November 12th, 2018
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I woke up today. Went to bathroom. Took a piss. Felt a super rush to my head. Then, I Felt a throbbing pain on the right side of my head, then I woke up and realized I passed out on the bathroom floor. I guess I blacked out or something, but I guess that confirms my suspicions.

Either I have 7 days to become a beast, or I'm going to die, be in hospital, or end up in jail.

//: I had a dream that all my teeth fell out and that I used the wrong ID to enter the club and got caught for that. Weird. I guess this means that I'm pushing boundaries that are beyond my initial comfort zones.


Last night, I got extremely frustrated. This super cute chick who looked exactly like Zooey Daschenelle (from 500 days of Summer), texted me up HARD the night that we met (Tuesday). Super short fuse, responding to all my texts in less than 5 mins, and she was DTF - they just left before. I called/left message wednesday. No go. She might not check that shit (Most of the girls I've called up here in Austin don't even have their fucking voicemail set up...sad shit). Sent her a text today or late night Wed. No go. Ball is in her court now, but this made me realize something...

I still think that I'm back at Athens/UGA.

The way that I've been hitting up chicks is hard. They remember me of course, it is good, and it is love in the moonlight, but I'm not going 100%.

This is my thought process: "Hit up chick. Roll up hard. Go direct. Make good impression. Get number. Keep going. Push a little harder. Solidify. Leave. Set up Day2/future hangout". This is pretty much exactly what I'd do to build a fucking big social circle in college and also meet a lot of fucking chicks. But I'm in Austin, Texas bitch. This shit has gotta go.

By getting numbers, that was essentially a cue for my mind to say, "Well...I'll fuck her later" and after that point, I'd push it hard, but I would not really try and get blown out or pull the girl home.

I have a new rule: fuck number...SNL or get the fuck out.

It was like this was the "Master Program" that has been running in the background. It's a habit that I've cemented in my neural pathways hundreds (if not thousands of times) in college. Get number, hangout later, and escalate to sex. In college, that works because I'd run into these chicks over and over again.

Here in Austin, that shit doesn't happen (frequently), so it's really SNL or get the fuck out.

I read back through my field reports and notice that the chicks who were most responsive (and still are responsive) were the ones who I went hardest on. Like, 4th and 5th gear shit all the way. Most of the things that I've been doing have been 3rd gear which will get me remembered, but probably placed in the "fuck later" category (aka...fuck NEVER category).

There is no LATER anymore. I have 7 days. All out.


The reason why it was so frustrating is because one of the main thing that I needed to work on at BC was building legit connections. My physicality was down enough, everything else was solid, there was just no "realness" to the interactions and everything was gamey.

Well, "game" has been dead for a long time. I understand how to consciously build connections, and I see that I've let my physical game go down a little bit because of it. I've been thinking that I need to calm down and just let things breathe more on and focus more on connection, but I see that the best interactions are the ones where I let go of any "rules" or "concepts" that I had in my mind of what I needed to work with and let there be TRUE Love in the Moonlight.

I haven't really pushed anything much past makeouts because I've been like, "Yeah...I'll catch up with this chick later in the week".

Well, officially as of now, "Later" is "Never". So...fuck numbers. Fuck meetups. All out beastmode the way that I know how to do it best.


Before, I would go beastmode, but I had no understanding to what was happening. I knew that things were happening, but I was too focused on the actual "mechanics" and "executing good game/fundamentals/etc". Now, that shit is down, so I focused on "connection" and actually "reading/tuning-into the chick". Somewhere between that, I developed calibration because I've gotten to a point where I can see myself getting blown out (before BC, I'd get blown out and I'd have no clue why. Totally clueless. Now, whenever I get blown out, I see that it wasn't just a "magical moment where the girls decided to leave". I see that shit happen and I understand. Sometimes, I'll just do/throw out crazy shit just to see where I'm at with a chick, but I've gotten to a point where I can consciously scale back [[something I was previously unable to do]]. I like this).

7 days left to live. Have fun. Go hard. Leave no stone left unturned.

Only rule for tonight: ANYTHING GOES.

I'm an F-16 Fighter Pilot who's on the edge. I know all the shit to do, but I'm still trying to "get it right" or even "find the perfect balance". Just even trying to get it right is making me think which is no bueno. Fuck everything, fuck all the rules. It's time to trust my instinct 100% and just know that my shit is fucking dialed and that it's just a matter of going all out and holding nothing back.

Every time that I have an instinct to "go for the number" I'm now going to realize that it's now my time to kick it up another gear. Fuck numbers. Go for the pull. Time to break old rules. Time to make new myths.

I'd rather get blown out 30 times in a row and take the last girl I meet home. That shit happened once, and I'll always remember that. Keep going. Keep motherfucking going.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens tonight.

There's 3 Elements to My game:

1) Fun/Social Timez
2) Love in the Moonlight
3) Black Cock

That's it. Nothing more.


