January 20th, 2019
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I guess this one started earlier this week. Went on a double date with HBXmen, her friend, and Roomie. Roomie has already hooked up with the friend twice and HBXmen loves me. It’s definitely on, just a matter of time. We go to a bar and have some wings. I had slept 4 hours the night before and spent the entire day working my ass off in the office and studying. I was pretty quiet and in my head, but still had fun. HBXmen and her friend are crazy sexual. Half of the conversation revolved around sex. Roomie guessed that they were bisexual (later proved to be true). Nothing happened this night. Just hung out and went home because everyone had work early in the morning. We made plans to come to a house party with them on Friday

Friday rolls around, I had been texting HBXmen a bit, mostly just logistical stuff. I don’t think I have any text game. I could probably incorporate a bit more fun into the texts, but for now I’m just using them to arrange a face-to-face meet up. It’s a dinner party and we head there around 7:30.

There’s lot of cool people. It’s a mix between my age group (21-25 and our parents age 50+). HBXmen’s parents are there. I see where she gets her crazy from. I hit up every girl. The ones I’m really attracted to all have BF’s. Social times. One girl really likes me; I flirt with her for a while and get her number. HBXmen is also hovering around, watching me get attention from other girls. She’s jealous.

At one point I pull HBXmen into a room I think is secluded. Pin her against the wall and makeout. Do my usual routine and grope the shit out of her. She’s really turned on and I pull away, back to the party. Turns out the room wasn’t secluded at all and everyone saw our antics. The girl I had gotten the number from is suddenly very cold.

Party is over and it’s Roomie, his girl, HBXmen, myself, and this random awkward dude. I think he’s put himself in a friend-zone position with HBXmen where he wants to bang her, but doesn’t have much of a chance anymore. He’s going to sleep on the couch and he’s trying to get HBXmen to get on with him. Roomie’s girl tells me I should go in and grab HBXmen, I’m not worried. I’m fairly confident in how riled I got her. Surprisingly, I look over and see those two kissing. It’s brief, but still caught me off guard. I still sit back and chill. If it happens, it happens. A minute later she comes back to me and we make out hard.

This is when shit gets fun. The four of us are in the kitchen. I’m going at it with HBXmen and Roomie is going hard on his girl. We stop for a bit and somehow HBXmen and her friend start making out. It’s awesome. They’re going to town. Hands all over each other. I have a huge boner. I’d love to have a threesome with these two girls. Unfortunately, I don’t want to make moves on Roomie’s girl. A forgie is also a very real possibility, but I don’t know if I’m down. Might be awkward.

Eventually pull HBXmen to her room and fun times ensue. Didn’t wear a condom. Instead we used the tried and tested “pull out and finish on her chest” method. This is the first time I’ve banged a new girl without a domer. Probably won’t do it again. I’m paranoid about babies. STD’s would suck too. **Just got a text from her, she’s going to take the morning after pill. Atleast that’s one less thing to worry about**

Afterwards, we’re in bed talking and HBXmen mentions her and the female friend had sex a few times. Hot. I didn’t enquire at the time, but I’m going to see what I can find out later.

Texting with her today. Might meet up for some more fun tonight. This could be the making of a fuckbuddy. I’m also texting a female friend to chill and watch movies tonight. We made out a few weeks ago, but didn’t go any further because “we’re friends”. I’ve just come to the decision I would hook up with her.

That’s it for now. I think it’s going to pretty quiet for the rest of December. I have my night class final this week and then plans to hang out with family for the holidays. If anything happens, I’ll throw it up here!

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Hooked up with HBXmen again last night and this morning. Now she's sexting me and sending nudie photos. Awesome.

I have no idea how to sext.
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Happy New Year

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve posted and I didn’t really go out much in that time. Did the usual Christmas break activities and just completely relaxed. I feel recharged now and ready to hit the New Year running.

