November 20th, 2017
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That's what I said to her. IDK if I recorded it properly or not. 
dave7 wrote:
 Zero responsibilities! 

Regards the day game chick in the lobby. You coulda just tried to bounce directly back to your place. I'm sure that was on her mind too. "Come back to my place" kind of thing. TBH, I haven't tried this in daygame yet. 
Chick was an escort and was going to "meet somebody". 

So, she was already on a mission. 
My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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FR: Monday Night (Mis)Adventures 

Okay. I don't even remember how this night started. I posted my FR in Starbucks and walked outside and realized that there were tons of cute chicks walking all over. I saw one crossing the street, but I had to go move my car before I got a parking ticket. I was so troubled, I didn't know whether to save the 40 dollars or go hit up the chick.

The chick kept looking back at me and I was like, "AHHHH", but I went to go move my car. Turns out, I didn't evenr have a parking ticket. Oh well, that awakened something in me and I hit it hard from that point on.

Usually, on Monday nights, I rest. However, for the rest of the night, I started hitting up chicks on 6th street. Between the hours of 6 PM and 9 PM there is some weird anomaly that is happening which I'm calling "Dusk Game". It's the balance between day and night game. Like, it is a PERFECT balance between the two.

Girls are by themselves and easily approaching/up for talking. They are super receptive.

AND, they are also dressed EXTREMELY well and they are specifically out looking for fun, adventure, and a good time.

"Twilight Game" before 6 isn't as good as Dusk Game. It's too much like day game and chicks aren't looking for adventure. They're either still working, just got off work, or they're not dressed/looking for adventure.

Also, fewer married chicks are on the street at Dusk Game.


Anyways, I just knew from the get-go that this would be an interesting night.

I hit up a chick, she's not super receptive. But then again, she was "eh". She walks off after I point her in the direction she's trying to go.

I get a call from one of the chicks who I left a voicemail on two days ago. She wants to hang out. I'm down. I walk to the Liquor store and buy some booze. She's about 30 minutes away. I'm still fascinated by my discovery, so I keep exploring.

I see a GODDESS walking in front of me. I'm like, "OHHHH SHITTTT". I start walking faster. I think she can feel my energy because she looks back and glances at me for a second, then just kinda disappears into some building. I wait for a couple of seconds, then I decide to hit up some more chicks. I'm just keeping my periphery open just in case she walks out.

About 5-10 minutes pass and I'm like, fuck it, and I hit up more chicks.

I see a hottie in a pink dress, high heels, and dressed sexy. I'm like, "OHHH SHITTT". I'm on the runway, but some dudes get in my way. They start hitting the chick up. I let them. Chick is heading in wrong direction. They point her somewhere, and she keeps walking. Then, she starts walking in the direction of my house.

I walk fast, walk past her, then just kinda stop, then turn and go, "HOLLLY SHITTT".

She's like, "What??"

I'm like, "You".

Her: trying to start a fight or something like that with me? *DING DING. ON*
Me: Actually, yes, I am.
Her: Well, I'll fuck you up.
Me: I'd love to see you try...but your heels...
Her: You making fun of my heels?
Me: I love...your heels.

I step up to her hard. I grab her hand. In a split second, I can tell that her rhythm is that as if though it's 2 AM already. She's pretty drunk or has been drinking a bit, but she's also physically receptive. I capitalize on this.

I move in hard. She's into it.

In my mind, I'm not even thinking about anything. It's just simply a matter of time, leading, and talking.

She's looking for a place to party with a dance floor.

"OH SHIT...I know the PERFECT place to party". I lead her to my house. She follows. She's like, "This isn't a club...somebody lives here"

"YEP," I say.

She wants some music. I put on some music. We chat. We dance. Go for makeout. She doesn't like this and she gets her bag. She wants to go to a real club with a real dance floor. I'm like, "Okay."

Lead her out the door. We walk around for a little bit. I give her the brief tour of 6th street. She wants to go to a Coyote Ugly bar, we walk up, but she doesn't have her ID. She starts yelling at the bouncer to let her in. I'm like, "Excuse her" and I pull her away.

