December 10th, 2018
Thinman and the Fat Girls
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 Chubby Chasers, listen up!

Nah I`m joking. Hey, I`m Thinman. This will be my FR thread. It will keep track of my progress and will hopefully motivate me to keep going out and pushing my boundaries. I welcome feedback as well as str8 up playa hating. I will start the thread with some info on who I am (which of course you can skip at will), and then proceed to post FR`s as I go out.

Who the fuck is this guy with an average of less than one post pr year?

It is I, Thinman. I am turning 30 this year. I read The Game back in 2006 after my ex-GF turned (very) religious and joined a sect, posed an ultimatum (get married or stop having sex), stopped taking the pill while we were in the typical "back-and-forth-after-the-breakup"-stage in order to get pregnant, so I "would realize that we should be together". She gave birth to our beautiful daughter who is now 6 years old and stays with me every other weekend and one day a week. A lot of drama followed when my ex`s plan didn`t work, but fortunately now we are able to cooperate well. 

As I mentioned, I read The Game (shortly) after my daughter was born, met up with some other chodes through a local forum, went to bars and pubs I didn`t particularily like to practice our little scripted indirect game. Yuck. I had a lot of AA those days, I guess in the back of my mind I felt I wasn`t being real but I thought it was the way it was done. I then started following RSD after watching "Foundations". Fucking loved "Transformations" and "Jeffy Show", and then "Blueprint" changed the way I viewed this whole game thing. 

I started getting some success, I had 6 girls who I banged on the regular with no strings, then got a bit lazy on going out because I could just text some girl and go fuck her. Then I sort of grew tired of fucking many girls after I realized it didn`t provide the happiness I thought it would. At the same time I met this really quality chick and got exclusive with her for a year, then I slipped up and banged some dumb broad on vacation, so we split up, then got back together for almost another year. At the end I started checking out the RSDNation site again. So here I am, a year after that last breakup. I`ve been reading some posts, and checking out the massive quality videos on the front page, particularily Tylers videos who just cracks me up.

I am a musician involved in different projects, freelancing. A lot of my FRs will be from this one venue were I perform with a band on the regular. Music has been my main income for the last few years, which isn`t a very glamourous way of life I`ll tell you, unless you are a fuckin star. Its a higly unstable source of income, getting lots of work one month then nothing the next. I owe money left and right, to my parents, the goverment for taxes, friends. Basically I am a fuck up when it comes to finances. This is also something I will work on.

I am also very into playing poker, and I am trying to become a long term winner. I also enjoy the occational video game experience, but what can I say? I am a player, baby! 

I also have a love/hate relationship with weed. I am not a heavy smoker, but I have a hard time saying no. Its like one part of me says: Im not going to smoke tonight, then night comes and I just fucking do it if the chance presents itself. This is something I will work on. 

I procrastinate. "manãna, manãna" is my motto. Its like I dont want to do things that I HAVE TO DO. This is something I will work on.

I`ll probably edit this and add stuff, but thank you for reading this presentation, now lets get into some FRs!

Just a warning though: I write loooong FRs, but I try to keep them entertaining.

I signed up for the Hot Seat 2 in late 2012, so I`m looking forward to that if I`m not dead or in jail.

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Yes. Stumbling home alone to my friends couch. Rewind selektah.

Last night I was at this Venue were I perform as a guest artist on the regular on Sundays with this crazy 12 man  house band. Place is always packed. There is an area were the artists/ guest artists hang out on one side of the stage. We then have to walk through the crowd to get to the bar. On this 6 meter stretch is were it all happened... (drum roll..) I perform in one or two songs tops, so the rest of the night I can roam.

I do some warm up s, which I really dont view as warm ups, since I fuckin perform there so its my fuckin house. But the thing is, everyone needs to get in talkative mode, only Gene Simmons type of dudes dont need to. A lot of times even when I perform I don`t feel to social or talkative then guess what? Nothing happens. Some people think musicians automatically get laid just by being a musician alone. There are a LOT of chode musicians. Some cry as they sing songs about lost love. Some people also think girls that hook up with musician are gold diggers or whatever. Allthough this happens too, I think being a (perhaps not so well known) musician gives the girl an excuse to approach a man that she may allready be attracted to(or became attracted to when he was on stage, social proof thing blabla)

Anyway, I talk to people and get in a good mood. Some redhead girl says she s a regular and is looking forward to my performance. (She probably means in bed allthough she is not concious of this herself hehe). I mean, she seems clearly DTF. She was aight, 7 maybe. Not what I`m looking for, but I file her under "last resort girls" for the night. In the bar I see this one girl I used to bang, shes cool. I speak to her and jokingly hit on her allthough I know she has a BF now. She is wearing elbow length gloves, which I pretend to have a fetish for. I say stuff like lets go backstage/outside behind the building and when I push her gently towards backstage she complies and seems to want it. I dont do it though, first off I`m not gonna fuck some broad backstage where all the artists and employees can walk in any moment. Second, I dont want to travel back in time. Been with this girl, done that. And believe it or not, I dont wanna fuck up her relationship.

Anyway, as I stand there flirting with her, some other girl (8)who gave me the look earlier walks by, and I grab her hand and pull her in saying something along the lines of "Hey who are you" or "you are cute" (which is pretty much what I use as the "opener" when Im out). The girl I have banged helps me out by actually saying that I have a big dick and she vouches for me(I didnt hear it but she told me later) then within a 3 min span they both feel my dick outside my pants. My "ex"-FB almost shouts "what? you have a boner in the club? your crazy!" Im like "huhuhu yeah of course". Frame. There is no frame. Only loving light and a raging boner. I didnt have a full hard on off course, more of a healthy horny starting-to-awake-semi-boner.
The 8 then suddenly stands with some big fuckin guy who is all over her, and I can tell he has game. Very dominant. I look to my "ex" FB like WTF? She then tells me that she recommended me so that the 8 will come back. But I see this effin guy gaining yards. I get eye contact with her and I can tell that she wants to come back but I guess she is also a bit intrigued by this big dude. I dont want a confrontation so I try to grab her hand and pull her away without actually going into the "set". Like , the sly fox trying to outsmart the big stupid whatever the fuck. He knows wtf is up, and he just casually removes my hand from her arm as he speaks to her. Smooth. I keep trying, but I guess not hard enough. They seem to be heading out the venue with some more people. I pull her close while big dude turns his back and tell her "fuck that dude, stay here with me". Shes like: "but I must go with him... He will be my boss...."
Yikes. Nuff said.

Funny thing is, now the redhead 7 is watching all this go down, and it can almost seem as she is cheering me on even though I can tell she want me herself. Weirdest thing. 

Lets introduce ugly hippiegirl who will play only a minor part in this, only as a funny support character. I stand outside talking with some boring 50 year old. (For some reason I have a hard time ending conversations when people bore me) He talks about family, I tell him I have a daugther and that I was never married and I never will be, and that I am just looking "to run through as many girls as possible" . Ugly hippiegirl hears this and is like "wtf". I tell them I ALWAYS use condoms. Then theyre both like ok I respect that bla bla. Hippiegirl gets curious so when she sees me later inside the venue she fucking follows me around also almost cheering me on. More on this later.

Main girl:
Ok, so as I walk between the stage and the bar I spot a spanish looking girl, I`d say an 8. I jump right in with the "hey you`re cute". Shes there with some dude friends but they look friendly. She s like "thank you, you were awesome when you performed". I say something that I read in some other thread here, which is fuckin money! "You know Xxxxx, I`ve had a crush on you for YEARS!"