I’m working on some comprehensive goals for the upcoming year. It’s still a work in progress, but I hope to have it sorted out this weekend. I’ll post them here.

And for my few adventures over the past two weeks…

Friday December 23, 2011

A lot of friends from university are back in town tonight. I invite over ~10 good friends to my condo to catch up. 30 people show up and the place is absolutely packed. It’s probably 2:1 ratio of guys to girls. I don’t care in the slightest. Social timez.

My ex-gf comes out. It’s totally fine. I still have some feelings for her and she’s definitely an attractive girl, but I’m over it. I’ve got better things going on in my life. I think it’s more awkward for our friends then it is for us.

Head to the bar later. There are now about 50 people I know here. It’s crazy.

I don’t do any real cold approaches with intent of hitting on chicks. At one point a group of girls were in my way and I told them “to get the fuck out of my way or else I’d kick them out ‘cause I’m the bouncer and I’m tired of their shit”. We joked around with it for a few minutes and I bailed back to my friends.

Ex-gf gets completely fucked at this bar. Puking in the bathroom and other stupid shit. I sit her down and catch up with her a little. Our group of friend’s think we’re going to hook up again. I leave her and I think she gets a cab home.

There’s one girl in the social circle that is semi-hot, but has crazy eyes that give me boners. I’m talking to her and being a bit physical, things are going well. My sister comes up and starts asking questions about why the ex and I broke up… HotCrazyEyesGirl walks off.

Thanks for the cockblock sis’.

Danced with HotCrazyEyesGirl later on in the night. Dirty dancing, but no makeout or any follow up. Maybe I planted a seed for another time, maybe not.

Go get Chinese food. Almost get kicked out. Go home to bed.

Friday December 30, 2011

Get back from B.C. skiing and immediately make plans to party. HBthailand is going out with a few people. I’ve tried to makeout with her once and hit on her lots, but nothing so far. Figure I’ll go out with them and just meet new chicks.

Drinks at my place, then head to Wurst. I like this place.

I’ve been reading a lot of Field Reports where guys approach the first girl they see. I really like this idea to get the night started. So, I immediately start talking to the first girl at the bar. She’s shit testing me left and right. At one point the guy beside me says something about her not liking my shit. And then…. It blows open. She’s very friendly. We introduce ourselves, chat a little, and I bail.

Head back to my friends and sit very comfortably with my group for the rest of the night. I was pissed at myself for staying with the group for the whole night. Didn’t make another approach with any intent.

There is a lady friend here who I made out with a while back (I think it’s in these FR’s), she’s very drunk and is all over me. I am contemplating taking her home and trying to bang. She makes the choice for me by getting way to drunk.

Once she leaves, I decide I’ll try to hook up with HBthailand once more. If she hasn’t stopped hanging out with me that means she’s not tired of it right? It’s time to leave and I invite everyone back to mine to smoke sheesha. Works like a charm.

Everyone falls asleep except HBthailand and me, tell her it’s time for bed. She can sleep in Roomie’s bed since he’s out of town. I go to grab her a blanket and jump in the bed too. Talk for a minute then start to makeout. Pull her back to my room. Unfortunately she’s ragging it. No sex tonight, but I do get to play with her beautiful tits. Pulled out my dick and she grabs it. I tried for a BJ, but no go.

I wasn’t affected in the slightest that there was no boning going down. In the past I would have been very disappointed I didn’t get laid. It’s not a good attitude to have, much better just being happy and enjoying the moment. Besides, she had fun and it’s only a matter of time until something goes down.

Some guy in the group who I assumed to just be a cool dude turns out to be a raging homosexual. He goes on a rant about how hard it is to me for 20 minutes. In the cab later, he tries to fondle me (like I do to girls). I yell at him to fuck off and that I’ll throw him out. Luckily the cab was only 5 minutes or else I might have clocked this guy.

