October 23rd, 2018
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 Time for a shitty FR.

So I’ve been working this camp job since February and it is slowly eating my soul. 15 days on with 6 days off. The only saving factor is that there is a really cute French girl that has an amazing personality here. Our shifts don’t line up that well, but I usually get half of my 15 day shift with her. It’s a nice release to have some female energy in a place that is so heavily dominated by testosterone fueled oil riggers. We’ve never hooked up or moved things forward, but there is clearly attraction on both sides. She’s 30 yrs old and is coming out of a failed engagement. My impression is she wants to get back into a serious relationship (I'm not getting in a relationship right now). I was always hesitant because it would be incredibly awkward at work if something happened. #foreshadowing.

I took a big vacation in August and our shifts didn’t line up. We only had the every few day text exchange. Coming back on shift this week, I figured I would make a move because this job is winding down and I’ve got interviews with some other companies.

During the week I would escalate as much as was acceptable at work and got somewhat sexual and suggestive with conversation. It’s incredibly easy to do with someone that doesn’t speak good English. She keeps avoiding me after work though… eventually I make it happen with a more aggressive invite. See text convo below:

**I'm trying to hang out with her**
Me: Are you asleep already? Let's play soon
Girl - 1 min later: No! What time you want play
Me: I'm just going for dinner. How about 8?
Girl - 2 mins later: No tomorrow <Fred> , i am tired.
Me - 5 mins later: Boo
Me: Boring girl
Girl - 8 mins later: Yes i am
Me - 2 mins later: Haha
Me: V you are a wimp.
Girl - 6 mins later: Why you ask me to play pool with you if i am boring girl
Me - 20 mins later: Haha you are boring now. I have fun
Girl: Fun for what
Me - 4 mins later: For making me laugh.
Girl: ��
Girl - 1 min later: I am bad girl, i am sneaky girl, i am wimp girl, i am crazy girl, so i am not good for you <Fred>
Me: Silly girl
Girl: Not good for you
Me: How come?
Girl - 1 min later: Told me
Me: I like spending time with you. You are a very fun girl. Pretty girl. Smart girl. Sophisticated girl.
Girl: I am what for you **I think she was asking "What are we" here. I didn't realize it at the time**
Me: I don't understand
Girl: Whatever forget! Have a good night
Me - 1 min later: Hmmm
Me - 4 mins later: Come hang out for 15 minutes. I will show you pictures from vacation and music.
**It was pretty much a weak hail mary. We had already talked about showing vacation pictures and sharing music so it wasn't totally out of the blue**

