November 19th, 2018
Hoops' Field Report Journal
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 Dec. 26, 2011

Went to the mall today for the crazy boxing day sales – didn’t buy anything but went with Kiran and JJ to see all the fuss. It was an interesting experience and there were a ton of girls around. I didn’t approach any, I only messed around with the store clerks.

At night I went out to my regular Monday location. I got questioned at the door for being drunk even though I had not had a drink yet. The bouncer was being extremely weird about me entering the venue. I finally got him to give me a stamp. I’m not sure what my presence was suggesting but whatever.

We get inside, Kiran and I start out in a social mode. We grab a drink and get back to chilling. A girl from a couple of weeks ago comes running over and gives me a big hug. I love getting opened at the start of the night. We chat with them for a couple of minutes and they’re super into us. We go back to being social and keep opening different groups. We opened about 8 sets within the first 90 mins. All the interactions were short but steady. Whenever we were not in set we were pushing hard to get another one. One point I have to stress is that unlike when I first started where I would ping pong around, I now am staying in set and just keep my mouth moving until something hits. It makes a huge difference because like last night we were opening some of the hottest girls in the bar along with a range of others. This was all in what I would call the social period.

During the next part of the night I was re-opening some of the sets from earlier but I was bringing across more intent. In consequence some of the girls from before that were comfortable with us talking to them now know that I want to hook up with them. They reflected this and ultimately I was able to get a few makeouts within the next hour plus being able to get two shots off a girl. It’s easy at this point because my sense of entitlement is there so everything flows. Not only that but I really don’t have to work very hard. I only really monitor my own state to make sure I’m bringing my emotions from within and that when the girl says something pointed to me that my state isn’t affected – well that’s a lie because I monitor logistics too but not at the same extent as my internal state. Logistics, unlike internals, can be changed easily by getting creative. Remember Tim’s story from Transformations, the one where he’s in New York with the gorgeous honey, tornado girl, the underground DJ party and the bouncer of DOOM. Tim really explains how the best guys in this game are the ones who get creative – they’re the ones who create their adventures, get the hottest girls and the most girls. I feel I’m at a level now where I’m able to hold interactions well enough because I’m not screwing it up for myself. Now that my internals are solid enough to hold interactions, I need to step up my intent, go harder and start getting more creative.

When I got into this stuff, I talked to girls because I desperately wanted to leave my chode self, to improve my internals and get the logistics down. Now I’m at a point where I’m going out because I’m much more aroused by the girls – I want to have tons of sex with girls.

Anyways back to the night. I got kicked out somewhat early in the night because I was “stumbling and too drunk”. It could be because I’ve gone there every Monday for the past 5 weeks and not bought a single drink and now it’s been recognized. I’ll start buying a drink or two soon when I get some cash. I wasn’t kicked out for the entire night but was suspended for 10 mins. I decided to go home anyways because I need to protect my rep for weeks to come and there was a lineup of ~200 people outside. I’m a bit disappointed I never made an attempt to get back inside because I had a few girls prospected for the night but I’ll get them soon.

If anyone can clarify what short set method is it would be helpful. Jeffy and Alex labelled it on BC but it went straight over my head and they didn’t stop to explain.

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 Dec. 27, 2011

I went out tonight by myself for the first time in a long time. It was my regular Tuesday bar so I knew the logistics of the location. I get inside later at ~11pm after waiting in a line up. The place is busy. I decide I’m going to grab a beer or two tonight so I go up to the bar and grab a drink. At this point I had barely spoken any words today.

One thing to note was that when I was on the bus to the bar, my mind was thinking of all the possible excuses for not getting into the club; “I’m going by myself”, “I got kicked out last night”, “I’ll have to pay cover”. Yuck!! Now that I look back that was complete rubbish.

Anyways I get my beer and go to the karaoke area. I just chill out and start some short conversations with guys in the bar. I cruise out and take a look around the bar upstairs. I come back downstairs and grab another beer. I’m standing talking to a mixed 4 set when two girls swoop in and steal my spot in line. I call the hot girl out for stealing my spot. She immediately apologises and offers to give my spot back. I say it’s fine.... it’s just a bar. She’s immediately climbing all over me talking about how much she loves my accent. I remain centered and continue to self amuse. The friend pulls her away from the bar and back to the boyfriend. The conversation was still a little logical but whatever.