Quote from BeastingOnScallyWags by BT and MT: "It was no longer "nice to meet us" it was "oh shit we better leave or we're gonna get fucked behind the dumpster"

I only have one goal for tonight: Every time that I hear, "Nice to meet you", then get the fuck back in there and do shit. If she extends her hand out for a handshake, then put it on my cock. If she tries to hug me, pick her up, spin hug, and makeout. If she's already up on my grill, then go for the pull. If she keeps saying, "nice to meet you", then say, "Yeah...if you think it's nice to meet me, then wait till you meet my black cock...he's even can meet him...behind the dumpster...let's now"

No more college/social faggotry. It's the real world now. I've learned that "fuck later" strategies turn into "fuck...NEVER". It's only fuck..NOW. Time to get this shit handled.


Another Quote:

"My game pre-Beasting thread:
Hook 99% of sets. Have sex with 1% of hooked sets.

My game post-Beasting thread:
Hook 20% of sets. Have sex with 20% of hooked sets."


The funny thing is that I was doing this back in 2009 when I first started hitting up chicks hard at college. It worked well. It was more like me throwing darts at a dartboard by me slinging the dart like a baseball to the board back then. This was when I'd be rolling up to groups with 7 guys and 1 chick and just going in hardcore direct completely oblivious to the fact that she's with other guys. Chicks would be dancing or talking to other dudes, and I'd roll up completely invisible to the other dude. It was like the world didn't exist and all I did was go after I wanted all the time. There were no rules and there were no consequences.

Then, I started getting "social feedback" from my social circle. I started getting paranoid. I started worrying about what other people thought of me, so I slowed down the tiger. Even though it worked, it was like instead of being the 100% wild lion, I was still wild, but I had an electric/invisible collar on me that served as a leash from me going out 100%. I gained tons of experience to know that girls are friendly, I'm a cool/fun/social guy, and I like to have fun.

Even after BC, that leash was still kinda there, but it's like the past 3 or 4 days I realized that it's BS. I can do whatever the fuck I want to do. Life is short. Even though I'll have dudes try and fight me, people talking shit, girls acting retarded, and weird shit happening, I'm still alive...and I'm not in jail or in the hospital.


Now, the leash is off. There are no rules anymore. Anything goes. I have nothing holding me back. I am fucking fearless both internally and externally. I have 7 days in this wonderful city. It's time to make the most of this opportunity.

The difference between 2009 and Now?

Calibration and Experience.

My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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 And on this night not a single fuck was given. 


FR in morning. 

My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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Thursday Night.

Tonight was probably THE most interesting night in Austin altogether. I wrote what I wrote, posted it on the Nation, meditated for a little bit, took shower, and just relaxed. However, there was zero fear, zero anxiety, and zero worry about what was going to happen in the next couple of hours. My mind wasn't racing ahead and I had this undercurrent of peace that was below the surface of everything.

I see a girl on the street, she says a funny comment about Facebook, and I use that 5-Second window to get it. I say, "Once, a girl said that to me too over Facebook". Vocal Projection and Tonality are on point. I'm in. BOOM. She's with a guy. I ask the proverbial, "How do you guys know each other?" She clearly makes it known that they are only friends. Guy seems a bit deflated. He tries to insert comments here and there but keeps getting eclipsed by superior vocal projection and game.

NOTE: Since I moved a level up, I received two power ups for tonight:
1) Sonic Boom Vocal Projection - cuts over all music, conversations, and non-sense in clubs, streets, and bars. Stops girls DEAD in their tracks. Places all human beings in a state spectator mode and paralysis. Law Enforcements officers may or may not be immune to this effect.
2) Maximus Ignorus - Say this spell out loud and every variable outside of me and the girl will magically fall away, thus creating an easier "Bubble of Love" or "Love in the Moonlight" in even the most hectic of situations. Effectively makes other guys know that they are to speak only if spoken to.

I don't know what I'm saying, but I'm coming off as a dick and this girl is loving it. She's saying things trying to impress me, but they don't. It's cute, she tries more, but she's a witty girl and can keep up with my jokes. I like her, so I actually get her number so that I can text her later in the night of where I'm at so I can meet her and fuck her. This is the only situation that I'm getting numbers in, so it's all good. SNL or GTFO.

I'm walking to bars. I decide that my first bar is going to be Hangar. NOTE: In Austin, I have to decide 100% what my first bar is going to be or else I'll be wondering 6th street like a chode trying to figure out what is best and what is not. Even if bar is dead, hit up at least one chick.

Walk to Hangar. This bar and Troy Davis have something in common...they are both dead.

Five chicks and five dudes at the bar. I'm like, "eh". I use my peripherals and I see a cutie walking up the stairs. Two dudes in tow, but she's walking up first. I'm staring off into the distance standing completely still using my peripheral for the right timing. She gets within arms reach, I turn my head, Tap-Tap. Claw. Bring her in.

She's actually fucking smoking hott. Dark hair. Green eyes (I think).