(Dont remember the nick of the dude who said it but anyways thanks dude if your reading this hehe. This is a great line which doesnt even feel like canned material, its only flirting. I use it in two ways. One is right off the bat when you have just met a girl you have never seen before, the other way is if the girl is trying to walk off if the interraction is not going too good. Last one is like a self depricating humour, she is walking off and your like "dramatic" and "hurt" (dont overdo it) "But.... I`ve had a crush on you for years!" Like "pleeease come back....I am so lonely" Girls seem to always laugh.)

So, she laughs and I am very close to her. I kiss her on the cheek. She seems to enjoy it. She only speaks english, which is not the native tounge in my country. She tells me that I should find a girl who speaks my language so I dont have to speak english. I guess this is some form of weak test or something, like "does he secondguess himself, how does he react to this" OR it can even be that she didn`t feel entitled? Anyway I just said that "what? no! who cares? English is fine." 

She tells me she found money on the floor, I`m like "shit, its your lucky night" and hug her. She then actually wants to give me the note so I can buy myself a drink. After a few minutes I walk off to buy a drink and decide to buy her a beer too. HEY! ITS HER MONEY SO IT DOESNT FUCKING COUNT OK?? :D Besides I get discount prices at the bar. I think actually if I were to return to her with a drink only for my own selfish self, that that would seem a bit cheap. Anyway, I`m not trying to raise the buy/not buy drink debate, but I think I scored some unexpected points when I then passed her somewhere else 5 min later and gave her the beer and then walked off again, and then came back to her later. Btw, I saw her holding hands with some other dude while I was giving her the beer, but it turned out to be her gay friend. 

So from here it was on with this girl, band finished up and a DJ started playing. She waited for me as I heped the band put the equipment in the werehouse or whatevs. I went in for the kiss several times unsuccessful. I then removed her to another place in the venue and tried again, worked out beautifully. At one point (Im sure the guys that drink can relate) I felt like I was just saying drunken bullshit and I felt almost like a state drop because I "didnt know what to say" or rather, the alcohol made me uncalibrated. I then pulled her close and said: "Listen I`m starting to get a bit too drunk, so I am just talking shit now. But I like you, I wanna hook up with you" (not as in fuck you allthough that was between the lines I guess) Shes like "no its fine". I think I perhaps by saying this avoided a situation where "she is the first to discover that I am drunk and not as sharp". I dunno.

All the while the redhead 7 is roaming around trying to throw herself at me desperately, which I think is kind of turn off. But I told the rehead shit like I will slap your ass, and she s like yes hard. She actually bit my back (!) while I was talking to the spanish. There was also this asian girl who told me "my friend is gonna marry you, but you dont know it yet" and kept trying to bring me to the dance floor to meet her. She was so persistant that I couldnt tell if it was her or her friend. Also I suddenly spot this black girl (8) ("somali") who I used to bang who is a beauty but fell off the rotation because she didnt want to give head. (I mean wtf?) We hug and she says she can see I am macking, and that she also is trying to hook up with some chode who is there. I say ok, lets text eachother if nobody gets lucky she says cool. But she seems to now rather want to leave with me. AAAnd , there s this second black girl (also 8) ("eritrea") whom I spoke to earlier who seems to like me. And now the hippiegirl is here to! So then, the night progresses, and now here we are, 20 mins before closing time. spanish 8 who Im trying to get with, desperate redhead, asian girl who keeps trying to pull me to the dancefloor to her friend, eritrea who is only in proximity, and somali who is trying to get me to go with her all the while other girls who I know and friends keeps coming up to me. I must look like a pimp, but I ended up alone, heres the deal: 

I check for logistics with spanish, but her gay friend is staying in her flat and she is firm when she says its not gonna happen tonight, but also says that if he werent there she would bring me home and that we can meet in a few days. K cool. I then roam to somali and she wants to leave with me but I need to get spanish s number. Somali kisses me. I get spanish number, go outside, take a few puffs of a joint, then spot eritrea with some black dudes. I go in and she likes it, she wants it. But she leaves. Hippiegirl is there, sortof cheering me on but in a military manner like "hahaah you go after her" Kind of like what I imagine a bootcamp with RSD would be like. I tell one of the dudes, "daamn i like her" and he prompts me to go after her. I do. She turns around, I go in for a hug, and tell her that I wanted to talk more and that it felt desperate to run after her like that (jokingly self depricating) she laughs and we walk along. For some reason I get a bit insecure when she mentioned some afterparty, because frankly I barely spoke to her and I did not speak to her 3 friends at all. I didnt know if it was ok for them to come along so on and so on. THAT FUCKING WEED makes me second guess myself. I really wanted a better logistical situation where eritrea was alone or going home but. Anyways she senses my hesitation and says no. Im like sshhiiiet. I then go back to where that hippiegirl is and she s like wtf go after her again! Im concidering this but out. (I truly think that the interraction wasnt solid enough combined with not so great logistics, would have only made it weird to run after them a second time)

I then call somali but she doesnt answer. I see some girl I know with a guy whos a regular, theyre tryna hook up n shhiiit but some dickheads seems to want to pick a fight with him for pulling a stunner out the venue. The girl is obviously frightened. I try helping them out by saying lets go, so they have an excuse to walk away withouth them cunts feeling like they were rude (aka have an excuse to beat him up). After that they gather around him tryna take his weed and all, and then the fucking girl runs off with two other dudes after that guy tried to defend her and I also tried to help them. Situation is tense. They proceed to talk to him  a bit aggressive while the fuckin hippiegirl is yappin about "why did you call me hippie? over and over. Some grimey look fellows starts saying hey you, hey you, hey! to me and I m like shit I cant take this I gotta get the fuck out. Hope they didnt beat up that guy. 

The fucking long awaited end.

I wanna comment on some things but some married thai girl is heading over in a minute. Im an asshole.
I just want to say that this is one of my sticking points, I can get great interractions and makeout and girls toughing my dick and all, but not changing gear towards the end of the night because I fall in love with my pimp self, game too many chicks and not being able to decide which one I want to bang, resulting in banging none of them. 
But I did get a solid number from the spanish girl.

EDIT: Yeah I wanted to elaborate on the whole musician thing. To the newbie it would seem that I get a lot "for free" for being a musician, but thats only partially true. I mean, there has been MANY nights where I perform, but I`m not social so I go home alone. As I said earlier, its like an excuse for the girl to open me. That only takes me so far. I must still be the champ and lead and all that good stuff. But I can tell you this, a musician WITH GAME is killer. Like backing up the initial impression and not disappointing her by being too chodely. 
One weird thing which I still sometimes deal with is this feeling that if I do my thing on stage, (I think that) I will be concidered sleasy if I approach hardcore. Sometimes, the "MY HOUSE"- attitude can backfire too (not the my house attitude itself but insecurities regarding it I suppose), cause I`m holding back. Like "this is my house - so I better not make a mess or my family will yell at me."

Would be fun to hear what other musicians had to say about this - RockNRollPUA (I enjoyed his FRs and have read some posts) I would love to hear if you have had some similar or opposite thoughts on this or if you used to have limiting beliefs like the ones I described.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that during the 3rd and last set, I was introduced by a band member in the following manner: "Welcome back to the stage Thinman, who is single! He said backstage that he wanted to perform one more song so that he could impress the ladies and try to meet a girl tonight!" or something to that end, (WHICH WAS TRUE allthough my exact words were "Put me on one more time so I can get some pussy".) But anyways he was clearly trying to mess with me in a lighthearted manner, he says shit like this often (one time he said when one of the band members got on stage "welcome to the stage, the sex-tourist!" because the person reffered to as the sextourist bought a hooker when they travelled with the band to Uganda or whatever) .
Anyway, That was almost like huge shit test, on stage in front of everyone, and if I would have felt embarrassed I would have looked like a pathetic fool. But it didnt knock me off balance at all, I just played along, said in the mic: "Yes. ...(pause)... my mom think I am special". and people laughed.

