December 13th, 2018
[Cat’s 1000th Post] Creating Abundance With Women
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You have to walk up and approach that girl. Over and over and over.

Pickup is simple. But like anything that takes BALLS, it is INITIALLY hard and scary. Pick up is like public speaking or playing basketball in front of a crowd or reading at an open mic → these things involve public embarrassment. THIS IS PART OF THE GAME. ACCEPT THIS. NOW.

Everything else that we talk about in pickup is superfluous but will dramatically cut your learning curve. That’s what the rest of this article will be about.

If you learn one thing from this article, it's that there is no other way to create abundance with women than to approach and approach and approach over and over and over, constantly keeping your mind open to learn from your successes and failures. In this vein of thought, I strongly encourage you to create a field reports journal to document why you are a fucking BOSS (positives) and what you learned to implement for the future (lessons).
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Pickup is simple. Guys have been fucking girls since the beginning of guys and girls. Guys that were successful were the guys that took massive action. There is no other way. Accept it.

But for the sake of further understanding, I’ll suggest a model that I find to map onto all the beliefs and behaviors I have found useful with pickup thus far.

Mindset vs Expression (working definitions)

A mindset is a collection of beliefs that contribute to a coherent interpretation of the world.

An expression is the tangible display of that mindset, a visible action or behavior.

Fun & Adventure


Talking to strangers is fun. It’s unpredictable. It’s hilarious.

I go out to have fun. When I walk around on the street I want to enjoy myself. I have one short life, the time is going to be spent no matter what, so I’m going to make it fun.

If I can contribute to the fun of someone else, that’s yet another bonus. I literally can make someones day by approaching them, if not their week. Literally. By choosing fun and adventure I can positively impact the world around me, grow as a person, and experience collective happiness.


Laughter. I laugh so much. Literally everything is funny. Squirrels are funny. Puppies are funny. Cuties are funny. The “what the fuck is this” face is funny. Getting told to fuck off, that I’m gay, I’m a douche, that shit is seriously soooo funny. LAUGH IN THE FACE OF THE WORLD. It will laugh with you.

Retarded dancing. I love to dance like a grandpa, or a stripper. I have this move where I just stand there wiggling my fingers, making the evil “muahhahaha” pose. My friends tell me it looks like I’m tickling the balls of an invisible giant. This is my M-O for getting into state.

Point to your homies and smile. AHHH YEAH BOY WE HERE.

“GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS” and then break the chode crystal. Walk through the club literally saying aloud “more girls more girls more girls”.

Using my knees to push her legs around. Playing with her like little kids play with each other on the playground. Exploring each others boundaries through words and touch. Playing a game together.

Whispering nonsense in her ear. Literal nonsense. “Lkjsadlkaj sdlkjasdoiasudslakj salkjsdliu sdlkjsdljksd” in her ear. This is FUN and funny.

Sexuality → Masculinity and Femininity


Women arouse me. I stare at a woman and I get aroused. I want to fuck her. I see her ass and I want to squeeze it. I want to kiss her nipples, fingering her until shes wet, and then fuck her with my ERECTION. I AM A MAN AND I WANT TO FUCK. This is my role as a man, to dominate her.

Women love to be dominated. Sex is a dominating act. Women are physically weaker then men, and when they submit, they accept that vulnerability completely, giving themselves to me. In return I protect them with my strength, I respect their submission and dominate them, showing them that I control them. By dominating her I make her feel more like a woman, letting her femininity blossom.

I make no excuse for my sexual nature. I love that she turns me on. I know that’s what we both want.


Staring into her eyes deeply to incite physical, sexual sensations. Literally staring at her to turn her thinking mind off and turn her sexual mind on. This isn’t about the words, this is about my body and your body, touching.

Clawing her into to feel her skin, to feel the weight of her body, to smell her, to make her squirm and feel dominated.

Kissing her to make her gasp. Pushing my thumbs into her hips to make her gasp. Pulling her hair to make her gasp. Pushing her against a wall to make her gasp.


It’s My World


I will die soon. I do not accept regret, only failure.

I believe in the values I espouse. I have spent years thinking deeply about my place in the world, our human place in the world, the meaning of living itself, and of my life. I know what makes me happy and what makes me sad, what makes me feel lame and what makes me feel like a champion. I walk the path of heroism.

