January 22nd, 2017
JoeStriker's Journal w/Pics
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Yesterday I saw Walrus... The reason I called her walrus in the first place was because she was a horrible kisser, and had more stubble on her upper lip than I did.
Nonetheless I number closed her and hung out yesterday... I mean what the hell right, its all practise.
Got to her house, talked shop with her dad about motorcycles for a bit, and chilled around her neighbourhood for a bit.
I had never talked with her in person.. It was all physical game at the club, then texting... so this was the first time I actually heard her voice...
And it was actually a lot deeper than I expected. Anyway we hungout, she wanted to have sex, and logisitcally I could have....

Standards guys, standards.

Today I went downtown, talked to Blondy from the very first post.. Recap: Met her at the club, picked her up, logistic'd the fuck out of the situation, got makeout + number... hung out, went in for makeout, she was weird about it, didn't text her back.

So it had been a while since we hungout. We just chilled around down town.. I did some PG, and leading.. Putting my arm around her, pulling her through coffeeshops, etc.
We ended up vibing about being proactive, and how we both hate passivity.. We talked about being existential with your life, and taking responsibility for your life.
Which was cool. After resistance breaking my co-worker for 3 hours, leading to sex... I'm realizing I could have fucked blondy, if I had only been more persistant.
I mean shes hot, more attractive than my fuck buddy atleast.

I plan on further persuiting Blondy, however shes under probation for being prude.

The Club
I met up with Seven, and parked my motorcycle by a local club.
Now this club was broken into two seperate venues... one was your standard 19+ bar... While the other half was a 30+ club for older people to mingle.
Me and Seven go up to the bouncer... I hand this skinny white dude bouncer, named Gord my ID. My real ID, which says I'm 18.
He goes "Man, your not of age yet"
I go yeah man "March 12!", The reverse of the month and date numbers... which would mean I'm of age... instead of December... 7 fucking months till I'm legal.
He gets confused and looks at my ID again... Then compares the numbers with Seven's ID. The 13 in what I was calling the month field was a definite red flag
"Nice try kid"
"Haha thanks man!" 
We end up chatting for a bit about underagers, and how the liqor board has been really hardcore on fines to the venue recently.
And how he was just doing his job. He was a chill dude, a lot nicer than other bouncers I had encountered in my venue sneaking career.

Seven goes in, his buddy was having a party in there. I go check out other venues. The electro club I always go was dead and so was the grungy other end of the city bar...

Attempt 1:
I follow some girls as they head into the venue and hold out their hands while they get their hand stamped by the bouncers. I follow them, and hold out my hand.
THE DUDE STAMPS MY HAND... and lets me in. No ID required.
LESSON: Walk with confidence, MOVE RIGHT IN
I"M IN THE VENUE... I walk towards the entrance of the 19+ area...
SUDDENLY, I SEE GORD THE BOUNCER, and I quickly turn and start walking in the other direction. Next thing I know I felt his hand on my sholder, pulling me out of the club.

Attempt 2:
I notice that the 30+ section has an outdoor patio... I scope out the bouncer, sit on the fence, and swing my legs over. I'm now in the smoking pit.
I walk my way up to the door, walk in.
I'm in the fucking venue, LEGIT. But once again its the 30+ venue, and theres only ONE entrance to the 19+ area.
So I scope out the entrance... SHIT GORDS THERE!  quick turn, and go back to the 30+.. Chill for a bit..
Gord sees me, grabs me, leads me outside...
Leads me outside very gently I might add. This guy was a very nice bouncer.
LESSON: You can sneak in as many times as you want, people and bouncers won't do shit except kick you out.

Attempt 3:
Thats right mother fuckers, 3 times. I hope the patio fence again, sneak my way in. Fucking GORD IS STILL THERE HOLY FUCK.
This time while we're outside he gives me this "intimidating" speech about how hes a nice dude but has been known to throw people out of the venue onto their face if he has to.
I reasoned with him "Didn't you ever try to get in? " "Could you give me a better time? When do you guys rotate!?"
No dice. 
He ended up saying "Hey man, on your birthday, IN DECEMBER (he remembered omg), I'll let you in.. NO COVER
I was like LEGIT and left.