"This do you like this bar?" Full eye contact. Alexander Smile.

Chick claws me back, but she steps back about 2 or 3 feet. At first, I thought she just needed some space. But she steps back, looks me up and down, and proceeds to eye-fuck THE SHIT out of me. This girl wants black cock in her white right this second. The chodes she came with can't give her what she wants. In my mind, I'm still in Social Timez, but in retrospect, I should've stayed...befriended dudes, led the group, and pulled girl home. Lesson Learned.

Her eye fucking was just a pre-cursor to what would happen tonight. Good times ahead. I leave her, and I can tell that she wants more. She will never meet another man like me.

//: Common theme for tonight. More "eye fucking" than " cute" eye contact.

I leave. I see a couple of friends from Free Tour. I say hey. I head out to E6th.

Shakespeare's will be my warmup bar because it is legit.

I walk up, I see 40-50 people in line to get to this bar.


I roll up to the front of the line. I cut everyone. I smile. "'s you're night?" to bouncer. Boom. In.

NOTE: Dude behind me was so frustrated. I think he got cut by 6 people. 5 girls and me. He was like, "..What...?" He obviously has not earned Maximus Ignorus as a spell yet.

//: Maximus ignorus allows me to cut lines. Awesome.

I roll up in there, and I literally feel like I'm already 100% attuned to the environment. I just stop for a second and feel the energy flow through my entire body. There is no fear, no hesitation, and no state fluctuation at all (not getting in my head, etc). Literally, my first thought out of my mind is, "Some lucky lady is going to get black cock tonight".

I realize that 3 chicks are eye fucking me. They are brief eye fucks, but still welcome. It is only 11:45-12:00, so I take a walk around the bar, check to see what's happening, and get my Alexander Water (2 lemons, 2 limes).

The feeling that I have walking around the bar is indescribable. I feel like a bomb that can go off at ANY TIME. It's like I have a gun that I can take out and just use at any time that I please. There is zero fear of the environment, of the chicks, and of anything else. Rather, for the first time ever I feel like everyone is "in my playground" so to speak. I actually feel ON TOP of the club so to speak more than anything else.

I see a chick - blonde cute. Tap Tap. Claw. "Your going to get a lot better....with me in it". She loves it, but she's desparately trying to find her friends. I say, "Grab my hand...let's find them", she grabs on, I lead for a second, then I'm like, "ehh...fuck this". I turn her around. Full frontal. Part of her wants to stay, part of her wants to find friends. Even though it's only 12, I say something really direct and I think I ask her, "When was the last time you were with a black guy?" She's thinks about it for a second, and she's like, "Ummm....never". Pull her in hard. Say something. She likes it, but she's very intentful on finding her friends. I know that I'm not going to see her again, so I drop something about black cock. She smiles and disappears into the Austin Moonlight never to be seen again.

I usually don't make black cock references before 12:45 AM, but when I do.....I do.

Now it's just social times. I'm walking around the bar and I can see that everyone is still in their shell. Everyone still has their "work mentality" going. They are worried about what other people think. They've drunk only half of their drinks, but the alc has not kicked in yet. No one is dancing and everybody is standing up straight and stiff.

I just kinda glide through people and find myself on the balcony. I've got my water in hand, I've taken my piss. I take a deep breath in and say, "GAME ON". Tap the chick right next to me, claw. "I love your dress". She likes it. She's a bit older. We start talking about our lives. Fun stuff. She's from Arizona. It's a group of about 5 or 6 people, so we have some fun.

I develop a game where we look of the balcony and make fun of people in the street. We look at random chodes gaming chicks and we see who's going home with who in the night. This really gets everyone involved and we have a fun time with it. Fun times. I stay in for like 30-40 minutes or so what seems to be a long as time. This gets me into a social state (which is really the purpose of social/fun timez).

I see a chick who I think is hott, then she turns her head. I befriend the group, but none of them are really hott. I'm like, "ehhh" and more like, "ew", and I think they can feel that off of me, lol.

I see a chick who I know and immediately head over to her. We talk. We have fun. We do our secret handshake. We both love dinosaurs. We've established this as friendship in the moonlight because she has a BF, but is genuinely fun. She has single friends though, so I am in.

Tonight, it is only 3 guys and 2 girls. I befriend everyone, chat with the guys. They are chill and cool. Respect is given all around. I talk to the single chick last and I realize that her and I met last week whenever I met the first chick. She doesn't remember, so I keep talking, then she puts her hand on my chest and hits me and says, "OMG...YOU'RE THAT DOUCHBAG FROM LAST WEEK", but with a big smile on her face.


A dude is in our close proximity, but I cast the Maximus Ignorus incantation. He goes quiet. Then, I realize that I ask him a question - girls attention goes to him for a milisecond, then focuses back on me. I only allow the guy to say one thing, then I focus on the girl. However, the only thing is that for the next 30-60 seconds, the guy thinks that this is a group conversation.

I re-cast Maximus Ignorus and he eventually gets the picture.

