October 22nd, 2018
Distant Light:"10 Game" Lifestyle Design (Pics/Vids)
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Yorro: With the exception of those who have their own group/company, the promoters/host friend's I currently know don't work at the type of venues I want to work at. The ones who do work where I'd want to work at, don't really need me at all. There really isn't no alternative since I don't want to really go back
to acting. (doesn't pay well) HOWEVER, I am going to get into this
consultant business on the side to make residual income. (Things were
going well back in aug when I was killing it but basically had to give
all money to parents instead of starting up, which has now fucked me

SkyN: Yep, title is abit misleading...

Why I chose thread name?

The main reason for making this thread was due to the interesting dynamics that my life consists of...
-  #1 reason is the fact that I ONLY bring above average women into my life, which for me specifically is attractive women who are 5'7+
-  My life revolves around nightlife, the type of clubs I go to ALL have door policies that filter out lots of women. I like this because I'm guaranteed to see a higher probablity of women who I find highly attractive. I've yet to see any of my boys in NYC crew come with me to these clubs and not say they didn't see a HANDFUL of hotties. Like my boy Jared! (Who frequents these type of venues too) once texted me about a club we like "I've never seen a chick below an 8 in this club". He told me he rolled with 4-5 girls, a gorgeous 5'3 playmate was with him BUT she only got in because of the four tall women tagging along.
-  My job forces me to be selective, like one doorman says "These guys come here bringing chicks I can find over at dennys...Then I look like the dick when I don't let them in". In my mind, why use the same amount of time/effort/energy to make 100 dollars when I can do the EXACT samething and make 800 dollars. (Along with free champagne, discounted/comped dinners, personal drivers, etc)

This meant that its highly probable that EVERY chick I meet, hang with, fool around with, bang, etc are highly attractive women. Which leads to...

In fact I think you offer a unique perspective that we probably would'nt get from anyone else on rsdnation.

You're 100% right, this is the only reason why I still post. My friend Jared! (used to intern for rsd nathan, turned down becoming an instructor) lives a similar life and when I say he's enjoying it haha. IMO, he's the best community guy I know living it since he has his own place in the city, has a decent job and has access/connections. I'm pretty sure it was 12 girls he hooked up with in the span of 2-3 weeks. (while maintaining his 9-5 job) I remember this because he suggested we should go to a random bar/lounge to cold approach because were getting so comfy and he wanted to make sure were not rusty because our life is setup in a way where were surrounded by tons of gorgeous women. EVERY NIGHT vanillagoriilla has hung out with me, he has fooled around with some chicks. (Heck, he had 3some)

Now on to the real ish. I'll say first off that this is an opinion, since I dont know you personally and can only get a vauge idea of the way things are in your life based on your writing. Take it as an opinion and if it helps in someway good, if i'm completely off base feel free to help me understand where you're coming from distant light.

My biggest problem in life is the ASSUMPTIONS & EXPECTATIONS I make. Honestly, I don't want to be known at all, I simply want to live my life in the way I visioned it and get paid the amount that many around me are getting paid. Now this is why EXPERIENCE is king and why assumptions/expectations are horrible...

Coming into this I used to think "Damn I gotta bring 10 people or I don't get paid!?!?!" So in my mind when I was researching all the nightlife people in NY, I thought they were bringing hordes of women. In reality when I started actually meeting, hanging and observing these people I realized I was SO WRONG.

Me ALONE bringing 10 women to any of these clubs would be a big deal, I didn't know that. What I noticed was that most people were bringing maybe 2-3 women out and just partnering up together, so 3 guys bringing 3 women would result in them splitting a check. Doorman of a club wanted to hire me on the spot because I kept coming back and forth bringing in more women who came to hang with me. Because I PURPOSELY only bring attractive women into my life and only have a small group of guy friends, it created a perception that I know alot of hot women. HOWEVER, no one doesn't realize I can't consistently do that at the moment.

I wanted my START to be me rolling with 10 women and build to 25-30 women consistently. What vanillagorilla was pointing out to me was the fact that NO ONE CONSISTENTLY does what I envision in those type of venues because everyone is being lazy and noy continually meeting attractive women who could potentially go to those places. I've only seen ONE guy ever rolling alone with 20+ women.

