October 20th, 2018
Alyosha's Journal
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Saturday 23/6

Went to a family function thing on friday for Glitterboots' sisters 21st. Had fun seeing some people I hadn't seen in a while and met a guy who looked exactly like a young Eckhart Tolle. Put me in state. Met Rosco later and hit the club. Sucked so much, was amazed at how few girls were out – I know friday's suck here but it was ridiculous lol. Did 2 sets or so then went home.

Went out properly again on saturday.

I head round to Rosco's around 11 and hang for a bit, listen to some Massive Attack etc. WednesdayAddams texts to say she's coming out. I can't really be fucked with any drama but she comes round anyway. We get stamped, chill at the pub for half an hour or so, then hit the club around 1.30.

My head hurts like fuck - started in the pub and its getting worse. Dull pain behind my right eye n shit, horrible. I run into a few people that I know, including Veet and Tiny. Haven't seen Tiny since the last time I wrote about her here. We hug and get a picture together, which comes out shitty cos of my headache lol, we chat for a while and the sexual tension's still strong. I get a hopeful half-boner, then her chode friend comes and tries to 'rescue' her. I ignore him and get all smooth physical with Tiny, so he runs off and grasses on us to her bf lol. What a fag. I leave and dance with Wednesday and Rosco.

Glass all over the floor, shitty rihanna music blasting in my ears making my headache worse, guys starting chode fights in the middle of the dancefloor. Bleh. Can't be fucked, not having a good night. I go for a glass of water and do a friendly open to an older fat chick who's standing next to me with a bunch of balloons. She's got a fun vibe and cheers me up a bit. She also gives me a neck rub to try and cure my headache. Cool. I leave when Beauty Smith creeps up and starts stroking her balloons. Scary wee man.

I chode around looking for Rosco and can't find him. I remind myself i'm here to pimp and open the nearest cute chick I can see. Goes ok, she studies medicine at aberdeen and I ask her if I have head cancer symptoms. She says no but checks my pupils anyway lol. Laser eyes make her giggle. More female friends come in and I befriend them fine. They leave us alone and I eject for no reason. Lame.

Headache getting so bad. Was worried it was a migraine, not had one of those since high school, but my visions fine and the pains spreading the the middle of my brain. Fucked up. I wander around for a bit then open a chick dressed as Marilyn Monroe. She looks familiar but I can't place her with the big curly wig on lol. I realize she's the little Sailor chick Rosco pulled a few months ago. Rosco comes in on cue and I leave them to hook up.

I get some air and find Wednesday outside. She's recently got a new tattoo of the real Wednesday Addams on her forearm and it's cool as fuck. We chill for a bit and she introduces me to the people she's hanging with. Evil fat chick and Super Homo. I have gay friends but Super Homo is the gayest guy i've ever seen – full on drama queen shit. Evil fatty says hi and then goes on several rants about people she doesn't like. I try and improve the vibe then give up and go inside. I hear evil fatty bitching about me as soon as i've left. Lol.

I get water and chill for a bit, feeling sad and headachey. I know another set would probably cheer me up but I can't focus enough to pick one out. I start sinking into chode mode. I talk to Tiny again but she's more reserved cos her boyfriend's had a 'talk' with her. Fuck off. The chode friend gives me a wee smug look and I walk off, disgusted. I find Wednesday at the bar and she acts really cold, saying I ditched her and wont dance etc. In a wee huff. I look around for Rosco and assume her must've pulled wee SailorMarilyn home. I think of the name SailorMarilyn, think it sounds like Silmarillion, think about Lord of the Rings, think of the wee elf chick I met last month, think about how much my head hurts. So out of state. Some guy deliberately bangs into me as he walks past and I just laugh at the lameness. His friend walks past and tries to do the same so I grab him and tell him to watch where he's going. A wee group of chavs appear, get up in my face and start talking shit, trying to get me to fight. I get pissed off, make eye contact with the biggest one and calmly tell them to fuck off. As expected, the big guy does nothing and the rest are forced into spectator mode. I push my way out and they start shouting stuff after me. Whatever.

I go outside and try and get my headache under control. It's turning out to be a really shitty night lol. I rationalise to myself that i've done at least a few sets, and that Rosco's already pulled so it doesn't matter if I just go home. I eventually go full chode and walk back up the lane to my flat.

I sit inside at the computer, listen to some quiet music, and drink a shit ton of water. It makes my head a little better. I remember the last time I came home early and how I forced myself back out like a champ.
No, i'm not doing that this time.
Yes you are.
Fuck off, brain, you've given me enough shit tonight.
Yeah but you're going back out.
Cos it'll fuck you up all next week if you don't.
Yeah.. but i'm not well, got a headache, I just can't do any more tonight.
Is that 100% true?
No. Not playing that game. It's been a shit night and I just want to leave it there. I'll make up for it next week.
No you won't. If you don't go out now the chodeliness will continue indefinitely. You don't want to slide back downhill now.
Dude... just leave me alone. I can't do it.
Tyler would do it...
Fuck off!
Nope. Come on man, what would Tyler do? :p
….......... FINE. Fucking hell....

I go back to the club.

I go in and immediately run into Rosco. He asks where i've been and I tell him I went home lol. He just laughs and says nothing. We agree to hit up a few sets as normal, then he goes in to a short blonde chick. I know I need to do one before he ejects and I start scanning like crazy lol. All I can see is the aggressive chodes from earlier trying to pick fights with people. They eventually all get kicked out.

