January 17th, 2019
College Game in 10,000 Words
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Hey folks.

Wrote this about a year ago, initially sold it as part of the College Code ebook. Alot of the concepts still apply, but have been tweaked over the past 365 days or so. But regardless, you might still learn a thing or two.

So here you go. Enjoy, and please check out my field reports linked in my sig if you want a good laugh.



Fraternity as defined by Urban Dictionary, is:
A large quantity of males in the same house attempting to gather females (usually sorority girls) to parties that involve an obscene amount of alcohol.

This is partially right and actually kind of funny. Everybody’s heard of the movie “Animal House”, depicting a group of dudes in a frat that party hard and their college years in a big way. Greek life is huge in college, it gives stressed out students a reason to drink and have unprotected sex in a bathroom. Fraternities offer much more then the given, the opportunity offers brotherhood (strong group of good guy friends, usually A LOT of them), guys that will bail

you out of jail for getting MIP’s in Athens, GA (True story), guys you can trust with your own life. And that whole “paying for friends” thing is retarded, what you pay for is the experience and memories you will get while in college. The last two years of my life have been fucking INSANE. Things that I will remember until the day I die and friends that will be there at my wedding. A non Greek (GDI) although may have an awesome time in college, they will never experience the same thing that I’ve experience or even come close to it.

I highly recommend applying to a school with a strong Greek system and going Greek for many reasons, but keeping the audience in mind I must say. Yes, it will get you laid more often then not. Parties every weekend, mixer’s with other sororities, after parties from said mixers, football tailgates, huge social circles to work with, social value and a fuck load of social proof when the situation calls for it, and the list goes on and on. We aren’t all as douchey as the media portrays us to be.

Some things to keep in mind, universities with a Greek system will have their wide range of fraternities. Some will be cool and some will be lame. I hate to say this because it makes me sound like a hypocrite, but it’s a fucking reality. The cool fraternities will get more girls and hotter girls then the lame fraternities. Don’t just join a fraternity JUST for the bitches and booze because you most likely won’t make it through pledgeship with that approach. Try to find a cool frat that you actually click with and you want as people that will eventually influence your life.
Find a balance between the two.

I’m not going to cover this topic in detail, but I feel that is must be at least somewhat mentioned. It’s kind of a huge part of joining a fraternity. It’s called pledgeship and although usually similar, they may differentiate depending on the fraternity. It’s a journey that a “Pledge” must take, usually lasting a semester of college, until he can reap the benefits of being an actual initiated brother. Some frats haze, some do more then others, some don’t at all. I won’t talk about my personal pledgeship that I had to go though, but I will say it was fucking awesome. I will never forget the experience. The guys that I went though with were like brothers to me when it came time for initiation, and the memories were fucking insane.

Some fag frats like to paddle you in the butt with wooden paddles during initiation; lucky mine did not but heed the warning. Some frats will haze the fuck out of you and if that’s the case your life is not worth getting vagina so drop them and call for some help. Regardless, it may or may not be hard to just keep your head up and follow the light at the end of the tunnel.


The typical sorority girl is usually above average on the looks scale, materialistic, likes to party, and may or may not be a slut. Some are actually really fucking cool though so don’t let the stereotype dissuade you. Sorority girls are the same as any other above average looking girl you will meet. They are attracted to the same things as all women are hardwired to be so, the same mindsets that proclaimed PUA’s and naturals have and generally the same vibe that they project. I hate when guys say “DUDE sorority girls are so much harder then real girls!!”, this is complete bullshit and a bad perspective that will stop you from getting laid. They are females with feelings, personality, likes, dislikes, and flaws. Keep that in mind.

Anyways from my experience, there are a couple of small things that differentiate a sorority girl from a non-sorority girl. Sorority girls tend to have a somewhat tribal mindset in regards to the guys that they hook up with and hang out with. It comes with the territory, most Greeks hang out with other Greeks. But from what I’ve seen and experienced, a sorority girl is much more likely to hook up with you if you are in a fraternity. It’s almost like a social value thing and almost a social “norm” among us Greeks. Not saying that it is impossible to hook up with one if you’re not in a fraternity, just stating that it’s not as easy. Also the myth that if you hook up with the lower tier (UGLER) sorority girl, then you will blow your chances with the high tier (HOTTER) sorority girl. I hate to sound so shallow, but again it’s a fucking reality. I’ve hooked up with both tiers, gained a reputation and rode the wave to where I’m at today. Basically what I’m trying to say is don’t let certain perspectives get in the way of your success. An attractive dude is an attractive dude PERIOD. What Greek life provides you with is OPPORTUNITIES and LOGISTICS that non Greek life cannot. Become attractive, take every extra opportunity, get laid more.


The sex worthy man in college lives by certain mindsets and follows certain principals regardless if they know they even exist. They all have a couple of things in common as well as the same approach to common college situations. 98% of dudes that do well with women and are in College are indeed NATURALS. Classic PUA shit like routines, routine stacks, “NEGS”, and other stuff for the most part fucking fail in the college scene. Try it out and you’ll soon realize what I mean by this. The PUA approach will get you labeled as a fucking creepy dude or a weird dude, both generalizations will not bring you success.