NOTE: Maximus Ignorus is used specifically for that....maximus is not Groupus Conversationali...that's a different incantation. Fortunately, this chick was highly attracted, I was already in with the friend, and I don't think she was attracted to the other guy (or he was eclipsed by superior game) of those.

Anyways, we chat. She's Middle-Eastern but looks hispanic. She's short. I like it. She's like, "What are you...6'6"?" facetiously and I'm like, "What are you...4'10"?" facetiously. It's on. Chick wants me hard. Fuck yes, fuck yes. We chat, connect, have fun a little bit.

She's investing in me. Asking me a whole bunch of questions. Trying to display knowledge about threads that I throw out there. If I stop talking, I'll just look at her, and she'll start laughing, then she will try and fill in the pauses with chode-girl questions. It's cute.

//: When super short chicks are into you (if you are tall), you will know it because they will get on their tip-toes and lean in hardcore for you to be able to listen to them.

Now, it's on...and I KNOW that it's on, but this has a completely different feeling that "Love in the Moonlight". The sexual tension is crazy, she's actually investing in me, there is a moderate amount of "get to know you" connection, but there's a much deeper connection that was running in between me and this chick.

She eventually says, "I have to go to the bathroom". She's all by herself and she legit has to go to BR, I say, "I'm going to go find my friend downstairs" (JeffT just texted me to say he entered the building). "Grab my hand". She does. Hard. It's on. LEADING, FTW.

She follows me to bathroom. Before she goes, I grab her, spin her, and pull her in hard. Sexual stare for 2 or 3 seconds. Quick kiss. She likes it - biggest smile on her face. I say, "Go use the bathroom". She does. I might have said, "I'll find you later" or something, but since I wait for no one (except for wings/friends), I start hitting up a couple of girls.

Shit is weird because I am getting insta-cockblocked by Balrogs.

**A balrog is as short creature less than 5 foot 5 with an unattractive appearance and usually a large waist/frame. The only purpose of the Balrog's is to protect the Ring. One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. Balrogs can be transformed into normal people by either using Positivius Maximus or Befriendus. When you realize that the balrog is indeed a balrog, you must use...Maximus Ignorus**

Nevertheless, I'm having fun. I take a piss.

//: BTW, bladder control was great. I drank ALOT LESS water, but I still was able to keep my throat good. #Winning.

I head back upstairs. I see a group of girls having fun. I roll up hard on one of the cute ones.

I roll up like a bomb and use Sonic Boom Vocal Projection (SBVP from here on out). She's into in, but she informs me very quickly that she has a boyfriend. Which is completely fine. I ask, "Where is he at?" he's at home, but she's with two guy friends or something like that who know him. It's all good...there are plenty of chicks here who I know are single in the group. Her and I chat. We vibe for a bit. She's mexican - we talk about tortillas. Guy is mexican also - we talk about tortillas. Conversation is fun.

I see a shorty dancing and with SBVP I say, "This girl knows how to have fun". They all laugh....hahahah. I am funny. Shorty and I start dancing on one another. I start grinding on her and I'm like, "spank me spank me spank me". She does and gets into it. Hahahah, fun timez. Shorty is fun, but not my type, but still fun. I'm like, "I've been a naughty boy" and she's like, "I know...I've seen you". Hahahaha. Fun timez.

I talk to the cutest chick in group. Introduce, "I'm Alexander". She's like, "I'm lucy" or whatever...eye contact is on. She's already attracted by the way that I've handled myself with friends. I can feel that she is smitten by me and I am attracted to her beauty. Normally, I would take this to love in the moonlight, but different neural pathways are firing in my mind (SNL or GTFO). I'm like, "Are you a natural redhead?" I love redheads. And she is cute too, so is she is a will be a match made in heaven.

She's like, "'s blonde/'s just the light". I throw her hand immediately in disgust and put on a dismissive face as if I won't talk to her because she is not a red-head. This was all completely unplanned and just 100% instinct. It works, attraction goes through the roof, and she proceeds to eye-fuck the shit out of me as I go to talk to her friend. I can feel the left side of my body burning. It's on.

I talk to friend. It's nice. She's testing me hardcore, but she's not attractive, so she stands no chance with me. She starts saying stuff to impress me, but nothing works. If I'm not attracted, that shit doesn't fly anymore. Eventually, she understands that she will never have an opportunity at the world greatest black cock, so she eventually loses interest and just kinda goes quiet and starts drinking her pitcher. (In retrospect, I would've remembered that we're in the business to make girls feel good about themselves. But lately, if the girl isn't attractive, then I can't get it up. If I can't see me fucking her, then I can't get it up). I smile knowing what just happened and roll up onto the Fake-Redhead. It's on. She wants to fuck me so bad - I can see it in her eyes. She's never met a man like me before.

Shorty and The Lesser attractive friend want to go "take a piss". They want to bring FakeReadhead with them, but she wants to stay with me. Friends become to much, and eventually they take her, but she stops. I'm like, "Hey...come here". She's like, "No" bit with the biggest smile on her face. "" 90-Degrees Breaking Rapport.

