October 23rd, 2018
The Power.
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The Power:

When it comes down to it, what this game stuff really is, is a bunch of kids/men who got their power taken from them at some point & made the decision to put the work in to get it back.

We have a similar goals as everyone else in the world, we want to accumulate power, some people do it by getting rich, others do it through obtaining influence, were learning how to cultivate it from within, but at the end of the day we all want the same thing.

women submit to power... in whatever form it takes, their role in nature is and always has been to submit to power, subsequently they have became the only true litmus test for our own personal power.

The Power Struggle:

I can only speak from my own perspective on this subject; but I know that my power being taken from me caused my personality to become polarized, I have one side of me that wants to overcompensate for feelings of inadequacy and has became pretty good at doing so, and another side that has trouble adjusting to the world & is very scared of the things I view as challenges and danger associated with every day life. I'm confident that most of you relate in one way or another.

Both sides of this polar personality want power, Power in this case comes in the form of control, For example; When Its time for me to approach, despite the countless approaches I've already done and had success with my mind still tries to convince me to avoid anything thats a threat to the self image i've built... My mind clings to the illusion of control... Its in a scarcity mode on a deep level, regardless of my social skills, sense of humor, looks, achievement, my mind is still conditioned to cling to whatever control it can get because on some level I don't feel security in whatever power I do have.

This inner tension between my intention and inner control issues is directly responsible for all my problems adjusting socially (aka pimping, I feel formal so I'm writing politically correct).

Any State But "in state" is an illusion.... -State itself is just the placebo of control.

When you get in state, the o n l y difference between that and your normal behavior is the fact that you believe your in control.

-The problem is... if you have inner control issues, its impossible to believe in your control on a consistent basis.

Game Is Like Learning To Swim

Think back to when you were a kid & you were scared to go on the deep end of the pool even though you knew how to swim on the shallow side. (or think of someone you know who is like that... if you don't.. use your imagination)

The deep water is intimidating so you think you can't swim in it, when swimming is in reality no different on the shallow end.

The fact that you believe you have no control actually takes away control the same way being relaxed allows you to float... but soon as there's tension in your body u sink... 

-Swimming becomes automatic once you learn how... 

if you throw someone who can swim on the shallow end in the deep end, what happens? they swim to safety instinctively, & when they realize that it was no different their fear is gone and they can swim anywhere.

The only stipulation is in order to float on ANY side of the pool, you have to relax... clinging to control creates inner tension which takes away your control...

Ladies (or not) and gentlemen, there are no "inner game issues" rather than a collection of labels for our personal control issues that cause us to "sink" in the field... Game is INNATE, If you got through kindergarden you have all the social skills you need...

The key is not to DO anything, but rather to Let go of all the control issues that are blocking your intention...

Meditation, helps you let go of them
So does time in the field 
So do creative outlets
So does self acceptance


LET GO... Of every concept of control you have.. Let GO of game, Let GO of these catch phrases RSD, MM or anyone else has coined that convince you your in control and simply........float.... Stop Trying to OBTAIN the power.. and just cooperate with it... Nature is more powerful than me or you... But when unrestricted we ARE part of nature & that power.

I'll leave you with this

I made myself a boss then gave myself a promotion... trynna make it to the top so i could show my dogs that it exists - big sean. 
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