January 16th, 2019
Defeat Alpha Men and Take Their Women: MY BEST POST YET- READ IT
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 Defeat Alpha Men and Take Their Women: MY BEST POST YET

I've noticed that a recurring pattern on this forum is that the most of the "newbie" problems stem from the fact that internally they're pure PUSSY. Even many guys that do have solid game will crumble and freeze up when an asshole like me comes along and shits on their reality. Being TOUGH is an extremely underrate trait in modern, western society. Academic institutions, business envrionments, law, popular religions all reniforce the idea of "peace", being non-confrontational, being "positive" and "happy" over doing the right thing and conducting yourself with honor.
Long forgotten are concepts like HONOR, CHARECTER, TOUGHNESS, RESILIENCE, HEROISM, MAGNIFICENCE, MAGANANIMITY, WISDOM. They've been replaced with what I call a cow-morality or sheep mentality which places meekness as the highest virtue and subjigates you to a pussy-beta existence where you stay comfortably numb your whole life and die ingloriously banished to Hel to spend eternity with all of history's cowards that ate shit their entire lives. I say FUCK THAT. Do what you want and make yourself STRONG. The GLORY is to be WON.

Personal Background
Since I've been young, I've always had a fascinating with war. I grew up in inner-city Chicago where people weren't very forgiving and getting beat up or robbed was a routine occurrence. Being a "gangster" was the coolest thing to do, but luckily I'm White so I didn't have to deal with any of that nonesense. In high school I made friends with the biggest assholes in my school; they'd kick my ass. I wouldn't trade my past because I know if I grew up in the suburbs like a lot of the kids I went to college with, my view of the world would be a lot rosier and I'd be a huge PUSSY.

My advice: GET TOUGHER. The real world is a cold place. People living in the comfortable bubble called suburbia USA can't even begin to comprehend what brutality or true struggle is.
If you want to see what real shit looks I recommend watching Liberia: An Uncivil War. You'll see 12 year olds bashing each other's skulls in and how fragile and worthless life really is.
It's on youtube:

Hopefully this will get you to see that the problems you deal with are so insignificant, the only way I can charecterize them are PURE PUSSY.

Things You Can Do in Life to Harden Your Spirit
Play competetive sports: ideally it should be a sport where some element of physicality is involved, but all forms of games will make you stronger. Competetive sports teach you how what it takes to win. Sports teach you that in real life, not everyone wins and there are many losers. It's the battle of the wills. Do you have more drive than your opponent to do what is necessary to finish the game, or will you give up and cower away? Sports also teach you that with practice, you can get better. You can increase your level of skill and be stronger. You also get over your ego, becuase you relize the tremendous amount of dsicipline, energy, work that it takes to consistently win. If you're not playing a competive sport in your life, you're doing yourself a tremendous disservice.

EVASIVE TACTICS: Learn how to fight or run very fast. This is just a basic life skill that's extremely practical. It's life or death in many cities. If you ever get into a situation where you're likely to get preyed upon, it's important to know how punch/shove and DASH. It's much smarter to EVADE your opponent then try to be completely unprepared and get pounced on. You don't want to be caught in a situation where someone can pull a knife on you, trap you, and kill you. Violence is often random: so don't end up a statistic.
For me, it's also important to know how you DISENGAGE my opponent. If some guy tries to step up to me or get aggressive in a night-time situation, I like to have the ability to beat his ass and submit him. This is what martial arts is for. Personally I've trained boxing and brazilian jui-jitsu. 
Generally it's better to AVOID and EVADE conflicts. I know many guys that carry knives into bars; I also know people that have used them. You don't want to get stabbed because you tried to prove that you're "tough".

Learn how to Verbally Spar. Do this with your friends. Learn how to talk over people, learn how to be LOUDER. Crack jokes at people and make fun of situations where people are trying to play on your insecurities.

Just because someone claims authority or command, doesn't mean it's based on anything. In a free society, you are your own authority, and you're allowed to do whatever the fuck you want. Don't relinquish your will just because everyone else is doing it. If someone demands compliance from you, find out on what authority or grounds that authority is. Just because someone has "police" or "security" on their shirt doesn't give them any legal power over you.

Be brutally honest when necessary. Don't allow your peer group to guilt you into doing something that you know is wrong. This is the difference between man and sheep.

Defeat other Guys Logically - Use your Brain to Get Women
Build your own system of logic. The true value of knowledge is how it helps you understand reality and how it guides your behavior. You should be able to verbalize in clear, rational, and logical terms your values and the way you see reality. You should know basic things like how your governement is structured, who has authority over you (no one), how electricity works, what not to eat so you get poisoned and die, why you believe what you beleive, etc. In the long run, dumbasses lose. Being a retard is not virtuous.

Understand the law. If you know the law and you know the ins and outs of how it's practiced, you have great power. Understand very clearly where the line is for your behavior and what others are legally allowed to do and say to you. This will prevent many headaches, make you very wealthy, and keep you out of prison.

Play through every scenario in your mind. Know ahead of time (from experience and what others have told you their experience has been) what to expect. Be ready for anything. Make preperations for times of emergency or extreme hardship.
Define the worst-case scenerio and realize that if it happens, it's really not a big deal and that you'll recover from it. Worst-case scenarios don't really happen anyway.

Step into your fear. Live your life on edge. When you feel the tense emotion in your stomach, that's an indicator that you need to step up and TAKE ACTION. Be aware of how things make you feel.

Step up to guys you're afraid of. Be able to look a guy dead in the eye and not flinch. Almost always, he will get nervous, it's just a natural response. You'll win and get lady.

