January 17th, 2019
Evil Goatee man's field reports
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Don corleon

Don corleon

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These are from Sept of this year. I will keep this thread up to date. 

 Field reports:

Sept 2/ 2011
I went into the bar early with XXX. I am taking a look around. There are lots of sets to talk too. I hesitate. We get water and sit back in a table like chodes. FUCK.

The two things that I identified thinking about right now is:
1. I feel like I need to be drinking to fit in
2. I feel like the crowd being there makes my rejections less noticeable

Any who these two girls are sitting behind me. I ask XXX to make a move. Keeps sitting there like a bitch. I realized I am using him as an excuse. After 20 min, I turn around and go talk to them.

There are two sisters. One is a blond, the other a paralegal redhead. It is her birthday. The blond is really cute. I keep the conversation going. The conversation went great and the blond loved me. She wanted me to keep talking to her. She ditched her sister from going to the bathroom. I should have made out with her. I played some thumbwars shit to get touching going before going for a makeout. I should have went for the kiss but I didn’t. Her sister pulled her away. NEVER to be seen again.

I opened a couple of sets but they all botched. The two that stayed for talking, I tried to push on XXX to get him to move. It didn’t work. What I learned from these sets was the amazingness of false time constraints. “ONE SEC” does wonders.

CCM is helping me a lot. I need to do vocal exercises on regular bases everyday. I have been controlling my tonality like a beast and I think that it is helping. In total, I made 5 approaches. Two of them ignored me.

It was an interesting night. I decided at the end of the night to set up formal goals for myself. So here it goes:
1. talk to 7 sets every night
2. Try to get the conversations going for a long time
3. Accapting that pick up is messy
4. Go out two night minimum, and three nights maximum when school starts, when no school go out 5 to 6 nights a week.

Sept 3rd/2011
I went out with Evnee again. I didn’t do a single approach. He didn’t do one either. I went home by myself. I don’t know about him. I think I am bad for his game and he is becoming bad for mine. Maybe we have been relying on each other as an excuse. I am a needy motherfucker. I need to make some other friends in life. Instead, I sit around in PUA forums looking for guys to be friends with. WTF?

New goals and the old ones:
1. go out alone at least half the time
2. approach 7 sets a night
3. make it last at least 5 to 10 min
4. do 2 sets on d-flour
5. as soon as you walk into the club do an approach
6. go out 2 nights a week when busy, 6 nights when not

Sat 12/ Nov/2011
Head out with Jon and them out to go to the bars. I was going to head out by myself. However, I was feeling lazy and as soon as I got the invite, I jumped to the gun. It was good motivation. It ended up being social times. There was no place to go. The lines were huge. We ended up going to a little joint named Chritina. It was nice.

No game done but I worked on my tonality, being relaxed and in state. Also, worked on body language. Fun times. =)

Lesson learned:
- nothing new lol
- Go out earlier?

Sept 9/2011
Finally did it. I went out solo. No wing man to fall back on and just by myself. It was like the old days except that I did no approaches. The good side was that I stayed out for about 2 to 3 hoursish. I didn’t run back home as soon as I didn’t open a set. I focused on having fun and enjoying my time. I put on a smile. When I walked into the dance flour, all the girls where checking me out. I was the singing dancing crap of the universe. Anyways, I feel that my goals need to be different on Solo nights. I need a new set of rules:

Regular night with wing:
- do 7 sets
- focus on opening as soon as you walking into the club

Solo night:
- do suicides
- as many sets as you can
- Do dance flour game so your fear of dancing in crowds and being embarrassed stops
o It is a place where you can use your good amazing energy and vibe to be the man

I am going out tomorrow again. I am hoping for the best. I was thinking about drinking but I decided not too. Unless I am partying with Saugeen crowd, then I won’t drink.

Fri Sept 10/2011
Head out with XXX tonight. I thought that it was frosh week and it was going to be mad packed. Believe it or not, I don’t like mad packness. It means too many guys and not a lot of girls. We end up going to tap house.

When I tap, I do 4 sets. Most of them just exchange of words. One of them really hit. There are four or five girls standing by the bar. I open the friend who is super drunk and tipsy. I talk to the other friends and we go back and forth. I tell one that I like her hair. I talk to her for a bit. We tease. It was a good interaction. The details of it allude me. Anyways, We hit up the streets. Nothing. I got a bunch of high fives and I managed to get one girl to hug me but that was about it. Nothing more.

XXX says that I am not serious enough when I approach. It might be a ego defense mechanism and I am trying to compensate and say that I didn’t approach seriously. I am going to take the next step and be more serious. Game on man.

Overall it was a good night compared to the last night out. I pushed myself a little more.

Th Sept 15/2011
I went out by myself and paid 5$ for a glass of water. Then I came back home. I am very disappointed in myself. I have decided that I need to do two things to get back. I need to go back to affirmations, and I need to go out solo. My wing man dependence is getting gross. The goal is to keep adding to these lists everyday so that I have lots of reference experiences to draw from.


I am the coolest motherfucker on the plant and any girl that is sexual will want me
- The girl I picked up with that guy conner, We took back to my place. Made out. I was going to bang but logistics wouldn’t let me
- Girls from the week after Saint Patricks that I took home and tried to fuck
- The redhead that was in Ivy and was in love me
- The other girl from Ivy that wanted to fuck me. Took her home and spent hours making out with her
- Rachel girl when I went out with Chris and she wanted me
- The blond tall girl, we went to the jacks with x. I was drunk and I tried to set her up with Jeremmy. She wanted me.
- The girl with black her that looked all bitchy last year and depressed. She keeps trying to get me to eye fuck her
- The blond girl from biochem. She had the sexy face.
- The girl with the big tits. We went to a house party with x and she had a bf but she wanted me.
- Sabrina, Tara’s friend
- Jade lol
- That asian bitch
- That brown girl that Approached me and tried to fuck me. The one that is friends with Joe. She is mad creepy and push
- Yanna and Rachel from Alborz high school
- Jovanna the Serbian annoying chick that was trying to get me to take her to dance
- Anna from downstair at bay view
- That asian chick Lulu or whatever the fuck her name was from AY
- The asian girl from my first mcat
- the blond girl from my second mcat
- Blond girl from Ceeps on the night Sept 18/2011
- The girl I could have pulled the first night I wend to Ceeps with x and x and them
- The girl that goes out with Irakly
- The girl sitting at the table beside me at Persian club
- The girl that I met at the kin pub crawl, Jenn Arch
- The cutest girls that I saw at the kin pubcrawl with the freckles on her face and the black hair and blue eyes
- Blond girls and her funny friend at Mollie blooms on Homecoming

I am social and I can start conversation with anyone
- I talked to the bouncer and rouge
- I talked to that random student that was 4th year at kin
- Sam girl that sold me the anatomy txt book
-x friend that he tried to bang but didn’t
- Talked to that random asian dude
- x, xfriend
- I made friends with that Persian guy x and x’s other friend
- I went out with x last week and made friends with his roommate Pablo 2.0 and that other guy that we hit out with and the Rugby girl
- I randomly became friends with x at the bar – Mollie blooms
- I became friends with that guy and his girlfriend- Mollie blooms
Sept 18/2011
I hit out to Ceeps with x and x. My friend XXX joined us and stayed in the line with us for a while before he hit back home. First set is a group of two girls. We start talking to them. They are both in kin and they live on XXX and I’s flour. We hit it off.