**Next day we joke around about Halloween. I tell her she should be a fairy or a sexy nurse**
Me - 16 hrs 17 mins later: Ooooo Veronique the nurse for Halloween
Me: :P
Girl - 4 mins later: No cat woman
**Send a picture of the crazy cat lady from The Simpsons**
Girl - 23 mins later: Hahahaha! Sucker
**She sneaks up behind me and scares me**
Me - 44 mins later: You are going to give me a heart attack one day
Girl - 1 min later: Hahahaha! No fucker
Me - 3 mins later: You have a dirty mouth. I will wash it out with soap.
Girl - 2 mins later: Come
Girl: But you are wimp
**I grab her and we hang out for 30 mins. It's very flirty. At some point I tell her she's cute, step back and look her up an down. She blushes hard**
Me - 42 mins later: I just got fired for wasting time.
Girl - 5 mins later: Hahahaha! Dont believe your
Me - 14 mins later: Yup. I blame you for distracting me.
**She sneaks up on me again. This happens like 4 times today**
Girl - 18 mins later: I scare you agains hahahahaha
Girl - 8 mins later: I think you hate me now
Me: I'm scared of you now
Girl: Yes you should
Girl: Hahaha
Me - 10 mins later: I will get even. Just you wait...
Girl - 3 mins later: Hahahaha
Girl: I have to much fun to bug
Girl: You
Me - 11 mins later: Now you have to hang out with me today because you tease me so much
Me - 3 hrs 21 mins later: So?
Girl - 10 mins later: No i cant Tynan
Me: Why?
Girl - 4 mins later: Because i see someone and i don't know where that go and i prefer stay focus. Hope you understand what i try to explain you
Me - 9 mins later: ;)
Girl - 5 mins later: Are you ok?
Girl: You never tall to me
Me - 1 min later: You are a confusing girl V, but I have fun with you.
Me: Tall?
Girl: What do you means by confusing girl?
Me - 1 min later: You give me very mixed signals.
Girl - 2 mins later: I like you <Fred> but you never talk to me, you never show me a signal and yesterday i asked a question and you never answer me
Girl - 1 min later: When you talk about thing i feel you dont want a serious relationship, like just have fun
**As I said earlier, I know she's looking for something serious and I'm not looking to commit at all. I actually like this girl and I won't lead her on just to get my dick wet**
Me - 1 min later: What question did I not answer?
Me - 1 min later: I'm not looking for a serious relationship. I don't want to lead you on that I am. You are a very fun, cool, attractive girl and I enjoy spending time with you.
Girl - 1 min later: Awesome ! I want stay friend with you
Me - 3 mins later: I might not be a good friend... I will probably try to kiss you
**I'm kind of fucking around to see if she's down for a hook up**
Girl - 1 min later: <Fred>! I dont understand you. You just want kiss me
Girl: Me i am looking for a serious relationship
Me - 1 min later: I know. I'm just telling you what I want.
Girl - 1 min later: That sucks you just want that
Girl: ;)
Me - 1 min later: Ha obviously more ;)
Me: You are a bad girl :P
**Again more fucking around to test the waters. I thought she might be down. Clearly not the case**
Girl: What do you means by obviously more?
Girl: Be direct and honest please
Me - 1 min later: V, you are a beautiful girl. If I kissed you, I would want to keep going. But I am not looking for a relationship, so it is not fair to you.
Girl - 1 min later: That sucks
Me: What sucks?
Girl: It is what is it
Girl: You dont want relationship
Girl: But it ok, you young so
**She's 30. I'm 25. She's also got the body of a super model**
Girl - 7 mins later: Take care <Fred>xx
Me - 1 min later: We can still have fun ;)
**I don't know what this was haha**
Girl - 7 mins later: What do you want
Girl - 3 mins later: What do you means?*
Me - 1 min later: Hang out, play pool, tease you
Girl: Maybe but not now. I need time.
Girl - 2 mins later: You said you don't want stay friend with me. So when you said i am confusing girl well you are confusing boy too
Girl - 8 mins later: Ooo and thanks to let me know you just want sex with me but i am not like that Tynan. I am respectful
Me - 2 mins later: If that's who you think I am sorry V. I'm not like that.
Me: Have a good night.
Girl: Well you said that <Fred>
Girl: Haaa! I want to understand you please help me <Fred>
Girl - 1 min later: Sorry maybe it misunderstood.
Me: Text is not good for communicating
**This has taken a solid 30-45 mins and I'm getting a little bored. I also feel like I have sufficient burned this bridge to the ground**
Girl: I know :( sorry
Me - 1 min later: If you want to talk tomorrow we can go to the pool room and have a tea.
Girl - 1 min later: And you will try to kiss me?
Me: I don't think you want that.
Me: Just talk
Girl: I will let you know
Girl: Gnight Tynan:)
Me: Sleep well
**I legit would've just hung out with this girl if she came. Some light flirting to see if there's any chance of hooking up.**

When I went to bed the night before I felt like I had learned something and tried my best with this girl. I felt decent about my efforts. In the morning I felt like shit because I just burnt it down with the only girl at camp worth talking to. I now had no hot girls to chill or joke around with for these 15 day shifts. At work, she walks by my desk a few times, but is clearly avoiding me.

