November 21st, 2018
Brad Branson's Manifesto (Notes from Summit '11).
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I was hesitating in adding these notes because they truly give so much value that is almost insane to just give them away, but Brad and RSD are all about value and that value comes back multiplied in the revenues of the company as well, so I decided to put them out since RSD is already doing this anyway. I personally feel that this is a great summary of what all game is about and what it comes down after years and years of refinement.

I have to mention my notes are not the exact words of the speaker and they had been extended, cut, omitted or modified based on my own memory and perspective of the actual speach that was given on Friday, August 5th, 2011 at the third RSD World Summit, held at The Venetian Casino, Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. A celebration that is done every year and that I highly recomment to anyone that doesn't want to suck in life.


Integrity, authenticity, be your own guru, be carefree, be unreactive, be the man you are supposed to be, have masculine polarity, all those are all things you hear pointing out the same thing.

My whole gig is entitlement game, "feeling entitled" to the girl.

How do you get your entitlement for a certain type of girl? Fuck 10 of them.

My philosophy is what makes me the best and that is, I can create whatever meaning that I want to the reality in front of me. Because everything is arbitrary and has no meaning we are the ones that can create that meaning.

How to become good? Be high value, be happy 99% of the time, every day. This game is about having high self-esteem, so be it by choice.

Derek, he only thinks about girls and money, that's all he talks about, I started thinking about this and realized that the reason why he does this is because those are his values, so that's what he focuses on, that's what he gets good at.

Be on your path by living your life values. You don't have to be well read just yet for example, but starting to read is already living by your values, and you should feel successful just from that because you are on your path.

Attraction = Value

For me talking to a girl is like giving them a winning lottery ticket. It is like telling her do you want this? If she chooses the ticket, she is winning, big time. I'm the coolest guy she will ever talk to.

I love Shakespeare. That's where I come from.

"Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so" ~Shakespeare

Thinking girls have more value because of looks, friends, experience, career, money, etc. is retarded.

I'm on my path. I read more books, I travel more, I eat more meat, I'm cool, and I’m smart. (I added: I read better books, I understand better, I have better taste for what's good, I have better life experiences).

I'm god's gift to women. I'm swimming in my own awesomeness. Narcissism is natural and congruent for whom I am.

Most guys are nice because of extreme levels of social conditioning that makes them think girls are the prize and that sex is a favor. This is all bushit.

Being nice is being manipulative, is lying to get sex, and is faggotry.

All your personality is completely arbitrary, you didn't picked it up or have any real reason to have a certain type of personality; therefore, you can have any personality you want to choose for yourself and is completely fine to do that.

Personality is fluid depending of the status you perceive yourself as, so there is no reason why not to choose to have the personality of a high status individual. There is nothing that prohibits you from doing so.

Always assume you are awesome, there is no reason to think otherwise. Your whole life is a reframe, so start reframing it in the ways that help you the most.

I'm doing the Primal Blueprint Diet and when I get hungry, I think to myself "I'm getting ripped, yeah", and I get satisfied. Everything and every situation can be a reframe in the way you want to reframe it.

My reframe is so good that I can use the same shirt every night without washing it for weeks and no having a problem with it. In my mind I'm awesome regardless of how dirty is my shirt, no caring about it makes me better than those that care for such little things, and girls like me anyway.

Of course, once I got puked on it, I think I hit my limit, I could only reframed it so far, that was too much for me, haha, but yeah I sometimes do it for more than 7 days, going out every night with the same shirt and pulling without problem. It reinforces my reality that everything is bushit and only what I think matters.

Everything I think feeds into the “I'm a champ” mindset, every day, every moment.

How to use reference points?

The best way to use reference points is to know exactly what is it that you are trying to reinforce.

For game there are only 2 things that you need to reinforce:

1) I'm awesome
2) All girls want sex

For example when a girl is giving me a blowjob, I sometimes choke her a little with my penis, and I smile to reinforce my mindset that girls love sex.

Just by reading some of all the crazy novels women read you can find out how much they want sex, is to the point of ridiculous how much they want it.

The problem is that you may be too smart to become good. You are reading too much into her indicators of interest and that's what makes you doubt.

I never feed into the negative bushit girls give me. I'm above that, negative bushit doesn't even register; everything is a self-fulfilling prophecy so my prophecy is I'm positive. I trust I have value regardless of what she is expressing.

Get stick to your path of being awesome, knowing girls want your cock. Be loud, FUCK CALIBRATION, MOVE FORWARD; fuck self-doubt.

Whenever I feel self-doubt, I turn it into self-love.

