January 16th, 2019
On Frame Control, Tooling Guys, and Making Money
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PatrickBateman17 wrote:
 So what are the type of stuff I should be looking to do in social situations?

The neediness part sounds simple enough, goto the girl with the idea in mind that you don't want her and time isn't on your side.

With this power frame, I'm not sure a lot of girls are that arrogant anyway, but is it basically doing something stupid to shock them? I.E Slapping them on the arse? Or is that too 'rude' without having value in the first place.

Maybe you could offer her a free drink then buy her water.

What other stuff can you do?

you can read the book and think for yourself
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The book is great. Just read it. The best thing about it is that you start realizing that everybody gets similar experiences in life like being tooled in corporate meetings or at the club. It happens to the best. Then you change your thought process from "why is this happening to me" to "cool, let's see how I can make the best out of this opportunity". You also start identifying the frames of people you know or people you just met. You stop taking things personal and being responsive. It made it clear for me the push-pull dynamics. For example I was gaming this girl and after physicall escalating she is like "If we walk to my car you are going to want to sleep with me" and I respond "Yeah I want to sleep with you but not tonight, I need to wake up early tomorrow and be rested". You are always the prize, you have abundance and your time is limited. The main frames that the book recommend to use are MITP (Moral, Intrigue, Time and Prize) and the most dificult frames that you have to confront are PAT (Power, Analysis, and Time). Change the girls or your target's mind from the neo-cortex to the croc brain or from analysis to feelings. It is the best place to make decisions of your proposals.
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I've met some people who seem like they studied frame control because they constantly trying to frame control you. 

and .. well.. they are extremely annoying and come off as insecure.

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Haha sweet man. James Bond aproves this message.

"VD is awesome" ~jlaix

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 Where did you hear about this book??
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Good topic.  Now I know what frame means.
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Yeah, since reading the book i'm starting to notice more and more how chicks standardly use the time frame, i.e:

on two day2's i've had girls tell me without warning that they've got to leave early, thus putting me in the 'chaser' frame, so it's always better to counter this according to the book by saying "oh cool, i gotta leave earlier anyway, let's make the most of it" or just setup a false time constraint at the beginning of the day2. It's kinda 'ol skool PUA to do this shit but it's very true that you should value your time and always make sure she's know you're the prize.

Bitchy friends will try intervene with you and your girl, so make an effort to use the moral authority frame. Shut them down instantly with the pimp hand and beat them black and blue lol jk i think it's useful just tell a bitchy friend "why are you being so controlling for, don't you think your friend should think for herself. Back off, i'm one of the good guys" or whatever you want just to let em know they're not functioning like a civilised person. There's nothing more a chick hates than feeling cut off by society for her actions.

That's just some brainstorming for IRL situations that the game throws at you, it's a good book which should be re-read occasionally.
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Manwhore wrote:
I actually was just talking to Konstantine on the phone and said pretty much the same thing.  Except it wasn't anywhere near as uh, poetic.  And I think I was eating and talking with my mouth open at the same time.  

But yes premise is the same.  This dude is stuck back in 2006 when the basic premise was "Only one frame can win! When two frames come together one LOSES, and one wins!"  Lose/win is a fucked up situation.  Alex used to be stuck in this frame used to write about it.  Was rough times.

And of course the other premise he's lacking, as mentioned, is the loss of attachment to ego and needing to be right, which is just another form of weakness.

PLUS.. if you go to the end of most of the chapters of the book, there's a small section where he says, "And don't forget to use humor and warmth! 'Cuz if you don't it won't work!"  He's describing calibration and outcome independence of sorts.  Basically he's glossing over EVERYTHING developed and taught by theRSD in the last 3-4 years.  Durrrr

That being said I don't think there's a more powerful book out there on frame control.  It's very solid.  I just don't want guys going thru the entire spectrum of everything awesome RSD has to offer, only to start engaging everyone they know in frame battles because of this book.  There's more to life than everything being a frame battle. 
JFM wrote:
This book is excellent to realize what the hell is going on in the pack. The reality of how social dynamics work. Here are ( for me), the two most important points in the information:

Your position in the social hierarchy is an artificial measure of your worth to others, a construct based on your wealth, your popularity within society at large, and the power of the position you hold.

Your social value is fluid and changes with the environment you are in. If you wish to elevate your social value in any given situation, you can do so by redirecting people into a domain where you are in charge.

The book will lead guys to a short and mid range "success", but long term is a failure. Why? Keep it simple and read the above. Identity as a set of external pillars. That's the first part. Keeping the frame in a context of COMFORT IN YOUR DOMAIN. Never anywhere, at any time does it even understand self-esteem. The ultimate frame. The biggest power. The strongest magnet. The heart of sexual abundance.

The book is awesome because it's HORRIBLE to be a needy de-sexualized nice guy being victimized by girls, other guys, friends, businesses, family and your society. So it's a good tool to know it and use it if necessary. But it WILL be mental masturbation...and later HABITS where you get this into your subconscious and not touch self esteem.

It contradicts the promise of The Blueprint, and will ( in the end) leave a guy high and dry.

This book is critical information to understand how narcissim works and to accept it in yourself and others. However, 400 million bucks raised in ponzi scheme America is a million times smaller than the balls to face yourself.

This is the idea in The Blueprint(authenticity)...although Tolle was used as a way of dealing with the deep issues a MAN has to face. Facing those issues is the road to eliminating mental masturbation and just BEING (supreme frame-value).

The information from this book is really see how social dynamics in the absence of self-esteem work in the real, icy, fear-based world. If it were to be the BASIS of a guy's "game", it would lead to complete and utter isolation.

So you don't need to be the most socially dominant in the club or bar or party to be the best pimp you can be? You always hear "You gotta be the boss!" ,etc. "You gotta be a winner!" , "Whoever holds the frame that night gets the girls,etc".    Or is this something that must be calibrated?   <-------- I'M TALKIN STRICTLY IN THE CLUB OR WHEN DEALIN WITH AMOGS.

I think and maybe alot of people know this but understandin frame control can help you lead the girl better as well.

But like Alex said with friends it should be "mutual influence". In fact I will definitely try that "mutual influence thing" as that might help me be more "social".  That was one thing that really helped me about Alex's 2 hour vid. Thanks so much everyone. Peace.
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 I can't believe Alex said that he's definitely learning. He used to be the fucking worst when it came to "only one reality can win"
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Careful! Frame control can be fucking addictive!
please delete this account
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