May 25th, 2018
Nutrition tips ? already taking greens, green thea and dark chocolate, Tyler ?
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So yeah..

Nutrition tips ? already taking greens, green thea and dark chocolate, Tyler or anyone else.. ?

I know all the sites but i dunno, do anyone has some simple list of killer good foods to eat ? Or killer good diets to follow ?
Or a site with a simple overview on foods or diets ?

I eat alot of pasta, greens, green thea and dark chocolate right now.

(The goal is to feel good, high in testosteron, high seretonine whatever makes you feel good, feel healthy and full of energy and keep in shape !)
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Pasta is generally pretty bad for you. Search the book Wheat Belly on amazon.

Eat a bunch of meat (preferably organic or pasture raised), vegetables, starches and some fruit and nuts. Specific foods don't matter very much, just as long as you're getting those things.

Don't focus on any "superfoods" until you've got that down. After that, add in some organ meats, bone broth and fermeted foods. Organ meats are about as close to superfoods as you can get.

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way easier than you think. 

step 1. was it alive or part of a living organism at some point in time? 
yes -> probably pretty healthy 
no -> lol 

for example, broccoli. for counterexample, soda. 

most foods labelled organic are simple results of cutting all non-lifeforms out of living food. think of your body like an awesome interactive video game that is collecting powerups as it goes on a crazy adventure through outer space. there are shitty powerups and awesome powerups. yeah you could beat the game w/shitty powerups, but its way more fun when you have the triple and bounce modifiers on your shit like powpowpow fuck this game its too easy 

in short: eat meats and vegetables, whole wheat or bust, fuck soda and artificial caffeine sources. it's not super complicated to that extent but the field of nutrition is as deep as any other field of study. 
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So i just listened to the gabriel method on tape.

He says to ask 3 things during each meal.
1. do i have enough protien.
2. Where are the omega 3's
3. Where are my live foods? (fruits and veggies probiotics)
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Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee

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I suggest this web: , it's excellent.

The book "Paleo Solution" from Robb Wolf is great one too:

At first, you have to get used to it, but it doesn't take that long. As supplements I definitely recommend omega 3 fish oil and Vitamin D3. Maybe calcium if you cut dairy products from your diet too. Dont' forget that physical activity and lots of sleep is also very important.
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I'm currently Primal, best shit ever.

Primal Blueprint Kindle Edition

                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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This is literally all I eat, in varying quantites:


Olive oil
Macademia oil (for frying)
Liquid fish oil
Nuts (almonds, Brazils for testosterone, cashews, hazels, walnuts)
Prunes (to make nuts more palatable)
Seeds (flax, sunflower, pumpkin)
Raisins (to make seeds palatable)
Dark chocolate

Pak choi
Sweet potato
Brussels sprouts
Apples (occasionally)
Frozen mixed berries
Almond butter (before bed for sleep)

Vit D/magnesium


When I make my Thai curry I also eat:
Spring onion
Coconut milk
Fresh ginger
Lemon grass
Lentils or quinoa

Anything else I consider a cheat meal. I've been eating this stuff for a couple of weeks, lost lots of tummy fat. Dropped a belt size or two. Don't get bloated or feel shit after I eat.
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 "healthy food" will not to anything to magically make you lose weight if you are not monitoring total caloric intake. You burn a set amount of calories a day doing literally everything, if you eat less calories than that regardless of where the calories come from you will lose weight. this is FACT!

that said eating high protein when in a caloric deficit will help you preserve muscle mass. making sure you have a healthy amount of fats in your diet especially when dieting will help keep testosterone high, without it you will lose your libido after about 4 weeks of cutting. to lose 1lb of fat you need to eat 3500 calories less than what you burn, which translates to 500 less/day to lose a lb a week, more than 1k calories under your maintenance calories (whatyou burn daily) is not recommended, you will lose muscle and your metabolism will significantly slow down in an effort to combat the starvation. On a diet you metabolism gradually decreases, you should be lowering your daily calorie intake about 50cals for ea week that you diet.

To find out how many calories you burn daily google "caloric maintenance calculator" and input your information, this number is to be used as a guideline, to really find out for sure you need to be consistent in eating habits and determine if you gain/lose weight at this number, adjust accordingly. 

When dieting protein is the most satiating macronutrient and usually happens to be the least calorie dense type of food. So chicken breasts are amazing for dieting because you can eat a whole pound of them and only consume 440 calories while intaking 100g of protein. Fish oil, avacados, and extra virgin olive oil are good sources of fat. but keep in mind fat is a very calorie dense macronutrient, 1g is 9 calories, a Tbsp of olive oil is 120 calories, compare that to 4oz of chicken breasts at 110calories, which do you think will fill you up more.

without consciously counting calories and having consistency in your measuring practices and eating all attempts are futile, because you will unknowingly overeat. 

these practices can pretty much be applied unanomously down to 10% bodyfat. to get into the single digits, you need to integrate cardio to combat your body's desire to lower your metabolism, though the calories in versus calories out principle still applies. You also need to practice refeeds every 4-10 days where you eat up to and a little beyond your maintenance calories in low glycemic index carbohydrates. This tricks your body out of starvation mode, and replenishes glycogen stores.

Take my word for it amigos, anything else you hear is broscience, perputuated by idiots.
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I'm glad Jerma posted here, best post in the thread IMHO. I say that because it matches my own experiences perfectly.

Honestly most of the nutrition into on RSDN are over hyped to the extreme. It's like guys here for some reason total eschew "conventional wisdom" and jump on bandwagons like the paleo diet and green tea/dark chocolate because one or two guys said it was good. Grains and white foods are NOT that bad for you. Yeah I know a few paleo dudes who would swear they are and even offer some citations to back it up, but there's more evidence against them. Maybe excessive grain intake isn't that great, but it's not the devil food it's made out to be. Neither are non-organic meats and fruits, any insecticides and hormones in them are not going to do you any harm, at worst the effect will be totally negligible.

I know I'll probably cop a lot of flak from this but it had to be said. Especially the green tea and dark chocolate thing, it's like as soon as Tyler said it, it becomes gospel around here (particluary for newbies.) Guys, make your own decisions. Just because something is an "inside little known truth" or you read it here on RSDN does not make it automatically some life changing truth.
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My body functions significantly better when I eat organic meats and other foods without preservatives. Foods loaded with preservatives give me a full feeling for only short time after consumption.

Daily Green Smoothie Recipe

3  Kale Leafs
2/3 Cup Wild Blueberry
1 Banana (sweetner/creamy)
3 Pinches Slivered Almonds
Ground Cinnamon
Sesame Seeds (High in Minerals including Zinc)
1 cup Water (other guys here use Coconut milk)
3 Ice Cubes
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Go out. Nothing is going to make you feel as good as taking action and it's ridicolous to think so. Still eating healthy is good. Lots of protein, veggies, avocados, some fruit.

Too much even dark chocolate can be bad. I just add cacao to my whey protein.
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