February 26th, 2017
JoeStriker's Journal w/Pics
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Just starting out with Natural game, I'm working towards my ideals of an amazing life.

Social Freedom. Being frequently excited about upcomming social oppertunities, and the potential for ANYTHING to happen.
Having my phone constantly buzzing with messages containing flirts, jokes, and social oppertunities
Facebook flooded with inside jokes, steamy messages, and hot girls
A circle of friends that constantly say "IM IN"
Able to override negative emotions, to recognize them, and take right action
My parents and friends making jokes about being a ladies man
The feeling of achievement from persuiting my goals and hobbies, and fufilling the purpose of my existential life.

Soon I'll be going to university, and I want to make the most of it. So I have exactly 198 days to hone my social skills.

The Plan

-I'm going to do approaches everyday, no excuses.
Whether it means taking a bus downtown, walking to the mall, going to local coffeeshops, or going solo to clubs
-I will be constantly updating this blog
-I will cease watching porn, and gain motivation in the process
-I will work out 3 days a week
-I will continue to do well in my courses and be accepted into university ☑
The only theory you need:
Stories I write after I come home from the club. Lessons learned and interesting nights:
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January 21, 2012

For the last 6 months I've been getting my shit together... Taking additional courses to streamline my way to university,
securing a serious job, and balancing working out with performing guitar. Recently I'd been having quite the low, I could feel scarcity creeping up into my actions and my thoughts...
I could feel myself getting needy.

The natural I know at work said that him and a few people were going to the Gay bar, and asked if I wanted to come. One of our co-workers is gay, so it was to support him... but really it was about going to get the sexy lesbian girls. The natural kept purporting how great it was, and that if you avoid the gay landmines, you find gems of lesbians, and single girls who need some straight-male attention. So I said fuck it. I really can't be turning down social oppertunities at this point, and I'm really glad that I didn't...

I picked the natural up (we'll call him Seven), from his place, and we proceeded to the downtown area, where we would meet the rest of the group. I was pimped out from meticulus cologne and clothes shopping. Very chrisp. And I noticed I was similarly dressed as Seven, he was wearing an interesting dog tag and a watch that stood out. I had my signature keys necklace ("omg what are these keys for? Well this ones the key to your heart... and this one is the key to her heart ;) ", and a binary watch I had recieved over christmas.

We showed up relatively early as to miss the cover, and we all found a seat at the couches by the dance floor. We chatted away, and I realized that I had already missed a few social oppertunities. There were hot girls at the door I didn't flirt with, and there were two more close by. Seven made eye contact with them and motioned for them to come over. They sat down, and we began talking, the four of us. Eventually the group convo split to me and the one girl, and him and another. Each of us found some commonalities in the other, but overall nothing too special. We chatted for a bit, and Seven decided to buy them drinks. I was DD for the night, and he didn't drink much, so it was odd that he was buying them alcohol. I'm glad I hadn't offered. I'm glad I knew better :P
So the girls leave to the dance floor, and we wait for our waters. Finally we make it to the dance floor, where the rest of our fellow staff are dancing, along with a few randoms and the girls we met, as the night was still young. So after regrouping with our buds, we headed over to the girls, however all attempts to do some intimate dancing falied. We decided to next them.

The rest of the night I can only remember each girl by situation. And even so I'll be missing some out.

Seven started choading out. All he was doing was dancing by himself, next to the group of our friends. I said FUCK THAT and started trolling the room. Abundance, remember, abundance.
In no particular order:

Group of girls + Miss Red Dress
The club picked up, the dance floor was packed. I spotted this TIGHT red dress walking by, very hot, straight hair, and a booty to match. An 8 for sure. So I walk over and casually dance with them. The great part about being in a gay club is that I have the plausable denaiblility of just being a friendly gay man. So I'm in their group, and I MM the SHIT out of it. First I note my target, miss red dress. Then I become the center of the group... I'm showing all her friends funny dance moves, and spinning them, and grinding with them, but ignoring my target. Then I leave for a bit, dance with some other girls, come back, rinse and repeat. A strange little gay man comes over into the group and starts freaking with miss red dress, and shes obviously not enjoying it, but playing along. At this point I eye-code her friends like shes really weird, and turn my back to her. They do the same, effectively cutting her out of the group. At this point shes really looking for my validation, so I move the gay guy away from her, give him my empty drink cup, and I grab her booty... leaving her 3 friends to dance amoungst themsevles with the creepy gay kid.
She. Was. Awesome. Holy fuck. She knew exactly what do to.... I'm overly sexualized, so when I say that she was good I mean it.
At this point I tried to turn her around to face me, and do a kiss close, but she always resisted it, turned herself around and just continued grinding on me.... So after awhile of that I nexted her too.

Masochistic girl
I walk over, grab this attractive girl and dance with her. At this point I'm in beast mode. I'm not in my head at all... All I know is that I see something I like, and I'm going to get it.
So we start dancing, and she digs her nails into my back while she aggresively grinds on me. I have never experienced this sort of girl before, but wow.... Shes forcing me into the perfect spot, in the middle of the dancing crowed... Gah! Eventually after emmmensily enjoying that, her gay friend comes over and does the - "your wasted, and shouldn't be dancing with him" look, and she leaves with him.

Spanish Nympho
Theres this girl on the stage, and shes looking REAL nice. I make some seductive eye contact with her as I walk by... She leans forward and asks me "Are you gay?"
I said LOL no... 100% pussy. And she goes OMG YES! and literally jumps off the stage, legs wrapped around me. She starts heavily making out with me, while working her spanish, dancing trained, body all over me. Holllllehhh. This contunes until she disengages. Leave, dance with some random, come back, repeat. Shes on me again. Until she disengages, and then disappears for the night

At this point, I'll see a hot girl through the crowed, and I'm just like "Get out of my way". I work my way over, and BAM I'm in.
This state shit is crazy.
Some girls will be unreceptive, or with their girlfriend. I don't waste any time and move on to the next girl. The next girl whos probably way more freaky and more into me. Awesome.
It just didn't phase me.

Blonde and Friend
I had seen her through the crowed. Seven was finally in state and dancing on some HOOTTT ukrainian milf.... problem was that this stunning blonde I was persuiting was with her friend. I didn't get the chance to engage her until near the end of the night when the club was starting to clear out. She and her friend were sitting on the couch typing away at their phones, so I go over there, and say
"Hey! What the hell are you guys doing!" -Just a little effeminitly.
They start explaining how comfortable the couch is as I'm melting into it.
We fluff for a bit about I don't remember what, and then I lead them onto the dance floor. So I'm dancing with her and her friend, and blonde tells me that she slipped out... That her fucking boob popped out. So she thinks I'm gay. Which is fine, I can change this, I'm under the radar. I know she won't let me isolate her unless her friend is occupied. So I dance with them for a bit, and then tell them to wait. I go and get Seven, and ask him to plleeeassse jump on that grenade. Like a good wingman he occupies her, so I can isolate. We start dancing dirty. I'm making seductive eye contact... I lean in... We make out... she askes me if I'm gay... I say in her ear "pffft no!", where she proceeds to make out with me and grind on me. I then number close her, and make out with her some more.
The club started to close up, and so we got our coats. Seven was bonding with the obstacle, and I found out that blondy was actually pretty cool. We talked for a bit, then I drove them down the street to where they lived. Her friend kissed Seven on the cheek, and I got a real kiss from blondy, and told her to get the fuck out of my car.... and have a good night ;)
She later text messages saying "Hey sexy man I met at the clubs ;) thanks for the ride home". I didn't reply, because
A) Fuck that bitch
B) abundance
C) I'm not the provider, I'm the lover. I will not be seen as anything else.

