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.::I name M-star::.
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I name M-star. I go out and do gangam style dances and talks to pretty girls. Durrrr.

 FEB 9TH 2012  FR

- Hit up the maddy tonight.

- Texted with purp ranger about meeting up at maddy, And I arrive and not only is he not there, but he also isnt responding to texts. FUCK!

- Was scared shitless but decided to open anyway. Did so really weakly. No kino, a little bit of shit talking.

 - WAs working on authenticity the whole night. Being myself and not censoring myself

 - Meet some french chick upstairs and she invites me to sit with her friends. Don't mind if  I do. Chill with some cool dudes, chicks leave, I do too eventually.

 - See french chick downstairs and we talk a bit more. She's angry. She tells me some dude is being an asshole to her, banged her and is now not paying attnetion to her and talking to all the other girls. I suspect maybe a rebound fuck is in the making, try for the make out to "make the dude jealous" she's not down. Whatever kino's gettin better.

 - She starts dragging me around the place to find her other friends. They've left the former chill spot, she trips balls all over the place. I wander with her wondering if this is a wise decision feeling kinda like a fucking chode, but steeled in knowing that I likely won't get the lay and am just seeing where this goes. Finally she finds her freinds and they're goin to another bar. She invites me but I tell her im staying since my freinds arrived ( they had in numbers) she says she wants to follow the guy, and thats when I realize he's definetely fucking her tonight.

 - I felt pretty crappy after that set and kinda like I'd been an emotional tampon and used and discarded by a horny french girl that just wante dto fuck some other dude. But in hindsight I probably looked pretty good being dragged around by a cute french girl

 - I open some more girls. Shits not going well.  I open a tall duitch cutie. We chat a bit, but she wont lemme kino. There are too many pauses in our convo and things get weird. She excuses herself. FUCK!

 - I realize I'm being passive. I'm trying to fit myself into the girls frame instead of presenting a frame and telling the hoes get on board!

 - I put a frame on some chicks. They won't let me kino, but they also won't leave. I stand silently and they shill attentively waiting for me to talk. This is good.

 - I contemplate going home. It's 1:30 and the last train home is departing in 7 minutes. I decide to stay. BEST DECISION EVER

 - I go outside open a few more sets, and the frame is getting stronger. I see a chick with MASSIVE BOOBIES! I go in. I forget what I said but I remember I was eye fucking her hard and she asked me "SO what the the fuck, why are you talking to me?" and I responded with " Your tits are amazing." From there I was just on. It flowed well. I stuck my face in her boobs, made out with her. Made fun of her and just like Julien said I played with the energy between us like it was some ball we were playing a game with. Shit was dope. She expressely stated she wanted to fuck me but I had no place. I tried to get into her cab at the end of the night, but she lives with her rents in but fuck no where and I couldn't get home after. I didn't go for the full out pull, which I should've. But I finally got something positive to happen in field which was dope.

 - I was gun shy about the pull. I didn't really have a place in mind so I was just hoping that at the end of the night we would wander off somewhere. I didn't check the logistics and I didn't check the freinds. I needed to do this and I need to have a back up plan for when I have a girl who's telling me she wants to fuck me tonight. FUCK! I fucked up on the pull, but It's been so long since I've had a girl in that situation that I'm almost cool to take the consolation prize especially since I've been taking WAY more action than I use to before when I'd get this kinda shit once every month or two. 

 - WIN WIN! You have fun she has fun. GOTTA BOth have fun!
 - Push things. Be afraid and then do it anyway. Be dominant in the frame, grab girls for make outs, just DO IT! It might work it might not but IT MIGHT WORK!!!!
 - Learn to Pull
 - IF pull might go down the shitter play with titties more before she leaves.
 - Give yourself ample time out in the clubs. Took probably 4 hours tonight to get warmed up and into the killer mode.

 Tomorrow : Study, Day game, Study.
 Loving La Vie
 - M-star
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 FEB 10th Day game. 

 Day game hasn't been the awesome cup of tea it use to be. Today felt like  hassle, and I think I should've done better but in truth I did fairly well with the circumstances. I gotta stay positive, and be patient. With time I'll go back to doing the things that get me awesome results I just gotta slog through the crappy days and look for things that went well and ways to improve. 

