October 23rd, 2018
The importance of your belief structure
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Just wrote this in my journal. Thought it might help a few people. Wow, not been on main forum for a while but there is a LOT of gay shot on here. quite funny and eye opening.

Life has been really weird lately, I'm super tired as I've been doing some crazy amazing things at work. Experiences that most men will never get to experience in their lifetime.

With regards to chicks it's pretty minimal. Haven't been out in 7 days as was working last weekend. Some regression into chode mode, alex said these things might happen and having been in personal development I know these cycles too well. You get success followed by lull. But when you come back your baseline level of performance is very high.

My health is tenuous as I'm working hard on altering the belief system to "I am enough". Alex is 100% right. This needs to be the foundation to any elite player, otherwise everything on top crumbles when faced with challenging situations. It's a matter of pushing your comfort zones until your reality is ridiculous. But ridiculous doesn't bother you because it's pedestrian normality "no big deal".

The reason why so many guys who get into this do not leave champs is that when they are not getting the references they want (eh. Regular sex with numerous hotties) they revert to their old mindsets and beliefs (eg. I can't get the hottest girls, they only go for good looking guys, I'm not Cool etc etc.). As much as you believe these things they are simply old belief systems that you installed when VERY young. You are not that same self hating chose anymore. You are actually an amazingly cool guy who hot girls literally secretly cream over, YOU JUST DON'T APPRECIATE IT. And even if you're not an amazing cool guy, you can transform it's not too hard.

What is hard though is changing your belief system - but in doing this you achieve that identity level shift to "I am enough". This area of your life then becomes "handled". You simply keep doing it because you want to push the reality as far as you can to see what you can do. But on a practical note: your self haring and negative inner talk around women disappear, and you won't have problems fucking hot chicks on the regular. For a socially conditioned chose this is "amazing", but for you it is pedestrian reality. Why wouldn't I have NO PROBLEMS with bedding hot chicks, it's a given. Because "I am enough" for them.

But in getting to this new reality, it takes energy and sometimes you feel nauseous. You are fighting against belief systems you may have held in order of over 15 years. "I'm ugly", "hot girls don't fancy me" etc. "those girls only go for cool guys" etc.

That's why you can get success, even good success but if you stop going out YOU REVERT back.

The solution is to examine your belief system head on and CHANGE IT. Ozzie also talks about this his book, and quite honestly from two years of personal development I've realised it's the most successful people - if you take away everything they own - they will rebuild it, as their belief system is structured this way.

Doing belief system change is scary, and depressing. You realise you're this awesome guy and for all these years you've carried these stupid fucking beliefs that have limited you in life. If you had a different set of beliefs at an earlier age you're life would have been TOTAZlLY DIFFERaeNT. Each time one limiting belief breaks I feel a bit low, then a bit scared as I know when I interact with the outside world I am going to get some good results. This doesn't make sense, but when you've been chose for 10 years this can come as a shock to the system.

You take a beggar, the give him 2 billion dollars. At first his mind is going to be all over the place. Firstly he's not going to believe it, hes NEVER had that kind of cash before. After a week he accepts it then starts playing with his new reality. After 6 months, it's just his normal reality to be super rich. It's kind of like that with hot chicks.

BUT, if he has a belief system "I don't deserve this money"- he will do shit that will result in him going back to a beggar again. FOR REAL.

I feel like a captain of a ship who has been travelling for many years to find the lost treasure, and suddenly it's in his sights. At first he can't believe it, but he needs to embrace the new reality that is on this island. It's the life he dreamed of, and as long as he keeps a straight course to the island hrs going to do it.

The battle going on inside the captain is whether he deserves the treasure. That is my belief system change to I am enough. Once internalized, the negative self talk, the bullshit excuses fade away and other guys who worry about "getting laid" seem weird. I'll be honest, I'm scared about these new experiences that I'm about to have on that island, but I've put the time in and it's about time I jumped offshore and took what was mine to begin with all along.

Alex said that the first thing to workon after bootcamp was to realise my value transformation. This is happening and it's weird but cool, little things.

I was worried that I'd transition back to full chode, but alex was right "you can never go back to the old chode once you've had this type of experience". It's refreshing and exciting, but I feel like I've closed a chapter on my old self hating negative life and it's sad that I lived like that for so many years. I wish someone would have given me the tools back then. But I am grateful that I have them now

Not heard back from STD clinic, guess that's hood. Hopefully I'm all clean, and ready for some carnal adventures.
"let the game be beautiful" Ryan~

MY PRE BOOTCAMP JOURNAL - a very honest account of a guy trying to transform this area of his life


POST BOOTCAMP JOURNAL - holding myself accountable, seeing how far I can go.
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I was just searching RSD nation beliefs and this popped up. Reading this was incredibly insightful into what I need to do next.

The reason I searched for a thread on beliefs is because I imagine scenarious in my mind that play over and over. They used to be mother figures criticizing me for talking to more than one girl at a time. I grew up being heavily encouraged for being a "good" boy. I got rid of I thought. I was out approaching and found myself imagining girls ripping me to pieces for them not being the only girl that I approached in the day (college campus). This has been a continual thought process and I am only realizing this now. The girls ripping me to pieces were only a manifestation of what I thought I had gotten rid of.

Based on what you said I need to figure out..
1. Why that belief is stupid
2. instill a new belief and justify why it is good.
3. gain referenence experience.

is that correct?
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this is pretty good

some more stuff id add on beliefs

the easiest and best beliefs you can add are
'openness to your own awesomeness'
--> maybe maybe you can't jump to this belief that 'i am the shit' but at least anyone can be openminded and think 'ok...its certainly POSSIBLE that i am the shit...and i just didnt realize it before'

you can start to ask questions to mold your reality around these beliefs:
--> ok...whats actually stopping me from doing X?  (this is my favorite question btw --> answer is ALWAYS BULLSHIT and almost ALWAYS "ME" or "MY UNWILLINGNESS TO ____")
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UtopiaFive wrote:

you can start to ask questions to mold your reality around these beliefs:
--> ok...whats actually stopping me from doing X?  (this is my favorite question btw --> answer is ALWAYS BULLSHIT and almost ALWAYS "ME" or "MY UNWILLINGNESS TO ____")

dude, this is money.


if you ask yourself this you have no excuse left.
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Nice post man. I agree with detourxl~

I'd like to contribute that this has been one hell of a journey for me. Once I shattered some of my initial limiting beliefs, I started to watch myself grow while all of my friends and peers seemed to just continue living under that intial belief structure (only making comfortable changes).
Currently discovering deeper connections with women.
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Beliefs have to be realistic.  If you have a belief that you are the coolest motherfucker on the planet and then approach woman and then get turned down your belief will fade away.
I haven't yet encountered someone who has a bypass for this.
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You must get enough experience such that getting hot girls is part of your reality.
  The game is designed for you to be exactly what you think you are. ~ Rosebudd Bitterdose Success is not something to be chased ...but something u attract by the Person you become ~ Joan. Rosenburg

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 I found that the best thing you can do is only think about the cool stuff you did and be positive.Anything that happens its always two ways to look at it so see things the positive way.
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