On the ride home me and Seven compared stories. Ever since I met my first natural in highschool, I finally felt level with one. I felt like I had really accomplised something. The night was a success.
The mindsets that helped me out the most were:
1. If the girl isn't receptive, shes gay. Theres 10 more in this club that want some D, and 3 billion more outside.
2. I have control over the night, not my brain. If my brain says "don't approach cause its scary, and she has a boyfriend" FUCK that shit.
If I want it, I'm going for it. No apologies, no rationalizations, no excuses.
3. Freedom is lost with social prudeness. Which means talk to EVERYONE, no matter what. It puts you in state, and you're being the social guy that you deserve to be.
The only theory you need:
Stories I write after I come home from the club. Lessons learned and interesting nights:
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February 10, 2012

Its a friday night, and I'm going nuts in my house. My one wing was stuck with exams, and Seven was being too choady to come out,
So at about 10 I left for downtown, solo. I parked downtown and picked up a coffee at my favorite coffee spot, make breif conversation with the waitress and hung out for a bit until the club started to pick up. I was headed to a House/Dubstep sort of club that Seven recommended me. I had been once before and had done okay, a lack of people was the problem. 

I get into the club no problem, barely a line at 11 o'clock... The music is jumpin, and there are lots of people around the bar, the problem is there was barely anybody on the dance floor. So I took my first chode move of the night and leaned against a poll next to the dance floor... and watched. Thoughts running through my head going "Bro, theres girls on the floor, just go say Hi, or start dancing with them... anything but choding around..." and an equally, if not louder voice saying "Brooo..... the dance floor is empty... if one of those girls rejects you, THE WHOLE ROOM is gonna see... and then you'll get self conscious of your dancing, and then look even worse, just wait until it fills up. " And so I did.... And eventually it got to the point when the dancefloor was full of girls, and the ring of guys standing on the outside of the dance floor was increasing.... but no one was approaching. This was my prime oppertunitiy, to be the LORD of the club and swoop in there... the first guy ballsy enough to step onto the floor.
I choded out. Eventually I saw this equally choady guy... fat, afro, and a very old t-shirt that didn't fit him well... Here I was, after working out, taking the time to find nice clothes, having moderate success with women, and here I am, acting the same way as this guy. At that point I was like FUUUCK this, and so I waided into the crowd.

I approached this 3 set, and did a spin manouver on one, and pulled her in. We started grinding and we were both enjoying it. She had the most beautiful tits... and I had the best view. After a bit, I broke off of her, and tried to approach more women.

Most of the time however it was just "Hey hows it going?" BOOOOOOOOM  - Blown out.... "Wooooo!" BOOOM! -again... This went on for a while until I found some other girl to grind on....

What a turn of events from how it was at the gay bar. I think the reason was that there was more competition for girls. That, and I game sober, always, and these drunk guys just do NOT give a fuck...

Some girls from my old highschool showed up, this put me even more in my head, and for the night I can't say I was in state at all..

I showed up.
I EVENTUALLY approached inspite of my emotional drives
I got a few solid dances with attractive girls (no fatties smile)

To work on

Those first approaches set the tone for the night. By not approaching right away, it made it progressively harder to do so.
Key: Approach anything, and right away
The only theory you need:
Stories I write after I come home from the club. Lessons learned and interesting nights:
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Feburary 11, 2012
I literally just got back from hanging out with Club girl that I met at the gay club. After logisticing the fuck out of her and her friend at the club, by bringing in Seven and isolating... I got her number and we texted back and forth for a while. We flaked on each others plans for a while but she still initiated often. So I took her out to see a movie tonight. It started out pretty slow, I met her at the theatre, exchanged some small talk about her work. I lead her to some seats and we start making some inside jokes about the upcoming trailers.

We ended up seeing Safe House with Denzel.... Its really not a great movie for getting to know a girl in any sense, but I made it work.
During a scary scene I told her "Hey, this is probably gonna be scary, you should hold my hand"... I said it in a corny funny way, and she laughed cutely.
While holding hands I ran my thumb along my hand, she didn't really respond and I noticed she wasn't holding on really, so I just let go and drank some of the coke I bought.

Throughout the movie we're laughing and whispering to each other... We know we're being just a little too loud, but it only builds to our little world :)
I go in for a makeout... and she pulls away first... I was liek NAHHH and continued.
The next few times I made sure to pull away first, god damn I hate that! Hahaha :P

The movie was SOOO fucking long... atleast 2 and half hours... (seriously don't see it), and when we finally got out, we made some more small talk, which was sort of awkward.... but I had to take a piss soooooo fucking bad. There must be something wrong with me but in that two hours I had already made a trip to the washroom to empty my bursting bladder.... and here I was again... REDICULUS... Caffine in the coke? Too much green tea? I don't know. So I rushed our walk to her car, and kissed her promptly and left to my car... SPEEDED THE FUCK HOME and yelled on my way into the washroom. Ahhhhhh :) The satisfaction of an empty bladder and a good night.

Overall, I think this is pretty awesome. A while ago, meeting a random girl, getting her number, taking her out, and making out with her was really not a reality for me. I'm definitely proud of my success :)
I just texted her saying "Hey girl, get home safe. I had a great night :)"
The only theory you need:
Stories I write after I come home from the club. Lessons learned and interesting nights:
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Feburary 16, 2012
A week ago I got wind of a local concert coming up on the 16th. I'm very much into the Dubstep/Electro scene and so few of these artists do shows so I bought two tickets as soon as I heard. At 32 bucks a piece thats not too bad! Seven my good ol' wingman was down in a minute!

So I pick him up, and we swag all the way downtown and begin waiting in line for the show... Immediately this very chubs girl, we'll call her Cindy (for no reason smile), shows up... obviously very drunk and starts chatting with us.. We humor her and vibe about how cold it is and how long the line is blah blah blah. Finally we make it to the front of the line where they are checking ID's. Seven gets in no problem.... I hand the young looking bouncer my fake ID.... He looks at it, then back at me... I give him an impatient "Bro, you okay?" face...He looks back at my fake and then back at me... And says
"Whats your middle name" 
(Holy mother fucking shit, I focused on this random dude's birthdate, NOT HIS FULL NAME!... So I gave him the guys last name)
"Its morris..."
The bouncer goes: "No... your middle name..."
I repeat, in a more annoyed tone : "MORRIS."
The guy goes, Okay! And lets me through.....

Lmfao... SO either I realitied the FUCK out of this poor young bouncer, or he did me a MASSIVE favor. Either or I'm thankful :)

So we get into the venue, and the dance floor is empty. Seven goes to get some cash, and I move to the dance floor to check out the people. I walk around aimlessly for about 20 minutes... eventually I said FUCK THAT and started approaching. 

Right now I'm watching RSD's Flawless Natural... Remembering a quote from Tim: " Approach for 20 minutes, and its like WOO FOR LIFE, BITCHES!"
And so I'd go up to people going "WOOOO!!! Having a good night? YEAH! Awesome!" And high fiving them. This brought my state up pretty quick and the place became more and more packed. I can only remember the rest of my night in fragments.