She informs me that she doesn't have her ID and that she's actually a Canadian born, Texas Raised, Illegal Immigrant from Vancouver and her Green Card/Visa thing that she had is expired, so she has no legitimate ID. She has a four year old son who is half-black, so yes.

I'm like, "Hmmm...this is going to be interesting".

She starts talking about something. I'm just leading her. We chat. I lead. We chat some more. I grab her hand, now we're holding hands. Eventually, we start walking. I get a call from my little shorty who is heading to hang out with me. She's close by.

I get off the phone and my chick is talking to someone on the phone and she's like, "I don't think I can do that...let me call you back in an hour and we can schedule just all depends on what my time permits."

At first, I thought that she was a cosmetologist or some type of hair stylist or something like that who has to book appointments, then she ends her phone call by saying, "Listen's just the way we play the game. That's it. If you don't like it, then that's too bad.".

I have an inkling that this chick is NOT a cosmetologist.

I know what's up.

She hangs up the phone, she looks at me, and she's like, "Yeah...about me....I work 3 nights a week....I'm an escort." DING DING DING. We have another winner.

She lets me know that she's actually on her way to "meet up" with somebody. She already did, but she was just visiting him.

The more I'm leading her and the longer I hold her hand, the more she keeps wanting to ask me questions, saying things like, "I'm so glad we met" blah blah.

She has to head back, so I lead her. I get her number. Call my phone. I've kissed her about 5 or 6 times by now. I lead her to the street corner, do my little Hypnotic command thing (hahaha, the looks on these chick's faces are PRICELESSSSS). She says my name 3 times. We part. All good.


I think I hit up a couple of more chicks or do something at least. I'm not sure. It's kinda hazy.

I happen to see Ms. Sexy Black Boots that I met in the hotel lobby yesterday. I stop her, yell her name (SONIC BOOM VOCAL PROJECTION), she freezes in her tracks and walks back to me.

We chat. I lead her.

I ask her the basic logistics questions so that I can see how much time I have. I'm about to give her the tour of 6th street, but she stops me and says, "I'm...actually...going to meet somebody".

DING DING. Another escort. HAHAHA. It all makes sense now. Three escorts in 3 days. I love it.


I go home real quick to start typing this down because I know I'm not going to remember this as well.

I get a call from my shorty. She's tells me that she's close and that she just wants to get drunk and do something crazy. I'm like, yep, adventure times.

She's about 5 minutes out, walking distance. I hear a voice in the background and she's talking to someone.

I'm like, "Are you with somebody?"

She's like, "Yeah...I'm with my girlfriend Julia" or something like that. This puts a damper on the plans of just lead, chat, pull, and fuck. Now, I've got to deal with the friend.

Then, I realize that this was actually a blessing in disguise and I'm about to have my first legitimate threesome. I've had a foursome already, but that was before "game" and I didn't really know what I was doing. My mood immediately shifts and I'm like, "Oh....winning :)"


I tell her a place to meet and she heads over there. I'm walking there and I run into both the escorts on the same street. We just kinda nod at each other and have a good time.

In my mind, I'm like, "Threesome...Threesome...fuck yeah...fuck yeah...winning...winning...ménage à trois in the moonlight...ménage à trois in the moonlight."

I see my girl from behind. Yep, she looks good. I look at the friend (who's kinda partially concealed behind a tree) - short black hair, boots, wearing a tight shirt, but no/little boobs. I'm like, "Ehh...all good...threesome...threesome" , I roll up.

I roll up to my chick. She hugs me. I pick her up. Spin.

I look at the friend and FREEZE.

The friend is a dude, and this is what I found out.

I heard: "Yeah...I'm with my GIRL-friend Julia...and we're walking downtown right now"

But she actually said,

"Yeah...I'm with my GAY-friend Julian...and we're walking downtown right now".

Of course, all threesome plans are thrown out the window. I promised that I'd drive them to their house which is about 10 minutes away, so I stick to my promise. We go to my house, I put some music on, and we drink some. We have a dance contest. This chick is a great little go-go dancer. She dances sexy.

