December 11th, 2018
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Ahhh fuck I just read 30 minutes of the Main Forum, what a fucking blackhole timesink.

And now after calling out an entire forum I am going to talk about how I didn't get laid two weekends in a row.

Weekend #1 - Coachella

First off, Coachella is the bombest thing I have ever done in my life. Ok, maybe not, but definitely up there. Went with just Roomie and I and we met a million new friends there. Sick party times.

1) Thursday - Get smashedizzled x10 and go around meeting people. Talked about International Development with two seperate groups. This is how I know I am really out of it. At some point I remember vageuly trying to makeout and getting the cheek. Went to a DJ booth they had set up in camp ground and danced crazy. Roomie meets a girl. I think they made out, but nothing came of it. We also met some crazy Jewish hippy girls that did more drugs over the weekend than most people do in a life time.

FYI I could write pages and pages about the shit we did here, but none of it really relates to PU or it's just too long to put down.

2) Friday - Uhmmm we did some stuff. Met some girls who we thought were hot. They had a fight about nothing and immediately lost their hotness. Roomie and I tried to ditch them and they ended up following us. Tried MDMA for the first time at night. It wasn't MDMA. I got a terrible stomach ache. Ditched the girls and drank/partied my pain away.

3) Saturday - More shit happens. We get real MDMA. It. Is. Amazing. We're having a blast. Dance with a beautiful chocolate milk girl at Miike Snow. We are in love. I'm so happy to finally have met the one. Then the set ends and she says maybe destiny will bring us back together. I smile and start dancing my way over the the Sahara tent. Whoever was playing is amazing too. I dance with another cutie. She leaves so I give her some glow in the dark sticks to remember me by. We were also in Love.

Apparently drugs make me very happy, but do not inspire dong action. This is actually a pattern for the last two weeks. I'm missing my perverted-horn dog ways. I need more intent and dong action.

4) Sunday - This weekend is draining. I MIGHT have slept 8-10 hours in the last 3 days. Today I am a wreck, so I start drinking at 8am. Social drunk all day. Sweaty as fuck all day. Haven't showered in 2 days and I'm covered in a booze/sweat/food glaze. At the show, we pick up two fashionitas. Both Roomie and I look like and smell like shit. His girl loves the fuck out of him and she shows it durng Florence and the Machine by making out and rubbing herself on his leg for one hour. I'm not really into my girl (lack of action #1) but we makeout anyways because it's awkward not too. We actually joke around and its a cool time. Roomie goes back to their place in PaIlm Springs to bang. He almost gets left in California because he doesn't have anything but a map of Coachella on him.

I end up ditching and going back to camping for partying. One of the most hilarious sequence of events happens. I will honestly tell this story for the rest of my life, but I couldn't type it up well enough so I won't. Two hotties are partying with us. Both want to be fucked by me. Some dude takes down the not-as-hot cutie and I get the hot cutie. DERRPPPP no action. We hug. (lack of action #2). I could list off valid excuses, but in hindsight this could have gone down. She would have been the best looking girl since I jerked off to hot girls on

***I'll tear a photo from FB to illustrate how hot this girl is. FUCK. Im pissed at myself as I write this.*** How do I do this?

Back at Home
Friday – Lack of action #3.
Saturday – Lack of action #4

Noticing a pattern? Shit is going to change this weekend. There’s going to be so much god damn approaching I’ll probably die.


Date with Jill_TheThrill on Thursday. She is a hottie.

Trying to set up D3 with Sara POF sometime for next week. She is also a hottie. Realized I have no idea how to close on dates. Going to try anyways.

Time for bed, hopefully I’ll be back sooner than a week.
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FB night with HBxmen. She informs me we’ve been doing the once a week thing for 4 months now. Cool.


Date last night went pretty well.

Meet up with Jill_TheThrill at a pub for some drinks. Her POF pictures didn’t do her justice. She’s a smokin’ hottie. Really cool girl too.

Our conversation flowed smoothly. We talked about all sorts of shit and we were both into it. My eye contact was stellar and had a huge grin the whole time. I was just in a happy mood.

We have 2 drinks over ~2 hours then part ways. I gave her a hug and a peck goodbye. I wish I went for a bit more of a kiss, but whatever. Still learning and pushing myself. Next time.

Friday (today)

Going to beerfest. Sara POF and Jill_TheThrill are both going. I might try to drag one of them back to my place. If not, I’m going to make new friends with the girls that are hot. Whatever I end up doing, action will be taken. No more footing around. Time to “Get ‘er Done”.


Roomie got us a free pass onto the Kokane Freeride. What a badass. Bus, ski pass, beer, and DJ’s all for free.

It’s going to be a sick weekend.

Later home boys.
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Another weekend gone by…

I’m in a very weird headspace right now. Had a weird weekend and realized I don’t have my head in the right place. I feel like I have the ability to do awesome things with my life (inside and outside of game), but I lack commitment and dedication to see things through. I think it all boils down to a lack of motivation.