Latina Rose
The event was an electro type music, and so I came prepared with multi-coloured finger lights. This, along with some techtonik I learned from some romanians, created the perfect dance-lightshow-extravaganza. So I'm dancing away, and as everyone around me stares in awe, I see this girl across the room watching me with a big smile on her face. So I come over to her, and start dancing. She works her body in a very sexy spanish dance sort of way, and from there we hit it off. We dance across from each other for a bit, and then I give her the spin move. She's totally into it and so I turn her around and start grinding on her... Push her away, turn her around, and start making out with her... She was a very interesting kisser.... I don't really get why girls have a thing for bottom lip sucking... I mean sure its great maybe once or twice, but if thats your main move..... please. We're dancing, and she up and leaves... I think she was getting a drink, so I said FUCK IT WOOO!!! And started dancing with new people. Later into the night I saw her again, she comes over and starts dancing with me... I pull back her hair as she kisses my neck... I make out with her... TRY FOR SOME TONGUE... No go... Grab some titties... No go.. Oh well :) So we continue dancing, and I pull off and go do my own thing... I did this a few times, showing up for awhile and then taking off.. Sometimes she'd lead me to other parts of the floor... Something I need to work on is MOVING THEM, instead of them MOVING ME. I left, and ventually I saw her on the dance floor again near the end of the night. I number closed her... and the name she gave me was sort of cryptic... something like B Angelos or some shit... I gave her "Sexy club guy Joe" ... So I get points for style.

Return of Cindy
I'm moving in on a group of cuties, and I'm right about to start one on one dancing... WHEN OUT OF NOWHERE , Cindy comes and starts doing this thrashing dance move, RIGHT between me and the girls.... Shes deffinitely looking for my D cause even when I turn away from her, she steps back in front of me... She had persistance, I'll give her that. Whhhaaaat a cockblock though!

Black Satin
At this point in the night I'm just going from girl to girl doing approaches, dancing with them, and seeing how much fun they are. I run into this one girl... Pantyhoes, nice black booty hugging shorts, and the cutest face.. So I go in. Dance across from each other, do a spin move... She moves her indiana jones purse so I can grind on her booty... Turn her around.... Lock eyes... Look at lips... Make out... DAMN! This girl could make out.. she KNEW... she just KNEW what to do... Perfect amount of tongue... POOF! And she was gone. I didn't see her for the rest of the night, but dammmmnnnnnnn she was nice!

Dime hot swimsuit blonde with no boobs

I see this SMOOOKING hot girl on the dance floor, and I go and approach... She looks sideways at my techtonik attempt at getting her attention, and smiles to herself... I dance closer to her, locking eyes with her... I hold out my hand... She declines, shaking her head and looking away... I'm not phased... I smile, keep dancing, and bump her hip with my hip in a playfull way... She laughs at my persistance, but still doesn't seem into it... I continue for a while, and make a few grabs for her hand... Even do a spin of my own.... THEN OUT OF NO WHERE 
This GIANT muscular jersey shore guy in a tight T shirt comes over, moves right in beside her and starts talking to her, and then making out....

Dammmmnnnnnnn she was hot! Thats something I have to work on... Going for what I want, right away, and with dominance.

Throughout the night there were many girls I'd go up and dance with, and get very close to making out with. Unfortunately half way through the night my finger-laser-lightshow started dieing and breaking, so my techtonik moves weren't as killer... And with the environment being so hecktick it was hard to get their attention. This is also something I have to work on: Hooking without props.


It was a good night! Atleast 5 intimate dances, 3 makeouts, and a number! Club girl from previous dates texted me asking "Heyyy! Hows the concert!?" ... I called her phone and gave her a 30 second clip of the epic chaos that was going on. I texted Latina "Hey girl, get home safe", and she just texted me back. 
I've got to
-Be more dominate at the club, go for what I want, directly and physically
-That will also help me Hook girls without using flashy props
-Move the girls around the club, and stop kissing them first, stop dancing first, and leave first.

On the way home me and Seven stopped at my favorite diner and bought some Cherry coke to celebrate a good night... YEEEEAHHH!!
The only theory you need:
Stories I write after I come home from the club. Lessons learned and interesting nights:
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Feburary 18, 2010
Yesterday I got paid, I got a haircut, bought a new club T-shirt, put some gas in the car, and got lunch at subway.
Today was going to be a good day.

I worked the usual shift, and gave club girl #1 a text. She will from now on be known as The Tease. So I text her, and arrange to meet her at her house for some casual hangout.
I have already taken this girl out for a movie and some coffee, two seperate occations, and each time that girl kept pulling away from the makeouts. ABSOULTLY REDICULUS. UNACCEPTABLE.
So my mindset for tonight was: Do not be sexual, at all. Be awesome, then leave.

So I show up at her house, and we talk, lay on her bed, have some awkward moments with her dad, talk about bla bla bla, and it was good.. I was having a good time talking about crazy club stories and she was... whatever look it was a good night. I got this feeling in my stomach towards the end of the night, and I realized it was because I was thinking of making out with her. She was looking so great laying on her bed next to me, resting her head on me and her legs wrapped around me. So I said fuck THE POLICE and went in for a kiss. Guess what she did... No I'm serious fucking guess... Yeah your right she FUCKING PULLED AWAY... so I naturally I was like wtf! I literally said "Wow, this is just making me lose interest in you." -Maybe thats what she wanted to hear.

See I'm not sure, but I think she thinks I'm too good for her. She told me she doesn't usually let guys into her home, and it showed in the way her parents greeted me, and the way she was uncomfortable at first... She wasn't used to bringing guys into her private little world. So I think shes intimidated by me. AND because of that I think shes scared I only want to fuck her and dump her, and so shes giving me these haha teasing kiss shit tests... to see if I only want her for her body? I don't know.

I mean seriously I think the girls a cutie, I definitely want to tap that... but her personality is lacking, I can't really see myself spending more than a couple months with this girl, so maybe she picks up on that.

Anyways, I left her house saying "Hey if your gonna be like that :P I'm GONE!", and she knew I was headed out to meet new people. She gives me a text while I'm driving away:
"Lol you made me feel like an asshole :p"
I said "Haha good!"
"blah blah"
I said "I did have a good time hanging out, even though you got weird at the end"
She ended up saying she was tired... since when does being tired make you... ahh whatever, she was rationalizing anyway.

Honestly though,  I was the one being weird. Making out with her was AGAINST THE PLAN, I told myself I wasn't going to do that... that I was going to make her feel comfortable first.
I posted a question topic on this, here

What I should have done:

Showed up at her house, talked, laughed, flirted... Reaching a highpoint, then saying "Ok! Gotta go, the NIGHT IS YOUNG!" and then run out the door. This would have helped the second half of the night.

The club
The tease lived downtown, so it was relatively close to bars and clubs that I frequent. So after fighting with that voice in my head saying "Gooo hooomeee, sleeeep, don't appproaaachhhh" I parked at my favorite club, and waited in line. 15 minutes in the cold, and an interesting couple shows up. I make small talk with them, the girl is really hot, too bad she was with the handsome bartender man in the dress shirt... God damn. They guess my age at 23.... LOL ... Honestly if people think I'm 23 right now, How am I gonna seem when I'm actually 23... That is awesome. The fake ID worked no problem and I made my way in. Making sure to flirt with the coat check godesses.

