November 20th, 2018
SoSly's Journey to Success and Vagina
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So, let me introduce myself as SoSly , or James whichever both are fucking good. I'm 17 almost 18 and I live in Canada. I go to some college , and its basically a community college with no dorms .. no one hangs around after... I have like 0 experience with girls other than chode interviews. Like its bad , I'm shit. I'm a very shy kid , not very loud. One of things that holds me back is my friends who now that I think about it are very lame , they wont self amuse.NONE of them will approach even though some have some game they WONT approach.

Strong points : Eye contact . (but still needs work)

Weakpoints : MAJOR problem with mid game , and conversational skills in general. Little to no physicality. Tonality. Pretty well everything .

Goals: To go out and fuck women , I have no desire in 1 girlfriend that I'll be with. This way I can constantly improve everyday in all these areas , while a girlfriend will heavily limit me. Unless she is cool with it. I want to obtain very good conversational skills that will not only help me in pickup, but in life in general. Also I'd like to be the guy that can be center of a good time , I'm hanging with my buddies and they want girls over I want to be able to bring them over and allow everyone to have a great time. Share the love .

Here is my first ever SOBER approach . (I've approached before but its when almost passed out drunk) Happened about 2-3 weeks ago , haven't approached since.

"Hey , My name is James" doesn't hear me first time , so I say again .

"Hi , Im Kelsey"

then boom shake hands and for the first time ever on my first approach I go with the spin , she is totally caught off gaurd like no one has done this before so she was smiling and pretty happy but then ,

"so... are you here with friends"

"uhmm yeah a few , but i dont go here" ...

"uhm ok" (look away)

me: so how old are you

her 19, how old are you

me : 18 (im 17 still , so i had to lie)

me : wow 19 , you're oldddddd

her : what?? Im old??

me: ok im gonna go , bye

I plan on taking an RSD bootcamp once I turn 19 as that is the legal drinking age in my part of Canada , I've already started saving and Im over half way there, Im not sure who I'd like to go on but I'm thinking either Brad,Jeffy, or Alex if they come down this way :)
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I haven't been approaching , wont lie because Im a faggot. All I've really been doing lately is pushing my comfort zones a bit in class , such as speaking in class stating opinions and such which is out of my comfort zone.
One thing I've noticed lately is I'll notice what people are wearing , doing , and acting a lot more now as a way to start a conversation. Also in the last 3 weeks I've talked to a few random strangers and bus stops and such , something I NEVER would have done before so even though I'm not cold apporaching I still feel im progressing socially.

Right now Im just going to focus on schoolwork and improving socially , not approaching, once December hits and I'm winter break I'm going set out some goals and complete them. Ill start out with 1-5 approaches on my first day and keep stepping it UP EVERY DAY , IM GOING TO BEAST FOR ALL OF WINTER BREAK, THE MALLS BE PACKED WITH BITCHESS.
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Today I decided I'm going to sell my xbox and all games , and possibly sell my desktop and buy a laptop. As I instead of studying and doing homework I've just been playing xbox. 

Also in class today I was a total , wouldn't speak up about my opinions in class , also it was weird I was just having a normal conversation and I randomly get hot as fuck, turn red , and sweat this happens when I'm nervous or put o nthe spot but I really wasn't... thought I was getting over this.

Anyway to end it off on a good note , I started a conversation to some random guy at my bus stop so the day wasn't a total waste.
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Starting SEO today... getting some help from someone and should have sites up and running soon which will be awesome!
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Finally a field report.

So it starts out just walking to the party , pre gaming as we walk because were awesome. Get to the party kinda buzzed so hi to fucking everyone settle in a bit then see that party is slow so what do I DO? Grab some beer grab some ping pongs start a beer bong game. This game is fucking intense it brings everyone around the table im loud as fuck and I win , I've brought everyone together single handedly I feel so fucking awesome. See two girls , eye contact . GO. I dont remember the set but it didn't go anywhere but it was fun , they had fun , I had fun it was good.

See another 2 set , HB 9 is with one of my friends introduce myself , spout the most random shit ever , I think I talked about my blue shirt and how awesome it was and that her shirt was blue even though it was clearly green , but since I'm retarded I convinced everyone around me that it was blue , SHE LOST THIS BATTLE. Then I take a break , go in the other room see whats up with a few buds then go to the washroom. Exit washroom. SEE STAIRS. Think of epic idea since bored. Slide stairs on my ass everyone sees this.. they laugh think I'm dumb as fuck. I grab closest person. Race them down the stairs , win ofc. Now EVERYONE wants to race one again Im bringing the fun. Race HB 9 , get physically by grabbing her so I win , sit on steps look deep in eyes spout some random shit again, its ON. she is 100% sober though and this works against me. I go down help my drunk retard friend then some asshole pukes in a fucking cup... like what the fuck so I sit and randomly laugh.