Me - 12 hrs 58 mins later:
Me: This is a song from passion pit. How goes your day?
Girl - 20 mins later: It going good thanks and you?
Girl: I like this song, well what that means for you?
Me - 2 mins later: Slow. I don't have much to do. Gonna go for a walk soon.
Me: It's fun. I like upbeat music
Girl - 2 mins later: Yes it a great beat :)
Me: <Some dumb girl> just made popcorn in here. It smells soooo good. I want some haha
Girl: ;) i love popcorn lucky
**At some point I go over and hang out with her. It is INCREDIBLY awkward. She is the most frigid I have ever seen her. I'm probably a little awkward too.**
Girl - 3 hrs 56 mins later: I don't think it good idea i come tonight take tea with you.
Girl: No problem to stay friend because i know it just that you want
Me - 6 mins later: That's fine.
Me: You are a fun girl V. I would like you as a friend.
Girl - 1 min later: No problem

I feel good about not leading this girl on just for sex, but I wonder if I left something there. Realistically, I would *casually* date this girl. If I had framed my position as more of a "let's not commit to anything and just see where things go" vs. "I'm a badass player and not getting in a relationship", I think the outcome would have been different. This has come up before and I blew it even worse. I need to work on my relationship speak. I'd be down to casually date some of these cool girls, but I don't want to get exclusive. Not yet anyways.

This is going to be part of my 5 year plan - what I'm looking for in game and in relationships.

8 more days of work left... Balls

EDIT: I tried really hard to get the texts colored. Like 20 minutes of effort. I give up. Shitty RSD forums, you win.
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 The rest of my last shift went by with no real events. I focused hard on my diet; I cut out probably 95% of the gluten I was eating. I’m probably only eating the stuff that’s in sauces and maybe some filler (which I try to avoid).  If I can keep these habits up, I should see some really good results by the end of the year.I had one more day crossing over with the French girl from work. Things weren’t awkward and we joked around. I guess the time helped – I won’t be making any more moves on her at work. 


I get home around 6pm and go for dinner with some friends. Originally, had setup the dinner to get AsianGirl out and try to bang her again. She backed out a few days before (legit reason) and I turned it into a dinner with a few friends. 

Good times. I have a few drinks and get really tired. Almost  fall asleep at the table. I’m in bed by 10:30pm.


Head out to an open mic with a bunch of kids.

 The girl from the xfest show is here, the one who my friend “stole”. The past weekend she had a threesome (2guys 1girl) and the 2 guys are in a band playing here. Their band is actually really good. They do a sweet cover of Daft Punk – Get Lucky. 

The dynamics of the relationship is fun to watch.  She is into both of them. They leave afterwards and continue the love triangle. I'm curious how long a relationship like that can last.  

There is another girl here who I am into, but it doesn’t ever seem to go anywhere. I’ve never really made a move – that would probably be the main reason why. I chat her up, but don't make moves with all our friends around. I might have to let this one go if I continue to see AsianGirl (who I would rather see anyways). 

Most of the people have work in the morning. It ends up being me and a buddy heading to Cowboys. When we get there it’s god awful and packed full of dudes. We grab a beer and head straight to the casino. Proceed to play Craps for the next 2 hours and have a blast. I come out $20 down and he made $100. Pretty good for 2 hours of fun.

Cold approach and hitting on girls non-stop can be fun, but night's like this are good too. Sure, we didn't talk to any girls with the intent of taking them home, but it's so much fun to chill with a buddy and joke around with randoms while playing some games. If nights like this are the difference from a regular/cool guy and some PUA master, than I would choose to be a regular guy hands down.


Day time bang the POF girl from my last shift off.  We watch a shitty movie, “Now you see me”. It’s straight forward after that. 

Her is ridiculously tight, but I think she’s spotting a bit and the sex gets a little messy. I get a little turned off, but we still bang twice. My bed has messy blood stains all over it now.  

She leaves and I’m getting a cold, instead of going out, I sleep for 14 hours.


I have a dinner party and drinks at my place. It’s a fucking blast. I introduce a few RSD guys to my social circle – I think they do OK, but it’s a hard group to crack. The guys can be especially stand-off'ish and I think one of the RSD guys got into some trouble hitting on someone's girlfriend. 

AsianGirl comes and I’m keeping close to her. My mentality is that “I don’t want her escaping” as she’s done in the past. It’s a pretty funny way to think about it, but it kept me focused on bringing her home at the end of the night. 