My point is that the spanish girl told me she loooved my response, so I think it made my night easier and BESIDES it let all the girls in the venue know that I am single. I guess women deal with the same insecurities as men when they see some guy they like and wonder if he is "fair game".  Compare that to some girl you see who you think have a boyfriend because she with some dude and he then tells you that he is not her boyfriend or something. 

All in all I`m happy with the night, I just need to focus at the end of the night. Pick one. I have difficulty choosing. So... many... flavours... then the ice cream melts. I just think its hilarious and incredibly fun to get like 5 chicks surrounding me and I guess it feels good for my ego, but seriously mostly its because its so fun.
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Trying to post this before going to work.
Last night I was out with a buddy who also has a black void in his soul which he hopelessly tries to fill by picking up chicks. A bro.

A (girl) friend of mine who is a singer on this regular jam night on tuesdays in my city is moving to another country for 6 months so I went there to say bye. I used to frequent this joint but its kind of an "old folks jam" with seats and shit so I hadnt been there for a year or so.

I spot my friend on stage as I enter and when she finishes she sits down with this stunner asian girl. I bring my buddy over and we sit down
We hug and say hi, and I introduce myself to Asian. I talk with girl friend about her leaving, makes her laugh a few times. I guess asian sees im cool. I ask asian what she does or some other social circle question to just talk with her and be normal while trying to find an opening for flirtation.

My dude friend looks tired so I say to asian, "look, he is fallin asleep" she replies: "yeh so am I". Im like: "you guys should sleep together!" She is kind of shocked (spike) and IM like "Nah Im joking girrrl". She says she is gonna leave soon for work tomorrow and I say "so am I, you should stay" shes like "why?" I say "I think you are cute"! She is like a mix between shocked and flattered, she says: "thats a refreshing honest answer" (she s a stunner and knows it) and I pull out the beautiful "I`ve been in love with you for many years"-line. I`m just having fun and being flirtatious and she likes it. I say "pleeease stay" many times (without giving my power away, firm) (EDIT: I said "please" in the same firm manner I would say "No" or "yes" with "one nod of the head to underline the word" and the word itself is spoken short and sharp.) I start to put my hand on her lower back and shoulder as I speak with her. (Im sitin next to her) ONe time she says: No I really have to go" and I reply kind of BR-ish: "Yes get the fuck out of here, go!" i then switch back to : "no girrrl , stay"

"Stay for one more song it will be uptempo and youll wake up or romantic and we can hold hands"
She stays for one more song and Im being asked up on stage by the boss of the jam. (thanks god!) And I rip it.

Go back to her table and she leaves shortly after but says " take my number from our (girl) friend"
I write the number down after she is gone. 

Ill keep u posted on how it goes.

EDIT: I want to add (for my own sake) that I really felt like not going to this venue because I was hungry and tired. I`m glad I just went out anyway. Imagine all the small choices like this that can alter our lives in ways we dont know.

UPDATE: match 20th:
Yeah the number is pretty much dead. I texted her the same night I met her: 
Thin: "XXX. Cool to meet you. I got home, but on the way I fell in this pool of mud, damn! :D -Thinman"
She replies the next day round 7pm
Asian: "haha! Nice to meet you too. Hope the fall wasnt too bad at least! And that your extremely big headphones remained intact;)"
I had some huge headphones. She seems in good spirits and she has a sense of humour.
Thinman: "Hey! Dont mock my headphones, they make me look cool. Mickey Mouse style."

No reply.

Friday I text her.
Thin: "XXX. Heading out this weekend?"

No reply. 

Sunday I text her.
Thin: "XXX. Come to (X- venue) tonight!" 

No reply.

I will let it cool off as to not seem too desperate, but I`ll text her occationally to gauge the response, which cant get any worse, right?

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 [=arial] FR: MacDaddy goes home alone again

Quick note: This actually happened two weeks ago so the details may be a bit blurry, but it was interresting so I`ll throw it in here. From now on I will (carbon)date my FRs.

Ok so I`m meeting up with a bro at his collegues flat to get a few drinks before heading out and there are some girls there. Only one of them is hot though, and she is not coming out. I tell her to come with us, and that I will stumble down the hallway and bang on her door like 4 pm anyway. 

We head out , 3 dudes, 4 girls (none of which are particularily hot) to this crammed place which could be a mix between an appartment, an old western saloon with a backyard. Venue itself is kinda cool but allthough the music is mostly shit they occationally shine with gems like MJ s Man in the mirror, full length. Ahem. Im serious, but anyways.

This is not a place i frequent, and thats whats interresting. I dont have the easy opens like when I perform, but on the other hand I dont feel like I need to "be that guy" so tonight I`m just going to open a lot and just do my thing and try to go for the makeout without caring too much. 

I immediately start grabbing girls hands that passes and say the "Hey who are you" or "hey you are cute". No great responses but I do it to amuse myself so its not like I get disappointed or feel any state drop. 

This venue is kind of weird, like several small rooms (it IS an old flat) so everywhere is crammed, which really removes a lot of the social pressure since no one sees what the fuck you are doing anyway. (good for me, good for the girls). 

(A lot of the convo will be left out as I dont recall all details, I was drunk and its been weeks)

After I order a beer I pass some chicks there and just say hi to one, who arent that great but I switch to her firend who is an 8. I dont recall what I said, but probably pulled out the "Ive had a crush on you for years"-line, as this was the first night I tried it out I think. I chat a bit and try to escalate fast, get closer and hug her and  just go for the make out, she pulls away many times I just keep at it while casually chatting but with this carefree sexual vibe. There was this wall lamp, like one you have in your house with a cord with a switch, and I turn it off so noone will see and then go for the makeout again, success. then I turn lamp back on. Smooth. She has nice huge tits. I use my hands a lot to underline what I am saying so at one point I use my hands and just touch her tits as an extension of this. I do it like an accident but.. No wait. I do it like I want to touch them and make it look like an accident  AS A JOKE while it is obvious to both of us that I did it on purpose AND that I have no regrets about it at all. Like I dont give a shit. Look, btw, I did see that she would be receptive to it before I did it, allthough actually doing it was taking a huge risk. Makes sense?

Convo gets semi sexual, we talk about shaved genitals and I put her hand down my boxershorts. She just pulls her hand out but she liked that I did it. I wasnt trying to get a handjob either, just being sexual and not giving a fruuuck. I`m thinking I have this girl on lock as a backup for the night and get her number since I am ready to roam the venue. By the way, her friends just evaporated, and I was able to pull the tittie touch and the hand down my boxer thing because it was so packed no one saw anything allthough they were like litterally bumping into us.

I walk like 4 meters and theres this "descent girl (7)" who sits at a 4 man table across from one dude, so two seats are available. She gives me the look so I just immediately sit down. Dude is chill , he is obv just her friend. I shake his hand and proceed to speak to 7. This was a whole other type of convo, I was very relaxed and happy with the first interraction and also knowing that I could text the other girl 20 mins before closing time made me just sooo chill, . More real in a way, no trying for laughter no trying to make her horny, just being. We chatted a bit and I wandered off, but more on this girl later. 