Also contributing to the weird weekend, I got some really bad news about a very close family friend. We’ll know more by the end of the week. This is really the first time something bad has affected someone truly close to me. I’m also probably painting the whole weekend in a negative light because of this. If I look at just the events, it’s not a bad weekend.

Not sure if the above makes any sense, but I need to figure out exactly what I want and go after it. Cut all the extraneous stuff out and focus on what is actually important to me.

Anyways, here’s my weekend:


Finish work and hang out with a friend for a while. She’s a 100% super cool chick. We talk about the things we want right now. She’s looking for a relationship and I tell her I’m living up the single life. It’s chill and I enjoy having such a real conversation with a friend.

We make our way down to beerfest and meet a bunch of friends.
- everyone is drunk and we chode about
- I run into a tonne of people I know and look like a pimp because they are all hot girls. None of which I have actually slept with (yet).
- We chode more
- There are hot girls here that I should have approached
- Sara POF is here, but we don’t meet up because my group’s logistics are fucked. We leave early to get into the bars before they line up.
- Jill_TheThrill didn’t come.
- I drank some delicious beer

@ bar – Commonwealth
- My ex-LTR meets up with us and we hang out most of the night.
- I don’t know why I even bother with her. I am 75% sure I don’t want to fuck her again. The other 25% would fuck her because she’s hot, but the other 75% knows it wouldn’t be a good idea.
- Being around her puts me in my head because I 1) don’t want to hit on girls when she’s around and hurt her. 2) It’s some ego thing where I don’t want her to see me get rejected. Which is funny because I usually don’t give two shits about bar rejections.
- Once she leaves I do ~3 approaches. Nothing sticks for more than 10 minutes. I’m not in the right headspace to do this.
- Go home and sleep. I’m getting up at 6:30am for skiing.


I barely make it onto the bus for our ski trip. I was really pumped that I made it on actually. Talk to the guy beside me for a bit, then fall asleep for the drive.

Roomie is meeting me later, so I end up skiing solo until lunch-time. Once he gets there, we have a few beers with some guys he knows then do a few runs. Tear up the hill.

We go to the beer gardens. There’s some jumps and rails set up right beside the gardens and a competition is going on. Turns out we know some of the guys competing. Watch our buddies do some crazy shit and make bitches wet with their snowboarding skillz.

There were a few cuties in the beer gardens. I didn’t approach.

There were the kokanee girls that were getting perved on hard. I didn’t approach.

I end up not approaching at all. Sad Face.

At home, I take a power nap and clean my sweaty ass up. Randomly a bunch of our guy friends show up and proceed to get shit-faced. I didn’t want to drink much, but end up having ~5 drinks. This isn’t actually much for a party night. I find this to be a mild success.

@ the 1st bar, we don’t get in. The line up is way to long

@ the 2nd bar, 5 minutes line-up and we get in. BOOM APPROACH RIGHT AWAY. I win 1 million dollars. This is the best thing to do in the world. I’m going to make a “checklist of things to do @ night” and this is going to be #1. It really set the tone for the rest of the night.

I do a handful more approaches. One girl hooks hard, she’s a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. So we are basically super tight. I like her black hair, but her friend steals her. I hate that friend now.

I text HBthailand from way back when:


She calls me and wants to meet up. I’m enjoying the bar, but it’s almost closing time and the ratio is dwindling. I make an executive decision and head over to meet her.

She’s sexy as fuck. As soon as she see’s me, she jumps on me. She has the sex eyes. They are also mixed with the “I am hammered” eyes though. Physical + Eye contact + Lead her around. We go to sit down at a table. She misses her seat, knocks over the table, spills drinks, everyone laughs. Fuck. She’s now hiding in a corner and is super embarrassed. I try to change her mood, but it’s not working. Her friend comes to get her, I make friends with her. I can see that my chance is blown, so I say goodnight and go get pizza.

Made fun of HBthailand the next day and seed a meet-up later in the week. This is going to go down, one day…

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Some tunes to help bring some more positivity to this thread...

Ok, so my last post was a little negative. The weekend itself was good, but I was/am in a negative headspace. It hasn’t just been this past weekend that I’ve been down, so I started thinking about things that I’m not happy with. Here’s what I’ve jotted down:

1) I haven’t been giving 100% (more like 50%) at work. I’m there to work, I enjoy doing it, so I should make sure I do a good job. Slacking off at work leaves a bad taste and I carry it around for the rest of the day.

This isn’t just a job, but my career and I need to take it a bit more seriously. Right now I’m working hard enough not to get fired, but not hard enough to succeed. I’m not willing to live my life in mediocrity. I’ve got a rough idea where I want to take my career, but I need to focus on the ‘now’.

2) Taking (less) action in approaching girls. This is a combination of a few things: taking less action, having increased expectations of myself, and watching Roomie crush it doing the same amount of action.

I won’t lie that I’m slightly jealous (butt hurt) of Roomie’s success lately; at the same time I’m super happy for him. My time will come when I’ll be bouncing hotties out of our apartment and getting ready for the next one right away. Funny thing is, he didn’t get a single girl for a 2 month period and I think I was bouncing around 4 or 5. The cuties seem to come in waves.