I am enough. I do not need to be better to receive the rewards in life I deserve. But I always strive towards that ideal of higher excellence. And that striving, in the moment, is what grounds who I am, that I am enough, that, by virtue of seeking excellence, I have attained excellence today, wherever I am at in the progression of my journey. I am always a novice and always a master, because I walk the difficult path towards a more conscious version of me.

I choose to be significant. I choose to work hard to give something greater. I choose to become someone bigger, someone stronger, someone more loving, positive, grounded, sincere, and genuine. I choose to humble myself, to admit my failures, and change my life at the drop of a dime. I will not accept mediocrity. I am capable of more, and I strive, with every action in my life, to achieve something bigger than today.

I am the only person responsible for the success and failure in my life. The only thing in life that I take seriously is myself.


I do not react to behavior from people that have not demonstrated they are on the path towards self-mastery. Most people are whimsical zombies, and while there is value in all people, most peoples opinions are not valuable. Most reactions are just chatter and noise, perhaps fun in the moment, but not to be taken seriously.

I take advice but make my own decisions. I am thoroughgoing about my choices.

I experience true joy when an individual communicates with me from their authentic self. These are often the most amazing moments in life.


Pickup is fun. Make it so. Choose to believe ideas about the world that encourage a humorous interpretation of life. And force yourself to do the things that make you smile.

Pickup is about sex. Take it there. Women and men love playing their sexual roles, we were made to do so. Get comfortable touching a women with your sexuality.

The life is about YOU. Choose your values wisely. Spend time thinking and talking about why. Do not let the random whims of a few people effect your happiness, your life, your core purpose, whatever you discover that purpose to be. It’s your life. Live it and love it deeply.
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DayGame: How I Do It

I heart DayGame. I knew that I wanted to get good at daygame because I figured this is the ballesiest form of pickup, it scared the living fuck out of me. To this day I still think it is → there are zero crutches...

It is very hard to “get in state” during the day. You rarely gain social momentum like you do at night. You have no environment to pump you up, no booze to dull your emotional reactions.

It’s a raw playing field. I love that.

I only do direct daygame. I like getting it out of the way. It’s shocking in the best way imaginable. It’s so flattering. It’s terrifying, its exciting, and after awhile.. that shit is smooooooooth. Gorgeous.

The Rule

Everyday, no matter what, always approach the first cute girl you see.

This rule will change your fucking life.

The Walk Up

The only criteria for success with the walk up is that you DO IT.

Do not get seduced into the “how”. Get juiced by the doing of it. People will ask “but how do you stop them” “what if they have headphones” “what if they are on the phone”. Read my journal to see countless examples of me DOING IT REGARDLESS OF THIS MINUTIA.

Fuck your bullshit “how”s. DO IT. YOU JUST HAVE TO FUCKING DO IT.

You can walk straight up to them in front of them as they walk to you. You can let them walk by and turn and chase them down. You can see them walking on the street from inside a cafe and chase them across the street. You can cross the street and open when she’s eating a sandwich.

IT DOES NOT MATTER. The only thing that matters is that you WALK UP AND TALK.

Go Direct

“Hey I’m Cat, I had to stop you and tell you that you’re cute”.
“Hey, sorry I know you’re eating a sandwich but I had to cross the street to tell you that you’re adorable, I’m Cat”.
“Hey. You are gorgeous. I’m Cat”.
“Hey so I know you’re on the phone and I don’t mean to be rude but you are super cute and I had to stop you and say hi”.
“You’re way cute” “Thanks” (she keeps walking). Chase her down “haha yeah sorry I can’t let you run off, I have to meet you, I’m Cat”.
“Hey do you know what time it is?” “Yeah it’s 4...” “hahah yeah it’s 430, I just had to stop you and say Hi, you’re adorable. I’m Cat”.

Direct = Hello + You are cute + Introduce yourself

Fluff & Lead

“Happy Monday. What are you up to right now? Shopping for broccoli..... cool, what are you making, let’s shop together”.
“Yeah I’m on my way to physical therapy because my neck is all fucked up, sadface right?”
“So what’s your deal, do you live around here?”

Ask a very simple, autopilot question, and begin to walk with them. If you don’t know where they are walking use common sense “where are you walking, we’ll walk and talk for a sec”.

Don’t overcomplicate this.

Just talk about you and her. Who you are, who she is, what makes you tick, what makes her tick.

I often do interview questions. This works. There is a lot of social tension created by the direct approach, she will be shocked and attracted, now it’s time to be verrrry normal and verrry relaxed.