I don't feed into gestures, words or actions she does. Everything I do is awesome; I am the shit, in such a ridiculous way that it doesn't have to make sense at all. I am extremely narcissistic.

Focus on being awesome all the time, every day, and every moment.

All you have to do is to make the decision to never feel bad.

Always have the balls to make everything awesome, it takes balls, so be it, say this is awesome, and reframe everything positively.

When you hit a new plateau is always because you have hit another level of outcome dependence.

The way you deal with it is with self-amusing, that's always the answer.

Your body or even mind may tell you no to do something, but you will always hear on top of that what you really want, what you really think is awesome. Choose to do what is awesome because is higher thinking, is a choice you always have.

There is nothing specifically that is fucking you up, it is not a lack of conversational skills, lack of money or lack of looks, the only thing that fucks you up is self-doubt. When you lack self-doubt even your body language gets fixed.

You should like when a situation is awkward because if you stay relaxed in that situation you gain a lot of value.

Push your frame, make shit happen. Moving things forward is the best way to gain value because she is seeing you deal with shit. It makes you look consistent and congruent and she will only like you more.

Just realize how much value and congruence you gain in her eyes after she sees you relaxed for 10 minutes with the same eye contact, with the same tonality, and then after 30 minutes is still the same, she will only want sex faster.

When you are comfortable flirting with a fatty, a hotter girl only means a new level of reference points, it is the exact same thing and all you need is to simply become comfortable with it as you are with the fatty, there is no real difference.

This is why momentum is like a cheat code for newbies, sometimes they can get even get better results than experienced guys because helps them become indifferent to high caliber girls.

There is a difference for going out for the skillset and going to get laid. (I frame: When you got laid you were going for it and if you didn't get laid you worked on your skillset).

It is good to become conscious of when is it that you have outcome dependency so you can recognize it.
If you find yourself in that headspace of outcome dependency, act like "yourself" when you are entitled.
When you are entitled tonality slows down, eye contact increases, you relax, it is all natural.

Even though it helps to be conscious of outcome dependence (which is self-doubt) you should never feed into it, there is nothing productive about feeding into it.

Socializing is just a frame battle. Whoever has the strongest frame is the one leading the interaction.

In a frame battle you should feel like the yacht "I'm the yacht bitch". Any negative feedback you receive you simply don't feed into it, you don't let her lead in any way. The yacht is moving left, the yacht is moving right, it's not asking for permission, watch out". That is your frame.

I'm so awesome I don't even like to talk, I just like hearing the sound of my voice.

I don't calibrate for specific type of girls, if anything I calibrate to how direct I should go depending of the environment but the caliber of the girl is irrelevant.

Personalities are arbitrary, she has a personality and a self-image that is arbitrary and therefore is irrelevant; she is just a girl.

Tonality, eye contact, relaxation, you can convey so much value from the get go just with that first "HEY!" Eye contact is like Braveheart you are still and you attack.

Words don't matter, all that matter is your strong frame (I'm awesome, she wants dick). You can just go "You" and then silence and that will be more than enough.

Day 2s are ridiculous; girls say to me that I make them nervous. It is my indifference, the no trying, and the extreme non-neediness. They just want sex after that.

Know your values. Always know what you value from that moment you are experiencing. Ask yourself "How does this fit into my value system?”

Like Erik Von Markovik use to say, picture girls as if they are 5 years old kids, there is no way you can lose a frame battle, she is just a kid.

People ask me if I'm awesome how I justify approaching girls. When I approach girls I don't come from the I want to marry you frame, for me is simply saying "Hey cute, what's your name" (I'm the caveman, I'm choosing among abundance, I'm just picking up like picking up grapes, I don't let a girl dictate to me how I should act from the get go, not even a bit).

When you are loud you are awesome, you are taking space. You don't give a fuck.

Girls tune very fine into your fun, into your awesomeness.

People ask how you deal with a 2-set, a 3-set, or a mixed group. Well, for me I just don't give a fuck. I don't put attention to anyone except the girl I'm talking to, I have tunnel vision.

I'm selfish I take what I want. Be willing to compromise the friends to convey value in the approach.

What criteria I use to screen for girls? Well, it depends, for one night stand all the screening that needs to be done is to see if she is hot enough and if she has good logistics.

In reality is all about trust in your faculties, abundance, indifference, she is the winner if she chooses you.

Dominance is simply to force the frame "I'm going to fuck you well, I'm amazing, I'm awesome", until she feeds into it. Do this all night.

Your plowing depends on how hot she is, if she is one of those girls you really want you plow longer, as quickly or long as it takes.

"A girl doesn't know how cool I am". That's your reframe for plowing.

You'll find out that just plowing 10 more seconds could have changed everything.