She says, "No", but is getting more turned on.

I look at her. She looks at me. She's just fucking standing there. The friends are already halfway to the bathroom without her. I'm looking in her eyes, and I'm thinking that she's "trying to play game" but in retrospect, I realize that her eyes were really saying, "Alexander baby...I need you to step up and LEAD me...I can't do it on my own...I need you to be a man for me and lead".

She was just BEGGING to be led. From the way that everything was before, she was just BEGGING to be fucked.

I let her go.


In retrospect, this is what I should've done: Stepped up HARDCORE to her. Grabbed her face. Makeout and say, "I need to go to the bathroom...grab my hand" and led her to the bathroom. That's what she wanted me to do. It was written all over her. I see it now.

I have gotten this look dozens (if not hundreds) of times in my life from different women. I now understand what it means. They just want to be led. They NEED a man to take control...take charge....let them know who's leading....and ultimately lead them to bed. When I think that a girl is "testing" me, she's just giving me an opportunity to display what type of a man I am.

In retrospect, every girl has given me an opportunity to "lead" in one way or another. I don't really have to "force" them, they are just there.

To this girl, she wanted to see what type of man I was. She was checking to see if I was just a:

1) ass nigga
2) Cool ass nigga with awesome game, but no "lead" (aka wanting the girl to lead)
3) A true man who is going to lead her, show her the time of her life, and fuck her to bliss and God.

I displayed that I was #2, and #1=#2, so yes.

You're either a man or you're not. You either lead, or you don't. Do or do not, there is no "try".

Lesson Learned. Lead. That's the ultimate attractive quality.

Best thing? Once I've realized that I've made a mistake, and I KNOW it, the same mistake never happens twice.


-I take a break for a little while. Nothing spectacular happens.

I go back upstairs and see my Persian-Assyrian cutie. She's talking to some other guy (or maybe 2 guys), IDK.

I simply walk up close. The guys have her boxed in. I extend my hand out. She sees me. Without hesitating or even me having to say anything, she grabs it, I lead her away from the dudes. We dance. Leading for the Motherfucking Win.

We're really close and I can tell that she wants to fuck right then and there. For some reason, I don't see it (Hindsight is always 20/20, lol).

**And I KNOW exactly why the fuck I don't see it. I'm still being a cool ass nigga with awesome game, but no "lead". Yes, I'm leading her, but I'm not going for the pull. I see it. I'm allowing the pull to be up for "chance" or if logistics just happen to be "perfect". I'm waiting for her to give me the info that I need to know to go for the pull. I'm (sometimes) waiting for her to take things to full intent. Basically, by being a cool ass nigga, I'm being a ass nigga. Neither of which are being a man or leading.**

In retrospect, I should've been making out with her hardcore, dragged her to the wall, started dancing on her, done naughty things to her, and then pulled her from there. Haha, hindsight is always 20-20....hahah.

She was just BEGGING to be fucked. This girl was the quiet type too, she talked to me a lot, but that was after she felt really comfortable.

Lead for the motherfucking win. I can't just lead here and lead there. I can't just lead on occasion. I can't just lead 90% and expect girl to fill in the other 10%. Lead all the way or GET THE FUCK OUT.

Lesson? Lead all the way. From open to close. From sunset to sundown. Lead all the motherfucking way. No waiting for opportunities to magically manifest or waiting for the girl to take the lead. It's not her job.

Lead for the motherfucking win.

I've just realized that I've viewed "leading" as maybe a technique or something that I do in order to boost attraction, but I see it with fucking crystal clarity. Leading is all there is.

**I just realized that I've been reactively leading instead of proactively leading. I'll lead hardcore, but only when I think that "the time is right" or the "situation is right". Or that it "won't kill attraction" or something like that. All excuses, but I realize it now. This was THE KEY thing that was missing in my game.**

Reactive leading is not leading. That is in turn called being a little bitch.

Proactive leading is leading. That is in turn called being a man.


I dance with Assyrian Persian girl, but I can see that I'm "waiting" for her to make the pull happen. I'm leading, but not leading to the close. And I'm not getting numbers either since it's SNL or GTFO.

Eventually she disappears. At first, I didn't know why, but it's simply due to failure to lead.

Brad said once, "I can boil almost any sticking point down to a failure to lead. Whether it be physically, verbally, sexually, emotionally, the root cause is always the same" Nathan said something similar, but it was like, "No girl has fallen on my dick, but every girl has been lead there".

Leading for the motherfucking win. Not reactively, but proactively. Not as a technique, but just to lead.


Street Game.

I hit the street.

See 4 chicks, but one is really tall and super fucking sexy. I Roll up hard using SBVP. The chick is frozen for like 7 seconds. Sweep and in. It's on. Her name is Victoria, I'm like, "Victoria's Secret? Tell me a secret". It's on. I'm about to say, "Tell me this: When was the last time you were with a black guy?" But a Balrog comes to take her away. "This is my girlfriend...this is my girlfriend".

