January 18th, 2019
Bootcamp with Brad review Helsinki (13.1-15.1)
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Bootcamp review day 1:

Before the bootcamp I was quite nervous and didn’t know what to expect even though I had read a lot of reviews on RSDN. It felt like outside my comfort-zone anyway but I knew that I have to start to expand the zone further to get some results and that’s why I decided to take the BC.

Well, we all met at the hotel lobby at 19:30, Brad started with asking all of us some questions about ourselves to get an idea of where we stand in our game and what experiences we all have had with women in the past.

After introduction he told us about tactics or techniques that are useful infield, his teachings were very easy to understand and to remember, not too complicated methods and shit.

He also told us about his own journey.

We hit a bar named Onnela at about 23:00; first we chose a spot in the bar where we should meet if we lost each other or got an sms from him to meet there. Then we just walked around for approx. 10 minutes to get to know the venue and get comfortable. After that we met there at the spot again and it was time for some action.

I was still a bit nervous at this point, but I felt the momentum going up.

Brad sent us to some sets, cant remember all of them but I didn’t get any real blow-outs so I was gaining some more momentum and getting comfortable. Approached a really cute brunette which opened well but I had difficulties to take it any further. She and her friends left for dancing.

Then Brad told me to approach a girl who was sitting alone in the corner and playing with her phone, I knew it was going to be a tough one because my wing had approached her earlier and she had been negative/passive. Anyway I approached her quite strong and sat down in front of her. She was just playing with her phone and told me she was alone because she was still waiting for her friends to arrive. She gave me a bit of resistance in the beginning but I just continued plowing and it was amazing to see how it hooked at some point, it was like the sun coming over the horizon and she started to ask me questions and invest in the interaction.

After a while Brad sent me messages that I should move my chair closer and then later again to move her, the move went great, we went to buy something to drink and then I sat her down on the couch. Just chatted something blaablaablaa and I had difficulties to escalate it again or to get physical etc. I stayed with her for about an hour I think. Anyway her friends arrived to the nightclub and I decided to eject and go for some more approaches because one huge sticking point for me is the direct cold approach.

Approached some more sets and winged the other students and had very fun, no more AA and the momentum was high.

Later on I saw that girl from the longer set again and went to talk to her. At this time she wasn’t that nice anymore, she was like fucking with me and bullshitting some sort of shit testing maybe. She blamed me for stalking her even though it was her asking me to sit down with her and follow her somewhere and stuff like that, anyway eject again. I think she was just pissed because of my abundance mindset and not being needy.

My last set before the BC was officially over for that night went really well. She was a cute brunette with a very nice body. A lot of touching, dancing, flirting etc. Her friend tried to pull her away to the bar or something but she wanted to stay with me instead, I was like yeah it is on. Then we went to the bar to grab something to drink, and I don’t know what really happened but I had somehow lost her… Fuck… Anyway she would have definitely been ready for the pull.

At this point I was already getting exhausted, loosing the momentum a bit, all the girls were drunk so I basically just wandered around the club. Accidentally met that girl from the beginning again and chose to hang around with her because it was soon closing time so I went rock hard on her.

She wanted me to her place after the nightclub so we took a taxi. When we arrived to her place she was still messing with me and I was getting a bit pissed but didn’t show it to her, I kept my frame.

First when we went to sleep she was resisting again but then she started to tease me, did this shit for maybe 2 hours and told me that there’s not gonna be any fucking, I told her “WTF?! You can’t fucking tease me like that and then back off”.  I told her that I want to bang her really fucking hard and after a while that’s what I

After a few hours of sleep I woke up at about 10 in the morning and went home for a few more hours of sleep.

Approached maybe 15+ sets totally.

Sticking points of the night:

- Difficulties to approach on my own initiative.
- Difficult to get the set to hook and the girls to want me to stay.
- Problems with not know what to say next.

Day 2: 

We met at the same spot at 15:00.

Everybody told about their night, experiences and feelings. Brad asked about the three biggest lessons from the night and the biggest stinking points. At this point Brad also gave us some feedback on our game, it was amazing how accurately he was able to follow up all the three of us in field and give accurate feedback to all of us the next day.

We had a really deep debriefing about the night before, which I found amazing. It was nice to hear how the other students’ night had been and their success stories and experiences.

Brad told us about the following night, what we should concentrate on and that we should basically do the same thing but push it even further and go more for the close. We chatted for a few hours and then it was time to take a break. We decided to meet at the same spot in the nightclub at approx. 23:00.

This time it took only one or two sets for me to get to the momentum; I was more relaxed and kind of enjoyed the conversations more. Just opened set after set to get more into a social state, didn’t push it too much in the beginning of the night. Even the club was emptier at this time than the previous evening.

One other student opened two very nice girls and I went into the set to wing. He moved her girl away while I was talking to my girl, I moved her to the table and we were laughing and talking and it was on. I got her number and then she went to look for her friend.

We approached two nice blondes with the other student, it was a nice set because they were into us, they went for a cigarette or something and asked us to wait there for them to come back. When they came back we moved them o another part of the club and we talked to them but then it somehow died and they went for dancing or something.

Approached two gorgeous brunettes sitting on a couch, first I got some resistance but then it hooked and the feeling of being there was relaxed. Then the conversation was going really nicely and the girl I was mainly talking to also invested to the conversation and she wanted me to taste her drink and stuff like that but then I got outcome dependent or I just got too comfortable to not escalate. I could probably call this the friend-zone. Afterwards I felt that I wasn’t playing to win but played not to loose.

My momentum of the night was overall good, anyway towards the end my momentum completely crashed, I was so exhausted that I couldn’t do any more good sets, all approaches just exploded and I kind of got inside my head. Just chilled in the club the rest of the night and then went to my hotel room for some rest.

Totally approx. 25+ approaches.

Sticking points of the night:

- Still wasn’t able to escalate or play it hard towards the final goal.
- Felt that I couldn’t show the real intent in the set, I was a little bit just like the friendly guy chatting.
Lessons from the first night:

- Not to eject too quickly, comfortable with the silence.
- Better at talking, didn’t run out of things to say so much.
- Opened more solid and gained momentum faster.

Lessons from the whole bootcamp:

- Approaching isn’t that bad, nothing to be afraid of.
- The girls wont even notice if you are sober or not, don’t need the alcohol.
- How important it is to get to the right momentum straight away, that it takes just a few approaches to be social.
- How important the eye contact and vocal tonality is.
- How important a game plan is, no girl wants to be pulled at 10:30, so use the first hours just to get social and towards the end push it harder.
- + A lot more! 

Final words:

Overall an absolutely amazing experience, Brad was the fucking king. It was amazing to see how he did this shit and how solid he was.

At the same time a very nice guy who is easy to talk to and explain if you feel like you need to solve some sticking point. He gave very good advice in the field.

Many of the guys wonder if it is worth the 2000 dollars, I can only speak from my own point of view, but I would say that it is definitely worth the money if you have it extra. If you're willing to do your best it will help you! smile

It helped me to get some reference points to how it feels to approach and hopefully I will be able to do this by my own now and get better in the future.

Thanks Brad and thanks RSD!!!!
Bootcamp with Brad Review:
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that's what I have also noticed, especially after the bootcamp :)

it's good to be different than the others! ;)
Bootcamp with Brad Review:
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