Girls may like to shit test, she may shit test you for 1 hour or for 2 hours, whatever time she test you, plow with the frame "I'm the shit".

7s will be obviously excited, 10s will like it but will not show it because they come from higher abundance. It really doesn't matter. A 10 knows you are awesome, she will still pick you up, it's just that she won't be as impressed. However, if your entitlement is even higher, you can still cause her the same emotions you cause on the 7s.

Remember you are the one of value, when a girl is not doing something I want to do, I call her up. "I'm trying to flirt with you".

She is just one of many girls, she will feel buying temperature, don't work too hard, you already got her.

Some people would get worried that by thinking they are awesome all the time, it will stop them from progressing in other important areas of their life. But there is nothing to worry about because just coming from a place of high value will take care of it.

You need to know your priorities for real, no joke, dig into you and work on them until you are successful, whatever it takes.

It all comes down to the way your values are framed. I create my world in a way that my criteria make me happy. You should never feel less than any women because you haven't accomplished something. In the club for example your criteria should always be 0. This is not a place to feel like you lack something, you are complete.

Make everything around you a joke, everything is a joke, everything makes you laugh.

"Look at those cougars; they will take anything, haha". Cultivate this all day long.

I don't need a girl to smile at me to feel good. It is unnatural. I'm awesome regardless she smiles or not.

Walking down the street decide to enjoy shit like a kid.

The only reason why you become the man that is not the party is because you haven't make that decision.

Your values of what you think you need to accomplish to be cool are holding you back. Own your weakness.

Eye contact, tonality, blah, blah, this is not about eye contact; it is about picking a frame and dominating that shit.

My frame is I'm awesome, she wants my dick, I have fun, and I’m amazing.

If she is looking me weird, it doesn't matter, I'm amazing, I'm having fun, I'm talking to myself, it doesn't matter what she says, I'm having fun. Force that fun, my frame to her is "I don't care if you are having fun, I'm having fun".

Tyler reminds me of my philosophy of how everything is arbitrary when he tells me "at some point you will have a Victoria's Secret model, you will laugh of this shit".

In the same way criteria is arbitrary. I'm not a pussy, environment is nothing to me.. I'm above that shit.

I CONTROL MY THOUGHTS. I choose who I want to be. I'm not nice; I'm not a dick or anything else because she says so. I'm who I choose to be.

Self-amusement is an inside joke with yourself.

If I'm talking to her my eye contact means this is my world, it is just me and her.

On bootcamp Friday is about tonality, Saturday is about leading, having your entitlement high. You can work on your skill in the same ways.

You can't lead too much. The guys with the best results are simply the guys that lead more.

To change emotions you only have two options, either you change your beliefs or you change your life situation.

Lower your standards to be happy. For example instead of having the criteria I'm going to fuck 10s and 9s this week it can be I'm going to approach 10s and 9s. It is all in your head, you are in control.

Dueling on emotions doesn't accomplish anything, Emotions don't matter, and they are arbitrary.

Entireness comes with maturity, just compare yourself when you were 20, you will be on another different level when you turn 30. It grows with the pain of the experience. You learn to be more comfortable with yourself.

Nothing a girl does in the first 30 minutes should even affect you at all anyway. Positivity is a choice. Make the decision that you will not allow negativity in any moment of your day. There is no logical reason to be negative about anything anyway.

No matter how many people around you are negative, you don't have to be, you can always be awesome by being positive regardless of those around you. Force your fun, you just do it again and again until is internalized.

The difference between the guy that sucks and the guy that is good is that the guy that is good knows how to get in that headspace more often than the guy that sucks.

Knowing who is winning in any specific interaction is under my control. When she is with me, she is winning more because I offer so much value for being awesome alone.

I can control my criteria of what I need to have or accomplish to feel awesome. I don't need media, peer group, family or friends to tell me what should be my criteria.

All desires are arbitrary, you always choose. Just decide what your values are, 'cause they come arbitrarily, so just choose them yourself and once you choose them role with them.

All girls are nymphomaniacs and even if it may not seem realistic that's the reality I had created for myself, the one that serves and is in alignment with your values, so I role with it.

Ask yourself: Why do I want what I want? Is it because scarcity? Or am I truly coming from abundance? You cut and choose. Everything we do is arbitrary and we are the ones that give value to it.

I'm amazing. My view of myself is I'm amazing.

You don't need to worry about being unreactive, centered, icy, what matters is what headspace are you in.

Your "headspace" should always be "I'm having fun, this is amazing".

The question is: "Should I have fun or not have fun? The answer is always what you want to choose. Choose having fun.