The gay friend and her are just going back in forth in conversation and I'm like, "Yeah..." I was waiting for gay-friend to go take a piss or something, then makeout, but the friend never had to piss. Fuck. Imagine ADHD being fueled by woman-to-woman conversation. It's not good and I'm just like, "Yeah...I'm done".

On top of that, I'm having a hunger crash as I haven't eaten in about 12 hours. I'm about to let this all go, drive them home, and just hang out with this chick later, but I decide to say something ingenious.

We're all in my kitchen and I'm like, "Let's all go cuddle in my bed". They're both super receptive to this idea. Now, I walk in and the gay dude just decides to sit on my bed and my chick and I cuddle. Winning.

The gay dude leaves to get some water from my kitchen. Chick and I chat for a second, then I move her, and kiss her and get cheek. She's not too receptive to this and she decides to get-up and leave to go with the gay-friend.

In retrospect, I made the best call that I could. I was kinda perplexed at first because I already made out with her. This reminds me of a chick that I had a Day2 back on 5th street with. It was on in the nightclub, but she just "wanted to take it slow". She didn't really follow my lead. Her energy level was just through the roof, and she might've just be looking for fun. This was simply a matter of me managing expectations. But, I did the absolute best that I could in this situation. I just "assumed" that the chick understood what was going down from the get-go. I madeout with her, left a voicemail and texted her twice, then she called me.

The only thing that I could've done differently was gone more explicit whenever she was with me in the bedroom, but eh. It is what it is. We'll have to find out. The funny thing is that new chicks are being added to the funnel every single day, so it's like, "Eh".


I take them where they need to go. I was planning on hanging out with a chick, but we ended up both falling asleep due to exhaustion. We're on for tonight though.

ADD Chicks: They respond to STRONG commanding and STRONG statements. Basically, I have to take everything to an extreme with them whenever I want them to pay attention. With this specific chick, the attraction was there, it was just a lack of me properly setting the expectation (aka leading expectations) from the get-go.

I just ASSUMED that the chick knew what I was about, but I've got to be prepared for those situations where the chick "might not get the picture".

In retrospect, this would've been an "accordion chick". Some chicks (mainly the older ones) know that it's time to fuck from the get-go. I'm noticing that with younger chicks, they need a little bit more time than their older counterparts. 18-22 or so. The older ones know what's up. The younger ones are still learning their way "around the game".

Even though I KNOW what I'm about, their has to be an explicit understanding that the chick is also on the same page. Most of the time, it's done via leading and I don't have to verbalize it until pull timez or sexy timez. I'm guessing that this is one of those cases where it's just a matter of me taking my time, allowing things to breathe, and just making it happen later.

This ADD chick and I have tentative plans to hang out on Friday, but yeah...interesting thing about the younger chicks that I've been running into.

I'm going to start going back to west 6th because I'm done with the younger chicks who can't provide for themselves, have logistical fuckups, are emotionally needy, and are still "little girls".

But I just remembered, we're in the business of turning girls into women and bringing the best gifts out of women, so yeah...


Hanging out with a chick a little later. Got a meetup on Wednesday with another chick. Hanging out with my 41 yo girlfriend on Thursday evening before clubbing times. Friday, Sat, Sun = love in da moonlight.


NOTE: The Homeless people downtown now know me as "that guy" who's always smiling like a motherfucker with women. Ha. They give me shout-outs when I've got a chick in tow. Ha.
My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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ceoarob wrote:


HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT: I run into two dude friends who enjoy hitting up chicks also. They find a 3 set. We all branch off accordingly. My chick wants NOTHING about all. Not even looking me in the eyes. Doesn't talk much. She keeps running to my other friend's girl, but eventually she goes and disappears into the night.

I see this as an opportunity to dance.

Some Hip-Hop music is playing and I start breaking out some ATL dance moves and showing how niggas up in ATL party. Me and some black chicks start dancing, but eventually they stop as they are mesmerized by my ATL dance moves. They've never seen anything like it before.

In fact, alcohol seems to inhibit my actually technical ability of my dance moves, but I'm pulling out shit that I would never do. I recently saw "Footloose" and start doing some moves I saw from the Prom Scene dance, but I do it in Hip-Hop form to the beat.

