October 20th, 2018
When someone fucks with me, im too passive, i dont do shit, how do I do the opposite
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Ask yourself..what would Jeffy do and then fucking do it.  Example.
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Quit being a pussy. Full Stop. I can totally emphasise with being passive. I am like that, although since studying the game I stand up for myself more. Being passive is like the worst place a man can come from. In cave man terms it shows that your not willing to stand up for yourself ( and by association your friends, family, g'f etc). If you don't stand up for yourself no one else will. Why the fuck should they?.
I know this may seem a little harsh, but its also very true, like I said I still am a somewhat passive person and i'm learning to become assertive.
As other posters have mentioned get your ass to the gym, eat healthier , take up thai boxing, MMA that kind of thing. When you know how to defend yourself, you will feel yourself walking taller and eye-balling people that you wouldn't do before. This is not an act of aggression merely you just becoming a more confident assertive man.
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PowerMan wrote:
 Every time I drive people always overtake me, go when its my right of way, when I talk to people they interact with me in fucked up ways, etc. Im trying to walk the line by only taking action when I have to, but I always feel I am too passive and am the type of guy that doesnt do shit about it. I have a strong sense that it is because of my race. In middle school and high school I was bullied and treated in fucked up ways. I wanna do something about it, but im too passive. How to I turn things around for myself?

I posted a call out thread years ago to instructors to establish a better grasp of unreactivity?

What Jeffy posted was bloody brilliant and I suggest you check the activity in there.

Women need accountability and should be held responsibility for their actions.

The same goes for men so, if someone is out of line, address it.
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