to I was completely fucking smashed: Getting kicked out of clubs, vomiting in taxi's, getting my phone mugged, waking up in random people's flats, having fat girls literally throw punches at me, making girls cry, starting fights with dudes etc. I dont really remember the rest.
Who I am when drunk compared to when sober is literally like Jekyll and Hyde. I'm a very bad drunk. But it can be fun. 

So I go out and I keep seeing these girls that I recognise and KNOW that i've definately met them. They just all give me a really weird look. Not in a good way either. I see a friend that I know who's pretty hot but she's just so apprehensive to talk to me and is really put off by me. This kinda killed my state at the beginning of the night. Literally every single girl I saw was giving me weird looks, if I stared a chick in the eyes she'd give her friend the "OMG he's a creep" look. And I had pretty much met every girl there. I had to literally scope the place out to find someone I was sure I hadn't met. And even with the girls that I did know and thought I was on good terms with - they just barely said hi. The random girls did like me however when I met them. Its just that I started to anticipate negative responses from girls and so was on a massive lull for the night.

The only thing that really helped me deal with this is thinking of Kenny Powers and Timf Brahown...

I guess the reason I got so effected by it was because I'm still seeking validation to quite an extent when losing approval or having girls hate me. It's like I want them to like me again and see me as nice / cool guy. Rather than just not giving a fuck at all. I've realised however that you have to be willing to let go of hot girls and get use to them coming and going from your life. Oh well. Next. There will definately be more. It just gets a tad annoying when your in a university situation and you see these people consistently on nights out and they hate you lol. 

I mean its easy to tell someone to not give a shit but its different when its rubbed in your face and effects your proper nights out. Guess Ill be cutting out the alcohol but there's no re-doing what I've already done in the past month. 

Anyone else deal with this shit? How do you not let it affect you....

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 You mean those nights where every girl reacts as though you're literally a fart floating through the room?  Yes, I've had them.  And yes, they affect me.  

Dudes might pretend like it does not affect them but I don't buy it.  The only answer is to stick with the program, keep going out with the goal of building up your social skills to the point where your worst sets are just "Eh, chemistry wasn't there," as opposed to "Holy shit, that girl has MACE."

One of your next few nights out will probably go quite well.  
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 Destruction night!

I had one of these on bootcamp. Tyler was like. Dude, you have many many many of these nights. You have to kill off the parts of your self. Thats what this night is. Crushing your ego and beating the shit out of it so that it cannot survive. Girls do not like pussys. So rough nights like this kill off the part of yourself. Emotionally you learn that if you act like a girls will crush your soul. 

Stop seeking validation from outside. Ping off yourself and self amuse, and stop trying to get girls to like you. 

This night is a lesson, not to act like a when you are out to meet girls. =) 
I just want to enjoy amazing girls. Crazy what sort of journey ive embarked on pursuing this quest.
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 happened to me yesterday,

had just like 4 beers, alcohol made me totally different person, too much energy, too much talking, it does not allow me to relax whilst being aroused.

So tomorrow HotSeat with Julien in Munich, fucky yeahhh!!!!!!!!!
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Its more of a reputation question I guess. I see a lot of these people when I go out regularly. The only good thing about this is that its forcing me to let go of approval seeking and realise that no matter what you do, some people will like you and some just wont. Theres no point in actively changing yourself to try and get people to like you. It doesnt work even when you do try to do that. Its like I have the urge to specifically go out of my way to assure theres no conflict between us and assure that she's cool with me. Facing the social pressure of seeing them on nights out, them telling their friends that your a dick / loser or whatever is what can sometimes be hard but I guess ill learn to build a wall and become impervious to that shit as well. 
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