Saturday December 31, 2011

Horny from the night before. Call up HBxmen. She's on the rag too, so I get a pornstar quality BJ.

Go to a house party at my ex-gf’s house because nothing at all is happening anywhere else. Get completely shit faced. Happy New Years!

A friend of mine sets me up with her roommate. She’s cute but very quiet. I’m drunk and obnoxious. We hang out for a while, but my drunk ADD kicks in and I go do something else.

There will be a next time and I will not be so drunk. Also, I felt guilty trying to hit up a chick in my ex-gf house as she sat on the opposite couch watching.

Ended up passing out in ex-gf’s bed. Nothing happened. I was comatose.

- no cold approaches whatsoever, must improve
- Im just doing social circle game.
- I think I would fuck my ex-gf for fun, although she might get attached, although she is very hot

Going to the Freetour and Hotseat in two weeks.
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Last weekend was lots of the same.

Friday January 6

After the crazy two week bender called Christmas, I really needed a break. I decide to stay in a smoke up. It's been over 1/2 a year since I've smoked weed. Was actually excited to just chill and have an easy night.

HBex-prude + her friend came over. Roomie and I smoked and they chilled. HBex-prude had a few drinks and was asking about staying on our couch. I would like to say I would have taken her to my room, but I was so high all I could do was laugh, giggle, and eat dorito's. We play board games all night. It's actually a tonne of fun.

Made plans with HBex-prude to go to Benny Benassi in February. May try MDMA with her. She's really turning over a new leaf.

Saturday January 7

Wake up feeling like a champion and have one of the most productive Saturday's of recent memory. Huge change of pace from my usual hangover Saturday's where I just drag ass all day, then start drinking again.

Night time: time to party. A whole bunch of dudes come over to our place for predrinks. After a night off, I start drinking hard. We go to a free outdoor show that's a few blocks away. A few good local DJ's. This place is packed full of tweens.

I meet up with HBthailand here. She's lost her voice and sounds like a man today. She's still hot though. We dance for a bit, I don't make any moves (insert gay excuse here). I don't like the people she's with and I really want to go out and try to find new ladiezzzz. I bail.

It's now ~11:30pm and every bar has a monster line-up. We walk all around town, trying to figure which line is worth waiting in. And then.....We find a place with no line! Awesome right? Wrong.

This place is called Vinyl. Here are some of it's great selling points:
- $10/cover
- It's so hot the walls are literally dripping with sweat
- They're playing the worst pop-dance music from the 90's.

Some people might think that a club full of freshly legal girls is a good thing. It's definitely not. The dance floor looks like a middle school gala with the guys all dancing in one area and the girls in another. The whole place has a weird vibe. It puts me off and I get really "in my head". I start to overthink everything.

I have huge approach anxiety. Talk to the female bartender for a bit and then onto the shot girl. Flirt with her for a bit then buy some of the weakest shots I've ever had. I'm starting to loosen up a bit, but I still feel that approach anxiety. I'm also starting to get drunk.

Make some half-hearted approaches on the dance floor. If I don't go in with 100%, it flops. Most of these approaches don't go anywhere. Tried opening up a bachelorette party, but same thing. Didn't go in hard and it fell flat.

I leave the dance floor and my friends in search or something new. I notice a decent looking girl standing alone. She's wearing a black dress and some sort of pink top that really excentuates her tits. No hesitation. I approach with "You look like a pigeon". I had meant to say "blue jay" because of their brightly colored chests to attract mates, but calling her a pigeon seemed to work. It opened up really well and we started the usual conversation, which I remember nothing of. All of a sudden, Roomie and one of his friends comes in and start hitting up this girl. Dick move.

I don't "tool" them or anything. I just chill and accept the conversation is now between one girl and 3 guys. I put up with it for about 2 minutes then bail. I should have tried isolating her or something. Neither of them end up even number closing the girl. Fuckers.