The dance floor was close to empty... FULL of asians. I didn't get in state, I walked around a lot. On the way in I approached what I saw first, two dudes.... WOO highfives... and then back to choding... I decided FUCK THIS I'm enjoying myself and just start dancing.. This asian girl eyes me up. My brain registers that shes into me, but theres still that voice saying "Bro, you don't know that she likes you, don't approach", so I danced for a bit until I was sure she was into me. We danced, but I got bored quick, she was very timid.- This is my game right now, I'm really relying on their reaction to me to determine MY action and MY state... a big no no. Anyways we dance for a bit, and then I pass her off to some chode holding a drink. I literally disengage from her, then push them together by the hip. After the dude gets blown out, he thanks me for the offer, and asks to buy me a drink. I'm 100% serious.

Through the night I'd see some really hot girls, go up and approach, and they'd laugh or giggle... Maybe at my interesting dance moves. Being a low value guy for so long, I tend to rationalize that they're laughing at me because of something wrong with me... However I just read Alexander's post on Intimidation Vs. Bitchy reactions and hes got a GREAT quote.

"Here you are reading about and practising how to become a high value guy, but, for a long time before this reading, you may have felt like a low value guy. When you approach girls with new high value, girls will react you in an intimidated way, but because you’ve had low value emotions for a long time, you’re used to interpreting girls’ reactions to you as you being low value. This interpretation is based on old habits, and a lack of experience as a high value guy."

"realize girls’ reactions are not bitchy, but rather anxious responses to you because they are unfamiliar with you and/or perceive you to be high value."

Sooo fucking key that I bolded and italizied the whole thing.

Old Joe would have been like BROO what a BAAD Niiight OMG...
But I realize now that showing up, and going out, I'm exposing myself to all these blind spots... I'm really learning a lot about myself... and even in the short amount of practising, I notice I difference when I interact with others... I'm streamlining myself... So wether its a good night or a bad night doesn't matter... Its all good smile

1. Leave on a high note, and don't TRY for an outcome
2. Realize girls’ reactions are not bitchy, but rather anxious responses to you because they are unfamiliar with you and/or perceive you to be high value

On a side note, I'd like to thank myself for going out tonight... It was another solo night and I felt really choady. I've made the descision to act in the face of emotion, and to make logical descisions. I'm going out no matter what. Even if I didn't get the sex I was hoping for one night, Still going out.. Even if I have to do it alone, I'm still going out. These girls at my work were supposed to text me some event details. They didn't. I even texted them, and they didn't reply. Really fucked up. These girls are obviously getting my texts and ignoring them. Same with my natural friend Seven. I don't accept that, I'm not cool with that. Sure I might be leeching value off them, in the form of hanging out, or needing a wingman, or a place to go... But I can't rely on them for my happyness. I can't rely on them to  Its very obvious I can't rely on anyone except myself. I've got to keep pushing at this.. Even if it means going out alone and getting blown out all night. I WILL GET GOOD AT THIS. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.
The only theory you need:
Stories I write after I come home from the club. Lessons learned and interesting nights:
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February 20, 2012
Its sunday, so work ended early in the evening, so I took this oppertunity to go home, have a big dinner, shitshower&shave and hit the town.
I started at a coffee house I hadn't been to before... Flirting with some waitresses, we talked about some job related stuff, all fluff as I ordered my green tea. After vibing for a bit, in MID conversation, I literally looked down at my tea and walked away. I'm pretty sure she was still talking tounge

I haven't been able to overcome the barriers stopping me from going up to random girls tables and talk with them, so I sat at a booth and sipped the tea. I took the time to text Latina Rose from thursdays night out. She promplty replied and I invited her to coffee. She declined, due to friends, so I just changed the subject and we got to talking... I actually found out she was on MDMA when I met her... lmfao... Apparently however, shes normally not that adventurous... I really didn't know what to say to that. On one hand I don't want to be too judgemental... Anything goes. On the other hand I'm a little disgusted by drug use. Alcohol and Weed I have no problem with, but anything else crosses lines. I really just changed the subject onto music and the conversation slowly died.

Now despite the somewhat mellow dramatic overtones of this particular post, I'm actually the happiest I've been in a long time. I think its a combination of listening to nightly affirmations, going out very often, and having met a lot of new people. Like seriously! Last night... I was at some cutiepie's house... I build this relationship, from the ground up... I didn't wait and let the universe just hand it to me... No, I went out and got what I wanted. I think going out often, even if I'm not having sex every night or getting numbers every night, or even approaching every night still helps. Its like the more I socialize the more the combo bonus gets added on.. I'm at like a 5x Social skill multiplier, its rediculus!

I met up with my good friend downtown. We figured we'd see if the bars were open tonight, seeing as tomorrow was a holiday (in Canada we have a "family day"). So we chilled at a local coffee shop... While we were there I got into conversation with the cute and a little awkward waitress.. We continued talking for a while until the gay manager comes over and askes me about my binary watch... Haha its been catching eyes lately! So me and most of the staff are vibing about retail and the social oppertunities versus the work involved, you know reatil stuff... and the manager ends up offering me a job... Lmao! Saying that he "can tell [I] have a way with people". Thats actually fantastic... I've always wanted to be known as a socially outgoing guy.. It seems I'm already there.
Anyways I'm considering the job offer... Right now working at the hardware store is okay, I mean I've settled in, I've worked there for about a year... and the money is alright. I'm really starting to dislike how its set up though, lots of sloppy work. Another reason to switch jobs is that I love socializing and I would enjoy meeting people all day... Besides avoiding putting stock on the shelf, thats what I do already... imagine getting paid for it.

So I'll have to see... maybe I can work both jobs for a while, and then slowly transition to working just the coffeeshop.
Oh, and I also got the facebook of one of the cutie waitresses. Very cool smile

It was about 10:30 and the bars were EMPTY me and my buddy got in seperate cars and raced each other home. Drank some arizona, played some Nazi zombies, shared stories, and listened to electro-dubstep-rap.

Great night !

The only theory you need:
Stories I write after I come home from the club. Lessons learned and interesting nights:
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February 24, 2012
Tonight was a bad night. It started out pretty good... I was to meet up with this interesting girl I met at a coffeeshop. I parked down the street, and I saw her and her friends unloading from a cab right out side the club we were going to. It was relatively early so instead of hanging around the empty club we went to a bar just down the street. Her friends consisted of this mousey intelligent looking girl, this drunk out of his fucking mind spanish dude, and this other dude. The other dude was really chill, he had that vibe that he wasn't trying to impress anyone. Infact when I first greeted everyone and went to him, he barely even acknowledged me. This guy was a legit alpha male... and he really did not give a fuck. We'll call him Stone.

After a while of talking, and the spanish kid having trouble verbalizing his sales pitch to get me to join his pyramid scheme, (If anyone ever uses the phrase "Passive residual income" you know its a scam), and trying to talk to Stone... I'd ask him something and he'd be too absorbed by the basketball game playing on the TV to even give me a straight answer... and yet he takes a stick of gum when I offer one.... Anyways we head to the club. Once inside it was preettttyyy choady... I mean I just danced with the two girls for a while. It took me HOURS to get in state this time... It was literally blow out after blow out... There was one cutie... I saw her across the room dancing on a stage... I made eye contact, smiled... we stared into each others eyes as I pulled her off the stage... we started grinding... I move in for the kiss... she goes "Do you have a boyfriend?" ...... I was confused... She goes "Aren't you gay!?" I WAS VERY CONFUSED... WTF? "What makes you think that I'm gay!? " ... "The way you were dancing..." 
So clearly I'm dancing like a fag. I have long been under the impression that I should take some dance classes... I think its fucking time.