Literally everyone in a 25 feet radius is looking in my direction.

3 black dudes step up and start dancing. I thought that this was friendly dancing at first, but then I realize that the dude was challenging me to a dance off. He busts out his moves. He has some good dance moves, and his technique is solid. However, he doesn't know that I'm from ATL.

I step up back to the dance floor and proceed to do a combination of Cryptwalking, 80's dancing (from Footloose), Jazz/Swing dancing, Party Rock Shuffling, and Michael Jackson spinning. A couple of people start cheering and the dude eventually backs down. He refuses to dance anymore, and I later find out that after I won the dance-off, all three of these black dudes left the bar.

For me, this is just another night in Austin; schooling Austinites with ATL dance moves.

LOL, reminds me of this:

Hey man, I've really been enjoying and learning a lot from your thread, thanks for writing all this up every day.

I'm moving to Austin at the end of this month and have the whole month of December to fuck around before I start work in January.  Sounds like you guys have an awesome crew down there- I'm super psyched about having some adventures.  Specifically, adventures involving my dong and one or multiple hot girls...
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ceoarob wrote:
That's what I said to her. IDK if I recorded it properly or not. 
dave7 wrote:
 Zero responsibilities! 

Regards the day game chick in the lobby. You coulda just tried to bounce directly back to your place. I'm sure that was on her mind too. "Come back to my place" kind of thing. TBH, I haven't tried this in daygame yet. 
Chick was an escort and was going to "meet somebody". 

So, she was already on a mission. 
Or I just can't read properly lol.
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 LR: Shawty. 

Met a girl in HEB. 

Lead. Lead. Lead. Lead. 

Text. Hangout. No. Party. No. 

Meetup tonight. 

She gets the first official "Tour of 6th street" - I've now patened it. It's solid. The bar crews are going to be seeing me quite frequently doing the same thing. 


Back to The Underground. Throw on bed. 

"I'm not taking off my dress"
"We can't do it"
"I'm not a slut"
"I'm on my period" (lie)
"You probably bring a girl here every night...or at least every other"
"You're not going to call me" 
"I don't want to do it"

"I just want to feel your skin against mine"
"It's alright...we're okay" 
"I like you"
"It's fine...I can put a towel under us" 
"Just the tip...that's it. I can control myself" 

Proceed to fuck a couple of times. 

She's 26. Drives a nice Mercedes from mommy and daddy. Owns one of those half-million dollar condo's with the awesome city skyview. 

Never been with a black guy. Never kissed a black guy. 

Although according to her, she has "always been resistant to black guys". 

But according to her I am, "Fun. Adventurous. Spontaneous. and I have a nice smile" 

She's smoking hott, there are a whole bunch of guys that want her, but she's actually more shy than I thought she'd be in bed. Very interesting. 

Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" played 3 times tonight. All three of those times were significant. 

She has a rule that "No boys have ever spent the night (in the condo).....please don't take that as a challenge " 

If she only knew that my brain can't process negation properly when it comes to adventures and/or challenges. 

I went home and saw that there were some chicks in front of Barbarella. 

I park my car and walk to Barbs without even thinking twice. 

I hit up a red-head chick on a Yellow Scooter. She's just like, "Do you normally pick up drunk chicks on scooters late at night sober?"

I'm like, "I only do it because I'm black and have a big dick"

She's like, "Oh wow. So just because you're black and have a big dick, you can do whatever you want which includes stealing young girl's mopeds" 

YEP. Barrage of shit tests follow. I'm just exuding the "I got laid" vibe and she can feel it. She didn't have a good night and I can tell that she is sexually frustrated and would like my cock in her pussy, so yes. 

Get the number. 

I guess the only thing that I would have done differently is just gone direct and hardcore on her. This all happened within 10 minutes or something. But I was just still having fun, so...yes. 

I've got a girl getting the tour of 6th street in less than 12 hours. 

Fun times. 