I finally see a hot chick next to the DJ booth, in the loudest area of the club, surrounded by guys, one of whom looks extremely angry lol.
That one.
I laugh – it's definitely one of the hardest sets i've seen this week. I spot my thoughts, ask if what I expect to happen when I go in, ask if it's 100% true, then walk up.
“EY! Is this the best place to go tonight?” My voice is surprisingly awesome after choding for so long. I go super direct, ignoring all the guys.
She smiles. “Yeah! It's awesome here... blah.”
I pull her in, grab her waist, talk in her ear. “I duno... It was either here or the ned bar. And this place smells like cheese.”
She laughs, even though my patter sucks. “OMG it totally does! What the fuck?!”
I notice one of the guys around me beginning to heat up so I make the girl spin round and subtley guide her away from the group. It helps.
More fluff talk, smooth escalation. I talk about her hair and her eyes go all sparkly lol, she looks at me and I hesistate just long enough on the makeout – the angry guy's stroming up like he means business. I spin round and see Rosco, just as the guy comes in and starts shouting.
“Whattup playa!” I grab Rosco and we disappear into the crowd lol.

Rest of the night was pretty chill. Patched things up with Wednesday, watched the big black bouncer take down the angry chavs, had awesome fun with Rosco. Best part of the night was doing Bono's south park moves on the dancefloor. So fucking funny, definitely a keeper.

We head outside at the end of the night and some guy tries to hit on Wednesday. He sucks shit but is kinda funny to watch lol. Rosco makes out with SailorMarilyn again and tells me to try and make out with Tiny in front of her bf. I like the idea. I reapproach her and we hug and stuff, but she's careful not to show too much affection. I get rid of the chode friend by calmly pushing him out of the way, and finally manage to get some real eye contact with her. She melts and I silently let her know that 'its ok'. Lol. I hug her, smile sadly, then let her go. I hang with Wednesday and pretend I don't notice Tiny looking across at me every two seconds.

Eventually the night comes to an end and i'm so fucking glad I pushed myself to come out again. It felt like one of those key moments when you have a choice of pushing on and gaining a tiny bit of ground or giving up and sliding all the way back into absolute chodedom.

Back out Tuesday when i'll try and fulfil my 'push every set to extraction' promise.
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lol this felt like a sad wee field report, funny tho. That bono video was fuckin awesome haha. good night but I shoulda approached more, and I've finally learned my lesson of leading the girl away from where I just met her to a different spot, sick of the ugly fucking friend coming in jealous and taking them away, NO MORE!

see ye on tuesday! :)
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Tuesday 26/6

Been procrastinating and putting off this write up. Felt kinda disappointed after pushing myself hard on tuesday and not getting the lay, but I know I need to give myself credit and stop being so hard on myself. Will probably feel fine after I finish lol, field reports are cathartic as fuck.

I go round for Rosco at the usual time, hang out for a bit, chill, read some Trainspotting while he's getting ready, it's good. Hit up the club around 12:45 and notice the pressure i'm putting on myself, which isn't helping at all. I stop worrying about it, get water at the bar, and let myself relax. My thoughts get a bit less frantic and I start noticing sets. First one is standing behind me at the bar.

“Hi, i'm Alyosha.” Awesome tonality, really surprised me. Laser eyes etc – basic stuff is pretty much on automatic by now.
“Hi!” She smiles really wide and introduces herself.
I pull her in, fluff talk, befriend the friends, spin-isolate her (new favourite move), feel her up etc. Tease her for being wobbly on her too-high heels, tell her she's cute anyway. Claw, befriend new friend thats come in, bust her balls for not being nice to me. Textbook stuff. I isolate my girl again and makeout with her. Full tacky lol.
We hang a bit longer and I get her horny, teasing her with the kiss, not giving her too much. She asks me to cme dance with her and her friends and I tell her i'll get her later. It's cool.

Go back and hang with Rosco, have some laughs. I notice i'm too comfortable waiting on the girl to come back and decide I need to get blown out. We move and I see one of the hottest girls i've seen here, super hot blonde, model type, all graceful n shit. A full 10 – i've only met about 2 or 3 before; they're the ones who are beyond hot, the ones that have that little something that takes them head and shoulder's above the rest. So good.
That one.
I laugh and go in, all excited cause it's a challenge.

“EY! Who are you?” Dominant voice, half smile, laser eyes.
She smiles and looks totally unfazed. “Hi, i'm SuperTurbo.”
I pull her in really easily – my physicality is really relaxed but still dominant. “SuperTurbo, you're cute, I had to come and meet you.”
Fluff talk, really chill. I ignore the friends cos they seem too smooth.