Funny story actually, I was once in my Greek village community room studying for a midterm with some sorority girls who where in the same class as me, and this random dude from another fraternity approaches us. Dude and his bro starts gaming both of the girls old school style with routines like “The Cube”, some other Style and Mystery bullshit, and really really bad attempts at push pull. I watched in agony as the girls gave “fake” interest just to be nice, and the bros took it as genuine interest unfortunately. It was hard to watch. After about 10 min of this debauchery, they leave (OLD school game always seems to come, bang bang bang bang, leave).
It just looked….fake. Hard to explain, but girls can also sense this kind of thing. The second they are out of ear shot, one of the girls say, “OMG that dude is so weird”. It sucks to see shit like that go down, but dude its common sense.

First off, you see these girls ALL THE TIME and you see their friends ALL THE TIME, if you use the same routine at parties or randomly at social gatherings shit will start to look weird. With that said, this brings me to how it should be done and what you should focus on doing.

Within my fraternity of about 80 or so dudes, only a good 6 or 7 of us pull girls on the regular. Regardless of the fact that 80% of these guys are COOL AS FUCK with the potential to pull as much as me or any other dude that has success with women, if certain principals aren’t followed and action isn’t taken then success will never come. In college or even the real world, there’s a lot more to the equation then just being cool as fuck. But regardless, its still a necessary part of the equation for the massive success that you’re looking for.
What’s considered cool? And how do I become cool?
My definition of cool consists of a mixture between socially acceptable and non-reactivity. It’s a very hard term to describe with a lack of detail, but that’s basically how I view the idea. For better understanding, I’ll give an example of three different guys in college, and for each a list of what makes them cool and what makes then not cool and what makes then sex-worthy, and not sex-worthy.


- Tries to hard to be cool (They just care too much)
- Reactive as fuck (show’s negative emotional reactions to different stimuli)
- Dresses socially unacceptable (Have some fucking style, its not that hard)
- Way to much intent when it comes to the opposite sex (Number one reason for the creeper status)
- Social parasite (Value taker, obvious agenda)
- You don’t want to be this dude, but most that are oblivious to the knowledge needed in order to change. These are the dudes that girls complain to guys like me about, asking me to kick them out of our parties. It sucks because it’s not their fault for the majorities are fairly oblivious. They don’t know where to start in order to change. Their internal mindsets are fucked, they care about shit way to much. You know who you are, and if you feel like you fit into this category then keep reading. Me along with the team at College Flirt are here to help you become a cool and sex-worthy man. It’s never ever too late for change.


- Generally sociable (Knows how to talk to people)
- Generally neutral to be around (Sometimes fun, sometimes chill)
- Value neutral (Gives value, takes value, socially acceptable)
- BASICALLY JUST NEUTRAL. Girls like you and you may have a lot of cool dude friends, you get laid on occasion but not as much as you would like. You lack the trait of a TAKER. You let opportunities pass you by as a reaction to fear, laziness, or a lack of knowledge. Girls put you in the friend zone more then not, possible hookups tend to “stale out”, and you sometimes lack the control to close the deal. You are the normal average Joe, not an extreme located at both ends of the spectrum. A lot of you are also oblivious to missed opportunities as well as the potential that you contain. Change a couple of minor things, and your success rate will explode.


- Very sociable (Always meeting new people at parties, always the first to introduce yourself and social functions, etc.)
- Comes off as cocky (they have a reason to be supposedly)
- Un-reactive to an extent (Nothing really emotionally phases you, it just rolls over you like water on a ducks back. Fake it till you make it.)
- Value giver more then value taker (Brings the fun at parties rather it be starting up a game of flip cup, providing drinks just for the sheer enjoyment of being a nice dude and making people happy, making sure people are having a good time at parties)
- Social connector (Introducing people at parties and offering them potential new friends)
- Takes initiative and leads (This is the number one thing that separates DUDE TWO from DUDE THREE. Dude 3 will actually peruse a girl that he wants rather then just wait for the girl to come to him. I honestly believe this is the one of the only things that separates my success with some of my other brother’s success rates. For the most part, I’m usually the first dude to walk up to a hot group of girls at a party we throw.)
- Man reputation (This is fucking awesome. Most would think this reputation would cock block you from getting laid, but in reality it’s the exact opposite. Quoted from Tucker Max himself, “A key that unlocks many locks is considered a master key. A lock that is unlocked by many keys is considered a shitty lock”. At it’s roots its social proof at a large scale view. I’ll go into detail in a later topic)

