October 23rd, 2018
Is "natural game" more suited for average/cute girls?
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9's and 10's are rare in my opinion.At least what i consider 9's and 10's.I have never even seen a 10 in real life.Where im from the hottest girls in the club are 8's
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Hey man the answer is obviously that naturals can pull the hottest women -- it's all through the Tyler Hot Seat and Hot Seat 2 reviews that most of the girls are hot -- so not sure if your post is serious or not.

Regardless I'll reply like it's serious anyway. ;)
Bidder84 wrote:
I dont wanna start some tactics VS natural game debate, but what really stuck me was when reading the hotseat review and so many people complaining about the "quality" of girls, some girls they "wouldnt even fuck for money" and lots of just average cuties.


This got me thinking that maybe natural game and "plowing" and all that is much more of a numbers game where you just approach girl after girl until u find one who wanna fuck, whereas a more intelligent type of game is made specificly for very hot girls?

Im still kind of a newbie so Im just trying to get things straight.
Okay so off the bat the Jeffy Hot Seat shows video content that accurately represents what he's been saying he's been pulling for years: a mix of girls who are hot, average, and blah (if there's a video that shows a CONCEPT that's valuable you still use it for teaching purposes regardless of the girl -- as long as there's other videos with hot girls being pulled as well, right?  The program isn't to brag it's to teach you...).

There probably isn't a PU guru whose been more honest about his results than Jeff -- like he cracks jokes that he's a sex addict and will focus on how a girl has "nice ears" if she's willing to have sex with him, so it's not like any of this is some new "revelation".  Then he also bangs and dates hot girls as well.

To record my Hot Seat I spent a lot of time and money travelling myself and a camera crew to the cities in the world where the girls are dressed to the nines -- and risked sneaking into the hottest clubs to do so -- because I knew that guys would scrutinize the Hot Seat.  In Jeff's case he took the initiative recorded it independently in San Fran in regular bars with regular dressed girls, without RSD giving him a camera crew or budget to back him up.

(Here's a brief explanation of San Fran...)

So like the video says, Jeff does this shit where there's hot women as well as in his home town where the girls are hot but aren't going to doll up like they do in LA/NY/Miami where I shot my shit because the vibe of the city is that that's snobby and superficial.  The girls look the same when they're fucking them but aren't going to pop on camera when they're dressed casually in a SF bar.

Regardless there's hot girls in Jeff's videos and he shows a lot of great shit.  The Jeffy Hot Seat is BOMB.  Read the reviews before London and they're all super positive -- but London went weird on him because he ran it 3 hours extra and showed "b real footage" he thought people would enjoy (apparently not!), not just his best shit like in previous events. ;)

Closing this thread as I don't see value in it going longer than 7 pages, but hopefully that cleared it up one way or the other for you.  Have fun! :)

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