SuperTurbo is extremely socially attuned, giving just the right answers and physical touches, and she quickly ends up leading the interaction without me even noticing. When I do notice, I feel slow and wooden trying to keep up with her. She gives me some really nice compliments as a 'consolation prize' and I turn into her little adoring puppy. My voice loses it's dominant edge and gets all girly and shit. Lame. All this happens within about 30 seconds - it's just too fast for me lol.
She pats my arm sweetly and tries to leave, but I wake up and pull her in again, regaining my dominant vocal tone. She breaks my physicality really smoothly and smiles politely, still looking right into my eyes, and tells me I can do better than her. For some reason her niceness is destroying me - it would be so much easier if she would ignore me and act like a bitch.
I manage to hold my ground and look at her like she's half-retarded. I pull her in again and point out the rest of the club. “Look.”
She looks around.
I squeeze her hand and she looks into my eyes again. I go full honest.
“You're the best one in here tonight. Straight up stunner. I was talking to my friend and I was like... daaaayum that chick's hot - she must be a total bitch.”
She smiles and cocks her head a little, paying careful attention.
I swallow, make sure my voice isn't going to revert back to puppy mode, then continue. “So I came over, all nervous n shit, and you turned out to be cool. That's fucking awesome and it doesn't happen that much. You're definitely my favourite.” I smoothly reel her in while i'm talking and break out the claw when I finish.
Awwww yeah, that was awesome.
But again, she's far too quick. She gets rid of the claw without me realizing, gives me a 'polite hug' when I notice the claws gone, and tells me she's not single but it was nice to meet me.
I smell her perfume and go back to puppy mode. “OK!”
I smile happily, walk back to Rosco all bouncy, then snap out of it almost immediately and just laugh at myself lol. I try to make myself re-approach throughout the night but it doesn't happen.

We hang a bit more. The first girl walks past – I reel her in and makeout again, then extract smooth as fuck. I take her outside and stop before taking her past the gates. Not sure if this was a good idea or not. We makeout, fool around, have flirty fluff talk and I try to take her back to my place. No go. I'm cool with it and go back to tease kissing. Wash, rinse, repeat. I tell her we should go check out the little park across the road and get her closer to the gate, but she gets cold feet and digs her heels in lol. I look into her eyes, get real, and tell her that it's ok, that I think she's cool and that we'll come right back. I get romantic and tell her it's an adventure, that it's so weird and exciting, and that we need to make the most of the little moments in life lol. I tell her it would be a shame to miss out on a new experience just because it is unfamiliar. She's super into it but is adamant that she can't leave her friend on her birthday. We make out again and I get her number and take her back inside, where I ditch her for Rosco.

Hang some more, run away from Beauty Smith, wrestle with re-opening SuperTurbo and don't do it. A hot girl walks past in a hurry, looking annoyed and making a beeline for the door.
That one, go!
I have to do a little jog to catch her lol.
“EY! Who are you?” I'm eyeing her up and down in apparent wonderment lol.
She tuts and tries to brush me off, getting closer to the door.
“EY. NO. I need to meet you.” I grab her and spin her round so she can see me properly. Laser eyes. Her frown slowly flips round and she smiles shyly lol.
I manage to stop her right at the door.
“What's your name?”
“LeavingGirl... blah blah."
“Why are you leaving? I haven't had a chance to meet you yet.”
She smiles and her voice really confident. I like it. “I'm leaving cos all my friends are leaving – they're outside waiting for me.” She halfheartedly tries to break out of my grip and lights up when I firmly pull her back in.
“No. Don't be a comformist. If you leave now we might never see eachother again.” I'm rocking the eye contact and she's getting hypnotised. I like this romantic shit, suits me well.
We fluff talk for a bit and I slowly reel her back away from the door lol. It's a slow process and she doesn't even realise it's happening. I'm about to break out the spin move to turn her focus away from the door altogether when her friend comes out the toilet and drags her outside. I don't see it coming and let her get away in the confusion. Aww.

More chilling, ignore first girl when she walks past and tries to flaunt her shit. I see her looking put out and talking to her friend – she thinks she's fucked it up lol. Awesome.

I open a set of two girls having a really serious discussion and get the cutest one going from the verge of tears to full giggly blushing mode. I rock the romantic lines and they come out really genuine. It's cool. This set was a really good learning experience in terms of being patient and not worrying about perfect game – I let the girl do a lot of the talking and stepped back a little, pretending to be shy and embarrassed about telling her I liked her (while still rocking the confident laser eyes). Absolute gold. I find out the girls were arguing about my girl's boyfriend, who's in the club starting trouble out of jealousy; he comes in and I feel the vibe and let her go. Really solid choice for once, instincts are getting better.

Near the end of the night I go back to the first girl. Makeout times, befriend her friends. Try for the extraction/close but it's a no go. It's her flatmate's birthday and she needs to take her home cos she's too drunk. I tell her it's cool but break out some really awesome stuff about how she'll have to go home, alone, in her cold double bed, all alone, and how she'll have to go on the internet and 'do her thing there', when she could be having a genuine experience. It's funny and completely stolen from an Ozzie speech.

I eventually leave her to her friends and hang with Rosco til closing time. I almost re-open SuperTurbo as she heads for the door but I realize i'll have to sprint as I get nearer and my bottle crashes lol. She leaves the club, never to be seen again. Boo hoo.