XXX starts asking the girls about their tattoos. I tease them that one of them is 15 years old. XXX makes a joke about how the under age one with the tattoos spends more of her time studying her fake ID then her actual real one-GOLD-. We talk for a bit. I realize that I left my ID in the car. I run back. Get in it and drive it and park right in front of ceeps.

XXX is still working the set. I go back in. I start making fun of the girl. Kept teasing her that she was 15. She start to sound ratteled. I quickly changed the subject and asked her about her name. She kept projecting bad feelings over the 15th thing. I kept my ground. I was icy. It worked great. We talked a bit more. The jacked the line and left. XXX left moments after.

I go into the bar. I see my buddy Dane. We talk for bit. Man that dude is strong. I am looking around for sets. I find nothing. I eventually man up, there is gorgeous blond girl dancing with this guy. I walk over and say hi. She says hi back. I don’t insist on talking and walk off like a little bitch. I am pissed of about it now.

I go sit back with XXX and chode around. I am just acting stupid. I keep yelling OYY and AYYY trying to get girls to come to our table. I see two girls standing by the Dflour. I run over. HEYY! She just says bye and walks away. I put the most uncalibirated claw around them. As soon as she looked back at me, I lost my icyness. STAY ICY BRO!

I stand around for a bit loosing state. I get a bunch of random girls to hi five me. Last one grabs my ass. I grab her ass. It was really nice and soft. LOL. This is approach number 4.

I see this girl from my class. Hey Steff. She acts as if she doesn’t know who I am. I don’t think she remembers. I saw her once DT and she yelled and called for me. She is all fucking cold now. Who cares? Well noramally, I wouldn’t but for some weird reason, I was being all clingy in my head and shit. Anyways, lost state there for a bit. I was quick to bounce back though. Good thing too.

I see this sexy looking girl. She is almost half naked with black hair, huge tits and pretty face. I walk over. I am standing right in front of her. I say hi. She had her back to the wall and looked creped out. I move to the side. Give her room to move and escape. I just talk to her. Ask her how is it going. Her friends come over and she ejects. I think I was giving wild eye contact and blocking her. Also, I feel like I go through this state where I don’t see what is happening around me. Sort of like a zone out state. It is unusual. I need to keep up the meditation.

I sit back and chode around for a bit. I see a blond girl by herself. I walk over. We hit it off. I say hi. She says hi. We play thumbs war. I tell her I like chicken. She kept laughing at everything I said. I should have just kept talking but I didn’t. She almost made out with me. I take her dancing. We go back to where XXX is sitting. She asks me about my program at school. She says she is in IVY. I say XXX’s in it. They start talking about. I am trying to keep the conversation going. Somehow, it dies out at the end. She could have been an easy pull.

We hit back and head home.

What I learned:
1. Talk more and be more talkative
2. scape route give to girl, don’t back her off against the wall
3. Approach niger, they don’t bite

Sept 24/2011 Friday

Hit out to XXX’s house for a house party. Jamie’s birthday is going on. The guys are playing beer pong. I fuck around a bit. They try to get me to drink. I decline. I am sick and I don’t want to get sicker. We chill and talk for a bit. They have this guy that is roommates with Alex. They are cool. I like them. We hang out for a bit. We talk about all sorts of things.

I go pick up XXX. We hit out. Set number one is on the street by themselves. I open them. I starts saying a bunch of random shit. One of them starts making an alarm sound. WTF? LOL I am trying to keep the conversation going. I just started talking. DIDN’T WORK. They walk away.

We go to frog. We pay 10$ to get in through the door. The dance flour is packed and full of sexy girls. There are the cutest blond girl. I don’t have the balls to approach. We go outside. There is a fatty and her friend. They seem like jokes. I open them. Tap tap. She starts tapping me back. It is on. She sits down and starts talking to me and her friend starts talking to XXX. All of a sudden a dude walks by. She opens him. Fuck. He steals her. I leave XXX with the friend. He pulls her. I feel like shit. I go out of the bar thinking I will do more approaches but I don’t. I take my car back home.

I don’t meet my set quota. Next time I want to do things up, we are doing on the d-flour. Go early and start opening.

I am in a weird head space. My grandfather just died. I think that combined with the sickness is fucking my shit up. I will get better. I am no longer opening sets for Stevie. LOL Better learn to them himself. Fucker should be banging everynight.

- World doesn’t owe me shit, gives me sex and takes it away as they please
- I need to start talking and vomiting words.

Homecoming special Monday Oct 1st/2011
I went out to see XXX at Mollie blooms. I only worked on one set before I head back home. I go outside to see whats up and I get stuck in a line. Two girls are standing behind me talking. I open them with making fun of what they are saying. We start vibbing. They give me a couple of shit tests, I make fun of them back. We joke around. We talk about making babies cry. We talk about jobs and everything else. I realized the set hooked when we get to the end of the line and the bouncer says and how many and the girls say 3. I was in the group. As soon as we got inside, I lost them. Too bad.

Lesson learned:
- Sets hook pretty easy when you go in with open energy and offer fun
- It takes some amount of time, to make it fun

Oct 29/2011
I was sitting at home wondering whether I should go out by myself or not. I eventually decide fuck it. I will. As I am thinking of a solo night on Halloween, one of my friends txts my phone and asks me to go out.

My first sort of set starts at the house. N isn’t the type that I want to be involved with but it is good warm up and hones up your social skills so fuck it. I initially ignore her- in our last conversation, she told me she was going to ignore me-. She keeps talking and laughing at everything I say. I know I am in the friend zone with this one and it is fine. I have to see her multiple times. It would be mad wired if shit fell to pieces. We play backgammon. I joke around. Social times.

