January 17th, 2019
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Hey, So I've been a lurker on these forums for a while. Recently decided to make a journal and start being more accountable to my development in this area of my life. Basically, I want to take MASSIVE ACTION. No excuses. Figure I'll start off this with a quick intro about my history: I'm a recent university grad living in Canada. Have a full-time 9-5 job that pays me a solid salary. I've recently moved out of my parents place into a condo downtown with a really sweet roommate. He's an awesome guy and does really good with girls. I guess you would call him a 'natural'. Did I mention he has tonnes of hot female friends?  My entire adult life has been with one girl. We started dating in high school and broke up a few months after graduation. I've now been single for ~7 months and figure I'm ready to start living up the bachelor life style. Other than a few random bar make outs, it's been a dry 7 months. It's time to move on and up. I want to start this journal off by stating my current goals for it, but can't seem to get the words right. I'll sleep on it and post tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'll also write up a summary of this past weekend. Basically, I fucked up two very solid possibilities of getting laid. It's very frustrating, but at the same time, very motivating to improve because I know what is possible.  Any feedback or suggestions would be awesome and greatly appreaciated.  That's all for now
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 As promised, I'm back today to write up my goals and go over my past weekend.

Goal: Abundance. 
Basically, I want to have more fun with chicks (i.e. sexy times, adventures, and building a solid social circle with more chicks).

Social Circle

My social circle is already pretty good. Ideally, it would have more hot chicks in it, and a FB or two or three. Girlfriend isn't an option right now, I have too much sweet stuff going on in my life and even more awesome things planned for the future to be distracted by a committment like that. 

As for macking on the girls in my social circle; I have a really hard time hitting on chicks in my direct social circle or that are friends of friends. I guess I'm worried about the 'social pressure' of being judged negatively by my friends. This is bullshit. My roomate is the perfect example. He macks on his 'friends' and social circle like a demon. I'm going to make a point of escalating on some friends-of-friends when I see the next hot one. For now, I'll probably shy away from hitting my friends. Most of them are great friends that I wouldn't want to lose cause we hooked up.

I should have an opportunity to hit up some social circle girls this weekend. 

Cold Approach

Basically no experience here. In the past I would do the following:

1. Get super fucked up
2. ?
3. Somehow find myself making out with a chick

No game here, atleast none I can remember. None of these interactions ever went farther than making out or grinding. For now, I'm going to concentrate on A) not getting rediculously drunk and B) Approaching. I have a decent amount of confidence, so I'm not to worried about approach anxiety. But I'll have to see how it is when I'm actually doing it. Gonna try on randoms this weekend for sure.

Day game: non-existent. Every interaction I have with a chick would be considered as friend-to-friend. Gotta get this figured out as I'm not in a position where I can stay out late at night more than 2-3 nights a week. 

Well, thats a decent summary of my current position. Now comes my past weekend.

Friday October 14, 2011

Roomate and I head up to Edmonton for a friends birthday party. I know tonnes of people from my university days, but don't organize a place to crash. Figure this will motivate me to find a cutie's bed to sleep in.

Stop at a bar on the way in a hang out with a friend from high school. He's managing a popular bar and we get a bunch of free shots. Sweet.

We're meeting two foreign exchange chicks that stayed at our place last weekend. I completely choded out last weekend and didn't make any moves because there was like 8 people staying in our small condo. Although I did have some good interactions with one and later found out she liked me. Unfortunately, the other was the one I was interested in. Note to self: For now, take the easy lay. The first chick was cute and really cool, I was just more into the other one.

So we meet them at a Bad Taste party. I wear a mullet, and X-Large beer shirt,  and some pink panties over my jeans. My roomate wears a sexy devil costume. The party is full of exchange students and they're all very cool. I mingle, play drinking games, and talk to the girl I'm interested in. There's a few other cute girls at this party I talk with, but nothing really interesting to note. I mainly focus on the chick I want.

It's about 2am and there's another party I want to head to. It's only a few blocks away, so I round up the group I'm with and pack 8 people into my car. This worked out really well because I made sure all the girls got in and it left 3 dudes standing outside with no idea where we were going. Haha suckers. 

This party is a 'CEO and Office Hoe" party. I'm rocking my business in the front and party in the back hairstyle so I fit right in. Another guy who made it into my car is wearing only chick clothes. He stands out a bit. We get to the party pretty late and it starts to clear out pretty quick. I just mack on my foreign exchange girl the whole time. She's telling me her friend is really interested in me, but I respond by telling her "I'm interested in someone else" and proceed to laser eye her. I think I handled this OK. She goes for a smoke and I join her, we're sitting on the step really close. At this point I should have escalated. Physical contact was there, just no make out. I didn't notice at the time, but I think she accidentally ashed out in my beer. My next few sips tasted an awful lot like cigs.

