March 28th, 2017
boston men in dating expecting results more than anyone else
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 Got the below email from a friend here in Boston ...


I just saw this article on and thought you might be interested. Dudes in this town need some help...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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This is the easiest indirect opener you can use here and it works pretty consistently in any environment: talk about how the guys in Boston are pussies then make fun of different guys around the bar/club. If theres one phrase to sum up this city it's "what's your major?" Its like Boston prides itself on having a fuckload of schools so conversations tend to start on that topic. I made it a priority to learn the stereotypes of every school so I can cold read and qualify based on schools. The idea that game works better on hotter girls is so true here but its not just looks... Game works better on girls who work hard on being attractive. 
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