I go back into the karaoke area and start opening a few girls. Sets are opening well and the girls totally into me. I didn’t follow the 90/10 rule in all situations last night and let a few sets go. Oh more self-amusing plus keep my mouth going tonight.

Tons of stuff happened tonight so I’ll simplify it below:

Some interesting situations happened tonight.

1) I never ejected out of set. I would go into the set, plant my feet hard and start talking and escalating. If the girls were interested then they would stay if they weren’t then they would leave. I don’t even feel tension anymore. I think others do though. I’ll feel for it externally now. Tension plus self-amuse is very funny.

2) I got opened by perhaps 5 different girls last night.

3) I got tooled by guys frequently who were trying to protect their girls. This was totally different than what I normally get. It happened way more often and it wasn’t from a previous point of view where I was a total newbie and some long time alpha male just lights me up, no this was from the point of being competitive. Guys were legitimately worried that I was going to steal their girls. I need to make sure I keep cool, continue to hold frame, and make other guys jump through frames. Pass shit tests and attraction goes up.

4) I got two easy makeouts. I feel as if I’m entitled to get girls. It’s easy to assume value and the ”I am enough” frame. Consequently I don’t freak out nor do I feel the girl is out of my league. I just need to ensure I keep pushing my comfort zone.

5) Helping out other guys with girls really helps me understand concepts I’ve gone through in the past. It can work for the future but not as affectively. What happens is I see concepts that I’ve gone through from a different perspective and consequently deepen my understanding. For instance last night, I was talking to two cool Canadian guys and I was directing the interaction. I pull a girl over for one of the guys who is shy. I talk to the other guy and move him away for isolation. Almost instantly, within 30 seconds, the other guy pops out of set and returns to us. The epiphany instantly arises that the reason why he pops out of the set is because he isn’t bringing his emotions from within and consequently came to back to us for stimulation.

6) I need to outcompete other guys who are trying to alpha-male me. While being smarter and calmer will help me out it’s ultimately moved past by putting myself in those tough situations and get reference experiences.

I ended up leaving the bar at 2:30am but I learned tons tonight. I was exposed to new situations and enjoyed going out by myself. I have no problems doing it again.

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Dec. 28, 2011

I had an awful night out at the club and yes it was all my fault.

I went out later again at closer to 11pm. I get to the club and it's the biggest line up I've ever seen; there are probably close to 500 people outside waiting to get in. Vince and Mitch are still getting to the club so I go in as I'll meet them soon. I get inside after paying cover which frankly peeves me off with my current financial situation. It's by far the biggest bar I've ever been too. It's four floors tall and loaded with people. There had to be over 1000 people inside. Ages range from 18 to 25 which is perfect for me. I spend the first 30 mins or so orienting myself in the bar. I get a text from Vince saying he got rejected and is going home. Mitch texts me saying he got in. We spend the next 30 mins or so texting in an attempt to meet up. I'm telling him my location and he's texting back another. Finally we get to the conclusion that we're in different bars - haha.... I'm an idiot for going to the wrong bar. It looked correct from the outside.

After this I starting doing some approaches. I hadn't even paid too much attention to the talent but it's good. I try opening with talking about my club miscommunication adventure but it only comes across as sympathetic and I get the dreaded "nice to meet you" from several girls. At this point too I'm not bringing much intent and am dancing by myself. I'm trying to bring as much of my emotion from within but I'm still stifled and am not bringing enough intent.

Looking deeper, I felt intimidated in this club. It was huge in size, it was full of what I would perceive as alpha dudes, tons of hotties, I was friendless and it was crowded. In consequence I held back and stifled myself subconsciously to protect my health. It is exactly what Tyler talks about in his latest video on fine combing momentum.

Furthermore what it felt like was not only feeling unentitled for girls but rather, and more importantly, feeling unentitled to act in a dominant alpha manner. Nevertheless I remained upbeat and positive.

In order to get past this part, I need to keep taking action. Approaching girls in this state is very much out of character and will likely result in my state going up. I see why Tyler talks about doing something out of character/alpha as soon as possible when entering a club. Starting action once and following it up with more and more actions sets the rhythm of the night - it allows everything to flow smoothly in a charismatic, dominant, alpha way.

Anyways back to externals. I probably only did about 10 weak approaches on the night but the night had potential for 50 approaches if I went early, stayed late and went hard. That's if I didn't pull a hottie by this point.