- Hit up d-town with Mista Martins, and these 2 other dudes from the forum.

 - I faced a long standing sticking point of mine COMPLACENCY. Before enlightenment cut wood cook rice, after enlightenment, chop wood cook rice. This is the zen way. It relates to pick-up in approaching and being dominant. I fucked off on way too many sets today. Chose not to go in and felt like crap about it. I also went in soft and scared because I was probably trying to milk last night for everything it's worth in terms of validation and self egrandizing. Whatever, this has happened before. Today I got slapped back down, it means I have to learn and go forward.

 - I do a 2 set with M, Martins, it goes fairly well but its the first one of the day and I don't actually lead.

 - do another 2 set later but its not really going anywhere, girls werent that hot. BIg ups to the 2 dudes that came out today! KEEP IT UP HOMIES! And especially props to the dude who did the set with me. Get your reps in homie!

 - out on a number of sets.
 - Do another 1 set after deciding to do better. It goes fairly well but something is missing.

 - Do a few more 2 sets. Get the boyfreind lines.

 - Go home. Feelin crappy.

 I thought back to the success I'd had when doing day game and one thing that came out in my mind was that when I did good getting insta dates n shit like that I always felt like I was in MY ENVIRONMENT, not someone elses. This translates to the club. I need to take ownership of the situaion and let myself get almost pompous and arrogant with that shit. Gotta learn to talk to  girls in day game like a man does to a women not like a chode.  I think mostly though today sucked because of how I tried to preserve my success from last night into today. That was fucking dumb. It made me scared to appraoch, go in weak and talk women to women instaed of man to women to these chicks.

 - approached a fair amount.
 - Still running the mouthpiece - can shit talk for days

 - B e more dominant and take the fucking lead.
 - Fuck complacency and fuck ego.
 - Step up more to get more!
 - After a good night jump RIGHT back into the steps to success. Don't loaft in the feeling.  ( TO give a more concrete example: After getting a 90% test score back, don't sit and talk shit in class for the next few days, go back to the actions that you did to GET that 90% AND DO THEM HARDER AND MORE EFFECTIVELY AND GET A 95% next time.)

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Angry Dave

Angry Dave

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Good shit man. Yesterday was a real eye opener for me.
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 Thanks guys!  I should push myself more. Sometimes I forget to push things, and just look to re-achieve an old sweet spot. Thats how I lost friday to negativity and shittyness. Ever onward! 

 FEB 11th 2012  Arabian Nights @ the Maddi

 - Hit up Maddy with my bud semitez. We got there very early to meet up with ste.f and on the way up I hit up a 3 set.

 - The girls were initially neutral and then tried to ask us to buy them drinks. I decided to bust on them for being users, and I remember coming up with some creative shit to say to deal with thier shit-tests and attempts to put the frame of loser dudes on us.  It was cool to see myself sparring with them, however they were being rude and Semitez shortly into,  puts them in thier place. LOl BOUNCE.

 - We try clawing a few girls here and there. Not much memorable. 
 - We open a celebrity look alike set and they leave, we find them later and sit with them till the place fills up. This was nice, it was pure shit talking and it was a cool lesson on dynamics. Semitez was kinda buzzed and was twice as uncensored as I was, as a result he was definitely leading the interaction. Ste.f joined us intermittently.

 - We see a fucking HOT set. I decide we have to open and go in. We go in, 3 girls, two guys ( one cup ). This was a big ball drop tonight. Theres a cute blondie, shes just like the girls in highschool I never got to rail. I grab her and move her so that shes facing me while we talk instead of side to side ( speak like a man to women, not a fucking pansy chode) and I quickly screen her a bit ... shes 19... shes young... she's naive and sexy... and I freeze up. I take away kino. I talk to her other friends who my freind was chatting up - Arabic princesses, fairly hot... but nothing on the blonde. I re-open the blonde here and there, but I just didn't make it sexual or flirty or fun enough.  ( It felt like this had happened early in the night but thats no excuse. That girl was fucking prime, and could've been mine. - FUCK!)

 - WE open a few more sets, talk some shit, meet some girls from my school who remember me. 