We hit up to the bar around 12:30. I look around. There is nothing interesting. There are just guys after guys. It is over packed and we are constantly getting pushed around. We buy 10$ tickets to go upstairs.

As soon as we go up, I separate from the main group. I went to get a drink. A girl is standing with a cute tan. I want to make babies with her. I look at her. She is wearing a fairy custom and has a cute smile. She is a Hispanic looking girl with black wave hair. YUM YUM! I approach with “hey”. We talk around. I am trying to get to the bar. I squeeze in the middle of her friend and some other chick. I start slamming my butt into the two girl for some wiggle room. The girl on the right gets pissed. I ignore her and go back to my Hispanic girl. We joke around. I see that she has a stick of some sort in her skirt. I pull it. Turns out she is the condom fairy. She gives me a condom. SICK! We talk for a bit and they bounce. I am not sure exactly what happened here but I did have good eye contact and tonality so success.

This guy who has too much money on his hands offered to buy me drinks. I say YES! He buys me a drink. I look behind me and I see light bulb. Light bulb and I talk for a bit. I am looking her in the eye. I say give me a kiss. She does on the cheek. I ask for a proper one. Looking her with mad I am going to you eye contact. BOOM! Make out. We dance and make out for a bit. Sandra comes over. We talk and hang out. Dance and make out some more. I tell her that I am going to do bad things to her. She leaves me. LOL! I kept plowing. I think I gave up too fast. OHH WELL

I am thinking in my head ding ding round two. I see this other girl. She has a pockadot dress and looks like a twister of some sort. Chick is huge but she does have some nice racks. I approach. “Hey come here”. She hesitates. I grab her hand. Good tonality and laser eye contact. I try to hook her up with the drunk guy that kept buying me shots. His hammered. He gets kicked out. I am like okay. Fatty for me! I keep talking to her and plow. I put my arms around her and start making out with her. She has really soft tits. Everything is going great. I am thinking a bathroom pull. I am trying to figure out the logistics. She tells me she is there with her gay friend and lives with two homos. I try for it but then I see my ride to the bar is about to leave. I figured this chick or a free ride home.

Unfortunately, in my current financial situation a ride home wins. I need to save up for Jeffy coming to Toronto. Shit is expensive. I go over with my friend. We hit back to their place. We chill for a bit. They drop me and N at home.

Over all:
1. Learned that I need to just be conscious of my tonality, just a tad breaking off from how the girls is talking to natural. So say girl gives me the hard “WHO ARE YOU?” I would go lower and curl down with even more intensity. “I AM MOTHERFUCKING GUANDI”.
2. Eye contact and hard eye contact means sex

I watched Brad’s video that was poster from 21 conventions. I think he just went back to the basics. As soon as I focused on this stuff, it was like my game is back. I think I just got used to having this stuff when I went out regularly so I thought it was handled. Apparently, I just went back to my old fag ways without realizing it. The behavior just crept back and I didn’t notice it. It was even trippier because I had solid game internals so I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong.

Nov 19/2011 Friday
I decided to go to Jon’s house to drink it up. I have been studying for a while and dieting harsh. I figured it would help me get some relaxing in and have some fun. I pretty low on funds. I have to pay a whole bunch to bootcamp so I am keeping the money on the low. I have little flasks that I use to sneak booze into the bar. I only spent money on the cab ride and just one beer. It was around 40$. I spent 9$ on cover, 20$ on cab and around 6$ on beer.

Anyways, I go to see Evenee. Champ asks me if I want a free bootcamp. I said sure. He made me approach a group of girls. His only advice was to stay chill. It worked!

First set was this chick called Annet. She was polish with bleached blond hair. I just tapped her on the shoulder with I will fuck you alive eye contact and said dance with me. I was grinding on her and smelling her neck and such. She was cute. I think me quite out of it too fast. I was getting a little bit of LMR but it was at the right threshold.

Set number two was this blond girl with nice tits. I walk over and get rejected. The next set also went around the same. Girl was on the D-flour walked over and she just turned away. Lesson learned was that some girls will always say no despite what you do.

There was also this birthday girl. We were standing there talking. I am not sure what happened but her friend came in and started telling me that I should be dancing with the birthday girl instead of talking to. I think I should have engaged her more.

Last set was the best one. There was tampon on the flour. The girl was taking picture of it. It was funny. We bonded over it. Her name was Stephan. She was a pretty little thing with dark brown hair and glasses. I got her phone number who, I will call soon.

Lesson learned:
- You need to become more chilled!
- You need to be more chilled!

Nov 26/2011
Head out with my people from Persian club. I didn’t really do any approaches. I feel like since I was out with a group we just stuck together and did group things. Anyways there was one set that I got into when I first went to get water. The girl liked me. She kept sending kisses my way. Afterwards, I went to get another water and another set. I think that major thing was that I didn’t want to look stupid in front of the group. At the end of the night we me a bunch more Persian people. There was this somewhat of cute girls that I think liked me. The conversation did not get anywhere. We were discussing Persian club stuff. LOL

Lesson learned:
- Get away from the main group and disappear. Try to do approaches and get vagina!

Nov 27/2011 Sat

I ended up hitting up jacks with Evenee. I see XXX and Tiana. Fuck me. I should have went to her pre-drink. Instead, I sat home like a little and played video games. I feel shame. She had a whole bunch of hot ass sexys there with her.

No matter, didn’t happen so disregard. I hit up the d-flour with XXX and his crew. There is a girl behind me. She is dancing. She makes her friend switch sports with her. I start grinding on her. I am not sure what happened but I tried to turn her around and the whole thing went cabomb. Her vag was wet grinding on me. I was smelling her neck but she was there with her friends. I should ask a question about this on RSD. Yes boner or no boner?

Anyways, I tried to open more sets. Ended up dancing with one more girl. She was really pretty. Almost make out with this brunet cutie. I tell her friend I want to make babies with her. She keeps trying to drag her away. She does. Fuck it.

Last set of night went Evenee’s way. I opened this broad that was on this bullshit on individuality. He hung out with her.

- Make out with this somewhat ugly chick
- Danced with three sexies
- Had a fun night
- Stayed chilled and relaxed arousal
- Enjoyed and listened to music

Lessons learned:
- I can dance like a motherfucker
- I can make out with girls sober. I don’t need booze
o Only had two beers but make outs happened at the end of the night when I was sober
- Good tonality on the street when we got out of the bar = opening chicks like butter.
o I am going to start leaving the bars around 1:30 am
 Most girls leave by this time anyway and go on the street.
 I know, it means missing twilight zone but it also means much more of chance to approach. Maybe staying in until the last minute is not the greates idea.
- The vocal exercises are helping. Girls can hear me better, I can do the downwards voice curling thing. It is great.
- Still having somewhat of what to say issue. I need to start doing saying whatever I want exercise and bringing down my criteria
o Jeffy’s bootcamp should help next month
o I should start to take a couple of mintues a day and read new stuff?