I head to the dance floor and notice a buddy with a group of girls. I head in and grab one. She's looks very young and is moderately OK looking. At this level of drunk, she is passable. We dance for a bit and I do my usual "dance moves" that consist mostly of grinding and grabbing. She likes. I get really close to her face, but don't go for the kiss. She turns her face anyways. This amuses me, so I keep doing it. Probably went for the make-out a dozen times and never got it once. This absolutely crushes me and I start crying in the middle of the dance floor. But actually, I get bored and leave.

The above girl probably didn't want to make-out because there was no comfort at all. I went in hard and don't think I said more than 10 words total. I should probably pull her to the bar for a drink or isolate somewhere, hang out, and then try for some kissy time. This would also give me a chance to screen for logistics and if I actually find the girl attractive enough to get a boner. On the plus side - despite my constant attempts to make-out with her she was smiling the whole time, grabbing at me, and never left.

It’s last call and the place is emptying out, time to make one last approach. There are 2 girls standing by the dance floor, so I go and open them. Immediately, I realize there’s no chance I would bring either these girls home. Nice people, just not up to my standards. Number closed one. I text her later that night, just to see if I would get a response. That was 3 days ago and nothing. Deleted the number.

Finish the night with 3 lbs of Chinese food.

This week

New Year’s resolution crowd is at the gym and it’s busy as fuck. Although, the number of hotties working out has gone up 10x. I love tight spandex booty shorts. I might try some situational/indirect opens here. I’m being a and trying to avoid blowouts.

Day game in general seems so hard to me. I think it would be a blast and would be a better way to have a real interaction, but I’m a huge pus right now. I must get over this.

Mostly just gym, socializing, volunteering, and errands planned for this week. Oh yeah, and the FREETOUR. I’ll be going this Thursday to the Freetour and then the Hotseat on Saturday. I’m excited.

I was trying to type up what I want out of these programs, but it’s hard to put into words. I’ll go in with an open mind, and hopefully come out with a better idea of RSD and cold approach in general.

Also, I’m meeting up with HBxmen after Freetour on Thursday. It’s going to be late, but I want to bang.

My goals for 2012 are still a work in progress. I'll post them soon.
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Quick few things:

Monday (or Tuesday) January 9, 2012

Go to the mall to buy some shoes for work.

I want to cold approach at the mall so bad. But I don't because I am a pussy.

There seems to be so many hotties here. I go with Roomie and it reinforces my comfortable chode behavior. I think if I'm actually going to break this attitude I have to do it solo or at least with someone else.

I do chat up some of the working girls at the mall, but they're paid to be friendly. Doesn't count.

Wednesday January 11, 2012 (Third-Wheelin’)

Usual day at work. I sit here for 9-10 hours a day and spend most of that time not doing my job. I don't "like" my work, but I also don't mind it. One of my major New Years goals is to spend my time at work productively. I really waste so much time here. I need to get in the habit of "enjoying the process".

I'm also spending some time looking for that illusive freedom business. I'm an entrepreneurial person and I've got some cool ideas in a number of different areas. Time to take action.

Roomie has an old FB over and we go for drinks. It's cool. I'm a third wheel, but also serve as a bit of a social lubricant because they haven't seen each other in two years. This girl is fucking hot. BEAUTIFUL TITS. Her personality isn't for me, but I could look past it with boobies like those. We head home and smoke weesha, play board games, I go to bed, and they fuck.

Thursday (Fuck myself @ Gym + Freetour + Date + Go out)

This day is fucked.

More wasting time at work. I'm so useless right now and I think it might be getting obvious. I legitimately want to be a productive and contributing member of our team.

After work, I have my first session of personal training. This girl basically conned me into taking these expensive PT classes because she's smoking hot and wears them sexy Lululemon pants. My number one weakness.

