December 16th, 2018
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 I'm 21, in London, Going out as many times as possible.

I'm going to be approaching, not choding
I'll keep a note of my interaction, and thoughts throughout each night.


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 Jeffy HotSeat: Saturday 24th Septmeber [P.s Ima keep record of dates like a dork]
This will help as I can read it everytime I write a new post

Things I've Noted:

-Core Confidence, Giving Value, Assertiveness, Unreactive
-Assertiveness: Lead Lead Lead Lead Lead

-Its not about Ego, it about Sex
-Not trying to Impress, Trying to get Laid

-Lower the bar for how good your verbals have to be
-Statements of Intent

-Owen Meditates, and I know first hand this improves your mood
-Going through the motions gets you into state

-30 Second Game
-Shouting "Beast Mode" and "Argh" gets you in mood

-Escalation causes the Attraction
-1/3 Fuck off 1/3 Haha but no 1/3 Yes!

Step1: Approach
Step2: Man to Woman connection, Not Friend to Friend
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 Night 1: Monday 26th September
Went out with Tezer

-Meditated for 12mins
-Jumped into the middle of the queue, a small 7, and tall 7 were checking me out, but just ignored it, and continued talking to Tezer
-Got in, we chilled, danced a bit, choded from approaching a few hotties

-Me and Tezer began the 30Sec Game, In total I approached about 8-10 girls, about two were from my own intuition, the rest from doing the 30sec game

Good Interactions:
She walks pass me, I grab her [Claw] by the elbow, she turns around I pull her in, [I always was kinda scared of doing this, I thought it was creepy, Well not any more!!]
>Me: Hey you're Cute
>8: Oh, Thank you
>Me: [Don't remeber]
>8: I'm on my way outside
>Me: Don't go stay with me
>8: No seriously, I have to go

Shes at the bar back to dance floor, her body 9
>Me: Hey you're Cute
>9: Oh, Thank you
I now realise she is fugly, and just walk away

Blow Outs!:
Hot tall girl walking in club next to dance floor, I get in her face and claw her by the arms
>Me: Hey, I just wanted to ask you, have you noticed how fucking cool I look
>8: [Looks at me for a sec or 2] (My heart is beating) No [Walks Away]
[I go to celebrate the Blow Out with Tezer]

Blonde 7.5ish, walk by, and enters dance floor, I claw her by the arm, she turns around and leans in to hear me, I then claw her around the shoulder
>Me: You're cute
>7.5: What
>Me: I said you're hot
>7.5: [Starts pulling away] Your too handsy [Turns away and walks off]
[Success my first well deserved Blow Out! I go to celebrate with Tezer!]

Hot girl walks past me,
I claw her by the arm, she turns around and smiles,
I hold her arm but very weakly, [Like a Bitch] Her smile dissapears and walks off
[I should've held her arm hard, and pulled her in, ASSERTIVENESS!! 

-One thing I noticed is all the chode bitches in the club, whenever I go to talk to a girl, they jump in with this attitude, as if you to say, "Hey I'll save you from the pickup chode"
     Or.. Maybe this is just in my head..Well after a while, this became another excuse for why not to approach.

I'll write up lessons later..
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 House Party: Friday 30th September

Went to a house party hosted by some uni friends in Kent

Hot mixed race swedish girl
Hot Maltise girl
Sexy Polish girl

Those were my targets for tonight, all of them i didn't know prior to the party.

On the dance floor, salsa and other dirty dancing music is playing, I grab the swede, I salsa with her but she is very reluctant, so I stop trying to be sexual and grab another girl and start owning the dance floor with my salsa skills, dancing with about four girls at one point, all the guys are in the kitchen or sitting around watching us.

Maltise girl runs to her friends shouting dance with me, so i grab her take her to the dance floor, she knows im dancing with all the girls and calls me "naughty boy" I try bite her neck, shes not having it and keeps calling me a naughty boy, so i grab another girl and do some more two on one dancing.

Finally, I grab the polish girl who is 17, super tight body, tall, perky tits, flawless hotty but i kind of ignored her because of course she was 17. Grabbed her, she was very happy, a little nervous, she fucked up a bit when we danced, she was slow to react when i lead her, I bite her neck, she likes it, we are holding hands, its about mid-night so I hold it off considering two of her older brothers are in the party. Around 4 the part is dieing down slowly people are going to sleep the brothers are gone but a girlfriend of one of them is still around, I begin dancing with Polish girl again, waiting for the girlfriend to dissapear, I begin making out with her, make sure I have a condom, after some time of this the girlfriend comes to collect her and thats it I go to sleep horny..
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Holy shit, Its been two Months!!