 - Open a sexy Arabic girl. I just come in strong. Up in her face within seconds. Close talking, being an asshole, busting on her. It works really well. I go for the make out a bunch of times. It doesnt go, her freinds want to take her away, I grab a # and say good bye. This set lasted a little while and probably looked awesome because the whole time she was in my arms and shit, but it was bitter sweet because its what I SHOULD'VE DONE with the blonde. Whatever, I'd say this is entitlement issues - but its not. I just got to standardize my shit despite how intimidating a girl might look. COURAGE MUTHA FUCKA!!!

 - Open a few more girls, nothign memorable. 

 - I've gotta start grabbing girls faces when I go in for the make out, and try saying something before I do instead of just going mid sentence. Not that that hasn't been working, I'd just like to be versatile and try that shit.
 - I NEED TO PUSH MYSELF MORE!!! ALWAYS MORE!!! - there were sets I coulda done, physicallity I coulda acted out and other shit to do!
 - My frame battling is getting better. I'm more creative with come-backs to dumb shit tests that try to put me in a bad frame and I'm also more congruent with dumb fucking answers.

 -  Push em all farther and get physical from the get go.
 - IF i don't go in physical I often find it hard to set the tone later, so FUCKING START STRONG MUITHA FUCKA!
 - Take more chances, make more mistakes, and get messy.
 - Dont censor and screen yourself and you become cooler
 - Turning women to face you helps to establish you lead frame!

 Learnin and Burnin ( through the newbie mistakes )

 (EDIT ) 

 Just a final thought...

 These last 3 days have been fucking topsy turvy and I fucking love that shit. It makes me wish I could game every night, because everytime I go out I REALIZE ( sometimes in moment, sometimes after I go home) things I could've done better, and its a piss off to think I have to wait till tuesday to get another good day game session in or thursday to party night game. 
 Thats why 30 days straight of going out is so fucking potent. You build on every day and create something huge. I think I'm gonna look into having a summer that allows me to do that. 
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 FEB 14th

 Day game Dtown With Mars and redafeth

 - Not the greatest day. I didnt open as much as I would have liked to early on when there was literally girls everywhere. Then when it thinned out I started to push myself. No good.

 - Opened a set today that was just out right mean from the first word. I didn't even care. I wasn't expecting that, in the past when girls behaved like that I would get affected, this time it didn't matter.

 - Got a few bfs, and just average chit chat. Needed to approach more and push myself in the beginning to be awesome

 - I'm currently taking a behavior management class @ school and its making me intellectu-jizz myself on a regular basis. And I recently took an idea from it I'd like to share here for the few people who read this.

  - By pairing a desired behavior that doesn't happen enough with a consistent behavior the desired behavior will become reinforced and happen more likely. 
  - In application (for me) this means that from now on whenever I'm eating I'm going to remind myself to engage in some positive self-talk. Eating being the consistent behavior and self-talk being the desired behavior. I remember in the past increasing my positive self-talk helped me do well in field, but the behavior fell through after travel and school and stuff.
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 FEB 14th

 Went out for some day game. It went poorly. Marz n redafeht were there hooking it up though.

 FEB 16th

 Went out with the intention of gaming. My buddy was meeting up with 2 girls there wanted me to help him wing it at the end of the night. As soon as we got there we saw those chicks, and my buddy jumped in with them. I was hoping to warm up, but figured they could be my warm up set. Unfortunately I had high expectations coming in which also meant low outcome independence. I choded out chilling there with my buddy and the girls and then tried to make attempts at leaving them to sarge but mostly to no avail. I think I did like four or five other sets that night between going back to the main set. And at the end of the night we learned that the girls weren't even good friends, so when we left them for a second to get our jackets my one grabbed a cab and my buddies walked half the way back to her house.

 -Stick to your game plan, if you are there to sarge, sarge
 -Do what you want- I felt trapped into talking to those people out of courtesy and shit. Thats social condiitoning at it's worst! I usually avoid feelings like that by never putting myself in that kind of sitation in the first place, but this is good that I was in that situation because it opened up my eyes to a deficiency i have with politeness. 
 FEB 17th Day game

 Went out with some left over outcome dependence from the night before. Had a fucking dismal day. I hated it with a passion. That makes five or six day game outings in a row now where I;ve been beating my head against a wall, not getting anywhere. I gotta change up what I'm doing in day game, probably just relax on the outcomes, shorten my time out, open more sets, and have more fun.

