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adventures, pulls and fun times - my journey from creep to cool
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Sup guys.

i'm mrcreepguy, i'm into pick up for about 2 years now but i did not went outside constantly  but made the mistake of being in a relationship as soon as i met a hot chick.
I've never had much lays from cold approach but made all my fucking trough online game. since 2 months i go out constantly at least 2 -3 times a week. i write my field reports constantly and i will learn so much because i finally will be the ultimate man who's around beautiful girls everytime... and yes, as tyler said, you have to go out constantly!!! i learned so much the last 2-3 months, i met so much cute girls the last 2-3 months and had / will have so much sex the that i almost can not believe it. everything i've read about, every video i've seen now makes sense. it's like a puzzle, finally fitting together and i finally managed to have a big breaktrough in my game. i always struggled with not being a man, not setting boundaries, not standing up for myself not taking what i want and always halfassed but not now, not anymore. i'm on my way to become a better man!

alright, from now on it's english time because i've decided to upload this whole thing to RSD-Nation, not only because i'm a lazy fuck who always needs a kick in the ass but also because I want to share my journey with other people who walk the same path as me. Maybe I can help somebody and maybe somebody will help me. Win Win. Wooho.

Friday 17. 02. 12 XXX / XXX

The night of the epiphany! Night of the Heroin-opener.

Yap, I'm cool, I gotzzzz the ice. I can do what ever I want.

Rolled up at the club. Met a few friend. Casual talk and the was pimpin time with my wing. Yay.

Now that I know that warm ups is the key to the boss mode and I'm a funny guy I asked a few chick if they would know where I can buy heroin or at least a few other drugs (I don't take drugs at all, I just do what ever I want).
Talked for a bit, vibed for a bit and finally bounced.

I must say that I don't remember what happened then but I guess it was cool....

we bounced to a other venue, don't know why...

we rolled up, and I immediately was in a good mode.
Saw a cute chick, walked up.

Hi sup, what's your name?
Hi i'm Hbboobs, what's your name?
Hi i'm mrcreepguy. Let's go over there, it's too loud to talk here

tried to isolate her since she was there with her friend who had the sad face on her...
my buddy showed up and I throwed her on him so me and my girl could go to the bar...
talked for a bit, found out she was the most boring person which I met in my whole life but since she has the body I'm into I got her number.

We bounced back to the original location.
All eyes on me as I walked trough the crowd. Talked with every chick along the way for a bit. Every interaction hooked immediately. Krass!

Self amused with my buddy I saw this girl, shaked hands like a gangster with her. Interaction was so solid she was there with a chode friend which she left alone on the bar to dance with me.
Danced for while. Tried to kiss her...she said not here in the club, sko outside...we walked outside in the smokers area. She said she would not kiss me in the club but wants to fuck me at home. Since she was there with her chode friend who sleeps at hers whysover we arranged a meeting the next day (we could not meet the next day but I drive to hers today)
left her with her chode friend to talk to this 2 set with my buddy at the bar
Isolated, talked cool stuff. Blowed all shit tests away, solid hook but again boring as fuck. Gotz the number because I didn't want to spend my time with boring chicks.
She sent me a text message 20 mins after saying that she likes me and that she's not boring...
(tried to get to hers the next day but she would'nt gave me her adress but instead she tried to trick me with a adress of a bar...

-i hope you don't believe I give you my address!
-i hope You don't believe I go on a date with you!


Things I learned:

Pick up is fun!! have fun! Be self amused! If it don't feel easy, you do something wrong!
Don't think about things, just do them! Be cool!!

Saturday 10.02.12 XXX/ XXX

So after last nights high on pimpin I was to focused on be the same guy as last night. I was so tryhard that I was stiff, not funny at all and a chode.

We met with 2 girls wo became friends along the way at a bar, talked for a while, ate peanuts and had a good time.
After that we decided to go to the XXX, the club with the hottest girls in town. Yeah. I normally love to be around with hot girls but I put the club on such a high pedestal that I was afraid. Yap, the guy who had his game tight the night before was a afraid little in the club who couldn't talk to girls. Pimpin Is hard.
So I rolled up, choded around danced for a while with my friends and did nothing.

First set of the day was a two set with my wing whom I helped. He got his girl hooked, isolated on the dancefloor and left me with my girl back at the bar.
Since I was a chode that day the interaction was stiff, not cool at all and I and the girl didn't feel well. I decided to bounce from her and choded around instead.