As stated earlier, self-proclaimed naturals generally have DUDE THREE’s characteristics. Two naturals may be completely different in certain aspects of their personalities but again this is just a generality. For instance, you will not see me at a party going completely insane jumping off of balconies, running around wasted without a shirt, and grabbing girls for make outs left and right. But I know a couple of guys that pull a lot that DO do these things. My approach to this is a lot more relaxed, a lot more woooooosh and smooth, and it gets the same results for the most part. Don’t worry; I’ll share my exact approach to college game in a bit. But for now, I’m trying to cover the general mindsets that you should incorporate before you think about adding your on unique flare to the idea.
As for reputations, they can hurt or help your over all success rate in a big way. This is college, you will hang out with the same people OVER AND OVER AND OVER, people will talk and everyone will create a general mental description of every person whom they are in constant contact with. As a sex-worthy man, you want to aim for the manwhore reputation. A common misconception is the player reputation and there exists a really thin line between the two. The manwhore rep is earned through having sex with a lot of girls. It is EARNED. Every guy comes to college with a blank slate, a white canvas that he can paint as he see’s fit. It’s an opportunity to re-invent yourself as the person that you want to be. I took this to an extreme and fucking gave myself a new first name because I disliked my original. Occasionally I’ll get called out when someone glances at my ID or see’s my name written down on a test and it’s usually a pretty funny scenario. Anyways we’re getting off topic, back to the manwhore reputation. Once earned, it will make hooking up with girls much easier. Once the general Greek population knows you as the guy that has sex with a lot of hot girls, the idea of having sex with you just becomes socially acceptable. Opportunities will present them selves more frequently and girls will game you out of sheer curiosity.
My personal take on the situation, I’m a manwhore without being a player. When ever I hook up with a girl, I make it fucking CLEAR that number one I don’t want a relationship, number two I do this kind of thing all the time, number three I try to be as genuine and authentic as I can. I will never lie to get into a girls pants, and although it does happen I will never intentionally lead a girl on just to have sex with her. I’m a nice dude and I understand that women are fucking human beings. It sucks being the guy when you find yourself in a situation where you’re emotionally hurting a girl. I always let the girl know it’s her choice to have sex with me, and I could care less if she didn’t. Treat women like a human being, not a talking sex toy. Call them after a one night stand just to check in, this small action makes a big difference. Now the player status is a little bit different. A player will lie, cheat, and steal in order to get into girls panties. Yes he may be awesome with women, but he also treats them like shit. It’s just not cool and you will get shit tested like no other for this approach. Focus on being a nice asshole. Not just an asshole.
As for the creeper reputation, now this shit sucks. This rep is also EARNED. For the sex-worthy and cool dudes, you may also be called a creeper on occasion but this does not mean you have the creeper reputation. If you have a penis and intend to use it, you will sometimes come of a little to strong and as a result creep the girl out. It comes with the territory. But dudes that do this on a constant basis with girls that they see OVER AND OVER AND OVER will eventually be categorized as a creeper.
How do you prevent this outcome?

It’s all about the balance between being a fun dude mixed with the level of sexuality you portray when you approach a girl or group of girls. Tim from Real Social Dynamics calls this idea Woo + Intent. The creeper shows way to much sexuality when approaching and not enough of a fun vibe. On the dance floor, the creeper will grab random girls by the waste and start fucking dry humping them. Although this can work if you do it with the right amount of swag, don’t attempt it. There are better approaches with higher chances of success. Shit like this is okay for club world where you will most likely never see that girl again, but in the college bubble of reality it will almost always backfire. In the beginning, just focus on being a cool sociable dude. Once you have the basics down you can start experimenting with getting sexual and creating sexual vibes.


Ahh frat parties, the joy of getting absolutely shit faced among good friends and really hot girls. College is notorious for them and they will be one of your main outlets to getting laid while under age. In my unique situation, I have some advantages that others may not. My fraternity throws the party, I know 60% of the people at said party, I’ve already hooked up with a lot of the girls at the same party, thus my sense of entitlement will be higher then lets say if I were at a bar where I knew only two people. It’s more of an inner game principal, which will be apparent when with use of my outer game. Its almost comparable to cheating the system and boy do I take advantage of it. Although it can be considered cheating, it still provides me with something that will make me better with women in the general sense. Reference points. Every time I get into a unique situation with another girl and I react a certain way to said situation, If it’s a positive outcome then my mind will sub-consciously cache said reaction as “successful” and vice versa for any action that is “unsuccessful”. Whenever a similar situation repeats its self, my mind will dig through my memory banks for the “successful” reaction I’ve had in the past and that is what I will usually end up doing again. The way that human’s learn is fucking incredible. But anyways, I acquire hundreds of these reference points a night eventually molding my reactions to be more successful rather then unsuccessful. In other words, I get better generally better with women the more I expose myself to these situations. So it’s all good. But regardless, if you follow the principals and mindsets that I’ve explained above for long enough, then shit will just start to click. It’s inevitable.


So it’s Friday night and your best bud calls you up to tell you about some bad ass frat party that’s going down just around the block. Or on the other end of the spectrum, you’re 100 dollars short, tired of running around to grocery stores buying 30 racks of fratty light and your phones dead from all of the phone calls you’ve received about this “bad ass party” that you and your frat are about to throw. Whatever the case, this party is about to go down. And it’s time to make some memories.
The typical party has a rhythm to it. Living in two different party houses for almost two years, I started to recognize this fact. If you know the rhythm, you can use it to your advantage. If a party is said to start at a certain time, then for the most part people really won’t start coming in until about an hour and a half later. The parties we throw start at 10pm, but around 11:30pm is when shit really starts to get crazy. Show up early, get yourself in a relaxed and sociable mood, and drink alcohol if that’s your thing. The key thing to remember here is to focus on becoming smooth and social. Do not try and hit on girls at this time. Sure you can talk to them and socialize, but don’t go over the top with anything. Save that for later on in the night. As the night progresses, girls will start to loosen up along with the reactions that you will get from them.

As for me, I spend this time chatting up my bros, playing games of beer pong and vibing with my female friends. And if you have to ask, yes I am a drinker. Can alcohol be used as a crutch? Hell yes. Have I used it as a crutch in the past? Hell yes. But all in all, it just makes things more enjoyable. Dealing with drunk annoying fucks while dead sober at a 4 hour party fucking sucks. I’ve been there and it’s not fun. Remember guys, the goal here is to have fun and get laid.

