May 21st, 2018
New Jeffy Mastermind (feat. Evil Stifler)
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Fucking too cool man!!! Hopefully some of my questions make the cut Plz Jeffy sir. He can help us out so much.

Questions fo the ES:
1.Why do you like being Jeffy's friend?
2.What do you like most about Jeffy? Why do you think he is cool?
3.Do you keep your house clean?
4.What are 3 nonphysical things you give compliments to girls about the most?
5.What are 3 things including physical that you give girls compliments on the most?
6.What are 3 nonphysical things about girls that you like the most?
7.Who is your favorite comedian?
8.Besides your house or a bar where do you take girls for dates or to hang out AKA Day2's?
9.From your experience what beer do girls prefer the most?
10.From your experience what alcoholic drink do girls like the most? Jaggeur bomb? Long Island Ice tea?
11.What do you like the most about people in general?
12.What do you not like about people in general?
13.Besides sex what do you think girls in general like the most?
14.What's the longest you've been in a relationship with a girlfriend?
15.Have or do you ever send girls pictures of your penis?
16.Before having sex with a girl do you or have you ever asked girl to send you a naked picture of herself before you've ever even had sex
      with her?
17.From your experience what drug do girls like the most?
18.Do you like sports? If so what's your favorite team?
19.Do you mind or hate when people disagree with you?
20.Do you like to debate with people or defend your points of view?
21.Do you like watching movies? What's your favorite movie? Do you have a favorite actor?
22.What's your favorite type of music? Who's your favorite artist or band?
23.What's your favorite song?
24.Do you know how to fight?
25.If a guy in a bar or club was to come up to you while talking to a girl and insult you. What would you do?  For example if a guy told you
       "Get the fuck out of my face or I'll kill you!!!!" How would you respond or what would you do?
26. If you were talking to a hot girl in a bar or club and another guy came and tried to take her from you what would you do?
27.Have you ever been involved in a fight at a bar or club? Or a bar brawl?
28.How old were you when you moved out of your parents house?
29.How do you make your money?
30.Do you ever throw parties at your house?
31.How many friends do you have right now?
32.Have you ever had sex with a girl in a car/hotel/motel? Can you tell us that story.
33.Do you know how to dance?
34.How would you describe your relationship with your brother? What do you respect about him?
35.Who is your best friend and why? What do you like about him? What do you respect about him?
36..What can Chinaboy do to improve his sex life? (Just lookin out fo the young homey)

Hopefully some of my questions make the cut. I'll proably remove some too LOL Wow!!! It would help so much to hear from ES. Thanks so much Jeffy sir.
"No one can be told what the matrix is you have to see it for yourself.....There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." "It is not enough to know. You must do" -Bruce Lee ;    "I do and I understand"- Confuscious DEPSL  FSMS   "Movement is life" RSDNathan AME"Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.After enlightenment,chop wood and carry water." Ancient Eastern Adage  [sp DBC"Everything is a learning experience"  "9 times out of 10 if you're not getting it's because of a logistical issue" MPUA Adam Lyons ESWMR "...the game is logistics" RSDBrad       "The guys that get humor. Learned it from books" -Jeffty AKA JLAIX    "Wear "playa threads" instead of nerd gear" Jeffy AKA Jlaix

Sexting Conversations
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whats are your guys top "mindsets that achive results?   ~Tyler stresses: ,inten,freedom from outcome
                                                                                                       ~Alex:i am enough,relax arousel,
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 Question to Stiffler from Moritz, 17 years old, Germany

"Hey Evil Stiffler,

how do you finance your lifestyle of going out and doing pickup 24/7?
Internetmarketing/ PICKUP / Lifestyle / Philosophy / Meditation
///Alexander Alumni
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 Two things;

1. I am quite good at interacting with girls. Can easily get 3-4 numbers a week but after that I loose the attraction quite quick. I think I sudenly became an ordinary guy, no creativity in terms of communication (texting etc...) What can be done in order to improve creativity?

2. Since JEffy Hot Seat I have dedicated myself to the game. Read every single article, read the books, watched blueprint, tried to add value to myself. However I get blown out a lot in the clubs. Although I dont resist to the problem and try to take the right action sometimes its getting very difficult because no matter what I do its like non stop blown out... Does it happen to you as well?? 10-15 blown outs a night?? If yes how do you cope with it?
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 ok, here's my Qs

do you calibrate?

tell us a story of a girl you fucked

tell us a story of a girl you borderline raped
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 Ok, we just recorded it today. It's a rip roaring hour and a half with lots of good stuff in there, I'm just gonna fix the levels in Adobe Audition and send it straight to HQ unedited, it's that good. I also videotaped it and will release an excerpt or two on the frontpage as well, around the time I launch the site for the BeastMode shirts which just came in from the screen printers and look amazing btw. The Mastermind itself will likely be out next month. 

PS You guys are pretty disturbing with all the "rape" questions. Our stance is ANTI RAPE.
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 BEASTMODE SHIRTS?! Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
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 Check this out
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 Can't wait for the torrent, haha
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 A question: What to do in order to seem not an ordinary and needy guy in a club? Approaching to every girl, is it sign of coolness or neediness?
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