Eventually I hit state, and its to the point where I just don't give a fuck, and I'm the party. So the sets are flying open... which is exactly when the coffeeshop girl grabs my arm and tells me that we're headed to another bar. So I go with them, unwillingly. Now throughout the night I'm giving them some of my gum, and helping them with their coats... and when we got out of the first club, I drove everybody to the next bar... I mean after all I had to move my car anyway.... 

So we park and approach the second club... I hand the bouncer my fake, he accepts it, and as hes handing it back to me, the corner rips off it. An 8th of my fake ID is now stuck to some drunk's shoe, and this makes it less likely to work at other venues. FUCK. Anyways we get in, and me and the girls are just hanging around while the two dudes go get something to drink. We're all talking away, when Stone motions me to come to the bar. He pushes me towards some dark haired cutie, and I offer out my hand to meet her... She just looks at my fucking hand... And I'm like Hi :) Hows it going! 
and shes just looking at me... I look at Stone, and he goes, Bro, she wants some gum....... At that point I broke. I said to him "So let me get this straight, you want me... to give this RANDOM BITCH some gum? Thats what you called me over here for????" 

She didn't even give me the courtesy to meet me, and yet she wants a piece of my fucking gum. So I get called over, the gum bitch. Hey gum bitch, this girl needs some gum... Probably so Stone could fucking make out with her. Anyways after the resounding "BITCH" comment left my mouth, the girls got all flustered and.. well.. bitchy, and stone looked off in the distance in disapproval... saying something along the lines of "Man your gonna regret saying that..." I walked back to the girls, we were supposed to go to a party afterwards but I'm fucking pissed after that, and so I grab my coat and bounce.


I could have been over reacting... I have no idea what she wanted the gum for... hey maybe Stone was trying to set me up with her. My emotions got the better of me, and I really should have rode it out. If she just wanted some gum, and I was the gum bitch, then atleast I would have known, and I could have stopped wasting my time on both Stone and those random hoes. Still though, I did feel like I was being used, and I fucking hate that. Then again,  I should give value, without expectation.

I wonder if coffeeshop girl will pick up on the events that transpired. From her perspective all she saw was me go to the bar, come back and give her a dirty look, and then leave. I'm sure Stone will fill her in, and I'd really like to know what was going through Stone's head at the time.

Also I should take dance lessons.
Also I have to keep going out.
The only theory you need:
Stories I write after I come home from the club. Lessons learned and interesting nights:
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February 25th, 2012 - Epic Dime Dancing, Starting the FIRE, and Drunk (almost) Fights

Some co-workers invited me out to HALLF PRICE APPITIZERS over at Crabby Joes... And so I was feelin pretty crabby.. I shit showered shaved and got the fuck over there, about an hour later than I had told them... LOL. Food was good, I was a cocky conversational hogging asshole. Apparently I have the "Speak with Excitement" thing down... Whenever I tell a story they remark "Haha Joe, your life is like a movie.... You could make the most boring activities sound exciting"... Thats an awesome achievement... Talking with Excitement... Nice! Dinner was fun, but the night was young, so I left to pick up my buddy MDawg... Unbeknownst to him, he had no idea until I showed up at his door at 11 o'clock and told him to go have a shower and look pretty. So we hopped in my truck and dubstepped our way to downtown, all while recounting the last nights hilarity.

Eventually we get downtown, and we decide to go to the House/Dubstep/Electro club that I've been frequenting lately. This was the same place I went to last night, but I felt that I was building up momentum in that place... The last few times going were pretty shitty, I was chodey and didn't get a lot of dancing with girls. TONIGHT WOULD BE DIFFERENT.
So we got in, and even though there was a giant chip out of my fake ID I still got in... Awesome. And so the night began.

It started slow, the dance floor was packed, and it was like wading through a sea of people to go anywhere... The worst part was that NO BODY on the dance floor was dancing... How lame. So me and MDawg started dancing... and eventually people started following. For a while it we were very choady, I'd go up to girls, and they'd do the whole close off body language bull shit... And so I went up to MDawg... and I said... "Bro, we're gonna... START THE FIRE" and so what we'd do... is we'd find a group of girls on the dance floor, Barge our way in from opposite sides, and start dancing very low to the ground with our arms outstretched, as if we were cupping a small fire.... One at a time people would join in, until we had a HUUUGEE fire going, eventually raising it to the ceiling, and screaming out "BRING THAT BEAT BACK" just as the bass dropped into some heavy bit... This was so fucking killer, you have no idea. We came in, showed the groups of girls PURE VALUE and then we'd pick who we wanted out of the group to dance with... All I had to do after starting this fire was ECing the girl, holding out my hand, getting her to spin and BAM she was isolated on my jock. -Absoultely wonderful.

And so I'd go around, starting fires all over the place... dancing with girls... and some of the girls wouldn't hook, which was fine, I'd just find another group...
Then I saw her... the DIME PIECE of the club. Literally. I mean this girl was NICE! Very skinny, and yet perky tits... Wearing a skin tight dress... Spanish, or Latino... Perfect eyebrows, and bluee blue eyes that could explode your dick on contact. I was in state so I don't remember exactly what I did.... EC, Hand of God, Spin maneuver, and BAM I was grinding with her... Jesus christ. This girl was so fucking hot, absolutely hot, and I was grinding with her. A year ago, I would not thought this was possible. I even pushed her away and turned her around.. I was being dominant with her teeth it was sooo pimp. 
I remember Tyler making a vid about how he didn't brow beat himself when he didn't get the close.... He was just glad that he was able to dance with a girl, WHO LOOKED LIKE/BETTER than the girls who rejected him in highschool. I had that thought in my head... Looked at the hottest girl in the club, rubbing her vagina on my leg... thinking... Yeah, I can do this. This is awesome.

There was one group however who just WOULD NOT START... I'd look up and the girls were giving the Shlashing throat jesture to say "Don't encourage him"... I looked up again and I saw this one popular girl from my school... To give it context, I had a horrible time in highschool, where I was put into this role of being a complete chode... and this girl was particularly bitchy to me... as soon as I recognized her she mouthed (to me, what seemed like) in slow motion: "Ohhhh myyyy godddd.... its JOE LASTNAME!" ... I was like "FUCK" and instantly ejected. Upon seeing her face, and espesially since this set was blowing me out... it sent me back into the world where I was a chode... its like "She knew who I really was", even if I am currently not a chode and I have put in the work to be a high value guy. I ejected, and went to the bar.

