November 21st, 2018
Munich: Hotseat Times, Jeffy Times!
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Dr Feelgood

Dr Feelgood

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So I went to pimp school the other day...

Giving a general review of Hotseat first and after that my personal experience that week.

Hotseat was great, tons of material that just lets you feel out the vibe of the interactions. I liked the first part best, it's an extensive outlook on Jeffy's club game. Everything is explained in detail, important parts are then replayed for a couple of seconds, which is very helpful. Also, sets in which Jeffy gets blown out and you realize a slight difference in his tonality as compared to the sets that open up to him flawelessly. This stuff can''t be learned through reading about it. Jeffy in pretty much every situation you could imagine, with AMOGs, nice girls, bitchy girls, etc, etc...

Daygame material: I don't do daygame at the moment, so this was not so much for me. Jeffy's style there surprised me though, some of it was (for daygame standards) very aggressive! Interesting.

Other instructors: Alex's material doesn't look flashy at all (I don't even remember seeing him giving kino), but in the end he always pulls; very efficient stuff! Shows you that you don't have to be able to balance a chair on your nose while telling funny jokes about lighthouses to pull this off. Tyler's shit, as has been mentioned before, is almost spooky and blurs the limits of social interactions as we know them.

Talked a bit to Jeffy and Alex, and both of them are really sweet and down-to-earth guys. They don't play their students, as one would expect out of a company teaching about social interactions. When you talk to Jeffy behind the bar, he is actually not that larger-than-life pick-up superhero persona he comes across on the internet, but just a great guy to be around. He also deals with shit from socially slightly uncalibrated students without batting an eyelid...

If you do go out regularely, if you are new or intermediate to this, and if 300$ doesn't mean the world to you, then Hotseat is DEFINITELY recommended! With the weak dollar, it gets even more ridiculous if you pay in a lot of other currencies - the price/ reward ratio is just through the roof here! I guess advanced guys can still take some details and nuances out of it. Besides, Jeffy's shit is so fucking funny, I would pay 40$ just for the entertainment value alone. 

Personal experience: I arrived in Munich on tuesday already and started to build up momentum. I had reached out over a German forum to some people and got to know a couple of cool guys on the Free Tour too. Thursday evening, after Jeffy's Free Tour speech, I was already pumped, but even more so when I discovered who was doing bootcamp and holding court in the very same venue: It was his Pimpness Jeffy, as well as Alex, Lord of the pimps! Just knowing these guys in my vicinity gave me a huge boost; did tons of sets and had at least two I could in hindsight have easily made out with, but ejected for stupid rasons. I didn't want to interfear with Bootcamp and stayed out of these guys way for the most part; the one Jeffy set I positioned myself in the background, I couldn't understand much acustically, but it ended with Jeffy turning around and walking away quickly and the girl screaming after him: "I love you!"

On the next day, which was Friday, I pulled a chick from the same venue (Pasha at Maximiliansplatz), which meant my very first SNL and a major breakthrough. I went from her place back to the hotel at 6:00 a.m., got a couple of hours of sleep and rolled straight into Hotseat - which was more than perfect timing! Because of my pull of just a couple of hours ago, Jeffy's explanations came together nicely in my head: When he was talking about green light/ yellow light, I had to remember me trying to pull her out of the venue four or five times and almost giving up before finally succeeding; when he was talking about "Boner, not kino!", I thought about grinding and moves on the dancefloor the day before (and what's not to love about the concept? just the words alone sound awesome to me; imagine you telling this sentence to somebody who has never heared about the community, ha ha...). Jeffy's theoretical talk came alive inside of my head vividly like a fancy little puppet show.

One thing I love about RSD is that they are so authentic (except when they do their marketing, who can blame them?). Jeffy brings this concept to the very edge, this dude stands for authenticity to the core and will not shy away from any collateral damage on any level for expressing himself. In a world full of generic people and nose-picking copycats, he is just a fucking character!

I have been doing this for 3-4 months now, and things are coming together nicely. I'm starting to really grasp what this is all about - not just on a theoretical level, but at the point where theory connects to pracal use as well as to my specific situation and personality. And may I say - RSD has not been playing a small part in my learning process!

PS: Shoutout to all the co-beasters: Loken, Alex and the other Italians, Chinaboy, etc. - it was great to meet you guys!

PPS: I'm in Brussels now and will be in Amsterdam from tomorrow till Monday; so if you want to go out there, let me know!

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Haha nice review.
Alex here... It was nice to meet you too bro!

Great experience and great fun overall!

- A. -
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