May 20th, 2018
How the fuck do you maintain this shit?
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I know most of you are in short term mating mentality right now but coming from a more long term mentality.. How do you maintain growth? How do you keep from relapsing!?

I wish I knew this stuff before because right now its like im trying to undo 21 years of experiences that have literally molded me and created my current through processes.
My "mind" is by far my biggest enemy in this game. I think I grew up picking up some of the worst habbits imaginable. NEGATIVITY has ruled my life for years with LAZINESS as its right hand man.
Make no mistake, there is nothing I think about more. I CAN'T NOT do this.. yet I'll focus for 6 months then get lazy.

My work ethic sucks. Its like my default state is, lazy chode, stay home, get high, bang your girlfriend, go to work. 

Im not trying to assign blame or anything but I need to fix this. How can I optimize my performance and stay on track long term.. Even when im in a relationship... EVEN when Im getting what I want. How can I avoid depression or maintain the strengh to keep from giving in to old habbits? Personally im starting to think alot of this has to do with unhealthy lifestyle, bad food, bad sleep. Mediation perhaps?

I'll do the work just point me in the right direction..
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I was recommended the book "Awaken the Gaint Within" so far this book seems up your ally. Give it a read.
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Do you have goals? Thinking about goals brings motivation.. Your brain is a _machine_ built to achieve things. You have testosterone in this purpose to give you motivation and better confidence and you get emotionally rewarded when you achieve goals. Male brain.
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 This is actually most people. In the end you need to aim higher and create a realistically achievable goal that you are passionate about. If you are lazy and negative it's partly because you are living the mundane mediocre existence of the average man and not living your dreams. Aspire to be more. Take something you are passionate about and begin to master it. It doesn't have to be pick up.

I actually broke up with my girlfriend a few months ago because I to was becoming complacent. Every day was the same shit and I realized how pathetic my life was becoming. My girlfriend had no ambitions, her entire life revolved around her 7 year old daughter and it made me SICK. She neglected her health, her well being, and worked a dead end job and in return put all that energy into over bearing affection on her already spoiled and needy daughter..

I took a big gamble and moved out of her apartment one day while she was at work and have never regretted it since. I realized than, more than ever, at age 30, I will NEVER be happy living a life of mediocrity. I will persue my best self or die trying.
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