Repeat performance tomorrow. Cheers. 
My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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The omens have spoken. It's time to move back to Atlanta. I was split between a couple of choices: 1) Keep living here in Austin, 2) Become a Millionaire, 3) Go on International Adventures, 4) Win the Lottery, and 5) Travel the country in my van and hit up chicks.

Well, I'm choosing number 2.

On January 16, 2011, I went to lunch with my father and one of his mortgage broker friends. They wanted me to join them on a business venture of theirs which I knew was going to fail as they didn't have the right infrastructure. Since I had dropped out of college and had no other source of income, my father decided to offer me an opportunity to work for him and his business partner. Even though I had no source of income at the time other than my father and mother giving me money, I declined their invitation.

Instead, I made a bold proposition to both my father and a friend of his that I'd be a Millionaire by 21 and financially free by 25. And if anything, *they* would be working for me in the future, and I would more than likely beat them to the "financially free finish line".

They looked at me as if though I was crazy. They questioned me about "how" I was going to do it. I told them simply, "I don't know...but I'll tell you how I did it after I've done it." It was outside their minds that anyone my age, my race (they're both black and born before the 1980's, so they're used to their America's Civil-Rights era mindsets), and anyone without a college degree could become financially successful. Let alone a millionaire, and DEFINITELY not financially free (especially by the age of 21 and 25, respectively).

For a couple of months, I woke up everyday slowly wanting my existence to end. I had no source of income, I still lived with my parents, my college friends had stopped texting me up, I didn't really talk to anybody and lived a hermit's life, these extremely negative thought patterns entered my mind all the time, and I had zero control of my life whatsoever.

I felt like the victim all the time, and my life was just a swirling spiral of doom.

Between Feb 2-Feb 12, I took a 10 day Vipassana course which was the first time I actually got some perspective on my life. It gave me enough time to get the voices of my parents out of my head and become both aware and equanimous towards my life. Afterwards, I became vegetarian and have never strayed from that since. I meditated for about 2-4 hours a day for about 2 or 3 months. During that time, I took a PMemory course and learned that I could do some *amazing* feats with my brain. However, I still didn't make any money.

I did learn some great skills, but no money came.

Someway, somehow, I heard about the Sedona Method and thought that I should give it a "last ditch" effort. My life wasn't going anywhere and I just happened to have the time to listen to all 20 CD's. Before, I would always start the course, but never finish it. Then, I just decided to make it a goal for me to release on allowing myself to finish the course, then all of a sudden, I just started magically listening to the course more and more till I finished.

I felt more relaxed about my life, more open, more centered, and more in control even though nothing had visibly changed in my life.

Little did I know, I was releasing on some of my most pressing wants and desires and allowing myself room to create the space needed to create a new reality for myself.

My main goals were: 1) Move out and live on my own, 2) Get money/Live in Financial Abundance, 3) Feel better about my life. \

I decided to release on the goal statement of "I allow myself to live in financial abundance" which eventually turned into, "I allow myself to be financially free".

As if by magic, things started happening in my life and I just attracted the right situations into my life. I did the right things at the right time and said the right things to the right people, and I found myself going from making 0 dollars a month to making 36000 a month.

Honestly, even if I tried, I could never really know what happened during that time period or what chain of events caused things to happen. All of a sudden, it was like everything in life came together - all my past experiences, competencies, and technical skills were now being called upon for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


NOTE: a lot of people are asking me about my work in the Insurance industry. They're thinking about going into it because they've read my success and other people's stories about sales. So I'll get tons of Pm's asking me, "How did you do it?" or "How do you make so much money in such a short time without a college degree?" or "What do I need to do to get to your position?"

If you're asking these right now, I'm just gonna let you know, you're asking the wrong question. Even if I told you *exactly* what I did with every single detail, it wouldn't help you out. This just happened to be my specific journey towards financial abundance. Instead ask yourself, "What is it inside of me that I could let go so that I could *allow* myself to live in financial abundance/freedom/become a millionaire".

That's the better question.

DOUBLE NOTE: On top of that, I can't answer any questions about how I make money because it's proprietary information. All I can say is that, "I'm in the Insurance Industry".