The step I'm skipping is working with others which is due to certain subtle things I've disliked and don't want to deal with...
-  Mix (used to post on here) I used to work with, liked working with him BUT he doesn't work where I want to work
-  Guy who I would've done the deal with, after dinner because one of my girls had to meet a photographer he said "Never bring her out again"
-  Few people I've hungout with, take forever to read/respond to text while working and it messes up the whole flow/process at the door. I HATE wasting/playing around at the door or table setup. Mix and one of his partners is probably the only people who I've seen consistently on the ball when it came to that stuff

Just start small man. You are clearly upset about your financial situation, yet you do the absolute bare minimum to change it. You're literally doing "just enough" to justify staying on you're path. If you want 2k-3k a night, start with a few hundred. Theres nothing wrong with starting small and working your way up to something. Use those damn connections, because it's obvious they're more than willing to help you out, because seriously although as far as the women are concerned this whole thread i've seen nothing but improvement, but as far as everything else goes it seems like you're stuck in a loop of "get this # get that #, they'll be useful in the FUTURE but not right now....gotta meet more women that will help me in the FUTURE.

That future shit is not promised man trust me I almost lost this little life of mine recently and all I could do was be pissed at the things I did'nt get to do. Judging by how I felt, I think knowing you're going to die without fufilling what you wanted to has got to be one of the most fucked up things a person can go through, even more so if they're goal or ideal lifestyle orientied people and I wouldnt wish it on anyone EVER.

It's weird because all the philosophy/spiritual stuff I do in the background has made me a person who simply does it all for the experience/lessons on the journey. I'm not really attached to this life, it all stemmed from my boredom of "normal" life and so I decided to create this ridiculous lifestyle to keep me alive.

Only way to start small would be to partner up and splitting the payout BUT thats where the stubbornness comes in (which ironically I can now see this applies to exclusive relationships too) where I don't want to be stuck with them having to compromise. For instance one of my good promoter/host friends was willing to partner up with me BUT if I accepted I would've been working at only 1 venue I'd actually be willing to work at. Its this type of stuff that has caused me to say

"Yo, suck it up, bust your ass and work alone"

Last night, I made it a rule that once I wake up I MUST GET READY and leave the house regardless what time it is. (If anything I can go back home later and go back out during the night) If I simply get in the habit of being 100% extreme for even 1 week straight, I could work 1x a week consistently. It almost seems like I've gone backwards in the past months due to trying to make that jump from mid-level to high end. If I continued working in mid-level clubs I would've never consistently make enough money to actually live in manhattan. (and my guy friends would all have to pay 20-30 dollar cover charge just to hang with me...high end venues don't have cover charge)

How I even seen an opening was due to a friend mentioning that I shouldn't be working at mid-level clubs with the type of women I hangout with. A few talks later I realized I'd rather make that jump then continue working in mid-level clubs for years and then slowly having to stop contacting MANY women after building relationships with them. Also, I hated playing the game of "What girls are good enough?" at the door. Before that transition I was making money weekly at mid-level clubs. Again, last night I actually wrote out an action plan with goals, I texted a friend mentioning that I'd like to work with him and his partner BUT honestly I doubt it will happen since they don't really need me and it means cutting the check 3ways.

Honestly, I think its these experiences that are molding me to become a more focused person since its reached a point where creating this life is all I do in my life and everything I want to do revolves around bringing people into it all, making it epic. There is almost no time wasters besides abit of facebook, watching foreign films and using this forum.
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^love your perspective, as mentioned you're a unique poster on rsd, gives a glimpse of another world.
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i fully agree with Sky N as he explained perfectly what i meant about 'success is a process not an event'.

Distant Light wrote:
the promoters/host friend's I currently know don't work at the type of venues I want to work at. The ones who do work where I'd want to work at, don't really need me at all
and that's really what i meant earlier when i said earlier that "don't NYC venues have that kind of promoters already? i've never been there but damn this is N.Y. fucking C. one of the top 5 cities in the world. shit like that must be going on right now. there must be tough competition".

so basically what we were trying to comprehend is how do you see yourself skipping a couple of steps on the way to that glamorous spot you dream about. especially that as you say top guys already don't really need you.

