June 21st, 2018
Distant Light:"10 Game" Lifestyle Design (Pics/Vids)
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'' seems'' to be so far from my reality.. but that s a fucking illusion.

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Distant Light

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Nedrud Relyt wrote:
 1. What really changed you from going from depressed to happy? More giving of love, or just everything?

2. You went full thrado on this project, and got successful because you just wanted it so bad?

3. After how long of using mbt tools did u realise uve begin started to change into a more positive direction?

Combination of things, the start was around 14 or 15 trying to lucid dream for the sake of meeting my spirit guide. 1st experience heard a voice saying "its so easy to be negative its so much harder to be positive". Also ALL THE EXPERIENCES from OBEs and lucid dreaming. I remember whn getting into OBEs I decided from day one that I was willing to die in the process of learning it. (Since it was a myth/belief that you could have a neg or shadow people attached to you)

Fast forward to now and I simply love how i am and my life

I got successful cause I stuck to the simply process of meeting people, giving # and inviting. Everything else was an extension of those 3 things

It took maybe a year because I spent the whole time trying to debunk atleast SOMETHING. One of the biggest things that got me though was when attempting to go to other realities based on MBT theory using no rituals. I literally went, cameback, went again and cameback. Heck, just now I spent a total of 5mins (earth time) and had one other reality experience that lasted about 10mins AND then cameback an instantly went again to a whole different experience. From then on, its just been rapid fire growth.
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Distant Light

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Double post...
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Thread Closure!?!?
So I'm trying to make the bridge where my blog is more "mainstream" friendly so it allows me to post more personal pics/videos.

Right now, my facebook page is what I use to show people who are interested in "lifestyle design" sort of proof and inspiration/motivation. Since its posts on facebook, I have no problem showing pics/vids of people I know.

With that said, everything nowadays is just EXPERIENCE for me to get better at editing videos and become a more competent writer. I recently made two videos which generally I'd never post on here since its much personal BUT my facebook page allows me to give a deeper look without talking much about it.

As for my final update in my journal, I must say I've hit all my goals coming into this...
-  Become a man who attracts women in general
-  Live a lifestyle I ENJOY that ironically has tons of women 
-  Have choice of the women I consider my "Ideal

All I really do now is simply continue, growing by experiencing life and taking lessons from it. I LOVE interacting with a wide range of people from the bus driver to the random beggar to the millionarie investment banker. I get to see new possibilities of expressions and how I enjoy being.

How I Feel Internally
I'm fascinated with how I am...

Have high levels of self-worth and while I know as an individual I have massive influence ALONE I enjoy what a collective group of consciousness together can do. Solo is all well and good BUT bring together 8 crazies and you have a ridiculous amount of potential.

Also exploring how I enjoy being and just expressing it really pumps me up because I know I'm BEING ME no hidden agendas revolving fears/ego. (For the most part)

My interactions with women shows that I've made the profitable internal modifications over time thanks to EXPERIENCE and being aware of different lessons. For instance, I know 10,000% that anybody comes into my life and open to it will almost always have a blast. I NEVER have a day I consider boring or dull, most times its story worthy crazy...
- (Video Posted Above) I got pulled by a girl, she somehow ends in her friend taxi while another girl pulls me with her friend and a guy I ironically know. We are in his place with 4 others 2 guys 2 girls BUT I am smoking hookah as I talk about why monogamy is dumb (she reminded me of chick I pulled last year who was on acid, believing in ultimate true love)
-  Setting up an after party, 2 guys 2 gals tag along with my crew BUT leave to get a hotel. I bring more people and then just disappeared!!!
-  Stayed home studying IM related stuff and then decided to flex my military knowledge in a war sim strategy game (video) and realize I can also edit and make movies to get better at editing.
-  I'm on day 49 of "1 sec everyday" project

Overall, lets just say I love life but don't care when it ends which allows me to push the enevelope. Each time, I leave my house its like I turn super saiyan instantly as I just hit a high level of state for no reason.

The Process Is Mastered
Again from here its simply up up and up, the simply process of meet people, give my # and invite out has changed my life. Overall being what I consider "time management"...

Essentially I've turned into a HUGE FLAKE, heck I forgot my friend I haven't seen in 1yr wanted me to hit rsd free tour. 8pm hits I see a text "I'm here" and I'm thinking O SHIT!!!