Set2 of the day was a nice blonde girl with a friend.
My buddy got the friend hooked in no time when I still was not that cool guy. The blonde didn't feel well. What I feel she feels and I didn't feel well.

Hey sup what's your name
(insert random name here) who are you?
Hi i'm domi, your quite cute, where are you from?
(insert random city here)
cool, you're here with friend, I think I met a friend of yours upstairs
are you a hairdresser too?
Yes, I was but now I'm going to be a assistend doctor
yeah cool, bla bla bla.

No kino at all...
no strong eye contact at all
no leading
no alpha guy
just chode

we decided to bounce to the XXX.

Set 3 of the day...since I was not in pimpin mode at all I helped my buddy again with a two set.
Met this beautifull russian chick with such good boobs that I imediatelly got horny as hell.
My kino was not that strong and I wanted the set to hook. Nothing had it's sweet natural flow.
We danced, we talked, I leaded her to the bar but she was not focusing on me but on her friend who was a drunk as fuck chick, barely 18 so I took the number and bounced (yeah, she flaked later on...what a surprise...)

nothing much more happened that day.

Things I learned:

be a fucking man. Have fun!!!!!!!! self amusement is the key. Not be outcome dependent. Kino Is the key!! lead her. Hold her tight. Be sexuall. Kiss her on the neck. Be a cool guy!!

Monday 20.02.12

Cat's night out!

Carneval in Nürnberg and mrcreepguy is dressed as a cat. HAHA not really he's only got a red heart on his nose and 6 whiskers painted on his costume ever!

Showed up at the venue and I just was in the mood. Self amused and cool.

I didn't have interactions that day.
the only thing I did was screaming at girls that I'm a fucking cat and cat's do what ever they want! Nobody can control a cat!!!! grabbed them and made out with them. Hahah so easy!

Got this blond chick dressed as a construction worker. Named Horst.
BAM! Grabbed her, clawed her and didn't let her go.

Mrcreepguy: I'm a cat! Who are you?
Horst : (instert random name here)
Mrcreepguy: yeah cool whatever. I'm going to call you horst. I'm so into you horst. You
make so horny...

kissmove. Walked with her into a dark corner. Made out with her more. Fingerbanged her (yeah, I've never had the balls to do that, whysoever...) but I wasn't horny at all so no sex at the bathroom.... Thank you penis for not getting hard....kissing was boring so we decided to go our seperate ways.

Then I suddenly was in love. A girls dressed as teacher. Blonde. Horny. With a ruler and a short skirt. And she had glasses. Yes, i'm into glasses!
Then the dilemma started...

I don't know the whole interaction anymore or what I said exactly but it was cool at first. Then she started to shit test me all the way. Cat don't give a fuck, cat does what It wants so cat started to talk to other girls instead....teacher suddenly was so into cat that she blows out all the other girls to talk to me.
I suddenly was outcome dependend and tried to hook the set. Fuck, everytime I find a girls I like i'm such a fucking loser. I wasn't alpha anymore. Wasn't leading anymore just was a normal guy in a club... Tried to get her number but she said she would not give me her number that easy.
“meet me her in an hour and the we exchange numbers”

what I should have said: “fuck you. Who do you think you are. I don't have to earn anyones number in here.

What I actually said: “ yeah cool, see you later”

I had to laugh anyways because a blonde friend of hers hat red dots all over her face from making out with me.


I actually met her accidently exactly one hour later.

Mrcreepguy: “hey, give me your number, it's exactly one hour later!”
Teacher: “ you screwed it up”

thanks for being that honest with me...
how can I be a self amused guy who mades out with girls on the one hand and a insecure on the other hand?

Lifes a bitch!

Things i've learned:

Do not put girls on a pedestal. I've I would have been exactly that outcome independet guy which I was the whole time before I would have hooked that set and could have sex with her right now instead of writing that journal...
Cats do what ever they want! Nobody can control a cat! Never!!

Friday 24.02.12 XXX

I'm back again bitchessssssssss

what started as boring evening with me pisses of about everything ended in a night of fun and awesomeness. Again.

Rolled up at the venue with a few friends, only one target in mind. Have fun and meet girls. Hihihih.

