October 20th, 2018
Being Creepy Isn't a Bad Thing
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 haha this is awesome. 

It's a balance, from what I can tell. 

Like you gotta be so fucking normal, that the fact that you are being a total fuckin creep isn't even noticed..

I mean- if you're pulling a chick back to your place from street game... that means that you approached some random girl on the street and then proceeded to get her into a cab and bring her back to your place.... YES... that's creepy as fuck. Don't try to deny it

But you just gotta get to the point where you're cool as shit so the creepy factor is just not noticed because she's too caught up in the awesomeness. 

So yeah- be a creep but be an awesome creep... it s when you're nervous about being a creep that you actually come across weird...
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LOL perception is reality bro.  Those girls can't see whats underneath my shirt puahahaha.  Its not whether you are creepy deep down, its whether or not you show creepy vibes!

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Trojan- wrote:
...this coming from a dude that records conversations he has with girls with a button-camera to put on the internet. tounge

Never said you have to be creepy to get girls. If you haven't noticed a lot of dudes in the pickup-niche are really weird ass dudes and that consequently produces a lot of "weird", "akward" and "creepy" interactions. It's the guys that can stick through the akward bullshit that get a lot bitches because ultimately they don't care about the perceptions others put on them.

squattincassanova wrote:

Trojan- wrote:
 Girls like creeps because they have big balls[/u][u].
Nah.  Creepy and big balls are two independent things.  I would argue that most creeps do not have big balls.  Guys who appear creepy do not reveal their true intentions clearly.  Going up to a girl and opening direct is not creepy even if its a blowout.  Going up to a girl and talking about the weather for 20 minutes and following her around with bad body language IS creepy.

Creepiness is a misalignment between actions and intentions.  Ever had a homeless man talk to you about some random topic and you have the tingling feeling that he is going to sooner or later ask for money?  Its that nagging feeling that he wants something more and you don't know wtf it is that he wants.

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 I'm not hating, I think it's pretty cool.
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