 -Find a way to not a give a fuck about the outcome during the day.
 -Find out how to play with the energy of an interaction duirng the day the same way I do at night.

 FEB 18th


 Before heading out I realized that it had been a long time since I focused on the idea of "enoughness" and how that was likely fucking me over. I had a verbal altercation with an aggressive ( and petulent) female on the bus a few days before and although it was completely negative it did make realize something. With women i've felt intimidated in the past few weeks to fit into a mould for them when in fact I have to SET THE MOULD MY SELF. Basically exact same shit I learned like last week or the week before. 

 -Hit up sets left right and center. Was much more physical. Opened strong and had fun.

 - Remember one set where I chatted with her for a while, and I could tell she was shy physically, so I slowly initiated kino with her. And then at one point I had her in full claw mode, and i thought to break kino and then remake kino, but it didn't work, as soon as I let her go it kinda just fell flat.  I think the reason for this is because we had been talking a while before the kino started ( I came in on the set to help a dude out, and I there was a long delay between when I got into the set and when he finally started ot focus down one girl) so I should have just moved shit forward and been the man. The make and break kino I think is more for when you jump the girl and shes like freake dout and turned on at once, so you back off for a sec, let her realize theres no danger, and then keep her horny by stepping up like a man again.

 - Had a few other sets go well. I went for a make out here and there but they were piss poor. I have to grab girls by the face and go for it. Gotta make it more shameless. I'm hiding my intentions when I just go for the make out of the blue and thats probably turning chicks off.

 - I haven't taken a girls number in a while. I have to get back on that.

 - At the end of the night, I had legitemately opened every girl in the place which was a bonus.

 - Focus on you are enough first and foremost. Your job is to LIVE through that frame, and dont let any snotty (OR chode/asshole/anyone really) ever let you doubt that.
 -  GRAB THE CHICKS' NUMBERS, not getting them is insta-cock-block moves.
 -Make outs must be done WITH INTENT,
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FEB 23rd  Transient Night 

 I hit up maddy with my buddy mongol, and the fader  and Mars. The line up is long as hell and I'm not feeling the girls we're chillin with in it, so I decide fuck maddys its time o explore other options. We bounce around to a couple different spots. Do a 2 set at dance cave with Mars. Then bounce to Brunny. 

 At the brunny it's all loud music and crazy ass bitches i.e. fun. After only a few sets mongol's telling me he has to bounce he can't stand the atmosphere. Him and Mars leave, and I felt like someone pulled the rug out from under me. All my social momentum I felt went away. Gotta work on solo - I was heating up at the Brunny. Well either way, I opened a bunch of sets. Most weren't going anywhere, but my vibe was on point. Eventually I started to chode, so I decided to bounce to the MAddy with mongol and mars. 
 Once there I got my heat back and started opening left right and center. Tried to help mongol do a few appraoches of his own. Props for stepping up bud! Opened a few sets in a short time. Don't remember them except that I was full of intent and wasn't pussying out of the hottest sets I wanted to talk to like this cute little blondie. Unfortunately I only had like 15 minutes of this before the place closed, and then it was home time.

 My day time rituals are starting to have an effect. That is good shit!

 - During reading week get out to the bars and clubs at 9 oclock.
 - Still not comfortable doing solo game. I'm getting better, but still not great -needs more work.
 - Dominant vibe starts from within. What you tell yourself during a regular day will set the vibe
 - Focused solely on having fun, building momentum and letting the girls come as a result of that plus intent. It worked well.
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 mstar very nice lessons learnt. I like this new journal. Good to see you posting here lol.

Im probably gunna go to tequila jacks tonight or brunny for the first time since new years ( sad...i know  -_-  ). TExt me up if you're going out and if tj's is shit immma bouce to brunny or maddy. 

might start a new journal too, once i start going out more. 
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real2 wrote:
Awesome seein you last night!

It's always cool putting an alias to a face.

Also, things to keep in mind, if your frame is the dominant one, then there is no way that someone elses state can bring yours down.

Transfer your awesome state to your buddies, not the other way around.

Also, it's interesting to read your and Mars' reports side by side.