We go back inside and the party is dead. The group of people I brought is literally the last people in the house. I start dancing with my girl. I'm a terrible dancer and quickly realize this girl knows how to dance way better than me. I spin her around a bunch. She makes fun of my bad dancing and I say I'll make it up to her with a kiss. She giggles and I don't do anything. PUSSY.

The home owners try kicking us out. I think we stay for about another hour doing our own thing as they sit on the couch. We eventually head out. It's the two foreign exchange chicks, my roomate, the guy wearing all chick clothes, and me. These girls live in residence and somehow we decide to all go back there. The tranny is all over the other girl. My girl is teaching me German. When we get to their place, the other girl and they tranny peel off back to her room. My girl doesn't like this and is telling her not to sleep with this guy. I don't care. They leave. This guy had some intense physical game. Good example of how much physical contact you can get away with. If I had decided to go for this girl, I am fairly certain I could have been the one taking her home. I'm not one to settle though, and will live with my decision to go for the girl I was more interested in. 

Now just the three of us, we head to the lounge of the residence and meet more people. It's like 4am, who the fuck party's this late? I sit on the same chair as my girl and we share a beer. I get up for work at 5am and I'm absolutely beat. I'm so tired I don't want to talk to people. I don't know how to isolate my girl. Fuck. Some dude says he's making breakfast and we go. Basically I sit there waiting for my eggs and bacon as this dude makes breakfast and chats up the girl I was hitting on. Long story short, I was half asleep in the corner and the guy took this girl off my hands. He was a small spanish kid with nail polish on... They knew each other previously, but I was still pretty chapped. We leave and crash at a buddies house. Don't get to sleep til, 6am. I never stay up this late.

Sunday October 15, 2011

I wake up at 10am, for a total of just under 4 hours of sleep. We just watch hockey all day and drink day beers. I really should have taken a nap. 

We head out to the birthday party at 11pm and there's a huge line. We decide to wait since the only reason we came to Edmonton was this birthday party. We don't get in until after midnight. I'm completely sober, tired, and pissed off for having to wait in line so long. The bar isn't even very full. 

All of our friends are wasted and the birthday girl is crying. I have a few drinks, but there's no way I would ever be able to catch up to these kids level of drunk. I'm not in a great mood and kind of just want to go to bed. Still, I'm social and hang out with a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while.

One girl, HBex-prude (gonna start using nicknames now), used to be a huge prude. Never drank, never joked around, and probably only had sex under the covers in the missionary position. She's 1st year drunk (aka being retarded), it's crazy seeing this girls transformation. Kinda cool. I'm going to hit on her another time when she's not so loaded. She proceeds to feel up my chest for about 5 minutes. I've been working out a bunch lately and have noticed chicks gravitate towards my tits. Fucking pervs. 

I run into a girl who I've met a few times before. We had only seen each other when I was still in my LTR. She has a reputation for being a bit easy, and she has previously blatantly hit on me. My ex even got really pissed about it once. This girl is good looking enough. I would and should have hooked up with her. She follows me like a puppy dog despite by bad mood. I'm fairly certain she was DTF, but for no good reason I don't make any moves. HOLY SHIT I MUST BE GAY!!! But seriously, about 5 minutes after I ditched this girl I was like "WTF is wrong with me?". 

That's my weekend.

Lessons Learned
Day 1: 
- Don't be a pussy. I would rather lose girls for making moves on them than lose girls because I didn't make a move.
- Have to make said moves before the sun comes up. I can't be myself when I've been up for 24 hours straight.
- If I had changed my standards to the for sure lay, it may have been and easy lay, but instead I went for the girl I was more interested in and didn't get laid. Is this a good idea? I'm leaning towards yes, but I don't really know.

 Day 2:
-It's really hard to be my usual social self when I'm super tired. It's also not much fun.
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 For next time:

This took way to long to write up so the next one needs to be short and sweet. Going to get to the point faster and work on articulating the main ideas better.

I don't need to write entertaining stories for interwebs props. I just want to document my nights out so I can learn from them. 

Any suggestions on what items I should read/study/do would be great. Also, any feedback on my writing would be sweet too.

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So went out 3 days in a row last weekend. Had mild successes although mostly just chilled with my social circle. Next weekend I am going to make a conscious effort to stick to my goals:

1) Not get loser loaded
2) Approach

Thursday October 20

This was supposed to be just a few casual beers with some buddies and watch the hockey game. A few casual beers turns into a few casual jugs and I’m hosed by the end of the game. I’m flirty with the waitress and she reciprocates. My friends think there’s something there, but I’m convinced they flirt to get more tips. I should push these interactions anyways.