We're doing cross-fit and I'm pretty pumped to get into it. I really enjoy pushing myself physically and finding my limits. Well.... definitely found my limits yesterday. The session was 60 minutes long and by 40 minutes I was an inch away from puking all over the nice commercial gym floor. I consider myself pretty athletic and in above average shape. It was a huge eye opener. I end up spending the next 45 minutes lying on a mat and holding back puking.

My awesome performance at the gym caused me to be 30 minutes late for the Freetour. It looks like Jeffy started late knowing slackers like me would roll in after 6. Don't think I missed anything. The Freetour was basically what I had expected. It was a general introduction to RSD and showcased their products. It mostly got me more excited for the Hotseat, which I had already signed up for. It was still a good experience seeing Jeffy present. Pretty hilarious guy and you can tell he's got a solid core confidence.

After the Freetour, Roomie and I meet up with HBxmen and her girlfriend. We chill at her place and have a beer. I just want to fuck her, but the logistics are terrible. I’m trying to think how I can pull her into the bedroom, but don’t come up with any good ideas. Eventually we leave. No hanky panky tonight :(

As we’re leaving, Roomie gets a call from a friend at Hudson’s. She’s intown for the week and invites us out for a beer. It’s almost 11:00 and we have to get up at 6, but we go anyways. Good idea.

This girl is a hottie. I am super attracted. She’s a hottie brunette, has a tight body, and is a hottie. Did I mention she’s hot? In the freetour we watched two videos comparing friend-to-friend vs man-to-woman interactions. Eye contact + proximity + physical contact. I normally do all of the above naturally, but make a point of it here. She likes me and we make plans for her to come to town again soon. Logistics weren’t good for anything tonight.

She also had a cute friend who I did the same stuff on. Whispered in her ear, eye-contact, and got right up in her grill. She ate it up and is coming to visit with the previous friend.

It was a hella busy day, and turned out awesome.

This weekend

Friday: Gym + Party

Saturday: Work + Gym + Hotseat + Party

Sunday: Chill + Work on ‘freedom business’ + Set up date?

Also, I just finished booking two vacations. Mexico in March and Coachella in April. FUCKKK YES. I am beyond stoked right now.

Next order of business: Sasquatch in May and EDC Vegas in June? I need to speed up this freedom business.
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Friday January 13

I am a terrible person.

Went out with a group of friends. Tried to hook up with my ex-GF again because she has nice tits. There is no emotional attachment for me anymore, it's all physical. For the first 80% of the night, I had my shit down pat. She wanted it bad. And then something in me changed and I turned into a validating, ass licking chode. She took her validation and left happy while I was sitting there with my dick in my hand.

After she went home I talked up a married-with-kids MILF. Smoking hot. I had the "fury" at this point. Went all in. Said some crazy shit and was very man-to-woman. Unfortunately she was faithfully married.

Yelled at some randoms.

Hit on our waitress because she was beautiful. I told her so.

Spent fuckloads of money because I think I'm rich when I'm drunk (I'm definitely not).

Roomie has arranged a meet up with HBxmen and her friend. We meet up. Some retarded fagotry girl drama happens and Roomie's girl ends up leaving with another guy. I don't want to write about it because doesn't add anything to this FR and was seriously fucked. Makes no sense. I end up pulling HBxmen from a bar right infront of her house to my house. It's a $15 cab, but my bed is awesome. We have amazing sexy times until 5:30 and I wake up at 8 this morning for work.

Didn't wear a condom again. Fuck. My dick is going to fall off and I'm going to be baby-daddy. Fingers crossed the pull-out-and-blow-on-her-chest method is 100% foolproof. I seriously need to smarten up and wrap up when I bang this chick.

I'm at work right now still drunk and smelling like sex. Hotseat tonight and hopefully meet some dudes to go out with.
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Holy fuck, I just read the Main Forum for an hour and a half. Shoot me.

