December 13th, 2018
Natural Buzzes for Pimp Game Extreme
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Okay so guys often ask me about why I don't drink when I go out.  There's a lot of reasons for this, but I thought I'd get into some natural alternatives.

My ideal when I go out is to have clean energy, be able to run mental laps around the girl and hammer her with humor when needed (often I barely talk at all -- but I like the option to "bust it out" so to speak), and have a "stable buzz".

Booze is too extreme.  You peak early in the night and get bogged down later when it's time to pull.  Taking drugs is just too hard on the brain and not sustainable.  My preferences are the following for something more "subtle"...:

(Don't laugh fuckers, this shit works!)

-Green tea combined with 85% or 91% dark chocolate.  Because I rarely drink caffeine the few times a month I indulge it's going to make my mind ultra focused.  The theomebrine in the dark chocolate also gives you the "feeling of love".  Good combo.  Loose leaf Gyokoru green tea is absolutely amazing, although expensive, because it contains L Theanine.  ANY are very good.

-Load up on greens throughout the day.  Tons of broccoli, kale, spinach, swiss chard, etc.  This jacks up the shit out of your brains neurotransmitters (seratonin, dopamine, acytylcholine, gabba, etc...) and makes your mood stable.  In fact a major reason guys post up stupid shit on this forum is because they've neglected nutrition and their negative thoughts become too overwhelming, so they vent.  Likewise approach anxiety comes from being overwhelmed by negative thoughts.  Jack up on the greens, like HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY on the greens, and your brain simply WORKS BETTER.  You think clearly.

-Meditation.  This is the single most important factor in my results in the field and in my public speaking.  You know those Free Tour speeches where I'm funny and on point?  It's when I've been doing meditation for 20 minutes a night, every night.  OTOH you know those Free Tour videos that are kinda "Okay but whatever..."?  Those are usually when I'm neglecting the habit.  Meditation is basically the key to gaining the non fear towards approaching and carefree attitude to say all sorts of crazy stupid shit that girls love, without needing to numb yourself with booze.

It's really insane how when you've been doing it, you just sliiiiiiiiiiide "into state" so easily.  Like you just slip in, like putting your dick into a girl RAW.  You can't help it. ;)  Meanwhile when you don't do it, you'll tend to oscillate between good and shitty nights.  Yeah sure you'll have good nights, but it's just not consistent.  DO THIS HABIT.

How do I do meditation?  It ain't rocket science.

Meditation is NOT trying to reincarnate yourself.  It's not trying to act like a bhuddhist monk from Tibet.  It's actually unfortunate that such an important habit has been associated with that.

Rather it's simply "eliciting a relaxation response" (as the Harvard MD Herbert Benson who wrote the book on it explained).  Most of us walk around with a low level refrigerator hum of our "fight or flight response" going, due to the perpetual bullshit we deal with in modern society.  We weren't designed to operate like this and it jacks up our cortisol, which ironically communicates "beta male" qualities to the girl (beta males are high cortisol -- ie: have approach anxiety, etc).

To meditate you simply sit in a quit place upright and focus your awareness on the breath for 20 minutes.  Set an alarm for 20 minutes and stay present to the moment.  The key is to "not think" except obviously if you TRY to "not think" you'll think "Ohhhh am I THINKING?  Am I thinking NOOOOW?"  So instead simply SHIFT YOUR AWARENESS to the feelings in your body and your breathe.

The first minute you'll watch to scratch itches and re-position yourself.  Allow yourself a minute or so to do this, but at a certain point simply STOP and don't resist it.  In fact don't resist ANY thought, simply allow it to float by.  Keep bringing your awareness back to the present moment, as you perpetually get brought back into your head.

Your first week will be boring and torturous, but it will soon become literally the most important part of your day.  The reason is simply because it attunes you to what your autopilot thinking is doing, makes you realize that most of your mental noise is absolute bullshit, and centers you.  Over time it becomes engrained -- like even if you do it before bed like I do, the effects carry over to the next day.

Oh yeah and lastly, what's the best way to feel a "natural buzz" in the field?  Wanting to bang the shit out of the girl.  It's called AROUSAL.  Explained below.

Have fun!  And have you TRIED any of these?  What are your experiences?  Do you have any others that you find to be good?

