January 20th, 2019
On Frame Control, Tooling Guys, and Making Money
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Link to the book:

Here's the begging of the notes before I decided to quit. lol.

As my game improved, I realized that frame control is more and more important. You see, your not only using it to get the girl, your using it to get clients, save money, tool dudes, etc. Frame control is something you do EVERY DAY, even if you know it or not; and, if you don’t know it, your probably not using it and are losing frame battles left and right.

Like, when a dude tools you and you can’t handle his AMOG.
Or, when your in an interview and you NEED the job.
Or, when your trying to sell something to a client.

Frame control matters. Frame control is what alpha dudes use to create the reality they want.

You see, everyone has a frame. You can think of a frame as your perspective on the world. When you hear a story, your RAS will pick up on different stuff that fits your frame and you make a conclusion based upon what your RAS picked up.

So, as an example, you hear a story of how a dude is fed up with his girlfriend but still wants to be with her. A chode would read it as a sign of love and commitment. You would read it as a sign of being a loser without options or abundance.

This is because, when you heard that story, you picked up on the cues of neediness whereas the chode picked up on the cues of “love.” Your RAS is tuned to value playerhood, whereas the Chode’s RAS is tuned to value chode-hood.

So, everyone has a frame. But, when we are interacting with another person, our frames collide. We both have different perspectives and, whoever has the stronger frame, will frame control the one with the weaker frame. When someone gets frame controlled, they no longer see the world threw their own perspective, but, rather, they see it threw the other person’s perspective!

Lets imagine you are in the club. You do a dumb dance to get into state. A hot chick sees that and says to her friend “that guy is weird.” You overhear it and... oh no... get a little sad. You realize no one else in the club is doing a dumb dance by themself.

You just got frame controlled. Her frame beat yours and you viewed your behavior threw her eyes and now you don’t feel so cool. Boo Hoo, you should of had better frame control.

But, lets go back to the club again. Your doing a dumb dance and a girl tells you how weird it is. Then you give her THE LOOK. Its that look that says “Your fucking dumb hoe.” Then she realize she insulted a really cool guy. **WHOOPS** Now she’s trying to impress you.

You just frame controlled her. Now, she is seeing that dumb dance threw your frame and realized how COOL that dance is and how COOL of a dude you are. Ca-Ching.

So, how does this Frame control shit work? Well, I didn’t know that much about frame control until I read Pitch Anything. The author is an investment banker who used to go beasting with Tyler.
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This is the new shit, broz. 
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Holy shit. That's fucking awesome. This guy just frame controlled me. I need to learn more.
"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment." 
"A man must stand erect, not be kept erect by others."
-Marcus Aurelius

"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest."
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Ya.. we all know WHAT frame control is.. so give the nigz some tips bro.  I don't just want a summary of the back cover haha.

Btw I bought the book a week ago when you told me about it wink Should be coming today or tomorrow. 
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yeah, what makes your frame stronger than the other one?

I think it comes down to reference experience and also simply deciding to have a certain frame because you are convinced of it.

but yeah, what makes your reality stronger than another one.
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The exports of Libya are numerous in amount. One thing they export is corn, or as the Indians call it, "maize". Another famous Indian was "Crazy Horse". In conclusion, Libya is a land of contrast. Thank you.
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Ok Ok, Its not like the simpsons episode where bart gets up in front of class and says a sentince that doesn't even make sense because he didn't prepare. I just got done w/ finals so I sat down and wrote up the notes for you guys. I only focused on chapters that are good about gaming girls or tooling dudes.

BTW, I list the 4 frames that Oren talked about and how to bust those frames. Guys use these frames all the time but, the most POWERFUL frame is the Moral Authority frame. Its where you have the right to do something becaue it is the right thing to do. It pwns all other frames.

For example, I lost a lay to another dude cuz of this. He was her neighbor and i tooled him earlier. I was going home with her when, out of nowhere, he pops out of the corner. Says that she can not go home with me because she doesn't know me. He is her neighbor and ITS SAFER to go home with him.  DUde went on to say how she just meet me... then I realize she started seeing me threw his perspective and I lost =[

Lesson learned bro.