3) A very close family friend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is basically my second mom. Surgery is Tuesday and we will find out more later this week.

There’s nothing I can do about this. It’s unfortunate, but this is real life. I’ve been very lucky that my family and close friends have all been incredibly healthy. This has helped me realize my time with family and friends is important. I’m going to make more time for them.

**UPDATE** Since first writing this in MS Word, my family friend has had the operation – successfully. It looks like the tumour has benign, so this is the best possible scenario. Awesome news.
There’s more things that I think are shitty, but they are pretty trivial and non-permanent.

Ok, now for what I am going to do…

I did some reading about goals, productivity, and staying focused. I found a number of older articles written by Glen Allsopp that are absolutely outstanding that are spot on with what I’d like to work on. Taking motivation from his article on 30 day challenges (and the RSD Field Reports), I’m going to start a series of 30 DC’s to work on my habits. My first one will start tomorrow and I will be working on a few small things that I hope will make a huge difference.
To stay motivated, I’m going to put a little cash money on the line. I’ve heard this idea floated around the forum a few times, but was reminded of it by Tynan (Herbal). For every day I fuck up, I will donate $100 to charity. I’m deadly serious about this. In order to keep my money, I must complete EVERYTHING. Absolutely no excuses.

Credit to these two articles: I can’t find the exact article.

Here it goes:


"Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure — these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart" – Steve Jobs

30 Day Challenge #1: Working Efficiently, Removing Time Wasters, Focusing on what NEEDS to be done.

a. Get up at 6:30am and @ work by 8:00am.
b. No more POF and OKC. I’m not deleting my accounts, but I won’t be lurking on these sites anymore. The only reason I will check is if someone messages me. I’m also thinking that online dating has made me lazy in real life dating. I’ve gotten a few dates from POF, but I should still be focuses on going out.
c. Only read RSD Field Reports. I don’t even need to explain about the uselessness of the Main Forum. I will also limit myself to only reading the FR forum once while at work.
d. No checking Facebook on my Iphone.
e. Work on the important things. In order of importance:
i. Day job
ii. Volunteer work
iii. Starting IM & looking into business opportunities
iv. Reading & Learning new skills
v. Hanging out with family and friends.

This is all I am going to specifically work on for the next 30 days. My next 30 DC’s will address more things and probably be more focused on game. I’d really like to do a bunch of challenges that have me approaching 5 cuties a day, but I feel like the above tasks will have more of an impact on my happiness.
Just to brain dump here are some other things I am thinking about for 30 DC’s:
- Approaching
- Meditating
- Reading
- Working out
- Eating clean 100%
- No drinking 0%

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Sup bro’s,

My 30 DC with the above goals is going well. Totally cut out OKC, POF, and RSDN Main Forum. I’m barely using Facebook either. Had a little slip up waking up early, but still made it to work on time. I donated $50.

So far it’s been pretty easy to remove the things I was ‘wasting’ my time on, but filling that time with more productive things has been a bit more difficult. With my spare time I’ve been reading more, learning to longboard, and hanging out with friends, but not actually doing anything that will help me reach my goals. I’m thinking of adding in a few more things to encourage me to focus on my goals.

And the breakdown of the last few days:


Hook-up with HBxmen. Solid bang session. I’m starting to think my lack of boner #2 is partly due to a lack of attraction. She’s a hottie, but the novelty is fading. I want new girlies!


Social circle hangout at Original Joes.

We go for ½ price wine and finish a handful of bottles between 6 people. There are two girls I haven’t met before. One is moderately attractive and becomes more and more attractive after each glass of wine. She’s got a wicked sense of humor and we tear into each other. Fun times, not really gamey at all, just hanging out with friends.

Logistics have us working early and her driving home.

Go home and smoke some. Fall asleep 10 seconds later.

I'm going to keep this place in mind for D2's. Cuties love wine and it's a 5 minutes walk back to my condo.


I just turned 24 this week and we are celebrating my birthday tonight. Friends come over for dinner and we partaaay. Ends up being a 3:1 girl to guy ratio because Roomie and I are pervs and just want girls around. I just go around being overly sexual to everyone.

My motto was: It’s my birthday so I can grab your ass and touch your boobs.

It actually went over pretty well.

We head to the bar late and there’s a small line-up. As we’re waiting, a girl I’ve recently met at a house party comes out. Eye contact, grab ass, make out. She’s talking crazy:

*making out*
Her: We shouldn’t. I’m friends with <ex-LTR>
Me: Shhh. No one can see us. (we’re in the middle of a 20 person line-up and everyone is staring)
*aggressive makeout*

Her friend wants me to come with them, but my birthday party is inside. I tell them to call me later. She ends up calling and texting me a bunch of times, but I was WAY to drunk to even answer my phone.

Once inside, I get slammered. My friends buy me copious amounts of booze.

I hit on a bunch of girls and I think I get blown out everytime except once. Maybe I got blown out the other time too, I barely remember. Basically too drunk to do any real approaches. Fun was still had and I continued to grab a lot of ass.


Hung the fuck over. Surprising? Nope.