We head out to another pub to play foosball. The bar is really quiet and I am the drunkest loudest person in there. There’s a dorky couple on a date playing on the foosball table. We proceed to school them in this game. I recall shutting them out and screaming that they have to run around the building naked now. I don’t make any approaches here and just chill with the boys.

-don’t get too drunk (social skillz go down and work the next days blows)
-push interactions farther
-make an approach even if you’re out with the guys

Friday October 21

End up going to bed at 2am Thursday and waking up at 6am for work. I feel like garbage all day and take a nap as soon as I get home. Wake up, eat, and start pre-drinking. Roommate and I are heading to a friends birthday. She’s pretty hot and has lots of hot friends too. The party is a masquerade theme, so we pimp out in some suits.

I stay ‘fairly’ sober all night. I say this because everyone else was thrashed, so even though I drank a fair bit, I held it together 10x better than everyone else.

HBex-prude is here. She’s wearing a skin tight dress… I basically have a semi the whole time I talk to her. She’s back to her old ways though and isn’t drinking tonight. We talk quite a bit throughout the night. No really notable verbal’s, although she did molest my tits again. I feel like there’s a possibility I could hook up with her, but I have a few sticking points.

1) I feel pressured because if I fuck up something with her, a portion of our social circle will find out. It probably keeps me from escalating things. This is a lame and weak thought. I’m a man, she’s a woman and we both enjoy being physical. There’s definitely some chemistry between us.
2) It’s weird when a chick is sober. I was a bit drunk, but could still carry on a solid witty conversation. This is just making excuses and I shouldn’t let it bother me.

There are a few other hot chicks here that I hit up. Have a good conversation with one. No physicality and no real escalation. Probably was just a friend-to-friend interaction. Not really sure how to transition into a man-to-woman interaction, especially in a small house party environment. I found out later she and almost all the other girls I found attractive have BF’s.

Lucky for me… all the chubbier or physically unappealing chicks are single and literally all add me to Facebook the next morning. WTF, the quality of women I have on there took a huge hit that night.

Just about forgot. Talked to one of Roomate’s female friends, lets call her HBkokanee and she number closed me. Again, I don’t think there was any noticeable ‘game’ going on. We just chilled, joked around, and talked about hanging out in the future. No physicality or escalation here either. Been texting her a bit, could be something there.

I read lots here about always escalating and ramping up the physicality, but I’m not sure how that would look in a situation like this. I feel like lots of escalation would be a bit off in this environment. I’m much more comfortable ramping up physicality in a club.

Overall, quite happy with this night.

- drank a reasonable amount and stayed social. WIN
- made progress with HBex-prude. Again, push interaction.
- HBkokanee number closed me. Push interaction.
- Talked to hot girls.

Saturday October 22

I’ve been pretty lazy lately and today was a really productive day. It’s awesome going out at night knowing that you’ve already accomplished a tonne of stuff. I need to make an effort to make better use of my time. Going to read “4 hour work week” in November.

Tonight we’re having a BBQ at our place. RSVP’s indicate it’s going to be a sausage fest. It is. I have a blast still; drink my face off, play foosball, and see some buddies that are in town visiting.

About 12pm we roll to a pub. My buddies owe me shots from a few games a foosball. I take a few, but split them up with water. This is the first time in my memory that I’ve had a water when out. I’m going to make a habit of having a glass between every 1 or 2 drinks.

I think I have very solid eye contact and it showed at this place. From across the bar I caught the eye of some chick and walked directly over to her and introduced myself. Sat down next to her and socialized with her some of her friends. I’ve been drinking for ~6 hours now and it literally takes me 10 minutes to realize this group is probably 10 years older than me and not attractive. I stick with them because it’s fun. It’s very easy talking to this girl and when I run out of things to say, she starts up a conversation. I leave to go find friends.

Run into a girl that booty called my Roomate few weeks ago, but he had another chick over at the time. If he doesn’t make a move on this girl soon, I’m going to step in and take a shot. She also has some cute friends that want to hang out with us.

We leave the pub around 1:15 and head to a club before last call. When I get in, I immediately go to the dance floor and start going crazy. Sometimes I love dancing and sometimes I hate it. Today I love it. I’m having a blast and the positive vibes are rubbing off on everyone around me. I grab a chick and start dancing with her. Ew, she’s ugly. Slowly fade away from her. Grab another chick. This time an attractive one.

She’s short with blond hair and has a nice body. We grind it up for a bit. I would spin her around and try to kiss her; tried this probably 3 or 4 times. Cheek every time, but she obviously didn’t mind as she stayed. We left the dance floor and talked for a bit. It’s closing time and she grabs her friend and invites me for food. She wants to go is a really expensive Chinese food place. I decide to go with my friends to get some cheap pizza and go to bed.