Set 1 was this chick at the corner, I wasn't fully on and talked random nonsens, didn't see escalation windows at all and finally bounced. Yeah. I'm so not cool. Höhö

Talked with my gang for a bit and pulled this chick in as soon as I saw her. Clawed her and dind't let her go, she immediately was into me but her friends dragged her away!


The night goes on and so my pimpin'
Danced with 2 friends of me the one is a cute blonde, the other one is not that cute but totally into me, haha. Behind her, a cute turkish girl who stares at me, I stare at her, smile at her but then continue my dancing. I was cool with the whole club. Bitches love social proof.

After a while I stared blank into the eyes of Hbturk and pulled her in. clawed her

Mrcreepguy: Hi, you don't seem to have fun back there, sup?
Hbturk: No it's cool, im here with my friend ( a not so good looking
Mrcreepguy: yeah cool whatever come on we're going to dance now

Set was hooked and we immediately were in a bubble of love. I kissed her neck, fingerd her above her skirt a bit, she got horny as hell but her friend wanted to go and since she sleeps at her friends house the both had to go. Took the number, yeah.

Saturday 25.02.12 XXXX


the night started and I was fully on. Lorded the club as soon as I entered the door.

Warmed up again with the drug opener, hihhi, solid gold. The girl was at least 35 but she stardet touching and talking. Haha. I'm so cool. Left her with her friend, warmed up a bit more by talking to every person on my way trough the club and was finally in BOSS MODE!

Met this chick I was on a few dates with but the logistics where bad everytime. Grabbed her, kissed her, touched her, danced with her but she is boring as hell so I danced with this cute little drugged out russian girl in front of her eyes, she gave me the “i hate you forever staredown” and left. Hihi.
I actually got a text message later

-I want to know what you have to offer besides your loose mouth
-find out
-I will..
-but you have to know that I'm not a guy for a relationship
-that's ok. You are such a asshole but that makes you so interessting
but I don't want to be number two when i'm around
-good that we share the same opinion.

Anyways, back to my story...

danced with my friends for a bit when this short haired pierced girl walked behind me (yes, exactly my thing!!)
I grabbed her, pulled her in, danced, talked, said that I like her. Kissed her. Set hooked. Figured out the logistics. She was there with all her girlfriends and they all where there together.
I said that I really want to be with her that night. She said she wants to be with me too because she wants to have sex so badly because she only knows chodes. Höhöh but the logistics were bad and bathroom was no opinion. Got her number and will drive to hers that week...
danced with her for a while but then got back to my friends, where cool with a few other chicks and then finally bounced..


I waited for my friends who where in line to get there jackets back. The place for the jackets Is extacly besides the ladies bathroom so I stood besides the ladies bathroom already with my jacket on as this cute blonde walked up.
I gave her the staredown, she gave me the staredown.

Mrcreepguy: Hi where are you going?!
Blonde: I have to go to the bathroom. Do you have to go home now?
Mrcreepguy: not now, I'm going with you into the bathroom first!

grabbed her and walked with her into the batroom as it was nothing.
As we entered I said that we can't have sex in here because it is the bathroom but at the same time I made out with her, fingerbanged her and finally fucked her.

Things i've learned:

pick up is easy when you don't overthink everything. Of course you need the basics but then its only about being a man. Pull girls in and be cool with them. Be sexuall, kiss her, don't let her go! And just do it!
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just got home from the gangster handshake girl i met 1 week ago.
since we've settled everything back at the club and she and i knew that it is going to be sex, everything was cool today.
we've hung out at the coch, ate nic nac's ( damn i love them forever and beyond!) had a cool time and had some really good sex.

pretty good weekend, hope i finally had my break trough the platoe and i can have times like this constantly.

peace out thumbs up
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hihihhi I'm so sneaky. had bathroom girl over but before she came i remembered my gopro cam usually for my snowboard actions but now used and hide to film my action :))
what a nasty girl, had all kinds of sex toys with her. dildo, cockring, lube. damn i love it!
so yes, got 2 girls now in my rotation, no 10s at all but whatever, tomorrow is pimpin time again and imma get me some new, sweet girl  :)
life's good!

pic have to be like this, safety first....
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Wow bro this is pretty awesome. Going from chode to pulling bitches into the bathroom in 2 years is epic. Keep it up.
"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still"

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm"

"In any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing, the worst thing you can do is nothing"

My Journal -
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thanks man!

