December 16th, 2018
Best venues in Vienna?
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Hey what are the best venues to go on Weds - Saturday?  Cheers
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 Hey S,

If you wanna free entrance...go to Schweden Platz in this area you have some smaller clubs also some bars etc.

If you wanna go to clubs the cover is usually 6-12 Euros, coat check 1-2 Euro...

Good clubs are Volksgarten, Platzhirsch, Praterdom.

Also hit up the guys I sent you on FB.

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I just replied to your PM, but why not put it into this thread for everyone to see - in it's original grammar...:

so it all depends on which age range and which kind of people you are looking for. generally, like in most european cities from sun-wed, there are not too many options, but on weekends there is a ton happening. my favorite venues are volksgarten and platzhirsch, i have sarged there extensively.

volksgarten: open thu-sat, 25-30 crowd, really cool girls, and big too (for vienna standards); my favorite venue and the one i have had most success in.
platzhirsch: open thu-sat, about the same crowd, very international, bigger venue, but not too big.

i should also mention "passage", probably the most famous club in vienna, but in my opinion it sucks balls! really posh and the shields are miles high, music very loud too. i definitely don't recommend it for sarging, but hey, if you got good game and are looking for a challenge...

club couture: thu-sat, very big, not as posh, but not totally trashy either. younger girls (say, 18-24)
praterdom: this is, i believe, the biggest venue in vienna, trashy, i have never sarged there. young crowd, you will meet the hair dresser rather than the doctor here, so to speak...
palais palffy: fr-sat, rather posh, but not too much, not too big, somehow a "secret tip" almost. if you got game you could have fun here, two small floors, 25-35 and over crowd
pratersauna: big, a bit more on the alternative side, ok place
the box: fr-sat, over 30 crowd, rather on the posh side, but quite cool

if you are looking for bars: manolo's; or a lot of places around schwedenplatz (but girls are often below 20 there)

in regards to days of the week:

mon: never been out sarging, but probably "Q" or ride club (erasmus student party)
tue: definitely U4 (student party) or maybe passage (because of lack of alternative options)
wed:passage, lutz club (if open), look at list of link below;
thu: this is when the fun starts - volksgarten, platzhirsch, club couture
fr: any of the places mentioned above, there are lots of other venues too (see link below)
sat: same as friday
sun: dead as a rat's ass; if you can dance salsa, try floriditas; or try ride club (last time there were 25 people in there on a sun); stay home, rest!

for daygame, try mariahilferstrasse, it's a main shopping street.

here is a link so you can check out what the girls in each venue look like:
if you click on "events", you can see some stuff going on in vienna for each day.

PS: It would be cool if there was a forum section for these kind of tips for each city respectively, like i have seen on other forums.
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