Tough lessons learned but vitally important.

Lastly too I also had the feeling of entitlement that I was no longer in the newbie frame. Not to get egotistical but it felt like I had graduated to an intermediate level. I know the logistics and now just need to go harder, reduce my ego, reflect on my internals and study new concepts and material.

Alright guys I need some sleep,
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 Dec. 29, 2011

I went insane last night.

I met up with Kiran, Hyde and Vince early at around 9pm. We chill around sharing stories and catching up from the last few days events.

We get to the bar a bit after 10pm. Vince is joking about "herp juice". At first I feel disgusted but then I feel indifferent and finally I find it amusing. "Herp juice.....Herp juice...." There is a queue but the lines here flow smoothly and quickly. We get inside quickly.

Once inside the door I try out Tyler's "ehhh ohhh" yelling and fist pumping exercise. It goes off absolutely awesome! My voice was loud, flat, commanding and unstifled. My fist pump was also unstifled. I do a quick lap to scout in a dominant manner.

I come back to the front bar and Kiran is standing still. I run up, full spear tackle and lift him up. We both crack up totally self-amusing. I get in line and open the girl beside me. She's German and doesn't speak English well so I'm talking 95/5 for the 2mins or so. She's not cute so I decide to let it fizzle out. I'm working on my dominant frames. I've two theories on the dominant alpha frame: one being the aggressive wolf; the other being the passive-aggressive silverback gorilla. These are stolen from Brad and I think both are equally as important as each other.

I grab my beer and go into the back dance floor. I'm chilling and know I'm bringing my emotions from within because I notice all my friends coming to me. I like providing the good emotions to the environment. Indifferently, I am in no concern if they don't come over either.

I go outside with Kiran to chill out and start rolling some sets. We roll the first set and it goes okay but it's early. Anu is outside as well and asks me to roll a 4-set with me. No problem. We jump straight in and roll with the first two for a while. They're cool but it's not really going anywhere. We flow into the other two girls and these two go much better. The conversations split into me and one girl, and Anu and the other girl. The conversations flow well. I'm self-amusing and teasing the girl about backing into awkward pillion situations causing traffic jams. She keeps doing it. It allows me to push and pull her back and forth well. I see Mitch and pull him and Kiran into the set, continuing to tell the girl about my adventure last night. She laughs at my story but perhaps feels a bit too much social pressure with two new guys added to the group. I get the set back to being one-on-one. It's back to similar teasing. The girls eventually leave to grab drinks but they were hesitant to leave.

The funny thing with writing this last paragraph is that I didn't care much about what happened in that set.

Anyways immediately after popping out of set I see my Canadian friends from Tuesday night. I dominantly move over to their set and interrupt. It opens well and the group is stoked offering a warm response. Josh, Wade and I are joking around about how we tried to hook Wade up with the Canadian girl from Tuesday. He's joking about how he popped immediately out of set after we smoothly left. Yea.... I'm sure it was the girl and not you.... Haha. Josh calls over a girl to introduce to me. He hypes me saying he's cool, he's Canadian, he likes ice hockey and he likes girls. I introduce myself and get up close holding strong eye contact and self-amuse. Again attraction is built. Josh tells me that the super hot blonde girl just blew him off a minute ago. Quite literally I drop the interaction once I look over and see her.

I go in hard saying "I'm stealing your purse" while violently tugging at her purse. It's said in a funny but breaking rapport way and she opens up instantly. I have her arm locked up behind her back and I hold her in super fucking close such that our noses are almost touching. The shit that was rolling out my mouth at this point was fucking gold. I had the cocky shit grinner on my face and the situation was totally at ease from an emotional standpoint. In the meanwhile Josh and Amy have made it over to the side of my set. They must have seen me doing well do they decided to stand nearby for entertainment and to chirp. I thought it was awesome that I had cheer leaders especially from the guy who just got blown out. I remember Jeffy's "don't let anything external affect you exercise" from the end of Hot Seat. So I completely ignored the crowd and remained totally present with the girl making sure I stayed ICY - no change within. She's loving me saying I'm super funny and that we share the same humor - vomitted self-amusement?!? She tells me that we should get drinks and she goes further to say she's not like other bar girls who are just trying to scam drinks. She believes in equality and said she'd buy the first drink. I say I like your style but with a $1.50 in cash I can buy you 3 ice cubes. She thinks it's funny and understands I've no money for a drinks.