It’s an awesome day outside, basically the first nice one of the year. We go hangout in the park. This would be an awesome place to do day-game. There are about a million hotties just hanging out.

Roomie, his coworker, and I play around and end up meeting a group of 5 girls. They’re all pretty cool, but only 1 is a cutie. I end up passing out for 2 hours and they wake me up to go for some patio beers. I hit up the cutie, but don’t get her number. Roomie and his coworker each got the number of one of the lesser cuties.

Bounce back to my place and pass out. It’s 9:30pm. My sister comes over at 10:30 to go out, but I literally can’t. My brain is shutting down.

Game Over.


Wake-up from a 10+ hour sleep at 9 feeling like a million dollars. I feel a little guilty about not going out, but I don’t think I physically could have.

Do some work and then head to the park again. More social timez and meet a few more new cuties (friends-of-friends). I’m not really sure if it’s possible to make moves in these situations. I figure I make a good impressive and it’ll set things up for later.

In the evening, I meet up with Jill_TheThrill and hit-up some patio beers. We flirt and I’m horny. Sexy thoughts as I’m gazing into her eyes. I propose we go for a walk because I don’t want to sit there the whole time.

Walk around the park and do some light touching and joking around. I’m still nervous and not 100% comfortable escalating physically. I do it anyway and get a rush. This makes me laugh because it feels like I should be in highschool.

Near the end of our walk, I say fuck it and make out. Effff she’s a good kisser. Should have done this earlier. 100% full-salute dong action. She’s got a super tight body and I feel it.

And here is where I blew it (or atleast last night’s opportunity):

Her: Would you like a ride home?
Me: Nah, it’s cool. I’ll ride my longboard home.

Derp. In hindsight:

1) Take the ride home.
2) “Come see my ________.” (excuse to come upstairs)
3) Fun times.

It took me about 5 seconds to realize this. Oops.

We will meet again…

Au revoir
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Had a pretty solid May long weekend. It was mostly social circle and “me” time. Not a whole lot of cold approach, but I did get laid.

Thursday (LR)

A female friend and her friend come over for some pre-drinks. Let’s call the new girl BohemianChick. She’s taller than me, probably 5’11” (I’m 5’9”) and has a curvy body. Her tits are amazing and her ass looks stellar in a black pair of tights. She’s the new-age hippie type and has lots of rings and other ‘cool’ clothes on. Apparently we went to the same high school and university, but I don’t remember her at all. I do know her older sister though.

We do the pre-drinks at my place; play foosball, etc etc etc. Then head to a club that their friend is DJ’ing at. $8 cover on a fucking Thursday… and the place is empty, but slowly starts to fill up. BohemianChick and my friend know almost everyone that comes in.

I introduce myself to most of their friends. Making sure to meet all the cuties. This isn’t really anything out of the ordinary for me. One worth noting: a black haired hottie had recently broken up with her ex (like the weekend earlier); I went on her pretty hard hoping for some rebound action.

She wanted to vent about her relationship so we talked about that for a few minutes and then I changed the subject because I didn’t want to spend much time on it. Plus, I don’t really want to hear about anyone’s relationship problems – it’s not my cup of tea. We talk about some club promoting shit instead and I cut the space and get a bit physical. Nothing major, but she doesn’t mind. We talk for ~20 mins and she has to bail because she’s helping organize the show tonight.

Talk to a few other cuties – nothing notable as it’s just my usual social self.

Roomie and I are both hitting on BohemianChick pretty hard. This girl is exactly his type, but she’s hot and I’m not giving him a clear path on this one hahaha. I didn’t realize how tight Roomie’s game is until tonight.

He’s never talking about anything logical, moves conversations sexual pretty quick, it looks like his eye contact is really solid, and he is very touchy. This is just who he is. 100% natural.

I clawed BohemianChick most of the night and was joking around about some stuff from earlier. It was cool and she was pretty good at keeping the conversation flowing. A few times, I went into chode-mode and did the a-typical interview questions. I hate these. At one point, I went to go talk to some other people and Roomie moves in again. Our other friend tells me “What are you doing? BohemianChick will totally sleep with you. Roomie is moving in on your girl”.

She was hammered, but I realized it was true. I doubt I would have gotten the lay without her telling me. I still need some big sign that says “OK, this girl wants dick”. I should start assuming this is always the case. I would get laid a lot more if I took this approach into all my interactions. Pushing them to the limit.

I go back in, claw, interrupt Roomie, and talk more non-sense. He eventually leaves and doesn’t come back. I think I just AMOG’d my roommate and bestfriend… hahaha. We hang out the rest of the night. Grab drinks (only my second beer of the night). We’re going to buy our own, but she has no cash. I buy hers because it would be retarded to go to the ATM. I don’t mind.

Our mutual friend (the one she came) is actually so drunk that she needs to go home. We head back to our condo. Isolate BohemianChick because our drunk friend forgot her phone in the cab. Outside the door, we makeout. I feel up her body and then pull back and give her a shit-grin. Head back into the condo. We all hang out for 30 mins and then Roomie goes to bed. Make-out again. Pull to my room.