Distant Light wrote:
It's weird because all the philosophy/spiritual stuff I do in the background has made me a person who simply does it all for the experience/lessons on the journey. I'm not really attached to this life, it all stemmed from my boredom of "normal" life and so I decided to create this ridiculous lifestyle to keep me alive.
maybe that's why instead of immersing in spirituality too much i prefer to use that time to do shit, try shit, fail, recover, try again etc without too much thinking about it. that's what keep me aware what's really happening with me and around me.

i know how it feels like as i used to daydream like that in my mind i was thought i was the shit however i was disconnected from reality of life and the same life brought me down really quick and let me know i wasn't as cool as i thought i was. oops. it was solid reality check. so now i'm like.. oh yeah daydreaming ok cool keep dreaming but you gotta wake up from the dream and go get it. so i guess in terms of RSD principles i believe that intent/execution > spiritality/meditation

Distant, i noticed that you tend to talk a lot about being being being and your general style of writing is very vague with not much concrete and specific about what is actually really happening (or not happening). no offense, just constructive critisism here. it's very obvious sign of excessive daydreaming

anyway i like your overall perspective
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Yorro: I too was like you assuming "there has to be someone doing it already, its fucking NY"

In actuality, only thing that is common are guys who only bring out models which is why they get paid tons of cash. The irony is that the guy/team who is considered #1 cold approaches in the daytime with his two partners sitting on a bench EXACTLY 1 block away from where I generally camp out in the daytime. The other guy who is also considered the best/#1/#2 ironically used to be his partner and the 3rd is a group of guys who altogether knows hundreds of models over the span of 8 or so years. What was my observation?
-  Guy #1, I've seen at a brunch party (didn't know who he was at the time) with 7 BORED models eating free food off the side. My friend weeks later revealed that the second best table at that party was actually his partner which had about 5-7 models.
-  Guy #2 (Guy #1 old partner) I've seen (possibly when he was still partnered with guy #1) walking to his suv with another guy and 12 model types
-  Group #3, I actually know and hangout with. They bring out 3-5 women amongst the three of them BUT also have teams in brazil, italy and france so as a result over the 8 or so years they've come to know hundreds of models. IMO, they're the only ones actually living it up while still working. (90% of the models I know atleast one of them knows)

Skipping Step?

While it may seem that way, I don't actually consider it that as I once heard an affiliate marketer for luxury products mentioning he does it because the same effort he'd put in to get people to buy a 1-2k product is the same time/effort he'd be spending trying to get people to buy a 20 dollar product. I always remembered that and figured "Why bother meeting women who can only get into mid-level clubs when I don't even hangout there and the payout isn't nowhere near the same".

This is why I went out 70 days in a row navigating through the scene, building connections and EXCLUSIVELY talking to above average women ONLY. 4-5 months ago I wasn't going to ANY of these venues. (consistently, if at all) I shocked myself since I thought it would be much harder, only to find out the mere fact phasing out all average women and meeting only a certain type of women would change me and my lifestyle. Last weekend was the final lesson as to why I never hangout with average women anymore. I was better off rolling out solo because now I couldn't get into any venues that I actually frequent. Competition would potentially be tough if I was to focus exclusively on models since all the guys mentioned above already do that.

As of right now, my only problem/issue is me NOT going out during the daytime/nighttime and continually meeting women. I should be cleaning up during the day and just owning it like I do during the night. Experience has shown that if I have a table at any of these clubs I could suck in MAJORITY of the hotties their and have them hanging with me. (I've seen gorgeous supermodel looking chicks fixated on me while sitting at owner tables and shit like that) I have the opportunity to cut a deal right now, I just wouldn't be able to deliver consistently since its almost like I started my social circle from scratch 4 months ago.

Spiritual Aspect...
This part is hard for me to explain but it's possibly the most important aspect that keeps everything going...

