November 20th, 2018
Hot Seat STOCKHOLM with Jeffy
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 Just gonna throw out a quick review! 

First off i have to say is that Jeffy is ridicolously funny... this is almost like a fuckin stand up but the thing is u also learn a shit lot of valuable stuff and it gives u 2nd hand reference points to show what's possible in a pickup.. He is also extremely proffessional, I get the feeling he is very tired but he treats the hot seat the same way he treats a pickup; Doesn't matter if he's tired and moody or if he's feeling good and energetic. He will still get shit done, and in a good way.

He shows that even though his style of sarging doesn't work for all guys (including me) he is still using the same basic mindsets and techniques as all the other instructors as well. He will show u clips from all parts of a pickup, very valuable stuff.

Something I would have liked to see more of is clips of Tyler, this dude is on another planet... his shit is ridicolous, and he's the only one approaching 9's and 10's in the clips if I were to rate them. That is contrary to the other instructors who seemed to go after 7's (again, how I would rate them). 

So me and a few guys I met on the seminar went out in Stockholm, and applied all of the techniques we could remember basically. AMAZING night, I think we talked to every chick in the place haha... I either had to pull or stay up until 7 to catch a train home to my city since I hadn't planned any accomodation for the night. Luckily I pulled a chick, good stuff :).

If i were to rate the Hot seat I would give it a 9/10. DEFINATELY worth the money, no doubt at all. I learned heaps of stuff I could apply INSTANTLY, and it also gave me some stuff I will work on that will help me in the long run. Thanks for a great seminar Jeff!

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