Dec 4/2011-sat

I had lots of work so I stayed in Fri. I went out with Evnee. We hit up Jim bobs. We get in the longest motherfucking line in the plant. In the line, I open up these girls. We go at it for the whole hour. We are just standing there talking about random shit.
We go inside, I see the hot girl from the group walking around by herself, I call her over. We dance. I am talking to her. I start following her around the club mad creepy. I keep trying to make out with her. She keeps resisting. Telling me that she was seeing someone. She was getting physically more and more open though. Lessons learned:
1. I wasn’t plowing enough. I thought I got plow on lock but I realized after that it wasn’t really that long.
2. I tried to hit on this girl she was friends with. The girl called Ashley was sleeping around with targets X. I attempted to make jealousy plot line. Bad idea! Don’t do it between girls in the same group. At least, don’t be physical about it.
I had two sets that I had the WTF to say syndrome. It was gay.

I danced with one girl and got a make out and then she says I have to go find my friends. Have no clue what was wrong with that one.

Bounce to jacks, we open a set of girls. Turns out one had kids and their with some black gangster dude and that type of shit. Any who, again a case of WTF syndrome although the conversation did go well. As soon as the black guys showed up, they bailed. Don’t think I wanted to have sex with her anyways. Chicks become busted after they have kids down there. LOL

Too lazy to make proper field reports right now but the meditation and the vocal exercises are seriously helping. I feel like all I am going to work on for the next while is just staying chilled out at the bar and my tonality. Jeffy can cure my WTF to say syndrome.

Dec 16/2011-Fri at jacks
I hit up Jacks with Evenee and his friend. We sit around until 12. There were a bunch of nursing students but I didn’t approach anyone. We hit the dance flour around 12. The place didn’t have anyone. I had only rejections from anything hot in the fucking place.

I only talked to two girls. The interaction went okay but they may have classified as 6. Even on them played games on me. I didn’t have any problems keeping the conversation going but I think my tonality was fucked. I need to go back to the basics. I need to re-watch Brad’s video on tonality.

What I might have done wrong?
- Let the environment dictate my mood
- Lost track of staying cool and chilled out when on D-flour
- Didn’t stay icy in rejections
- Fucked tonality
- Need to keep up with the self-talk
What I did right?
- Approached
o The only criteria for success
- Beginning of the night I was pretty relaxed and felt like a boss
- I kept plowing the girls that somewhat rejected me and it went pretty good!

Dec 21/2011

Exams are done! I only had one of hour of sleep last night since my test was big one and today. I do some yoga. Take a shower, trim my exam bearded into a goatee curtsy of Evenee for inspiring me to grow one. I am fucking liking it. It makes me look professional and evil. I look at myself in the mirror and I feel corporate. I want to take over your house and money.

I get to Jacks around 12. I leave my coat in the car and run to get into the bar. As soon as I get in the line, I realized that place is at capacity. Dummy me. Exams are over today. I go to the line by pass. Stand in the cold for a good solid 20 min freezing. I end up making friends with this random guy. He is here by himself too. His friends are inside. My friends all went home and the ones that are from London are in no harry to come back. I eventually get inside.

The place is fucking packed as shit. There are people crawling everywhere. I am talking so packed that you can’t walk anywhere. There is no room to move and chodes are just around. As I am trying to make my way through the crow like a boss, I see this chick making eye contact with me.

I rub her head. I do this as an opener. I do it sort of like I am petting a golden retriever. I find it adorable. She opens me.

Don: Hi
Girl: Hey
Don: I just got here. Line is crazy
Girl: ya! My god. –talks for a while about how crowded it is-

She then goes on to ask me questions. I didn’t even have to try on this one. She asks me about my back ground, what I do, whom I am here with and questions like that.

I realize this is game. So I start to figure out the logistics. It turns out she is here with friends from work. Translation: there is no going together code or anything involved here. I can fully ignore the friends.

Now at this point, I scan around the bar. There are plenty of girls around. I want to go and hit on them but the bar is so fucking packed and so hard to move around here that it makes no logistical sense. This girl’s group has taken over a corner of the d-flour where no one can bump into us. Perfect relaxed condition for me to get my magic going.

Turns out she is Columbian. I start asking her if she knows Escobar. We talk about Columbian Ids. They have way too many fucking identification stuff on them. The group starts to dissipate. It is me girl and one guy that I initially thought was chode.

I ask her to dance. Columbiana says, “no, I don’t dance with strangers.”
Me step back, thinking in my head like fuck you don’t. I am no stranger. I dance by myself. At this point, I am still clueless of what this chode friend of hers is.

Eventually we start dancing together. I slowly escalate to a little make out. I am thinking pull when I realized that his chick’s friend is way to “fabulous” to be chode. I basically ignore the dude the whole time. Anywho, it was too late to start a conversation with him after 1.5 of ignoring him.

He tells her that they have to go. I tell her to stay. She says,” his my best friend since childhood.” Damn, logistics figuring out fail. She is here with her gay friend. I have never had to deal with gay friends before. Fully out of my expertise but I am pretty sure no one likes being ignored. LOL That is why I do it to chodes.

I get a number. She leaves. I scout around the bar for vag. There is nothing left but guys. There are fat girls around. No point in it. I mean the Columbian chick was chunky but her face was pretty and her body was pretty firm. She told me she did Zomba everyday. These were typical Canadian fat chicks.

The type that if you were walking in a farm, you would mistake for a cow. LOL

Over all, it was productive night out alone. I hadn’t done solo in a while so it was definitely different. The biggest part was getting out of the house.
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"Everyone wants to gangbang but when it comes to it, their talking street slang"  Tupac

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Don corleon

Don corleon

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 For some reason, RSDs site swalloed half of my reports after I coppied and pasted it. So I attached it here. Enjoy
"Church is for heaven, hoes is for havin"

"Everyone wants to gangbang but when it comes to it, their talking street slang"  Tupac

Jeff and Nathan 2012 bootcamp
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Don corleon

Don corleon

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 Fri 23 Dec/2011
The night before Christmas Eve

I wonder if the bar would be open tomorrow.