In the "DJ-room" I spotted this girl, kind of drunk "easy prey 7" too, but I still tried to like pull her close, hugging her and going for the makeout. It was aight but, I spotted this 9 on the dancefloor with her 6 friend. She looked a bit young, I prefer 24 and up. But it didnt matter tonight. I went in, probably with the hey youre cute line. She was kinda like uninterrested but I just stood there like "I am not going away, girl". I tried to get physical and she started grinding her ass on me and let me grab her from behind and shit, but then pulling away to dance more with her friend. I just kept at it, and honestly felt I could break her defenses so to speak but I had to reinitiate convo all the time. Even though I was like : "HEY!"  and grabbing her, I still was the one who had to like reinitiate so I wonder if this in some way made my "value drop". True, I was starting to get drunk and wasnt to sharp, but persistant as fuck. Like sometimes I "make a joke out of being the persistant bastard" who is like Pepe La Pue or what hes called. I blocked out some chodes and felt it at least not going bad, but eventually her friend told me in a very polite manner that "she had a boyfriend". Fuck, well. On to the next. 

I spot the easy prey 7 again and go for the makeout within 30 sec, success. But she wanted me to come with her to make out in front of some dude to make him jealous and shit, so I told her fuck that. Girls are so stupid with the jealousy thing, they think that just because THEY want to fuck the guy who manhandles bitches and makes out with 3 girls in front of them that the dude gets attracted to the same thing/ or "suddenly realizes how much he wants her and that he has to hurry up to get her". HELL NO, yo! 

The "descent 7" turns up and I can tell she wants me. I grab her and go for the makeout like 10 times, she squirms away last second. I just blitz this girl with kiss attempts and dominant kino, and at a point she fucking escapes, like almost runs away. I`m not being a perv, so she runs away because its too much for her. At least I think haha. Pretty sure... (or...? shiiiT.) hehe. I mean, she liked that I tried, I DID get the opportunity to try 10 times so... I yell out " Nooooo Descent, but I am sooo lonely!" as like a joke. Some dudes walking by and laughs. 

Then I text the first girl as the closing time is ....close. Its time to close when its close to closing time. Nice! This is gonna be my new mantra which will help me because a lotta times I just game on and hit on too many chicks and everyone gets away. "ITS TIME TO CLOSE WHEN ITS CLOSE TO CLOSING TIME!" She says shes where we last spoke so I go there but as I see her I also see this cutie asian girl 8. She was a bit small and also young as fuck (19) but I was just in the zone so I went straight up to her as the first girl was watching 2 meters away. (Some chode was trying to pick her up,I didnt mind too much) I lift this asian girl up, hit on her hard and go for the makeout with no luck. She has a stripper-like name so I bust on her for this. I guess everyone does this, not like I invented a killer new joke hehe. I`m like "I`m going home with you" but she had a bad breakup that same day she says. I reply quickly, pointing to myself with both thumbs and yell loud: "REBOUND!" (like DJs yell reee-mix). She thinks its funny , which is kinda weird since its a brutal thing to say as she just got her heart broken that same day and I`m not exactly considerate of her feelings. But I was indeed congruent to it and it just bursted out of me, so yeah. I tell her that I will go outside and that she shall meet me in 5, but I never see her.

 But outside I find first girl and the chode who was hitting on her. Seems like she is "admitting defeat, going with choice B" but when I enter their set I eclipse this dude with my game. I can tell she wants to go with me, but since I`ve been a dick and tried to PU some asian in front of her shes either tryna save face or "make me see how it feels". I`m just in the zone, actually being WAAAY too cocky trying to outshine this ass chode. I put the girls hand in my back pocket so she can feel my condoms. She takes them out and says "I`m using them on HIM!" reffering to chode. I`m like "fuck you" and grab her like a caveman. Chode starts saying to the girl that I`m ugly, but I have some fuckin confidence. I tell him thats not what its about and ignore him further. Shit like this happens for a few minutes then she burst out: " I am going with HIM!" allthough it was CLEAR AS DAY she wanted me more. I think she was almost trying to save face because I took the cocky thing way too far or something. She goes down stairs with him and I`m like WTF? laughing about it but seriously shocked like wow wtf happened!

I call my friend and he is almost the last one out the venue, with this leftover girl (she was a 4) that he later reffered to as "The pommes frittes- ball" haha. 
Out on the street I spot the first girl and the chode again, and I`m going in again, trying to pick her off his hands. Unsuccessful. They head towards a taxi while I yell: "FIRST GIRL, COME HERE!" no luck.

I then take a taxi with my buddy and his fattie to my buddys flat.I text the girl again, I`m fuckin not giving up yet haha.
Thin: "You chose the wrong guy!"
Girl: no .. u should have come to my buddies. Would have liked it (i dont know wtf shes talkin about but seems she went to her dude friends, I dont even know if chode is there or what is going on)
Thin: huh?
girl: were watching a movie
Thin: fuck that s gay we are 3 ppl here we are naked you should come
Girl:hehe were just gonna enjoy the movie. To bad im not there then.....
thin: grab a taxi, the adress is XXXXXXXXXXX
girl: what your gonna do?
thin: fuck you on this dirty couch
girl: U are so disgusting... I cant now, but later.
thin: get a cab
girl: no Im not coming

All the while the fattie my friend pulled is giving me "advice" on what to text her haha, which I off course ignore.At this point I fucking call her several times to, just like come here, take a taxi. Both she and some dudes voice (dont know if its a dude friend or the chode) says repeatedly: "good bye now, good bye, good bye, good bye" in unison. Hilarious.

10 points for persistance!

I finally go to sleep and wake up 3 hours later  at 8 30 since I am such a light sleeper, and I hear my buddy and the fattie STILL TALKING. Well, I guess its better to talk to a fatty for three hours than fuck her for 10 minutes.

So I didnt pull this night but It was hilarious.

I actually texted the girl next week, now she was all like "Im not a ONS type girl". I only saw it as a challenge. Dont know what the fuck happened with her and chode but it could...perhaps...seem like nothing since she was texting me all night and picking up my calls. Even if it did, I dont care too much. So I set up a day 2 with her, ate some food near her house, I tried to get back to her flat but she wouldnt have it, I said stupid stuff like lets go look at that three over there like babystepping, but she wouldnt have it. I then let her come out with me and my buddies which I then regretted as I now felt she was dragging me down, like I had to baby sit some broad who was holding it back. I aroused her in the venue we were at and tried like 15 times to get us a cab to go to her ( I live far away) but she stood there like she wanted it badly but was stopping herself from doing it. So I sent her off in a cab, and went with my buddy to sleep on his couch. I later realized when she said that she didnt want to fuck me cause then she would never see me again that she was basically using her as a bargaining tool to get more from me, relationship or some other creepy shit haha. I mean fuck that. I even said many times I dont jugde ONS and stuff like that. I mean, as an adult, why would you not do what you want (have sex when you want to). Why would you keep yourself from doing something you want to in order to gain something from the other person? Oh, shit wait...

We then agreed that we couldn`t give eachother what the other person wanted, and its all good. She has actually texted me twice out the blue, seeming to want it, but unless I get a slutty invite I am not gonna see her again. Came close yesterday when she texted me and I lead the convo into the fine topic of being naked. She said she was wearing only a perfume. I asked her if that was an invite, she s like : "no"
I aint got time for this shit.

EDIT: update march 16th. she text me again last night like :"what are you doing this weekend?"
By this point Im kinda bored with this friendly vibe cause she said she wouldnt have sex but still text me, so I think she wants it, but I am not going on another date to find out she STILL tries some relationship withdrawal move. She is kind of boring, and I meet new girls, so get on the train or get the fuck off.
Oh, and my reply to her text? Only:  "barbeque" (Its still snow outside)

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Hey, this is a lay that happened a few weeks ago too, I was drunk out my mind so dont remember too much, but here is what I do remember and the number one reason that it happened:

It was at the venue that I perform on a regular, after the band had left stage and a DJ was playing. I was drunk and in a good mood, but only choding around standing with my buddy and a girl friend of mine and her gay friend. 

