December 11th, 2018
Wow Green Smoothies ==> Energy, Mental Clarity, RAGING HORNEYNESS
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 if your not feeling the green power, you might not be putting enough greens in there.

WHen I make the shake, I first put all the greens into the blender and blend it. I aim for 1 1/2 cups of green juice before I add bananas, ice, and whatever.

Also, store bought stuff isn't the same since it is pasturized.

Also, I notice a BIG difference when I stop taking the shakes, its crazy. Like, I feel like my brain went from 3ghz to 1.2ghz. lol.
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 I've started soaking almonds and sunflower nuts in salt water overnight and throwing them in the smoothies.  Tastes fucking good and gets some good fat in there.  Soaking gets rid of the enzyme inhibitors, blending probably helps too.

Todays smoothies 
2 handfuls of almonds
2 huge handfuls of organic spinach
3 organic babby carrots
1 cup protein powder
dash of cinnaman (lowers blood sugar jump)
cranberry juice base
3 icecubes

Tasted godly and my head has got that feeling like I popped an adderall or something (without the jittery energy though).
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Die Nutte wrote:

Busking for Pussy wrote:
beet substantially  improves the taste of th smoothie

Beetroot? The red stuff?
Be careful with the beets after drinking that stuff, the next shit i had made the toilet bowl look like a grizzly murder scene, i really thought i'd done some damage
to myself, there was red everywhere took a second for me to realise what had happened.
Does anyone do juice and smoothy fasts? I do 2-3 days a week feel so much better for it, gives the digestive system a rest.
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my latest experiment:
150 grams of blueberries
1 tablespoon of honey
2 avocados
spinach and broccoli until the blender fills up
some coconutwater
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 after reading this thread i went out and bought veggies to join the green team. being a manly man i opted to not add any gay fruits for taste. i got...
i almost threw up trying to chug this atrocious drink...but i drank it...because just like working out is not "fun time" neither is this drink...GOD DAM DID IT TASTE LIKE still gonna drink it...yay...more horrible shit i have to do to become a better person...
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 1st day of green smoothie madness...I'm addddddicted


taste and feeling is incredible!
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Omg, I LOVE Kale!!

I especially love to use coconut water

Put some berries if you do not like the taste.
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Did spinach and a naartjie this morning. Tasted pretty awesome.
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Fred E. Rick

Fred E. Rick

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EventHorizon wrote:
Nice but SCREW the Peanut Butter. If you know that it's THAT GOOD for you, what do you care how it tastes like? I take a green powder, it tastes like vomit but I enjoy drinking it knowing how good it is for me. Drop the peanut butter, cut it down to half, then to 1/4, then just drop that shit.
Peanut butter is great for you assuming it's natural/organic peanut butter.

Decent amount of protein and full of healthy unstaurated fats.
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