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OK, so I just finished going out 12/15 days. Fucked one girl, hung out with a couple others. Not bad.

Im getting more focused. Starting to work on my inner game aswell. That challenge was the first time I only worked on outer game, and did not even think about my inner game.

I got my room set for next semester, going to school full time, and bartending part time. Built a new desk, got a mini fridge, bought a new book. 

I feel more motivated, Im ready to attack my life with some intent, and for once clarity in what I want.

I am only going to post value, FR's, either challenges I've over come, or inner game concepts I am learning, in which other guys on RSD can take some value from.

Alright, peace guys. 
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Out of Sync

Ehhhh, so, tonight was pretty much fucked up to "sum" it up. The whole night I was bartending, I was completely out of state, no confidense in my speaking ability's felt self concious, and just shitty. YET, I had a shit load of compliments from customers, made the most tips in one night I have ever made, and was getting mad props from my manager, multiple times. It was fucking weird, w.e.

Im coming to the conclusion that when I initiate change, my brain tells me no, and fuckes with me. I built a new desk, bought a book, started going back to the gym, and bought a mini fridge. My goal is to get back to my inner game shit while doing my outer game. I went out a shit load for two weeks, but didnt do shit all with my inner game. Am I trying to change to much?? I dont fucking know. 
After Christmas Im going to continue my gym, reading, and going out. I will do ALL OF IT, I need both outer and inner. I need to be smart, and I mean observant, and see where my improvement is needed. 

Basiclly stay concious, and aware of what needs to be done. Push myself every day, and build confidense, both in my inner game, and outer game.

Overall though, fucked up mentally right now, feeling insecure, or w.e that feeling is, I get it radomly every now and then. Im feeling it right now. Sometimes im totally confident, sometimes Im not. I dont fucking know. 

Going to focus on change, and less on my fucked up mindset. 

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 In the Present? JOURNAL ENTERY

It's the holidays, well, its December 17th, so its past the best part. New years is ok, but I have to work it. :)

Work tonight wasnt too bad, I was inside my head for most of it, but i still had a decent medium. I made a shit load in tips, made over 150 bucks two nights in a row now. Had guys giving me $20 bills for no reason, I raped it.

I did this well, although I was inside my head for allot of it, I also closed by myself for the first night. 

I am focusing on being present as much as possible, I am doing it everywhere. Work is much tougher to do, as I have been used to being inside my head because it is a tough and really new experience for me. 

But I am getting much better in other parts of my life.

I am starting to see how conditiond my brain is when it comes to impusle to buy marterial goods, wanting to stay away from certain people in fear they will either attack me verbally or physiclly, and just other random shit. I am very glad I am starting to become concious of it.

Im going to keep this up, and go for permanent change. Main this is to constantly improve on my presense, and be very concious of my thoughts, wants, and fears. 

I am reading the Power of Now, its amazing to say the least, I started it a while back but never kept going, now I am pretty hooked. 

BIG THING, I just realized in my head again while I was writing this, the "ego", or pain-body part of my brain, not my being, thinks very negatively, and just sees most situations as scary and a threat, I forsee certain social encounters as fearful, which puts me out of confidense, and just makes me insecure. 

There were times tonight where I watched those thoughts, and snapped out of it, but only for small amounts of time.

Oh well, it's a learning process, till next time.

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1 approach at the mall

Girl I met when I used to work at footlocker, shes a 10. 

Shes a model.

Chattet with her about new years, random shit, fluff talked.

Felt a bit nervous, i was kind of inside my head, regardless, I talked ot her for a good 3 minutes.

Good talk, was at the mall for about 40 minutes, getting outside my head, and spent the rest of my gift card. 

Short Term Goals
-When I have the desire to watch TV or play video games, read. Build habit to read.
-Kepp monotiring bad habits and thought processes.
-Go out consistantly, be concious when approaching, get better.
-Read one book a week
-When working out, always do 2 muscles.

Long term goals
-Save up enough money by the end of the year to go traveling (so far at about 250 bucks, made in about 2 weeks)
-Increase my skill in bartending, be good enough with people and making drinks to bartend out of the country

Constructive Critisism

__________________ - 15 Day challenge, one lay, and I learned a lot. - Journal and Field Reports. 
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 Jeffy Free tour in Vancouver BC

Well, this night was interesting. First off, I would like to say that Jeffy`s free tour seminar was well done. Very entertaining, and most of his stories had lesseons to back em all up.