Normally, I'd let this go. 6th street has plenty of chicks on it, and it's just like the Slots. You have unlimited either works, or it doesn't. However, the Balrog pulled the chick just about 15 feet away. This chick is surrounded by 4 or 5 other chicks. My mind is like, "Eh...don't worry about it...plenty of other chicks who you'll hit it off with right off the bat...let's go" but part of me realizes that it's SNL or GTFO and if I leave a stone unturned, I will not be able to forgive myself for that.

I have two choices.

A: Hit up other chicks on the street.
B: Barge back in there. Use Sonic Boom Vocal Projection, Befriendus (if needed), and Maximus Ignorus (if needed).

I look around, we're right in front of the cops and the chicks are in the middle of the street, but I'm "ON", so I choose option B for Beasting.

I roll in. It's on. It goes well. A ninja chick comes to sweep her away. I realize that it's not just 4 chicks, but it's actually 9 chicks.

It's fine. I'm about to go hit up some other chicks, but I realize Victoria is close.

I go back in. 3rd time. Go even harder. I realize that it is neither a 4-set, or a 9-set, but a 20-set. I still roll up hard and loud. Before I can even get a full sentence out, a Ninja friend sweeps in and steals the girl. She runs away with her Ninja friend because she knows that she will get fucked behind the 6th street dumpsters if she stays.

It is such a beautiful sight to see two chicks running down 6th street in heels knowing that you went all in. That's all I can ask of myself.

Leave no stone unturned.


I see a cute blonde petite chick walking by herself. I stop in front of her. She's incredibly receptive.

I grab her. Pull her in. Give her a hug and hold her close to me. She's holding tight like she needs someone to love her. She needs a man to shower her in love. I recognize this. I pull her back a little bit. Go in for kiss. Turns into a little makeout.

I ask her, "Who are you here with?".

She says, "I'm actually looking for my boyfriend...but I'm really pissed at him".

I interpret that as, "I'm actually looking for my borefriend, but I'm up for whatever tonight. I'm going to cuckhold him tonight....want to fuck?"

DING DING DING. We have a winner.

I pull her in tight. It's on.

I get a text from Jeff. I tell him I'm heading to PURE and I'm hitting up street chicks. He doesn't like the street as much as me, lololololol.

I pull out the phone and realize that it's 12:45 cock statements are now allowed.

It's going well. She's never had black cock before, but her mouth, eyes, and say that she wants some.

However, I'm wrapped up too much in my own world. I'm red-lining with physicality, black cock tirades, and energy, so eventually this falls through.

In retrospect, I was trying to turn on a girl who was already aroused and DTF. It would have been best for me to just pick her up over my shoulder and drag her to the dumpster that was about 50 feet away. DONE.

**I realize that I'm thinking that there's a super large window for pulling or that pulling can only happen after "a certain time". It's just going to be me realizing from here on out that pulling can happen at anytime. ESPECIALLY on the street. Street game is like...the biggest mixed bag in the world.

Lesson Learned: Pulling can happen at ANY time. Keep your ears and eyes open Alexander.

Also, if I can tell that it's already "on" and the girl is aroused by me, then I don't have to go overtly sexual with anything. With this girl in particular, I was just having a fun time in my own world, but it would've had the same effect even if I didn't do anything and had just led her to the dumpster. Cheers.


I see 3 chicks walking.

I roll up to the hottest. Go in hard. Go in direct. She loves it. We're talking, and friend brings out a camera. We do sultry poses. She gives me kiss on chick, I pull an HPRJ, she likes it. She gives me another kiss on cheek, pull another HPRJ, she loves it.

This was just funny. She's a rocker chick. We talk about music. It's fun. I grab her hand, but she doesn't want to grab back. Then, I'm like, "You're my new girlfriend". She goes with it and holds my like she is supposed to.

She has a Zooey Dascenelle look. Dark hair. Green eyes. I can feel myself falling in love.

However, she's just there to promote her band, so it's like, "Yes, Yes, Yes...but No". They were heading to their car. I could've just ridden to their place or have them drop me off, bring girl with me, pull/fuck.

//: Whenever chicks are riding home and it's clear that they're heading to their car, the BEST thing to do is calm thyself and follow.

I go for number so I can text her, "Give me your address" and fuck her tonight, but no go.

They disappear into the Austin moonlight. I go take a piss behind dumpsters.


Take a break. Calm my jets. Cool down.

I see a sexy 6ft3 chick. I roll up hard. It's on. She informs me that she has a "boyfriend". I say, "is your boyfriend black and fucking awesome?" She laughs because she knows it's a trick question.

If girl says yes, she's lying.
90% of time, they say, "No"
10% of time, they laugh and give "fuck me" eyes. Hahaha.

She says "No". I say, "Exactly what I thought". Go for makeout. Cheek. Eventually she disappears. Details were sketchy. I barely remembered this chick.