My buddy and I spoke about approaching chicks and my girl friend who is bi said she would outshine the both of us no doubt. It became like a challenge and my buddy says: "Look, go talk to her!" to me, pointing to this mulatto HB8 and she shoves me in set. 

I say the "hey ure cute" piece and we seem to hit it off. I probably grab her, dont remember, but I normally do so I just assume that I did. :)

I only recall bits and pieces,
she says she studies (some boring topic, politics or some shiiiet) and call her a book worm and a nerd, but proceed to talk about fuckin video games who I enjoy but never talk about. I was exaggerating like: "Yeah I love videogames Im level 100, I play night and day bla bla". Joking, but she didnt get that. The vibe became a bit weird and I was thinking "shit why the fuck am I speaking about this?" 
I sort of felt a state drop because I "got lost in my own topic" I guess she felt it (as I did) but still I didnt show it too much physically, just kept going on the topic like whatever.

She then excused herself for a minute and and didnt remember exactly what happened after that, but I went up to her a bit later.

I remember asking (probably a bit into the convo): "where do you live?"
she said "right nearby"
I said: "Ok, shall we go?" assuming I could come with her. (I live a bit far away)
She was like ok!

remember walking home with her
remember banging her

remember hang over

I texted her later, she Then had gotten ill like a flu or something. And she said she had a lot of school work the next 3 weeks so she didnt have any time too meet. Dont know if Im gonna see her again, but I text her occationally to keep it warm, she replies quickly and is "talkative" in her messages so I`ll just wait and see. If I dont fuck her again its ok, but I wouldnt mind. 

So why did this happen? In my mind it was only because my buddy shoved me into set, I wasnt really feeling too social that day and wouldnt have approached on my own. 
Also it helped to re-open, but seriously I dont remember too many details, which sucks for educational purposes.


PS It would be funny to have a pick up girl contest with my girl friend who is bi, buuuut, Im fuckin her friend who I used to date, broke up with, but now am fuckin in total secrecy. So my friend would prob tell the girl I am banging that we picked up girls together. 

Perhaps I need to cut some loose. Sucks when I havent been honest from the start about dating other girls and I have to take it into concideration.
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UPDATE: Laid the spanish girl:

THURSDAY march 15th
Texted the Spanish looking girl (who is actually half argentinian and half italian) about meeting up, something like this:
"Hey XXXX, when u wanna meet up?"
She suggests some techno dj a few days later (Thursday) , but I say I have plans nighttime and "wouldnt mind meeting her like 5pm before meeting my buddy". Basically I just want to meet them and bang them, not too keen on going out on town with them.

She text on thursday right before we are to meet saying she is at a restaurant in some other part of town. Im like shit, I need to meet her closer to her house. 
Thinman: "I wont be there for another 30 minutes or so. If you wanna go somewhere else in the meantime thats fine. I`ll ball you later."
Thinman: "Ahem.... CALL you!"
(I sometimes use the text message word suggestion thing to say sexual stuff "by mistake".)
Spanish: hahahah nice one. I migth go home so I`ll be in (name of her neighborhood)"


I go there, call her and we meet up.
Spanish: soo, you wanna grab a coffee...? where u wanna go?
Thin: where do you live?
Spanish: that way.
Thinman: well go that way then.

Im hungry as fuck and say I need to eat, ask if she s hungry. We go to a sushi place and eat and have a couple of beers. After food I say I am too warm, and suggest we leave. She says she have to do some laundry so we just walk and end up at her building. She invites me in. She serves wine. We talk. She is cool and Im enjoying it. She sits in some chair and I sit in a 2seat couch. I want her to sit next to me, and suggest she sees some video. She sits next to me after a while. There is a cable from the computer on the table to the speakers on top of the sofa , so the cable is making it hard to lay down on the couch without knocking the whole system down. We talk and show each other music videos and stuff like that for many hours. She leans away from me in one end of the sofa, making it kind of difficult to go for the kiss or any escalation in a natural way, but I did touch her legs and we did create this "bubble convo". At last, she then says she needs to sleep and that I can stay. we lay next to each other and I get the token LMR like :
Spanish: "I need to sleep"
Thinman: "Yeah so do I" (continue escalation)
and a few more like the one mentioned, but just go for the close.


I am pretty shure I could have laid her before, escalated earlier and could have gone straight for the kill. I DID have some chodely thoughs about the escalation , like because she was leaning away  and all that, there didnt seem to be a natural way to go for the kiss. If I were to go for the kiss, it would have been like an interrupt in the natural flow of convo. 

On the other hand though, I knew that it was gonna happen anyway, so there was no point in rushing it, when I enjoyed the company of this woman. Only reason would have been to bang her early, and then go out to pick up more chicks.
I must have some issues.

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 FR: Friday 16th of march, in a dead town

Warning: No great interractions as it was a dead night, only a story on buddies and small town desperation. More of a diary entry than a FR, so skip at will.

So I wake up at "spanish" s house, go to a meeting with my buddy and band colleague, we then go to his house and smoke some cheeba.

I almost fall asleep and decide to gome, but call my buddies and change my mind, they are going out in this small town which is closer to my home than the bigger city I normally go out in.

There are only a few places here, and all of them are pretty much shit. First we go to this venue where there are a LOT of old folks and a pianobar, piano dude singing Mustang Sally, a few people on the dancefloor. Lord help me. Its like an old western saloon. My buddy who used to be a pimp but has a GF just talks to everyone , he s funny as fuck but I cant really understand why he speaks to this 45 year old hag, and introduces her to us and shit. A drunken old desperate woman, yikes.

I spot 2 hot girls, but one of them is in deep convo with a guy in a wheelchair, so I chode out. Dont wanna be impolite. I could walk up to her, would be a massive DHV.. (sorry, insensitive joke)

The other one turns out to be the daughter of the 45 year old hag, and it doesn`t end there, the GRANDMOTHER is also out with them.


We go outside for a smoke, some other 40-something years old hag 2 wants to sit with us. She tells us she has a "fat pussy" (the word she actually uses is not possible to translate.) 

I can hear the banjo.

We go to this other place, very few people, hard techno and depressing atmosphere. Outside the venue some young small kid walks up to us and says he will beat up one of us. We are 5 dudes all 30 years were like shit this could get interresting.

We go to the 3rd venue, theres practically nobody there, so we leave after 1 minute.

4th venue is ok, 30 mins before closing time and we just hit the dance floor. I spot the married thai girl that I am banging (she has a perfect body, closest to a 10 I ever banged), she holding some tall dude. I just leave her with him, and now we see that the girl with the mother and grandmother has escaped them to dance here instead. She stands with us and imlike "youre cute" and stuff like that. I get physical. 
Theres some hot black girl just standing there, I speak to her shortly and tell her she can join our group. She just dances on this "podium" though.

Club closes. Out in the streets I speak to the girl with the ma and granny. I just lift her up and walk off, walking past the married thai girl with this other girl on my arm like: "Hi XXXX!" I am about to bring her to this wall when my buddy A  pinches me in my back, I then realize he feels the girl is his because he spoke to her. I didn`t see anything resembling him hitting on her earlier, so I thought she was fair game. I`m a bit surprised but he tells me: "What are you doing man, she s mine, I invited her to dinner and everything!" In my mind I`m like: "what? allready? thats not gonna work" but bros before hoes so I step down. He s a bit annoyed and tells me "This is not the first time you have hit on a girl I `ve been hitting on", referring to some incident years back when I also did not realize he was "romancing" a girl. 

I then tell him that he should take a look in the mirror before saying I steal girls, between the lines I`m referring to the fact that he just went to the hospital with this girl that I was with years back to get a fuckin abortion. Harsh. 