I test her by becoming a bit disinterested. She responded within half a second by grabbing my hand and saying it's time to go grab a drink. She leads me to the first bar. There is a trailer of a her friend, Kiran and Josh. We go to the first bar - super busy. We go to the back bar - super busy. We then go upstairs - super busy. She wants to leave that bar but I call her out saying that she's being childish and should be patient. We chill out and just vibe. She's pushing me to be dominant and get the drinks faster. I ignore but see Steve in line in front of us so I step up beside him. I 'false' qualifying myself by saying "it's good to socialize".

While this was happening I could physically feel my RAS change. I was totally bringing my emotion from within. I was non-needy. I was dominant. My awareness is what changed most. Rather than focusing on things that might hinder me, I was focused on potentially opportunities. I saw every situation as a possibility to have fun. I've had this feeling many times before but this was the first time that I concentrated on what was happening during the process.

Anyways we go to a lounge on the side of the dance floor where there are only seats for the girls. I'm dancing there with Josh and Kiran while the girls are feeding me drinks. The girls leave upstairs and invite me to go to the smoking area with them. Josh and I go with. Kiran and Josh did a bit of sparring for the second girl. Unfortunately my boy Kiran came out second.

We head downstairs to the smoking area. Chat for a while. Amy from before who is also cute comes up and puts her arms around my shoulder. I don't react much to her. I stayed talking to my girl for a few more seconds before addressing her. When I turn to her I look deeply into her eyes like I did before. I say I want to taste your face. I lean in sexually before totally self-amusing myself and dog-licked her face. She's in total astonishment. Wade the chody guy starts getting weird qualifying and saying that it must have tasted salty. Being at the opposite side of that interaction and having somebody qualify to me makes the realization of "you're defeating yourself" and "you really think that you need to get my approval". I've had people qualifying many times before but I was never so aware. I turn back to my girl tease her about kissing saying she won't get it yet because of her smoking habit. The girls leave to go to the bathroom. I property lock in on the friend my making her wear my hat. Makes the set easy to open later.

Josh and I are standing there so Josh opens a seated two set. It goes well, better than what I expected out of him. Maybe he's more of a sly dog than I thought. Eventually the girls leave to get drinks too.

Josh leans in and says I don't think they're coming back. I am mostly worried about losing my hat. Sure I would have been a little disappointed if I didn't see the girls again but there are more in the club - abundance mentality.

Josh and I go searching at this point for the girls but can't find them in the crowds. I more worried about my hat more than anything. Sun > pasty white guy. I finally see the girls in a migration but they're stuck in it and are walking by. I continue my own business such that I don't come off as leeching follow man.

I see Vince, Kiran and Mitch standing near the bar. We're chatting. I can tell I'm having the best night of us because everyone of my friends are looking to me for emotions.

I see a three set off to the side and open with "my friend is sad". I pull Vince in and keep talking. I then start commentating the situation pumping funny self-amusing emotion into Vince and the girl to get the interaction rolling. Thinking the situation was funny and creative, I try it again with the next girl and Kiran but it doesn't go off well. The girls will tolerate me but aren't interested. It was probably because I didn't show any intent.

I continue to open a few other sets but nothing really opens and holds. I'm finding that if I go early to the bar, open socially and show intent then when I open later the sets explode open.

I keep looking for the two girls. Kiran wants to leave; he's sick and tired but I won't let him tonight. I keep saying 5 more sets. He sticks around and some of the sets go well. Not awesome but some short term attraction is built.

I see Josh and Wade leaving so I go out to grab their contact details. They tell me that they saw those girls at McDonalds and they were going to go to another club but they came back with them.

