December 11th, 2018
Thinman and the Fat Girls
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 LR. May 12th

Went home after last night and one of my girls was coming over.
Had sex, and went back to town after that.

Venue 1, by myself. I know some of the people that works there.
Saw an african girl I have flirted with before. She has a killer body, but maybe not the prettiest face.

I kept talking to her, but she seemed to have that "african attitude" haha, where she looks you up and down, pretending to judge you (in a bad way).
I saw through this, and started to do it back, this is really awesome. She loved it.
She tried getting me to hold her beer. Of course I complied (its normal and you dont lose value.) ((at least not more than if you refuse, like a dickhead)), but I jokingly judged her for it. (looked her up and down in a disapproving way)
Later I joked with her like: "Here, hold my waterglass, hold my jacket, hold my this and that," obviously making lighthearted fun of her.
Me: "Hold my keys"
Her: "ok! then you will never get rid of me" (flirty joke)
Me: "oh shit" :)
After a while I was leaving for another venue, which I told her.
Me: "come by if you wanna"
Her: "Yeah I might do that, if you buy me a beer"
Me: "haha. :) i put my hand on her leg, and "double pumped/pinched" like "nice try" and left smiling.

Met up with Rudeboy outside but he wanted to head inside because he liked the music. We were standing in the doorway, then african girl spotted me and approached.
She said: "I can come to venue 2, if you will join me home and hold your arms around me until 7 am tomorrow"
I hesitated a bit because I was gonna go to venue 2 to meet more girls, but said: "mm , sounds nice"

Didnt see her at venue 2 but I now know I can go for the pull if I want to the next time I see her.

Me and Rudeboy meet up with a female friend of mine, and my ex (She is actually the one I banged earlier this same day, but our mutual female friend dont know and are not supposed to, so we pretended.. Like: "Oh heeey, how are you? Long time.." when it in fact was only a few hours.)
Anyway, ex leaves, so me, Rudeboy and female friend head out to venue2.

AT first I am a bit hesitant with my appoaches.
I greet the swede and Mr Thomas, community guys.
But after a while I go into the dancefloor area, and spot a sweet positive looking girl standing with one dude and one other girl. Seems to go well, get some physicality going, some jokes so on. I meet Dorian Gray from the forum, he is about to leave but is looking for a girl he talked to earlier.
I spot a tall girl I know and go straight up to her, ditching the sweet positive girl without a word. 
Should I say "oh one second" before leaving her? My "aim" is to have fun, and maybe create this sense of loss in sweet girl, maybe even make her see I talk to lots of girls.
After a while I leave tall girl without a word too, go back to sweet girl. Talk a while, dance some and have fun. Screen for logistics, point to random dude, like "is that your BF?" and "who are you here with" . She says she is only visiting because she studies in another country. Which might well mean bad logistics.
A blonde skinny girl brushes past with her friend and I instantly stop them without thinking, go straight for the hug and "hey." stare stare stare.. "who are you" ...Then talkative..Her body is nice, so petite. Her friend seems to wanna go deeper into the dancefloor.
I say "Are you leaving me?" but in a sly, low pitched , sexy voice, with a smirk. Not desperate.

She takes my hand and tells me to join.
I do.
Dance for a while, and backturn move some african dude trying to pipe in. These fucking dudes are hilarious, the just try to dry hump every girls ass from behind.
They link up with their guy friend, who I greet to avoid any cockblocking.
Talk about how they know eachother and so on.
I am physical all the way, hold her and oh THE HANDS!
The fuckin hands. 
I hold her hands, why have I forgot this. Testing for compliance by holding her hands is good. Its intimate, but will not be percieved as desperate grabbing. She hold my hands back, I know its on.
Dont know why, but I feel an urge to grab her number and leave them, but I think this is the old habit of bouncy "adhd game" that kicks in, so I decide to ignore and go for this girl.
After a while she asks if I wanna smoke. I dont smoke so I say: "I`ll keep you company"

Head outside, but just when I am about to go for the makeout, the guy friend comes over interrupting. He launches into a speach about where they know eachother from and tells stories about when they worked at a bar together. Its not helping me at all and after a while I say :"Hey lets head inside" so we do.