I run into the first girl outside – she's waiting on the rest of her friends to get out. I kick it with her for about half an hour or more, still trying for the pull etc. Total no go due to flatmate etc. Rosco wings me and I make my first mong mistake of the night - the girl asks if he's my friend and I reply “Na we're just fuckbuddys.” Fucking stupid lol, I wont do that again. I smooth it over and decide to just go animal beast on the girl, full feeling her up, trying to carry her off etc. Still no go and she gets progressively more wary. Rosco leaves and I stay for another 20 minutes or so, trying various wash-rinse-repeat tactics out of curiosity, including:
Going for a food extraction, saying she can text her friends after we get something to eat.
Telling her I have awesome snacks back at my place, which is just over the road.
Telling her her friends must've went home without her cos they thought she'd hooked up with a cool guy (ME).
Telling her and her friend they can crash at mine and get the bus home the next morning
Telling her it's too cold outside and that they should shelter at mine until her friends come out (saying we'll be able to see from the window, which is a lie).
Making out passionately against the wall and trying to caveman her back home.
Hardcore teasing her friend for being responsible for the girl not getting laid.
Being 'super real' with the girl and telling her it's just a dream and nothing's going to happen.
Being 'super real' and telling her it's ok if she's shy about sex (this might've been my favourite)
Upping the physicality - pulling her hair, biting her neck and rubbing her through her clothes while denying her the kiss.
Telling her I want to see her naked.

In retrospect, I might've tried to do too much lol. But meh, was an interesting experiment.
Eventually, her friends all regrouped and piled into the taxi and I went home alone.

Things I did well:
- All the nuts and blots (eye contact, physicality, tonality etc)
- Calibrated really well to every set, while being super authentic
- Was funny without being TOO funny. Humour was for my own amusement.
- Pushed myself to the limit and didn't puss out. Approached sets no-one else (even hardcore pimps) would.
- Experimented with new things and observed the results

Things I didn't do well:
- Said some stupid shit.
- Tried to do too much at once.
- Didn't re-approach SuperTurbo
- Didn't open enough seperate sets (there were much more cuties there at the start of the night).

Things I could've tried:

- Could've tried to extract straight from the club to my place, instead of doing it in two stages (club to outside, outside to home/alley)
- Could've frozen the girl out at the end of the night and casually hit on her friend/other girls instead of giving her my full attention.
- Could've called her out and deliberately fucked up the vibe, causing intentional drama (though she didn't seem the type for this).

Feedback appreciated, especially on the "could've tried" section!
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Saturday 30/6

Hung out with Rosco from around 9pm, hit up the australian bar and a few other places, then went to the club.

I'm not feeling it at all tonight, no intent. I decide to do some just so I don't feel like a dick – and also cos it's fun. I tell Rosco he has to open the first one tonight cos he's been resisting it a little the last few weeks. Two cute chicks walk past and he goes in.
I chill for a bit while Rosco opens, then wing him with the friend, who I think is cuter. Friendly talk, hug/claw, some jokes. I pretend to be a little shy, but give relaxed laser eyes at the same time. It's cool. She has the same name as a well known fictional character and I tell her i've never met one in real life before. I wing Rosco til he ejects and we chill some more.

Don't feel any different, still feel chill and fun but lacking any sexual intent. I really just wana go home, read, and get an early night lol. But I payed to get in so fuck it. I open a random girl standing at the bar, stay in for two minutes, then eject cos she's not as hot as I thought and I don't want to kiss her. Sets are really easy, getting attraction right away by just being real and bringing good vibes - I decide to start approaching the hotter girls, cos I want a 'challenge' and cos i just like them more. I grab a girl that looks just like Kaya Scodelario as she walks past, and am almost convinced that it's actually her lol. I open well but lose her when I hesitate on the kiss.

We go outside to get some air – it's fucking hot in the club tonight. I grab a cute girl standing near us who looks a little sad. Open well, cool chit chat, autopilot stuff, claw/hug etc. She says she has to go get her friends cos they're angry at her or something. Lol. I tell her I understand but pull her back when she's about to walk off, telling her that it's a shame we couldn't get to know eachother better. Laser eyes, solid vibing. She agrees and gives me her number. We share a small kiss, then I let her go. She texts me later to say I made her night.
We go back inside.

I'm wearing my beatles shirt and getting opened every now and then by other fans. They're mostly guys but it's cool to have nice wee 1 minute conversations popping up out of nowhere. Makes me even more chill. I get water at the bar, then see a really cute tall blonde chick; everyone around her is full eyeing her up when they think she's not looking lol. I decide to go in and steal her, just to be a dick.
“Ey, who're you?” pull her in, relaxed laser eyes, half smile. Playing the whole 'oh my god, who is this chick?' thing, but really subtle lol. Opens well every time cos it's just the right balance in intent, vulnerability and cheesy romantic fantasy. Standard fluff talk for a bit and I feel her up, pretending I can't help myself. I feel a weird vibe from her fatty friend and instantly turn round to befriend her; she comes out with some half-kidding shit about how i'm a player and she's heard/seen me doing this to loads of girls. Cool. She tries to cut me out of set so I laugh and I rip on her for being an aspbegers mong and ruining the vibe. CuteGirl loves it and I claw her in again, telling the friend it's ok. Fatty lets us be for a while, then leans into the cute girl and starts rattling off a whole bunch of things she thinks are my “pickup lines”. I laugh for real and start fucking around, shouting “mah liiines! no, not mah lines!!! help meeeeee.” in the Great Queen Spider voice (south park again, watch far too much). CuteGirl laughs her ass off and cuddles into me, making fatty's eyes contract like a wee piggy. I ignore her some more and have fun with CuteGirl.

