January 17th, 2019
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This was originally my 30 day challenge thread, its now just a FR thread :)

 I wasn't intending on posting this here, but decided some extra feedback and accountability would be a good thing.

I didn't start my 30 day challenge until day 6. I've been going 5 nights a week for a while and then just decided one Monday....screw it....7 nights here I come! I work 9-5:30 in an office environment so managing my sleep and energy levels is a challenge, but its going okay so far. It helps that the nightlife in Perth is quite early, 10pm-12 or 1am on weeknights is not bad at all, and still leaves me 6.5-7.5 hours sleep a night .

I'm currently on day 14, and will post days 8-13 below (only started recording FRs at day 8). I think I should finish my 30 days somewhere around the 23rd of December, just in time for a break over Christmas/New Years....and by break I mean some crazy music festivals and NYE parties :)

My main goals:
- Make MASSIVE progress.
- To do this I need to make sure I'm not just going through the motions. Going out and choding around just to say I went out, is not going to happen. I've deliberately set myself no numerical goal for the number of approaches I need to do each night as a friend did this and found that it caused his sets to become pretty useless, bailing out early and just going for high numbers rather than actually pushing interactions

Biggest Focus point is pushing my sets further than usual. I need to get out of my comfort zone of just opening and bailing when it appears to be "over".

Anyhow, lets get started!

Day 8


AA is still shitting me off. After going out 7 nights in a row it should be a non-issue but its still a battle to open sets. I get it done, but I wish it were easier.

Went for a warmup set at the Garden, seated two set, and ended up smashing it. Talked to them for about 20 minutes or so but could have stayed far longer if it wasn't time for the leedy. Got a number.

Leedy was good, consistently opened sets with Ice, Mindset, Justice, Haze, and Hunter. Got re-opened by a hot set on the dance floor, but failed to push it.

Went to hip e for a bit and did a few more sets. Happy with my opening and hooking the last few nights, but I'm not pushing the sets nearly hard enough.

- Escalate all sets, escalate further
- Feel that social pressure and stay in set anyway, push harder.
- Could still open more, miss some opportunities.

Shaving the Mo in the morning, so we will see how this affects my game. All girls state they hate it, and its disgusting, but I haven't really seen a drop in my game. Maybe it will be like training with lead weights and suddenly I will have super powers.

Total Sets: 10-15

Day 9:


Dinner with Justice_, Raijn, and Fed in Claremont.

Went to Madrid and had the best coffee I've had in Perth in months!

Ran into Mindset as well at Claremont Hotel and smashed it up.

Opening and hooking sets went really well. I seem to be able to stop moving sets extremely well at the moment. My presence is just like BAM! They always stop!

Massive and obvious issue with last night was that I was not pushing sets nearly hard enough. Kino and escalation was okay but could be amped up, and I was letting sets leave without getting blown out, not re-opening. Not taking enough risks in my interactions. I'm just opening, and then letting them keep walking after 30 seconds to a few minutes.

This is an extremely important issue I need to solve, and fast. These sets are as good as useless, I can already open and hook, it's the mid game I need to practice. Time to man up tonight and take some blow outs!

Goals tonight:
- Will escalate constantly in set.
- Will not leave sets without getting blown out.
- If girls leave me without blowing me out I will re-open them.
- It's Friday, meaning I can stay out till twilight zone/closing time. No excuse not to pull if I hit the goals above.

Total Sets: 10ish

Day 10


Tonight was better, but it did take me a while to get my game in gear. Lucky it was a Friday or I may not have gotten my shit sorted before heading home. Also the fact that it was Tiger Lils helped.

This is why Tiger Lils is the best place to pick up in Perth: It gets WAY better as the night goes on, instead of the reverse like most places. At 9pm the place was a total cockfest. At 1:30am there were more girls than guys, and HOTTER girls than at 9pm. Brilliant!

Met Raijn, Mr Ed, and CassiusKing at a secret establishment for some under the radar free beers around 6 after work, then headed back to Raijn and Mr Ed's place picking up Ice on the way, for some more drinks.

Hit tigers around 9:30 and started opening a reasonable amount.