I proceed to get accidentally wasted. Everyone is pouring me stiff drinks and buying me shots when we go to the bar. If we showed up at 11, I was plastered by 11:45. At 12:00pm I grabbed AsianGirl and took her back to my place for glory. Well, as much glory as you can find in sloppy drunken sex.  

She has a super silky smooth (nice alliteration, I know). When I’m more sober in the morning, I finish so fast because it feels amazing. I continue to raw dog this girl because I have so little willpower when I've got a few fingers inside her and can feel how great it's going to be. She’s really submissive too and it gets me turned on. Definitely need to work on my staying power with this one.

We joke around a bunch in the morning and I really have fun just playing around naked in bed. 

Fuck, I've got a boner just thinking about her naked. 



I enjoy the time with all my old friends as we watch the first two of our group get married. It was very humbling and made us all realize that we’re getting a little older now. 

It was one of the most fun nights of 2013.

Sunday & Monday

Hangover and get ready for work. I’ll likely be doing a 3 or 4 week shift and want to die afterwards.
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Another month has gone by without posting. It’s been fairly eventful for me, but not a whole lot on the ‘game’ front. I’ll do a quick recap of some of the developments and relevant stuff. End of last shift (~Oct 10th)So that French girl that’s been a theme of the last few FRs was still into me after we had talk about just being friends. It’s actually happened a few times since, but basically just means we eye fuck each other more and get more suggestive.We have a week of overlap on our shifts again and it’s pretty flirty the entire time. I was under the impression I would be finishing my time at camp soon, so I went for it the last few nights. I had previously held back before because I didn’t want to “burn it to the ground”, and then have to see her for a month straight afterwards. She also tells me about breaking it off with some guy she’s seeing at home. I don’t think they had anything serious, but I think this “frees” her or something as she was much more sexual after.The last two nights I basically do the same flirting, but ruthlessly invite her to my room and get a lot more physical. It works pretty good. The last night, we play pool and she is completely ignoring the game and our coworkers as we have our own little conversation in the middle of the game. It was  probably pretty awkward for everyone else. The game ends and everyone heads their own way. Her room is on the way to mine, but she won’t come up.I keep trying. Text time, see below.   It’s not a full convo, but you get the jist. I had been watching some of Todd's videos about framing an open relationship, but I don't think I did a great job here. I legit don't want to lead this girl on, but I would like to see her in a non-serious/commited way.I go down to her room and do exactly as I say. Wall slam and very passionate makeout. I’m being aggressive for just walking in the door and going for it. At some point she starts saying “Just friends” in between eating my face. Although we started on a high note, things start to settle down. She’s on the “just friends” things every minute and eventually stops kissing me back. She says it’s time to go to bed, so I take my shoes off and jump on her bed and pull her down – misinterpret and own it.**Hindsight is 20/20 - when I look back on this, I think she was REALLY turned on when I first went down. I was used to having to build up to sex. I went in thinking "OK, makeout for a while, kiss her neck, slowly get naked... etc". I probably could have skipped most of the steps and just started sexually.**It’s not going down and we hangout and makeout for an hour.  I leave and she’s on the “just friends” thing over and over. I never agree with her, just nod and change the subject and re-engage on a different note.It was my last night on shift and I head home the following day. @ Home for 4 daysIt’s thanksgiving and I do family and friends dinner 3 of my 4 nights.On the other night I hang out with Asian girl and we get drunk/high and have sloppy crazy sex. It was awesome. She’s got a perfectly smooth mound and I ate it for ages. I was going to town on her clit, had a few fingers in her pussy, and was playing around with her ass. When we bang doggy, I put a finger in her ass and she loves it. I’m going to suggest anal – I’ve never done it before.I like this girl. She’s fun to hang out with and crazy fun in bed.--------------It seems like the last POF girl is pretty much done. She texted me a few times on shift, but I never got back to her. She wasn’t that hot or interesting.--------------Been texting with a few other girls from social circle that have potential. Due to the short time I was home I didn’t even bother trying to meet up. I’ve tentatively set up “hanging out” next time I’m home.--------------- @ shift again (now)I’ve been back at shift for just under a week now and French girl has been here the whole time. It’s basically the same as before. We flirt all day and eye hump each other when no one is around.I got her into my room one night, but it was the same as before. Making out and “just friends”. We have at least another 10 days of work together left. I’m still hesitant to burn it down, but I think it’s the best option. Time to go for broke. Next time she’s in my room I’ll just get her as horny as possible and take off my clothes. Why not? 
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2013-10-30 I just got home from my shift.  Work has me doing insane hours. My life is literally work, sleep, and the few things to prepare for work. I'm logging 14 and 16 hour days most of the time. I'm only sleeping about 5 hours a night and my fitness & eating habits have gone out the window. The first day at home I slept almost 16 hours. It's day 2 now and I made myself wake at a good hour and I'm going to head to the gym and make some healthy meals for the week. I can feel myself craving junk food again. While I was working these ridiculous shifts, I was actually texting the French girl from above quite a bit. We hung out a few nights, where I got almost no sleep before going back to work. Near the end of my shift, our texts turned very sexual and we were started some pretty explicit sexting. We fooled around a bit, but she stuck on the "let's just be friends" thing, even as I'm sucking on her nipples and rubbing her vag through her PJ's. She has way better self-control than I do.  We've had some intense conversations where I've laid out my position - wanting to be single, exploring, and just having fun. She's looking for almost the exact opposite - something serious, commitment, and eventually kids (soon). She is very attracted to me and wants to get in a relationship. She’s a really cool girl and super-hot, I’m just not on the same page. Our priorities now, and for the next 5 years, are miles apart. Although our interactions are really sexually charged, I don't think we'll end up hooking up. This is fine. Obviously I would love to hook up, but I don't want to bang her just to get myself off. We might have another week together before this project ends and I probably won’t see her again. Some pics and texts for fun:  --------------------------------------------------------- Otherwise, it’s Halloween this week and shit is about to get crazy.  I’m hanging out with Asiangirl tonight. Plans are to party Thurs, Fri, Sat. I don’t know how much will be around approaching – it’ll mostly just be drunken fun, but Halloween has historically been a good holiday for me. --------------------------------------------------------- Halloween also marks 3 years of being single. I’m going to put up a long winded post this week. 
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Haven't posted in a while because I finished my project on November 15th and immediately took off to SE Asia for the rest of 2013. Shit. Was. Crazy.