Push the limits of what's possible. Do crazy things and learn from the outcome. Get kicked out of places. If you've never been kicked out of a bar, you're not going hard enough. I've been kicked out of places so many times, I've lost count. You can always come back next week :)

Go to scary neighborhoods. Walk through the ghetto at night and realize that it's not really that scary. If you do anything with enough confidence, people will accecpt it. If you're marred by fear, you'll get fucked with.

Fraternize with people you're terrified of. Talk to bums, criminals, thugs. Talk to people that you have never talked to before in your life. Realize that they're human and they're just like you. There was nothing to be afraid of.

Get your ass kicked. Get humiliated. Once you've taken a beating a few times, you're not afraid getting into fights anymore. When you've repeatedly humiliated yourself, you lose all sense of shame and are able to cross boundaries of what's real and what's possible.

Never Accept Beta Positions
Never be a bitch. Throughout my youth, I've learned that many people want to suck you in and make your their bitch. They want to guilt you, make you feel less, make you do things that aren't in your own best interest. Some of these people you might call your "boss", your "teacher", even your "mom". They're not necessarily concious of what they're doing, but if you show submission you will be their and have to comply to their every whim. This will affect your subcioncious in all areas of life and a woman will be able to tell that you're not truely a man.

In school, remember that your teacher is just that. Your teacher can't tell you what to do or tell you what to believe in. Remember that the true reason you're in school isn't to get a piece of paper of a "job" but to LEARN! This what modern society has forgotten. Many times the people that are assigned the role of being your "teacher" have ZERO clue as to what they're talking about. Challenge them and call the out on their shit. If a teacher is telling you something that is blatently wrong or goes against what you believe in CALL THEM OUT ON THEIR SHIT. Don't be like 99.5% of students that just sit passively sit there and absorb nonsense. That's called being a zombie. True academia has debate and discussion.
Sometimes you have to sacrifice part of your grade because your instructor has a big ego and can't speak rationally or explain why they're qualifed to stand in front of the class. Personally, I've made that sacrifice many times, without regret.
It also takes as lot of courage and nerves of steel to speak out in say a lecture hall of 300 people. I've done it many times amd you can to. You might feel embarassed or judged, but this is what will strengthen you and you make you the shit when you call others out in bar/club situations.

Here's a video of a Marine speaking out against 30+ NYPD cops overstepping their authority. This is what true balls look like. While watching this video, remember that in the United States you have the right to peacefully assemble in public places. The police doesn't have any legal authority over you like in other totalitarian countries.
Do you have the courage to speak out for what is right when the situation calls for it?

Get over your family's judgements and expectations. "Live as though your father were dead." Your parents grew up in a different era where the rules were different. The world has changed and only you know what is right and what is necessary in your life. Most of the time, your parents are wrong. You're not a baby anymore. Make decisions for yourself. Regardless of how bad you fuck up, your mother will love you anyway :)

In business:
Don't sell your soul to make money. Don't ever accept a beta-position. Don't work anywhere where your "boss" (slave master) treats you like you're his property. Don't work a job you don't want to do or one that goes against your personal moral code. Most will disagree with me on this point, but the truely GREAT men of history won't. Live frugally and be a cheap asshole. Hell, live on the street if you have to. It's more honorable than being someone's slave. Money doesn't get you pussy: resourcefulness does. Huge difference.
The attitude I've adopted for business is WIN/WIN or NO DEAL.

Resourcefulness: Able to act effectively or imaginatively, especially in difficult situations.

Being a true boss shows. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. If you're the at work, what makes you
think you deserve the hot girl when you go to the bar? ...You DON'T DESERVE HER, now shine my shoes bitch-boy :P

Techniques in Bar
When some guy butts on the interaction and you keep talking to the girl as if the other guys didn't exist, almost always, he'll eject and leave. He might start talking to you say things like "she's not interested". He doesn't exist. All that exists is you and the girl. SUPER EFFECTIVE!

Show him your back. Get between the girl and the guy. Show him your back and box him out like you're rebounding in basketball. This is funny :D

Humor- laugh at him, laugh with him.
If a guy says something stupid to you or tries to tool you out of the set, just laugh in his face. If he makes fun of you laugh with him.

Confuse your opponent.
Use extreme irrationality to make the other guy -- CONFUSED. Start talking in speech that doesn't make sense. Calmly say something like: "Yeah you know when you come out and people are looking at you, you have to step in bounds and make it clear that there's a political situation at hand and I have this thing going where I praise the creator everyday and blessed is his work on God's people, in our unity we win. I hear you, I hear you, we're going to win and eat the feast and blessed are the lambs on the stool of our education."
The point is to make it seem like you're very passionate about what you're saying and that you're saying something really important, when you're just spouting off nonsense. The girl can't really tell the difference.

Show strong eye contact, don't let his emotions affect you. Be able to look the other guy dead in the eye and not be intimidated by him.

Become assertive and blow him back with your presence and irreverance. Use a BOOMING VOICE to assert yourself.
"WOOOOOO, check out my huge biceps YOOO."
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no. [To girl] come with me."

Grab girl and have her in you grip. Put your aram around her waist and have her pinned to you. This way she can't be dragged away.

Physically pick her up and carry her away if she's talking to some other dude.

Shake your finger at weak dudes. This is just hilarious :P

Remember that techniques are just techniques and they're dependent on how you hold yourself in all your other areas of your life. If you're a boss in the business world, hold an authoritative position, you're tough on the street and don't eat shit everyday then the techniques will take care of themselves.
Don't acknowledge people that are against you. Chodes don't exist. Haters don't exist. Only a true man deserves proper respect, acknowledgement, and attention: all others can suck your dick and watch you be amazing.
"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment." 
"A man must stand erect, not be kept erect by others."
-Marcus Aurelius

"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest."
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