Go to PURE. Bouncer1 says, "Bro...we can't allow those cargo pants in here".

MAXIMUS IGNORUS. I just stand there and smile.

"Listen...your cargo pants...I can't let you in".


"Haha...but I'm awesome...I'm Alexander" Smile.

Bouncer1 is perplexed.

Head Bouncer comes up and is like, "Yo...Bouncer1, this guy is cool. Let him in." Handshake.

Bouncer1 tries to form a rebuttal but forms mumbling sentences like a 3rd grade girl who has been just abused by Daddy.



I roll up into PURE. I see a chick wearing a nice Mexican dress. I roll up hard and direct. She likes it. I'm going hard. She loves it. Then she says, "I have to get back to my boyfriend right now". I ask, "Where's your boyfriend?" She says, "Right behind you". Dude is 10 feet behind me. I don't know if he saw this go down, but I LOL'd. She wants the black cock.

Hit up another chick, but I can see I'm redlining. I take a break. Take a piss.

Cool my jets. Walk to back to PURE.

I see a cute chick outside with 3 around her. 1 hott white chick, 3 "eh" indian chicks. I roll up. Sonic Boom Vocal Projection. Deer in Headlights Look from them all. I go in on the cutest. It's good. Eventually friends take her away somewhere. All good.

Roll into PURE. I see a really tall girl (turned out she was 6ft2 without heels. 6ft5 with). I go hard on that shit because I'm turned on as fuck. Keep talking. She's smoking and tall. She's like, "I'm here with someone". IGNORUS MAXIMUS.

Some guy pops out behind here and starts talking to me. IGNORUS MAXIMUS. He is baffled. All is fair in bars and clubs.

I hit up some other chick. She's super cute and into it. Mexican Dress chick w/ BF is eye-fucking me from 15 feet away. She's walking by and heading to the bathroom. She realizes that I'm talking to one of her friends and gives me a "Caught-ya" look and takes the friend away. All is fair in bars and clubs.


Anyways, I'm bored. Gonna go take a nap. The rest of the night is filled with a lot of funny stuff, but it's just me hitting it hard. I think I red-lined and didn't even know it, but it was funny as fuck though.


This is why tonight felt a lot "different" than every other night. It was like I entered a state of 100% neutrality. NOTHING had an effect on me. My state didn't go up and my state didn't go down. I built momentum, but my state was 100% the same all night long.

It's like last night, I realized that I'm invincible. Therefore, as such, nothing that I do has an affect on me.

To analogize: I had 50 F-16's fully fueled, ready to go, and top of the line. Before, I would've just taken 1 of the F-16's and treated it with care and maybe done a crazy maneuver or two. Last night, I realized that I had the invincibility cheat code and no matter what, I'd still live.

Therefore, for giggles and shit, I started flying my planes through mountain ranges, through canyons, 5ft over the oceans, and in loops. For myself, I wanted to see how far the envelope could be pushed (mainly on the physical) and what the limits were with this plane.

Now, there was very little technique. Only a little bit of calibration, but I learned exactly what I needed to learn:

1) Girls need to be led
2) It doesn't fucking matter...none of it
3) Go hard or go home

Mainly learned that it's time to be a man and not some ass nigga.

Learned that it's time to STEP UP and stop waiting for the girl lead. Lead from beginning to end.

Learned that I'm fucking fearless and no matter what happens, it doesn't affect all.


So since this night was me crashing all 50 of my F-16's, tonight is going to be me figuring out the balance point between being smooth and this "all out" mentality. It's back to everything I was doing, but knowing the fundamentals of how/why they work. Not being a little bitch, stepping up, and balancing the Fun Timez, Love in the Moonlight, and Black Cock.

Last night was pretty much just fun timez and black cock. No love in the moonlight. It's time to balance all three. Yes. Fun.


//: Goddamit. I just realized why a majority of my shit would go really well at first, then I'd be gone. It's leading. Leading for the motherfucking win.

//: Taken girls now automatically introduce me to everyone in the group. Before, I would have to say, "Introduce me to your friends", but now they just automatically do it.

NOTE: "You're my new girlfriend" is the easiest thing. Just throw it out there and chicks fall in line with it.

//: Emotion was lacking for the first part of the night. More wrapped up in the "doing" or certain things.

//: BIG NOTE: In retrospect, I think that "When was the last time you were with a black guy?" is perhaps THE best intentful question that I can ask. Everytime that I've used it, it turns conversation IMMEDIATELY sexual and IMMEDIATELY in my favor. And it gives me a boner too. Because if chick answers "Never", then I'm her first and she's getting a new experience. If chick answers, "Back in...XXX times", then that turns me on too because she knows that black guys do it better, but she has yet to experience my cock, so...yes.
My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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 It is well with my soul. 

My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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You are a fucking inspiration.