He told allot of stories, and related them to certain aspects of the game. I think his approach is different then Tyler`s, and he is more up front, and less self developy about his shit. Which is cool, two different perspectives is better anyways.

After the free tour, I met up with a couple guys, I cant remember them all, or their names, but I got some numbers, and will have a decent core group to hit up the clubs with.

Lets get to the good part.

After the free tour ended, six or seven of us headed out in what looked like a kreepy ass wolf pack, to go hit up some girls. I had never done street game in my life, actully, I had never stopped and approached a girl for that matter.

JackAsh on the other hand, approaches everything, that guy went up to the first 2-3 girls and approached them.

I was shocked, I had never seen this before, and just felt kind of sur-real. It sounds gay, but this is the first time I had hung out with guys who actully were into appraoching and getting better with women.

After seeing him approach, I made sure I was the next to do so. He (Ash) pushed me to do it, I stopped a two set of girls on the street and talked to them for a bit, it went no where, but I proved to my self that it REALLY DOES NOT FUCKING MATTER.

I did not have intent though, my intent stopped at how was your day, blah blah blah. So nothing was going to come out of it anyways.

I ended up doing multiple approaches on the street, watching Ash run his shit, and having a good time. I was kind of amazed at what I was able to do, once I was pushed to go, I had no anxiety. I was not physiclly nervous talking to them, I just ran out of words to say some of the time. Lack of experience.

I opened up a set of two girls, 6.5 and an 8. They were both smoking, and were very negative. My state was good, until I started talking to them. There reality was much stronger then mine, and I was fucking demolished half way throught the interaction.

Ash came in after about 20 seconds, and started plowing. I just watched him run his shit, completely mindfucked by bad state. It was a clear example of what Jeffy explained in the seminar. You can go into a set with awesome state, but you have to maintain your frame and state to overpower theirs.

I actully learned from this interaction, and applied my lesson to a later one where some girl was in a super shitty mood. I just plowed good emotions on her till she smiled, was not hard either.

One girl Ash told me to go for, after our pack passed her, was a solid 8.5, or 9. For me a 9. She was hot.

This was my best approach of the night, I had full intent, I was present, told her she was cute, blah blah blah. Fluff talked a bit. And eneded up going for the number.

*A couple things that made this approach successful*

1. I was in a good mood, good state.
2. Smiling pretty much the whole time.
3. Made her laugh, my state transferred to hers.
4. Very good eye contact
5. Intent for number.

I think because I was actully attracted to her, it gave me way more intent, and made me much more present. I got her number to btw. I was not suprised, but actully pissed at myself, because that was my third approach ever where I stopped a girl, and I was able to get a number.

Ok, so after we all hit subway and shit. Ash kicked it, and a couple of us hit up the Republic. Had free tickets.

HAHAHAHA, Jeffy was fucking there with his bootcamp, crazy as fuck. Felt sur real. Anyways, the place was not packed once so ever, and there were not allot of hotties.

I hit up at least 6-7 sets. Most went no where.

One 7.5 I hit up was pretty cool, at first the interaction went no where, but I realized as I was talking to her I was bored, so I asked her about some amulet she was wearing, and somehow made the whole thing really fun. She actully could barely speak english, I couldnt really tell though because of the music.

Hit up a couple 7`s, and couple 5`s, stepped into a set of 5, w.e.

Reasons for not doing well at the club.
1) No intent, I did not really find most of the girls attractive, I think that blew me out from the start, I approached anyways.
2) No one else was approaching, if I had Ash there, It would have been a whole different story, (cmon fuckers, step up!!)
3)No intent, no intent, no intent, mainly I think. I just didnt want ìt,
4)Was not in state.

1) If there are no hot girls, focus on self ammusing, and experiment with different shit in sets with 5`s, 6`s, and 7`s.
2) Try new shit to put myself into state, fuck around the club, act gay, idk, stupid shit.
3) Make out with the uglys, stupid shit, If i can muster up the courage!!! YAH!!
4) Have a wing that will push me, and me do the same.
5) Above all, stop thinking, and stop caring.
6) Build up momentum by approaching anything, even animals mother fucker.

If there is anything I learned today that is really above all else useful. It`s that this shit can be fun, and it doesent fucking matter what you do, your mind is the only thing holding you back. Mind pretty much blown.
I was sober the whole time, and I plan on keeping it that way. I think that going out solo here on out will be difficult.