We makeout a lot. She’s a real good kisser and I like it. Finger in and start to take her clothes off. Her tits are perfect. I’m so horny. Tried to get her to cum before sex, but G-spot massage wasn’t working and my hand was getting hella tired.

Bang-time. I struggle to keep control for 5 minutes. It’s really hot.

Pass out almost right after. I proceed to sweat profusely all night. The pillow and bed is soaked when I wake up and BohemianChick is as far away as possible. Hahaha. No morning sex for sweaty-smelly Fred.

Drive BohemianChick and friend home in the am.

Solid night. I forgot to get a number, which is a bummer because I would definitely like to hit up this girl again. I’m sure we’ll cross paths, so it’s only a matter of time.

I’d like to make note of another small victory. Total for the night I probably had fewer than 5 drinks. Three beer at the predrink and another two at the bar. I realized it’s a habit to always be drinking something when I’m out. I probably drank 4 glasses of water and the 2 beers in the 2.5 hours we were there.

It’s more of a habit to always be drinking then it is a need for booze to get over AA. I’m going to try to phase out beer and phase in more water. I’ll probably end up drinking 8 glasses of water a night.


Go out for a good friend’s going away. We end up hanging out at a restaurant and pub for most of the night, so no easy chances to approach. I am texting with a cutie from before – HBtigertime. She sends me this beauty text:

Me: Just at xxx for yyy’s going away.
Her: Ok I text ya when we are done! I’m gonna take advantage of you though – just a friendly warning.

I played along with the text, but didn’t take it any further. Maybe I should have seen what I could get away with. I think this girl has got some crazy in her.

She met us later at the bar, but we were with different groups of friends. Talked briefly and made plans to hang out later that night. On my way out of the bar, I push through their group, grab HBtigertime and makeout hard. The entire group is staring and I leave without saying anything. I hear some people laugh and others make a ‘WTF face’.

My group heads to a club around 1:00am and I chode around hardcore. No approaches. This peeved me a bit. I’ve got to start taking responsibility.

I tried to meet up with HBtigertime, but we were slow texting and then logistics were shit.


Woke up really early and went to a training run & BBQ I helped organize for my charity race. Goes well, but I am exhausted. Come home and do some reading, video game playing, and smoke up a little. Have a nap and wake up at 9:30pm. Balls. The bars are going to be lined up already.

I get my ass in gear and get to the bar where my friends are at. I make friends with the guy behind me, he’s a MD. Cool. I make friends with the girlies in front of me. One’s a cutie and likes me. Touchy. A huge group of their dude friends jump inline. They’re chill at first, then they see what’s happening with me and the cutie. They must have been trying to hit it, because all 8 of them got in between us. I don’t bother chasing. It’s 11:30pm by the time I get in.

Had 5 beers over the next 2 hours, which isn’t too bad considering I came completely sober. Hang out with some old friends for a while.

We dance on the tables cause it’s the hip thing to do. I see two girls pointing at me. I point back and signal for them to come over. They don’t, so I walk over to them. One’s cute and one’s not. Somehow I get the not cute girl. I think they did some sort of switcheroo on me. Crafty hoes.

Not-cute-girl games me hardcore. I got her number to reinforce the habit. She adds me on FB that night and sends the first few texts. I won’t follow this one up.

Go back to my group and hangout. No approaches.


Meet up with some old friends that are in town for the weekend. Catch up over pints.

They want to party so we head to a club. It’s pretty empty, but the guys are being really negative. “This club sucks” “No chicks” “I don’t like this beer” ????? What the hell is this? How does anyone have fun with that sort of mindset? The bar was actually moderately busy (75% full) and there were quite a few cuties.

I think I made one lame approach here before we bailed to another bar.

Next place. I don’t approach cuties and, mentally, I blame my friends for my in-action. This is retarded of me. I’m dumb. End up meeting the female friend from Thursday who hooked me up with BohemianChick. I hit on another of her friends. She calls me out on it and I laugh. Nothing happens.

Leave at 1am and hit up some Chinese food. I didn’t need this and feel sick afterwards.

- Pushed it with BohemianChick
- Drank varying amounts on the weekend, but never got overly drunk

Learning Lessons
- Assume that it’s on (whereas BohemianChick I needed something to confirm it)
- Take responsibility for my own action. Just because my friends are chilling around doesn’t mean I have to too. Be the person to take control of the situation.
- Challenge myself. I didn’t really do any cold approaches this weekend. In excusable. I feel like my progress is actually going backwards in regards to approaching unknown hotties.
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Meet up with some RSD guys at a pub. Both guys are cool; we hang out for a bit and get to know each other. I’m pretty stoked to be going out with these guys in the future.

One of the guys has to work early and peaces. Myself and the other guy head to a pub. Grab a beer and we do our creeper lap. I open two girls. One is wearing a sombrero and I accuse her of stealing it from Julio’s Barrio. I’m right. “It’s your birthday so it’s OK, you fucking thief”. The girls are sisters and I think they were dressed to match. The non-birthday girl is cuter and I switch to her. Wing comes in and hits on the other. Goes pretty well, but then a bunch of their friends come in for the party. They have to hang out with them, but my girl tells me to come back and visit. We hug and separate. Don’t go back because I forgot their names – lame excuse.