She gets stopped by this african dude, who she appearantly met the day before. I stand there patiently. I feel this need to recover the situation, but try to ignore. At the very least I am bored and feel its stupid to just stand there, but I am not leaving her. Some other african dude rolls up to me like: "Hey dude, hows it going? Sorry I am not a girl coming up to you and talking about this shit haha but damn the music here is cool, blahblah, yeah, man I play some guitr myself bla bla."
Im like "fuck.. you bastard, :-D I know what you are doing, you are winging your buddy, just occupying me."
Interresting because he was balancing between "boring" convo and being a cool guy. So that if I left him, like "yeah dude see you" or cut him off it would seem rude, but if I kept talking to him, his buddy would have a chance to work my girl.
Point noted.
Anyway after a while he disappeared, and so did the guy talking to blonde. 
I pressed her against the wall and made out with her.

Inside, I stood there a while, then I tell her "one moment I am gonna talk to my friends."
I go to check upon female friend to see if she is having a good time.
Then go get Rudeboy and ask if he can help me out by winging and occupying the guy friend.
Rudeboy is the best wingman Ive ever had. 
He speaks to the guy.
After a while, when I stand there holding Blonde close, the guy taps my shoulder and asks "hey can you show me that stuff you were talking about earlier" (some funny photos)
It seems he is her orbiter friend who is secretly in love because he keeps intevening in the weirdest times.
Anyway, I tell him ok, not to create any resistance, so we head outside. I tell Blonde to come too. Rudeboy follows.
Show him what he asked for for a short while, then Rudeboy proceeds to talk to him and logically occupy him. I think Rudeboy actually made my girl sit down in a coach AND make room for me, while he gave me a signal for me to sit down. I sort of slid behind the guy friend and sat down next to her. Rudeboy then proceeded to speak to the guy, occupying him again, and took him back to the dancefloor. He even seeded the venue change.
My jaws dropped. Now this is the greatest wingman EVER. He is about to bring the guy, who was a bit too intense, with him to another VENUE so I can work the girl. Rudeboy, thank you dude, you rock!

So me and blonde sit in the coach and makeout. After a while, head inside.
Dance some more. I walk her around the venue, to the bar blabla. Makeouts, hold her close.

Blond goes to bathroom. I meet the girl I banged the first time when Rudeboy and I first went out together after, the hotseat. (He also did a great job at winging that day) when she is in there. Its all flirty.
Blond comes out of the bathroom and lingers.. But it doesnt take long before some african dude starts grinding hahaaa. So she dances with him while she waits for me to finish convo with the other girl.
Other girl seems very happy to see me, but as I glance over at the blond a few times. Other girl says: "Oh, is it a hookup? I dont mean to interrupt anything"
Me : "yeah it is."
Her: "thats cool, I´ll leave you to it"
Me: "Why dont you and I meet later this week"
She agrees and leaves me to blonde.
I love my life sometimes.

I reapproach blonde, now standing with african. I ignore him and just sort of point the way to the dancefloor, so blond starts walking, then I follow. Smooth. The least confrontational way ever. In his mind I dont steal the girl off him, she leaves and I follow.

By now, its only me and her so I just ride it out. When we are outside for her to smoke at a point I seed the pull. 
Me: "yawn... I am a bit tired, wouldn`t mind leaving soon. I COULD come with you, but blabla" (Like SHE is the one wanting it, I am on the fence and not yet convinced)
Her: "I wanna stay some more"

Then we just spend time. She buys me an apple juice. 
I try a couple of more times to leave before club closes, but she is like "uhm, I wanna stay some more."
I guess she is not certain yet, or she wants to not seem like she just wanna bring me home. Or... Maybe she just enjoyed herself.

We go in and her beer is gone. I say: "Wanna go?"
Before she can think of any objections, I say "I`m getting my jacket, stand here"
Go get my jacket, lead her out the club. She is new in town, and uncertain as to where to go to get home, We get in a cab.

At her house, we lie down in bed, undress and bang bang.
I love skinny girls saying my dick is big.

She coughs every fucking 30 seconds throughout the night so I can barely sleep. And I needed to get up at 7 am.

All in all very satisfied with my night.
RudeBoy, dude, thanks!

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 BerlinCity, thanks for commenting. :)

Did you mean part 1 or part 2? 
Or perhaps both?