I'm going to work on a few comprehensive posts tomorrow and this weekend, but here's the Cole's notes:

- Finally hooked up with the French girl at camp. We fucked each other silly for 2 weeks.
- Been banging my Asian cherish when I'm home a lot (too much maybe?)
- Hooked up with 5 girls while in SE Asia. 
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Double post...

I'm not sure why the post below isn't showing up. When I go to edit it, all the text is there...
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There must be some sort of word limit on posts now. I broke apart my review into 2 posts and it worked fine. See below.
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Year 2.5 of Game

I started this in October of 2013, but never got around to finishing it. Now I’ll combine it with the my resolutions/goals/plans for 2014.
In the past I’ve used the end of October as a sort of “year-end” to my pick-up career. The reason being is October 29th, 2011 marks the first time I got laid outside of my 5 year LTR. There was nothing special about it other than being my first single night lay.

2014 marks ~2.5 years of semi-active ‘game’ and ~3 years of being single. The time has flown by. There have been loads of good and bad experiences and tonnes of personal growth over that period. With that said, I can see so much more potential. I’m quite happy with where I am right now, but I know if I can keep working harder and pushing myself, I’ll continue to grow and upgrade myself.
If you’re interested, here is the link to my 1 year review:

Reviewing my 2013 goals

See this post for my 2013 new year’s resolution:

1. Health
Moderate Success.

While on site I ate a near perfect diet and worked-out regularly. Off-site, I was an alcohol-drinking cheeseburger-devouring lazy asshole. Despite this, by early November 2013 I was probably the strongest I’ve ever been in my upper-body. My ankle did not get anywhere close to 100% (maybe 60%) and I wasn’t able to get my lower-body or cardio up to snuff. I did what I could though and I’m happy with my commitment up to November.