I go back inside. Kiran wants to leave. I convince him to stay for logistical purposes. I'm really just wanting to grab this girl's phone number and head out. I walk into the back dance floor where she is. She is coming off the dance floor until she sees me the says "you're coming to dance with us". Kiran is really out of it and is slacking on raising the other girl's buying temperature at the same rate. I make out with my girl in a very hot lip biting fashion. Her sexual emotions are spiking upwards. I notice that I need to start upping the other girl's BT so I start saying stuff such as "I looking for a deep emotional one night relationship where will passionately open new parts to each others hearts". She thinks it's super funny and is balling herself laughing but at the same time considers it. Yes - inception. We keep dancing but do it in a way that commands ultimate attention. We started a 4 person cyclone and reeked havoc on the dance floor. It was awesome. I make out with my girl again. The makeouts were short at 10 seconds apiece but I was trying to make sure one BT wasn't spiked much higher than the other. The girl I was making out with leans in says "your getting lucky tonight. How would you like to come back to my place for an after party with me and my friend". I had a bit of a freakier moment and stuttered out a yes. I try to flip it around saying "don't count your chickens before they hatch". It turns into a playful back and forth set of shit tests. She's saying "you seem like a player" and "I thought I you cared about me". I decided to roll with the punches but I guess I didn't do it funny enough. She lost a bit of attraction. She also might have used going aloof as a shit-test too. I could see her and her friend discussing a threesome. I should have jumped in and changed their mood and not let their mind decide. Her shit-tests worked on her behalf. I choded myself out. I still pressed it to the point of either you leave the club or we leave the club and fuck. I had pressed hard by the point of 4:40am and feel good about doing it.

Regardless I had some good realizations with that girl. Make sure I remain centered. Don't become needy. Make sure I continue to open other girls to heighten my abundance. Shit-test her. Be the most dominant, cool and fun person in the club.

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 Dec. 30, 2011

Okay so we went to our usual Friday spot only to find that the guy to girl ratio is very poorly skewed. Normally it's full of hot girl's and chody guys.

My night is not going well. I'm quiet and am not approaching. Mostly I'm approaching weak and not applying the 90/10 rule. The few sets that I did open and actually better than I expected. Sure I got "nice to meet you" several times but it went better than in the past when I was in that negative emotional state. I guess what I need to do is push my comfort zone no matter what emotional state I'm in. I'll learn the process of taking my bad nights and turning them into good nights. It'll also be better at learning to control my internal emotional states.

See below for my infield-written epiphanies:

I'm often tuning my RAS into looking for alpha-males rather than girls.
-Look for girls only

Act dominant because it puts me in the correct mood

I'm resisting conversation a fair bit. It's as if I end the conversation or rather don't attempt to keep it going unless it's going perfect

Cut down the time between opens. If I see, I go.

Bringing emotion from within is similar to having a combination of self-amusement, non-neediness and offering value.

It's much easier to control decisions than to control emotions. Approach steadily and as quickly as possible to establish a rhythm. After this has been laid down the momentum will carry. State can then be laced in to precisely control internal situations. Opening girls while it may go bad will provide reference experiences nonetheless. A no is just as important as a yes. Time to take to the court!

Every time I value scann I get negative responses. It clearly shows that I'm not bringing my emotions from within.

When I'm on, I open dominantly and am not afraid of screwing up plus I don't screw up.

When I'm not on I have tons of logical epiphanies.

I need to broaden my negative emotional comfort zone. It's all about learning the wine glass shape. It's not always about filling it with wine.

If going in with the shoulder tap, it's a firm double tap.

Bad nights suck but I've to learn the process of changing my emotions through going from horrible to the close.

Relax into lower states. No resistance. Flow and let everything happen.

Be dynamic

It's all a numbers game

Lessen the time for thinking

I see a bad night as an opportunity to turn it into a good night

Break away from the chode crystal. Be bold! Be adventurous! Be courageous!

When we chode crystal around we don't even talk. We often just stand still seeking external emotions.

Less thinking - more intent.

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 Dec. 31, 2011

I didn't go to a bar tonight because I don't have any cash. I went and watched a giant firework show.

What thing that I really want to cultivate is strong emotional spiking. What made me consider this so much was the strength of the blasts. It pressure/sound waves coming from the fireworks cause audiences to stop and become spectators. Rarely do you see somebody ignoring fireworks.

I didn't open any girls but got opened by one later in the night when I was hanging with Ben, Steve and Vein. She seemed attracted to me but with the crowds and the external interrupts she left.

Anyway being New Years made me consider how far I've come in the past few months and how much I need to work to get to where I want to be.

Happy New Year Everybody.

Be ready for big changes.

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 Hey Guys!!!

I apologise to anyone who tracks my progress, I've been slacking writing up posts - Not any more!!

As of 2012, I'm starting a vFR bcuz I'm finding it hard to manage my time with writing and GOING OUT!

Here's my first one.  I kept it short to start it off.

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