Anyhow, the night started out like any other night. I made my first mistake when I hit the Club too early. The second mistake that I made was to go to a Club that I hadn’t visited in a very long time.

I show up at the Frog around 11:30. The place is fucking empty. I am standing around like a chode by myself. There were four people and bouncers and bartenders just staring me in eye with looks that said, fucking buy something.

I ended up downing two Corona’s until the place finally picked up. I am not really afraid of the social pressure that they put me. I just find that there is no point in putting myself in extra shit for no apparent reason. Good enough is good enough.

I go outside to the Patio. XXis there. She is friends with this fat girl that is infatuated with me. One of my close friends got me out of that mess. I didn’t remember her name the first time I saw her. She is really sexy. Locks with green eyes and pretty curvy. She is got that pornstar voice too. I am getting boners thinking about her right now.

We talk for a couple seconds. I get my swag back. I got passed my initial bump. She goes to find someone. I stand there and talk to her friend for a bit. All of sudden, her phone goes off and poof she is gone. I hit back to the D-flour.

This drunk girl opens me. Starts grinding on me and making out with me. Her sister runs over and keeps yelling “NO NO NO NO NO HIS BADDDDD!” I am a man with bad intention ladies! Watch yourselves.

She drags the girl away. I do a couple of approaches. I keep getting turned down. I don’t understand it. Sometimes my swag goes over drive. I see these girls checking me out. I walk over and they turn around and avoid me. JEFFY BOOTCAMP! FIX ME BRO! LOL! BE MY MAGIC PILL!

Anywho, I walk back outside. There is the girl from the D flour again and this time she is with a different girl. Fuck yes. It is not her sister. This time, I play my cards right. I open up the friend first. It seems that it makes it way easier to maneuver around and pick up the target once you talk to the dick block.

Me: BLA BLA BLA- I go to Western- BLA BLA BLA- My sister has a Quacker parrot
Girl’s friend: ya I go to BLA BLA BLA
- Don’t know how this conversation went
The friend separates to go back home. Her ride is there. I find this to be a golden opportunity for a bathroom pull. I take the girl up stairs into a separate building in Frog. It is basically the get BJ bathroom and everyone knows it.

We sit down, start playing thumb wars for make outs. It is getting heavy and I can pull this chick to the washroom. Then, these groups of fucks come out of the guy washroom and start yelling the girls name. “Look at Steph! YOU GO BANG THAT 30 year old man!”

I am not sure if I got more pissed at the fact that they brought her not shield up or the fact that they called me fucking 30. Bunch fucking asswholes. The girl pretty much sits there like a fucking stone sculpture afterwards. Every time someone came over, she would push me off her. She wouldn’t leave the venue and she wouldn’t go the washroom with me. I thought it couldn’t get worst when the douche fucks come back in their chode back and sit right in front of us.

They’re a bunch of fucking haters. I came out by myself and picked up a girl. Those guys came in a pack of 6. Probably spent over 60$ on booze and are going to go touch each other in the washroom.

I walk down, I see XX again. I talk to her for a bit. I so want to bang this girl. It is her birthday. We vibe for a bit. I hit the D-flour again. Nothing happens there.

I get my jacket and leave the frog. I walk on the street. There are two girls sitting in front of the Pizza place. I ask them for a slice. That proved to me that situational openers should be banned from my night game all together. Pizza slice was suppose to be a joke. They took it very seriously. One of them called me a homeless man and the other one pointed at bread sticks on the flour and told me to eat it. I took the abuse and kept my ground. We had a decent conversation but then they got up and told me that they had to go.

I go for my phone and surprise surprise! I lef the damn thing at home. Great. That was half an hour wasted.

I got to jacks. My home baby. I see this girl that I talked to Wed in the line. I talk to her for bit. I start taking to her friend. Eventually get bored. She keeps telling me that I need to leave. I am all for burning the interaction to the ground but then I realize that this poor girl can’t leave her table and disappear like two sets at the club.

I go upstairs. There is cute blond. I give her dead on eye contact. She likes it. The guy she is with tries to cock block. He starts making fun of my goatee. I find the best way to deal with AMOGs is to roll with what they say. Literally just agree with them. They tend to just hand you the girl afterwards.

I talked to the girls for a while. It wasn’t getting anywhere. I was tiered and I said buy to her and left. She looked very disappointed. She was really cute but at this point I was dead.

Leassons learned:
- Push through the first set of the night
- I needed to be louder. I had to constantly re-adjust my volume
- Logistics are logistics. That girl could have been a pull but hey, what can you do right?
- Write your field reports as soon as you get home so it's fresh in your mind. I write out way more details and the night is clear. It is like rewinding a movie. The next day, it is like watching a fog.
- XX’s voice gives me boners. LOL
"Church is for heaven, hoes is for havin"

"Everyone wants to gangbang but when it comes to it, their talking street slang"  Tupac

Jeff and Nathan 2012 bootcamp
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Don corleon

Don corleon

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 Dec 26/2011- Mon

I hitted up the columbian chick from Dec 21. She sent me a txt a couple of days ago and we vibed- deleted the txts-. I figured the bars would be really dead today so I might as well score a date.

Don: Do you knwo why Santa is always smiling? Cause always knows where all the naughty girls live
Don: What are you up to later today?
C: Not sure yet hbu?
Don: nothing crazy, want to hang out?
C: I can't tonight...but r u down tomorrow?
Don: ya tmr sounds good
C: Ok... ;)      -> Me stop replying and go workout 
C: What r u up to --> txt comes in a couple of min lol
Don: yoga and shower so now I am going to go eat my chicken nom nom nom
C: lol is that like ur daily routine?
Don: No. I usually wake up in the morning listen to duran duran then sit in my bed naked and watch the sequal of godfather and pretend like I am Ryan Gosling ;)
C: K
Fuck. Since that was a bust, now I have to go out and run game. My lazy side is somewhat pissed but my pimp side has a boner. :) 

My pimp side fully choded out when I hit the bar tonight. The place was packed and I only did two approaches. It is like when I do well for a while, then I become more afraid of being rejected. 
Set one: walked on the D-flour, grabbed girl, grind on her, turn around, make out. Talk for a while. Her firend takes her away. I feel stuiped for not engaing her.
Set two: I approached girl.
Don: Hi, Lets be friends
Girl: hi
We chill and talk around for a bit. They are trying to get beers. Two chodes in front run and buy them beer. They run away from chodes. 
Rest of the night, I didn't approach shit. It even got worst. I went to bartender and asked for water. She replied with "seriously? Like fuck you." She ignored me. I also downed two beers which was fully against my primal diet. I feel so much shame right now for my shitty performance
1. stop going to the bar. You don't need anything from those bitchy bartenders. I mean seriosuly, you don't need water and when you drink, you shoudl bring your own fucking booze cause their shit is over pirced anyways.
2. I have to start approaching sets with guys in them. For some reason, I am afraid and I don't do it. :(
Lets see what happens tomorrow. If no date with Columbian, I am gana hit up the bars again. 
"Church is for heaven, hoes is for havin"

"Everyone wants to gangbang but when it comes to it, their talking street slang"  Tupac

Jeff and Nathan 2012 bootcamp
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Don corleon

Don corleon

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 Dec 28/2011

I don’t know what is going on with me and my solo nights. They used to be all I did. Now, I can’t go out without feeling weird. The comments by that of a bartender also helped combined with spending all day in books, I just felt massively fucking weird and out of place.