Once I went on vacation, everything hit the fan and I became a fat out-of-shape slob. That’s where I sit now. Fat as ever, but on my way to getting sexy again.

My ankle continues to be a huge source of pain and frustration. It’s always throbbing and I haven’t been able to get anywhere close to full mobility. I’ll be looking into surgical options in 2014.

2. Pick-up

Sure, I had a job that wasn’t conducive to pick-up, but I never used the time that I had off effectively. The girl’s I hooked up with in Canada usually stuck around for a few weeks (rotation-like) and they typically trended towards being more attractive than what I was doing in 2012. The girl’s I hooked up with in Asia were all one-nighters, as is the trend for travellers, and they were all definitely hotter. 
Although the results aren’t there, I feel my process is getting better. I’m hitting up the hotter girls and I’ve got the right mindset thanks to taking a bootcamp/hotseat with Alex. Now I really need to go out and make progress.
3. Volunteering

Without going into personal details, I pushed my comfort zone big time. Our fundraising efforts raised over $33,000. The numbers weren’t where I wanted (I set a huge goal), but we did double the amount of money we made from 2012. I’m starting the charity up again this year.
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The 2013 synopsis

Almost as soon as my new year started, it was thrown off course. Most of the plans I started with ended differently or didn’t happen at all. It’s a testament to how hard it is to plan your future.  If I learned one thing this year, it’s that you need to be ready to constantly adapt as life throws wrenches and bricks at your glass-pane plans. 
In a pick-up sense, the year was tough. I got off to a slow start by breaking my ankle and spending 4 months on crutches. Almost as soon as I was healthy enough to walk, I was shipped off to Ft. Mac to work a site position. 15 days on and 6 days off was not conducive to gaining any momentum or traction in pick-up. This was reflected in my results for the year (see below).
On the bright side, I took a boot camp with Alex in March. It definitely helped me realize a few areas where I was completely fucking up. I think it also put a new perspective on picking-up girls for me. It no longer was this weird activity where some creepy guy is busting out lines and tactics to get a girl. Not that I was ever really like this, but I’ve always harbored the impression that much of the community was based on this idea. Alex showed me the “Natural” side of game, and I met a bunch of cool/normal guys who were doing this 'natural' pick-up thing and having huge success. His hotseat was an eye-opener for how my idea of game should be. No tricks, gimmicks, or stupid antics. I’m still working on it, but I have a far more defined idea of where I should be and how I can get there.
Once I was done with my shift work in mid-November, I shipped off to SE Asia for 5 weeks of drunken debauchery on the beach. I had a fucking blast. My traveling partner and I did more game in those 5 weeks than I did in the rest of 2013. I’m still riding the momentum nearly a month later, but I need to keep it going. My body is still reeling from the excessive amount of booze and rice consumed.

By the numbers

I dislike counting lays, but I feel obligated to do it once a year just to keep track. The rating is a pretty douchy thing to do too, but I think it helps highlight that the quality of girl I’m bringing back is getting better.

1) Early November, 2012 – SNL from a bar. I was still on crutches and she pulled me. I don’t have a LR on this journal. Huge tits & Aggressive 7
2) December 14, 2012 – SNL from social circle. AsianGirl, I still see her to this day. HOTTT body & awesome. I’m starting to really like this girl. 8.5
3) March 23, 2013     - SNL During Alex bootcamp (I pulled 2/3 nights). Cute skinny brunette. We bang 6 times in one night. 8
4) August 29, 2013 – D3 with a girl off POF. She has big boobs – her only redeeming feature. We hook up off and on for a few weeks. 7
5) Early November, 2013 – French girl from work. She’s 5 yrs older than me. Bang for 2 weeks straight on site. Hottie fo sho. 8
*** My first 2 pulls in SE Asia weren’t bangs, but I fooled around with one before getting cockblocked by the roommate. The second was on the rag, but wanted me to put it in her ass. I didn’t have enough lube or spit to get my dick in – so I’m not counting it as a lay***
6) Late November, 2013 – Greek/Australian in Boracay. She was 28 and had great tits. 8
7) Late November, 2013 – Danish girl in Boracay. She was cute and very sexual. 8
8) Early December, 2013 – Filipino. Crazy girl. I was scared for my life and she wanted to bang raw. NO WAY. 7
If I had stayed more sober in Bali, I could have increased this number by 3 or 4. Taking a sober look back, I see SOOO many missed pull opportunities. I was more focused on the party than I was banging.
Year 0 – 1 (5yr LTR)
Year 1 – 11
Year 2 – 4
Year 3 - 4 (so far)