I could go take a 30min break having a very vivid dream-like experience that last the span of a day and then continue typing on here. Due to having that ability I sort of realized I should be doing that in physical life too that way I don't get addicted to learning/experiencing/growing in other altered states more than my current lifetime package. So sorta like a crash dummy I basically decided on a journey/path I'd consider enjoyable which would still provide lots of lessons/growth. If it ever seems like I'm negative/sad/pissed in this thread, that isn't true at all. I simply love everything about this process...

The major reality check I've had is the fact that external pressures have reached a point where I'm forced to grow up. My level of awareness isn't in balance with the power/control/influence I have. Meaning, I could bring out some chicks, walk into the hottest club, make the whole room have an amazing experience of living life, and night cap it with a 30 person after party at a trendy looking karaoke lounge. HOWEVER, I could literally hurt myself for a few days with the decision of group dining and taking a taxi in one day.

Most people would say "your too extreme" or "eventually you'll get bored" because most people do things for the sake of feeling good, ego, seeking happiness, etc. I want to create all this for the sake of learning/growing within the theme of things I enjoy such as nightlife, film/acting, travel, dining, socializing, sex. So to me going out 7 days a week, pregaming and partying everyday is NOTHING to me and always a whole new experience. All of this is due to the spiritual stuff I had learned over the years. Which leads nicely too...

Why lots of being and less doing?

This is because I've learnt that "what you do" isn't important, its "why you do what you do"...

In order for my reality aka "what I experience" to change I have to change at the being level while remaining aware of not falling into what is called a belief traps. It's ego/fear/beliefs/assumptions that makes intentions fuzzy and causes us to become limited in our decision space. Intention is the first choice, action is the FIRST RESULT of your intention. Which is why if you focus on being you'll always make the right actions in the long run. This is why everything seems vague because I don't do, I am it. How I am NOW is the result of where I am at the being level in all its glory. (Including the ego/beliefs/fears that currently limit me)

So for instance, if I ever spoke about escalation its never indepth "actions/details" because the only thing ingrained into my being is that I flirt with women for fun in a stripper-like manner. Ways that its expressed/manifested/produced... (Because its at the being level there is always new knowledge/truth aka profitable and unprofitable actions gained and discarded)
-  I open lots of women by grabbing their hair and always putting my face right infront of women
-  When holding women and talking, I tend to grab their thong and snap it
-  I greet women by blowing kisses regardless if I know them or not
-  Many photos that I take I'm biting women
-  When dancing I tend to just pick women up and have them straddle me OR if I'm partying hard I straddle women sitting down
-  When partying hard I'm always holding women shoulders giving massages

Probably Should Note

Although I've been slacking in this area, the spiritual/philosophy stuff I tend to do is abit intense. Non-physically, I don't meditate and instead use the meditative state to launch myself into a dream-like experience with the intention of uncovering fears. Physically, when I was actually "on the ball" I had each concept/analogy/potential-possibility written down and as I go about life I'd add experiences that illustrates some form of profitablity in that concept. Overtime it would grow to the point that I know the probability of certain experiences due to being that way. (However, I've fallen way off and dealing with a current belief trap)

I too am not into passiveness BUT I'm highly into actual personal growth because for many years growing up I thought I was actually growing doing to gaining an intellectual knowledge on things. The hard reality check was that intellectual knowledge is shallow and insignificant, its experience instead of faith that helps you. I just happened to now be aware of the game/process.

I guess you can say this is essentially what started to get me hyped about actually living haha...

P.S...A funny example of Intent/Choice aka "Why you do what you do" is the fact that I'm a hardcore drinker now when partying. I almost never used to drink and other than wine never really drank outside of social events. NOW, I get royally plastered as I like to call it and the reason why is because while partying its the only time people were on the same frequency as me for an extended period of time. It's as if they were getting a glimpse of this clean eurphoric state of mind that you could have naturally and so many times when people offered me a drink in order to NOT "disconnect" them from that shared experience I started taking the drinks. Which has lead to chuggin of champagne, shots shots shots, spraying champagne, jumping up and down yelling, etc. At first, people used to think it was a joke BUT now every person I hang with thinks I'm this crazy/fun guy who loves to party. This is because they've never seen a person EVERYDAY creating these kinds of shared experiences. Drinking is just an ACTION aka "a result of creating/maintaining that shared experience"

P.S.S...I'm actually liking these questions/comments its really helpful
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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LR: All Ego!!!!
Not going to lie I didn't even want to have sex...