Eventually, fatty interrupts us again with a 'big secret'. Apparently i've chatted her up before and she was having none of it, she lists off all the stuff I said to the girl and I recognise my own style lol – it makes me laugh hard again. Fatty claims I tried everything on her but she turned me down, only talking to me in the first place cos she felt sorry for me. LOL. I laugh again – I have no memory of approaching the fat chick and guess I probably just opened another one of her friends at one point and she listened in like a creeper. Whatever, I decide to pretend like she's telling the truth – it's just easier. I pull fatty in and tell her it's so cute that she remembered me so clearly, then give her a perfect 'consolation hug', like the type really hot chicks give to guys who buy them drinks lol. She hugs me back and I realize she just wants to be loved. I look at her sadly and tell her i'm sorry, but that I like CuteGirl tonight. She's DONE, blushing furiously, nodding quietly to herself; she starts acting like my little puppy.

I re-engage cute girl again, build up the escalation and fun and try to mouth-rape her. She squeels and pushes me away but loves it and can't stop laughing. I laugh and say she probably can't kiss well, then start doing some bullshit self-amusement stuff and try again. I kiss her cheek and make a big sensual deal out of it, then fatty interrupts again and starts being a wee bitch, trying to label me as a creeper. Her frame, although chunky, is weak. I put my hand on her face and push her away, laughing and telling her to stop trying to ruin CuteGirl's love life. She laughs along, embarrassed, then interrupts again a couple minutes minutes later, asking CuteGirl if she wants her to get rid of me. Lol. I talk to fatty quietly and tell her it's cool, that there's no need to be worried for her friend, at that we're all having a good time. She jabbers away, being a wee bitch, so I cut her out and try to mouthrape CuteGirl again - she lets me get closer this time and it's really funny.

Fatty eventually starts acting up again, just trying to get attention etc. I give her nothing and just give CuteGirl a little look that says everything.
“I know... I think she's just having a bad night.. blah blah.”
“Yeah, I know. It's starting to get a little annoying though – I say we just ditch her and run off to somewhere sunny, somewhere we can start a new life together.” Evil smile, romantic eyes. So killer.
“No... I can't leave now, i've just got a fresh drink...”
Lol @ 'now'. I do another evil smile, shrug, and feel her up some more.

Eventually though, fatty becomes intolerable and out of control, saying some really rude shit and just generally being a wee bitch. Knowing i'm not going to pull CuteGirl anyway, I decide to call fatty out hard – there's no shouting or anger on my part, just plain confusion; highlighting how fucking dumb she's being. It makes her more frustrated and she puts her friend out of state, trying to drag her off etc. I look to CuteGirl and laugh, with just a little bit of disappointment behind the eyes. I tell her I like her, but I can't be fucked with this shit, then tell her i'll maybe see her at the end of the night if fatty calms down. She smiles a sad wee smile, knowing her friend is shite, then gives me a nice hug. I kiss her cheek, give her some more laser eyes to make her smile, then eject and hang with Rosco. The girls disappear round the corner, arguing, and we start laughing like fuck between ourselves lol.

Rest of the night was pretty uneventful on my part. Opened a couple more, including a hot blonde that turned out to be a friend of KayaLookalike, then called it a night and headed home.

Will get back to focusing on extractions/sex again when i go out on Tuesday.
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Tuesday 3/7

Kind of a strange night, went by a lot quicker than I realised. Missed the lay again but got another number to play around with – going to start following these up hard after reading Tyler's article last week.

I meet Rosco outside the club around 12.30 and we head inside. Super busy tonight, lots of cute girls. I take a little too long to do my first set, maybe ten minutes, but then a cute blonde walks past in a short top with the lovehandles sticking out. Hot. I grab her
“Ey! Who're you?”
She smiles but keeps walking, I realize she's holding the hand of the person in front of her.
“EY. No. One sec, I need to meet you.” I calmly break the hand contact and make her stop and face me.
“Blah blah... my friend.. blah.”
“Yeah it's cool, I just had to come meet you, I thought you were so cute...” laser eyes, half-pretend to be shy again.
She blushes. “Oh... ok.”
“Who are you?” Casually eyeing her up and down. Tonality is dominant, body language relaxed as fuck.
We fluff talk for a bit and I keep her around for five minutes or so. She keeps pushing me away every time I grab her hips but I calibrate well and she eventually becomes comfortable with it. Eye contact was rockin as always and I said some funny stuff, none of it too retarded. Opening/generating attraction is so smooth and simple now – I think this is due to increased calibration over the last few weeks, and the fact that I NEVER let them go unless I get at least two minutes or i'm in mortal peril lol. Set goes good but I don't push for the makeout and eventually just let her go find her friends. I can always re-open later :)

Hang with Rosco. It's really warm in the club and i'm dying for a drink of water. I decide not to get one until i've done another set. I look around for a bit, feeling kinda picky and not wanting to 'waste' a set on an unattracive chick (as if i've only got a set amount of approaches I can do a night lol) might need to try and start working on that – although it does tend to sort itself out automatically when i've built some momentum. A tall blonde storms past pretty quickly and I have to chase her before I can open lol.
“EY! Who're you?!” Grab, walk with her a couple of steps while she slows down; laser eyes, half smile.
I tell her she's cute and I need to meet her real quick. She has a friend and I decide to straight up ignore her and just beast on the target, instead of 'befriending the group'. Fun how you can do either one when your frame is strong enough.
I'm a lot more physically dominant with this one; breaking out the claw, hugging her, playing with her hair etc. I accidentally knock someone's drink flying when I throw the claw round her and I use the excuse to isolate her. Pretty smooth.
She tells me she has a boyfriend, then comes in close and puts her arms round my neck. Lol. She tells me she's studying accountancy and I ask if she's jewish. We fluff talk about other stuff while I tease her with the kiss/make things cool with the friend, and I rip on her by following each of her statements with “jews cant be (whatever)”
“I like rock music!
“Jews can't be rockstars.”
“Shut up! I play guitar!”
“Jews can't play guitar, they have no rythym.”
“Fine! I like cooking too though... last night I..”
“Jew's can't be cooks.”
etc etc.
I let it peak with “Jews can't be good kissers” then get a small makeout with her before her friend drags her off, scandalised at her for cheating on her bf.
Lol, whatever, so fun.