JDawg was being a super pimp wingman tonight... Whenever I'd try to start a fire with some girls, and it wasn't hooking... he'd come in, go along with it, and BAM the set would hook... Hahaha we literally had groups of 6-10 people, in a circle, doing this fire hand dance.... So I went to the bar and bought him a rum and coke. As I'm walking to the dance floor, I'm looking for him... and some drunk fucking idiot literally falls right onto me, throwing the drink out of my hand and partially onto my pants. The guy gets hauled out by security, and I'm left standing there going "WELL THAT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN"... I see Mdawg walking, so I run up... Furious. I was like "Damn man, I fucking bought you a victory drink, and this mother fucker spilt it... GOD DAMN! THE NEXT GIRL, THE NEXT GIRL IS MINE!!!" and so I see this girl, HOT, sitting down... I went up, HAND OF GOD, and she declines.... 
"THE NEXT GIRL, OOOO shit MDAWG, THE NEXT GIRL!" And I see her, this cute spanish girl dancing with her friend. FULL BEAST MODE... Grab her friend, Spin, dance... She was bad... START DA FIYA! Her hotter friend starts dancing sexy, I go up, put her arm around my waist, and grind on that hardcore... FUCK YEAH. 

I went around beasting for a bit, and then I grabbed MDawg and we left. The other bar was still open and there wasn't any cover so we headed over there.... We couldn't get in, so we headed over to the variety store right by the bar... So we get in there... and I see this scrony looking kid about our age, maybe younger, walking around... drunk as fuck.... as I'm walking past him I say "Lol man, are you even of age?" Hes like dude what... and leaves... I buy the drinks and we head out of the variety store... We're heading to the car, and I feel choady for not being able to go in, and so I make an ABRUPT turn towards some girls... BAM theres this dude, with his friend going "HEY MAN, YOU GOT A FUCKING PROBLEM?" Its the drunk kid, and his friend, and hes got me by the arm... I'm 100% suprised, and this kids holding a cigarette to my face... So I play it cool (I play it vagina) and I say "Hey man, relax, its cool"... trying to calm this fucker down... He continues to escalate, to which I keep trying to defuse it. I try and walk away but he grabs my coat under the arm... to which I hear a disgusting ripping sound... Thats when MDawg steps in and puts a sholder to the guys chest... The guy then grabs him by the arm... And his friend steps in to me.. I say Hey, listen, I'm not gonna fight you guys... We're leaving. The guy goes "Say sorry one more time", I had already said it a few times... and so I bitched out and said Man, I'm sorry! and we leave. On the way to the car, I realize my mother fucking jacket is ripped... My nice leather fucking jacket is ripped... along with my self-respect.

Upon consulting MDawg, it turns out that my voice got quieter, I had compressed body language, and essentially, I bitched out.
I was 100% sober, I was driving... This guy was a stick... I was taller than him, and more beefy; I could take him, and yet I got all pussayyy...
I didn't want to get in a fight, there were bouncers RIGHT there, and I really don't want a charge as stupid as this on my record... if I'm getting arrested, its gonna be for something really hardcore, not some drunk retard starting a fight cause I insulted his pride. So in terms of ending the confrontation right there, I think I should have
1) Gotten loud and assertive "HEY! RELAX!"
2)  Had more alpha body language
3) Pushed him off me and keep walking

To me, a blindspot is a part of yourself left underdeveloped, that you cannot see to fix. Tonight I was revealed a blindspot that I have, which is Fear of Confrontation.
In order to solve this, I have to face these fears... so what would be the most challenging for me? The most uncomfortable? Getting in fights, and getting in fights often.
So in order to get this handled, I'm going to fix it now, while I'm young. Shit like this is going to happen for the rest of my life, espesially with my big mouth, and so I better be able to back it up.
I'm gonna take boxing lessons. This way I'm able to fight often, and get myself used to this confrontation. It will also allow me to gain a real knowledge of my fighting potential... which means that I can avoid fights just by the vibe I give off...

Lessons learned

-Girls are unsure creatures. They will not lead. You must lead them, otherwise they will just get bored/leave/or feel uncomfortable. If I want to grind on a girl, I go up and I do what I want to do. She will follow.
-Really hot girls are intimidating to other guys, and as such they don't get danced with often. By going up and dancing with them, you show confidence and they appreciate it. Ride the flow.
-Adding value to sets BLOWS them WIIIIDE OPEN
-I have a limiting belief about myself in regards to seeing the popular kids from highschool. If I see them, I go into my head, and become the chode man they think I am.
I decide who I am. If I'm THE MAN minutes before seeing them, I should be THE MAN afterwards, they should make no difference to me. Its an illogical emotional drive that is triggered when I see them. Its not real. Its not who I am. I choose who I am. I will stop listening to this emotional drive.
-Confrontation freaks me out, even if I could easily take the guy. I will encounter confrontation throughout my life, so I will get it handled now..
With consistency and hard work, I will take boxing lessons and excel at them.

So even if my ego is bruised, this experience allowed me to see these blindspots, and take action to succeed.
The only theory you need:
Stories I write after I come home from the club. Lessons learned and interesting nights:
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March 3rd, 2012
Seven gives me a call, apparently he won some contest which got him a booth and some free drinks at a local bar/club. I saw bar/club because while there was a lot of booths and tables... there was still a dancefloor, infact the whole ground floor was a dancefloor. This was kind of a shitty night, due to the fact that I hate Country music, and I enjoy dancing to Electro muuuuuuuuuchhh more than rap or hiphop. So heres the night, in chunks.

Girl from Across the Room

Me and Seven move over to our booth and one of his friends shows up. Shes cute, but shes got a boyfriend and shes pretty standoff-ish. We're talking away, when I notice across the room, theres this cutie whos sitting by herself. I'm the third wheel currently, and I absoultely hate that... with a passion. Sevens chatting his friend up, and I'm stuck texting? Fuck that shit. So I walk over to the girl, Sit down beside her and say "Hey, Hows it going!" 

We get to talking, apparently her skinny friend got really drunk and was currently throwing up in the washroom... with all the rest of her friends helping her... and this cutie pie was the official table/purse watcher. So we chatted for a bit about school and what not, real fluff... I did some Kino, some other flirty stuff, she mentioned her boyfriend off handedly, I just continued holding seductive eye contact and shooting the shit. Honestly at this point it doesn't bother me. I'll be talking to some girls and their friends will come over (even if they are my friends aswell, and they're just letting me know) to say "Sheee has a boyfriend" ... This shit doesn't phase me anymore... I'm there for good conversation, if things move to sex, awesome. If they don't, I'm just being social anyways. 

We're talking away, and I notice shes looking around... probably to see if her friends will rescue her... Although this could be me negatively interpreting this... More on this and how it ties into self esteeme later. Her friends finally show up, and I say "Nice meeting you", and eject back to Seven and his friend.

The Friend

Now that I'm in state a bit, I engage Seven's friend. Start doing little games like "THE DRUNK TEST" (which is really slapsies), and thumb wrestling. Talking about funny things like wanting to be an astronaught or an underwear model... And she says to Seven "Wow, I love this guy!" "Hahaha this guys awesome!" .... This coincides with one of the featured videos in an article I read on RSDn lately... that when you are a source of pure value, you will hear stuff like this from girls. -Cheyeah!

I'm too young for this
Some people show up into our booth... they know someone down the social line to me and Seven, so we greet them and get to know them. They're all really hot, and they all turn out to be
A) In their late 20's (ie.. 27, 29)
B) Married
or C) Both...
I mean jesus christ. I tell them I'm 18... Not sure why, I'm pretty sure I'm self sabotaging myself here... and they end up telling me I'm so young and they're so old... and I laugh and say "nooo your not old" or "haha too bad for you..." rince and repeat....
Still, I wouldn't mind fucking a cougar. 
I'm just glad I'm desensitizing myself to this bar/club scene now. So that when I feel like I really belong, when I am closer to the age of the people around me and I'm actually LEGAL to get in... I'm gonna fucking own the place. Well, atleast more so than I do now.