*my years are counted October to October

For a grand total of 20 lays. This isn’t a substantial amount by anyone’s terms, but it has me thinking what I really want out of this. Is it quantity? Do I want to hit 30? 50? 100??? What number is enough and why?
While getting a decent number under my belt might seem like “cool” thing, I don’t think it’s my end goal. It’s more a means to an end. I’d rather have a relationship with a girl (or two) whose company I enjoy and who I can regularly have mind-blowing sex with. I’m still formulating exactly what this relationship would look like. The only way to really figure this out is experience. Keep putting myself in unfamiliar territory, experimenting, making adjustments, and iterating the process.
And now it’s time for 2014… 
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2014 Goals & Bar Setting

It’s going to be a weird year for me. For the first 4 months I’ll be working another site job, except with an 8 on 6 off schedule. This is much better than the 15/6 I was working in 2013. Starting mid-April I’m planning on taking 4 months to travel to Europe. When I get back I’m hoping to change jobs, and move my career in a different direction. Since my year will be physically broken into parts, I’m going to check-in on my progress every 4 months. I’ve set some “milestones” for each goal that correspond to these 4 month intervals.
1) Establish a (mobile) business
(The wording was stolen from Matt281, but I’ve had the idea for a while)

I don’t know if my current career is the one for me, but I’m pretty sure it’s not. I like freedom. I like being entrepreneurial. I like working on challenging projects of my own. My current career is challenging, but it doesn’t really fit any of my other desires. If I stick with it (and I will for now), I’ll retire on the upper-end of the middle-class. I could drive nice cars and own a big-ass house, but I will forever be working 40-60hr weeks with only a few weeks off every year. It’s a safe option and something I’m very comfortable with. If I’m on my deathbed and it’s all I had ever done. I had never tried to start my own business or never taken any risks. I’d be severely disappointed.
Since returning from my SE Asia trip, I’ve come to realize that there’s a lot more to life than big bank accounts, cool gadgets, and fast cars. I basically travelled around with nothing more than a bit of clothing and a toothbrush. I could have easily packed my life into a normal sized backpack. All the while, I was having some of the best experiences of my life and meeting some really cool people. I was accountable to no one. My sole responsibility was finding a tasty curry to eat for lunch or a good spot to go diving. I was in the driver’s seat and I could do whatever I wanted.
I’ve also been reading ilb’s journal. One thing really struck me; his dream of one day having the freedom to make a home somewhere exotic (or anywhere) and inviting friends & family to come visit. I love this idea. There’s still challenging work to keep me occupied, but there’s the freedom to choose ‘where’, ‘when’, and ‘how much’ I want to work. This is what I want, screw the rest.
How: This has to be an internet business, so I need to learn. I have some loose business idea's, but not the knowledge to implement them. 

January – Learning. Absorb as much info and strategy as possible.
February – Experiment. Start trying things out and iterating. 
March – Starting & executing programs where sole purpose is to make money. No wasting time.
April – Execute & Iterate. Same as March, but now with experience behind my work.

I’ll re-evaluate in May. This work will come to Europe with me.