Thing is I just give my # out to people who meet my criteria or potentially do. I just keep living forgetting to save numbers. Heck, I had chick say her # into my camera no reason why. Also, because I send lots of invites or get random texts so they get lost in the cludder.

The other aspect I notice is SO MANY WOMEN KNOW ME and since I'm just being me having a blast they all seem to love me. Its almost sad if you see how happy they are to see me, you'd think we knew each other for years and even to the point where I sometimes think "did I fuck her while blackedout?"

Also I notice, I sorta mention when I consider a girl "part of my circle" instead of a "random" which has further solidifying internally that chicks get no SPECIAL TREATMENT for being an attractive random. When I do consider them part of my circle its like for them "Yes!!! I just might have a chance". Its also apparent in terms of...
-  Frequency of invites
-  Frequency of facebooks interactions (tagging, pics, vids)
-  Frequency in me willing to spend time together (which also means inviting to non-nightclub stuff)

I am like a girl now where I'm skeptical of all randoms but open to "My Gals" and their friends. Its technically easier for a friend of a friend to get me because they get approval stamps due to knowing one of my gals who know I like "fun fun fun" gals (criteria & standards at play)

Another thing I noticed, its FAR EASIER to just hookup with a new chick than hooking up with the same girl again. It almost feels like setting a day2 only difference is that your setting it up for sex. TOO MUCH WORK THOUGH.

My Life At This Point
I only have 1 girl who I like enough to repeatedly see and hookup with. She currently comes the closest to my ideal type... (UPDATE, as of last night I've shutdown, will ignore all texts for now on due to crossing a boundary)

Women are coming from all sorts of avenues...
- From cold approach
- From friends of friends whether its my own social circle or one I'm apart of (Lately girls who seen me before have been adding me on facebook through their friends due to me tagging in videos)
- From friends within the social circles I'm apart of
- From facebook, friends of a friend

I literally can just play games and let the texts come in. As for how things are currently...
- I go out 4-5x a week
- I eat dinner for free each night I go out
- 2x a week I invite people within my contacts
- 4x a week I roll with my "partner in crimes" (chicks who arenk't random)
- 100% of all the women who are my "PICs" can get into any clubs, a few don't make my 5'8+ preference but their shor/hot/sassy so it overrides everything
- 80% of the women in my contact list can go to all the venues in NY with the exception of ONE.

Best of all the quality just gets better and better, most of the girls I know now have done some form of modeling and/or runway. Their friends are models too which makes the avenue of "friend of a friend" great too. (One of the girls I know basically went through a 400k modeling contract)

An as far as cold approach goes, I'll just show you the most recent new girls that I've met...

How far I've come and this is only a "new" chapter. My favorite thing about this journey is the massive personal growth that I gained as a result of all these experiences. Things like being in the "high end" scene BROKE, having public sex, thinking about hosting sex parties, and banging girls I find highly attractive was always a "how could I possibly do this?"

I can fully say I have ACTUALLY taken full control of my social/sex. Meaning, I don't have to think/worry/chase/focus on women anymore. I simply do whatever I want with my life while proactively seeing new possible ways of being and expressions through experience.

EXPERIENCE, has shown I'm a social guy now so people are always being met and its obvious women in general are attracted. I give them opportunities and thats it.

In closing, if this was restuarants/food...
- Who I Am ("Why I Do What I Do") is like the FOUNDATION that ALL FOOD should be cooked to perfection. We should all continually move towards that.
- My Expressions of Who I Am ("What I Do") is like the style, technique, fusion, refinement that I make with the dish which constantly gets better and more innovative. Interaction/Experience helps you see the new possibilities.
- My Lifestyle is simply the type of food and cuisine, people enjoy different things.
- The process is simply the brand/packaging, its all from the same company.

We all can follow the "same" PROCESS/PACKAGE, we all might have "different" or similar LIFESTYLE/CUISINE, we all add our own "personal" EXPRESSIONS/STYLE/TECHNIQUE and at the end of the we all are MOVING TOWARDS PERFECTION in the grand scheme of things...
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Ha, awesome.

What I've always admired in your posts is how clearly you define your perspectives, values, and boundaries. 