Like the previous days, I was getting my sets to hook well, but there was just no fire/sexual energy/progression.
I got pretty pissed off at this and after I hooked a 6.5 (meh) managed to start pushing it. This set was awesome, Mr Ed winged the lesbian sister while I went to work on the target.

She resisted every escalation move I made, but unlike previously, this time I stuck at it, and rinse-repeated everything until I could move on. Just getting a neck bite took me about 3-4 goes.

Got denied for the make out later a good 5+ times, so just upped my dirty dancing instead. Again lots of resistance but with persistence it melted again. Eventually she was fine with pretty much everything. Arse and boob grabbing again required stupid amounts of rinse-repeating before she would comply.

After a while I decided she was too much effort - she wouldn't make out and the logistics weren't really there for the pull so I bailed. She was only barely a 1 on the binary scale, but the massive amounts of effort I put into escalation really helped get me relaxed and in the mood.

Did a couple more sets with much better man to woman and escalation. Don't remember details

Ended up lurking by the door with Mr Ed. near to closing, taking Alex's advice that closing time is king.

Saw two mega hotties, blonde and brunette, and commented to Mr Ed that they were the hottest girls around, and I was going to grab them on the way out. They stood at the bar and we could have opened, epic chode fail.

Few minutes later and they were on the way out, I hooked brunette but blonde went walking. Somehow I hooked brunette hard enough that she called blonde back by her name, she was hesitant though. Using blondes name and the hand of god, I got her back as well though.

Not sure what happened with Mr Ed here as these girls were totally banging, but he didn't really engage at all so I spoke to both of them for a bit, then some chode turned up and occupied blonde.

Gamed up brunette hard and we went to bounce to Capitol when we got kicked out. Blonde blew out chode and then explained she was only talking to him cause she thought he was my friend. Where did I get that much value?

Took them both to Capitol which was awesome social proof. Walked in with two of the hottest chicks in the club and got some shots. At this point my focus was strongly on brunette. Blonde was drunker and was going straight from the club to work. Being drunk would mean day 2 game would be less likely, and no logistics for the SNL due to work.

Brunette was hot, and reasonably interesting so I was happy with this.

I was in a corner at Capitol with the two girls, just dancing with both, when an AMOG (well the first one with actual game) came in on Brunette. I didn't blow him out but just started dancing with blonde instead.

AMOG ended up taking brunette (well I let him..) leaving me with blonde. She was pretty keen, we had taken photos and she had already texted herself from my phone with her photo and added me on facebook, so I switched up and started escalating on her.

Made it up to close dancing and neck biting. Got denied the makeout like 3-4 times at least but held the vibe strong and kept rinse-repeating. Was at neck kiss/bite stage no problems.

Brunette came back with AMOG and not much else happened. Did some seated comfort game on blonde and then called it a night when the club closed.

Initially I was pissed I let the AMOG take brunette, as she was the better long time option, and I thought hotter. Turns out after checking facebook that blonde is actually WAY hotter, so not too worried about how it turned out. The brunette was all dolled up while the blonde wasn't.

Blonde is a part time swimsuit model and absolutely fucking banging. She had almost no makeup, some unflattering baggy top and hair in a shitty braid when I met her, but her facebook photos (non photoshoot!) are absolutely insane.
Will definitely be following this up.

Total makeouts denied for the night over both girls: Close to 10. Mission push harder successfull!

Now need to repeat this every night.

Total Sets: 10-15

Day 11


Went to a mates house with my housemate for some drinks before heading out, I find that social interaction before heading out is just so important. There would have been about 6 guys and 3 girls. Just spending some time getting social makes warming up so much easier.

We all headed to Venn bar because it was supposedly good. It was completely fucking dead.

Heard that the Miss Universe WA Top 60 cocktail party was on at the George, so headed there around 9. All I can say is damnnnnnnnnnnn! I've never seen so many 9s in one place!

No one else was doing shit so I struggled to get started but I opened two girls at least. One was a simple bar opener that hooked well, but I couldn't hold it more than a few minutes before she went back to friends.

Second one as better, probably one of the hottest girls in the hot a girl as you will find anywhere in Perth. I think she had just come back inside to pick up her bag from under a table. I opened with some shit about her planting bombs in the corner and hooked, but again couldn't hold her more than a few minutes as she was on the way out.