I want this bad. I’ve already put in quite a few hours getting myself researched and building familiarity with the industry. I won’t have much, or any, time to work on this while on site. My 6 days off will be heavily spent working on this. I’m ready to put in the sweat.

a)      Keep track of hours spent every day on IM. Average 25hrs/week
b)      Have 4 different potential income streams by end of April
c)      Generate $1,000 in revenue by end of April
d)      Make $3,000/mth profit by year end

2) Become a Better Man

"Becoming a Better Man" might sound like a weird/obvious goal, but I think it actually makes a lot of sense. It’s basically what everyone on RSD is doing except I’ve expanded the idea beyond just pick-up. I'm not the first person on these forums to do it. I think it's a good idea to become a more well-rounded person and not a pick-up-centric weirdo.  
I’ve broken it down into these 3 categories:
  • General social ability
  • Pick-up.
  • Sexual mastery 
I want to push myself to become a more social person. Whether it’s a small talk with 50yr old engineer in my office or a 21yr old bomb shell I’ve just approached in the street. I need to expand my horizons of socializing outside my comfort zones of social circle and the bar. This will help in pick-up and in my other life pursuits.
The obvious one - I want to get more comfortable approaching girls as a man-to-a-woman. I’m decent enough at the small talk of a friend-to-friend, but it’s time to work on my intent. I know the process and what needs to be done; now it’s time to stick to it.
To bolster my confidence with the ladies, I need to boost my skills in bed. You can “fake it ‘til you make it”, but eventually you have to make it or you’re just a fake. I know I can make a girl cum and cum hard, but I’m not consistent. The other day I was hooking up with my cherish and it was all I could not to finish in the first 3 minutes (I probably lasted 4 minutes). Then in the morning, I made her cum twice. I’m confident in my abilities, but I’m not 100% confident. I want to walk around with a swagger of certainty that I can outperform a good chunk of the male population consistently.  
How: Be a badass day-in and day-out. This is really going to come down to my habits and my tangibles. If I follow the path step-by-step, eventually I’ll be miles ahead where I am today.
a)      Do something out of my comfort zone every single day. Social, pickup, whatever.
b)      Have sex 100 times this year
c)      Hook up with 12 new girls
d)      Kegels & edging 5 times a week
e)      Read 4 books on sexual mastery.

3) Health

This was a big part of my 2013 goals. I feel my habits are close to where they need to be. With a little more consistency I can get to a level that I'd be happy to maintain or slightly improve over a long period of time.
I’m also looking at surgery on my ankle. It’s far from 100% and keeps me from living the active lifestyle I want. I can’t do any semi-competitive sports right now and I struggle with most lower body workouts. Long periods of walking or hiking will devastate my ankle and the pain transfers into my knee and hips. I’m too young to live a gimped lifestyle. I will look into all options to improve my situation. 
Other than improving my ankle with surgery and physiotherapy, I won’t focus heavily on this goal. I need to work on my eating habits and getting into the gym more consistently, but I’ve already developed pretty good habits. I won’t need to invest a huge amount of mental energy into my health, it’ll be more of a maintenance item.  

Continue developing my healthy habits. Be more conscious of my drinking and how it affects my health that day and my (hangover) decisions the following day.

a)      Get my ankle to a point where I can play hockey, ski, golf, run, squat, and jump unimpaired.
b)      Eat healthy & in moderation every day
c)      Do some form of physical activity every day (30+mins)
d)      Get to <12% BF

Although not a focus for my 2014 year, here is a quick list of other tangible's I'd like to start doing this year. 

Random Tangible's
a)      Read 12 books (30 mins a day)
b)      Travel for 4 months straight
c)      Go to RSD’s World Summit
d)      Journal (write) everyday

Habits for 2014
In my past attempts I’ve been lackluster at sticking to my habits and tracking them. I think I’ve finally got the best system figured out for my lifestyle. I’ve put my Habits excel sheet on Google Drive. This allows me to access the tracker from almost any computer; my personal one, at work, my phone, or any random computer with an internet connection. 

I'm still getting a routine figured out for my year and I haven't been diligent on my habits. I expect to have everything sorted by the end of January and my overall numbers to be around 70% completion. 

Wish me luck. I'll check back in around mid-April.
FR: Continuous Development
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