Later in the night see HB 9 and friend , she tells me we were all in the same class in grade 3 ... I know this. I try and convince otherwise. A bunch of other fun stuff happens , I don't go for a kiss or anything , dont think logistics are good or anything. As were having fun , I get HB 9s BBM ( more solid than texting I think) . She declines at first , I say put it in. She does. Thanks to From Text to Sex I wait 10 minutes "Hey dork! Get home safe"
so I guess Ill text her some time after work , see were this goes. I guess you could say she is in my social circle kind of.... this literally my first ever solid number so this will be a new experience for me.

What I got out of this night?

The goods:
Focused on tonality , eye contact , and physicality all were good.
Brought the fun , was the life of the party every guy wanted to be me , all the girls wanted me
Learned that literally anything you say doesn't matter, and that I am good enough to attract to HOT girls

The bads:
Was pretty hammered , if I could be the same way I was drunk sober. I would have no problem with women AT ALL.
Was still really in my head until I was hammered.
Did a lot of pushing , but kind of forgot the pull...

Just gotta keep going out and pushing my comfort zone... do it more sober everytime until I dont need it..
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My first real crack at text game....

me: blue is such a beautiful color , its sky and water. Green is the color of brussel sprouts ... so lame.

hb9: and grass , and leaves , so pretty.

me: im not that easily persuaded you'll have to do better than that.

hb9: greens the color of my eyes , just gorgeous . Lol

me: you're lucky you were blessed with a great facial structure and stunning eyes, otherwise I wouldnt be convicned

hb9: oh I woulda found some way to convice you

me: i would have loved to see you try , but its probably for the best , who knows what you would have come up with

hb 9 : something just hilariousss

me: i hope something my innocent ears can handle , I dont want you taking me down a bad path.

hb9: no such thing as a bad path

me: i thought you were a good girl , now im worried you might make me do something bad... if there is such a thing

hb9: I already told you.. there is no bad things

some random shit after , telling her im gonna go study and become president or some shit . How did I do??
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Haven't posted in ages... been posting on another site. Ill post the previous field reports from the day I started actually approaching , and then whatever new things happen. Just looking back on these few posts and how much Ive changed.


Borrowed my friends id, first time going clubbing EVER. Got pretty fucking smashed so this isn't a great representation of my game.

Night started in the line up... at 11. Nothing to do but a few girls infront of us and people behind us so we started chatting them up. Good to get a warm up and talk to people with no intentions other than normal conversation. Then I see some cuties, my friend sees a guy and assumes he's french I go and ask him . He's Dutch and African , so I then assume they all are (they are all white except the guy) and let them know loud and clear. I say I want to marry one of them and I do , lol.... then someone is like you may now kiss the bride, I didn't idk if i was scared but she didn't seem to into it and i wasnt physical enough. we finally got in 2 hours later at fucking 1 am...

Anyway... it was the funnest night Ive had in ages.. one of the greatest experiences in my life. I had a few to drink ,

first girl i see walk in the club first approach is a solid 8.5/10 with her group of like 3 friends.
I dont remember what was said other than "ey you're cute" but i know I was very physical RIGHT OFF the bat , and started body rocking almost instantly , this girl is probably the hottest ive ever gotten with straight babe!
Somehow isolated really easily, and started making out for a long time... some finger blasting full on vagina , some more making out. She was 22. Got #. Checked for logistics idk why cuz no way i was pulling her.

Next I think I got some brazillian girls number.. not sure was pretty easy and quick.

THen some 7/10 asian , went physical pretty quick and I start making out but she doesn't want to be seen? so we go upstairs where its dark and make out , she starts rubbing my dick (first time this has happened) then she unzips my pants and takes my dick out and starts giving me a handjob first ever. However some club guy comes and I put my dick away before he sees and he tells us to come down cuz we weren't allowed up there. BLUE BALLS FOR ME THANK YOU ASSHOLE. I did like 10-15 more approaches. I got rejected 3 times by one girl , and 2 by another. (I forgot I approached them until after I said hi -.-)

-Rejection is fun and it didnt phase me
-words mean nothing, being physical with good eye contact and such will do wonders...
-when someone else is rubbing your dick it feels so much better.
-i have like 5 numbers and I cant remember what half them look like

-need to work on verbals , even though its not needed having strong verbals will help me hook the set
-i dont need to make out with a girl for 20 minutes.. it wastes time and i even knew I wasnt getting anything else
-drink less alcohol next time and work off momentum.