I was really drunk through the entire interaction with the blond, but I do remember being really physical. On the dance floor and then outside the club too. For some reason though, I didn't get the feeling that this was going to go anywhere so I bailed with my friends. Didn't bother with the number because I wasn't that interested. Next time, I should go and just push the interaction. At worst ask for her number and at best tell them to come back to my place.

Overall, probably the best night of the weekend.

- Drank to much, but splitting drinks with water is a good idea
- Approached random’s and had good interactions
- Next time approach girls I’m interested in.
- Keep pushing interactions. See where they go and what’s possible. My whole point of going out right now is to get the reference experiences.

Next weekend is Halloween, my favourite holiday. I’m excited to see all the girls in their wear.

Going to a house party one night and will probably go out the other. Thinking about going out of Thursday too, but it ruins my Fridays at work.

Going to work on:

- staying a reasonable level of drunk
- approaching HOT random girls
- pushing interactions
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Weoooo!!! First hook-up since breaking up with my LTR. It was kind of a ‘freebie’, but I’ll take it. Check out Saturday’s write-up for more.

The few days leading up to this past weekend were pretty decent. I’ve been texting back and forth with a few girls setting up plans and what not. I don’t know if these will lead anywhere, but figure a few texts will at least keep me on their mind. Sent a few flirty texts, but I’m not really sure how I would game with texts. Again, I’m not going to go overboard by trying to implement a thousand things at once. Keep things simple.

By Wednesday I had 3 girls all trying to make plans for the same night. My solution: hang out with none of them and try to find a few new girls. Will hang out with each of them individually soon.

FR: More Edmonton Adventures (October 28, 2011)

Roomie and I head to Edmonton again for a party his friend is hosting. The guy bought a closed down club for his band to play in and is hosting a massive party. We’re dressed as Team Zissou from the movie Life Aquatic. Most people asked if we were Smurfs all night.

When we get to Edmonton, we immediately start pre-drinking at a buddy’s house. It’s all dudes and most of them are heading to the Foo Fighter’s concert. It’s too early to go to the party so I start texting around for things to do. I get a hold of the foreign exchange girl from a previous FR, let’s call her HBAustrian, and she says she can get us on a pubcrawl for free. I have a ‘crush’ on this girl and want to see where I can get. Hung out with her twice before and didn’t get anywhere. Lack of man-to-woman interactions.

The pubcrawl has a tonne of foreign exchange students and probably a 2:1 girl to guy ratio. It’s awesome. I literally talk to only attractive chicks for the first two bars.

At the first bar I sit down next to a hottie dressed as a Maverick. I end up here for ~30mins shooting shit with her and 2 of her friends. I eventually leave to get a drink and tell her to guard my coat. It was early and this was just social times, but the conversation was very fluid and natural. Never came back to this girl.

I had a few short interactions with girls around the bar. Nothing really snagged and nothing really got blown out. Should I really push the interactions until I get told to ‘fuck off’? At this point I am also haphazardly looking for HBAustrian, but I never see her at this bar. End up running into Roomie, he has ~6 girls with him. What a pimp. I hang out with some of these girls for the next 20 minutes until we leave. Roomie gets a number and we leave to the next bar.

On the bus, Roomie continues to flirt with the girl he got the number from and I talk to the girl she’s sitting with. I was a bit drunk at this point and don’t remember the specifics, but it went well. On Sunday these girls came to Calgary and wanted to hang out, but we ended up going to bed at 7pm…. Ya we’re cool. I also get introduced to the girl behind me. I don’t remember her name or much about the interaction, HBUnknownCutie

Next bar, I find HBAustrian and hang out with her. I don’t know what happens but we end up separated and I don’t see her for the rest of the night. Bummer, but oh well lots of other cuties here.

Go to the dance floor and run into HBUnknownCutie, we dance for a while with a bunch of friends. I end up isolating her as half of the friends get drinks and I use it as an opportunity to isolate her to another part of the dance floor. We’re grinding hard and I’m molesting her ass. I’m also wearing sweat pants and pop a semi in the middle of the dance floor. Awkward? Nah, I just turn her around and pull her ass into me. We make out a little. She’s just giving me pecks. I give her a few kisses on the neck. Every time I do she giggles. Not sure if this was because I was fucking something up or what. Either way, she stayed. End up leading her to the bar for a water and then to her friends to hang out. It’s time for the next bar and I grab her number. Never actually knew/remembered her name until she put it into my phone. Don’t think she knew mine either as when I sent her a good night text and she asked ‘how to spell my name’.