Girl leaves, probably to wash her grannys before bedtime.

Married thai girl approaches me with tears in her eyes. I have told her that I have several other girls that I bang on the reg but she didnt like seing me carry another girl. She was holding some dude so who cares I think. But appearantly theres some issue with her green card, her husband is sabotaging it seems. Obv theyr not happily married, she told me he used to beat her up and shit. Poor fucking girl, gotta be hard to be a "mail-bride". She is lonely. She tells me I`m one of her like few friends, the other ones being her dog and some other thai friends she dont fully trust. And I`m only banging her. What a life for these girls, I get massive sympathy.

We then meet 2 girls, none too fine but finnish girl has a killer body. Buddy A recovers from his loss and starts hitting on finnish girl, buddy B hits on asian girl. We walk to buddy A s flat. 

Asian girl has an attitude, we had no alcohol left so she sits arms crossed and has an extremely negative body language. I tell her straight up to get her shit together, we dont have any drinks stop bitching about it and change your attitude, or you are welcome to leave at any time. Best interraction I ve had all day.

Buddy C who is married hits on finnish girl and starts playfighting with asian girl, he dominates her and wrestles her to the ground. Kinda weird , kinda interresting too, I mean,  she is annoyed but he does show dominance. I wouldn`t do it like that though.

We just smoke the vapourizer and chill. Asian girl who was a bit into buddy B tells him that she is leaving and ask him what he is up to. His reply: "uhhh... I dont know..." She starts leaving and I have to tell him like 10 times: "B! Go after her! B! Do it! She wants you to come! Gogogo! Get up! B!" I`m surprised he didnt see the obvious, but after I tell him, he gets the message and runs after. They leave, and buddy C and A is trying to creep in on the girl, she is kinda wasted. 5 minutes later, buddy B and asian comes back to get finnish girl, asian was concerned. As they leave I overhear buddy A saying that he wants to take finnish girl to dinner and shit. Again? 
(From what buddy B tells me he took a cab with the two girls and buddy C comes along too. C keeps playfighting but in the end buddy A ends up in bed with both girls, but nothing happens as finnish girl is sleeping and he felt weird to fuck asian girl next to her. I would have had no problems with that, I would have hoped that she woke up.)

I then leave for home.

What a shit town!

I am happy that I went out, instead of just going home. Also glad I met my buddies, its always a pleasure. I`ve known them since childhood and they`ll be my friends til I fuckin die. Take care of your friends, y all.

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 FR: Sat march 17th

second day in the ghost town

Went to this party at my buddy s cousins house before heading out. Some cool people there but there is certainly a bit of an hillbillie atmosphere in this area, compared to that bigger city I go to. 

Saturday is obviously the best (and only, as I learned the day before) day to go out in this town. 
 I`ll try to keep it short and sweet as nothing spectacular happened, except for a kiss and a flakey number.

Interresting convo: 
I went to get a beer at the bar and I appearantly I bumped into this girl standing next to me, kind of hot petite girl. She starts yelling at me things like "what the fuck! Get the fuck away" 
I dont let it affect me, and calmy reply stuff like: "hmm.. are you ok?" or " yeah...." No defensiveness and no agressiveness in my voice. No sorry ma`am or shut up bitch, just calm. Like I dont care about being yelled at for no reason. It doesnt enter. But of course it does. But not like I get affected emotionally but rather the concience competence saying stay calm who cares. I mean I could reasonably have told her to go fuck herself, but theres no need to get sucked into that BS.
So when I see her later on the dancefloor I lift her up like nothing and she is totally cool with it. Kind of interresting cause you would think she hated my guts but I guess I passed the test. BUt anyway she ahs some douche around who may be her BF that comes in to interrupt.

In front of one of the bars there s some people dancing and I get in the mix. I dance with some of the girls, and I hit on an asian girl in a 4 set. Her friends "protects her" by shielding me off, and it becomes like a joke, like Pepe La Pue not taking the hint. Its funny, I like to joke around and "be the hopeless romantic". When I have my best night I have good succes with that kind of stuff but on weak nights it just falls flat. 

New set, 2 friends, my girl is perhaps an 8. Sweet girl sweet face but looks a bit ordinary. I joke around and dance and I can tell that the 8 likes me so I tap the friends shoulder and point in the other direction. When she turns to look I grab the 8s face and just kiss her quickly. Funny. Dance some more, I see them an hour before the club closes about to leave seeming drunk. I ask to come with them, they decline. I quickly grab her number. Texted her the next day, something short but perhaps not so sweet.
Thin: "XXXX, boo! -Thinman" 
No reply. I think the interraction was not so solid (allthough I kissed her), and that she got a bit drunk and theres a big chance she didnt even remember me, or that she remembered making out with some guy (me) and then I text her and she is embarrassed or she feels that it might be weird to meet up since we dont know anything about each other at all. I mean, I would even think it would be weird, allthough I would have gone given the chance. I kept the message short because I think what I am basically saying in the message is: "Hey, this is my number." If she wanted she could reply. She didnt though. But who cares. At least I went for the kiss and the number.

Outside after venue closes I try to hit on this black girl, she s ok not too sweet though. A 7. The friends of the asian girl from the 4set watches and sort of cheers me on, which is kind of funny. This has happened a couple of times lately. I walk away when it doesnt go too well, but the girls from the 4set says: "go back, try again!" Im like OK!

I stand there trying to go back to hers, but she is talking bout she wants to go to some afterparty where they have booze. Everybody in this town is like zombies yelling "afterparty..... aaaaafterpaaaaarty...." I`m used to trying to go straight to the girls house, but here there is like you HAVE to go to some boring afterparty. Its the default way in this town. I say lets skip the formalities.

I speak about this with my buddy and the girls from the asian s 4 set and one of the girls says she think I am an arrogant prick and that she have had enough of listening to me. I would like to say that it didnt affect me at all but it did in a way. Not like I had a state drop, but a momentarily need to explain myself or defend myself. I fought the urge, but sometimes one can go too far in the other direction too , like: "Oh yeah, you`re sick of it? Why would you go out if you`re in such a bad mood?" which I almost said but didn`t. I just have to realize that everyone wont like me and thats fine.

Two guys enter set and after I have been Pepe La Pue for 5 minutes one of them says: "You should respect her" or something like that. He s found his niche, save the girl from harassment, great. I say : "haha good, guys. I can tell you both are standing in line to get with this girl." They get defensive but I could tell that it was true. Maybe a bit blunt to blurt it out like this but I think I was done in set anyway. Even the girl get defensive like, no they dont want me, he is my boss! pointing to one, which now I realize makes me think that she is probabaly fucking him. I dont know.

Whats that Liverpool supporter song?
"You`ll never walk alooooone"

Well I did.


EDIT: Actually just remembered something. Cant believe I forgot this. There were 2 girls dancing together (cant remember if it was the 8 who I later kissed and her friend or if it was 2 other girls, damn alcohol) Anyway I opened them, and they started making out in front of me. I was like: "yeah, can I join?" But it didn`t work. I guess I should have clawed them both and just went for it instead of asking. Next time.
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 FR. sunday march 18th

I suck. Choding around, getting to drunk and too high

Title says it all.
I am at the venue I perform at as a guest artist on the regular.
Early in the night: I see some hot girls that I FAIL to approach, even though I perform there and can speak to whoever I want. See my first FR to see how I do it in this venue when I`m on, see this if you want to know how to NOT do it. 