Rosco and I chill outside for a bit, then I go to the bar for water. Long ass wait at the bar. I open the chick next to me as she's getting served and ask her if she'll order me some water (it's free). She starts being a wee about it and I rip on her, then her bf subtley tries to use his bodyweight to push me out of the way so he can steal my spot at the bar. I plant myself and let him try for a bit, then think fuck subtlety and 'accidentally' shoulder into him, pretending to be pushed from the other side. He trips over a bit and it's funny lol.
I eventually get my water, but it's in a dirty glass and tastes like shit. Makes me a little annoyed but I use the fury to my advantage and let myself become more dominant in set.

Can't remember much about the next one I did, but it went pretty standard. I ejected after a few minutes cos she wasn't as hot as she first looked. I want to go get air again but I force myself to do one more before heading outside. A brunette girl in a cool rock shirt walks past.
“EY! Who are you?” I run the whole 'omg who is this chick' frame from sat, pull her in, laser eyes etc.
Goes really good, perfect amount of fluff talk, teasing, calibration etc. Eye contact, tonality and physicality go without saying. I stay with her for a while, then leave on a high, thinking i'll re-approach her at the end of the night and see if I can get the pull.

We go outside for air and my asthma starts playing up. Shite. I chill with Rosco for a bit and just have a laugh, then rock shirt girl from the last set comes out with 2 or 3 guys and I hesitate on the approach. I'm just steeling myself to do it when Rosco points out someone behind me: the elf chick from a few weeks ago. Oh hell yes. I run up.

Open loud, straight into a hug, pull away and eye her up and down. Little bit of fluff talk and then her asian flatmate tries to drag her away (she's cool for an asian – very confident and friendly, no bitchiness). I stop SheElf getting dragged off and pull her back in, making it cool with her flatmate, who's still not that convinced. She waits til I pull back from SheElf a bit then steals her away and drags her into a big group, introducing her to some guy
“blah blah... this is the one I was telling you about”
Uh uh. Mine.

I go back in, 'apologise' to the guy, and tell everyone I need to steal SheElf real quick. I pull her out of the group a little too hard but use her momentum to throw her into a spin/claw-hug. She laughs and I claw her in more; she breaks through my physicality really smoothly but stays and talks to me.
I eye her up and down: she's a really hot 8, big blue eyes, fair hair, pointy pixie ears. I remember thinking she looked all helpless and shy when i first saw her, but she'sactually confident as fuck, socially switched on etc. She has that hot girl thing of acting just a little bit faster than i'm used to, but it's cool.
AsianFlatmate comes in again and talks to both of us, being cool and chatty. She casually tries to steer SheElf back into the group but I break out the double claw and isolate both of them.

This set lasted a really long time, lot's of back and forth and shitloads of calibration. SheElf continually breaks through my physicality every time I try to escalate, but I gain a little bit of ground each time and she's eventually really comfortable with me. At one point she resists and 'comes to her senses', calling me out for being too smooth, sneaky etc. I laugh and agree. AsianFlatmate stays with us and we have three-way-fluff-talk. But I save all my physicality/sexy vibe for SheElf.

Longest set i've been in without getting the makeout – it's not been that hard, it's just a lot slower than usual lol. SheElf is fiesty as fuck, hardcore testing me and talking shit to see if i'll react. I ignore her tests, and start diverting my attention towards other girls whenever she starts talking too much, making her frown and try and win me back. It's tight.

She eventually gives up resisting my physicality when I throw out the 40000th claw/hug and she snuggles into my chest a bit. Aww. We talk about books and writing and stuff, get some deep rapport shit going on, then she starts resisting again and trying to call me out etc. I give her silent eye contact, fully present, and she holds it for a surprisingly long time before giving in and cuddling into my chest again.
I ask her why she's such a fucking weirdo and she tells me it takes a long time for her to trust anyone. Whatever. I start playing with her hair, telling her it smells nice with an evil smirk on my face. She scowls up at me. I move her hair back so I can see her Elf Ears better, then get hard.

The club closes and I get SheElf's number but nothing else. Tried for the makeout a few times but got FUCK ALL lol. Tried to do a super low-key extraction too but AsianFlatmate shut it down so fast. Good reference experience if nothing else, been a while since i've done such a long, calibrated set. Definitely got all the interaction skills handled - just really need to work out how to do 'the last mile' as tyler calls it.

I walk Rosco round to his then go home alone again </3
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Two very different new ones from last night and last saturday:
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Sat 7/7

Not a good day. Was supposed to be starting my new job on the monday but got an email on friday telling me the position had been pushed back 6 months, leaving me basically unemployed. So lame. Had some trouble sleeping friday night and ended up having a pretty bad night out on sat.