Loft party, not as crazy as 1st but got this one chick rollin who I used to fool around with. The men like her, my boy jared! is on it and so is some other guy. By time we all hit club she bounces early. (As usual)

Funny thing is he girl she brought with her I FOOL WITH and I had her straddling me, making out and ass playing but I didn't wan to pull. She goes home an I let her.

Why dd I pull? I seen both my boys on sofa making out, I think jared pulled early. I was thinking "seriously, they fucking chicks so easily and both my girls going home?

"I am pulling!!!!!"
I shit you not, I scan the room looking for a chick, I find one...

Makeout, move to stand on sofa, more making out, taxi times to train and off to long island. I did nothing but decided to pull, it was funny cause I still was screening BUT nothing else was done. She paid taxi and bought me food. Logistics were bad but I promised to leave right after. (It was horrible logistics)

All I could think about is the fact that I didn't want to pull, I chose a random chick because everyone else was hooking up. She was the 4th girl I was making out with for the night.

Like I literally did not see her until I decided to scan for a chick to just take home. I did NOTHING besides go for the makeout, remain aloff as if she was winning me over and then confirmed that it was ok to take me home.

P.S...I alrdy knew this would be an unproductive night. She was EE, I planed on never seeing again but she #closed me. Another girl texted 3 times, pissed that I've ignored her for a week. (Don't wanna see her ever) I am on the verge of starting from sratch again.

P.S.S...If I didnt see friends pulling i was planning on just leaving...
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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^^^ haha, yep money ain't the ultimate goal, just another TOOL to help create/produce...

As I'm now sober, I did feel abit bad about this pull since the only reason I did it was because my friends were pulling. At the sametime, it was good experience that "I still got it" since I haven't done the whole select a girl and just go home since sept 14th 2009 where all I used to do was work a room having about 4-12 different options and just choose. Last night I didn't work the room though, I simply flirted with 1st girl that I brought out who of course left and then madeout/danced with 2nd girl who I usually fool around with. She too goes home BUT I didn't even attempt to pull or think about doing it.

Then I stand there seeing both my boys side by side on sofa with a chick infront of them and they are making out. In my mind I was all "Damn, they're both gonna pull...Am I really about to just go home? FUCK IT!!!!" So I turn to the left, turn to the right and spot this eastern european (Hungary!!!!) and I literally just FLIRT like I always flirt BUT I pushed play less than a minute in old school style. Which generally as of late I NEVER push play...

What I had done way back (09) was teach myself self-control which now when I flirt it always seems like I'm just threading that line of pushing play and simply "just having fun". I tend to always keep it in the "just having fun" realm. Even the first moment of kissing or making out, its still "just having fun" mode of the concept "It's all fun and games until someone gets fucked". So here is the distinction...
-  USUALLY, when I am flirting I will lapdance, have her straddling me, tits in my face (kissing them), hair grabbing, biting, kissing, passionate makeout, etc BUT its lots of laughter, pulling back, and sometimes even walking off right after. It's like those soldiers in films coming back from the war and as they walk down the street in the parade they just grab a chick, kiss her and then walks off.
-  THIS TIME, I started flirting but about 30secs in I just take my finger tapping the top of her chin playful and then I just hold her chin with my two fingers rub the back of her hair and just kiss her which she of course kisses BUT the point where I usually pull back I actually FAKE IT and just get serious. This subtly lead to her moving me on the sofa where she stood on top so she is taller than me and I go in and out of "all fun and games" to "yo, we've gone too far sex might occur". It was maybe 3-5mins later we just take a taxi which by that time there was more "yo, we've gone too far lets just hookup"

Some screening/qualification was going on somewhere, I know because I remember actively thinking "Wow, I'm amazing at framing". The whole me BEING the "Ice Queen Supermodel" actually has caused me to always pull off some amazing things in terms of the whole "I'm the opportunity, its irrelevant if she's into me, am I interested in her?" I do remember, after each of those moments though I would switch to "Yes, we just might hookup" mode. From there, she basically pulled me as she told me I had to try the soup near the train station, then "you wanna walk me to my train", then me figuring out logistics and saying "Cool, I guess we just might actually hookup...will see".