I think it has to do with something I mentioned in that FR, sometimes the musician thing help me sometimes it holds me back. I didnt feel so social this time. I think the problem is this: I didnt want to risk being that (creepy) guy in the band that hits on girls early in the night. I now just actually realized that I am a bit too dependent on the conversation being high octane sexual from the beginning. I usually say "hey youre cute" to set the tone, but it may have become a crutch without me noticing. I mean, I could speak to some girls early with regular convo and being relaxed kind of screening the girl, then re-open later in the night. Time was 10 pm so obv its too early for trying to pull (for me at least). I guess I will try to say only hi next time, and just be in the moment and improvise and work with whatever happens.

I speak to some sweetie I`ve spoken to some other time, she is proximity`ing and I open: "hey I dont remember from where but we ve spoken before right?" Her: yeah over there (points) "Oh yeah, XXX right?" I actually remembers her name and she is impressed. I think she likes me and I think she s kinda hot too, but anyway I dont see her anymore this night. I`ll see her later anyways. 

I jokingly hit on this tall girl whos a regular, shes over 190 cm, huge rack. She is perhaps 35 but she is still hot as hell. I mostly use her as social proof in the venue as she is the kind of girl not a lot of guys dare to properly try to pick up. She knows the band well and has been around for years. She seems to like me, she says that I`m cute and stuff like that all the time, but I have tried earlier, she will not take me home. So now I ve sort of lost interrest allthough I jokingly hit on her every time. She has a black friend who is also like 35. she seems dtf at the end of the night but she is staying at tall girls house and tall girl says no afterparty. 

Yeah what more is it about this night? Yeah, some foreign girl guest artist who just moved here grabs my number, says she wants the "language lessons" we spoke of earlier. Pure bs off course, I can tell that she wants me soo bad, but I will not shit in my own backyard and create any kind of weird vibe within the band. So I`m not gonna pursue this allthough I wouldn`t mind tapping that ass if the circumstamces were different.

Some other girl gives me the proximity approach invitation on the dance floor. I say Hi. She asks chode questions and seems to want something from me (valuesucker), and frankly I am kinda bored. I dont feel any lust for this chick. I mean shes a 7 but soo fuckin boring, my god.

Rest of the night is a blur, I get too drunk and too high. Fuckin idiot. Why do I do this? 
I remeber thinking, "now I`m too high and drunk to talk to any girls" so I just sit there.
What the fuck??
Frankly it was true but it still was a limiting belief!

Damnit, last sunday there with the 4-5 chicks surrounding me and this night sitting around choding and just being drunk and high is like two different worlds. Well well.

I went out 3 days in a row, so I`m happy allthough it didn`t wield any solid results. 

I think I also need to work on making my "harassment" a bit smoother. A lot of times I relentlessly hit on a girl despite her saying no, because I think it s very funny to do so. When I`m on fire this works very well, I am persistant but also find new angles, so it becomes funny and charming to the girl. When I`m not super-on and I keep pushing it, I think it might be a bit counter-productive, only solidifying her resistance, making it real. I should perhaps let her breathe before trying again. 
Because try again I will.

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 FR wednesday march 22th 2012: 10 points for persistence

So I try again.

First off, I was very happy with my day:
-My band collegues and I went to a business meeting with a huge customer, went really well.
-Then we went home to one of my band members and had a meeting about a show, was really good.
-I did not smoke weed allthough I had the oppurtunity.
-went home to work out at the gym.
-went back into town to go out with 2 buddies.
-Went to a girl`s place at the end of the night, allthough I did not lay her.

One of my buddies is a guy I ve mentioned earlier who pushed me into set with the mulatto 8 which ended up in a lay. He got game but rely too much on AI and doesnt push it with the hottest girls. Also he could use some persistance. But we try to push and help eachother. 

1st venue: They are recording a radio show, its a small pub/bar and too many dudes. We get into convo with a couple of girls there one of em descent, aaalmost 8. Nothing happens. 
Some 7 sits next to me, I speak to her some. When she and her friends leave and I ask where they are going she invites me. I decline. She is not that hot, 7s almost dont turn me on anymore.
(On a side note its funny how when you start out you think all 7s and up are like 9s, and affter you get used to hot women you see that some girls you labelled 8s where actually 6.5s so to speak. I am one of those who never give a 10 unless she is PERFECT, a 9 to me is very beautiful AND something special about her, an 8 is a really beatiful girl perhaps not with something special, a 7 is the boarderline girls I will fuck if the connection is there and I really like her)
There are 2 girls there with two guys, one american douche. one is 7 one is 7.935715933 but has a girl next door look, a subtle beauty. They sit on the table next to us and I get up to sit with them and just ask them who they are and so on. I give my self props for approaching in this small "approaching here is weird-venue". my game-buddy sits with us. He says he likes the girl next door so I say I can switch girl like a true gentleman. But they leave as its getting kind of late.

2nd venue: Not too many people out tonight and we end up at this place where we aalmost just turn around and walk out straight away, but then I spot this asian 8 I`ve spoken with many times at the venue I perform. I go up, hug her and meet her friend, a 7. Some ugly ass dude is trying to talk to them and I think in a way is trying to tool me subtly, but I dont worry too much as he is a hideous bastard with less game and I dont react. When he sees this, he turns friendly and becomes a spectator for the rest of the convo.

I`m trying to recall all the shit I said in this convo, I think I was a bit too talkative and "jokey", allthough I was funny. They joked about hideous man trying to touch their thies in a sleesy manner saying "Do you want something in the bar?" with a sleazy voice. NOw, in my language, "bar" sounds very similar to "child", so I touch the 8s thies in the same sleazy way saying: "Do you want a child?!" (which then sound almost identical to what the hideous man had said. fun times. they laugh.

I can tell though, that I am a bit too much at times, so I go back and forth between the girls and my buddies who are now chatting up some other girls. First some guy with game is chatting up one of them and my game-buddy just stays in the background, I try to talk him into set. Other buddy with GF opens them and after a while, game buddy is holding court. Nice, allthough he should have done the approach. He says "I am not a maniac like you man, you just dive in there." haha. I dont feel that way, but I do approach more than most my buddies. Also, I did know the asian 8 from before.

Back to the asian 8 and 7 friend. I flirt with both, and 7 seems more interrested in me. But I grab asian 8 from behind and hold her a couple of times, I tell her I love her and she giggles. She is tired and not to happy it seems, she speaks about drugs, like prescription drugs, im like shit but i joke about that i need drugs and that I will come home with her and that she "probably needs help to yank her head out of the medicine cabinet later" haha. I start "selling the idea" that I will go with her, but she doesnt seem too interrested, allthough she giggles when I flirt with her/hold her.

Club closes.Out in the streets:
I try to check if they have specific plans. I say I am coming with you to the 8. She says no. I lift her up, carry her a few metres. she giggles. I hold her, 7 friend need to yank her from my grip. I try to open a taxi door to throw her in there but she says no. I keep this up for some time, then they escape to a 7-eleven even though my 8 has hinted that I can come with them. I feel like the battle is lost, but turn around to my buddies and an unknown chode spectator and say: "Hmm, can I really go after them now?" Persistance is the cousin of desperation. And sleep is the cousin of death. I`m like fuck it I`ll go after them, then chode spectator says: "I`ll come with you" I guess he knows whats up so I say: Ok but the asian is mine. 

All this time the girls were trying to discuss some issue, they seem annoyed with eachother, Idont know what the deal is.

7-eleven: They stand by the soda racks so when me and chode spectator enter Im like, overtly loud: "Hmmm, I`m just so thirsty" as a joke, joke being I`m stalking them and we all know it, but like pretending to be pretending I just "happen to run into them". I like joking around with me being a persistant hopeless romantic. I guess because it is actually true hehe. They re like "What! you are so annoying!" Im like "yup, thats right!" I say to the 8: "You`ll never get rid of me". They head out, we follow.