By 12:00am, the party is usually still slowly getting bigger. People leaving their pre-game sessions have arrived and girls leaving shittier parties are starting to arrive. The dance floor is finally starting to grow and people are starting to show the effects of alcohol. It’s prime time baby. From 12am to around 12:45am,is generally when I start bringing out the big guns. This is when I game. The girls are loose, chodey dudes have already approached and failed, and most importantly if you were actively trying to put yourself in a social mood and in a good vibe, you will be in a good headspace to make shit happen. Once 1am hits, the really hot girls start to leave, and girls are starting to get to the point of WAY TOO FUCKED UP. is bad, so stay away. I’m not saying you absolutely cannot pull a semi sober hot girl home after 1am, cause its totally possible. I’m trying to explain that you’re chances will be BETTER if you attack within a certain time frame. Don’t take shit that I say to an extreme, there will always be exceptions.


College students just love to drink. It’s a huge part of college culture so I felt it needed its own mini section. Personally, I love the shit. People drink it to loosen up, make shitty times fun and make fun times even more enjoyable. It makes our world go round. Dudes drink it get the balls they need to approach that hottie at the bar and girls drink it to provide an excuse for having sex with that random dude in a bathroom. It happens. What does this all have to do with picking up girls in college? It’s huge. Dealing with a sober girl and a drunk girls are two different things. I’ve gotten away with some retarded shit


Within the college party realm, there exists two ways to go about approaching a girl. Depending on the situation, I’ve used both ways and have gotten equally awesome success. First, is the slow and drawn out method, which is perfect for girls that are apart of your immediate social circle or girls that come to your same parties over and over. And second, is the same night lay approach, which is basically exactly like the first approach only extremely condensed. Both have the same end result, the pull. The second approach is perfect for random girls that you’ve only just met, go to entirely different schools, or are friends with girls who are in your immediate social circle. Focus on using each accordingly.


Perfect for the fratstar. Hanging out with the same sorostitutes over and over gives you the opportunity to game them slowly. No need for over the top “IM FUCKING AWESOME DUDE” type of shit in this type of game. It’s all about being cool and making shit happen. This is my general approach to this style of game. I’ll meet a girl whom I want to have sex with and at first come off as a chill and social dude. With my manwhore reputation in effect, the thought of having sex with me as already entered her mind and if it hasn’t it will soon enough. I’ll see them at parties, tease them, flirt with them, and play beer pong with them but won’t actually go for the pull. I do this a couple of times, eventually get their number and eventually add them on facebook. All the while, their intrigue is rising and my attraction boosting tactics are constantly being fired. For the most part, I’ll keep things PG and fun. As stated earlier, your reputation will play a HUGE part in this style of approach so keep that in mind. I’ll start sending random funny value giving text messages or chatting them up on facebook. Every time I see them whether it be at a small get together, at the frat house, or at a party, my sexuality will slowly increase. If I played my cards right, by now the sexual tension should be extremely obvious. Sexual tension is awesome. Shit will just explode. Finally I’ll hit said hottie up over text for a get together at my place or pull the trigger at a party. Once the sexual tension and attraction is built, pulling the trigger shouldn’t be an issue.


Now this is where the real fun is. Raging at a party and noticing a hot little brunette with glasses and short skirt drinking hunch punch next to the beer pong table. Ahh, I love this. What would HPRJ do? What would the Cool AND Sex-worthy dude do? Walk up to her and introduce yourself.


I’m sure you’ve heard this before. If not, you aren’t reading enough shit. Well here it comes….THE OPENER DOESN’T MATTER. You can open with literally anything. It all comes down to your mindsets and outlook on what actions you take. Its college and it’s a party, people WANT to make new friends. Especially with a cool sociable dude like yourself, you have to understand this reality. My usual opener consists of about three different opening lines. I’ll usually take the theme of the party into play when opening girls also, just to mix things up. Or sometimes even notice something of interest, and comment on it. Whatever the case, the opener should only be viewed as a CATYLIST to the actual interaction. It’s not that important. Ready for the magic words of leg opening properties!!??

Hey, I haven’t met you yet. What’s your name?
You’re adorable.
YOU. Who are you?

Hey! Yall look fun.

Your costume(s) suck.
I like your wig, skirt, ears, etc.

Guys stress WAY to much about the opener.
It’s all irrelevant in the long run. As long as you have the correct internal process in the works the moment you approach, it will go well. I’ve opened with stupid shit in the past like, “I HAVE A REALLY SMALL DICK”, which somehow worked. Girls can read the vibe I’m throwing out, the vibe of “I’m a fun sociable dude and I want to get to know you”. Try experimenting with the default opener, “Hey, what’s your name?” while smiling with an outreached hand. Look at her right in the fucking iris. She’ll know the deal. They always do.


This is where most guys choke. Understandable, you have a really hot girl standing one foot away from your face looking all nice and desirable and you think to yourself, “What the hell should is to this girl to sound unique, interesting, and funny??”. Yet nothing comes to mind. It’s almost as if there was a glitch in the memory banks of your mind and shit just stopped working. I know this feeling very well, everyone in such a lifestyle has experienced this exact scenario many times.

