January 18th, 2019
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This journal documents 3 years of my life in the game.


Discovered the game and RSD.


My first year of taking massive action. Here is my journal documenting that year.

2012 & 2013



2013 Update

Carrying on writing in this journal in 2013.

2012 was a good year. I stopped drinking and mastered pulling girls while sober. I banged A LOT of girls. Not going to drop numbers but it's all in here.

Now it's 2013 and I can confidently say I know how this shit works and from here on out it's just about how ridiculously abundant I can make my life right now. How I choose to shape my life from here on out remains to be seen. No doubt about it though... 2013 is going to be a good year.



To quote my sign off message in my last journal:

"What's next? This year I'm going to be focusing on creating massive momentum and fucking exploding off the platform i've created in the last year"

That sums it up pretty well.

- Make the most of what might be my last year of studying in one of the most awesome cities in the world.

- Hit it up as many nights as I possibly can.

- Build up momentum the old fashioned way and finally ditch my reliance on alcohol for good.

- Think of going out as socializing rather than partying.

And so far the year is going well. Slept with two new girls. The second one just happened last night. This is a girl who is kinda shy and could hardly hold eye contact... Which didn't stop her from screaming out how good I was while I was banging her =) SO, off to a good start. Will try update more regularly than my last journal (guess it will be every day, seeing as i'm going to be doing something social everyday). Show me some love and comment! Peace out.
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