Random Dancefloor girls

-I see some random, give her the eyes... Hand of god... Spin... grinding... Turn her around... deep EC, but NO MAKEOUT... I didn't even try for it.
This happened about 5 times.

Girl from Highschool
This cutiepie from my highschool who was moderately attractive (I'd tap that) if not a little chunky, noticed me on the dance floor and was like WHATS UP!!! WOOO
complimented me on my new style (I had long hair for about ... 5 years, now I'm working a nice crew cut), and me on hers... She did some crazy grinding shit... it was nice :)

Theres really quite a stigma for me with people from my highschool. I know this is the illogical part of my brain doing this... but what happens is when I see these high status highschool kids that choded me out, it brings back that reality for me... It makes my entitlement skyrocket to the ground, and puts me in my head. The voice starts going "Your not supposed to be here", "They know the REAL you", "They know you are really a chode, and they're gonna tell everyone". Shit like this I really have to learn to ignore and act anyways. If I'm THE MAN before seeing these people, I should still be THE MAN... Nothing has changed in that senario. I have changed. I'm practising being a high value man. I am a man that takes action, and works on self improvement. I take care of myself, and I'm striving to higher ideals. Just the fact that I have higher ideals and I'm stiving towards them... makes me a high value man. I will not allow these highschool kids to dictate who I am. I choose who I am.

Stairs stare
I'm headed to the second floor, and on the way up I see this amazing looking girl... I make eye contact, smile... I see her smile.
And what do I do? Keep walking.
I should have moved in there and started talking! Maybe even drag her to the dance floor... Shit!
anyways lesson learned.

Hot Asian Dancer
I really need to work on my nickname skills. This girl showed up with some friends to our booth... This girl had a cute short hair cut, piercing eyes, and danced like she KNEW how to fuck... Thats all I thought when I saw her... Damn, that girl can FUCK! We made some sexy eye contact for a while, and I made it a point to dance with her... she looked like she good take a dick. Unfortunately she ended up leaving early, and so I missed my chance! Damn!

Rest of the night
-was pretty gay. It became more packed, and the girls became less receptive to my approaches. Hell I got less receptive... I started getting annoyed at the music and the drunks who kept bumping into me...I wasn't having a good time anymore, and as such the women turned off.


I've noticed a sense of bitterness and self stabotage going on in my behavoir. Looking back, this pattern goes on throughout my life. I think it has to do with my sense of worth and entitlement... I think deep down I believe I do not deserve success and that I am destined to be alone. I've noticed myself acting in ways that push people away, because I feel I don't deserve their friendship or attention. Or I believe that if they like me, that they aren't worth my time.... I've even noticed some sabotaging behavior with Seven, who I highly value as a friend, wingman, and mentor. What really got me thinking about this was a book that RSD recommends "Six Pillars of Self Esteeme" by Nathaniel Branden. I've only been through 14 pages so far, Branden explains that when people achieve success, and they don't believe they deserve it (due to low self esteeme), they sabotage that success to make the world conform to "their" reality... Concepts like "If you believe that people will treat you poorly, they will.". I have yet to read the solution for this...but I will learn it and implement it. I think its a real sticking point for me, and it will feel amazing when I get it handled.

Lessons learned

1. Always approach. Espesially if shes fucking receptive! 
2. Don't disqualify yourself for being young. Infact don't even tell them your age. It doesn't even matter.
3. I should work in those little games with the girls more often... its a fun way of offering value
4. He who hesitates, masturbates. Ooooohhh damn that asian... I missed my chance... If I would have ACTED instead of THOUGHT, I would have experienced that tight asian booty...
The only theory you need:
Stories I write after I come home from the club. Lessons learned and interesting nights:
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March 24, 2012, Cockblocks and Self Esteeme

It had been a long time since i went out meeting people, and I could tell I was going into scarcity. The club girl who kept pulling away (who friendzoned me) I've cut communication with, she was using me for entertainment when her friends weren't around, so fuuuuck that! Also sexy latina just flaked out, and I friendzoned the philosophical coffee girl. It was definitely time to meet more people.

The Bouncer
So I took my good wing Seven out, and we went downtown. Parked the car and hit the streets. I had recently went into toronto to get a fake ID, which was an awesome deal, I got two ID's for 40 bucks, pretty sick. They're from Alberta. After choding around for a while, Seven decides to go into the hardest bar to get into... Usually theres cops beside the bouncers and they're pretty hardcore on ID's. This was really my bad, because I left Seven to make the descisions. Seven is of age, in fact hes 24, so it wasn't a problem for him. He gets in no problem, I hand the bouncer my fake ID, and he takes one look at it... asks me to see my wallet. I said No, why. He says, let me see your health card, I just saw it as you took out this "Personal Property Card". I refuse, and demand my ID back... Initallly I get loud, saying it with force... This causes the bouncer to say "Look man, your really not intimidating, I know its a fake, your not getting it back". So after a ton of arguing, and him saying he's BEEN to Alberta, and I know nothing about it... He tells me two very helpful pieces of information.

A) All bars in this city KNOW about these novelty fake IDs, they know they cost $40 dollars, they know the shop I bought them from, and they know right off the bat what they look like
B) I can get it back tomorrow if I go and see him.

Which was nice, it took a lot of pleeding and bargaining in order to get him to give my fake ID back... at the time the cops were about to show up, and he could have made my life a lot worse than just taking my ID. I'll show up in the afternoon some time and get my ID back.

I'll leave a post on the FAKE ID thread here, letting people know they are a little sketch.

I've got another fake ID, this one was an actual health card that a friend of mine didn't need, so we were good to go.
We headed to a new club, which was connected with a 30+ club! WOooooo cougars!

In the Club
Me and Seven get in no problem, and we grab a booth. We're choding for a while, when I see two cuties sitting in a booth close by. I get up, walk over, and begin with a scripted opener.
Joe: "Hey guys, I've gotta get back to my friend, so I've gotta be quick... but we're having a debate..... You know how girls with yellow hair are called blondes, and girls with red hair are called gingers.... What do you call girls with purple hair!?? I'm saying plums, but my friend thinks purpettes..."
HB's: *giggles* "Plums ahaha! "
So I make like I'm leaving, then turn back and say
Joe: "So where are you guys from?"
And conversation goes well from there. I eject eventually with a warm "Good bye, nice meeting you!" And get back to seven.

I push Seven to approach a group of hotties, he goes over, chats them up, and then comes back maybe 20 seconds later... Apparently he stalled half way through his sentance and said Fuck it! and left...

