November 20th, 2017
Distant Light:"10 Game" Lifestyle Design (Pics/Vids)
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TheSteak wrote:
Distant light, in terms of MBT and conciousness evolution, why do you experiment with different things? To face your beliefs, to increase your perception, for fun?
i think the answer to this is similar to the response DL gave to me on the previous page
Looking for a solid wing. 
Chicago - Daygame / Nightgame
No Path No Journey - My Journal
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Good shit bruh. Yea I guess you're just trying to see what works.
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Awesome journal, very inspiring!!
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Word is DL got something good in the works...maybe explains the hiatus.
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Distant Light

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Progress Report: "Massive Shift, New Frontier!!!"
Where do I begin!?!?!? I've met so many new cool people that are just AWESOME...
- Boarding School Gay Guy, one cool motherfucker we party hard together. He has some provocative pictures of me and his female friends. (All her are hipsters) I also like thw fact that I'm actually helping him overcome a challenge of not wanting to me no new people after a traumatic experience in college. I keep laughing each time I introduce him to different people.
- Hipster Chef, met through a friend, every 2 weeks he hosts a dinner at his place focused on different "working class" themes.
- Gorgeous American, not sure if I ever mentioned her before but this super cool hottie who I ended up kissing both her and her friend. I liked her alot (last night she wanted to meet up) SHE APPROACHED ME with her friend, they were interested in possible SEX PARTIES. (That night I got approached by 4 different groups)
- Miami Natural, this guy just has the vibe of some guy who you'd see killing it during ultra festival. PARTIES HARD and fucks tons of chicks. I think in the span of 7 or 8 outings I've met 10 chicks he's fooled around with. One night he was with a chick he banged before, they met a new girl and had a 3some and then 2 days later he is with the new girl partying. Last night, he was trying to get me to roll with him because LMFAO was gonna be hanging at his table. (He's not even a promoter)

They say pictures are worth 1000s of words
Chica who #closed, her body was amazing along with her cute friend

Seems like every month I go back and forth with hipsters and models

Usual "social circle" dinner

Vegas naturals and there girls, this night was SICK as they put a shot glass in chick mouth, pour alcohol and next person must take shot aka "kiss" other person. I must state it was a huge potential night as I partied hard for 5mins with 7 bottle buyers. I have some of it on vid but we all were making noise, chuggin, singing. They even tap the bottle girl (whos dancing) and state that I'm fucking awesome. My 2 girls watching were cracking up it was a true bromance.

Bi-weekly dinner = LIFESTYLE

Random Moment

The New Frontier
This is a huge lesson on WHY YOU MUST HAVE A CRITERIA...

Remember the danish girl? Well I had a huge ego flare up 2 weeks ago where for some reason I drunkenly was like "fuck her, I'm done" and essentially ignored her for almost a day, until I realized I don't remember why I was annoyed as fuck.

Having a criteria SAVED MY ASS, because as I thought about it deeply, she DID NOT MEET MY CRITERIA so why would I even invest my time/energy...
- She was not sexual/affectionate at all
- She was not really chasing
- I've present opportunites and she hasn't jumped at it

I wanna say she either had self esteem issues OR I just wasn't leading her in baby steps since she once stated she was shy when we spoke about sexual stuff. I HAVE NO TIME FOR THAT. Few days later I was back to normal and remembered "stick to my criteria".

The NEW "cool chick"
I'm not gonna go indepth about how we met and everything (although its a pretty crazy story) BUT I will say I 1st saw her in a deli and the way she interacted with the cashier it was so LOVING on a high consciousness level. Fast forward to wednesday, we run into each other hookup.

This gave me a huge shift due to her feedback on how good it was. All I will say is 1st night she said "that girl missed out" after I mentioned this dominican model came to me stating that ever since our night together I haven't really spoke to her.