I've learned from experience to never be ABSOLUTE with women as they love the uncertainty/unpredictablity because its a sense of no control and they have to just enjoy the experience or observe YOU and learn how to win YOU over. It's like mapping out a cave for her, she has no clue how complex or simple the cave is all she has is starting point and using a torch to begin. (This also explains why all women love that uncontrollable aspect about me when I party hard AND why bi-natural can suck on chicks tits 1min in)

All of that above might sound abit complex but it's who I am now and is rather normal, its just the indepth version. At the end of the day there are only THREE aspects of actual my game/method/process/model that I sort of follow. (Everything else is just a preference of how I like being)
-  Screening/Qualification: I simply let them get the chance to gain my interest so that I'd POSSIBLY be willing to hookup with her. Like I stated earlier its not about her, its about "what makes her interesting to me?" Her liking me is irrelevant because ultimately do I like her and am I willing to possibly choose her over all the other women out there.

-  Dominating/Supermodel Frame: Basically its about breaking her out of that frame that enables her to chase me. I generally never mention this but I'm always reframing everything in an interaction as them wanting me, I'm always playfully asserting boundaries whether fake/real and I always verbally dominate. This is probably the most underrated aspect in my game since you BLANTANTLY get to see the woman turn into "O ok, so I gotta try to figure him out, I got this!!" (An majority start off trying to move seductively to start off)

-  Flirting: The whole dance of "its all fun and games until someone gets fucked", its lots of fun simply being flirtatious/physical and continuously pulling back. Any chick who dislikes it, gets laughed at because they either took the game too seriously or just not up for having fun. (Which would screen them out instantly) From my experience, most women would love to flirt whether they are interested in actual sex or not. The point is, all that changes when things get abit serious and next thing you know she wants to have even MORE FUN, sucking dick!!!

-  Pushing Play: This is more of a subset of "flirting" since its simply tactful ways to pull while maintaining the integrity of who I am. At some point there is a bait of me letting them know what I plan on doing (If I actually have plans) and throwing out possibilities of us being isolated together. When I present the opportunity for sex its usually down in a NOW sense, LATER sense and through SEXTING.

Thats basically my game in a nutshell, of course all the different actions can turn into pages and pages of expressions BUT that is the overview of all my interactions. As you can see there is not really any rapport building, the screening is more of info for me to know incase I need it and at times if I'm simply curious/interested about something that was uncovered. Everything else is just fun ways of interacting with lots of sexual untertones. Its like watching a disney movie but knowing what the REAL cinderalla story is. 
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 Haha, Niiice last post distant light...  I get this as well... like flashes of me just dominating and then later thinking said that ,,,you acted like that!... basically keeping the "im the coolest" when this happens unconsciously... 

For me its happened unconsciously only if I'm so into my "imagined" reality that I've disconnected from reading cues from the environment and start acting in alignment with my "imagined" reality which ofcourse causes the girl/ppl to fall into my frame and causes them to behave all submitting and girly and this further causes awesome subcommunications from my side...awesome positive feedback loop and once im in it for the night... its almost like you said you don't care but will be driven to take awesome risks and dominate... 

Other than this, I've worked with consciously aligning myself into high value behaviours... its a feeling to ultra calibration to myself being high value while blocking out reality to a certain extent.... ie the focus is on my high value subcommunications....not that I'm thinking use BR tonality now etc.... but just the process of concentrating on being high value and being conscious of your own high value subcommunications seems to work pretty well too... 
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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OR: Blowjob On E
Main reason I'm posting is because of the E I purposely tried and the fact that I was going to a warehouse party that played ELECTRO...

