November 19th, 2018
Free association drills I learned from a workshop in improv
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I liked these ones the most, all done with a partner:

Exercise #1
Your partner throws words at you randomly. You begin telling a story when your partner says the first word and you incorporate it into your first sentence, then you add on all the words as you go on.


partner: banana
you: Yeah man, this one time I was in the store shopping for some big, thick bananas and...
partner: girl
you: ... I saw this super hot girl looking at some oranges
partner: inappropriate
you: ... and I ordered her to stop fondling the fruit in such a inappropriate way. She blushed as I walked over
partner: old lady
you: ... with my big banana and suddenly an old lady jumps out from nowhere grabs it

Exercise #2
You start telling a random story. At any time your partner may say "no" and you will have to change the direction of the story.


you: It was a bright, sunny day and I had just walked out of my house
partner: no
you: actually, I had forgotten to put my socks on so I went back in. My neighbour
partner: no
you: I mean one of my 20 girlfriends was standing in the hallway and stared at me
partner: no
you: then I noticed that she wasn't actually staring at me, someone was behind me

Exercise #3
You take turns telling a story with a partner. You make one sentence per turn.

you: Holy shit, you won't believe what happened yesterday.
partner: three ninjas jumped me when I walked out from the supermarket
you: and I dodged their attacks while fighting them off with my big shopping bag
partner: then in the middle of it all
you: one of the ninjas pants drops down
partner: and it's not like a tiny asian dick, it's a huge black dick

The point is not to be super funny or interesting, just to get your mouth going and never put up a restistance to what get thrown at you.
Hope it was useful
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 HERes a couple more i learned at my impov classes.

Start with a subject and say the enxt word it reminds u of without thinking eventually coming back to the oringnal word
I start of witha  subject: banana.

person 1 monkey
person 2 tree
person 3 weed
person 4 blunt
person 5 munchies
Person 6 Jamaican beef patties
person 7 yellow
person 8 banana

MY personal favorite is zip zap zop. U gotaa point at any person making eye contact and sayin zip then they gotta point at u or anyone else and say zap and so on with zop. It is easy to mess up the order as well and the game can get more complicated with stuf like no zap back type of shit but this is the gist of it in the video i found whihc was most fun from the other youtube videos. 
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 NICE, hope these gonna help me with my biggest sticking point. Have been thinking and worrying about this only just for a couple of months or so. Thanks you guys.

Btw Manwhore offers "pua improv training". Extremely well reviewed. Check it out here
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How deep does the 'free association rabbit hole" go? Who invented it or discovered it?? LOL j/k
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Yo thanks guys this stuff is pretty good.  May do with friends or just take improv myself.  
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Glad you like it guys and thanks OMAR for the additional improv stuff.
One thing I've been doing a lot recently is talking to myself to pump my state and unstifle. I'll talk with different voices and go over the full range of emotions, I'll be seductive, angry, excited, just anything that pops into my head. For instance, the other day I woke up and felt tired, lazy and weak minded. I started to angrily shout at myself like a rambling drill sergeant, "HEY, you lazy fucker! What the FUCK do you think you are doing you piece of shit? You're pissing your life away... That's what you're doing. You think this a fucking game, don't you? You think you can fuck with me, faggot?" etc. At that point I started cracking up and couldn't WAIT to get out of bed. I hit the showers and continue rambling like a psycho. This time I pretend I'm in the club... "Get out of my WAY son, I'm gonna go claim that HOT over there... DAMMMN baby! Fuck off, you can't possibly be this HOT... I hate you for wearing that dress, like HELLOO are you out of your fucking mind bitch?" all while showering. I got out and went about my day, didn't feel any special. Then I went out that night.

Holy SHIT. I was on fire. Without even thinking about it I started my crazy rambling stream of conscious again while on my way to the club with my wing, when we got there it was like we had already opened 20 sets. I went to the dance floor and grabbed a horny blonde around the waist and she was all over. This is REAL powerful shit to get you out of your head and practice that million dollar mouthpiece. Try it out bitches
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Hey can you explain how to exactly use a free non association drill. Like proper stepwise
coz I got the pattern that out of one topic you have to think 5 completely random topics that is out of the box
like RSDALEX showed topic is 
eg: women
1)swimming pool slide 
2)marilyn monroe holding her dress down
3) Egypt  pyramid
4)aeronautical engineering
5)this one i forgot
whatever the point was i just want to know how to use this drill 
you have merge all the topics and make a story out of it what its really confussing 
coz this is quite funny itself if we can do.
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Thanks for this. This is actually good. Can be a funny date idea when you're bored.
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Do you know some mnemotechnics, stage magicians use:

It's not bad for remembering some keypoints for a presentation or so and also helps regarding creative thinking. But used in field it may make you being too much in your head:

1. Eifeltower
2. Swan
3. Snake
4. Sailingboat
5. Bird (f.e. in a cage)
6. Bagpipe
7. Umbrella
8. Ball of wool
9. Rapier
10. Couple 

Each word you want to memorize you may link with a funny/ crazy story to the according symbol. Then you can recall all ten points easily in the right order back and forth. 

      Two people, just meeting... 
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Thanks for the bump. So much value
One month of NOTHING BUT value posts.
Giving back to a community that has given me a lot.

Field report:
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