Number Close

“Hey so I have to run, I just ditched my business partner and he’s waiting for me at lunch. You seem cool, let’s exchange numbers and we’ll chat later”
“Hey I’m running late but you seem awesome, do you have a telephone? We should do the whole number thing”
“So um, I’m getting your number because we have to hang out”
“I know I literally just told you you’re cute and we’ve talked for about 36 seconds total but I have to run and I definitely have to text you a photo of my dog in the near future”
“You’re cool, let’s hang out in real life” (take out phone and hand her phone)

Do not overcomplicate. Just say something involving “you’re cool” and “so we should talk in the future”.

Figure it out by doing it 100 times.

Wrap Up

Daygame is fucking awesome. It will completely make your day, take you out of any bullshit headspace you were in a second beforehand, regardless of the outcome. Being ballsy as fuck like that first thing in the day is seriously amazing.

It’s scary at first, especially direct daygame. Then it’s not scary. It gets a lot less scary when you do it everyday, when you follow the rule. So follow the rule, get some macro momentum, and meet some hotties.

After enough times you literally lose the approach anxiety. Then it’s suuuuuuuper smooth.

But don’t let this scare you away from not doing it, often times being nervous is a very appropriate response and it will still totally work. I’ve gotten tons of numbers being nervous as hell, hardly making eye contact and shit. So whatever. Again, JUST DO IT, no excuses.

Remember, HAVE FUN. This shit is hilarious. Like... everytime it’s seriously hilarious.

And girls love it. Like... so much. You will be the only dude who talk up to them that week, probably month, and make an impact on their day like that. When you get comfortable with it, its seriously fucking rad, regardless of if they are taken or whatever. Check my “proof” section later to see real text responses from girls reiterating this message.

They love it.
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The Rule: approach anything within 30 seconds of entering the first venue of the night and immediately jump to the next one until you’ve done 5.

This rule correlates really highly to a good night out. For me a good night out is a night where I’m in a good state, approaching and learning. A bad night out is a night where I’m in a bad state, approaching and learning. I go out regardless and I try hard to push it regardless but to the degree in which I can control my emotional state, I’m having more fun in the bar / club, and this definitely does increase my presence, eye contact, voice, and self-trust. Super important.

The Fundamentals

Eye Contact

Eye contact is the biggest part of the game, imo, and especially at night. Eye contact is the fasted / most immediate conduit for emotions to transfer between you two.

If you are in the zone you can walk up and look at her dead in the eyes and she will literally see that you’re fucking ON, totally in state, and she will get sucked in immediately. This creates massive attraction. Eye contact is huge.


Be loud. Laugh with your whole body. Talk over her.

If you say “So you’re a nurse” and you sound like you’re asking a question, fix this. Your tone should be assumptive and positive.

You are walking up to this girl to interrupt what shes doing to HIT ON HER. Don’t think there’s anyway around it. If you are going up to her and her friends half assed, you are shooting yourself in the foot, and it will be a rough and awkward landing. If you walk up and DEMONSTRATE YOU ARE THE SHIT by owning that you are a loud motherfucker who takes what he wants, you are going to land smooth, they will want you to stay, and you won’t go through those bumpy testy emotions.

Owen says this a lot but the less awkward approach is more awkward, the hover chode, quiet, um excuse me bullshit will get you fucking BLOWN THE FUCK OUT. Fucking MAN UP and go in like BOOM, own it, and they will LOVE IT and LOVE YOU.


Smile a lot. This demonstrates you are enjoying yourself. We all want to be around people who enjoy themselves.

Don’t smile when she says stupid shit. Unless you think it’s funny. I think tests are funny so I smile at them. Often times other responses are better. Don’t be mono-faceted but also realize that a good “default state of physiology” is to be smiling.

Girls, from a distance, will also watch you approach strong and confident, hold her eyes like fucking tractor beams, and see both of you turn into a smiling couple. This is so attractive.

Social Momentum

The rule launches you into social momentum. At night I find social momentum to be more effective at getting me “good results” than any tactic, routine, single approach, technique, or outcome. Building your social momentum is so important.

I consider the first 2 hours out as warmup. Often times I will meet some cool girls and we’ll exchange numbers because we are interested in each other. But I really don’t care if this happens. The most important part of the first 2 hours out is that I’m getting LOOSE. I am building that “I don’t give a fuck” threshold, the indifference threshold. As long as I’m inset talking I’m winning.

Social momentum is most dramatic, results wise, in the last half of your night. You walk up and you get tested and there is nothing, literally zero response emotionally. This is an amazing feeling. Girls get over testing you very fast when you hit this space.