I worked for about 3 or 4 months and made a lot of money. I switched a couple of positions and ended up making anywhere between 600-2400 a day, so everything kinda balanced out to that nice 1200/day number.

I'll never know how much money I actually made because I spent a lot also. I never really kept track of it because I shortly after I started making money, I realized that when I was in scarcity, I was always LOOKING for money. But when I moved to abundance, I was like, "Yeah...the money was always here...I just didn't have it."

There's one lesson I learned: When you don't have money, you're wondering what you need to do to get it. When you do have money, you understand that it's easy to create and you'll always have enough for whatever your current reality is (or at least as much as you need).


I made a lot of money, traveled a lot of places, met a lot of people, and had a lot of fun.

Then, I decided that I was going to move to Austin. Everything had been set-up, so it was just a matter of me telling my employer that I was leaving.

Typically, I'm supposed to give them 2 weeks notice so that they can prepare everything for me to properly leave and do all the necessary protocols.

I gave them 12 hours notice.

Initially, they weren't going to allow me to leave. However, they didn't know that I had somewhere to be in less than 36 hours (Bootcamp with Nathan! In Austin, Texas), so I was leaving with or without their permission.

As if by magic, the right circumstances set themselves up in my life again. I had done the right things at the right time and said the right things to the right people. One of my manager's (who was a stickler for following the rules) was out of town. If he were in the office, I would have never made it to bootcamp. Fortunately, one of my manager's who I thought didn't really care much for me pulled me aside and said, "I think we can work things out".

Before I left, he told me that I had made a positive impact on everyone that I came into contact with (even though I thought I was quiet all the time and rarely talked). I was just positive and showed love to everybody, so if I ever needed to come back, I would have some of the highest management recommendation.

That really touched my heart because I had spent the past 3 or 4 months really in my own head. All I wanted to do was hit up chicks, so I was making enough money so that I could go out and party every night as I'm used to doing. However, I was still enthusiastic, positive, and friendly to everyone that I came into contact with. I was the youngest person in all my offices (20 years old) and I was working with 40, 50, 60, and 70 year old's all the time.

Most of them were perplexed why I wasn't still in college. I'd always tell them that "College wasn't for me", but the real reason was financial abundance.


Part 2.

I drove through the night to Austin. 24 hour took me 36 as I like to sleep. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it alive. I passed through some of the WORST rainstorms in my life in Tennessee and I thought I was going to die.

However, it would've been perfectly fine with me. I would have rather died in pursuit of my Personal Legend (or something that I'm choosing to do out of my own intention) than to have died any other way.

I digress...

I got to Austin. I took a Bootcamp with Nathan! I wasn't sure if it helped me at first, but he planted the seeds in my mind which transformed my game, the way that I interact with people, and just the way that I live my life.

He showed me the door, and fortunately, I was in the right position to run through it and keep running.

This is how I would break down my 3 months in Austin:

Month 1:
-Complete breakdown/deconstruction of my old "game" and reconstruction of something new and authentic.
-Good reactions from chicks. Lots of numbers. No real connections. Lots of flakes.
-Still consciously fearful of putting myself on the line.
-Doing "all the right moves", but having this not come from a place of fun and adventure.

Month 2:
-Realization that I'm actually attractive without me having to *do* many things
-Beginning to understand concepts of bringing emotion, leading, and intent on a rather basic, yet experiential, level.
-Having fun talking to chicks just to talk to them.
-Understanding that I'm not going to take *every* single chick home, so I can just have fun going for the pull, trolling, or saying naughty things.
-**Choosing adventure over chicks.** (This was the biggest one because I started to realize that I was going to have a fun time going out regardless if chicks "rejected" me or not).

Month 3:
-Culmination of all my lessons coming together.
-I finally "got the picture" of how this all works.
-Beginning to work on "refinement" and "style" as the basic understanding is down.
-TRUE connections with chicks.
-Understanding that I'm attractive/sexy as FUCK and that there's something special about my presence alone.
-Seeing that chicks enjoy sex as much/if not more than dudes.
-Letting go of limiting beliefs.
-Meeting some amazing women as I become more "amazing" inside myself.
-Understanding that I attract what I *am*, not what I *want*.
-Having women begin to throw themselves at me.
-Understanding the meaning of "Loving yourself and the world around you".