Bumped into the blonde model who's number I got the previous night as well, had a quick chat but she was a bit standoffish. I don't think bumping into her was really beneficial.

Met some other girls I know, and then bounced to Subi. Hung out at Purl for a bit, then went to Llama Bar to see how it is cause I know the door girl and we could skip the line.

Hooked a few sets here but let them slip away.

We headed to the old favourite, Gold Bar. Must have been a good 6 weeks since I was last there. I forgot how much higher the quality of girls is there, than anywhere else in Perth. (Except the Miss Universe WA cocktail party haha).

Gold Bar is one of the hardest places to hook sets in Perth in my opinion, its a club environment, so loud and packed, and the girls are all mega turbos who know how hot they are.

Despite this, my opening game was on fire, I think out of 10 sets I got blown out once. I was hooking everything, and having no issues getting into conversation and starting kino.

Again though, the same issue as previous nights. I just didn't push my sets hard enough. I fucked up a pull with a girl who was mega keen by not engaging her friend enough and getting cockblocked hardcore.

Will work hard on correcting this next few nights.

Good thing is, at least my opening is top notch at the moment. 90% open/hook rate on Gold Bar girls is unbelievable.

Total sets: 15+

Day 12


Wanted to go to Sets on the Beach (Music festival on the beach) but had a work BBQ so didn't get a ticket. This finished around 7 though so I headed to Botanica and caught up with J2A, Ra, and The Navi i think? Then also met English later on.

Talked to a couple of different groups of girls I knew, and generally choded around.
J2A pushed me into a difficult 2 set. Two hot girls sitting on a couch, with a very small space to sit on one side. Finally went and sat down next to the hottest one, and hooked it well.
Talked some crap for a while but I was getting cockblocked by the less hot one on the far side, and struggled to engage.  They headed outside. Reopened these girls a couple more times over the night but couldnt really get anywhere.

Opened a single girl at the bar, waiting with drinks for her friends. Hooked well and chatted for quite a while when they turned up. Escalated pretty well and definitely had a good man to woman vibe. Couldn't engineer an proper introduction to the rest of her friends so kinda got blown out. Reopened this set again at least once later and should have got a number and pushed harder, but didn't... epic fail.

Opened at least three or four other sets here, including some smoking hotties! Everything hooked well but similar to previous nights didn't really get close to a close. I have been finding that I don't really have near misses with closing, it's either not really on at all, or if it is I've got a pretty damn good chance of taking it all the way.

Bounced to Ginger for the first night of their Sunday sesh. It was totally dead, probly only 50 people in the entire club, Still managed some good sets on the few hot girls that were there.
Ran into the Perth RSD crew there and spent a lot of time talking to a bouncer I was introduced to a while back. Ended up getting his contacts so hopefully I can add Ginger to my line-skip venues.

Pushed these couple of sets much further, good amounts of kino, but both times got cock blocked hard by obstacles. Was really happy with my escalation and man to woman here though, so all good.

Overall it was a good day, opening was still awesome but pushed my sets harder today. Just need to work on addressing the obstacle better and going even harder on staying in set.

Total Sets: 10-12ish

Day 13:


Hit up the Deen with Amsterdamn and dcortus. Amsterdamn's last night in Perth so was gonna be a good one!

Ran into a bunch of other guys out, and hit up some sets.

I feel like a broken record here, but same shit again. My opening is sweet at the moment, but im just not really pushing the girls to stay with me. I think I need to show more intent and interest and make sure they know I like them.

This is my focus for tomorrow, show more interest in the girls and really hold them in set and force them to blow me out if they want to leave.

On the plus side, I got out there and opened a decent amount of girls including an absolute stunner who was easily the hottest girl in the club. Of course I hooked her as she was moving past....but she was on her way to the toilet so I let her go. Fuuuck!

One interesting set was this little blonde girl. I stopped her and she was real keen right off the bat, but some amog turned up who was apparently her ex boyfriend and started being a major dick.

I really don't know of any way to combat this kinda amog since the girl loved me, even verbalising that she liked me after only a few mins and initiating kino.

The dude was just a total dick to her though and made her leave the club! How do you combat that kinda amog? She was mega into me, hated him, but he just destroyed her state so much that she left the club.