I truly love Owen’s notion of the 2 peaks you need to overcome in the night. I think that social momentum helps tremendously with the second peak. The first peak is approaching girls you feel entitled to, the 7s, the fatties, bargirls, etc. Get them done as fast as humanly possible. Suddenly you can talk to any stranger you feel entitled to and you are just being you. You are loose, but you could be looser.

The second peak is so much easier to cross when you have social momentum, when you are already loose. These are the girls you identify as “out of my league”. They aren’t actually out of your league, they are just out of your league RIGHT NOW. By building social momentum and approaching these girls, you face this hurdle faster and you are FINE TUNED at that point from your previous interactions. You have a higher likelihood to approach and get over that peak. And as you keep approaching the stunnahs that glass wall you built up between you two disappears. You are now you again, talking to some fucking uber hottie.

IME social momentum is the single most effective way to produce really solid results at night. So focus on approaching constantly and approaching out of your comfort zone. Get loose, get chatty, build your social momentum.


I can’t say that I’m a pro at night game. I’ve been having some success recently but I won’t call any of my results consistent.

One thing that has helped me tremendously in doing shit that I didn’t think I could do until I did it, e.g. pull a girl and fuck her silly, is the frame of “Adventure times”.

This is my 2012 New Years Resolution: more adventures.

When I know I need to move it forward instead of thinking about risk, I just ask myself “would this be an adventure?” Yes? Let’s do it.

When I don’t want to go out because I slept 4 hours the night before, I ask myself, “is this going to be more adventurous than crashing and sleeping?” Yes? Let’s grab a green tea and get it done.

The adventure frame has made the game really fun for me. I suggest you try it on and see how it fits.

Wrap Up

Focus on approaching with solid fundamentals and approaching a lot. This throws me in a great state and I tend to get some decent results from this headspace. Just focus on getting loose and unreactive to bullshit.

And finally, go out at night and have an adventure.

You don’t need to be traveling in Europe or Asia or South America to have a crazy fucking adventure this weekend. You can do that in your city, tonight. So start believing it, and start chasing adventures.

You’ll have some fun stories :)
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I have easily gotten laid the most consistently from Day2’s thus far in my progression. As I have adopted the adventure frame I find that pulling a girl at night seems way more fun, especially since I’ve sorta “done” the day2 thing. Nevertheless I do enjoy day2s, they are a great way to develop a real connection with a chick and they are reeeeally solid in terms of getting laid.

Chicks fuck dudes they date. Start going on a lot of dates.

Follow Up

Some dudes think it’s solid to make day2 plans during the initial meetup. I don’t do this. I think it’s weird as fuck. I always tell the girl I will call her and we’ll kick it, grab a drink or a tea sometime soon. Often times I don’t even do this.

I always call them when I get their number and give them a missed call. You know it’s damn solid when they add your name to their phone, especially when they proactively tell you how to spell their name. This will happen, it’s a good sign.

I always text them that night. “Hey Sarah it’s Cat, was a pleasure, talk soon :)” or something like that. They have my name in their text history. A good sign is when they hit you back that night.

The next day I call her. I always call the next day (unless I am fucking overwhelmed which .. happens). They almost never pick up so I always leave a voicemail: “Hey Sarah it’s Cat, it was a pleasure chatting with you last night about flipper babies and George Bush, was really stimulating. I’m running around about to hit the grocery store / a movie / cook dinner / workout / take a bath / do whatever I’m doing so you can try me tonight. I’ll try you again soon. Happy Tuesday”. You can say that exact message including the flipper babies and george bush part if you want, as it’s funny. Point is to leave a quick message where you’re CHILL and unapologetically calling her to talk to her on the phone and get to know her a bit.

I always try to get the girl on the phone for 10-30 minutes before my day2 with her. I want to establish some simple threads for us to talk about, let each other vibe each other again to get our flirting dynamic reestablished, and generally just come off as a normal, chill, and interested guy. Girls want you to be interested. You should be interesting.

I’ll call every few days until I get them on the phone. I don’t like texting. I really force this issue because I find it makes shit waaaay more solid, helps prevent flaking, and helps with the pull for the day2.

On that call I talk about whatever. Basic questions, deep questions, whatever. I tell them about shit going on in my life in the future, stuff if the past, I guess if they have siblings, what their favorite color is, what kind of art they like. If they suck I will literally end it here. I have too much going on to go on boring dates these days. If you don’t have many lined up go for it, but generally boring dates make the whole process a lot harder. Ideally you find chemistry on the phone, discover more of it in person, and act on that via sexy times.