Meet RSD guy’s buddies. Cool dudes, but hammered tonight.

We look for another group. There. Go in. MILF’s. Although I decide I wouldn’t actually like to fuck them. We talk about some garbage. Eye contact is on, but I’m not into this one. Eventually bail out and leave buddy two cougars.

I pound a quick water and head home. It’s tough for me to stay out too late these nights because I’m up at 6:30am and working 10-12hrs behind a desk.

- Met some cool guys to go out with. Looks like both guys are into taking action. I’m fucking pumped for this summer. Party timez.
- Out for ~1hr and had two decent interactions. Taking action Yeeee boi

- Go back to the ones that went well before leaving. Do whatever. Doesn’t matter that I won’t remember anyone’s name.
- I have no idea on being a wingman.

INPUT NEEDED: How do you remember names? I’m terrible at keeping names sorted in my head. Especially at bars or in places where you meet lots of people. I will MAYBE remember 1/10 of the names I hear. Suggestions?

The only thing I have going for me is having a very unique name. Almost nobody has heard it before or can pronounce it correctly. So I’ll usually just accuse them of not remembering my name. I’m really fucked when they do remember though.

Stay classy RSD
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Again it’s been a while since I posted… busy as fuck over here. This is going to be from last weekend and won’t be all that exciting since I’m busy as fuck.


Busy as fuck at work and with my charity run that is going on this weekend. Meet up with Roomie and HBtigertime at a pub for some après-work beers. I’m pretty late and only hang out for a beer. There’s a pretty big group here and they’re all cool-ass engineers like me (sarcasm).

I’m very “in-my-head” this entire time as I’m still coming down from a 10 hr work day and some organization shit. Joke with HBtigertime about taking advantage of me, she’s chill and has a pretty good sense of humor. We try to pull her and a friend back to our place for pre-drinks/?afterparty? They’re meeting friends at the pub. Apparently she’s banging one of the dudes that are coming. I know him and he’s a cool dude from Australia. I also don’t care in the slightest because that’s exactly what I’m doing, except with chicks.

I think we’ll eventually have some drunk hook-up. For whatever reason, I don't feel like putting much effort towards this one.

We hang at home and Roomie makes plans with a FB for after the bar. He wants to smoke up a little before we go out. I agree and end up getting too high. It doesn’t matter for him since he’s already got a sure thing.

We get to the bar late and have to wait in line forever. Some fattie/uggs behind us are cutting in line with the chode’s behind us. The dude’s don’t even say a word. Then the monsters try jumping infront of us and the one says “watch this, they won’t do anything”. I push her back and tell her she’s stupid and slow. She says she’ll yell at the bouncer “harassment” “No, it’s sexual harassment. Get it right”. These girls’s kept trying to give me shit and I just kept being a dick. I would normally just leave, but I was forced to keep being an asshole because of the line.

When we get in, I realize I’m still quite high and not in a social mood. Hang with my social circle. HBex-prude is here. I hit on her, she has a BF now, but is receptive. I don’t push it because I don’t think it’s actually going anywhere with this one. She just likes the validation.

Another good social circle friend is hammered and extremely horny. She tells me this. I bite her neck and she gets even hornier. She tells me that too. We grind and I’m hard. She’s rubbing her ass on it. I realize what’s happening and bail. I shouldn’t bang this one. Would be very awko later. Very very.

Go into high chode-mode. Watch my buddies go hard on the hottest girls there. I don’t do anything.

Leave with Roomie early’ish to pick up his FB. On the way I open a girl by high-fiving. She eventually gets picked up by a car. Open two girls with something. One is interested and the other just wants to leave. They’re doing something at a festival on Sunday and invite us. After-party wasn’t going to work out as Roomie was pre-occupied already.

I honestly approached more girls on the short walk home than I did at the bar.

Go home and sleep at 3am. Fucking late.


Keeping up with my busy as fuck lifestyle; I go work at 8:30 until 4:00pm. The rest of the night is spent at a charity dinner and then hit the sack really early.


Wake up at 6am for the charity run. Do my 10k in 44:49. Fucking rights. My goal was <45mins. I hang out here and talk up our charity to randoms.

Nap-time. ~30 mins

Head to the festival and meet Roomie and some friends. Run into a tonne of people here. It’s fucking packed here. I start thinking about day-game and approaching at festivals. I feel like I would need to see it done and that it's out of my reality right now. <---excuses.

Go have beers with some girl’s that Roomie knows. Two aren’t hot and the cutie has a boyfriend. Bummer. We hangout and I get day-tipsy.

Early night.

- Approached girls on the street
- I’m starting to screen for logistics earlier. Means I don’t waste time as much
- Owning my non-game side of life

Learning lessons
- Don’t get high before going out. It’s not good for game and I didn’t even have fun socializing. Might just smoke when I’m hanging at home

I need to push myself harder. If I see a cutie that I would like to meet. DO IT. No more bullshit excuses. Nothing matters except the fact that I want to meet her and see she what she’s about.