It sucks. I’ve even come to the conclusion that AA (Approach Anxiety) exists because men hate having to experience the painfully awkward social vacuum that it causes. Most would agree that AA stems from the fear of rejection, but in my experience I’m not really afraid of getting rejected because my mind has already re-wired that response thus cutting any emotional ties. If a girl walks away or acts uninterested after the opener, I assume my approach was flawed or she was just mentally insane. Yet, I still get AA. Thus how I got to my initial conclusion. Anyways, back to the topic at hand. Look guys, the reason why your mind goes blank is because you’re unintentionally putting said girl on a pedestal. You think she’s hot and you must impress her to get into her pants, but with this perspective you are shooting yourself in the foot so to speak. To prove this to yourself, walk up to a fatty or grenade and open her as you usually would with a girl that you want. Did you run out of stuff to say after the opener? Most likely the answer will be no. It’s all in your head dudes.

So what should you say? I’ll tell you what not to say as the majority of guys end up saying the same thing. Actually, asking the same things. Average dude walks up to hot chick, opens her with hello, she responds with a smile and says hello back, average dude’s mind goes blank, plan B is initiated and he starts asking stupid chode questions that he could care less about. What are these stupid chode questions you ask?
So do you go here?
What’s your major?
Who are you friends with?
Can I fuck you in the ass?
Haha I’m kidding about that last one. But seriously, I see dudes do this at our parties all the time. What ends up happening is girl realizes dude is just like every other dude that’s approached her at a party or bar and he’s boring as fuck. On the other end of the spectrum, asking questions can be a good thing only if you are generally interested in what you’re asking about. Pepper them in a fun conversation and actually get to know the girl, THIS is very important and I’ll get to it in a bit.
So now that we’ve covered what not to do, I’ll get to what I would do. I’ll create a little mock conversation for you bros to show you what’s worked for me in the past.
Me: You’re adorable. (FUCKING SMILE but not in a cheesy grin kind of way, almost more like a half lipped smirk)
Her: Awe thanks! What’s your name?
Me: HPRJ. What about you? (Shake her hand with one hand and lightly grab her hip at the same time with the other hand. Linger a little longer then normal but not too much)
Her: Oh I like that name! I’m Ashley.
Me: Aww thanks hun, wish I could say the same about yours! (Make sure it’s obvious you’re only teasing her. Most girls will playfully hit you on the arm after that last emotionally charged comment which is an awesome sign for the record. Also see how she gave me a compliment? Reward her with a hug or a equally small compliment.)
Her: Haha what ever jerk!
Me: Haha so what, are you are freshmen? You look like a lost little dog (See how I peppered in a question within a rather good conversation? That’s exactly how it should be done. Mixed with another emotionally charged statement, her attraction towards me will grow with every single one)
Her: Hahah yea I am actually. You we’re one at some time!!
Me: Yea true story, I bet you’re horrible at beerpong! Speaking of, we’re up next! (Lead her to the beerpong table and start up a game. Phase one, complete.)

So that’s an extremely general conversation that I’ve experience in one way or another. Notice how I jump STRAIT into teasing the girl HARD AS FUCK. Hot girls aren’t used to this sort of treatment and they fucking love it. Brad from Real Social Dynamics once wrote an article on what to do after the opener and he gave some really awesome ideas that I implement commonly. Instead of asking lame chode questions like every other guy does, focus on making statements instead. You can ask questions without actually asking a question and instead reforming it as a statement. It gives shit color and makes the conversation fun.

Instead of asking, “So what do you do?”

Simply state, “Alright so you seem way to nice for your own good. Service industry?”

Or instead of asking, “What kind of music do you like?”

State, “Please tell me you listen to (Insert band/genre of music here), because that would be awesome”

The key thing you want to achieve after the opener is setting up the correct vibe. I rarely run out of things to say because I follow the statement not questions rule, and I work off of what she responds to me with with teasing, appreciation and even sometimes interest. If she tells me she’s from a town that one would consider “Country” I would playfully call her a hick. If she tells me she listens to Justin beiber, I will either jokingly pretend like I’m a beiber super fan or tease her for being a child molester. You really want to focus on setting up the flirty vibe and getting her out of her shell.
So far we’ve covered the topics below,
1. Open with chill or direct line
2. Focus on statements not questions and creating a flirty vibe right from the start


Next part of the equation is extremely important and if you choose not to act by it then you WILL NOT get laid. It’s called physical escalation and it can be done in many ways. Through out the interaction, windows of escalation will present themselves constantly.
For example, If a girl gives you a compliment or says something you love then you fucking hug her and tell her you like what she just did/said in some way or another. Same goes for high fives. If she says something dorky, mess up her hair and call her a dork. I do this one a lot actually, but be careful cause it has backfired in the past. If their hair is all done up and nice…..then don’t ruin it. If it’s just down and looks good then go to town on that shit. You want her to view you as a playful dude, not one who’s afraid to touch her. Also very important note, my calibration is pretty tight when in field SO my spidey senses tingle hard when I know i’ve made her even slightly uncomfortable with any sort of physical escalation. Keep an eye out for any signs that she might give, like backing up or sometimes even making a weird face. If that happens, back the hell up and say something funny. Wash rinse repeat.

Anyways, just learn how to recognize these windows of escalation and jump through them when they appear. While playing beer pong, hug her/high five her for making a shot, and jokingly push her away and tell her she has to find a replacement cause she’s making you loose the game. Hold her hand when you lead her to the dance floor because yea you better fucking be leading her to the dance floor or to the keg or even better to the bathroom for the pull. I’ll cover leading in more detail in a bit.