I always end this call with “oh shit hey I gotta run. You’re cool, let’s hang out sometime, I’m free early next week (as I beast Thursday-Saturday) so we’ll grab a drink or something, I’ll text you and we’ll figure it out. It’s been real, be good Sarah, ciao” click.

I text them the next day with sometime really simple like “hey you :) I like cocktails and know a place, I can do this coming Monday” or “Hey gorgeous, red wine on rainy days is the best, what are you doing on Tuesday”. Keep it simple stupid.

We agree on the day2 logistics. Good.

I call or text the day of around 4 or 5. Then we meetup.

Quick overview:

1) Initial “day/night of” text with my name + great meeting you.
2) Phone call that has some substance the next day.
3) Text a day or two later to plan logistics.
4) Text or call day of to confirm plans.
5) Day2.

Logistics & Physicality

Logistics help with the pull home so respect logistics. This applies to all aspects of game.

I always try for drinks at a few bars close to my house at night. I will do a tea date but the makeout + pull is more abrupt. But then again I’ve pulled from daytime day2s so don’t treat it as a rule, just recognize that from my EXPERIENCE these little things tend to help.

I have them drive to me and park at the corner where I live.

I always “forget my wallet” when I am “helping them find parking”. They come over for 3 minutes while I grab my wallet. Quick tour. “Just a sec, common check out my house, it’s cool, then let’s go”.

Give em a hug first thing. If we’ve already kissed (e.g. I met them at night) then I kiss them first thing. Tour house then leave.

Walk to the venue. I bump into them a lot. I skip. I jump across puddles. I don’t look at em that much on the walk over. Light chat. “What’s something awesome that happened to you this week? Okay I’ll go first...”

I try as early as possible to tell her that I’m going to kiss her. If she gives me some look I smile and say “sorry lady, I’m a guy and you are cute”. Why not be honest, you fucking pussy.

We go to the bar. I always try to sit next to her. At a booth I just sit next to her. She might react. “Yeah um, honestly it’s way more awkward to sit across from you, and it makes it hard for me to kiss you, so fuck that”. I’ve had countless girls tell me 30 minutes in that “yeah this is actually way better”. Do it.

Have fun, talk, work on the “content of the date”.

Seed all your interests. “Yeah I just got a hookah, its.. fucking awesome. I got berry, it’s delicious”. “Yeah my little sister just told me about this documentary on Netflix called Babies, have you heard of it? She was like ‘oh my god Cat you are going to fucking flip shit when you see this’ so I’m sorta dying to watch it, it’s short apparently”. “Yeah I was just in Vietnam last year, I shot a whole bunch of video from it, I’ve been editing it up, I’ll show it to you sometime”. “Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, I want to take you home and seduce you”. Whatever the fuck it is, throw out fucking 40 reasons to go check out something rad back at your place.

I always tell her I’m going to kiss her. We should kiss. I will stare at her, stop talking, “lose my train of thought” and go “haha yeah sorry, what were we talking about? I was sorta thinking about kissing your face and got distracted”. I like this shit. It’s unnecessary, sure you could just kiss her. But I like doing it my way, this is my style, and it definitely makes it easy for her to know that you’re a fucking MAN and this is about US and us FUCKING each other.

Often times I will kiss her in the bar. Often times she’ll say “not at the bar” and on the walk to the next bar or my house I’ll just walk in front of her, stop, smile and say “so yeah, we’re gonna kiss now”. I enjoy this, it’s fun. I haven’t gone on a date in the last 13 months and not kissed my date.

Do not complicate any of this shit. You are a dude. You are cool. She is a woman. She is cool. You have chemistry. Kissing is a natural outcome of these facts.

I will say “finish your drink, let’s go”. Depending on the vibe I will do one drink and then walk them to my house for red wine, hookah, and babies, and .. making babies. If it’s not quite on then I’ll go the next spot.

On the walk over I have her lock her arm in mine. Then I say this is weird and grab her hand. Or I’ll just grab her hand and walk. Whatever. Just do it.

Walk to my house. If she asks “where are we going” just point forward and smile.

Do not overcomplicated logistics. Just lead.

The Content of The Date

I am awesome, I live a fucking cool life, and I have a lot to talk about. If you can’t say the same about yourself, frankly your dates will probably suck initially. Work on living a cool fucking life, it will make your dates better, and um.. you’ll be cooler which is way more important.