I lift the 8 again, she likes it allthough she is annoyed with me. I hold her and my face is close to hers. She pulls away. I repeat 3-4 times and kiss her on the cheek 2 times, then I go for the kiss. She kisses me back. But there were still this issue the girls wanted to speak about so they escape AGAIN. Chode disappears.

I`m like shiiiet, but it has become like a joke to me now so I run after them and just walk nearby them when I get closer. They turn around and says" are you kidding me are you still here!" Im like "yeah" feeling like a weirdo but pretending to not give a shit. Theyre like "We really need to talk man" so I just go stand alone 5 metres form them to let them speak. They do for like 4 minutes. Then the 7 says, ok bye bye Thinman, and heads off. The asian 8 starts walking home and I just walk with her. She told me where she lives so I know its a 10-15 minute walk and THE WHOLE TIME she is very quiet, not contributing. But I crack some jokes and I can see that she smiles allthough she mostly looks away. I do some random fluff talk and she replies short, but whenever I dont talk she doesnt take initiative. I`m sort of starting to feel kind of dumb, but pretend that I dont care and just walk and talk.

I`m thinking that she just lets me walk with her but is gonna not let me in, but I shut those thoughts out. I dont have anywhere else to stay unless I call and wake up some buddy who then will hate me. That means this have to work. Last kilometer is a pain, as she just replies like robotic "yes" and "no".

We get to her house, she just opens the door and says nothing so I enter. When we get in she says I am insanely annoying and that I will have to sleep in another room than her and leave as she leave tomorrow morning unless I wanna go right now. She looks kind of pissed off and actually a bit teary eyed, so I`m ok with not pushing it any further. I hold her and we actually kiss, which is kind of confusing but I could tell that she was not in a very receptive state nor a good mood. I go to sleep in that other room.

I wake her up next day cause I thinks she is late for work from what she told me about her workhours last night, but she starts later. I see her under the duvet and want to jump in bed with her but the situation is a bit weird and I dont muster up the balls to do it. I think she would have freaked out, but I will never know. I go back to sleep on that other bed, she wakes me later. I get up quickly to get out and she says again that I was insanely annoying and actually pretends to strangle me. I hug her and thank her for letting me stay in her home. We say bye, no kiss this time. I didn`t ask for a number either. I think it would have backfired. I will probably meet her again by chance, and that meeting is going to be very interresting.

Hilarious. I am getting desensitized to what seems like rejections and/or "feeling that the battle is lost" but have a hard time being peristant without seeming desperate. My solution to this so far has been to joke about me being desperate and not caring/not feeling like the set is over. But I am sure there is a better way. Any comments on this??

Also, in retrospect I see that I could have solved the whole "girls need to speak about this issue" thing a bit better. I could perhaps have let them speak it through, just staying a bit in the background and then smoothly and in a toned down version keep up what I was doing. I think I again solidified the resistance by attacking it head on. Comments anyone??

Thanks for reading.
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I have been busy lately with some project so I havent been able to go out too much. This project is something that Ive been putting off for a long time and as the deadline draws nearer I cant go out because I need to work on it, but its hard as hell to actually be disciplined, spend my time well and work with the project even though I know I MUST finish it. This is a "sticking point" in my LIFE! 

But I`ll post up a lay that happened a week ago just to keep the thread at least luke warm. I would appreciate some comments, especially on the FRs where I end up alone. Look guys, just read my reports, I promise they are entertaining allthough they are aaalmost longer than my dick.

LR: Friday March 30th

So my band performs at this small venue tonight with two other bands and we kicked ass.
What else is new? :)

I text this one girl (who wants me badly) that I dont even want to fuck to come check out the show. She shows up alone, yikes. But its ok baby, its not you, its me there is something wrong with. Poor girl comes to see me alone, doesnt know anyone and I barely speak to her cause I feel that its a burden. Any psychologists in the house? :-D

Anyway, after the show I get drunk as a skunk and smoke skunk to feel the funk and act like a punk.

Anyway, after the show I speak to some girls, remember standing there with two girls that were very different, they didnt know each other. I wanted one of them but the other one was even more drunk than I and was ranting on on some topic not really leaving any space for anyone else and obviously boring the girl I wanted. I got irritated by her blabla so I couldnt take it, I had to leave. I think I should have tried to either adress the situation in an elegant matter or yanked the girl out of "set". I wound up doing nothing.

Tall girl.

Real straight forward stuff. 
I noticed her at our show, and after the show she gave me some EC. I held it as a sign to her that I liked her. Like a gentleman flirting. Later on I approached her and asked some "who are you" question. Dont remember too much of convo, but it looked like some people were starting to leave so there were some talk about where to go. I hadn`t thought about it, and I couldnt be fucked to change venue. 
She asked me "what s happening later" 
We were standing in by the entrance to another room, so I took her hand and led her to the other room. I said I was going to stay at the venue we were at until they finished up and that she should stay.
She asked: "well, will you look after me? I think my friend is going" or something like that
I moved her to the wall and just went for the kiss, worked out fine.
I said, "yeah stay here"
It was now established that it was me and her.

I get her a drink. Yeah I said it, chode bitch, its normal! :) At least sometimes it is more normal to do so than not to, naahmean? Especially when its established between you and a girl that you will hook up, it is not a good time to be stingy or cheap. Think of it as cheaper than a hooker you loser!

Somewhere in convo, dont remember when, I told her I dont live inside city limits so we would need to go to her place. She was like "Nooo, my place is a mess". In my mind I`m like "shiiiit girl, you should have seen my fucking place, dirty dishes and shit, I didnt even remember to take out the trash. Or rather , I DID remember but couldnt be fucked to do it anyway" And in addition to that theres stuff everywhere. So I actually say this! This is the first time I have "bragged" about my place being such a mess that she will think that her "messy" place will be the best option. 

And of course, as we know, messy for a girl is not the same as messy for a guy. I would have been proud if I lived in her appartment haha.

Blablabla and we head off to her place. On the way I lead her and deal with any insecurity on her part with just being calm and sure of myself. Her: "should we eat something? Should we get drinks maybe?" Me:  "we need something to eat and sodas for drinks, come." Crossing the road fast, not looking back, just expecting her to follow. 

I think it wouldnt have mattered too much if I didnt lead too much at this point in the pick up, but A) I didnt think about it B) It sure doesnt hurt C) she likes descisiveness, so I give it to her. Who knows if I would have gotten any LMR if I didnt, I doubt it but when you lead you set the right tone for the night. 
Also I didnt want to drink anymore, but I could tell that she needed to drink more in order to A) get in the mood or B) have a reason for me to come with her to take some responisbility off her. In her mind now we were going back to drink, and who knows what happens from there right? So we bought some soda for the gin she had. I drank with her too. But only to keep her company. I promise. NO, I dont have a drinking problem. Ma, thats rediculous! ..Hmmm? Well yeah, but poor girl, drinking all by her self?? Look I can quit any time I want ok? Oh so, you are so perfect now? Hm? 

Where was I?

Oh, the guessing game. She wanted me to guess what she had in her room. 
Me: Is it alive?
Her: No
Me: Is it dead?
Her: Yes.
Me, looking at her like she was a serial killer: "Has it ever ...been alive...?"

Turns out, its a strip pole!


We get to her flat, we drink, she pole dances while I lie on the bed with a halfway boner and watch. I comment like "Yeah, thats hot. Nice move.... Mmmm..." After a while I say "Come `ere". She comes. She cums. I make her squirt like a fountain with my hand and when I fuck her she keeps squirting. I can remember feeling the wetness all over my dick and legs and even hearing it. She holds me close, says it has been a while. 
I wake up with a hangover. And thats fine, Ma.

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