I head down to the pub to meet WednesdayAddams and her cute friend from last time (L). I go upstairs and L gives me a long hug, puts me in a she-claw and introduces me to everyone lol. It's her birthday and there's a bunch of fatties out celebrating with her; 1 or 2 of them are kinda cool but the rest are negative as fuck, bitching about eachother, talking about how shit the night is. Great. I meet her brother, who seems kinda cool, then everyone goes outside for a fag and i'm left with the evilest of the fatties, who stay behind so they can some more. Not even kidding :(. I try and make some chill conversation but give up almost instantly and start going through some numbers, checking to see who else is out.

We leave the pub around 11. Wednesday I get stamped and go round for Rosco cos the clubs empty. We hang for a bit and I try and keep chill, though my mood's going all over the place and my RAS is picking out all the bad things in the world. I try and resist it cos I don't want to start bumming everyone out, but it just makes me act weird and unnatural. Wednesday talks about the latest bar guy update and I tune out.

Hit the australian bar and look sadly at all the turbo barmaids. I get served by SuperTurbo from a few weeks ago, who I didn't even realise worked here. She's nice to me and it makes me even sadder lol.

Even at this point the night feels like such a waste. I'm tired, angry with myself for no reason, and just crashing into full mood-swing chode mode, but I decide to hit the club anyway. We get in and I resist doing my first set, which isn't a surprise. Eventually Wednesday and Rosco go dance and I stay behind to do my first one. Hottest girl I can see, tall brunette, bitchy looking. Dayum. I go over feeling like shit and try to open congruently. She recoils and ignores everything I say, but I stay in for two minutes, basically talking to myself the entire time. Horrible set, maybe the worst one ever lol – it hits me hard after the recent tightness of my game.

I slump off to the dancefloor and my RAS picks out all the chode behaviour around me and underscores it big time. It's like hell, everything I see makes me depressed as fuck. I dance like a retard to try and divert my attention and it works a little bit.

I hang with Rosco, then open my second set. Brunette girl walking past quickly.
“EY! Who're you?” Try to run the 'omg who is this chick' frame and its so bad. Incongruent as fuck. She runs away and I pull her back in; its super uncalibrated cos I really didnt want to do it lol. I force myself to stay in again and find my game fluctuating rapidly between normal, creepy, psycho, and pimp. It's so confusing. The girl looks concerned and I eventually let her go. I walk back to Rosco totally hating myself.

So far, its one of the worst nights i've ever had – my emotions are swinging like crazy and my body feels exactly how it felt in the super chode days. No self control whatsoever, reacting to everything around me; it feels so bad, I honestly forgot how low you can go. But I keep going cos I know it'll be worse if I don't.

I do around 2 or 3 more before heading home around 2.30 completely destroyed.
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Tues 10/7

Came to terms with things a bit over the weekend after spending all of sunday in bed, sleeping and letting the negativity drain itself out. Managed to do some work through my old writing contracts on monday and it snapped me back to reality a bit. I was really nervous about heading out tuesday evening cos i would be going solo for the first time in ages and I knew that some of my lame game from saturday was bound to bleed over a bit. I decided i wasn't going to have any ego attachment to my skillset or results and that i'd just go out, fuck around, and have fun.

I walk into the club around 12:40 and hit up my first set almost straight away - 2 blonde girls sitting alone looking bored.
“Hey guys, is this a good place to go tonight?” Tonality sucks, body is all tensed up, and im nowhere near loud enough. I realize and these errors without judging them, and calibrate almost instantly. Thank christ – i've regained self awareness since saturday lol.
I talk away quite happily and my verbals are full shit lol, asking lots of retarded chode questions and being boring as fuck. I don't really care, i'm just glad i'm not reacting to everything anymore. I ramble away to myself for a while before the girls girlcode eachother and excuse themselves. Fair enough!

I run into Veet and we catch up for a bit, though she seems bummed out and isn't talking much. I also see Nando'sGirl but i'm too scared to approach lol. Eventually I open a random blonde chick walking past and just fluff talk for 2 minutes, barely any physicality whatsoever. Pretty cool that I managed to keep her there with verbals alone actually – don't think i've managed to do that before.

I run into a bunch more people I know, including a tiny barmaid from the pub near Rosco's flat, my friend K i've not seen in ages, and SheElf. I catch up with the barmaid and K, then isolate SheElf from her group, spin/claw/hug her, and have some fluff talk. It's cool but she still counters my physicality like a beast – I found out earlier this week that she has a bf and she's 'not a cheater' (irrelevant - i don't give a fuck and she's totally into me).

I go between the people I know and reopen some old sets – lots of people out tonight, clubs very busy. Eventually I head outside with K to get some air and see a wee ripped chick with thick dark hair. Really sexy. K is drunk and staring openmouthed at her, so I tell him we should say hi, and walk over.
“Ey, who're you?!” Really loud (got my voice back), dominant tonality, laser eyes.
“Hi!” she returns the lasereyes and smiles, kinda confused. “I'm DancerChick...”
I realize she's confused because, although my voice is back to awesomeness, my body language is still weird and messed up lol. I auto-correct and instantly feel more relaxed and fluid. It's cool. I introduce myself and K and fluff talk for a bit. It goes really well and I start eyeing her up really obviously. She's wearing a short top and tight bottoms – I can just make out the outline of her little 6 pack in the half-light and it gives me a boner. I start to talk less and do the silent eye contact thing, cos it feels natural. It goes over really well, and she starts giggling, while K looks between us, amazed and trying not to laugh lol. I start touching the girls abs, tracing the outline with my finger, while playing with her belt with my free hand. It's hot. I 'accidentally' stroke the hotspot just above her hip and she pushes me off playfully lol. I pull back completely and start fluff talking again, including K more so i'm not giving her all of my attention.