LONG STORY SHORT, we had crazy sex 4 days straight. Why I am mentioning her is because she is the closest to IDEAL that I've ever met. She has the hipster look that I LOVE. (My dick would get hard just looking at her) An she is so feminine that I told her she needs to lay in an unappealing why because naturally any many she chills in, it looks like a seductive pose.

Beyond her look though its HOW SHE IS...

This girl is by far the most outgoing woman I've ever met and because she is so expressive everything sounds very passionate. She is apart of alot of charities so she goes to events and socializes ALOT. 1 night she is reading to kids the next night she's at a pay 4 a date charity event, and next night she is helping in a shelter.

I took her to the dinner party with me (we fucked on the roof) and she simply could've gone there alone because socially she interacts like how us "community guys" try to be A SOCIAL BEING. She ends up #closing one of the guys girlfriends. NOTE, each night she's been out in the past 3 days she #closed new girls.

On top of that, she's very spiritual and was telling me about certain books she read that were intriguing. Long story short, it aligned well with lots of things mentioned in MBT book. Like me, she always seems very content and is indifferent too. She mentioned a group of girls at her event being bitchy and she's just like "cool, o look at these girls over there" ending up meeting some fun girls who she exchanged numbers with.

Our 4 day sex session was so non-pressured as if 2 quality beings just came together to enjoy ourselves socially, sexually, and mentally. We were joking back n forth a ton. Already have our own "sayings". For instance, any form of over-the-top sarcasm is now an actual callback humor to something.

My favorite aspect about being together was that it was legit LOVING INTENTIONS ONLY. None of our actions had any form of hidden agendas and even better SHE WOULD CALL ME OUT ON SHIT. (Many times she did, in a curiousity manner, for instance my dislike for monogamy hahha)

The Shift
One thing she joked about was when I stated that I thought I had low sex drive. She said that is like me saying I hate dancing.

I noticed, any girl I find attractive I look at them wondering how she'd react to such a sexual experience because as cool hipster stated "Chicks would be lucky to have such good sex".

I noticed, that while flirting hardcore with women I had no problem not crossing that line of actual kissing, just hovering it. Saturday was a test as I seen danish chick, met this new model chick and then later on met ANOTHER MODEL. (who i gave my #) I was 100% cool with never messing with any of them since I had an amazing chick who I was gonna hookup with again. The 1st model chick I was highly drawn too...

Because now its like I am using hipster cool chick as the bar, thinking YOU MUST BE JUST AS AWESOME AS HER. 1st model chick had a vibe similar to hipster cool chick. (Dominican model also has that vibe, I wouldnt mind being with her too)

This has whole experience has built even more depth in the overall whole because now its like I am walking with a nuke as I PROVIDE AN AMAZING SEXUAL EXPERIENCE...
- Hipster Cool chick feedback/reaction (I'll never truly state what happened nor what she said, all I can say is I don't know how to take compliments and all I could do was just nod in shock)
- Random Chick who squirted like 8 times
- Swedish chick I once fingered and it was so intense my friend thought I was fucking her when truly I couldnt get it up
- Chick once stating "what was I thinking saying you should go home I'll take a taxi" because in the end I fucked her well
- Chick crying cause I refuse to continue fingering her in a club smack in plain sight

Essentially, once I even begin to touch a chicks she is gonna want the experience. Well this last experience CHANGED ME...

I don't care how hot a chick is she will be doing a huge mistake by not trying to win me over. Lets get logical...
- POTENTIALLY can have a blast with me EVERYTIME she is in my presence
- POTENTIALLY have no more stress, worry, judgment, negativity while in my presence
- POTENTIALLY have a vibrant social life almost instantly as I know a wide range of MEN and WOMEN
- POTENTIALLY have the best sex she's ever had

Like hipster chick stated, "they don't even know what this guy can do" and "that girl missed out on a good time".
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Oh man I love your fr.. 
Just let go
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Journal (rsd link)
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Awesome man.  

Let me know if you need some free SEO help.   Least I can do for you.  
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Sick game, Motha-fuckaaaa!!!!!....loving it man :)
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