My tonality was completely off. I sounded stupid. I was in my head and I smoked a shit tone of cigarettes. I am forecasting that I am going to lose my voice by tomorrow morning.

I only did two sets at the bar. I went to jacks. Set one was standing around. Walked over and said hi. Then I completely froze and had nothing else to say. They actually called over another guy and pretended like they knew him to get rid of me. That was new record for creepiness even for me.

Second set was this hot girl from my class. I was just trying to get my social momentum going so I went over to say hi. She had no idea who I was. We talked for like a good 45 min everyday in that class. Now that I think about it, she may have not recognized me with my goatee.

Anyways, I just feel out of place. I feel like I have gotten wing man addiction. I used to hit out by myself all the time when I first started. Somewhere along the way, I lost my own self-reliance and became dependent on people that I hang out with.

I left the place in 45 min and drove back home. There were so many hot girls but I just felt like a wierd out of place fuck. I am going to go study in a place with people tomorrow and make some fucking small talk. That should help me to an extant to not be freaked out by crowds. Anyways, I am going out again tomorrow night.
"Church is for heaven, hoes is for havin"

"Everyone wants to gangbang but when it comes to it, their talking street slang"  Tupac

Jeff and Nathan 2012 bootcamp
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Don corleon

Don corleon

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 Dec 29.2011 Thu

I finished meditating and working out a little later then my usual time. I got out of my house at 12 and I arrived at the frog at 12:30ish. It was amazing that they didn’t have cover at the door. I got inside, grabbed myself a beer and I saw Andrea. It is funny how a night of weirdness can turn around so fast as soon as you see a friend.

Andrea is the most social savvy person I have met. This kid can literally strike up a conversation with about anyone. He doesn’t have very good pick up skills –at least as far as I know- but he can start a conversation with any “group” within a bar. He introduced me around to all these people who I thought he knew from before.

I realized that he didn’t know half of them. He just shared weed with a couple of these black guys. He talked to this random ass dude because of his hair and ended up becoming friends with them. I shoot the shit with him and then go upstair. Open a set, no dice.

I go down stair, fatty. I open her. I stand around and talk to her. This girl intimidates me in no way. Tyler said start small so I did. It was good idea. Her friend eventually drags her away.

I ended up shooting the shit with Andrea and his friends for a long time. It was around 1 am when a girl came over and asked Scout- another guy that Andrea introduced me too – for a cig. I told her that I normally make girls make animal noises for cigarettes. She laughed. Scout gave it to her anyways.

She had an accent. It sounded Australian. I asked her about it. It turned out that she was from Brazil. We ended up talking about traveling, Dubai, Brazil, drug cartels and all sorts of shit. The problem was that we were outside and this poor girl was cold. She left. She was maybe a 5 but a good start.

I went down stair to the Dfloor. I went to these girls one after another, I got shot out of three sets. I went back up stair and hang out again with the guys.

I went down again. This girl was just getting out to step on the patio. I clawed her in. She walked in and it was going good. She told me she was looking for her friend. I started to play thumb wars and she went away. I need to stop using this as an opener. It is getting old and old means that I will probably start blowing it up.

From the Patio, you can see inside the dance floor. There are two girls on the stage dancing. I pull my shirt up and flash one of them. Then I start to pinch my nipples. She just busts out laughing. I go inside. She is surrounded by chodes that are standing around the stage. I walk in the middle and push all of them out of my way. Pick her up and turn her and put her in front of me.

I was shocked as I did it. I tell her to dance with me. She says why. I said because I am awesome. She laughs and says that is not good enough. I should have realized that it was shit test. I failed it. Inside, I was thinking that cause it is me and why is irrelevant but instead I said, “cause of my awesome personality”-read with chode tonality-. She walked away. I yelled out “ I like long walks on the beach”- good tonality- but it was too late.

There was another group of girls. There were four of them. I walked over to get in the set and I got shot down. The reason I mention this is because one of the girls in the group was a possible 10. I went straight for her. It was fully worth it.

There also was another set with this somewhat awkward chick in the start of the night that went south. I saw later on that she was just rejecting everyone and standing around awkwardly.

Lessons learned:
1. Maybe I should invest in some weed and share it with people on Solo nights to get some new friends?
2. I only had two beers. Not a lesson but I could have had none and still be happy ass at the end of the night
3. Tonality, tonality, tonality. For some reason, people have trouble hearing me in the club. This hasn’t have happened to me in a while.
4. I learned something from watching Andrea today. He treats everyone like their closest friend. This mindset makes him super comfortable and relaxed which in turn makes him awesome. I need to start to get this mindset when dealing with people. I realized that my social circle is super limited and it needs to be expanded. I am talking about making lots of new friends. I want to be the dick on facebook with 800 friends.
5. The venue wasn’t super packed which made picking up on girls a lot easier the it was at jacks last time. I was too hard on myself. Last night at jacks, there was literally no spot to pick up girls. I need to go to venues that are packed but are not packed so much that you can’t move.

Hopefully, there will be snow tomorrow morning so I can avoid going to Toronto for another day. Going out in London is just so much cheaper and practical for me right now. I also want to do another solo night.
"Church is for heaven, hoes is for havin"

"Everyone wants to gangbang but when it comes to it, their talking street slang"  Tupac

Jeff and Nathan 2012 bootcamp
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Don corleon

Don corleon

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 Dec 30/2011 Fri

I am glad I went out today. I went to jacks. The place was pretty good girl wise but the crowd was for some reason squished into the dfloor and nobody around the bar. I tried to do some opening sets but honestly, the dfloor is just not tolerable when your sober.

I switch venues and go to Jim bobs. I try to open a set but they can’t hear me. I got outside into the patio and grab a cig. I see two girls together. One ugly blond and one hot one.