Im hesitant on hot seat saturday, I would have to call in sick, and its 300 bucks. Ill hit the next one either way. I have seen what can be done. Im pretty stoked

Peace, Cupid.
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 New small term goals
-Get at least one more number before setting a day two with hb9 from free tour.
-meditate one hour
-self hypnosis before meditation
-finish the Power of Now, 80% done
__________________ - 15 Day challenge, one lay, and I learned a lot. - Journal and Field Reports. 
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 Daygame: Mall

Alright, despite being sick, and having to go to work in a couple hours, I decided to go out. Funny thing is, I didnt really want to, but was excited to. If that makes sense.

At first I had no momentum, and didnt feel like approaching. I ended up saying hi, how are you to a bunch of people to gain some momentum, but it didnt really work. After sitting down and reflecting for about 2 mins, I got up and said fuck it.

I approached the first girl I saw, all I did was shake her hand, asked how she was doing, and got her name, and ejected. MOMENTUM.

I did that with about three girls, no intent, but got warmed up a bit. After scaling the mall a couple more times, actully following one girl into a store (kreppy I know, but my intenchions were good :) ) 

I finally got face to face with her, and only said Hi, WTF. Too much thinking. I ended up accidently WALKING OUT OF THE STORE with some bodywash stuff, pretty much stealing it. 

I didnt realize this for about a minute, then ran it back to the store. I approached some sales girl at the front of a tea store and talked to her for a couple of minutes, sampled her tea`s, then kicked it.

After walking around a bit more, I saw an old indian friend, very cool guy.

We caught up, joked around, I was funny as hell, and completely out of my head while talking to him. I told him I was just killing time and approaching girls.

After talking to him about random shit and we having to hang out, I saw a cute girl walk into a boutiqe. I told him I wanted to approach her, and went after her.

Hb 8
I think im in the wrong section

Yah I think so to, haha

Hi Im Nick, whats your name,

haha liz. 

I thought you were cute, so I came to talk to you. its not weird.

Im not even wearing makeup haha. (qualifying her self I think...) 

(At this point, I was doing really well, intent established, she was laughing her ass off, I was in. But then.....)

Her friend showes up, and she sees me talking to her. the hb8 asks her friend if she was fucking with her, and asked if I as with hb7.

Yah, we know each other from school. Blah blah blah. Just fucking with em both.

They were both laughing at the whole thing, and once they both realized I was trying to pick her up. I felt I was done. Which I wasnt

Hb8 said she ruined my game (telling her friend this) Once I heard this, for some reason, I fucking died out. Went inside my head a bit, and didnt know what to do. I should of kept plowing, and just told her again, I thought she was cute, and I wanted to meet her, and that I dont do this with many girls.

Somthing like that. But, I fucked up, and said Im gonna leave, NICE TO MEET YOU!! Yep, blown out. I was doing so well too..... Rattled.... She took her hair band off and shit too, I know she was interested, my confidense was through the roof as I was talking to her. 

Meh it was a good approach, I will get better.

Last one was a hb8 in a girls store. I told her I was shopping for my sister, blah blah blah. She has an amazing rack, I think it threw me off. She was skinny too. I was confident, but had no intent. If I had intent for her number, I probably would of got it. Just because of the momentum I had.

After getting advice, I peaced it. It actully took me about 3 different tries to appraoch her. I went outside, recouped. I marched back inside. Talked to the teller first for social proof. (just for my mind sake) then went to her. Very confident, just no intent. Will change that next time.

Overall, it was fun, and I learned some stuff.

-Approached multiple girls
-Had intent for number in at least one approach, this approach went the best.
-Got outside my head
-Built momentum by talking to random people, approaching 5`s, and 6`s
-Actully had fun.

-Always have intent, you can be confident in the approach with enough momentum, but if you have no intent, you may not even go for the number.
-Its actully fun.
-Thinking is the worst thing to do, get outside your head ever you have to, approaches will go well.
-Intent, Intent, Intent
-Having a buddy there makes it easier as you have a fall back. But I have to be able to approach with intent, solo. SOLO DOLO.

Peace, Cupid.
__________________ - 15 Day challenge, one lay, and I learned a lot. - Journal and Field Reports. 
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 Inner game Day, and Bartending for the night

Started the day out pretty shitty, felt like complete shit. Stayed home and rested. Listend to a hyponosis session to relax, still didnt relax too much as my body felt like complete shit, but I got into good enough state to focus on, having to focus at work, if that makes sense.