So another night of pimpin came to an end and all of a sudden i forgot everything that is needed to be good at the game.
But here’s the story

Rolled up at about 12. As usual all eyes on us because we’re beautiful and do pretty much everything we want. Dancing like retards, fist pumping, you name it.
Checked the girls, but nothing was good enought to meet my standarts but then i saw this cute short haired one (damn i really like those short haired girls)

Mrcreepguy: hey you’re cute i had to meet you, i’m mrcreepguy
Shorty: (smiles) hi i’m shorty, nice to meet you

And the the nightmare began…stiff as a motherfucker is stood there talking nonsense, not holding eye contact. Bad vocal tonality. Bad evertyhing, no wonder my wing kicked me literally out of the set as he wanted to help by occuping the fat friend. Not only the fat friend was in love with him but also shorty. So i pulled back out of the set.

Things i should have done: kino as always. Kino’s the key…pull her in, claw her, make her like you be being a man. MAN THE FUCK UP! Deep eye contact. Isolating….done deal!

Stroled then around searching for another hottie to approach but since my wing and i „teach“ this friend of us some pricipals we focused firtly more on him, forced him to approach, take action and step up. Deal done, he had a great evening with a makeout and a numbler close (eventhough the number seems to be flaky, but whatever we will see)

Talked to a few other girls along the way, asked, as usual for a bit heroin or lsd but it seems that most girls hate this stuff. Hahaha!

Found out that a blonde with curly hair was into me. Roled up, clawed her but she turns out to be strange, saying this was a incident and nothing is true, winded out of the claw and hast tob e seen after making out with a other dude she is into.

Next real set was this cute and by cute i mean damn hot little girl. Black hair with bangs, piercing, freckles, fuck i wanted her so bad. Opend strong but then was this again. Got into interview mode, asked some pretty lame questions, talked for way tooooooo long without touching. She looked away.
EY! LOOK ME IN THE EYES! So she does. She likes when i man up but i don’t so back into chode mode and standing there…fuck that. Walked away.
Saw her few minutes later, walked straight up to her, clawed in. She was reading a text message:
Deep eye contact. Kiss move but nogo. She stayed. Yellow light. Kiss move again. No she’s afraid. Gone. Set lost. I’m sad 

Things i should have done: : kino as always. Kino’s the key…pull her in, claw her, make her like you be being a man. MAN THE FUCK UP! Deep eye contact. Isolating….done deal!

Yes i did copy and paste! FUCK YOU ( by that i mean myself)

Not much more happenend that evening.
Made out with some fatty when i was about to leave.
Talked about buying some helicopters from a rich guy from switzerland.
Bounced. 2hours of sleep. Now i’m at work…

Things i learned: you have to be physical! Yes you have! At first it might seem odd or something but no! She wants it. She wants to see if you are a man and can handle her like that. …
So for today. Before i go into the club i check if i have evertyhing i need at me. Like my kino. My „MHHHHHHH! „ my „damn girl you so cute – makout“ my alpha male behaviour….letzzz talk about that later..

Cool thing for today. Refreshed a number.‘ll meet her tomorrow for a short day2 downtown. And afertwards i’ll see gangster handshake for a bit of good timezz..

So long
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Love the avatar.
Someday, I want to be a billionaire.
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yeah cool my iphone just broke down and the number of the sweetest girl at the whole club is just gone. i'm so sad

but here's the story:

we just went out to the club, where there pretty early, too early so we joked around but way too much. we ( my wing and i) was just in this joke mode far too much and didn't had that pimpin mindset which is important to pimp the club so the first few sets went horrible. told the girls stuff about eating puppies and smelling awfull and stuff but then all of a sudden it clicked and i was fully there. equipped with my skillset i just clawed girls in, went sexual immediately and they liked it but mostly dragged away from her girlfriend.
fast forward to sweet girl.
went in.

-hi you're cute, i had to meet you
-(smiled) hi i'm sweet girl, who are you
-and so on...

since i have to work in 4 hours i go for the number, she was pretty sad that i had to leave but yeah i thought i got the number. fuck you iphone. at least she got mine too so i can see how solid i've played, yeah. actually thats cool. :)
met a girl i've had approached a few weeks ago but didn't closed her since because of bad logistics, imediately went sexual with her saying that i wanted to take her home, but she was there with a friend  from far away so she refused. arranged a meet tomorrow after partying so yeah, we will see!