Peace and love
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 FR may 16th

Nothing too exciting.
Was out with my buddy, danced and fucked around in the venue.
I was let in by the african girl I spoke about earlier (she works there) , the one with the 10 body, but unfortunately she has a man-face.  She wanted to kiss me and shit. Chick looks like Mos Def hahaha. I just cant do it, I`m afraid she is gonna whip out a 6 inch dick and beat the living shit out of me with hidden camera crew running up in the apt like hahahaaa got you!

Hahah. Anyway.
Danced and fucked around. 
Pulled some girl`s hair. She liked it and grinded.
Lots of chodes lingering, effectively backturn them out of the circle. I do this in a non confrontational way. By "accident".
Funny cause I dont even want the girl.

Dont remember too much from this night.
Buddy takes over with the girl, but he doesnt really want her either.
We talk to some young and sweet chicks, seems to go ok, but after venue closes, we try to move them to a restaurant. 
(I overheard that they were hungry, so I suggested going somewhere to eat "because I was hungry".)
They left.

Some observations, my buddy is really, really awesome when it comes to bringing the fun. Dancing, fuckin around, high fives, and some gimmicky stuff like handing out stickers and putting stamps on girls arms and tits. He is also good at befriending guys, he has a very positive, friendly and fun vibe and he doesnt come across as a dick when he fucks with people. I believe if I would do the same I might get in trouble, but this is probably a fearbased belief. 
His strength is bringing the fun, my strength is direct.
We have lots to learn from eachother, looking forward to winging with him throughout the summer.

Ok lame report but 17th was way better.

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 May 17th
Our national holiday! Wohoo!

And I am sober.

My goal for today was to approach 100 girls. (total, so if I approached a 3set I would jot down 3 lines on my sheet)
Walked around by myself for 3 hours, and was a little bitch. I am not used to daygame so my goal was to desensitize. Criterion was, approach, thats it.
Gave a few compliments, since every girl was looking good today it was a normal thing to do.
Asked a camera girl what she was filming.
Overheard some girls buying ice cream cones: "Let me get two balls"
Me: "You want two balls?" (looking her dead in the eye)
Her 4 friends started giggling.
I walked past a venue with people sitting outside in the sun. Got EC with a girl and held it. She raised her eyebrows quickly, so did I.
But  kept walking, instead of stopping and talking to her.
Lame, but faith would have it so that when I walked in that same street an hour later I met her. Held EC, didnt even realize before after a while "hey shit its that girl".
Held my hand out, she grabbed it. I pulled her in for a hug.
Very direct style, but with class. Greeted her friend.
Quick chat-up and said I`d text her later, grabbed number.

So after 3 hours I had only approached around 10 girls but got a number.

Chilled at my buddys house for 3 hours. Felt time slipping away, my goal of 100 seemed a bit much now.
Went out to buy food, and stopped a few girls outside while I waited.

We all left buddys house around 830pm.
Went to venue1. Dived directly into a few sets, nothing spectacular.
Stood talking with buddies then a sweet and young african 8.5 entered. She looked like she was alone and looking for her friends.
I approached straight away, with some lame line.
Her: "haha thats the lamest line I`ve heard"
Me: "haha, yeah I am trying to pick you up" (no change in state. Its playful flirting, not an accusation. And, I agree with what she said, never deny)
Back and forth banter, I tell her she can join our circle until she can get a hold of her friends, she does.
Some light kino.

After a short while she sees her friend and goes to talk to her.
I dont chase, I encourage her to see her friend.
I know I can talk to her later.
Which I do after a short while.
She walks past our table and I say her name with a high pitched jokingly "sexy" girl voice. She smiles. Then later when she goes back to her table her (very drunk) friend is gone again. I get EC and wave her over. She comes and sits down beside me.

Talk a while and I escalate slowly. Some lower back touch, some grabbing her shoulder pulling her in. This comes natural, but I make sure to release before I make her uncomfortable and she objects. 
I look her deep in her eyes, then triangular gaze down to her lips, our heads are close and I am comfortable with it. Scratch that, I mean I enjoy it. Love it. It arouses me.
Regular convo, and spike with some flirty comments and kino.
And, again, THE HANDS!
I love this. Just dare to hold her hands guys. It is very intimate, but still social accepted. But still, do it on the low. Just get her to see you that way.
When she is looking away and silence creeps in, I move my face closer to hers. She can see this in the corner of her eye, and turn towards me. Then I move my head away. Its like a joke, but it still build tension. Some more triangular gaze and I move in for the kiss, success.
She is going home after a while. (after all, she is alone)
I dont try to keep her there. Just clearly and calmly state that I enjoyed her company and would like to see her again. I grab her number.
Text her after an hour, so she`ll have my number and remember me.