We hang out. The night basically got spent with me talking to the blond. She told me her name, all about her sister, her family, her hobbies, her friends and at some point I just fully stopped talking. She was doing all the work.

The problem was that I didn’t get physical with her from the beginning. Another issue was the logistics. She was from out of town and leaving tomorrow. She needed to sleep over at her friends. She told me that she needed to leave with them.

She later on told me that they left some girl at Jacks by herself. I figured if I play my cards right, I could sleep with her. I took her to a part of the bar that no body could find. We hung out and talked. I kept her there for a solid hour.

Afterwards, we went to find her friends again. The bar was almost empty. If I had stalled her there for another ten to twenty minutes, I would have had her for the night.

Too bad, sometimes you learn and sometimes you fuck. I did my best with the interaction. I can’t control the logistics.

- Stay chill
- Make statements
- Talk to girl about anything that you like
- Solo nights can be fun on your own if you do it right and get the approaching going early in the night
"Church is for heaven, hoes is for havin"

"Everyone wants to gangbang but when it comes to it, their talking street slang"  Tupac

Jeff and Nathan 2012 bootcamp
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Don corleon

Don corleon

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 Shaved my goatee. Look like a baby again but it took way too long to trim down. Hot off the press from last night. Enjoy. 

Jan 4.2012 Wed

I hit out to jacks with my dick. I go outside and smoke two cigs. The bouncer there keeps walking by and looking at me. I think he wants to become friends with me. He seems like a nice dude. I say thanks to him before I hit out. He says have a good night. Seeds for a bouncer friend! Nice!

I go in the line for coat check. There is a girl behind me. I say, “hi”. She says, “hi!” She looks creeped out. I try to reengage afterwards when she pokes me. She is still creeped out. I give my coat in and walk away.

Next set is a girl on the star, as I walk over to her, I spin her around. We talk for like 10s and she runs to find her friend. She is super hammered. It wasn’t going to go anywhere anyways.

I walk down. There is a loner by herself drinking beer. I walk over and open her with hi. We talk for a bit. For some reason, these days, I don’t have to do much beside the initial open. The girls tend to start doing most of the work. They start asking me about what I do, where I am from, who I am and I pretty much don’t have to do shit.

We chill for a bit and her friend shows up. This chick is a complete not job, fat friend cock block type but is pretty funny at the same time as well. We are having a blast. She eventually drags her away on the dance floor. I go with them.

We start grinding on each other. I am about to go for a make out when she says,” you guys are making me feel lonely.” Fuck I feel bad for her. She wasn’t ugly. She had huge cans and a nice ass. Hour glass type of body but I was there alone and I had no one to hook up with her. There were guys around but the first two I tried sucked so bad and she shot them down so harsh that it was just a waste.

They tell me that their going to the washroom. They don’t come back. I am looking for another set to open. I can’t find any. I still have this fear of going into sets with guys in them. I don’t like large groups. I usually wait and just chode around for loners or two sets.

I see them again. I approach. There are dancing at a table with two black guys sitting at the other side. I go at it again. I dance with the girl. I go full kino on her ass. I keep grabbing her and touching her. Her friend found some black guy she likes.

I dance with her. We almost kiss but the friend shows up again. I am not sure how to deal with this. I think I should just frame it like Tim says in the flawless natural. Pretend like they are cheering for you. It is more difficult then it sounds.

Eventually, I take a number. She won’t let me kino in front of her friend. I grab my coat and leave.

Now that I think about it, I am starting to believe that the cockblock friend made her ditch me to go with the black guy and his friend. Who knows?

I go home and send her a txt.

Don: guess who?
Am: who is it?
Don: call me
Am: in min

She give me a call around 3 and tells me she is looking for drum sticks around the house cause she is hungry. I tell her to come over. We talk. She is really drunk. I can’t partially make sense of what she is saying. I still try to push the interaction to the max. I tell her to come over for food- won’t bang a girl this drunk, it is just going to be a recipe for disaster. Maybe in the morning when she wakes up sobered up LOL-.

She wouldn’t budge, told me that she had nice time meeting me and we should hang out. I could have pushed it more with come over, over selling my house and not hanging up but I didn’t. Weak!
Ps. Got two beers at the bar. Still spending way too much not to mention the health effect of this shit. Tonight, I will only take cover money with me and leave that in the car unless I am sure I will spend it.

- I am the fucking man
- Cockblocks aren’t bitches. Their just lonely
- Sometimes, you shouldn’t grind on the girl or Kino on her when dealing with low self-esteem dick blocks
- I opened up my sets faster but I still need to speed up the process. Walk in the venue and just do it. I spent a good solid while contemplating before approaching.
- I need to do mix sets. FUCK! I missing out on so much possible poon cause I am not even trying big groups.
"Church is for heaven, hoes is for havin"

"Everyone wants to gangbang but when it comes to it, their talking street slang"  Tupac

Jeff and Nathan 2012 bootcamp
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Don corleon

Don corleon

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 Jan 6/2011


I hit out to Jim boobs. I am standing in the line when
Eve sends me a txt message saying his already inside. I decide to stay in the
line. There are three girls in front of me and the line is crazy.


I figure that if I want to get in that I need to roll to
the door with the girls. This place has turned me away on really crowded nights
when I got alone. Initially, there are two girls. One of them is a sexy blond
and the other one is a fatty but she has a pretty face. The blond keeps turning
around and complain about the line.


I repeat everything she says in a high pitched annoying
voice. She turns around and tells me that she doesn’t sound like that. She says
she has man voice. I got laser eye contact. I go in hard. We talk. They tell me
that they have a black friend that is coming over. The blond says she is so
black you can’t see her.


They talk a bunch of racist shit. It eventually starts
to disturb me. I tell them it no longer funny. The girl comes in and get in the
line with us. She is a fucking ginger. I get the joke. I laugh. We hang out
until the line reaches the front door. It is funny how friendly and polite
these guys become when they see you with girls.


They search me and let me in. I go inside. I look for
Eve for a bit but he says his on stage. I can’t find him so I go outside. I see
the girls from last Thu. The hot blond one I liked wasn’t there but I see her
two friends. One of them is M and the other one is called A.


We talk as I smoke a cig. I am not buying another box of
cigarettes ever again. I have been smoking so much of these. It is not a habit
that I can pay for or develop. A turns out to be promoter for the place. We
shoot the shit for a while. It won’t hurt to get free cover at this place. I
chill with them.


I hit back to find Eve. I send him a txt message asking
if he is still go go dancing. I lol at my own cleverness and open up a set.
They reject me out flat. I open another set and the same thing happens.


