November 19th, 2018
Is it healthy to totally stop masturbating ?
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Livewired wrote:

JFM wrote:
That sounds like a joke, but in the early phases of getting your brain back this is known as "edging", and it really slows down your progress apparently.  It's all about little blasts of dopamine...fucking up your natural balance.   Anything compulsive usually means you "have" to do it...which means you're brain is no longer under your control.   Like any addiction.  Each guy has to look at himself and see what's up,

That question came out in the FAQ's section.    
hmm I always thought  that only substance use fucks up with brains balance and dopamine storage.
Me too.  Turns out that it's all wrong.  The brain is very inventive at getting it's all about that.   There have been 12 step groups for betting addicts for years now.   And they are the EXACT same steps as AA.   To the letter.

The American Society for Addiction had to cave and include the reality that behavioural addictions are dopamine manipulators.   Compulsive sexual activity of any kind would also have to be included for obvious reasons.  Food too.  Sugar.  The fucking whole shooting match.   Naturally society is going to downplay the whole thing because if this was faced up to, what would the conclusions be?

Look around without social conditioning.   This shit makes sense. 
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I think napalm is onto something but allow me to expand on it. Stalins are probably worse than regular masturbation with an ejaculation because when you do Stalins you never empty the tank. If you never empty the tank, you can masturbate more frequently and you get urges to masturbate more frequently. And when you do a Stalin you don't ejaculate but you DO orgasm, you just hold your cum in.
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" I can't really explain to you why you are wrong. "
Then you don't really understand what he's doing wrong. Full understanding of a concept precludes the ability to convey, at least broadly, that concept in simple terms.

I take back my original comment, it IS healithiest to be orgasming about every day, BUT stopping masturbation isn't unhealthy if it's done for the purpose of stopping addiction. Whether it's unhealthy otherwise I'm not qualified to comment on.
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It is totally healthy to stop jacking off. The only thing is you will feel withdrawl symptoms for like a day or two. Basically you will feel lethargic and feel like you dont want to do anything. After you get over that hump then nothing is going to happen. 
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I use not masturbating as an excuse to have more regular sex! Go have sex.
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  I always wondered if quiting masturbation was benificial, but i never came across this TED video. Not only did I learn it is benificial, i actually found some scientific evidence suppoting the claim for once. I quit right away after wating this video. Constant mastubation porn addiction aka "Arousal Addiction" can cause: ADHD, Social Anxiety, Depression, and OCD I hope this helps you guys .
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