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 I think booze can also make you less witty, less calibrated, and can cause mood swings. Too much of it at least. I feel it's also sort of cheating confidence. Like you don't quite feel it's coming all from you the next day or when you get out of your buzz. I'm trying to maintain sobriety myself after sometime drinking but I'll have a beer. I'd say it'd be a good thing to wean off, not a depencnedy to need. Also I can reflect, much, much better on nights where I don't drink at all. Journal and see where things went off and on and why.
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 i don't drink because if i do , i look shitfaced... thats when girls shit in my face
drinking=no pulling
not drinking= pulling
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I don't drink at all either, people find me fucking weird. But I don't care I don't plan to start again. I do notice though ODD occasion I do drink for example last saturday I went so hard I got warned 3x for being too physical with girls. IT was pretty funny and can be fun. But dont make it a dependancy to drink.

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I like this stuff, RESULTS VS "INNER GAME". Sometimes you need a crutch to get started. I mean, I'm caffeined up and about to start the first of six nights out in a row. I feel sharp like a knife right now, a knife of vagina-fucking... possibly a bad analogy but oh well.
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For me boxing, meditation and momentum work well to improve my Natural Buzz. 

Doing any kind of (full contact) martial arts  would probably work equally well as boxing. Doing any kind of sports is better than not doing any sports (best to do something you like). Working out at least 3 times a week is best. Any amount is better than nothing.

I should probably pay more attention to nutrion. I'm going to read and I put the following health related books in my shopping basket on amazon (I am considering to buy them) :
* Younger you
* The 4-Hour Body
* The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth
* The Primal Blueprint:
* The UltraMind Solution
* The new evolutionary diet
* The paleo solution

see also
Tyler wrote:

Yeah the ultimate ideal would be....

-Go out 7 nights a week
-Gym (lift heavy weights + some form of cardio to pump BDNF to the brain)
-Nutrition (to pump nutrition to the brain and stimulate pre-frontal cortex activity)
-Fighting class (so you don't get intimidated by mixed groups and carry yourself better)
-Improv comedy (to sharpen your verbal wit and put you in front of audiences)
-Read good books that get your brain into that high frequency type of zone
-Have a good group of cool friends, laugh a lot and enjoy life
-Get into the outdoors
-Avoid negative bullshit -- whether toxic people who don't love life, or the internet, or whatever else.

I do all except fighting class, which I know is the next level for me. But hey, this is my entire life -- I LIVE for the game. The average person doesn't have time or desire to take it that far -- NOR NEEDS TO SINCE YOU GET CAN DECENT RESULTS DOING A LOT LESS.

Just for me as a hobbyist this is what I love to do.


I'm a member of RSD Inner Circle, RSD Inner Circle Amsterdam, Personal Development Circle Amsterdam and Personal Development Circle Utrecht.
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 how much/often do you eat dark chocolate?
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Ive been experimenting with Nootropics with little noticeable results. Im going to try green tea today and see were it goes.

Meditation is a must! I agree with the Guru-Tunic connotation it has.

Cool Article!
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Thank you Owen
 btw: your eyes are smaller and smaller
Dane, vážně CHCEŠ tohle?
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The only thing I do is eat healthy, but i get a natural buzz going all the time when I'm out. It's kind of weird actually - it's not like I'm being overly loud or crazy or high energy, but people tend to think I'm drunk when I'm out. I never get asked if I'm drinking anymore. In fact, one of the bouncers I know thought I was on drugs one night even though I'm pretty damn relaxed/chill. 

It's great though,  I don't even need alcohol to get a buzz going. I'd even go so far as to say that alcohol has a big placebo effect beyond what it actually does to you, and a lot of that buzz just comes from feeling like you have permission to let go of your inhibitions. At least that's what it's like for me.
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So, hey guys. Just finished reading Pimp by Iceberg Slim since it was so recommended by Jeffy, Brad, Tyler, etc. To begin, its a great book, and very entertaining! I read the 300+ pages in about 3 days.

To apply to game now, however, I am even more confused.

Slim describes his icyness very akin to not showing emotion, being harsh, unreactive. Also a lot of time it involves physical abuse if a fronts on your icyness.

To me this conflicts with the idea of not being James Bond in the club, and actually smiley, being expressive, and showing emotions.

Now I know these arent the same, but I'm trying to figure out how to actually become icier when I go out.

It has something to do with INTENT and FREEDOM FROM OUTCOME.

Thus, the idea of going out, meeting a new girl, and then all of a sudden being harsh, verbally abusive, etc has me scratching my head.

I have been to a couple hot seats and Summit 2/3, still left confused in this area.

Any insight/opinions appreciated.
Everybody dies.
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