Read the Power of Now for about 20- 30 minutes. Almost done it. That book is amazing. You may question some of the ideas it presents, but overall, and truly breathtaking book.

At work, I was in and out of state, I focused hard on my job, and made sure I was not going to crash under the pressure, It got fucking busy, and I felt like shit. For being sick though, my focus was tight, the resting, reading, and relaxing help me get into the zone for about 2 hours, and in those 2 hours, I made sick ass tips.

And people were fucking loving me, same with the servers. 

By the end of the night, state was gone, I got a bit needy, insecure, or just was in a bad mood, I couldnt tell. My mind was going at 500%. 

All in all, good night. I feel like shit, and Im going to bed.

Whole new chapter of life coming up. Full time University, gyming it hard as I have less time spent at work, and lots of more game practice to come. I wanna get this shit down badly.

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 Daygame, Mall, Impressing myself ever day.

Ight, well, Im sick. Im, sick, and I still decided to go out. If it was me a couple months back, or even a month back, I would have never gone out.

First Ill recap the past week. 

Went to Jeffy's free tour, met a couple cool guys, started approaching on the street or even cold for the first time. Did probably 15-20 approaches, got blown out 95% of them, and got one number from a solid 9. I have made progress. 

Inner game recap: Have almost finished The Power of Now, going to finish it tonight. Been focusing on being present even when Im sick, not much else as of right now, just bought the Dhali Lama, going to read the next.

Alright, now to the FR, only two approaches. But fuck, 2/3 three days of solid daygame, and it's only gonna get better.

First approach, hb7, sitting down at a table.

Go and approach.

Asked how she was doing, made conversation about working at the mall because she was doing some hw for a job at a kiosk.

Talked about my job, school, blah blah blah. This was my first approach, so I was a bit out of my head, not too bad, it was fluctoating throughout the interaction.

I focused on staying present, and making her comferterble. I could feel she was comferterble with me, she started asking questions n what not.

Kept talking for a little bit, inside and out of my head. 

After about 3-4 minutes, I told her nice meeting you, and pced. Recap:

-Did not go for number because I did not find her that interesting, or very attractive: this imo, was subconcious more the concious. But I was thinking the whole time, should i go for it, blah blah blah. 
-I fell 100% I could of got her number, she was interested. 
-My approach was ok, but I was not present enough, and eye contact was off. Should of tried to warm up. Or, not have walked passed her, then decide to appraoch, which i did.
-Should of asked for number, just to get the number as a friend. I fell confident I could of said "Id like to hang out with you sometime, but honestly just because I think your cool, Im not looking for a relationship" This is true btw.
-Go in instantly, no thought of going in, I think the 10 second walk by and pause fucked me up.

Approach 2**

This one was partially me and partially her, the sales girl at the kiosk. Solid hb8. Nice ass, tits, little bigger for my taste, not chubby though. And a hot accent.

Made direct eye contact with her.

She was trying to sell me something. I told her I wasnt buying anything. Had piercing eye contact. Asked her about her job.

I was pretty much totally myself at this point. very present, and man, I wanted to fuck her.

We talked about work, where she was from because of her sexy accent. Sexy, sexy.... Continued talking about this face stuff which I actully use, she said she was going to order it in and give me a discount, w.e.

Shifted conversation, my eye contact continued to be very sexual, she was heavily attracted. I comepletely disregarded and though of her having a bf, or anything like that. 

She was very into me. State of transference was very obvious in this interaction, I was massively instate for the most part, and had her wanting to talk to me. But I did start to go into my head a tad a one moment. She started to lose state as well, BUT, right when this happend, I started talking about something else, and got back into state. BAM.

After about 5 minutes, I asked for her number. She said she was getting married, I stayed in state regardless of rejection, and congradulated her,  almost hugged her by auto response too, AWESOME.... She then asked how old I was, becaus she was clearly at least 3-4 years older then me. 

Despite the age difference, I was able to have her attracted, hard. She even said, your far too young for me anyway. I just continued great eye contact, and smiled. I think if I was 2 years older, I would of had her number right there.

Overall, awesome, not going to give myself full credit for the approach, as she said Hi first, then I went in. But I went for the number, got rejected, still felt awesome regardless, and had her wanting to fuck me. Recap.

