December 11th, 2018
Beginners Journal
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 Been going out on and off, went on family holiday ect.. stopped writing up field reports decided on to write if something interesting happened.

Friday Kensington 7July

Im choding around avoiding approaching, i walk through a crowded corridor to smoking area and super hotty russian/ukrainian perfect body (taller than me) walks out of toilet, i put my hand out embrace her and say
Me: Stop, stop (embrace) this is perfect
Then love ensues we makeout take her to smoking area she tells me to impress her so i put her hand on my cock, ect.. more humble kissing talking shit (I said so much funny shit i just cant remeber it) we decide we will catch up later cus its only 11pm now, i suggest we fk in the alley she goes cold. be continued..

Blowouts here and there talk to fairly hot polish girl get makeout rejection.
I see russian again but she is ignoring me...

I thought the Russian/ukrainian girl was the hottest girl in the club...until i saw this stunning welsh girl, i see her order drinks i pounce, love ensues, her friend come in i block her out pick welshy up run away with her, isolation sensual making out ensues i fall in love a little. (Again i say the funniest things but i just cant remeber) The thing is she freaks out when she cant find her friends she doesnt live in england and is really scared of getting lost and she leaves the next day...
Some of the convo that went down:
Me: where you from
Her: wales blah blah
Me: oh cool we're almost like family
Her: huh in what way
Me: im croatian
Her: huh? what has wales to do with croatia
Me: oh you know, tom jones somthing or other croatia, thats how the saying goes
Her: huh?

I meet the cutiest spanish chic with a boyfriend, i pick her up go for makeout ect.. had alot of fun with her. she was amazing, its a kick in the teeth, i only meet foriegn girls and they are always leaving england within 72hrs of me meeting them and here i meet a spanish chic who lives in london but her boyfriend is in the club.

I see russian sitting talking to some guy, i tell her to stand up she ignores me i grab her arms and pull her up and tell her "fuck him, have a more interesting conversation with me"
I go for makeout cant start biting her neck i can feel her melting, she says ok ok, il find you later. (the guy is a work friend she doesnt wanna look like a slut)

I get more blowouts.
See my wing hitting on russian really hard, he knows everything that has happened i told him, and now hes being a dick, trying to make out with her being too physical creeping her out, she realises we are friends and what do you know she goes cold on me again and refuses to talk to me.

I bump into welshy again gourgeous!! sensual making out, her friends want to leave and again shes really scared of being divided for them, but i pick her up and make a made dash for the toilets but a little fatty of doom won't leave us alone. Welshy invites me to hyde park concert..i dont have tickets n its a waste of my time trying to find her there, where would i fk her if i went? shell be freaking out even more about getting lost in the 2nd biggest park in london, itl just be a headache.

Well..logistics were not on my side niether was my wing it seems.
I need to fkin leave england i hate english girls and the logistics with foriegn girls are impossible.
*I just noticed I don't go up to girls and give them compliments any more "hey your gorgeous" ect.., i've simply been saying hi who are you blah blah blah, and the only time i mention how hot they are is when i get physical, its my excuse for getting physical, your so fking sexy i need to man handle you.

-I calibrated to the venue very well, i was chill and my approaches were calm and smooth, i just tapped them on the shoulder and said hi, theres no need to grab their arms pull them in, in a quite venue.
-Self trust, i know what gets girls, it was so easy, effortless, i got the super hot welsh n russian girls by being not doing. I've built the skills, its who i am now.
-All the makeouts were really smooth.

-Got over cocky thought i had the russian in the bag and threw out the fkin in the alley line. face palm*
-When i was making out with the welshy she was insanly into it, grabbing my shirt pullin me in trying to rub her vag against me, but i was reserved with touching her up, i shouldv felt her ass up gone for the finger bang then dominated her ass into the toilet,

-Feel the situation out, it wasnt a fk in the alley moment, fk in an alley moment wouldv included deep making out and finger banging.
-Play the long game spend time with the girl "time is your ally"
-If there is a boyfriend in club issue take phone out turn on mic and get the girl to say her number in the mic so noone suspects im taking her number.
-Fully feel up the girl and go for finger bang everytime the making out gets intense, get her super horny then pull her to a fking location.
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ok dude, good to see you're posting up shit again, you were creamin it last night.

but that russian girl literally came up to me and this dutch dude i was speaking with and started a conversation with us, i gave her shit, probably gave off more of a sexual vibe than i wanted to but i did tell her to go away when you walked up to us. I clearly pushed her back into your arms, so it's unfair to say i'm a dick and that i wasn't on your side man.
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 Soo.. Thursday 12 July

Went to west end, did some approaches met up with babe went to camden.

I was approaching alot but kept getting blowouts, i had a great night on friday i guess i kept expecting good reactions and when they didnt come id get frustrated, needy and blowout...
There were odd times when i did get a good reaction but then id just fuck it up, i was faking it, i wasn't being "real", e.g i felt awkward so i should've just behaved in that way instead of trying to force a good interaction.