Say this sentence aloud three times. “If I don’t get sexual, I will not get laid”. Say it until it’s fucking ingrained into your head. This is one of the main elements that dudes lack and wonder why they aren’t getting laid and being put into the friend zone. Dude look, you want to get the girl thinking dirty dirty thoughts about you within 10 min of opening her. Sexually charged statements are the best way to do this along with escalation, which I’ve covered above. If I’m talking to some slam piece at a party and I notice her great ass, I’ll let her know how I feel about her great ass. If I initially set up a fun and flirty vibe in the begging like I was supposed to, then saying, “wow you have a great ass” and being completely authentic about the thought will instill the wanted sexually charged emotion within the girl.

Then grab her hand and make her do a little spin for you (Escalation + sexually charged emotions = FUCK yea), It would make her blush. Lines like “You have really nice lips”, or “Mmm you smell delicious”, or even, “I want to put a baby in your tummy”, all have the same purpose.
Dirty thoughts of you and her together are the goals here. They actually turn her on, which is exactly what you want. Just be authentic as a Man. Careful not to go overboard and become super creeper though. Saying shit like, “Your ass is so nice I want to insert my penis into its brown eye”, for the most part is NOT fucking cool. Don’t be a retard. Again, this is why setting up the initial vibe after the opener is so important; It lets you get away with sexual lines which in the end are a necessity.


As the interaction progresses, it’ll get easier and easier to have a fun conversation with that girl. Comfort levels will rise and the initial awkwardness will eventually pass. You can almost feel the shift; conversation will just start to flow. At this point, I’d usually isolate the girl from the rest of the party by bringing her outside to smoke a cigarette with me or just away from the music so we can have a one on one.

This is when you really get to know the girl along with letting her know that she’s not just some girl you’re trying to fuck. The way I personally qualify a girl isn’t really a step in the process of the pull, it’s more like a passive element that I pepper in throughout the entire interaction. In a nutshell, qualification is the act of inexplicitly letting the girl know you like her for her. It’s almost as if her personality and “awesome” traits have won you over.

The lack of this element will show its head in the end when you get massive amounts of LMR (Last Minute Resistance) and have no idea why. So what do I do to qualify? It’s actually really simple. If she tells you something about herself that you actually find cool, let her know. If she tells you she plays the piano, let her know that that’s fucking awesome. And then jump into the topic of music, killing two birds with one stone. If she mention’s not being in a sorority, hug her and tell her that you are relived because most of the sorority girls that you meet are half retarded.

All right, so far we have covered the topics below,
1. Open with a chill or direct line
2. Focus on statements not questions and creating a flirty vibe right from the start
3. Remember to jump through windows of escalation
4. Provide sexually charged emotions
5. Let her know that you like her for her awesomeness
6. Emotionally vibe with the girl and create connections


The sex-worthy man in college will act as the leader of most interactions that involve the opposite sex. Since the beginning of time, the Man was the leader and the Woman was the follower. Wow that sounds sexist as fuck, but what ever. It’s a reality. Women are hardwired to react sexually to certain qualities in a man and leading is one of them. He leads the conversation and he physically leads the girl all the way to the pull. This small concept also fall’s into the same categories that must be viewed as passive elements peppered throughout the entire interaction. It’s a constant thing.

Think of it this way, the more you successfully lead her the more comfortable she will get with the idea of you taking charge. If a girl we’re to lead the guy all the way to the pull, for the most part she will end up feeling like a slut. You will not get laid. But if you take action and passively lead her in several different ways all the way to the bedroom, then the responsibility is put on you. She will not feel like a slut, and say something along the lines of, “It just kind of happened”.
In the majority of my interactions, I’ll use similar methods to lead the girl that I’ve used many times in the past. These methods are tried and true, so make sure and deploy when the situation presents itself.
So I’m at a party chatting up a hottie and I suddenly realize the conversation is not moving things forward. I grab her hand and start pulling her to the keg outside while yelling “MORE BEER FOR ME”. While walking thought the crowd of drunk people, I’ll slightly let go of her hand just to see if she squeezes back harder. She does. Sign things are going according to plan. We get to the keg and I poor both of us a beer. We continue to talk for a bit and I accidentally drop my beer. I blame her for her clumsiness, steel her cup and chug the rest. I laugh in amusement. I then grab her hand again and say its time to rage. I pull her to the dance floor and in fact, fucking rage.
I get tired of dancing. I pull her outside because I want to talk to her while a smoke a cig. I pretend to blow the smoke in her face. She fakes being upset. I laugh at her and tell her that she’s so cute when she’s mad. My cig burns out.

I pull her to the beer pong table. I set up the cups and ask her to find the balls. I chuckle on the inside. She sucks at beer pong and I tease her for this. I teach her the correct way how to shoot. I tell her to use her massive cleavage to distract the other team. She does so. We win. I give her a hug and tell her she’s the beer pong champion but only gets a ribbon cause I’m keeping the trophy. I lead her back to her friends and start chatting with them for a bit. She leaves to go to the bathroom and I win her friends over. I tell her friends that I think their friend is cute. Girl comes back and I leave to chat with my bros. While I’m gone, friends tell girl how awesome I am and basically she should have sex with me. Later while chatting up another hot girl, original girl walks up to me and steals me away…
Okay now re-read the passage above and count how many instances I lead the girl. This is EXACTLY what you should be doing. Fucking lead, lead and lead I cannot stress that enough.