Roomie and I decide to head to his buddies party. It would have been awesome to stay on the pubcrawl as there was a few girls I had made intro’s to and it was getting to the point in the night where I might be able to pull one. Also, I still wanted to meet up with HBAustrian that night. We sent texts back and forth, but nothing ever came of it.

I’m a little chapped about leaving the pubcrawl, but when we get to the party I quickly changed my mind. HOT GIRLS!!11! I really didn’t expect too many chicks to be at this party, nevertheless the disproportionate amount of cuties. Again, roomie and I separate and spend most of the night talking to girls. I probably only talked to 2 or 3 dudes.

Got a little tired at this point (woke up at 5am this morning) and started to feel my social energy drain. I continue to be social, but I can tell I’m not at my best. Not sure how to deal with this other than get better sleep and/or take naps.

A few notable interactions; most were fairly friendly and routine. One chick I talked to a few times and things were clicking. Near the end of the night I have her isolated on the side of a group and some dude walks right between us and starts chatting her up. I laugh and point it out to my roomie, I’m going to go back in, but he tells me they have history… I don’t go back in, but I would have. The good thing is; this didn’t affect me even the slightest.

Another time I was talking to a cute Asian girl and some dude started making stupid faces behind my back and acting like a retard. I turned and looked at him, then ignored his shit. I can’t remember her reaction, but something about it affected me. Not sure how the interaction ended, but obviously I’m not completely unreactive yet as this did affect me. Next time, I think I should turn us around so she’s not looking at the loser or just lead us somewhere else.

End of the night, I try to text HBAustrian and HBUnknownCutie to see if a meet-up is possible. Nope.

- My first “make-out” since starting this FR. I had fun and I think she did too. Awesome
- Very social night. I opened a tonne of different people and different groups. Never really felt nervous (also was only ½ drunk most of the night)
- Halloween is probably the easiest night to open. So many situational ways to open. I don’t expect it to be this easy in the future, but at least I know chicks want to talk to me and can carry a decent conversation.
- Probably missed my window with HBAustrian last time and she may have seen me making-out/molesting with HBUnknownCutie. If I see her again, I’m going for it, no excuses.

LR: Calgary Halloween (October 29, 2011)

This is getting long, but I really want to include the details for future reference. Let’s see how fast I can get this out.

Drove back to Calgary in the morning on a decent amount of sleep (~6.5hrs). I really feel the amount of sleep I get will heavily influence my desire to be social and meet people. Either I need to find a way to get more sleep or find a way to be more social on less sleep.

Night starts with pre-drinks at our condo, as usual. Roomie has a friend who is coming over for the night. I’ve met her once or twice; I’ll call her HBMountie as that’s her costume. Apparently she was staying in Calgary with a ‘boyfriend’ of sorts for a week and he was a huge dick the last night so she is going to stay at our place. This girl is a bit pudgy for my taste, but she is very open and straight-forward which I find attractive. Also, most of the conversation topics involve sex. I haven’t met very many people who can talk this openly. It’s refreshing.

We’re meeting friends at a house party. There are supposedly 150+ people on the facebook event page and I’m fairly sure the party is going to be broken up early, so we head there at 11pm. It’s dead… like 15 people… Including our group of 5. We tough it out and it ends up being quite packed.

Like last night, there are a tonne of cute girls. I don’t think I’ve had a weekend in my life where I have gone to three separate events and had more girls than guys. I make new friends and hit on the cute girls. Take pictures with a few and flirt with some others.

Made a connection with two girls that were dressed up as Simpson characters. One worked in my field so we had an easy time talking. Probably spent 30 minutes here, but decided I didn’t want to go any further because they were both covered in yellow paint. Also, wasn’t really sure if they were attractive because of the costumes.

One girl has a really sweet costume of a chick from X-men. I tell her and it’s on. She loves me. Her costume is also riding up her ass and I keep touching it.

Roomie comes up and tells me HBMountie thinks I’m cute and will hook up with me. Deal. I spend most of the remainder of the night with her and it’s really fucked up. Atleast from the experiences I’ve had in the past. Here’s some of the shit that would go down:

She saw me flirting with HBXmen and asked if I wanted to fuck her. Pretty sure I said yes. I’m not sure how it comes up, but HBXmen is now the center of attention of 3-4 guys, and HBMountie wants me to go flirt with her or something. For whatever reason, I agree. I don’t think I’m all that good at hitting on chicks and I don’t think I’ve ever purposefully AMOG’d anyone, but for whatever reason this is like taking candy from a baby. I literally grab HBXmen from the dudes and lead her 15 feet from HBMountie and proceed to get really close and hit on her. I’m very physical with this girl for 5 minutes then get some guy walking by to start talking to her and go back to HBMountie.