I meet Eve at mid dance floor. We dance around. His
doing this thing where he back into girls with his ass. I attempt to spin one
girl around and enjoy another flat out rejection. I try another girl and yet
again another flat out rejection.


I do what Eve is doing. Go ass into girl. There is a
chunky blond in front. She likes it. I grab her. I turn her around. I start
yelling at her friends. I grind on her. She is got a nice soft ass. My dick
gets hard. We dance for a bit.


I turn her around. I make out with her. Her friends are
jealous as shit. I talk to them. I take her upstairs for cigarette. I make out
with her a whole bunch. Her friends show up. They start talking to us. I talk
back. They leave one cock block who eventually drags her away. They leave to go


I go back to Eve. His shit faced at this point. He wants
to double grind girls and I am down. We go around molesting girls for a while
and then the music dies off. We leave.


I txt the blond. She replies back. I tell her that I am
doing an after party and she should come over. We go back and forth for a bit.
Here is where I fucked up:


Me: get your ass over here

Her: you get your ass over here

Me: what is your address?- she was trying to see if it
was a real party or not-


I should have answered with I can’t. I got people in my


Lesson learned. I will send her another txt message on
Sunday. See what she says and ask her on a day 2.


Lessons learned:

I need to approach more

I need to quit smoking. I am never buying a cig again

I did keep up with my no drinking pact.

I spent lots of time looking for Eve. I am going to stop
doing that. Do sets and sets and sets.
"Church is for heaven, hoes is for havin"

"Everyone wants to gangbang but when it comes to it, their talking street slang"  Tupac

Jeff and Nathan 2012 bootcamp
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Don corleon

Don corleon

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 Sat Jan 7/2012

I went to Ceeps with Eve. It was a great night out. It started out pretty lame. I stood around the dance floor and choded around for the longest time. I eventually approached a loner by the dance floor.

I forgot the girls name but she looked pretty good. I open her with “hi”. It is becoming one of my favourite openers of all time. She turns out to be Australian. I love Australian accents. They give me boners. We talk for a bit and then I ask her to go for a smoke. We go outside. She says it is too cold and we hit back in. We sit down by the bar and talk for a bit. I was having a great time and in my head I am like many your in fucking state. LOL

It was bad move. As soon as I start to think about how awesome I am doing, shit hit the fan. The whole interaction went bang. I was in my head, I lost what I was saying and she eventually left to go find her friends. Oh, well.

There were a bunch of rejections in between that I don’t remember well but beginning of night rejections tend to be because I am mad uncalebrated or creepy. It fixes itself as the night goes on.

I go on the dance floor. There is a girl with a really nice ass. I dance with her and her friend. The friend that I didn’t want come on and starts grinding on me. MEHH. I dance with her for a bit and eject. I hit back to Eve.

I go out to smoke my last cig of the pack. I am never going to buy another pack of these again. I see a group of two guys and one girl outside. I go and talk to them. The girl is a genetic major. Her friend comes by and introduces herself to me. Her name is Nikki.

I talk to them for a bit and go inside. Eve disappeared for some reason and hit back. He wasn’t really feeling it. I don’t blame him. It wasn’t really the greatest crowd for pick up. They were mostly ugly chicks and couples.

I hit back on the dance floor. The hot chick with the ass is there. I dance with her. Her friend disappears into the night. We dance together. I smell her. She starts grinding on my legs. She smells good. All of sudden, she realizes her friend is gone. She says she has to find her. She goes away.

I hit back and find Eve’s friend. We chill for a bit. I see the ass girl again. I go over and talk to her. It get awkward but fuck it. She says she need to get her coat and I say, I will go with her. On the way, I see one of my friends from my program. We start to talk. I turn around and she is gone. FUCK! Good thing I got a number.

We hit another set of girls on the way. This chick is there with her cousine or some shit. She grabs my ass. I pick her up and spin her around. We talk and she tells me that she isn’t some Western whochi. I LOLED at her talking. She sound country. We talk. She keeps grabbing my ass.

They go to dance. We let them. All of sudden, two guys show up on the d-floor. Fucker tries to claw the girl off me. I hold her and I don’t let her go. Fuck that you chody homo. You don’t deserve an ass of this calibre. Besides, C’s done two tours in Iraq. LOL Keeps wanting to fight the fucker. I am like Na. The girls eventually get scared of this power struggles between me and the other guy and leave.

We leave the bar. The girls are going the same direction as us. C comes over and goes all nut job on their ass. The kid is too drunk. She eventually scares of the sober sister. The hot one really liked me. We go outside. We hit out to the pita place for food. I don’t eat anything. I am keeping up with the diet. The two girls we were hitting on come in the same place.

Kiff is just being rude at this point. They get pissed off. The ignore us. We hit back. Their having an after party but I am already burned out. I need home and sleep. I hit back. Go to bed. I wake up and txts the girl with the ass.

Me: guess who
Her: who
Me: Plya plya don’t remember?
Her: Umm ceeps?
Me: ya it was an awesome night

Waiting for a reply.

Lessons learned:
- don't back down from dudes. Most fucking chodes wont fight back and they don't have game. They can suck it.
- Just cause girls looking high claiber, it doesn't mean you get rejected
- Try not to think. Thinking is gay.
- Hi is becoming one of my favourite opener

"Church is for heaven, hoes is for havin"

"Everyone wants to gangbang but when it comes to it, their talking street slang"  Tupac

Jeff and Nathan 2012 bootcamp
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Don corleon

Don corleon

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 Jan 9/2012 Mon

I went to frog today with a group of friends. It was crazy packed. I mean insane packed. The coat check didn’t have enough room for everyone. There was people crawling everywhere.

I went literally through 25 sets. I was failing in them all. The only notable achievement was becoming friends with this hair dresser guy called O. Super cool dude and I am definitely going to his shop for a haircut. He was there with his girlfriend and they gave me booze and we chilled for a while.

I have seen them around the bar seen so it pretty good to know people that you will see on the regular. Other than that, no notable achievement other than man handling this 8 blond in the dance floor before her friend dragged her away.

Lesson learned:
- When the place has too many guys, girls go into auto-fuck off mode. It may not even be your game, it could just be the environment
- I was pissed at my performance on my way back home. Thought about getting a subway but ended up getting myself some fine ass Al
- I did drink one beer. I did stay away from smoking. Getting better.
- It may also have been because I was tiered from my trip from Toronto back to London to pick up my parents from the airport.monds at home.

Hopefully tomorrow night will be better.

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