-We have 3 layers of our brain: the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain.
-The forebrain is where we process logic, plan for the future, etc. Basically, our rationality. Think Keynesian economics.
-The midbrain is where we have emotional memory.
-The hindbrain controls our muscles as well as basic functions like breathing.
-The 3 parts of the brain work independently of each other as well as together
-This creates a disconnect between the receiving part of the brain and the processing part of the brain.
-All information comes in threw the hindbrain--the least developed part of our brain--and, if it passes the hindbrain filters, it goes into the higher regions. It is in these higher regions that we can analyze stuff.
-When people pitch a business idea, they create it in a way that is super logical and made for the forebrain. (Think Risk & Rewards, feasability, quantative finance)
-However, the hindbrain has filters!
-If the hindbrain sees something and it is not dangerious, it ignores it
-if the hindbrain sees something and it is not new or novel, it ignores it
-if the hindbrain sees something new, it summarizes it as quickly as possible and forgets all the useless details
-**The Hindbrain will not send anything up to the forebrain for problem solving unless it has a situation that is really unexpected or out of the ordinary**
-There is a ted talk on this:
-”Pitches are sent from the modern-and smart-part of the brain but are received by a part of the brain that is 5 million years old (and not as bright). This is a serious problem if you are trying to pitch anything”

Watch the vid.

-**When you are reacting to another person, your getting frame controlled**
-There are 4 frames guys in business usually use to frame control another. These are the 4 and how to beat them:
-Power Frame: this is when a person uses his status to get you to bend to his wills.
-You break it by NOT GIVING IN. Do a small act of defiance and this frame will quickly pop. Follow up by the hot cognition stack which I will talk about later.
-Prize Frame: This is when someone important skips out on a meeting with you and have their analysts meet with you. This sucks because the person hearing your pitch can’t approve it
-You beat this frame by prizing yourself, have the other person tell you WHY they should have the right to do business with you. The book has a story of how the writer dealt with a ponzi scheme and got money from it before it collaps. VERY GOOD STORY.
-Time Frame: This is when your target uses Time as a means of challenging your frame. Like “Ok, I only have 5 more minutes, get to your point.” or you see them getting bored with your presentation.
-You attack their time frame by implementing your own time frame. If the target says they only have 10 minutes, “Ok, thats cool, I only have 9.” Tada, your still in control.
-Analyst frame: This is the frame where people just sit there and look at your numbers. This is not a good frame because people dont buy because of the numbers, they buy because they like it and then backwords rationalize why it is good.
-You break it by the intrigue frame. Basically, its you snap the audiance out of analysist mode by telling an intresting story but don’t finish it.

Chapter 3: Status

-”How other people view your status is vital to your ability to establish the dominant frame and hold onto the power you take when you win the frame collision.”
-Status is fluid.
-Intentionally create frame battles by doing small acts of defiance. This shows that you won’t give up your status so quickly.
-Once you win the frame, move the topic to an area where YOU are an expert. Ta-da, you now have the high social status.

Chapter 6: Eraticating Neediness
-When people sense neediness, their hindbrain goes into FEAR!
-this is because their primitive brain sees that you want something from them (and you do, cuz your needy).
-Get rid of neediness by: wanting nothig, focus on areas your an expert at, and withdrawing when they expect you to ask.
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I have heard alot about frame control from MPUAs.I saw alot of colliding frames and "frame games" last night out being social.  Have you guys been actively frame controlling girls and what have you learned from that experience?
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Sexting Conversations
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i instantly got the book when i read your post and i am over half way through with it. the book is really reaaaaally good i love every page of it. but one thing i found is that, it is like reading a book about pick up. it even uses the same terms like "prizing" and "push pull" and stuff. it even mentions time constraints.

are all the classic pick up outer game techniques really sales techniques or how did this come about??
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 C'mon man.. figure it out your first premise is RETARDED, lol
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Relax man
"You can hold back from the suffering of the world,
You have free permission to do so, and its in accordance with your nature,
but perhaps this holding back is the one suffering you could have avoided."
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