Its been a long time since I last posted, and i've had some epiphanies

Ok first, I have been sick one week and had family torubles another week so thats two weeks in last two months i've not gone out.

Student Night: 11th October
[Notes from my Android phone]

Note, im so demotivated im taking notes...

It took me a while to build confidence to approach, thoughts i had were, i dont have the balls to eye up to her, if she like my approaching i wont know what to say next, this will be awkward.

I often think, what woul goran~, ozzie, pringles, jeffy, tyler do...

First Girl: Claw arm, rips away, i feel more comfortable and up for approaching.

Second Girl: you're cute, her friends laugh, she turns away...ok  moving on...

Third Girl: on dance floor, HEY! you're cute, her, err thank you, turns back to me...

After this thoughts are, whats the point, il just get rejected again, it seems everyone is here with friends, they not interested in beeing approached, theres alot of couples here, coupples making out and holding hands, its like every guy is very defensive over girls when i approach.

Note: Before when going to approach i would think...OMG is this it im going to appeoach my life will change from now on.. or id just be very scared, or just imagine approaching. [So there has been progress from begining to now]
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 Back to that epiphany

Bar in Westend Friday 11th November

Went to bar/club, ugly girls mostly, choded around, approached the hottest girl there, claw her arms she tugged away.. thats it.
Saw another hotty with two gay friends, did approach but wanted to, Saw her when she walked in but just choded made up excuses like, i talk to her when shes settled in, taken her coat off ordered a drink ect...

Club in Kensington Saturday 12th November    Day of EPIPHANY

Stood around for good hour with my thumb up my arse like a real bitch.
Bringing the energy down of my group..
First approach cute short blonde.. she just ignored me and wouldn't talk, after that i felt on fire, and the night was full of approaches left right and center, no approach anxiety at all. Wonderful

That was my epipany, Appraoch and the night will be fucking fun!!

Bar in Clapham Friday 18th November

Lots of hot, cute girls, way more girls than guys here, but no approaching choded with friends, used them as an excuse not to approach... outcome = shit night, boring

Club in Pimlico Saturday 19th November

Sat with my thumb up my arse again for a good hour and a half.
Hot tall blonde was constantly looking over at me.

Hour later went to approach her, my heart was in my throat beating like fuck. Took a moment to compose myself and walked up [very wierd but as soon as i walked up my heart relaxed and i was supper comfortable] said somthing, she wasn't interested

Then...Night goes crazy, im having so much fun approaches left and right.
Its amazing the ability to have an amazing night on command is in my hands, I can always have fun!

You're cute.. isn't working for me, at least at this moment in time/ in my progession
I'm single...I like this, it sounds cool and powerful
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 I've read a post by Goran~ 

Il post a url soon, its about saying to yourself, she is gonna be a before you appraoch....I can't do this at night, for one theres too much stimuli for me at the mo to think about new things...

But during the day it will be good, as i often think about how the appraoch will go good/ go bad.
This isn't helpful

It will be better to say, she will be a bitch...can i deal with lets approach...

I just need to remeber to think this when i see a hottie on the

Niel from denmark [Dont know rsd nickname] told me he loves day game, he gave me his line.. Hi my name is XYZ, are you single...May i hit on you.
Have been wanting to do this since he told me haven't yet, although i've had many oppotunities to.
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-Ozzies videos on his blog helped me get to this new level. His video on approaching the hardest set to test yourseld, to be the hero made a great impression on me. 
-Approaching is sooo much fucking fun
-The first approach is the most exhilerating, it must be done
-I have the choice to have a great night all not, approach = amazing night.  Don't approach = boring shit

Sticking Points:
-I do not know what to fucking say...
-I need to get to the next level, don't know how, need to build convo with girls, need to make something happen that makes girls think 'wow' hes sex worthy
-I need to claw girls, and spin them, pick them up and spin.. be masculine, dominant. That is my next goal. That will bring me to the next level.

>I know this because Tezer does it when we go out, and girls light up around him, he does it everytime, claw spin, claw spin even when they say fuck off and runaway he still trys to spin them as they run away :D

-Just like Ozzies videos helped me reach this level, I need to dig in the rsd archives to find what advice can help me to the next level.

When I watched ozzies videos, as soon as I got a good concrete idea, I stopped watching the others, i wanted to make sure i understood it and applied it before loading my brain with other stuff. so now i want to get more advice find the one that works for me and use it.

Haha, wonderful in writing this post I answered my own Sticking Point! This is it:

This will bring me to the next level:
-I need to claw girls, and spin them, pick them up and spin.. be masculine, dominant. That is my next goal. That will bring me to the next level.