I was on fire , I think my first 4 approaches I got #s and 2-3 makeouts. Then IT WAS REJECTION AFTER REJECTION. I also got rejected by the same girl 3 times. One australian girl rejected me twice after I tried to convince her I too was australian and that i train kangaroos.

I felt like I kinda blew myself out half the time because I blanked out A LOT and didn't transition.
left the club at 3 , got home at 5 am.
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After 3 months I finally went and did some day game with a few guys off the forum. First approach took a bit because its been so long but I jumped in there and the first 2 approaches were.....

15 and 16 year olds, like the what the fuck. 14 year olds need to stop looking 18. but i seriously kept running out of shit to say and its a major sticking point for me , approaching isnt really an issue anymore.

3rd set didnt hook

finally on my 4th set we see this tall , blonde girl i think she was taller than me so she was like 6'1 or 6'2 AMAZON MODE. Anyway... Ill try and post whole conversation but memories a bit foggy

Me : Excuse , this is random but i saw you walking and I had to say you're cute
Her: giggles , thank you!
me: Im james
her: im hb 7.5 nice to meet you
me: so what are you up to
her: oh just going to buy some shorts for jogging
me : oh awesome *high five* ( then i say something about like girls who are into fitness or w.e

Cant really remember anymore but I remember complimenting her a bit more but really just doing some vibing , I could tell she was hooked right away and building attraction wasn't even an issue.

i then proceeded to get rejected by a married girl , and some girl in a rush.

the end.

expect more tomorrow , oh and my text game is shit so ill see where this goes..

pros- approaching wasn't hard
-finally got in field after a long time
-approached hard and loud

-still blanking out very quickly
-ejecting WAY to early just because i blank
-walking for 3 hours really makes me tired.
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Wow... terrible night. Went to a party , I could not get anything going with any girls at all... I couldn't hook any girls at all.

I probably could have got some as there were 2 girls I'd already hooked up with... but I was trying to improve my standards and not just go for it because I could.

Actually I did hook one girl , but I wasn't really attracted to her and she wasn't my type.

I'm realizing now that you can even have a shitty night while drinking alcohol, and that getting hammered is not the answer to anything.

Pick up is all about persistence guys and yesterday I got a big realization that I'm just half assing this shit , but I want to be good, really good. Its a goal of mine and I realized Im not very good at this stuff but I CAN BE. Im going to start dedicating more time to this and setting goals for myself.

Getting this part of my life sorted will make a huge difference.. its something that will positively change my life forever.

If you guys have any doubts about approaching that girl , or going out on that date you just need to realize all the rejection, and blowouts will be 100% worth it in the end
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Cool . Went out today to the mall.

While I was waiting for my friend I saw these 2 girls with some DAMN FINE BOOTIES. I go and approach in what was my first ever legit solo approach and it went okay but they had to go. I did so many new things today.

I got rejected 6 or 7 times however I did a lot of things Ive never done before.

I approached an employee , she was married -.-

I approached a mixed set , 2 GUYS 1 girl. One of the guys was her boyfriend.

Me and my buddy approached 2 FINE girls at the same time , we've never done this and wanted to try it. Wasn't so bad but kinda hard to isolate. My friend opened by saying "Hey is this place good (mcdonalds) Ive never heard of it in my life "

I felt so good today , none of the approaches lasted more than 20 seconds at the most which is bad.

Didnt have much AA was approaching set after set and just felt good.

My major sticking point is blanking out.. I blank out like every approach today and I feel like thats why they didn't last long... like right after the opener I blank. Although I think this will auto correct over time and countless approaches is there anything else I can do that will help?
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Went out with the same guys from last time , started with a two set but my friend was doing most of the talking and I managed to get a fake number !

Then I had a set that went well hot blonde but I FUCKING EJECTED even though it was going okay , ABC. ALWAYS BE CLOSING . I will remember for next time.

Got a few more boyfriend cards

Then I approached some girl at a booth . Went indirect for like the second time ever and I felt it was the best interaction I've had... I just opened with "You look very bored" and went from there , she had a boyfriend though!!!

Then I had another good approach opened with " your eyes are absolutely gorgeous " (big blue eyes) and it went good , she was a baker and I work at a bakery then when I went for close and she said she didnt have a phone.... then Im like well here ill give you my number and you can call me, but she said na.

That was my day! and Im going out tomorrow downtown for daygame like all day so it shall be fun!!

Also Im going to RSD free tour on the 23rd . Julien is hosting so should be fucking awesome.
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