Also, the two POF girls are time-sinks. Slow to respond to texts, if at all, and neither returned my last call. Next. If either takes an initiative to meet up, I will put more effort in.
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All considered I had a bad ass weekend.

I’ve been working 12+ hours all week and had to work another 8 on Saturday. This is rough stuff and leaves me just enough time to go home and do my day-to-day chores. So basically didn’t do shit all week. I even had to cancel a fuck session with HBxmen because I was working until 10:00pm.

Oh, and I’ve been having some wrist pain for the last two weeks. Haven’t been to the gym in ages; I can’t even support my own weight for push-ups. Went to the doctors on Thursday and it turns out I may have a broken wrist… Hmmm x-ray results back this week. Sympathy lovin’?

TOO DRUNK \\ Sex offered from hottie I have never met \\ Don’t remember???

I only work 10 hours today and get home around 6pm. Make plans to meet up with my female friend who hooked me up with BohemianChick. She’s doing pub golf with a bunch of people. I invite a few guys out too. They’re in from the field and want to tear it up.

I take a nap after work and my buddies show up later, we have a few drinks and catch up. Then go out and meet up with my friend. She’s with a bunch of cuties and they’ve clearly been hitting the pub golf hard. One girl’s already puked. Social times for the first bar.

Next bar, my friend intro’s me to her cute friend. “This is my hot friend Fred. He’s cool” She’s a hottie. Yum. We vibe for a while, but I get sucked into a different conversation and I think she wanders off. Turns out she has a LTR. She was cool and we hit it off. I think I should have escalated a bit more, gotten the fact that she had a boyfriend out of her. Instead, I played it safe. Eye contact was rock solid. Nothing else existed.

Buddies and I bounce from the group to go mack some hoes. The other group walks to the next bar and promptly gets booted out as one of the girl’s pukes all over the bathroom. We head to our spot and have to wait in a retarded ass line for 45 minutes. I’m hating these lines as of late. The sun is barely down and all the bars are lined up like mad.

We get in and I make it my mission to get hammered. The week was crazy and I feel like I deserve it. This is a bit retarded, I don’t mind drinking a few, but probably should try to limit myself. I get sloshed and my memory of the night is a bit hazy…

A few approaches. Two of my friend’s chode in a corner and me and the other guy go together. We push each other and it’s fun. For whatever reason the girl’s aren’t that hot and I find myself not overly motivated to approach anyone. I do anyways.

I’m all over the place and hitting up shit just because. My friend and I get the same girl’s number. I have absolutely no intention of calling her, he was pretty pumped. We’re just at different levels of entitlement. Even though he’s probably better looking, more jacked, and makes way more money than I do.

We bounce to the next bar. It has slightly better talent, but the ratio is brutal. I approach some mixed groups. I probably don’t have the balls to do this sober yet, but it goes swimmingly when I’m loaded.

See a girl I know from social circle and hit on her. I don’t know what happens, but she’s by herself and probably is DTF. I was ADD drunk? Honestly not too sure why we didn’t go home together. This is why I shouldn’t drink so much.

Ugly lights come on and everyone bolts for the doors. One of my buddies has vanished. The other two have been grabbed by some bar stars. They’re going to get Chinese and I tag along. Tasty food that is horrible for me.

The girl’s are very straight forward. Telling my buddies they’re going to go back to their residence and fuck. One buddy is hammered and asks me if they’re hot. “They’re doable” – he’s stoked. At one point the girl offers “We have another roommate that would definitely fuck your friend (me)”. I’m hesitant because I figure only a war pig would fuck someone this way. How wrong I was… I bail and my buddies head to the girl’s place and smoke sheesha. Turns out the roommate is a smoke show and is trying out to be a stripper. DOH.

Realistically, I wouldn’t have gone with them unless I knew what this chick looked like. I also worked in the morning. I only got like 4 hours of sleep anyways and was crazy hung over.

TEAR IT UP \\ Make out with a girl right next to BohemianChick \\ Spend all night trying to upgrade = go home alone

Ok, I wrote up Friday’s FR on Monday and now it’s Wednesday. I can’t remember too much on this night, which is a bummer because it was a great night. I’ll give it my best go…

Work til 6 then get home and nap til 7:30. I head to a friend’s house for a birthday BBQ. Good ratio of guys to girls because everyone brought their girlfriend. Absolutely no one here to hit on. Social times.

We head to the bar and have to wait in line about 30 minutes even though it’s before 10. This is fucking ridiculous. Once we get in, the place is half empty too. Grab a booth and beer and chill for a while. Most of the guys I’m with have girlfriends. They’re still eyeing the spot up and point out a girl that looks bored. I approach.

“You look bored”
“OMG how did you know”
“Blah blah blah”
“Blah blah blah”

She’s here with friend who’s fallen in love with another dude. I don’t say anything to him, but realize I’ve taken on duties as his wingman. I pull the girl to my friends and isolate for him. Fuck I’m nice. The guy pulls the friend like 15 minutes later; it’s not even 10:30pm yet. Brav-fucking-o.