Are you actually saying MAXIMUM IGNORUS every time you are writing that shit?
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Spark Notes: Went out. Got "rejected". Almost pulled a threesome. No go. Almost pulled a chick from club. No go. Hit up every chick I see on 6th street. See a cute chick by herself. Go in. It's on. Lead. Fuck. 


Short Version of a longer coming FR: 

Went out. 

Wanted to go home. 

Balancing beastmode vs. connections. 

Almost pulled a threesome. 

Led like a motherfucker. 

Literally, everything that I hit up did not go well. The ones that were going well, I screened hard for DTF chicks. Many of them walked off. 

I go to PURE. I see a chick in red, she's sexy. I go up hard like, "You're dress is really's turning me on". 

Lead...its love in the moonlight + black cock. 

It's all good, then she turns cold. Alcohol does some evil things to chicks. 

I hit the street at 2 AM. 

Things are going "well", but I'm screening for DTF chicks. SNL or GTFO. 

Nothing goes all the way. 

I decide to call it a night. 6th street and Troy Davis are in the same boat....dead. 

I've hit up every chick on 6th street and I keep running into the same ones over and over again. 

I walk home. 

Before I actually leave 6th street, I see a chick with sexy legs on her phone. She's around a group of people. 
I'm like, "Fuck more set".

I roll up and say something like, "Hey...*pull in*...I think you're sexy...your legs are turning me on" something like that. 

It goes well, but because I'm screening, I say something like, "You're turning me on right now...I just want to take you behind the dumpster right now". 

She doesn't object and I realize that she's DTF. I grab her by hand, she follows. Then, she realizes that I'm serious and lets go, but doesn't run away. 

I pull her in. Makeout. She likes to be bitten. I bite her. It's on. 

This has switched from Love in the Moonlight to Black Cock. 

She's waiting for friend who is going to pick her up. I say, "Hey...I live in 5th street"

I keep saying, "Hey...I live on 5th street". 

Eventually she gets the picture, but she has a friend with her. 

We find the friend. Friend is in a bad mood, but she clearly sees what's going on between me and my girl, so she is not a Balrog or cockblock. 

Get a Taxi. 

Get to my place 3 minutes later. 

We get to Lobby. 

Concierge salutes me. 

Friend is like, "Wait guys do what you have to do." 

My chick doesn't understand. 

I'm like, "Let's go Let's go" to my chick. 

She doesn't want to. I realize that I'm not leading. 

I grab her hand and I must literally drag her to the stairwell, but after she gets out of her friend's sight, all is well. 

We get to my room. 

She's playing games. Doesn't want to take off her top, and doesn't want to take off her panties. 

I start fingering her and saying whatever I say in bed. 

Eventually, she takes off top, but won't take off panties. 

I start fingering her hardocore with my Piano Player Fingers. 

She's still playing games, but I keep fingering her. 

Eventually, I hear her saying something....

She keeps whispering, "fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me"

I make it happen. Get condom on my dick and proceed to give her the black cock she desires. 

We fuck for 30-40 minutes, then I say, "Where's your friend". We both LOL. Friend has been waiting in lobby this entire time. 

She calls the friend, and I'm like, "Do we need to take her home?" My girl is like, "Don't worry about it...just fuck me".


We continue. I pull out real quick to drink some water, but am still fingering her. My fingers feel something moving and I'm like, "Hmmm....something's loose". I feel something moving around there.....

I pull out a Crown Condom from 3 condoms ago. I look at it, and I'm like, "Hahah...that's funny". 

Guess it fell off. LOL. 

Put on another condom. Continue. 

I tell her, "Say something in spanish". She calls me "Papi". I love it. 

I eventually get tired, and decide to write this brief thing. 

I go to bed. 

Lesson Learned: Lead. One Last Set. Screen for DTF chicks. Be willing to fuck them behind the dumpster. The end. 

My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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 FR is still coming, but I HAD to add this:

Last night, I pulled a SirKonstantine. 

My girl had money stuffed in her bra. Once I took it off, it all felt out. I counted (what I thought) was 4 one dollar bills, but my lights were off, so I took the money and shoved it under my bed. 

I just went to my bed...those 4 dollars were actually 42 dollars. 

Fuck yes. I'm rich. 

Going to go spend this. 

My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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Awesome!! I'm going to be in austin next wednesday for a week. Beasting!!! Where the spot for Wednesdays?
I just want to enjoy amazing girls. Crazy what sort of journey ive embarked on pursuing this quest.

My adventures in Dallas - 2013
 My adventures in Austin - 2012 
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 1st thought    awesome lr!

2nd thought   sir konstantine has turned us all into common criminals 
Duke Devlin  koolest kj ever  VisionsDivine post about Psycho-Cybernetics 
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Wednesday's = Graham Central Station. PM if you need details. Should be able to google it. It's college night there.
roadrally wrote:
Awesome!! I'm going to be in austin next wednesday for a week. Beasting!!! Where the spot for Wednesdays?
We're not criminals, we're simply Pimps. Big difference. 
My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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