I was pretty out of it, wanted to go back to west-end but babes suggested to just keep approaching, so i did and eventually i meet a spanish girl, hit it off.
She was with two guys i approached her, the guys were drunk trying to tool me, i ignore them eventually they start hugging one another so i take her hand and slip her into the next room (isolation) taking her hand and moving her was the first physical contact, more talking makeout a bit, we move to the seating area and I see babes is already there with the girl he soon takes home. Took it to the very end, suggested i drive her and her friend home (which is the direction i was going anyway) but the friend wasn't too comfortable jumping into the car, so, ill see her sunday shag her then.

What i've noticed lately is girls get really horny, when i kiss them, i just go lips cus thats how i like it but they always try ram their tongue down my throat, rub their against me and in general try to press themselves against me. 
I don't exactly know what it is that im doing that makes them act like this. It has usually been me whos trying to push the physicality.
I suppose its just being none needy and aloof, the fact that im not giving her compliments or wanting anything from her but rather im just flirting and giving "value".

-Approaching is the answer to any problems your having
-Self trust, I got this.
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 You have nerves of steel dude. Looked like you had it in the bag from when you started mounting her on the seats lol, thought you were gonna have a threesome or some shit at the end.
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Past 5 times i've gone out have been shit, i felt shitty, grumpy, every approach was really awkward and with every approach that was awkward the less id want to approach.
It was wierd even after 10 approaches in the night id still have butterflies and just couldn't get into the zone.

So by the 4th & 5th night after so many awkward interactions i had approach anxiety.
I approached approach approached, finaly hit some state and started having fun in the first time in a long time.
Made out with a 7, made sure she didn't throw the tongue out, 7s arn't hot enough for tongue action, she had a cute face but was slighty chubby, not for me, never.

I'm not sure why i went through a dark spell
Maybe it is a dip before a spike, or maybe i went into a little deppresion after pulling logistics slapped me in the face 4 times, it could also be because i had a great night with two 9s a while back and i went into a little deppresion because girls that hot are hard to come by.

Anyway, this bad spell has finished.
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 Thursday 2nd August [2nd Lay]

Got laid in my car!

On Tuesday I met up with Van of Victory, the night in terms of pick up was pretty shit, we went to an american student night ...headache...

Thursday we met up again hit a venue VoV wanted to go to, I didn't like it, i just basically sulked whilst VoV salsa danced with a ton of girls, the plan was to leave at 1 and check out a place in north london, in the mean time i took a stroll down soho to kill some time, finally 1 came around we were about to leave when a cute blonde 8 walked down the stairs, i chase after her grab her, fluff fluff we start making out.

I tell VoV when they come back from the toilet take the friend to the dance floor so i can run away with my one to my car. The plan works out perfectly, as soon as VoV goes to the friend I take my one by the hand take her upstairs and tell her about a cool "Bar" just 10 minutes away,
Me: lets go lets go, don't worry, we will be back before this song finishes, come on for fucks sake lets go lets go, its fine don't worry your friend is with my friend, everything is fine, lets quick.

So we leave the bar and navigate liester square and picadilly circus, and down the alley way my car is parked in, i start making out with her rubbing her and getting her warmed up before i reveal we are entering my car, then i unlock the car and she says, she can't if the circumstances were different she would love to jump in the car and have sex but she can't leave her friend alone.
Me: thats fine, don't worry, im never going to make you do anything you are uncomfortable with.

We head back to the bar, but VoV and the friend arn't there, she calls the friend turns out VoV has taken the friend home, my girl puts her phone down and looks at me
Her: should we go back to the car?

We go back to the car, i get a blow job, i fuck her, she cums, then she finishes me off with another blowjob, i jizz on her, she wipes it up with her hand and swallows it.. nice.
Also my car was parked infront of the main doors of a small club, the bouncer was just standing there, whilst i was getting a blowy, so wierd, lots of people walked pass us aswell, it just turned her on even more.
Also we were parked outside were Isaac Newton used to live :P, so i had sex outside Isaac Newtons house!

What ozzie said in Transformations is so true, as soon as you take a girl into your car the clothes go flying off.
-The reason this happens is because they want to have sex, they see the opportunity, nobodies around to judge me, i can get away with it.

-Honestly, girls just want to have sex, you just have to be mature enough to create a situation where it can happen.
-As soon as you have that connection, all you have to do is take them to a quite place where you can have sex.
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Dude, youve had the new car for 3 days and youve christened it already! lol

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 So the las tfew nights i felt like i was stuck in limbo, 4 months ago i was having great interactions with women, and now nothing, I couldn't understand it, it just made me frustrated.

Well I figured it out, I went back to the basics:
Approaching hard, Having Breaking rapport tonality, Relaxing, being expressive, strong eyecontact, calibrating, being loud, being non-judgemental, self amusing (and embracing illogicality), having the frame she will end up loving me, Leading, Escalating, Closing, sorting logistics, making strong decisions, Physically and mentally dominating the chick, not taking yourself seriously, placing yourself as already chosen by all girls and of course pushing for the close.