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haha it feels so strange to log on to the internet after a night out to write down everything :)
it's 11am and i just got home, now i'm going to finish my coffee and then tell the story.


got to the club about 11:30 so it was almost empty so we joked around a bit doing cool stuff, mostly. the time run by, it was 12:30 and the club hadn't filled yet which is not a good sign at all so started approaching, the first few sets didn't hook but whatever i've had my fun and since this is a sticking point of mine ( to leave the set too early ) it was a good practice. i wouldn't go without a good blowout so i just started hard kino at some point trying to make out. hahaha. one set was pretty chill, there was this cute blonde and her friend with massssssive boobs. i went for the blond because i love blonde, my wing for big boobs. i don't know what happenend but he left at some point, so i was left back with both of them talking some stuff, had my fun. at this point i wanted to have fun and since just talking with them didn't seem to be more fun than strolling around i decided to leave  "wait here i'll be back shortly" i just approached some other girls, big boobs and blondie watching. again nothing hooked well and the good amount of girls which was not the high number was almost approached.
at this point i texted with this girl from thursday that i take her with me tonight, she agreed that i pick her up at hers to drive to mine and hook up so cool i was just about to leave but then i saw blondie still standing aroung with big boobs so i re-approached her and it was fucking on. i danced a bit started light kino, clawed her, she said she wants to leave to go to this other club but then all of a sudden big boobs disappeared, never to be seen that night so blondie and i where left behind :) i lead her trough the whole venue to some bar where i gave her my free jagermeister. i lead the conversation to be sexual. then i saw this huge ring on her ringfinger an accused her to be married and that her husband is around looking for us trying to kill me, i said that somewhat turns me on and that we should give him at least a reason to kill me. BAM. makeout. set solid hooked, lead her around for some more and checked out the logistics. they where bad! big boobs stayed with her for about 2 weeks and they both share one bed...i was sad but then god a sign of god came trough blondies iphone. big boobs sent a text and this strange text message convo started:

big boobs - can I have sex with this guy that i met tonight?! :))
blondie - yes but not at my crib!!
big boobs - alright, see you tomorrow :))

so blondie turns to me and said: "there's a big dog in my condo, are you afraid of dogs?!"
i texted the other girl that i woulndt make it that night.
so yes, logistics where settled, of course i'm not afraid of dogs so we got our jackets, went to my car and disappeard into the night...
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finally fucked thursday girl but the inner chode showed up really hard - 10.02.12

high on pimpin i showed up at the club. but the high expectations from yesterdays lay where heavy on my shoulders, i could not relax but where stiff as a motherfucker in the club. it took me soo much time to finally push trough this barrierer and punch the inner chode hard in his face. i guess that is my new sticking point and i have to work hard on it because pulling from the club has to be on a regular basis this year.
as is said, stiff as a motherfucker i had no fun, no intention to talk to girls and if, the interaction was stiff and no fun.
finally after feeled 2343245234 sets i was on. too long because it was 3am, thursday girl was texting and i wanted to fuck her so i ordered her over to the club. meantime i was pulling this girl from the dancefloor over to me and she was grinding on my dick in no time. damn i was so horny. she was not that good and thursday girl texted she was there so i left real quick and disappeard with her into the night.

later on my wing texted me the number from the dick grinding girl because i'm so cool that every girl wants my dick....

sticking points:

everytime i had a almost perfect night, the next night is almost everytime fucked up, either i can't get in the mood for the whole night at all or it takes me too long to finally be relaxed. guess i have to get my inner game tigther...

any thoughts from you on that topic?! would be cool!
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Dr Feelgood

Dr Feelgood

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Whoa, love your journal! My eyes just got bigger and bigger when reading this, you definitely have a natural buried inside you, and it's not even really buried at the moment! Great texting, and some of the lines you said were gold!

You can analyze your stuff very well too, don't worry about the nights after your lays either, you are drawing the right conclusions, it will come. Just set your expectations really low - which shouldn't be that difficult anymore, because your results the night after your lays aren't that great... so what you gonna expect next time!?

Anyways, I will be in Munich for the Hotseat and all that jazz, from next Thursday to Monday, we should meet. Where do you like to go out to (what's up with those XXXs, ha ha)? I like Pasha and the club next to it (the numbers!), had my first SNL in Pasha last year.
"Failure is caused by unwillingness to adapt!"

"If it's not rough, it is not fun!"
- Lady Gaga, Philosopher

Sluts, Butts and Bubblegum - my Field Reports live from Vienna:
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