Good luck on the blog. 
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Nedrud Relyt

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1. How does lucid dreaming help you in growth or anything at all?

2. Can you give any tips for lucid dreaming, how to do it, techniques or anything?
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 "The most fascinating aspect about me which I think gives me MY EDGE is the total abundance where there is 0% CHANCE of me being her boyfriend...
- I meet so many women that I don't care about anyone specific
- There is nothing beyond simply hooking up
- I don't care if I ever see her again
- There are no second cahnce opportunities for her'


 I like the first 3. But for the last one - sure you might burn it to the ground one night and not have success, but I wouldn't give up on 2nd chance opportunities. You may see her again in the future and she can totally want you!  Kinda similar to reapproaching a girl. 

reminds me of Juliens "ha! remember me, b***h? You rejected me a year ago and now muahaha!"  ; ) 
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 My interactions with women shows that I've made the profitable internal modifications over time thanks to EXPERIENCE and being aware of different lessons. For instance, I know 10,000% that anybody comes into my life and open to it will almost always have a blast. I NEVER have a day I consider boring or dull, most times its story worthy crazy...


amen brother, this positivity and knowing you are awesome will take you far
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omg you're closing the thread?!?! but what will I jerk off to every morning? :(
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Nedrud Reylt
Lucid dreams and any other "altered states" are an experience just like life on earth. Consciousness is essentially awareness...

What happens is say for instance, I want an experience to help me uncover fear/ego. One particular "dream" a girl I really liked at the time essentially goes for a good friend of mines. I was totally cool with it. (It was sort of a lithmus test since I don't care if my girls go for other guys) Another experience had a "precognitive dream" where I got info that a girl I knew was always seeing a guy way before she even met me.

In "other" realities the experiences can be more different, dramatic, complex, etc. My favorite is that time isn't static so you could dream for 5mins and it turns into a year.

As for how? A forum called dream views has alot of info...

Honestly though, I'd read chapter 23 in "My Big Toe" to learn meditation and get a grasp of "point consciousness" state. From their you can use your intent and generate personal tools to navigate reality.

Reason I say this is because all books on any of those practices are simply training wheels or rituals. You don't wanna be dependent on all that when essentially if you get good you can do it in a matter of a few minutes.

Nope...Although you misinterpreted slightly ;)

Its not your opportunity, if she misses the window its her issue. There are too many women coming and going. When I say "no second chances" I mean I PERSONALLY am not going to provide another opportunity. Yea she might see me again, yes she might want me BUT...


An still, its a "maybe", you probably heardof one girl where maybe 2-3 times she runs into me while I'm with a girl and just grabs my hand saying "Lets go home". An I simply have to brush her off because she got me in a situation where I wasn't down at the moment.

When you have majority of women who are fascinated by you, it changes you drastically...

I get zero validation, hooking up or not feels no different which goes into an

It's funny how anything beyond sex ONE TIME is slowly becoming my ideal situation...
- Stopped texting my fuck buddy due to her one night wondering where I'm at and then get NO TEXT BACK AT ALL. So I'm literally texting each move that I make so she can easily coordinate with me. SHE WASTED MY TIME and I simply made up my mind that I'm over it. She may be the coolest chick up to this point BUT its less complicated for me to simply just bang a new chick. (I also dislike logistical complications)

- Danish Gal, despite calling her ex-bf (Guy I know) crazy and all this BS a few months back. Saturday she rolls with him at the table across from me. I'm of course having a blast and we even end up sharing a table at 2nd venue. Whats crazy is how SHE WENT BACK. That's a huge loss of cool points on my part, is she that in scarcity?

- Turns out one of the models I once kissed and exchanged info with, my bi-natural friend fools around with her. This is similar to how he met his ex-gf. (I met her 1st, he likes them too, I'm so all over the place I realize they hit it off, I let it be) This I actually like though, spreading the wealth, its good for both of us when this happens IMO.

- Another girl I mess with, sad cause a girl is on my friend hard and he supposedly is in dating frame with girl I'ved messed with. Well the night chick is on him (she knows the girl) she started getting PISSED.

- Was pulling new girl but dumb logistics so switched it up and had them come with me to eat which I left afterwards without giving any info

All that happened in one day, too much drama and weird dynamics for my simple life. I essentially just friendzoned them all and cut off fuckbuddy.
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