It’s a place where dry humping, public masturbation, physical escalation and basically having sex are considered socially acceptable. And it’s the place where a large part of my work is executed. On the dance floor you can accomplish so many things at once that you wouldn’t be able to if you were just chatting with a girl on the porch. Physical escalation, sexually charged actions, leading and even qualification. This place is the shit.
At one point or another, I will always eventually lead my girl to the dance floor. Or backtracking quite a bit, dance with a girl whom I was using the slow approach with. There are just so many benefits and I can get away with so much shit that will have a positive effect on my success.
All right so you opened a girl, set up a flirty vibe, qualified, acted as a leader, sexually charged her emotions, and made connections. So far so good, things are going in the right direction. But you just need that extra push of emotions or an excuse to go for the make out. This is where the magic happens.
I pull her to the dance floor. She grinds on me hard, I squeeze her hips almost as if I’m having sex with her. My body moves to the beat while I move her hips left to right and mirror my feet hitting the ground, left to right. My hands run down the outside of her thighs and while bending down, grab her knees. We get lower and lower, shits starting to get nasty. The beat starts to rise and I pull her hands put in the air while still moving to the beat. My hands rub down her arm, one arm goes around her waste and pulls her close with the other gently grabs her neck and squeezes it without actually choking her. Her eyes close and she tilts her head back in pleasure. I spin her around and we start dancing face to face. My right knee is in between her legs and I gently apply pressure to her goodies. She’s obviously turned on. I pull her close and we continue to dance to the beat. I look her dead in the eyes for a second, stair at her lips for a second, then dart back and forth between her eyes and her lips. She smiles. I smirk, gently grab her chin and go in for the kiss. She closes her eyes and lets me in. I grab the nape of her neck and pull her hair while gently biting on her bottom lip. I pull back, smile and lead her off of the dance floor.
And that’s how it’s fucking done. Haha, it sounds like something out of a romance novel. Generally this is exactly how it goes for me 80% of the time. She may not let me kiss her the first time around which has happened many times, but that’s really easy to get around. It’s as simple as pulling back, turning her around, dancing with her a bit more, amping up the sexuality, and going for it again. Wash, rinse, and repeat until the desired result.

o Getting the Phone number
The pull
o Bathroom
o Figuring out Logistics
o Day 2’s
o Having good sex
Maintaining Fuck Buddies
o General Vibe
o Once a week rule
o Careful who you pull
Make sure she knows she’s not just for sex


It’s as simple as asking for it. A lot of guys put some mystical importance the idea of “getting the digits” or what ever, but it should be viewed as simply pushing things forward. What works for me? I literally pull my phone out of my pocket mid conversation, hand it to her, and ask her to save her phone number and full name for facebook reasons.

Not to mention forgetting her name the next day and having to deal with a possible awkward text scenario. By asking for her phone number in this manner, it comes off as less needy then something like, “hey we should hang out soon if you want to, can I have your phone number?”. Not saying something like that wouldn’t work cause I’m sure it could and it has, but regardless this is what I would do in a similar situation. Also try to steer away from asking for the phone number at the end of the interaction and then just leaving. It’s just fucking cliché. Do it mid conversation, put the phone back in your back pocket or hell take a picture of her shoes and tell her you’re making it her caller ID picture so you wont forget who she is. What ever, be creative. Just don’t chit chat, get phone number, and be like “cool well I’ll text you and we can meet up some time! Good to meet you! I’m a fucking chode!”

Alright so you have the digits. Sweet tits. Step numero dos when it comes to the telephono, is make sure she has yours. You don’t want to text her a couple of days after and her respond with, “who’s this”. I personally fucking hate having to deal with that, but IF that happens I’ll usually reply with something funny and then eventually tease her for not adding my phone number in the first place. For example…
Me: Thanks for all of the free drinks the other night, your tooling skills are among the best (:
Her: Haha who’s this
Her: hahaha omg who is this!?
Me: shame on you, and here I was thinking you were socially savvy. Its HPRJ dork
There ya go. Anyways, so I have her phone number and we’re still chatting at the bar. Shits going good. What’s a creative way to make sure she has mine? Easy. I do it every single time and it always accomplishes what It’s meant to. She adds her number, gives you your phone back, and this is what you do....
You: hey dork, guess who
You: hey come save me this girl won’t leave me alone (credit el two step)
And boom, you get an emotional rise out of her which is good PLUS she has a saved text from you when she looks through her texts the morning after considering you did not pull and are going to go for a day two. It’s funny; sometimes I’ll do this and end up splitting before the pull. Then out of no where the girl will respond to my original text at bar closing time with something like, “hey you where are you?” or “hey what are you doing after the party?”. BANG BANG booty call, end game.
Ahh and we finally arrive at the end. This is the end goal for this thing we all call “the game”. And unfortunately, there are many facets that affect the success of these final steps. If everything else before was done correctly for the most part, women understand the men can will and will “fuck up” some time or times within the interaction it just all depends on how many times you do, then you should be on your way to the glory land.