Part 3.

The first 2 months, I was releasing my different wants on relationships and women.

Eventually, I set a goal for myself that was, "I allow myself to have multiple relationships with beautiful women that are fun, free, sexual, and adventurous". I let go of that goal day and night, then I just found myself having a lot of sex with a lot of different women.

As I released on this goal, different belief systems that I had about me being a player, sex being bad, it being hard to meet women, etc. came up. And I released on them. I happened to have the most amount of emotional charge around my relationships - specifically those related to me and women.

Eventually, I met a whole bunch of chicks who really wanted to have some adventures. Once I started having a lot of sex, I realized that it's morely about the "experience" I have with the chick and not necessarily the attractiveness of the chick. I remembered I pulled a super hott chick back and she was boring. Then, I'd just meet a normal chick and have a great time with her.

Once I created the "Multiple relationships" goal, I decided to go for something new:

"I allow myself to meet some amazing women and have some amazing experiences both inside the bedroom and out of it".

This goal actually started to overwhelm me from the first day that I started releasing on it. I had already built up a SUPER amount of momentum with the amount of releasing I did on "Multiple Relationships", so the amount of space that I had to create was more expanded than it had ever been.

**On top of that, I switched to the Raw Vegan diet which made all of my thinking crystal clear. It made the super-conductivity in my body stronger and I attracted whatever situations and people in my life that I choose. It got to the point where I'd simply "think" a thought and if I didn't have a charge on it (I didn't want anything), I'd create it**

That's why for about 2 or 3 weeks, it appeared that every chick I ran into wanted to go home with me or do naughty things with me. My head was clear, I had a sense of euphoria all the time, and I just felt physically GOOD all the time.

I eventually let go of trying to create this goal because it started to be a little overwhelming. I didn't have the organizational in my phone to keep up with the amount of chicks' numbers I was getting, so I'd end up putting in "Jessica" in my phone and I'd have no clue who she was. The emotional experience of each night kept getting more and more intense. Every night became a true adventure and I realized that bringing a girl home with you is simply a byproduct of lifestyle, having fun, and enjoying the moment the way it is.


Part 4.

I went back to my hometown in Atlanta ready to go on full-romp.

I put on my facebook status that, "I'll be in ATL in 36 hours. Fuck yeah. Ready to party".

And as if by magic, I got a barrage of chicks from Georgia texting me up who "wanted to hang out". These were some chicks that I hadn't talked to some for weeks, months, or a year+. I was like, "Yep...this is going to be fun".

I started listening to The Sedona Method tapes before I left and I realized that I should spend a little time looking inside myself before I go on this romp.

Looking back on my goals, I realized that it took about 2 weeks for "magical things" to start happening in my life and that I had accomplished all of my goals that I set for myself in 2 weeks or less.

So I was like, "Fuck it...let's become financially free in 2 weeks or less".

I got to ATL and started releasing on money/financial freedom like a madman. The more I released, the more I realized that I actually had a lot of unresolved issues in my life. Not only in regards to money, but these issues basically touched every area in my life.

As I kept releasing on the wants of control, approval, security, and oneness (and their opposites), I saw some of the "Master Programs" in my life playing out. These were limits that I had almost invisibly placed on myself. Rules and beliefs that were limiting my aliveness. I happened to have the "deepest" hooks in regards to money. The more I released on financial freedom, the more came up.

I ended up not going out at all during my 7 days in Atlanta. I ended up meditating and releasing for 10 hours a day (minimum), but it was pretty much me releasing and letting go of any limiting wants and desires within myself.


Part 5

I headed back to Austin. At first, I thought that my ability to "hit up chicks" would've been hurt by me not going out 6 nights a week like normal. However, the contrary happened.

Before I left for Atlanta, it was like everything in my life in regards to relationships was on a Roller-Coaster going up-hill before the "big drop".

After I came back, that area of my life when from 60 MPH to 180 in .4 seconds flat. The amount of freedom and space I created for myself in regards to money NATURALLY transferred over to the area of my life in relationships.