This is where stuff gets weird, for me at least, HBMountie says something along the lines of “fuck that she was all over you and you liked it. She wants you. I’m so jealous right now. It makes me so horny” And then we make out hard core in the middle of the kitchen. I do this FOUR OR FIVE times. Near the end I am groping the shit out of HBXmen, she’s making out with my neck, and then I drop her and go back to HBMountie who eats my face. These girls are about 10 feet apart and watch this whole thing go down. This was honestly a blast, but it blows my mind that this is possible.

At the end of the night Roomie is trying to pull one of HBXmen’s girlfriends. She says she won’t go home with him tonight but gives him a phone number and they make plans for Tuesday. Roomie tells HBMountie this and she gets up and goes to talk to the girl. When she comes back Roomie’s target comes too, she’s now coming home with him. WOW. Wing-girl for the win.

HBMountie is staying at our place anyways so taking her home is no problem. When we get there all 4 of us + some of our friends shoot the shit for a bit. I’m tired of it and start getting ready for bed. When I’m done I go out, tell everyone its time for bed, and pull HBMountie into my room.

No LMR. I’ve been drinking too much and can’t finish. We stop and make plans to finish in the morning. Then we make-out and dry hump, she’s giggly while this is happening and I joke around with her a bit. Maybe I should have boned her again right away but it was ~6am and I was tired.

At ~10am she gets up and starts getting dressed. I’m a bit surprised as I wanted to go another round, but didn’t know how to initiate at this point. Not sure what happened here, she got a few texts, maybe some of them were from her “boyfriend” (or whatever they are) and she felt guilty? I drop her off nearby and get a kiss goodbye.

All-in-all, pretty sweet night and very unlike any other night I’ve had. It feels really nice to get my first lay out of the way since my LTR. It’s been 7 dry months since then. I don’t want to be outcome dependent, but it’s relaxing knowing I won’t be going a year dry. This was also only the second girl I’ve had sex with. I thought I would be more nervous, but wasn’t at all.

Just noticed my first hookup since my LTR was on what would have been our 6 year anniversary. Kind of weird.

- 1st LR of the Journal!
- Really fun and new experience with this girl. Imagine all the other fun/wild possibilities!
- I do sort of feel this was a ‘freebie’ as I assumed we were hooking up and that I had to screw it up vs work for it.
- In the AM, I should have initiated again. At least give her the opportunity to turn me down.
- Didn’t feel a lack of sleep or energy at any point this night
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I've heard chicks dig sick moustaches. Going to test out that theory this month. I'm a pretty hairy fucker and can grow a decent beard, but damn do I look like a perv with this 'stache.

Goal this weekend is to push interactions. One of Jeffy's front page posts went over the "why not" mentality. This is my mindset when I'm going out this weekend.

Spent my afternoon setting up things for this weekend. Possibly meeting some girls out tonight, if not, I'll go find some new ones!
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Hey man...I'm keeping track of your journal...cause my name is Fred too...and Fred's are awesome!
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Phred, thanks for following. My real name isn't actually Fred, it's just s
nickname that has stuck with me.

Just woke up and I'm a little pissed off with last night. May have lost my best
jacket last night and had another nice coat stolen from the Halloween party
last weekend. Two coats in two weekends. Also, was pretty chode last night
which is never fun.

FR: How to Lose all your Jackets 101 (November 5, 2011)

Decent day at work, followed by some shopping with a good female friend from

I haven't upgraded many of my clothes in a while and most of my stuff was
shitty to start off with. I still wear clothes from highschool and that was
almost 6 years ago. Bought a sweet pair of jeans and a few shirts. It was
expensive, but I like it and it should last. Now I need to go shopping for a
new jacket...

I'm making plans for the night as we're at the mall. Start inviting people over
to my place for predrinks then going to head to a new bar that recently opened.
People start showing up before I've left the mall and by the time I'm home, 2
groups of people are waiting in the Lobby. haha.

End up with 4 guys 4 girls at our place. I personally find the dynamics of a
group are the most fun with an even ratio. When there's more of one sex it
always seems the group dynamics are a bit off, but still fun. I'm good
friends with one of the chicks and the rest are her friends. I've briefly met
one of the girls before and she's real cute. We chat and joke around. I like.
She's going to be in more FR's so I'll call her HBpartyblonde

We end up predrinking at my place for like 4 hours. I'm pretty drunk by the
time we leave for the bar, but still functional and able to hold a
conversation. This is where my four years of university partying 4-5 nights a
week pays off. Then proceeds to screw me over because I only know one speed of
drinking, hard.  The bar is packed, Like you can't move around and people
are touching you on all sides packed. It's super loud and reminds me of a
concert. I'm not a fan of places are this packed. 