The bitch
I end up going to a local diner to get a milkshake, and while I'm there I chat up this cutiepie sitting beside me. Turns out shes 32 and dating the cook of the diner... LOL 
Good thing I just wanted good conversation........
We talked for a bit.. I described my problems with society and how we have to poision ourselves with alcohol and go to special places for it to be normal to meet people... and how society fucked up being social. We talked about picking up girls, and she ran this bullshit about how she got groped whenever she went to the bar, and didn't like it because she went there "JUST TO DANCE"... Haha right.
We ended up getting into an argument about the definition of bar vs club... were she started getting belligerant, and bitchy... Which is when I left.

I mean its cool, I learn to stop placing my identity on people's reactions... Like jeffy said.. be authentic, and you'll be like that hipster coffee shop. Some people are gonna hate you, but the people that like you are gonna REALLY like you, and keep coming back for more.

"Better to be hated, then loved for what you're not"

On a side note.. I'm realizing that if I put my awareness into my body, just to see how I'm feeling... I notice that sometimes I feel nervous or anxious... But if I give myself permission for whatever action I'm taking.. If I just say "Hey man, I am the authority on my life, and I say that this is Ok. This is good.", and I allow myself undevided control over my own life... I feel more grounded... more centered... more sure of myself. Its a good feeling.

Game plan
I've hit a plateau. Its time to break through.
1. Start working out again
2. Get a killer tan, LEGIT!
3. Find another fucking fake ID
4. Finish reading The Physical Game by Ozzie, goal to get understanding, not just to finish it.
5. Finish reading The Fountainhead.
6. Take the bus to school in the morning in order to meet more people
8. Sign up for salsa dancing class
9. Keep up the texting of new girls
The only theory you need:
Stories I write after I come home from the club. Lessons learned and interesting nights:
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I had my ID taken about a week ago... and since then I have literally made it into Jacks, The Ceeps, Cobra, Cowboys, Thorny Devil/Robinson Hall. And its literally me going up.. With my real fucking
ID that says I'm 18... and doing some permutation of:

-Switching the month and day numbers around so it appears as if I'm born in march,
-Poker facing the fucking bouncer and getting in
*Or getting rejected and then sneaking in.

I've hopped over fences, sneaked passed bouncers, found back doors into venues (woo no cover!), and used social engineering to get me in. I'm seriously having more success with using my real ID

and sneaking in, than I ever did with my fake IDs. And when bouncers catch you... They are actually the nicest people! I've had bouncers call me "a persistant badass" and apologize for kicking me out

because "I just have to do my job, you know?"... I genuinely think these guys sympathize with the plight of underagers, and are pretty cool dudes in general.

People have said to me "ohh Joe, how do you have the balls to do that..."

Like Tony Robbins says... The people who step up are more afraid of what will happen if they chode, than the consequences of stepping up.

So my motivation comes from getting denied at the door, and simply FUCKING REFUSING from going home and watching porn.

Like Julien says... THERES ALWAYS A WAY IN

The MOST trouble... I have ever got in from ADVENTURING into clubs has been a gentle escorting out of the building. Thats it.

Anyway, heres the good points of tonight.

Went to a pre-drink for a co-workers birthday - > Went to two different bars

-Approached some hotties at the pre-drink, SWAG
-Pulled a girl into my dick at the club
-Did a lot of approaches
-Pushed my comfort zone by finding BACK FUCKING WAYS into everywhere, and tricking bouncers into letting me in to the hardest spots.

What I'm realizing is that I'm not utilizing enough of my free time to pickup. I mean, I can be a weekend warrior as much as I want, but the progress rate is too damn slow, I find myself learning the same lessons every weekend. Which is fine, its better than nothing... But I'm gonna have to do approaches everyday to stay ICEY SHARP.

1. Do homework at coffeeshops downtown. Take the bus there and back. This will put me into the public enough to do some awesome approaches.
"Hey I just <GENUINE THOUGHT> about you... I had to meet you"
"Hi, I'm Joe" -> Vibe from there.
2. Wake up early to hit the gym across my street. At 5 dollars a visit its worth it.
Maybe even jog to the gym that I HAVE a membership with...
3. Finish fucking reading Physical GAME
4. Eat a lot of healthy shit...
5. Be as social as possible.
The only theory you need:
Stories I write after I come home from the club. Lessons learned and interesting nights:
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This was really inspiring. Thanks man!
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