I think what I should have done was just grab her and relocate away from him, although im not sure he wouldn't have just followed.

Oh well, another solid night of interacting.

Highlight definitely beeing dcortus using openers from A Chode's Night Out. Fucking hilarious!

Total Sets: 8ish
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 Some points I need to work on:

- Pushing sets further. I think the reason this may be reoccuring is that I'm doing a LOT of moving sets. I love them because they are so spontaneous, theres no calculated walk-up, just turn as they are walking past and BANG! claw them. I have  a massive success rate stopping these girls, but I think the issue is that they are always on their way somewhere, trying to find a friend/toilet/drink/dance etc so its so hard to keep them for more than a couple of minutes.

I think maybe I should try to do more stationary sets and see how this goes.

- ..... ahh thats all.... One goal. Should be easy right....going out in 2 hours. Will see!
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Day 14

Tonight was lame. Massive storm + Tuesday night in Perth means nobody goes out. Except for dudes...LOTS of dudes!
Also extremely tired, so decided to make it short and sharp night.

Picked up dcortus and headed to Hip E for backpacker night, caught up with djmarco there as well.
Seriously like 100 dudes, some random uglies, and like 10 hot girls.

Opened and hooked some average girl, let her keep moving after a while because she wasn't hot enough to escalate on, was okay for a warm up.

Some girl gave me proximity on the dance floor so I grabbed her and started spinning her. She was keen to dance and spin around but was kinda just floating around, I couldnt really engage her and start escalating beyond dancing.

Ended up pushing it hard and making her stop, kino escalating. Got blown out in the end. Gooooood.

Two other girls on the dance floor, some retarded lame opener about the music, hooked. Didn't escalate enough just talked about boring things, eventually got blown out.

This was basically all the decent girls I could find. Really needed an early night to catch up on some sleep so decided to head off, committed to approach one more set.

Noticed three mega hotties had appeared from somewhere and were standing together, surrounded by like 20 guys all staring at them and doing nothing. Choded out and walked past......turned around and went back, went straight in.

Did some terrible lame opener again, only one them actually heard me, somehow recovered it and talked to them for a while, but didn't go man to woman or escalate at all, eventually they left.
Pretty poor attempt but at least I approached.

Headed home to get a semi-early night.

Total sets: 4
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Aj Deluxe

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nice bro keep goin hard:D
Alexander~ Bootcamp -January 2010
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Yeah the ex boyfriend just got into your set blew it and followed the girl, nothing you can do...

This thread motivates me to make a blog too, just to keep the leverage going.
I have too much freedom from outcome lol.
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Day 15


Tonight was totally lame, for a different reason to last night. Went to Leedy and it was pretty good, my game was just completely off.

Not committing to my openers or hooking as well as before, getting blown out. I was doing all the subconscious stuff wrong, standing far away from girls, poor or weird/forced kino. Just all round lame.

Was mega tired and completely out of the mood.

How do you stick with 'I am enough', and just go natural and self amuse, when all you really want to do is sleep, or pull the girl home, fuck, and then sleep? When you really don't care about anything she has to say at all?

I guess you just have to avoid this state of mind.

Left Leedy after about 5 bad sets, despite there being heaps of hot girls around, headed to Hip E, but the line was already massive which was really odd, couldn't get in.

I could wait 30-60 minutes in the line, or go home and sleep at 11:30pm or so. Decided the benefit of sleep would outweigh approaching further in this state so decided to head home and sleep so I'm in a better way for the weekend.

Total Sets: 5
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Day 16

Had a nap after work so felt much better. Went to Claremont with Mindset and Justice_ and things were going pretty well, except it was weirdly quiet, like less than half the amount of people that should have been out. Still have no idea what was going on at all.

Did about 5 approaches, some good ones, escalation was going quite well, but literally ran out of girls.

Since it was so dead we decided to head to Subi for Bounce at Gold Bar. Got there and it was even worse...completely empty!

This was annoying since I was feeling pretty good, but nothing else to do so headed home.

I really have no idea WTF was going on, as Thursdays are normally packed in Claremont...oh well.

Tonight is a boys night with some mates but will make sure I get some female molesting in at some point.