The girl I winged is mediocore and my table buys her a drink. They tell me I better close this one cause they got her a drink. WTF? I make a decision to upgrade and bail from my group.

I see a girl a close friend is “almost exclusive” with. She’s being hit on by another guy I know. I kind of blow him out and chat with her. Social times.

See BohemianChick; fuck she is hot. I give myself props for hooking up with her. She’s surrounded by dudes. This is semi-intimidating for me, so I know I have to do it. Credit goes to alyosha11 because he’s always noticing things that make him uncomfortable and doing them. I go in and grab her. Some dude is holding her hand, but I tear her away. Sex eyes. She’s into it. I don’t get too physical. We hang out for a while, but I let her go with promises to hang out later.

I just realized that she lingered around me for the next while. In hindsight I should tried to pull or hang out with her more. INSTEAD, I started opening girls nearby. Wing with the birthday boy. I makeout with a random and I think this is when BC leaves… Oops. I don’t think it’ll make a big difference. Would like to turn BC into a FB.

The girls we opened were decent looking, probably 7’s whereas BohemianChick is an 8.5. This girl is probably an inch or two taller than me. I don’t know what we say, but it’s on. I get physical. I go for a makeout pretty quick, get the cheek. A minute later, I grab her face so she can’t turn and we makeout. It’s OK. We makeout a lot. I grab her number at some point too. She’s lost her friends and I lead her around to find them. When she does, I bail because I want to keep hitting it up and upgrade.

Open more with Bday boy. And then… I see her… the love of my life. She’s a shortie with brunette hair and a really cute face. A 9 for me. The first open is shit. I get a weak blow out. I think I asked if they were having shots of water or some shit.

I reopen like 5 minutes later and it’s much better. My future wife and I are super close and in love. Unfortunately she’s hammered. We talk for a while, then her ADD kicks in and she runs to some friends. I should have grabbed her back. Planned on reopening later, but I think she left. Her friends told me she bails early when she’s hammered. I’ll probably roam the earth for eternity trying to find her.

Open some uneventful stuff.

At the dance floor, I yell gibberish at some girl. Honestly wasn’t English. She responds “OK, I’d dance with” “Let’s go, you’re cute”. She gets a disgusted look on her face after this and backs up. I shrug and move on, not even phased.

Girl I made out with starts to cling to me. I’m trying to think if I should bring her home. As I’m deciding birthday boy starts passing out at the table. Our friends bought him loads of shots and then left. It’s basically just me and him, so I throw him in a cab and leave the chick in the bar.

I start walking home afterwards and call HBthailand. We were supposed to hang out tonight at the bar, but she got caught up in some shit. These were plans that she organized, so it’s a bit flakey. I don’t really care. Try to get her to come over for some sheesha. She’s down, but her friend passed out at her place. I then call then text the girl at the bar to come over. She’s pissed that I ditched her, so I just text my address. Doesn’t end up coming over.

Go home and get the best sleep I’ve had all week.

- My friend who hooks me up with chicks is awesome. I need to return the favor.
- [Saturday] One of my best nights for taking action. Almost no choding around and I had a blast doing it
- [Saturday] Stayed ½ sober by drinking beer, water, beer, water, etc. Know I remember and can learn from the night.

- [Friday] Drinking to excess can be fun, but I don’t learn a single thing (or don’t remember what I should have learned).
- [Friday] Drinking also blurs my memory of interactions. How can I learn from them if I can’t clearly remember?
- [Saturday] Instead of a “Whatever” attitude with some of these girls in the pipeline (ie HBthailand), maybe I should put in some more effort to bang them. I have some girl’s that I’m pretty sure are down to bang, but haven’t gotten it done with this attitude.
- [Saturday] Be more assertive with the girl's I like and take the right action (more things forward and be physical). I tend to take on a friend-to-friend stance rather than making things man-to-woman.
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 Well balls. Worked blocked my access to RSDN. I don't know when I'm going to write up my FR's now... 

The last weekend was uneventful girl wise. Friday night I went to a friends for a BBQ. Ended up hanging out there and catching up with some friends that I haven't seen in a long time. 

Saturday night.

Not much going on, bail on a house party because it's going to be lame. Meet some friends at a bar then head to Hudson's an hour before close.

1st: blows out hard. I did a terrible job opening.

2nd: I think she was ugly. My wing at the time wasn't happy with his at all and bailed really fast. "Have a good night"

3rd: Boyfriend - she was really friendly. Could have kept going, but I felt like it wasn't going anywhere. My wingman found the same thing with the hotter girl

.... there was some other throw away shit in there. Not worth writing.

Basically, I did nothing at all last weekend. I actually feel like I wasted the weekend a little. In reality, I got a tonne of stuff done, but none of it involved hitting on chicks. Will make up for it this week and weekend. 

I've been thinking about the priorities in my life. I really need to focus myself on what I want to do. Put my effort on the most important things instead of spreading my effort out on a bunch of trivial things.
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