We head to the bar and go for drinks. It takes forever to get drinks and I joke
a bit with the girl beside me about her pushing in front. She'll joke around a
bit, but keeps looking the other way at her friends, they're all female. I'm
upbeat and having fun the whole time and I think she could sense it and wanted
to be part of it. It takes forever to get drinks so when the bartender finally
comes I order two, both for me of course. This is also the last time I see
HBpartyblonde for the night. Balls. It was definitely on tonight. Got her
number and I'm going to follow up on this one.

At this point, I'm having a blast. I'll make eye contact with a girl then high
five or pull them over for a quick dance. Everything is good, but nothing
sticks. I think nothing really stuck because I never really said anything at
all. It was loud and didn't feel like a good place to chat. I needed some sort
of verbal communication here. In loud places like this, I'll pull a girl in so
I can say something in her ear. It's an easy reason to get close and I think
would help make a man-to-woman interaction.

Things are starting to go downhill after about an hour. I'm pretty drunk and
just dancing around with nobody. I seem to be sitting on the fence of having
fun with by myself and being pissed because I'm not hitting up any girls. I
also can't find anyone from my group. Basically spend the rest of the night
alternating between choding around and drunkenly hitting up chicks. Head around
with one of my buddies, we're just going around trying to dance with chicks. He
gets in with a few and I get lots of turned backs and "phase outs".
Where I'll dance with a group and slowly get phased out. Really made me feel
like I have no clue what I'm doing. BUT, I'm not discouraged! 

When it's time to leave I remember I gave HBpartyblonde my coat check ticket.
She's gone and hasn't answered her friends texts in 2 hours. It's minus 10 out
and we have to walk 5 blocks before we get a cab.

As I'm writing this I've been texting my friend. Apparently HBpartyblonde lost
everyone at the club and her phone died so she just left. She also grabbed my
coat on the way out too, so now I have to meet up with her. And I didn't lose
my coat!


- Don't get too drunk, drink waters between beers at the bar

- I'm responsible for my own fun. Walking around the dance floor like a chode
is my fault and I'm the only one who can step it up.

- Gonna keep trying approaching on the dance floor. Dancing is fun and dancing
with girls is more fun.

Side Note: This was my first time at the mall in a long time and the
huge amount of hotties walking around blew me away. It made me realize I'm not
talking "Massive Action" right now. I need to work approaching into
all areas of my life. Not just Thurs Fri Sat night at the club. [/]


[=9pt]A text convo[/]

[=9pt]I've been texting a girl that tried to booty call my roommate once.
Can't remember if I've mentioned her on this yet, let's call her HBsailor. I'm
trying to get her out with us one night because she's cool and obviously DTF. I
think Roomie lost her attention turning down the bootie call (he had a chick
over already), so it's up to me to step up. Here's some of the texts:


October 28th,

4:04pm HBsailor: Hey! Did you and *roomie* decide if you want to join me in
Etown tomorrow??? Sailor ensemble! (we were going to go as sailors for Halloween,
but changed)

4:45pm Me: Hey. So I'm currently on my way to Edmonton for the night and then
back tomorrow. Gonna probably pass you on the road tomorrow. Bad planning on my

4:4 HBsailor: Oh noooo! Okay. Haha. Have fun!

8:44pm HBsailor: You are missing out on some sexy photo ops tomorrow! haha.
What do you have to rush back to Calgs for? (I miss this text for whatever

October 29th

11:33am Me: Weird, Just got this text MSG

11:33am Me: We'd make such a sexy photo op too haha

1:33pm HBsailor: Haha yup. Too bad!

November 4th (yeterday)

1:20pm Me: Hey lady! We’re having some people over then heading out tonight.
You should come if you're free

2:58pm HBsailor: I might have to stay at school super late for blah blah...
Whats your guys' plan?

3:43pm me: Well that sounds fun... Haha. Probably a few predrinks at our place
then were going to try out a new place called Commonwealth.

4:04pm HBsailor: Oh right on. I'll let you know. Text me later when you have an
idea people will come over. :)

4:04pm Me: I'll keep you posted.

9:01pm Me: Hey. Drinking at my place. How's the school work?

9:01pm HBsailor: Ended up at the grad lounge drinking beer. Haha. How's it
there? Should I come?

9:24pm Me. Ofcourse you should!! We're gonna head to the bar in about 45 mins

9:48pm HBsailor: What bar?

10:04pm Me: Commonwealth. It's a new one

10:04pm HBsailor: Drinking at a friends house near xxyyy

10:24pm Me: We're still at my place. You guys should come out laterrrr (I'm
starting to get drunk, text msg spelling is going to shit)

10:24pm HBsailor: Mayhaps!

10:24pm Me: Haha I'll take that ass a yes (more good spelling)

1:55am HBsailor: Still at my friends house. U?