What did I think of E? Basically 20% boost to my maximum upbeat self, I doubt I ever use it again because there is no need. I actually didn't even know when it hit me because before it even kicked in I was already in the front BUGGIN OUT. It was only when I was texting one of my girls to get me water that I felt the subtle changes and then I saw the slight PLUS where I simply was walking (litterally my walk) around in a total self amusement manner. Like literally overexaggerated arrogant player walk in such a slow fluid motion.

Makes no sense to talk about the party I was BUGGIN OUT thats it. The girls who brought me were annoying me abit because they kept asking me if I wanted to chill upstairs lounging around. I CAME TO DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE to electro and any other wild shit they played. I let them be, tried kissing one of them playfully and she pulled away. Later on I seen her massaging this dude she knows and then possibly making out with two guys who she knew. End of night they were handling logistics for after party which clearly had a vibe of SEX, no way at 7am I was going to go to some after party that most likely didn't have electro music. PEACED OUT...

I wanna point out, that I did get stuck in my head when I started thinking of chick cause we will never bang and my ego couldn't take it briefly. INSTANTLY, it was like "Yo!!! Look what you've created, you don't need to bang her or any other woman again...Do you see what the fuck you are doing here and everywhere you seem to go KILLING IT" and like that I was indifferent again, didn't even scan to look for her. The party was the usual me, hyping shit up and having fun with women. I'm not even sure how many women I madeout with, I can tell this is an easy scene for me to pull as MANY women kept coming up to me. One of the hottest chicks in the venue approached me. Another one who I guess helps out basically tried 6-7 times to get pulled saying "I'm surprised no one is having sex yet" hint hint hint...

The girl who gave me a blowjob wanted to bang, I didn't want to do anything BUT we did makeout so by seating area she takes out my dick wanting to bang but I told her no. Which goes back to E, it made me make clear fucking decisions based on what I WANTED TO DO. I didn't want to hang with the girls I came with because they just seemed BORING compared to what I was doing hahaha. How me and chick fooled around was pretty easy...

I'm not 100% sure where she came from but she gave proximity around me as their were already 7 girls, I started doing homo erotic mating dance and we end up kissing so we just move to the sofa making out and BAM she's trying to pull out my dick. I didn't have condoms on me (in my coat) and I really really really didn't want to be banging since its not common for me to hear electro being played. After, I don't even know where she went as I didn't see her the rest of the night. There were maybe 3-4 girls I madeout with who I didn't see all night. I hungout in front center just being utterly retarded. Got some free water hahaha.

The scene doesn't have super hot chicks like my "douchey high end" venues BUT there are tall hotties who all seemed receptive. Ironically, I KNEW this chick who was 6'3, met her during daytime about a year ago or something. She was shocked that I finally came to check out these parties. Also I think majority of the time I am not up for sex when I having a blast dancing to good music.

Overall, this night drastically changed my inner game in terms of total indifference and just doing whatever I want. My natural state is similar to E, I've hit the ultimate being level hahahaha. I just never actually EMBRACED IT and ACCEPTED IT. When I say people LOVED ME, I don't even think 1 chick blew me out or ignored me. Only one girl was just intimidated by everything I was doing.

This clearly made me realize my PERSONAL POWER, I have the ability to change people's lives even for just that moment. Atleast 60-70 different people were inspired by my energy and just random antics.

"Homo-Erotic Mating Dance" Decoded

Lots of people ask me where I learnt to dance, its actually heavily influenced by eastern european go go dancers. Everything is purely made up, despite a few basic moves becoming a NORM as I like to keep it simple and more focused on the flirting aspect of it all.

This came to be during the days when I was self-amusing back in 08, always loved EE go go dancers in terms of how bitchy and hot they moved. So I started mixing up the rhythms like a stripper, it was all about moving the hip region more so than anything else.

I always like to keep it ELEGANT which is why I try not to grind (if I do its overexaggerated gestures of enjoyment) BUT I front grind using my thigh to stimulate women's clit or using her ass cheeks moving it in a circular motion, community dude who danced alot said it did indirectly stimulate their clit which has been true from my experience.