Also, just remembered this little piece of gold:
In line at McDonalds with HBxmen, wall slam her against a pillar and makeout hardcore. I'm absolutely molesting her tits and ass. She undoes my belt and pants and grabs my dick. I stopped us. She's crazy, I have no idea how far this could have gone. There were atleast 20 people in line right beside us.
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Finished Hotseat last night. I really enjoyed it. I'm still digesting most of it, but I think it will help out my game. I'll write up a review in a few days once there's been more time to process everything.

If nothing else, the one thing that Hotseat forced me to realize is I am lying to myself. My game right now involves very little cold approach. I have a large social circle that I can comfortably game within and still get results. I don't mind gaming my social circle, but I don't want it to be my only source of meeting girls. I NEED to get better at approaching randoms. This is what I WILL work on and I WILL get better at.

To force myself into uncomfortable approaches I am starting a 30 day challenge today. Critieria for success is simply opening strangers outside of my comfort zone. Indirect, direct, or situational, they’re all good. Going to start today at the grocery store. No excuses.

Saturday January 14
After Hotseat, I met up with friends at a Ranchmen's. Stayed sober. There were a few really good looking girls here I don’t know very well. Vibed and did the usual. I noticed I do the “physical escalation stack” already. Everyone is pretty fucked up. My conversations are fizzling. Could be because the difference in levels of intoxication or because my head was absolutely fucked after 9 hours of hotseat on 2 hours of sleep. Whatever, I’ll see these girls again. **Just realized almost all these girls have BFs, that could have something to do with it too. Although none brought it up at the time.**

Outside of my social circle, this place is crawling in beautiful girls. I hate country and don’t know how to two-step, but I think I’ll be coming here more often. Maybe even learn how to two-step. I leave my friends with the intention of opening other girls, but chode out 100%. Walking around like a fool was very eye-opening for me. This isn’t who I want to be and thus my 30 day challenge to push my comfort zone.

I probably missed a dozen opportunities to approach girls that I found really attractive. Lame.
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Day #1 (Sunday January 15)

Went to the grocery store to get food for the week and to do my approach(s). The place is packed and I go about my shopping while trying to find the easiest approach. Quite a few girls are here with their boyfriends (I'm guessing). I see a cutie wearing a white toque and want to approach her. I don't, bleh. End up finishing all my shopping without approaching.

I'm not leaving here with nothing. I walk around the store looking for the first decent looking girl that's solo. Get to the very end of the store before I find one. Approach and.... I ask her what time it is. That's it. I guess I got the approach done, but this really didn't push my comfort zone. I'll consider this a success because I went out with the purpose of 1) Approaching a random and 2) Doing my day-to-day activities. It was fairly nerve wracking just looking around for a girl to approach. So my comfort zone was tested a little.

Feeling a little disappointed with my first day, I went home and set up some dates for the rest of the week.

Monday - Drinks with HBthailand at the bar right across the street. In the Hotseat Jeffy talked about how awesome it would be having a bar right in your building. This bar isn't in the same building, but it's the next closest thing. About 20 ft door to door.

Tuesday - Dinner with HBxmen. Might be getting to close to a relationship here, but I feel like we've clearly laid out our intentions so there shouldn't be confusion.

Wednesday - Dinner with a good friend from high school. She's just a friend, but is awesome because she's trying to hook me up with some of her hot friends.

Thursday - Volunteering Event

It's going to be difficult to get my approaches in this week as they'll have to be in my day-to-day events. I'll get it done though, even if I have to ask another 5 people what time it is. This week: Be social all day and go direct when I spot a hottie.

I like how lots of people finish their FR's with a successes and lessons section. So here goes it.

- Got my Day 1 approach
- Went out with the primary intention of approaching

Lessons Learned
- Creating a situational opener is really lame. I want to go direct
- Less time thinking and more doing. Approach in 3 seconds
- Going to have to do some approaches that have large social pressure if I want to make all 30 days.
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 Day #2 (Monday January 16)

Writing this up tonight because I am pissed. I should be happy with what I did, but I want more. I know I can do more.