1:55am Me: Still at this bar. After party

3:59am HBsailor: So sleeeeepy. [/]

[=9pt]I have no idea where she was at the end of the night, but I should have
told her to take a taxi to me or something. Oh well, there’s always next time.
I’m going to keep texting her for a meet up. Maybe tonight.[/]
FR: Continuous Development
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 Text got all fucked up in the last post. Don't know why and I don't have the motivation to fix it. Time to regroup for going out again! Less drinking this time and more sexy times.
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Super quick update on last Saturday:

-Went out for dinner with Roomie, HBex-prude and her friend. HBex-prude is trying set up Roomie with her sister, who is also a hottie. After dinner we head to our place for drinks. Converstation throughout the night was very open and very sexual. Very cool hearing a girl's perspective. It's not different then ours really. Everyone loves sex.

- We head to a bar quickly to say hi to a friend. Randomly see HBpartyblond here and have a quick 5 min conversation because we're leaving. She seems interested and we arrange to meet up the next day so I can get my coat back from her. I wanted to go to her place to hang out, but logistics didn't work out, she ended up just swinging by and dropping it off. I want to keep hitting her up, but not sure how. Might just wait til we run into each other again (have a good mutual friend).

- After this bar, we head to another bar downtown to meet friends. Fun times. Hit on waitress hardcore and one friend accuses me of 'stealing' his thunder. Hahaha it's all in good fun. He tries to get her number later, but gets the boyfriend card.

- HBex-prude and her friend are talking alone at a seperate table and they keep looking over at me. Hmmm.... kinda wrote this girl off last weekend, but maybe that was too early. Next time we're out I'll try to hit her up more.

- Roomie and I take off to try to meet up with HBex-prude's sister. The bar is insanely busy so we go somewhere else.

- It's 1:15am and almost closing time. We go to our favourite spot. Plays mostly house/electronic/dubstep. I'm perfect level of drunk and have a blast dancing like a crazy person. It's dark in the bar and I go up to two girls who might be cute. Too dark to tell. Dance with them a bit. Leave and dance with other girls then come back. Once I'm back, I single out one of the girls and start dancing more with her. The other girl leaves us alone. Score. I get really close. Tease a bit. Then make out. She's a good kisser. She tell's me I'm a great kisser and asks if I'm on exctasy.... Hahaha nope. Lead her around, to the bar, to find her friend, a few more makeouts and grab her number. I assumed cause she was with the friend that logistics wouldn't work out. I should have made some sort of attempt to take her home atleast. I'm still texting her, might try to set up something this weekend.

- Also, turns out she is 18 (I hope) and when I finally saw her in the light she was cute and had a two piercings on her lip and two on her tongue. So I'll call her HBpiercings. Not sure how to set up a date with her exactly. I'll probably just tell her we should hang out this saturday or something. If it doesn't work, I don't really care.

- Genius Idea: I'm going to try all the numbers/girls I've been hitting up for a date this weekend. Why not?

In other news, my life is insanely busy. I'm working a shit-tonne in the office, doing presentations for my volunteer organization, taking a graduate level night class, *trying* to workout 3-5 days/week, and then going out 2-3 nights per week. This is probably too much for me right now. I'm getting everything done, but the quality I'm putting out isn't up to my standards. Trying to increase my efficiency during the day, but feel like I might end up burning out if I go 100% 24/7.
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Thursday night. Just finished doing a presentation for my volunteer organization. Smoked it. It's awesome seeing something you put lots of time and effort in turn out well. It also helps that I absolutely love the organization and what we're doing.

I was supposed to meet a friend out tonight for some drinks. He never returned my call so I just stayed in. Makes me think about going out solo, but it's so far out of my reality. I can't even imagine myself going out alone.  Huge props to those guys crushing it solo. One day.

On the women front:

- Think I'm "nexting" HBpiercings. We've been texting some garbage converstation back and forth, but when I went for a meet up she made up a lame excuse. This is probably because A) she's young B) it wasn't a very solid interaction C) Don't make dates over texts, thats pussy, phone them. Roomie also reminded me that this girl wasn't that cute and is probably the least attractive of the ones in the pipeline

- Haven't decided who to go out with this weekend. My mutual friend of HBpartyblonde invited me out, so I could *hope* that she comes out too. That sounds like a really lame plan of action.

- I've also been invited out by another girl I went for before this FR. Went on a 'date' with her, but I think I got friendzoned as it was purely a friend-to-friend interaction. It was a good learning experience. Logistics also suck her as a bunch of friends from out of town are staying at her bachelor suite.

- Find new ladies!!!! This is probably my best option for the weekend.

I want a fuckbuddy. Or two.
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