Speak to some more girls after she leaves.  Then me and wing goes out in the streets, stopping some girls.
Go to different venues and speak to some girls, but every venue has long fucking lines so we decide to fuck around in the streets.
Open girls left and right, hug them and have fun. Everytime I pull out my sheet and pen to put lines down for every girl.
Enter venue 2, some model looking chicks entered right before us. I approach straight away, pat on the back. Didnt go anywhere, but I reapproach one of them in the bar and just try to keep convo going. Doesnt go too well.
We go back to venue 1 , but move on to venue 3. By now I have 49 lines on my sheet, and for the last 1, 5 hours we are inside venue 2, so I m guessing I approached roughly 60 chicks today (I left my jacket with sheet and pen in the wardrobe). I dance and fuck around. Two sweet girls dance near us, I have fun with one, she seems to have a sense of humour which I really appreciate in a girl. Chodes lingering, backturn.
When she leaves I grab her arm and say: "Hey, maybe this is a bit weird but Id like your number before you leave." (not like insecure, but like "i normally dont do this")
She says she has a BF. 
I dance with another african 8, 5. She has a killer rack.
She likes me, I approach directly and am calm.
I get a bit freaked out because her friend looks more and more like a man! 
My girl says: "Dance with my friend" (meaning the "Man") 
Im like shit..

Ive been texting with the girl from the street. She came out to see me but we moved venue and I am not leaving my friends, but all of a sudden I get a text : "You are sexy on the dance floor"
Me: "haha. I dont see you!"
no reply. Now I leave african 8.5 behind.
Go out to get some air, and my buddy is sitting 1 on 1 talking to her, looks like they are in the bubble. Im like shit, this is fucked. I dont blame my buddy though, anything is fair game, how could he know.
So I just say hi to her and go back in. She comes after and taps my shoulder and we hug. We dance some, deep EC and all. Go for the make out several times but she pulls away.
So she wants me, ok. 
Coat check takes ages and street girl leaves. Fuck.
I go home with buddy and sleep on his coach.

Street girl text me and says she would like to see me again.

Very happy with my day. Didnt reach 100, but I took my first steps towards desensitizing myself to street game and day game. One makeout and 2 solid numbers is not bad.

By the way, I feel like my approaches suck, myabe I am too direct. Maybe I should get creative and try to create whatever situational approach and take it slowly from there. My kind of direct approach elicits defence. I dont know.
I`ll just keep at it, and I`ll get it.

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 may 18th

Short fr.

Private party for students.
I bring the fun, bitches.
Sober and I come late, but force myself to dance through the first uncomfortable moments, and I am warm in no time.

Fuck around with balloons on the dancefloor, bump people on the head and pretending that the balloon is titties and I grind on girls trying to get some "lezzie action" going. :) Get them to grab "my tits" (balloon) and lick "my nipple".
Direct approach an 8 (9 body) and we hug and get very physical, I bite her neck.
After a while she leaves and she is now disinterrested, dont know what happened. I am guessing I subtly wanted it too much, and should have let the interraction breathe. Maybe even takeaway. After this it was done. (btw tried isolation under guise of finding her friends.)
Try for a makeout with the 19 year old I met a few weeks back, she is clearly into me and I think she is hot like hell. But no go. (she texted me the day after btw, so it might happen)
I approach an 7.5, she is funny so I like her. I hug her and try to bite her neck. After a while her guy friend tells me she has a BF (his best friend). I think it was true.
Approach another 7,5. with the balloon. Goes well, but then she also seems disinterrested. 

Her friend wants me it seems. She says: "You know everyone here!"
Which I find interresting because I only knew 2 people.
I take this as a huge compliment.
I was fucking around with almost everyone here, so when it comes to bringing the party, great job!
But I think I should have maybe been a bit more subtle when it comes to trying. Maybe I became the guy who tried too hard. Even though it was all fun.

So I tried to hit on the IMO 4 most beautiful girls there, so I am happy with my night.

Bring the fun!
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