These past few weeks I'd been going out without a plan, no wonder I had a shit time.

Self Amusment:
Tonight I really pin pointed what self amusment meant to me, using my stupid one liners.

It not mystery method shit, its just stupid one liners I use to snap girls out of their reality and into mine, stupid stuff like I love you, im going to kill your boyfriend, and other stuff I can't remeber right now.
I haven't been using them lately and no shit I was having trouble hooking girls and having a conversaiton.
The lines for one snap girls out of their reality, two make me laugh,
Once im laughing im having a good time (state) and when your having a good time you relax and you get out of your head and you start thinking on the spot and usually say some rediculous stuff that you can use as new one liners in the future.

So field report:
Saturday 19 August
Felt awkward, approached a few and even though it was awkward I persisted, I didn't stop untill they walked away which they did, I was having a rough night, but still plowing. One set was two guys two girls, I went to the one I like, ignored the guys trying to "AMOG" me and focused on the girl despereatly trying to piece together some sort of conversation, I got destroyed and they walked away.

Then I thought about how I had such great interactions in the past and realised I stopped using the lines I used before, so slowly I brought them back, and what do you know, I'm having a great time, I hit state, a sexy cougar did a little dance in front of me, I picked her up span her around kissed her then spanked her ass, I grabbed a cute brasilian girl off the dance floor snuck away with her in the garden area started making out (sensual style not crazy party style) tried to go for the pull but didn't work, got the phone number instead will hopefully meet for coffee tommorow.

On my way out of the club (by this time i was solo my wing went home) I walked out onto the street to see the cougar again, I gave her a hug, took her number and had another little makeout. But forgot to try pull her..stupid..(The girls weren't that hot 7.5s, so im not that bothered i didn't pull, i just don't have it in me to pull girls who aren't really hot.)

Edit: Texted the cougar she messaged back, I only did it for shits and giggles, i don't really want to meet up with her.

Note to self:
If your having a shit night or shit spell of nights, remeber the basics, remeber what worked before and do it again.
Silly lines = Self amusment
Eye contact, physicality, loudness, breaking rapport, passing shit tests, strong frame = Attraction
Decisivness, screening for logistics, leading = Oppurtunities
Combine them all and you get laid, or worst case scenario you have an amazing night like tonight was.
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 This is for sure not a beginners journal anymore! I just read the last two pages but if you were a beginner when you started this thread you've made huge progress! Highly motivational reading this!
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 @MatteFFS Thanks for reading, i agree im definantly in a differnt place to where i was in october, but im still held back slightly by some social conditiing that i need to overcome, but that'll come with time, no pressure.

Firday 31st August

First night out in about 14days, and I had a SNL opportunity, not bad ;)

So i felt stifled even though i approached but i was quite reserved by my standards.

Eventually i saw a hot girl on the dance floor with some guy, so i went in pulled them apart and tried running away with the girl, it was working at first but I guess they're an item, cus i couldn't pull her away, but this did bump me into a better emotion place (state)

The potential SNL girl is sitting down with some friends and is making eye contact with me, I smile back and wave, I tell her to come over, she says no tells me to come to her, so i ignore her and talk to my friend.
She eventually walks pass, I grab her arm, but she keeps moving, i pull her back then we enter a tug of war where she is desperatly pulling away, but i hold on firmly, eventually she starts laughing,
Her: im too old for you
Me: im 24 how old are you (im actually 22)
Her: Im 31
Me:! What, but your so hot
Her: haha i know, im going dancefloor
and she goes away.

Later in the night i see her checking me out again, so i go up to her we chat, we end out sitting down and just chilling, her friends come up asking if shes ok blah blah, she says yh it fine and the friends go away, I just sit there and smile at the friends.
She mentions she has a boyfriend many times and goes into detail about him so i believe her, but she is still making strong eye contact with me so i stay in. I tell her to stand up and we move to a  quite area of the garden. After some makeout rejections we eventually start making out very sensually, she gets lost in the makeout i.e is really into it.

I should've started fingering her, as soon as sensial making out happens start fingering. 

But i didn't i was a bitch, I was afraid she might freak out so i took it slow, and i was trying to figure out how i could by pass her friends and take her to my car, which is hard in this club cus we have to go through a very well lit area and go down some lifts ect...

I should've started fingering her and taken her further to the darker area of the garden where i could've fucked her there and then.
So the Lesson: As soon as sensual making out happens start fingering!.
Like ozzie says in his book, guys don't get physical out of fear of fucking up the interaction, but im slightly at a more advanced level of this were im afraid of fingering the girl out of fear of fucking up the interaction, even though both times i pulled I fingered the girls immidiatly after making out.

But instead i just made out with her, gingerly felt her up, then went back to the main garden area, and as soon as her friends were around she acted as if she didn't know me, I guess she didn't want her friends to tell her boyfriend anything so she went cold.

-As soon you start sensual making out, start fingering the girl, shes horny and ready to be fucked.
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