Let's play some catchy happy tunes

I made today's mission to be social at every opportunity. It went fairly well.

At work I was opening everyone. In the halls, lunch room, at their cubicles. Social momentum by talking to 40yr old engineers? This might not be the same social momentum that RSD refers to, but whatever. It's fun.

Opened a few times in the elevator with random fluff.

Head to the grocery store to find a cutie to open. They don't exist here. I'm walking around the grocery store hoping something cute and easy to approach pops up. Time to grow some bigger balls and approach ones with more social pressure. And do it direct.

I end up just asking a worker about something situational (I actually was interested). Fluff talk with the cashier on the way out.

After work, I head to the gym. Fluff talk with the two girls working at the front. I joke around with them for a minute. They laugh and I go workout.

There are a good number of cuties at my gym. I usually put my headphones in and go into the zone. I'm thinking about leaving the headphones in my bag and making some approaches as I work out. I've seen the same few people every time.

Have a pretty solid workout. I've crushed the squats the last few days, so happy with this. My upper body is coming along OK, progressing slowly as I try to rehab my shoulder simultaneously.

Post gym, I go home, shower, eat dinner, and get ready to meet HBthailand.

I was thinking about posting a few text msgs, but now don't think it's worth it. There's nothing really in them. Mostly us setting up logistics.

When I picked her up I wanted to do the hug + kiss right off the bat, but never got the kiss in. Wimped out, gotta go for it next time. Jeffy said in the Hotseat it sets the tone for the date and gets the first kiss out of the way for many more. At the bar, we grab a table and end up sitting right across from each other. I should have sat closer and side-by-side.

We vibe. Eye contact is solid. I really have a fun time with her. We chill at the bar for a good 2 hours, and then I grab the bill. We each had 2 beers. We get back into my car and drop her off. This is where I get a bit unsure of myself.

I park my car in front of her place and we sit there for a second. I'm not sure If I should invite myself in or just go for a makeout right here. We say goodbyes and I walk her to the door.... (I feel like a tool).

"I had a fun time blah blah blah"
"Let's hang-out this weekend blah blah blah"
*hug followed by the lightest peck on the lips*

I'm not pissed because I didn't "score", I feel pretty outcome independent in this scenario, but I was pissed that I didn't push things. I didn't lead very well either. Lesson learned.

I sit in my car thinking the day over. I'm trying to justify my day's social activities as an actual cold approach. I'm having a hard time counting any of it as a cold approach for Day #2. I decide the best course of action is to go to another bar. I will not fail, and I definitely won’t fail on Day #2.

Go to Hudson’s. It’s an industry night and it actually really busy. Go to the washroom and then take a quick creeper lap. I head to the bar to grab a beer. Open the girl beside me. She’s not very cute, but we talk for 15 minutes or so. She’s very touchy and we talk really close to each other. My eye contact is solid too. She intro’s me to her friend, who is much hotter. I’m trying to switch my conversation to the cuter girl, but the first one keeps interrupting and is literally pushing herself on me. I end up bailing to find other girls to talk to.

I do another creeper lap and watch some guy get tossed out of the bar. He doesn’t look very happy. Every time I see a girl cute enough to approach, I make some excuse. After 10 minutes of choding around, I leave my beer and head home.

5 hours of sleep and off to work.

- Social all day. I want to make this a habit
- Had a fun time with HBthailand having drinks
- Went to the bar solo and approached
- Putting myself in a positions to approach

Lessons Learned
- I really want to open direct during the day
- I’m nervous to open large groups or mixed groups
- Man-to-woman interactions. My eye contact was good with HBthailand, but I need to be more physical. Basically I need to make sure my intentions are obvious. I want her to know that if we’re alone my dick is going to come out.
- Went to the bar solo and I didn’t die.

HBxmen is coming over tonight. We will fuck.
FR: Continuous Development
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