I've recently been watching Sasha PUA doing day game... This guy is a beast.... Perfect Vid, this guy is hardcore

He will literally go up to girls and say "Hey! You are actually...." and say exactly what he feels about her... Right off his head, no sensoring... He goes up to girls saying shes got amazing tits... BEAST..
The main things I like is that he
A) Assumes value, he doesn't try to impress
B) Hes really authentic, if he likes the girl, she knows it right away
C) He doesn't want more than good conversation

Cute Waitress
Anyway, this hottt brunette waitress wearing a tight black shirt and skirt comes up to our table with these multi coloured shots... I say "HEY", and she comes over...
I like her dead in the eyes... lean in... and say... You have the most amazing eyes... that I've seen... in the last 15 minutes...
HB:"Haha thankkkksss!.... wait, 15 minutes!?!?, hahaha :)"
Introductions, and then we get on to talking about the college she goes to, and about an epic party that recently happened there.
I find out she lives in the country, and that she used to own a horse, but it died...
I said, "Yeah, they do that..." lmao... It just came into my head, and so I said it... she cracked up.
I say, hey great meeting you.... You know what, your pretty cool... Whats your number...
She goes "Ohhhh I can't give you my number! I have a boyfriend!"
I said "Haha, is he imaginary?"
She goes Nooooooo!!
I go, does he satisfy you? In bed?
She goes ".... Yeahh?" 
I go "OH! You hesitated!!" She laughs and walks off...

That gave me major state, she was absolutely amazing hot, and I had a genuine, authentic conversation... and she did most of the talking, which was cool... I really liked the eye contact we had throughout it... It was really strong, and it felt really natural, really deep.... Actually a little invigorating to think about it :D

On the Floor
Me and Seven head to the floor, heres the tid bits real quick:

Sexy Ghetto girl
this girl shows up, shes very busty, I love it, and shes dancing with her friend, with her ass directly infront of me... I had spotted her on the floor a few times, and had the intention of going over there.. but it never really happened. Now here she is, with her ass bumping into my crotch... How unreceptive can I be! Honestly she was probably giving me so many signs that she wanted to dance... I had no idea... anyway I caught this one... Being all low risk I slowly escalated to grinding up on her... Which was great, she took me to the stage and did some nice stripper moves... Even after the freaky porn I watch shes giving me a hardon. 

Cute Latina
With her friend, I go in, make some EC, everything goes well, they're giving me approach invitations, I deny them and dance beside them. Why? I'm not sure. Half of my brain is going "YES! I got them. Now I don't want them". The other half is going "ehhhhh scary! What if she rejects me because her friend is there... scary!". I end up seeing them throughout the night, but the window had closed, any further attempts to engage them were denied.
LESSON: Don't be picky, engage everyone

Amazing zebra striped dress butterface
This girl has an amazing body and a perfect dress.... just absolutely amazing body. I'm dancing close by, going in slow, waiting for some sign that she will allow me to dance with her, some permission... WHEN BAM OUT OF NO WHERE a guy comes up to her, bumps her a bit, and then starts grinding alllllll over her... FUCK... he dress rides up, guy is going EVERYWHERE on her.. That should have been me
LESSON: He who hesitates masturbates

Then I see her alone again, I'm about to leave, but I'm doing this slow escalation bullshit, waiting for it to become a warm approach instead of a cold approach... and SEVEN comes out of fucking no where and starts grinding on the girl, which was fucked up. Really annoying, she was my target and he just goes in there and fucking steals her.

Eventually the club starts winding down, and I'm starting to chode out, so I grab Seven and we head over to another club. Things got less interesting.

At the second Club
We get in, and its about 2 o'clock... So a little late. By this time, most of the girls have been pretty freaky and have paired up with their preferred dudes. Also the lights were doing this crazy flickering to the music, which was really sick, but made it pretty hard to approach girls.

I see this cutiepie checking out my crazy techtonik dance moves in the flickering lights, so I go over, and HOG that bitch (HAND OF GOD)... she does a nice spin, and what do I do?
"Oh, I got her... Oh well" AND I DON"T FUCKING PULL THE TRIGGER, I don't dance with her??? WHY? 
The window closes, I re-engage later, but shes not down. FUCK
LESSON: He who hesitates masturbates

Drunk-as-fuck sexy Spanish Godess
I'm value scanning the fuck out of the dance floor, looking for anyone hot and single, and I see this amazing spanish beauty amongst her friends, as I walk by... We meet eyes, sparks fly..
Eventually I work my way over, and we dance infront of each other, looking deep into each other's eyes. Shes really hot, and really drunk..and out of nowhere her friend comes up and says to her "Your drunk, no!" and pulls her away... So I'm standing there, dancing alone... thinking "Wow, that was fucking rude". I'm a persistant mother fucker, so I go back over there, and try to HOG that B, but she denies it with a playful smile on her face... So we dance a little more, and then room dies down. Me and Seven leave, and outside I see her talking with her friends. I go up and say "Your friends are so rude!" 
She goes OMG! :D. I introduce myself to her, and her friend the cock block.We get to talking, and her friends are trying to end the conversation, while Seven starts whining that its raining and we should leave. So I leave, and SHES REALLY HOT, and SHES SAYING AWWW AS I"M LEAVING, I WANTED TO MEET HER, SHE WANTED TO MEET ME, AND YET I"M LETTING MY REALITY BE DICTATED BY MY ASSHOLE COCK BLOCKING WING, AND HER COCKBLOCK FRIENDS. Fuck.

LESSON: I decide my happiness, I am the only one responsible for my happyness.

I'm really liking the whole Direct/Authentic approach, its really working for me. It allows me to feel like a big pimp, just because I'm alive, and just because I take action.

1, I've got to do more research on my fake IDs. Memorize name, memorize dates, memorize streets, and have some background information, espessially if its another province like alberta, I should know where the closest mall is.
2. I've realized I can't pull this whole "Approach and then Fakeout" bull shit. If I approach, I follow through, I pull the trigger, right away, none of this "Oh I got her!" bullshit.
3. You can't be a halfway gangster. I fucking went up to girls, hardcore style, pushing through people just to get to her, and then I'd chode out, right infront of her, waiting for permission to approach her. Fuck that. If I'm working my way through the crowed, I fucking take her hand and snag her attention.
4. No more hesitation. If I see a girl, I go in confidently, make hardcore EC, and take what I want, I give myself permission.

I've been reading the Six Pillars of Self Esteeme, and one of the pillars is Self Responsibility. Which basicially says, you are responsible for your own actions, and your own happyness.
This is really empowering, because it means I'm not dependant on anyone to get what I want. I got really mad at Seven on the way home for cock blocking me twice. I noticed that he was really narsisstic, and didn't really care that he stole two girls from me... OR that I was pissed off... Even so, it shouldn't have bothered me that much... I realized I was blaming him for my actions. It was MY FAULT I didn't approach her right away, it was my fault I stalled. And for the Spanish godess, it was MY CHOICE to listen to his whining, or her friends whining. It didn't help that he was trying to pull me away, but it didn't make too much of a difference. What I should have done was ignored the friends, ignored Seven, and continued doing what I wanted, which was to talk to this amazing girl.

This is liberating, because I don't have to rely on wingmen to decide if I'll go out and meet people. I don't need anything from them, I'm self sufficient. Because of this, I'm a source of value as well. I'm non needy, and... Well I feel like a man. I live life on my own terms. I make my own happyness, I don't get it from the outside world. I get my happyness by action, by approaching and meeting people, and I don't need anyone for that. I don't need Seven, or his shit, I don't need unreliable wingmen. 

Overall I think I'm getting this. Very slowly, I'm noticing the same things keep coming up, like not pulling the trigger, or going in right away.. I think this will come with time, and I'm confident that more time in the field is the ONLY thing I need. As Alex~ says, theres no reason why I'm not enough, right now.
The only theory you need:
Stories I write after I come home from the club. Lessons learned and interesting nights:
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