Chicks started looking at me all the time. Smiling. Giving more random, unexpected compliments out of the blue. Doing things for my attention and my approval.

I realized more and more that my presence alone does something magical - not just to chicks, but to people in general. These days, whenever I walk into a room, it changes. People get more talkative, more social, they smile a lot more, the entire vibe gets more positive, and everything gets "lighter". This happens regardless if I speak or take any actions.

Whenever I *do* speak and take actions, that's when real adventures begin.


Part 6

For the past week or so, I've been letting go on winning the lottery. I've let go of some of the deepest programs that have been running my life, and there's still more...or else I would've either let it go or have created it.

But, I've realized that I'm not actually living my life to the fullest. I'm having a great time and I've learned so much and had so many adventures that I've grown rather attached to my life.

I remember I was writing a journal entry in Starbucks and I said, "I'd rather die here in Austin than be anywhere else or do anything else". When I typed that, I was really like, "...dude, really?"

This is only part of my adventure. It is FAR from complete. Although my social skills, people understanding, and ability to read situations has grown in quantum levels, I still have gifts that are unused. The Universe isn't done with me. Even though I'd *gladly* stay here in Austin for the rest of my days (and yes, I'll be back), there are still things left for me to do.

The signs in my life have pointed in my life reminding me that there's much more to do and much more to see.

The adventures are about to take a whole new level.

International adventures, world's most exclusive night clubs, A-list house parties, racing Lamborghini's, basejumping, space travel, photography, choral and piano concerts all over the world, Perfect Pitch/Relative pitch. The list goes on.


Part 7

Even as I write this, everything is clear. This was always the path, it was just a matter of me letting go of all the emotional charges around me so that I could see it clearly. Everything has already been laid out - the chess board has already been set.

I'm actually LOL'ing right now about how I didn't see it to begin with...

I'm sticking to my promise to myself and becoming a millionaire by Age 21, I've got about 5 months to do it. The line of work that I'm putting myself in is actually more profitable.

5000/day is completely normal.

On top of that, I have very few rules and company standards to follow since I'll be working on my own, so yes...this is going to be fun.

I'm heading back to Atlanta pretty soon. Gonna throw a going away party before I leave. It's gonna be legit.

T-Minus 4 days.

The lovely thing is that I will have spent EXACTLY 90 days in Austin on the day that I leave. Coincidence? I think not.
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That was the last official journal entry for this FR journal.

If anyone has any questions, then feel free to ask them here. I'm going to be leaving RSDNation for five months (or until I become a millionaire), whichever comes first. But I have a feeling that posting here will be one of the last things that I do here 5 months from now.

Any questions about anything, ask here.

If I get any PM's, I'm just going to Copy and Paste the PM (without your username) so that everyone can see what i'm writing about, unless you specifically ask for it to be private and a topic that you request I not bring up.

So yes, questions? Ask away.
My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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Sky N

Sky N

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 ......Bastard u would leave both Austin AND RSD NATION After I just said dont stop posting regularly!!!

nah man I wish u nothing but success do what ya gotta do. When you become a millioniare I DEMAND we create a mastermind so some of that knowledge rubs off on me. Being 19 and semi financially free sucks, so i'm trying to step my game up.
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 Just got done spending time with the 41 year old Ukranian girlfriend. 

She bought me a new set of Satin-Queen sized linens/sheets, some gummi bears, a box of chocolates, a towel, and something else expensive. 

We exchanged our "I love you's" and all that nice sweet stuff. She told me, "You've made me cum like no other man has done before" and some other nice romantic stuff. 

I walked her to her car, and from the second I walked out, some chick with a guy eye-fucks me, then another chicks walking down the street does the same thing, and they keep looking over. I have a feeling that tonight is going to be an interesting night. 


It's 10:46 PM, I've got about 30 minutes before I eat and hit up the bars/clubs for the night. 




@ SkyN: The Sedona Method is the best advice that I can give for making money. 
My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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 Oh yeah, I'me jealous of your 41 year old lady. 
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