 Thats some good adivce man. Although I think I gotta work on the solo aspect of it. Its not so much that my freinds' state brings mine down as I have difficulty holding mine when other people aren't around. See you round homie.

 muthafucking get downtown you large manly fuck! I'm gonna be rushin my G2 soon too so that come srping and summer I can toronto's downtown night life and pull to the fucking van.
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 Feb 25th - Bad night - Positives - Learning in 3's - streamlining.

 Went to the maddy last night. The usual cheap ass place to hit up girls here's the notes I took last night:

Tonight I
 - I didn't open as much as I wanted to
 - Didn't kino from the beginning consistenlty
 - Followed otther people'd lead didn't make my own often enough
 - Was not dominant enough or completely in the zone
 - Self-amused at certain points but not consistently
 - I got a lot of insta-blow outs, girls telling me to go away, or immediately saying they have boy freinds across the bar n shit. 
 - got a lot of dudes in mixed sets trying to tool me
 - was in chode beliefs-mind set. 
 - I would go into sets and just stand there. Bad habit I picked up a few years back relapsed, keep ya feet moving homie

 - still did BETTER than my BEST nights out before last summer
 - I STILL managed to get a few girls really into me and a few I really liked even but I didn't capatalize ( shit!)
 - I went into mixed sets more, growing up some balls! 
 - Got burned in the mixed sets, but still stuck around long enough to see what's the worst that could happen - Good initial practice to learn to AMOG
 - Felt like shit multiple times and like quitting but I rallied and tried again.
 - Went solo into bigger groups of girls, something I had been avoiding. 
 - Stuck my face into an asian girls tits - she had amazing tits.

 All in all, the night was frustrating as FUCK, and whats the worst is that after that dismal performance I don't get to try again until next week. Going out after a dismal night is SOOOOO CLUTCH for learning because on the dismal night you ARE RIGHT FUCKING THERE NEXT TO YOUR SHIT HABITS AND BEHAVIORS. In the 20 hours of time that elapse between two sessions of night game you WILL NOT forget the painful memories of the previous night and that helps you go fucking hard the next night. 


 I use to go out thurs fri sat consistently. And a common pattern was either having all 3 nights be heavy learning nights ( suck ) or have 1 good one FUCKING TERRIBLE and then another good. I think this is because on the thursday I'd take the learning I got from last week and implement something new, or make a distinction that would help me. Then the next night I'd try to re-create that tweak and often I'd find out the "circumstances" or how and when that tweak works. As in I spend the night troubleshooting, fucking up, letting other things go unattended while really trying to learn this new thing. Then after a bad night I step back and INTEGRATE the bad witht he good and get a night thats somewhere between the last two nights, but more sustainable.  THAT IS GROWTH.


 So I decided to stream line. I've been doing piss poor day-game, and it's been eating up my time. I work saturday mornings but fuck it I HAVE TO go out friday nights to get what I want from this, so I'm gonna cut out all day game sessions and stick to night game till school's done. Thurs, Fri , Sat and I might add monday nights at this shit hole in the annexx. 3-4 times out and the occasional day time set when im in transit or something will be better for me than 2 night game 2 day game sessions. Gotta get my school grind back on too. 


 Fact: Your best nights out are always solo nights.

Why? Its the most accurate reflection of how your game is and who you are. No excuses. No where to hide.

You can't give yourself a reason to chode by hanging out w/ your friends. You can't stand there. You have to move. You have to approach. You're already outside of your comfortzone--come on dude, your at the club by yourself.

ahhh, but its the only time where you have an accurate assessment of where you are.

You see, Game, as I have found, is nothing more then a measurement of your strength of will. Are you deteremined enough to continue on after 1 blow out? how about 2? How about 3? How about 3 hours worth of blow outs? Are you centered enough that you don't let it affect you? EVEN AFTER 3 hours? It might feel like the longest 3 hours of your life bro....

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[FONT] MAR 1st

 I dont even remember this night. I read Marz' take on it and was surprised to hear him say I did alright. And in hindsight it's true, there were a few sets where it was going good on thursday, but I mostly remember it as a night when I got really negative and raged on the inside all night. And then took a 2 hour night bus ride home. 

 Mar 2nd

 I went out for a little while to the maddy, I had to elave insanely early. I spent the beginning of the night doing nothing. Then did a few sets with people. I didn't actually open much, mostly got pulled in by other RSD guys - Thanks dudes! Grabbed some chicks number. ( and subsequently cockblocked a buddy for doing it - LOL SORRY BRO!!)Then I bounced.