The vibe you portray from step one will MASSIVELY effect the outcome of her either going home with you or going home with her best gal friends. In the business world, it’s called the win/win scenario. How the hell does this apply to sex you ask? Well look, if you as the man express the belief that sex is merely a fun act for BOTH PARTIES to enjoy, and not some idea that the Man chases after the women in order to obtain the sex while the women makes him “work for it”, and you express this belief as in PEPPER IT WITHIN THE ENTIRE INTERACTION, then the women will eventually enter your reality and start to agree with you. Its almost as if you said, “look lady we both benefit from fucking all night tonight, not just me” but not as explicit. You must push your reality on the girl until she understands that you do this sort of thing all of the time. To you, sex is fun and both parties benefit from it.

I spoke a little about this next topic earlier in the chapter, but when it comes to the pull I think it’s pretty relevant. It’s called sexual tension. From my experience, the higher the sexual tension between you and a girl becomes, AKA the more horny you make her, then the better chance you have at actually ravishing her. Humans have extremely primitive sides to them, ESPECIALLY when it comes to sex.

Best ways to turn a girl on? I’ve mentioned a couple already, but seriously dance floor land is fucking key. This place alone has gotten me the lay on multiple occasions. Remember, sexually charged emotions + escalation + pulling back at the right moments = sexual tension.


Fuck logistics. If the logistics don’t align with what you’re trying to do, then pull her to a fucking bathroom. It’s a college house party, which means the bath room’s are a lot cleaner then a packed out bar for the most part, people won’t necessarily be slamming on the door the entire time. I’ve literally gone strait from the dance floor to the bathroom due to the extreme sexual tension, and ended up getting the lay because of its precise timing. Again, humans can be fucking primitive. Or hell, go and cherish your new 96 Honda Civic. If it’s outside of your reality, pull it in. Women are not as nice and innocent as some of you guys may want to believe.
But if you aren’t comfortable with the option listed above, then there are other ways. Screen her through out the interaction by asking simple questions such as,
You: So are you the DD tonight?
You: Who did you come here with?
You: Where do you live?
You: What are yall doing after?
Eventually you’ll find out the deal. If she’s driving, where she’s going to end up and whom she’s going with. Look, the key thing you have to remember is that you must put ALL of the responsibility on you to make the pull happen. You are the man, she is the woman. You chase, she submits. If she does otherwise, she will feel like a and not sleep with you in order to rationalize the idea of her being a slut.

But in all honestly, I think the majority of my lay’s come from the slow and drawn out approach. Also know as, working my social circle. Thus, logistics are rarely an issue because by the time I pull the trigger my girl will create the logistics necessary for me us to have some fun. But HPRJ, you just said if a girl did that she would feel like a slut! Yea I did say that. But in my situation, I’ve known this girl over the course of months and she knows who I am by now. She knows my reputation. It’s socially acceptable for her to have sex with me. Again, just a stupid rationalization but in this case, in my favor.

Stories of my drunken debauchery and disgusting adventures as a fratdaddy who knows how to take advantage of the college scene. Sorostitutes and GDI's, trek with caution. 
THE COLLEGE CODE - Journal of Glory [PICS] - My life in a nutshell

My experience of proper college enverioment game written within 10,000 words?


Free Text Guide e-book written by me?

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Good Read.
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ps. what happened to collegeflirt?
Looking for a solid wing. 
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novel wrote:

ps. what happened to collegeflirt?

It fell through. Unfortunately.
Stories of my drunken debauchery and disgusting adventures as a fratdaddy who knows how to take advantage of the college scene. Sorostitutes and GDI's, trek with caution. 
THE COLLEGE CODE - Journal of Glory [PICS] - My life in a nutshell

My experience of proper college enverioment game written within 10,000 words?


Free Text Guide e-book written by me?

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 will have to read this later. so far so good though :O
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 will have to read this later. so far so good though :O
You ain't seen nothing yet.

Follow me on Snapchat (SnapSocialGuru) and learn how to create stories that will have people coming to you

[1/4] The Snapchat Guide to Game: How to create a captivating story
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 good post bro, good to see that you're still in it.  Told you relationship land is a deep, quite interesting place .  Anyways, I Noticed I use the statements without noticing. i would like to add this consciously though to play around with it more if that makes sense.  Could you go into a little more detail of the statements rather than questions.

 And btw just to add to his post about post opening: 
questions if they are logical will kill any interaction especially in thebeginning because you are pinging off of her instead of just going with your own party.  "This pinging is good when you guys actually develope a connection/chemistry but before that it is death to interaction"-manwhore i believe
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i didnt read everything some good things in but mostly is reharshed  nothing i havent heard before.

funny thing is when i was in college my reputation was that at one time i had 7 girls (as fb) when they found out no girl would talk to me and i mean the whole college.

so your manwhore theory is false it works on whores only .
players like players

you write allot of things but with a simplistic view of how things are when in reality is what you did to attract the specific girls you did not all girls just one type of girl.

this advice might work but better advice is to relaxed
2.get to know her your intrest after she earned it
4. follow up with any escalation you might choose

its that simple  10000 is just a plain waste of time
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 Place mark to remember when I reread and dissect 
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 10000 words on college game is a bit much.

College game is simple social value game.  Cold approach is not needed, but it's cool tool to have.

Social value, throw parties all the time.  Be the big man on campus and escalate like a mother fucker.  Or, be the cool fun guy that get invited to parties.
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thanks for sharing
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