Interview mode can work "only" if you are having fun, if it is self-amusement in work, an inside joke with yourself.

Realize that holly shit, you are talking to a hot girl, and there is no reason to talk shit. Make it fun, make it self-amusing.

Fun is more important than smiling, don't smile if you are not having fun, fun should come first, once you are in that fun headspace then smiling is congruent.

Say fuck to smiling for approval, if anything smile for self-amusement. Say fuck to the "I'm here to meet you" frame, say fuck the "nice to meet you" frame.

When going to the club nothing matters, the only thing that matters is that I'm amazing, I'm awesome; I’m the shit. She wants cock, she wants to be fucked.

I can tell a girl in her face when she is fucking up. Just let her know. Tell her: "Bitch, you just fuck up". I personally don't care, I don't give a fuck; I'm amazing anyway. You are coming from a positive headspace and you choose what you let enter and what you call out. It is your call, not hers.

When I'm with a girl all that matters is my eye contact, no physicality or talking, physicality and talking are not important at all. What happens is that once you have your skills like physicality, you no longer need to do them because you already know how, and they can feel that from you.

Everything I do, I do it in my own terms. I get physical when I want to get physical and I cut it when I want to cut it. I look in the eyes when I want to look and I don't care what they think, I don't need to justify, qualify or explain myself. I do it because I want to.

From my first "HEY" a girl can sense my entitlement, from how relax I feel and my unstifled tonality.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever break eye contact during silence.

I'm like the dancefloor; I let the music do the work.

Never put criteria on yourself that is going to make feel anything less than successful. No limiting beliefs.

You don't even need the right kind of music or the right kind of environment, if it is good you can reframe it to your benefit even more, but you don't need it because everything can be reframed.

Always force your frame; your frame should always be stronger.

It's all about knowing what you want out of the interaction and knowing what' is the frame you need to force. Notice that you don't need to convince her or anything. All you need is to be strong in your frame.

What you believe is true in the interaction and what's true in the interaction should always be what you want.

You don't calibrate to any specific girl, you just move forward with your frame, you move forward with what you want, with what you believe is true about the interaction.


The hotter is the girl, the stronger is her frame for reference points, and the only thing that matters is that your frame is stronger. Nothing else matters at all. It is all about your frame.

You have to look your self-worth, appreciate how many women you have access to (it is unlimited), appreciate how comfortable you are as yourself; appreciate how comfortable you are around any caliber of girl.

So be comfortable, she wants you, she wants your validation and you only validate her with your sex.

Even taking a shit is awesome, you are awesome. Force frame, force self-amusement.


Books recommendations:

- Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment by George Leonard
- A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilber
- Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing by Jed McKenna
- Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Jerry Hicks

For more about Brad visit:

To sign up for the next Summit event visit:
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 Ya for me Brad's speech was probably the most powerful. It put me back in touch with a side of myself I'd somewhat lost touch with. Black Nimbus shit 
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 Excellent.  True Gem.

Thanks BRAD, and thanks vd.
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 Thats awesome.... thanks Brad and thanks Visions 
"You can hold back from the suffering of the world,
You have free permission to do so, and its in accordance with your nature,
but perhaps this holding back is the one suffering you could have avoided."
                                                                                                                                           - F.K
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Great write up. Thanks !
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Coolness, and thanks Visions
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 what does this mean? 

"For example when a girl is giving me a blowjob I sometimes chuck her a little with my penis and a smile to reinforce my mindset that girls love this. "

Chuck her?
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Big thanks for posting this man!
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There is a difference for going out for the skillset and going to get laid. (I frame: When you got laid you were going for it and if you didn't get laid you worked on your skillset).

When going to the club nothing matters, the only thing that matters is that I'm amazing, I'm awesome, I'm the shit. She wants cock, she wants to be fucked.

From my first "HEY" a girl can sense my entitlement, from how relax I feel and my unstifled tonality.

What you believe is true in the interaction and what's true in the interaction should always be what you want.

The hotter is the girl, the stronger is her frame for reference points, the only thing that matters is that your frame is stronger. Nothing else matters at all. It is all about your frame.

These are just some of the quotes I like from this fucking amazing post, I'm glad that I read it with a knowing smirk! Thanks man
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hamiltonontariopua wrote:
 what does this mean? 

"For example when a girl is giving me a blowjob I sometimes chuck her a little with my penis and a smile to reinforce my mindset that girls love this. "

Chuck her?

I don't remember saying this either....  Haha, not sure what is meant here...

And sweet to see this material, as it's all changed now.  Deeper understandings, better explanations, can't wait til the next Summit!

And it's still six months away.  (sad face)
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