 I was still really in my head from the night before. It has been a long time since I felt so angry and shitty in field as March 1st

 Mar 3rd

 Hit up the Maddison for the 3peat!

 Got in and choded around till I met up with Redafeht. We hit up a bunch of sets.

 -started with some german girls. Hes into his. Im occupying both the fatty and a second cutie. But its the first set of the night and I talk too much make no kino, so once I see the girls are totally cool with Redafeht isolating his girl I turn away from them and open another set with another dude from RSD

 - This set 2 cuties one not so cute. The one whos not so cute shares a fourth of her back ground with me... if it was one half I bet she woulda been beatable. We chat em up, but again, early in the night, I'm not kinoing so it goes no where. They're funny girls and I chat em up a few more times druing the night.

 - I wander frustrated. Get anrgy and begin kinoing girls. It works with one girl, we chat I grab her number, but shes not that hot. Althoguh epic boobage. ( OPENED her and girl before her by getting INFRONT of them. fucking keep forgetting how important that is for setting the man to woman instead of man to freind exchange)

 - More frustrated wanderings. I comment on some chicks acid trip dress, Meet some puas who arent RSD that I know of. Hahaha asian dude and brown guy telling people the asian dudes Kumar and the BRown guys Harold. Classic. GEt one of them in a set wtih me. 2 drunk asian chicks. I kinda escalate but I don't. Nitro comes in to wing cause Kumar bounces. I do something to set the girl off and make her feel like a ho. I don't remember what but she got pissed. She gets passed on through a few RSDers till its her n mr persia. Hahaha it's liek a stock exchange of girls at the maddys.

 - Me and redafeht hit up a bunch more sets, and I begin to spiral downwards back into what I was feeling thursday. I consider throwing in the towel, but Redafeht won't do it, so we hit up a few more sets, and I start to stop giving a fuck. I literally figured the nights over, I'm not cool, fuck you all you fucking faggots at the maddy. And I start talking to every one being a fun dude. I see a chick with the american flag on her shirt and start singing " OHHH SAAAAY CAN NYOUUUUU SEEEEEEE, BY THT EDAWS EARLY LIIIIIIIGHHTHTHTHTTHT" and then transition into Canadian anthem. Fucking unpatriotic fucks almost nobody would sing it with us. W/e/


 -We hit up the streets for twilight now that we're finally feeling the night. 

 - OPen 2 set. Just lost pizza to the greedy floor. Oh the food the floor has stolen from the hungry. Not so much from the homeless... they tend to steal that shit back.   We bust on them for bein idiots, make friends. One girl needs money for cab. REdafeths like ill accompany you! And shes like "NO!" and then is like "KATTTY COME WTIH ME YOU BITCH!!!" and redafehts like "No leave her lets go" and so did the isolation occureth. I got close with my girl and shoulda makde out with her but I grew a vagina last weekend at some point and forgot to get it sown up. Fun still.

 - We hit up a bunch more twilight sets, not really giving a fuck. I escort some hoes across bloor street stopping traffic screaming " HALT FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN" Then I tell her we have to make babies now or Ill be a liar to the freindly vehicular traffic of toronto. She contemplates it before her freind drags her away. 

 - We do more sets and hop on a bus round 3am. I talk to some hos. Some one gets up to get off the bus and a seat opens up clearly meant for the girls freind but I jack that shit like a bauss and then she ends up sitting in my lap. Shes a black german girl. Pretty but drunk and I gotta get off soon so I just fuck around with her, nothing really special, just some fun time in state. I think my week started off so shitty because I was fighting the necessary retardation required for me to hit state. I really have to actively humilate myself a little before I really let the juices flow. ( Now need to add intent)

 #1: What I write in the lessons section should be short notes I can come back to, to improve my game. Not paragraphs
 #2: State involves letting go and being a retard.
 #3: Get in front of girls when talking to them
 #4: Escalation and Kino cause attraction
 #5: Just open and escalate, trying to make out with a hot girl is worth getting your ass kicked for [\FONT]

 P.S. How do I get RSDn to show the text in html format? The built in notepad function is complete SHITE.
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