After another 5 or 10 minutes, the girls friend comes out of nowhere and drags her inside. I'm not sure whether she's come out of the club or she's been standing there the whole time lol. K and I start laughing and head back inside.

We hit the dancefloor with some of K's workmates, and one of them buys me a drink. Cool. We have fun on the dancefloor until the smoke goes off and somebody hits me in the nose with their watch. Hurts like fuuuuck. I go to the bathroom to check my nostril's not split and discover its just a surface level cut lol.

I run around between friends, acquaintances, old sets and new sets, and end up running into DancerChick again. We fluff talk but i'm still not back to my usual smoothness – feels like i'm at band practice and i'm not playing in time. I ignore this and trust that it will autocorrect the longer i'm in set. She's a professional dancer so i drag her onto the dancefloor and tell her to teach me how to dance. We dance up against the wall – her doing hot stripper moves, me doing random clumsy shit – and I tease her with the kiss and fuck her around a bit, having fun. I pin her against the wall as Total Eclipse of the Chode/Heart comes on and we start making out. Really good, she's a full turbo with awesome skills lol. I try to extract but its a no-go. I wash-rinse-repeat a few times, then fuck it up by attempting a totally uncalibrated pull to the bathroom lol. She leaves and I go find K.

I run into She-Elf again and she invites me to an afterparty at her place. Some guy I assume is her bf tries to cut into set and I shut him out really smooth (turns out later this was just an orbiter chode, but i'm still pleased with it considering my awkward game up til then). I hang with K a bit more, look for DancerChick to no avail, then walk K home, pine over Nando'sGirl who's walking on the other side of the street, and hit up the afterparty at SheElf's.

Party is pretty lame. Quiet music, people passed out lol. I meet SheElf's sister and chat with her for a bit while SheElf talks about her relationship problems to some orbiter chode. More people come and I end up meeting some pretty cool guys and having good fun. SheElf keeps resisting my physicality, so I get an evil idea and decide to try and fuck her hot blonde sister. Mwahaha.

I talk to the sister for a while, being chill as fuck, letting my eyes do all the work, then she comes and sits next to me on the couch. I get physical and everyone ends up watching us closely lol. I chill back for a while to avois the attention, then notice SheElf sulking in the corner and decide to take it up a notch, just to see far I can go. One of the guys curled on the floor gets up to take a piss an I steal the blanket he was lying on and spread it across us. We subtly snuggle up and I start touching her bare arms and legs under the blanket, while everyone continues the conversation around us. I join in the conversation, pretending i'm just sitting comfortably under the blankets, and start snaking my hand up ElfSister's leg, really slow and sensual. I get a flash of a Julien video in my head, where he talks about fingerbanging some girl under the table in front of her family and decide to go for it.

I keep things chill, teasing ElfSister a lot by going right up the leg and stopping just a little bit higher each time, switching up the touch between super-light, super-firm, and everything in between. I keep the conversation going like a pro, stopping only to rip on ElfSister a bit whenever she makes a little noise lol. I get as far as rubbing her through her panties before i fuck it up by ripping on her too hard and calling her 'ET gone mong', which pretty much ruins my chances with her, although it makes me piss myself laughing. The rest of the party goes slow, with me refocusing my attention on SheElf, while ElfSister makes out with one of the cool guys that she's had a crush on for ages. Aww. SheElf and I cuddle up a little and chat, but it doesn't go further cos she doesn't want to cheat. Whatever. I have fun joking around with the other guys and just spend the rest of the party relaxing and enjoying myself.

I leave around 4 and head home alone, but in better spirits than saturday.
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Hey Bro, read through your journal and ozzie bootcamp. Cool stuff.

I got a few questions: have you fucked a chick from a cold approach after the bootcamp?

I'm having this problem where I do the craziest shit in the club, but it doesnt amount to anything but makeouts and numbers.

I do know that I dont do UBER challenging sets like you do, but I gotta be able to fuck at least 7s and 8s.

Maybe its time to switch to longer game style rather than going for ONS?
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Hey man, good timing lol - i've been thinkin alot of similar stuff.

I'm starting to realize how hard 1 night stand game is, especially if you're only extracting 1 girl max a night, not following up on numbers properly and not doing any daygame or day2s. Think i need to start incorporating this into my life properly, instead of it just being something i do in the club two or three times a week.

Theres alot of stuff i need to work on in my game, specifically re-approaching sets that went well, meeting more people in general, taking/chasing more numbers. But i think i need to start approaching 7's again - only been doing 8s and 9s and keep getting annoyed when it turns out they have bfs (obviously).

I duno what it is exactly that's stopping me getting the lay but i just need to keep going until i figure it out or it just happens. Pretty tiring after all this time but theres no going back now lol.

If anyone can point me in the right direction give me a shout.
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