November 19th, 2018
How to do push pull
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French being my first language, I always struggled with the subtleties of the English language and when I would try teasing the girl it would always come off as an insult. Also never having anyone to tease growing up even in French I wasn't good at it. As I got older and met a lot of people who considered me their elder or mentor, teasing came naturally and I started to understand it more.

The reason why you would do push pull is to escalate, flirt, let your intention known without putting pressure on the girl and while keeping it fun, exciting and unpredictable. You can fuck many girls, probably more girls actually with only pulling, but in the end, push pull is less polarizing and will get you blown out less. But at the same time, it's less strong than just a strait up pulling comment.

An example of pulling would be:

I feel romantic tonight let's hold hands.

Would probably work really strongly on a small % of girls and get you in if it does.

An example of adding a push would be:

I don't want you do buy me flowers, that's just weird, but I feel romantic tonight let's hold hands.
I feel romantic tonight let's hold hands, but don't go buying me flowers that's just weird.

Basically to me a push pull is just saying a statement of intent, or telling your intention, but adding a "but".

Another example would be to say this to the girl or the friends:

Pull only

We're gonna get married *and you put your arm around the girl*

Push pull

We're gonna get married, but don't you fall in love with me I'm just trying to get American citizenship

Sometimes I will say:

You're really adorable... but...

and then I run out of things to say. Then the girl will be like "...but what?" and I just say "I don't know" and it seems to have a similar effect.
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