Total sets: 5
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Aj Deluxe

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 have you ever tried villa on thursdays??

i hear its pre good. im gonna try it the next thurs im in perth :)
Alexander~ Bootcamp -January 2010
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Isn't that Oh Snap? Like metal/hardcore?

I looked af facebook pics and found like 0 hot girls, so concluded it must be terrible since most places stack facebook with as many pics of hot girls as possible.
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is Candy Shop on next thursday?
Guess there's a Slim Shady in all of us
Fuck it, let's all stand up

Diary de DJM
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 Yeah man, I'll probly be there , or Claremont Hotel. Shoot me a text on the day. I really don't think anywhere can compare to these two places on a Thursday.

So tonight - please forgive me as I know this entry is going to be terrible, its around 4am after a big night out, head isn't in the best shape! I will edit this tomorrow.

Day 17

Today was my boys night, my house mate and I had about 8 guys around for some drinks and hired and expensive skimpy to wander around with her tits out and pour drinks.
Proceeded to get pretty smashed, do lines off the strippers chest between her boobs, and have an all round awesome time. One of my best mates was also just out of a three year relationship, so we went pretty hard for him as well.

Ended up heading out with Justice, L2A, Lilo and 'S' my other friend who just broke up. Figured Gold bar would be a massive queue since it was prime time, but we got in okay and met a few other guys

Fuck I love this many hotties!

I also know a huge amount of people that come here, and on a side note I'm doing okay with the door girls as well. Getting VIP here would be so so so useful as Gold bar has the most retarded lines ever once it hits capacity.
Cause I was drinking etc, don't rember many exact details but a few memorable sets:

Some insanely hot 6'4 (with heels) girl. Probably the hottest girl I've approached in months. Couldn't hook my opener, probably due to bad positioning and not commiting enough with kino. +1 for my approaching though cause this girl was intimidating. A million excuses came to mind but I banished all of them.

Vaquely remember dancing with some girls, escalating well tonight.

The only really memorable set was with S. These girls were pretty average but passed the Binary Test, he opened well and had the slightly hotter one. Justice when in to wing on the second one, buy got ignored, so i went in and had a go with a nice simple "Hey, I'm Sivers". This worked awesome and we isolated our girls a couple meters almost immediately.

I think being able to hook this girl when justice couldn't is a real indicator of the benefits of this 7 days a week thing. Justice is easy as good looking as me, and his game on par at the least as well. Going out this much makes me so chilled and outcome independent (although see more on this later), and improved the force and commitment of my openers greatly.

Anyway, S had his girl well under control so I game my girl hard on the dance floor, built lots of sexual tensop, made it to some good grinding, went for makeout - denied.
Cut thread before she could even give me a reason why. Talked bullshit for a bit (I'm noticing a big difference in this too) and grinded on the dance floor.
Went for make out a second time and was denied again, she told me she doesn't hook up in clubs...that actually was positive for me, as its suggesting she wants to do it, its just the club thing. Anyhow, she was a 6 and I'm a 10 so of course she wants to.

Bounced outside balcony, S was sitting with both girls, no space, pulled my girl up and isolated her to another couch.

Kept kino going strong and built some mass comfort just talking, made sure to keep it man-woman with lots of kino but didint escalate much further. This is where we/I messed up, girls were probly fine to be pulled to go eat after just 10-15 mins comfort talk outside, but we stayed for like 45 mins and my girl started getting tired.
Eventually I noticed this happening and suggested a bounce for food,

Can't really be bothered writing this down but I basically lost motivation cause the girl was average and there was still plenty of time in the night to game way hotter chicks in the club, so decided to let them go. This was purely my sneaky excuse mind talking, I would have enjoyed sleeping with her so I should have gone with them.
It was 2am and I was pretty tired so didn't do anything further at the club anyway.

I think the amount I'm going out also contributed to the excuses in my head, with so many girls around I felt no motivation for the average girl.

Either way, lesson learn. I'm especially happy about getting reasonably close to a lay, cause I'm in a dry spell right now, not a single lay since I started my 30 day!! Looks like I've finally gotten over this "let them go after opener" kinda thing I've developed lately.

Saturday tomorrow, looking forward to it, but I need to get some sleep first!

Total Sets: 5 + Heaps of social circle.
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