Be interested in who she is, what she thinks, what her values are, who she wants to be, what she loves, what she hates. Be curious about her. Ask questions and make assumptions.

Be honest. I don’t bend my values to “make a connection”. I am who I am. This is that whole “my world” thing in action. I appreciate her genuinely expressing her world to me, letting me see inside. But I don’t go out of my way to make our worlds overlap. Often times I’m most interested in girls who are really different and are CONFIDENT with their own world. These people inspire me, and it’s really easy to connect and find chemistry between the two of us through this channel.

Mostly just trust yourself. You are there to have fun and find that sexuality between the two of you. But focus on your own fun first.

Like everything I’m suggesting here, do it 100 times to learn how to do it. I can make suggestions but you are the one to develop your own STYLE. So treat it like a fun little experiment and roll with it.

You can get really good at dates. It’s kinda a trip, then it’s .. so easy.


Don’t identify your interaction with sex but be interested in sex, in exploring how she turns you on.

My endgame is pretty solid but a lot of girls “make rules” about kissing on the first date, and fucking on the first date. Don’t take it personally. A lot of girls will ignore rules because you are the exception to the rule, literally.

I pour us a glass of red wine, light a coal for the hookah, and turn on Babies on my projector. I watch it with her for a bit, cuddling with her on my couch, her in my arms. I enjoy this.

I also enjoy making out. So I tend to do that too. Often times 10 minutes of the movie is enough time for her to be wondering “okay when is he going to make a move”. I will give her cheeks kisses and then go back to the movie because I am a cute man. Meow.

Makeout. Calibrate. When you feel her not wanting to break the makeout, take off your shirt. Push her down into the couch or pull her on top of you to straddle you. Whatever you like.

She will be breathing heavily. Kiss down her blouse, run your hands all over her body when you kiss her. Get into it, then she will. Be relaxed. Enjoy yourself.

I grab her hand and guide it to my cock. “Look what you did”. “Good job”. :)

If she’s resistant then work on her legs, run your hands up her inner thighs. Feel how she responds. Run your hands over her pussy. Feel how she responds. If she pulls back or moves your hands away, guide her to you instead. If she’s into it, rub it up.

Take her shirt off. Take her bra off with one hand, you pimp, while your are pulling her neck in with your other hand. Get some practice with this shit, it’s my favorite part to practice.

Take your cock out. “Sweetheart look at how much you turn me on”. It makes sense that she’s touching it. I tend to not have her go down on me at this point because I want her nice and turned on before we move towards oral sex. When I know that we’re both ready it’s time to have sexual intercourse.

“Oh my god babe, come with me”. Grab her hand, stand up, and walk into the bedroom. Pick her up and carry her into the bedroom. Throw her on the bed. Pull off her pants as you’re taking yours off.

And uh, figure out the rest of it yourself ;)

Sex is fun. Treat it as such. Enjoy her body. Enjoy your body. Fuck each other silly.

Afterwards hold her next to you in bed and have pillow talk. Ask her what she wants to be when she grows up. Where she wants to travel to next. Enjoy that afterglow, and spend some time with her naked talking about her and you. This solidifies the whole experience.

Mostly just enjoy her. That’s what this is about.
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Keeping Her

Be a high quality guy. Spend time on you.

Don’t take any of it too seriously. Respect her. Do not judge her. And let her know that you enjoy your time together.

She will want to hang out again.
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Learn what you want in this journey by trying new things, gaining new experiences, and keeping yourself open to all possibilities.

Respect your own dynamic nature. Trust your intuitions about what you want. Take risks. Be vulnerable and as honest as possible.

You will learn so much about yourself through this journey. Respect the journey.

It’s truly amazing.

And the only person who can tell you “why” is you. So begin to discover this today.

And dude. Have fun :)

This shit is so fucking awesome. I cannot give you any of it in words. So discover that yourself.

It’s your journey, your life, so start living it consciously and proactively today.

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 wow this is some good shit. i learned a lot and am definitely going to use/try out some new shit.

i like the fact of telling girls you are going to kiss them on day 2s. thats going to be fun
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Great post
Someday, I want to be a billionaire.
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Nearing the end i realized how unaffectionate i am. I take shit waaay too unseriously and laugh at everything. Buuuuuuuut me gusta es un muy muy muy bien post mayne!!!
I'm like a chill catalyst, a catalyst for all things chill.
I bowl overhand.
San Diego, CA
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