Main reason you don't see any overthetop footwork is because I learned it kills the elegance making it seem bboyish or anything too footsie. As a result it ends up looking abit entertainerish instead of "That guy is looking so hot right now, he clearly is enjoying himself". Most people have never seen a dude moving in such manner so it draws attention like an amazing bboy dancer would. Only difference is that I got a sexy edge dancing that makes women want to flirt and actually come to me as an excuse to start flirting with a cool guy.

When I did this stuff in Atlantic City (I double pulled back to back) my mother told me 4 guys were on side laughing at the start then thinking "O shit, this guy now has all the girls..." and then they had one of their dancing friends to go in there. (Dancefloor was relatively empty minus me and the girls I was flirting with) Next thing I know some guy glides by me (he was good, much better dancer than me) but it was all footwork as if he was a bboy dude.

I'm more focused on the "back n forth" flirt if you just run with it everything will seem like its on point EVEN IF SHE DOESNT KNOW HOW TO DANCE!!!! And, even if YOU don't know how to dance. When I'm with my crew they just make up parady moves based off my dancing and it looks SICK!!! Best way to describe my footwork is basically how a gay guy would walk a runway, mixed with a EE go go dancers attitude of "I know I'm hot!!!" It's simple/controlled movements and runway walks.

I'll try to break this all down...
:00 to :010 - Was basically me prepping the energy, I usually either slow/seductive or acting like a "puppet" trying to pump her up ("puppet" is generally when I make motions as if I'm the dj or make noise to hype them up)
:10 to :33 - If you could tell I was in slow/seductive mode, went in flirting and then PULLED BACK continuing to prep the whole "Back n Forth". I control the rhythm and tempo with my hand speed.
:33 to :44 - Is generally the type of shit I'm doing when I'm alone having fun
:44 to :52 - Is what it would look like if the camera was a girl, pure flirting
:52 to 1:03 - Is how I usually makeout with women when dancing, in general (There are a handful of variations but that is the most basic)
1:03 to 1:08 - That is more of what "Puppet" trying to pump her up is. Majority of the time I do things like that when its a group of people, guys, or two women at once.
1:08 to 1:33 - The basic "in and out" of flirting and pulling back
1:33 to 1:36 - "Puppet" usually when a song changes I do that to maintain her energy levels based on how I want it.
1:36 to 1:48 - NOW, you can't really see because I'm not in frame BUT this was still flirting. Basically I was bouncing around and off camera I was moving as if I had a bow and arrow HUNTING HER. That's why her back is turned and you see that I grab her ass. That was basically me shooting the arrow into her ass. (I was thinking about that famous picture where its like a baby with a love arrow about to hoot)
1:48 to 1:59 - NOTICE her energy level or rhythm at that moment and then when I start to SET THE TONE of the energy aka "Puppet".
1:59 to 2:15 - NOTICE she starts moving like ME instead of very bouncy previously. This is how I get women to DANCE a certain way so we can continue flirting on the same frequency. I'm LEADING LEADING LEADING everything.
2:15 to 2:49 - This is abit of a variation of the whole slow/seductive mode which I usually do when I'm prepping to do something outlandish. Which is why you see me grab her and kiss her.(If it wasn't a kiss it woulda generally been picking her up to straddle me, sucking on one of her tits, or stimulating her clit)

Homo-Erotic Mating Dance, is by far the best thing that I do and most fun. When I first used to do it, I would just makeout with tons of women because almost ALL women that I'd do that whole "back n forth" with were willing to makeout. It taught me to have more control with it all since I knew I could push play whenever I was ready to actually do something with the woman and as a result I could dance with ALL women regardless if I like them or not and not have to worry that I'm going to make out with some unattractive chick that I'm just having fun with.
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That was one helluva dance dood

I thought my dance was rad until I watched it, gonna have to pay homage to ya and emulate it sometime, my older bro is gonna crucify me if he catches me doing this though haha

Love this thread!

EDIT: watched some go go dancer videos, about to sound really gay but you dance more seductively than them WTF
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 hahaha your dancing is fucking funny
Yh man the first time i tried MD my reaction was literally 'ha this is just me on a good night' real suprise there as the chemical it realeses in your body is made in your brain
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