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Nice to see this is up and running

Funny you mention the 'spin', me and Neil from the Copenhagen crew talked about this a little. Sometimes it can come up as a crutch to get the girl attracted to you, I KNOW I'VE DONE IT! We even watched a little chode do it just when we were discussing it...

Do it for now just to get the hang out of being more physical, but know when to calibrate it later bro
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 Club Kensington Friday 25th November

Felt shit all day at work, had sore throat, had the sleeps you usually have when sick, took lots of aspirins and drank coffee and forced myself to go out CONGRUENCE!! 

Tonight was easy, went into club got into the groove of the music, felt calm and relaxed stretched my hands out  held them up aove my head took up space danced to the music.

There was a hot girl by her self on her phone txtin didn't approach, me and Tezer hit the dance floor find our spot Tezer jumps into middle of a group of girls starts doing his stripper moves for them, then the hot girl appears beside me dancing on her own.

Me: (Hmm haha she likes me..hearts beats a bit, i tell Tezer this, then claw her by the arm) I'm single!
Her: You don't look it
(I spin her)
and so on it went well, started touching her body up, she wanted me to get her a drink i said no lets go to the patio, picked her up and walked through the whole club, to the patio area, she runs back to dance floor gets her purse and then hand in hand we go outside.

Shes bitchin about being cold 5 mins later back on dancefloor.
Dancing more she wont make out with me.

Later we go back to patio, she wants to smoke I tell her no she can't around me, so she doesn't, build comfort tell her about my dreams...I tell her im 21, she says shes 26...[BULLSHIT] more like 36.

She gives me shit tests:
Her: you had a hard on inside
Me: yh you're right i did, i don't have one know though
Her: why not, arn't i sexy any more
Me: I dont get hard on when i talk to girls only when i touch them

Me: You're body is amazing (It really was)
Her: you have a belly
Me: yh you're right, i do

Her: What do you do,
Me: what do YOU do
Her: it doesn't matter what a girl does, it only matter what a man does, its all about having status, you know having a big dick and all
Me: Well I hate my job, i get mimum wage, i live with my parents, i have a belly, i dont have a big dick, its the size of a baby carrot, my status is down here (i hover my hand just above the ground)

Back to dance floor and get text from my bro: Dude just pull her, if she doesn't want to go dont waste you time.

So I make out with her and say "sko, sko now!"

We walk to get my coat, faggots take like 10mins, i get back shes gone, then she pops back her "friend" txted her she doesn't wanna go yet till she hears what her friends are doing [Shes in the club by herself]

So back to dance floor, i really turn up the heat, push her hard against wall spin her round so her back is to be and rub my cock against her ass hard, she loves it, spin again and press against me, she loves it, more making out.

I say lets go again, her no no, I grab my coat and hand and start dragging her out club, we in the lift going down to reception and then... where are we going, your taking me to my friends right... Im thinking WTF, no

Me: we're going to my house
Her: What no, you're so arrogant

I Lost state right here..

Me: (WTF!!) Lets go to mine we can play some playstation
Her: What? no you're arrogant iv only known you for like 3 hours
ME: (WTF!! your in a club alone, i know you wanna fuck) ??
Her: don't you care about me, are you gonna take me to my friends
Me: No,
Her: well there are plenty of girls in the club you can talk to

Long stroy short we get back into lift and part ways... :(


Anyway, did about 6-8 approaches tonight all blow outs of some sort, blow outs are annoying, its not that it affects me, its just I want better feedback, i would like to have fun with more women in clubs.

The Blowouts are generally, claw, they run away.
Me: I'm Single
Her: I'm not / I'm married

I did spin the girl i spent the whole night with upon approaching her, forgot to do that with other approaches.

Haha, funny so some gay chodes (chavs) trying to be masculiine looking really awkward in the club, all they amounted to was getting in a fight, fucking chodes to scared of little girls so instead they get in a fight. 

I spun and picked up the girl all within 90secs of meeting here and it all went well, although she did already like me before approaching.

Forgot to spin and pick up other girls i approached.

Need to Spin
Spin Girls N Pick Em Up

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Liked how you skipped through them early shit tests son, but i get the feeling that toward the end when pulling maybe you should've been more detached from the outcome. You lost state at the end cause you thought it would be all smooth sailing once outside of the club; once she asked where you was taking her that would have been perfect to start following the 'baby steps'.

"where we going..."
"For a walk, look at the stars tonight, how romantic"
"hey, you're right, they are..."

"Are you taking me back to my friends?"
"sure" (pick her up, run to the car, display physical dominance from start to finish, she's already shown she likes it from the ass-cock rubbing ;) )

Little things like that, i think, make a big difference.
Bigups on the progress you made on the night anyway, now i gotta step it up a notch myself!
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