-Drawing state from within is ket to success, I just felt good in my body. Transferred my state to hers, and created attraction thorugh logical conversation, and amazing eye contact, NO fucking techniques.
-Asked for number, got rejected, did not give a fuck, awesome.
-Eye contact, DSFW, and being present, keys to success.
-Age dont mean shit, I didnt give a fuck, she only rejected me, because either 1) She actully is getting married, or 2) She really thought I was too young. (Mabie If I had better clothing, and my hair was done she wouldnt of blown me off, MABIE!!!) I was not groomed, but I didnt give a fuck, I had momentum BITCHES!!
-Build momentum, through random approaches, conversations, and approaches you dont want to do.

Goals for next daygame. 
-Start momentum build instantly, and focus on drawing state, and being present. If you can focus on both things while warming up, you will get into state eventually, even if its not premanent.
-Go for numbers, even if I dont want to. i.e, go for Friend number, i.e, purposely picking up a girl as a friend so it opends up a new social circle.
-More approaches.

Overall, I did this being sick as fuck, my motivation is needed less and less, auto response is kicking it at times, and my disipline is getting better. I actully at one point, said I was leaving, started going out the door, saw a potenchial hottie, thought, I DONT WANNA, then said, FUCK IT IM GOING.

Went back to approach, then saw she wasnt as hot I thought, hot bod, no face. EJECTED. But, honestly, thats a new me. 

This shit is fun, BUT, it shouldnt be too fun, because if it is, your staying too much inside your comfert zone. 

University tommarow, more hot bitches, texted a server today telling her I wanted to fuck her regardless of her bf. She said she was gonna blush the next time she sees me, and shell call me up if she breaks up with him. TOO FUCKING EASY.

Also, cut out booz, drugs, and less on the fast food. I do this shit solo, and thats IT. Keeps me focused on DSFW, and being happier without that shit. Also, I dont really watch TV much anymore, I still have to want to, but I choose to read. Good shit.

Ight, gonna drink some tea, read, and get my shit ready for school. 

Keep trecking boys.

Peace, Cupid.
__________________ - 15 Day challenge, one lay, and I learned a lot. - Journal and Field Reports. 
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I have dropped 6 pounds!!! Down to 166!! FUCK!!! Big realization, its time to step up. Look at this scranny bitch!! 

Bullshit is being cut out, I have no TV, no xbox, I am cutting out every program waster on my computer. exceptions-(RSD,, email) I have facebook on my phone is needed temporarily.
Working Out: Bought my supps, food, and I am almost done being sick, I have 5 days a week of no work, so my body can take the pain, and I have the time to fill up on good foods, and a shit load of em. Goal: Gain 10 pounds of mass in 3 months. Unrealistic mabie, will it motivate me, YES!
Girls: Going out, non stop. Approaching like a beast. I have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. Hang out with girls when ever the oppurtunity presents it's self, even If I dont want to fuck them, or if I think i wont be able to. Experience is key to getting better. Overall, have fun with them. 
Reading: Spare time if I am alone is used reading. Next book will be about self actulization/self acceptance. Done Power of Now. 
Meditating: 20 minutes at the start of the day, 20 minutes at the end. Shower the meditate, my game is awesome when Im present/in the zone. Meditation is key. 
Being with people/friends: Most important goal of all, make new friends, hang with current ones, and enjoy the fuck of it. My only fun focus, will be this, and being with girls. It used to be video games, tv, and other bs like drugs and drinking. This is now the all knowing resource of my fun. 
Work: When Im at work, focus on being fucking AWESOME. I mean, outside my head, social, having fun, everything. After all, Im a fucking bartender.
School: Go to school, enjoy it, and impliment goal 2 and 5 when there. Study how ever much needed, and studying comes before reading.
Flow State: Focus on being in a "flow"/ meditative state while living everyday life, keeping the ego, only in a small portion of the mind, or not at all if possible. Be present in w.e I am doing. 
Journal: This thread will now be an update of most of my focuses, maily for FR's, but also a recap and reminder to keep my goals on point.
__________________ - 15 Day challenge, one lay, and I learned a lot. - Journal and Field Reports. 
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 Gave my number to one girl at Tripple ooo's. Told her to text me if she wanted a new job. As a server at my bar.

Didnt have much motivation for going out today. Hit the gym hard, and been eating like a monster, gotta gain that weight back and more.

Going out on thursday with JackAsh, hes gonna kick my ass. So be it.

School all day tommarow, will be approaching and hitting the gym.

Will update. 

__________________ - 15 Day challenge, one lay, and I learned a lot. - Journal and Field Reports. 
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